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Climate Alarmists Target the Arabunna People – With No Evidence

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The Arabunna people live in the area around Lake Eyre in Southern Australia. It is a hot, hostile desert region, which is no surprise, because … well … it’s in Australia. Here’s the general area … Continue reading

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The Minnesota “drought flood”

Guest post by Scott Gates Much as with the UK – where their “drought” is demonstrated by severe flooding … in Minnesota it is much the same. The government forecasters (NOAA)  claims we’re in a long term moderate to severe … Continue reading

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Australians just aren’t going to know what rainfall is

While the Waragamba dam overflows in NSW, and the Sydney Morning Herald reports… ‘Unprecedented amount of rain’: flood evacuations after Sydney dam spills …and many Australians wonder just what the hell they ARE paying drought doomsayer turned discredited climate commissioner … Continue reading

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Mediterranean droughts man made or not?

NOAA study: Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts Winter precipitation trends in the Mediterranean region for the period 1902 – 2010. High Resolution (Credit: NOAA) Wintertime droughts are increasingly common in the Mediterranean region, and … Continue reading

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Drought by area impacted is worst ever – though majority of US still drought free

From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln , a new record in the 12 year old drought monitor. US sets drought monitor’s ‘exceptional drought’ record in July Worst classification for drought in nearly 12 percent of contiguous US The percent of contiguous … Continue reading

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The Texas centered drought versus 1918, 1956 and 1934

Guest post by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow, WeatherBell Co-Chief Meteorologist June temperature and precipitation rankings are in. Enlarged. Warmest in Texas, Second warmest in Oklahoma. Enlarged Driest in New Mexico. Fourth driest in Oklahoma. Fifth driest in Texas. Wettest … Continue reading

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Look out Portland, “climate disruption” sending waves of refugees your way

So far, the only climate refugees I’ve ever seen in reality are the ones that travel from NYC, Boston, Minneapolis, and other cold winter locations to escape to Florida and Arizona during November-March. I have to laugh at this though:

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California governor to declare end to drought

Table from Department of Water Resources (DWR) here Governor to Declare End of Drought By Nicole Garcia KMPH TV, Fresno. Fresno -  Thanks to our wetter than normal winter, Governor Jerry Brown is set to declare an end to California’s … Continue reading

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CO2 causes unchecked wetdry

This is important because scientists are concerned that unchecked global warming could cause already dry areas to get drier. (Global warming may also cause wet areas to get wetter.) Cao and Caldeira’s findings indicate that reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide could … Continue reading

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Show us your tests: Australian drought models

Guest post by Dr. David Stockwell In Australia, the carbon-tax juggernaut rolls on, justified in part by fear of droughts, increasing in frequency and severity as CO2 increases. I have always found that checking one’s assumptions was good advice, and … Continue reading

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USGS on their mission to explore African drought

From the USGS here, I thought their mission was the United States, hence the US in USGS. Seems they’ve expanded the mission to Africa now. Disappointingly, there’s no mention of land use change, agricultural practices, or deforestation issues like the … Continue reading

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CSIRO – climate variability caused drought, not climate change

While this is a bit dated, from late last year, given all the attention given to the floods in Queensland supposedly being caused by global warming aka climate change, this seemed relevant to review. h/t to reader Baa Humbug and … Continue reading

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By Charles The Moderator, I have lived in California all my life, the first half in SoCal, the second half in NorCal. A funny thing happens ever year. If we have a below normal amount of rain, in the spring … Continue reading

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Drought, Titicaca, Poopo, and Local Tipping Points

Press Release 10-216 Catastrophic Drought Looms for Capital City of Bolivia Historical ecology of the Andes indicates desert-like setting on the horizon Catastrophic drought is on the near-term horizon for the capital city of Bolivia, according to new research into the … Continue reading

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