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Massive Arctic cold wave descends into southern USA

Polar vortex outbreak creates 90 degree difference from one end of Texas to the other Look at the cold plunging from the latest polar vortex incursion: Notice the difference between Houston and Dallas, or New Orleans and Wichita now take … Continue reading

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Mind blowing: Apple CEO tells ‘deniers’ to get out of Apple stock

Hmmm. This is the best argument I’ve ever heard for not using Apple products (besides the overinflated prices). Being flush with cash is probably why the CEO says he doesn’t care about the ROI (return on investment) and won’t make … Continue reading

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Great moments in climate protests: 350.org KXL wackadoodles get themselves arrested to get out of freezing cold rain

Current weather in Washington, DC: Rally organizers peg the number arrested at around 400. Buses were brought in to cart away those who’d been arrested. Here’s a look at some hilarious photos from the protest. I like the one about … Continue reading

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Claim: large Antarctic polynyas to disappear, yet some are still found in satellite imagery

This PR from McGill University  claims that the “deep ocean heat has been unable to get out and melt back the wintertime Antarctic ice”.  That might be true, but still, there are polynyas present in the location of interest (Weddell Sea) … Continue reading

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Oh, this can’t be good: Britain ‘Uninvestable’ for energy

Place your bets now on when the lights will go off Deepening Energy Crisis: Britain Has Become ‘Uninvestable’, Analyst Warns Danny Fortson, The Sunday Times The German owner of Npower is set to write off hundreds of millions of pounds … Continue reading

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Argo, Temperature, and OHC

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been thinking about the Argo floats and the data they’ve collected. There are about 4,000 Argo floats in the ocean. Most of the time they are asleep, a thousand metres below the surface. Every … Continue reading

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