Great moments in climate protests: KXL wackadoodles get themselves arrested to get out of freezing cold rain

Current weather in Washington, DC:


Rally organizers peg the number arrested at around 400. Buses were brought in to cart away those who’d been arrested.

Here’s a look at some hilarious photos from the protest. I like the one about Voldemort the best. 


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eric sloneker

Stupid is as stupid does.


Bring back the draft. We might have good use for these folks in Crimea. Just a thought.


The buses all ran bio-diesel, right?



Billy Liar

I’m sure this is just the thing for your résumé when planning for a job on the Huffington Post or with Greenpeace etc. Never did Jim Hansen’s career any harm.

JM VanWinkle

Disingenuous protest, does anyone really believe these paid protests anymore? Obamas cronies such as Warren Buffet profited from the pipeline hair shirt protests. Must be another Obama crony needs to block the tar sands.

Note to self: Don’t go to a climate protest in Washington on March 2nd:
1) It didn’t work well in 2009 for James Hansen, see
2) It’s my daughter’s birthday.
Hansen and I were in Atlanta the day before at a Mensa climate change conference of all things. Hansen left a day early – I got stuck in Atlanta after an inch of snow. (The airport has one, count ’em, one deicing station.)
Then I got snowed on in northern Georgia early last March too.


All those young faces , so eager, give them another ten years and they will have forgotten what it was all about.

Are those … unmarked FEMA-camp buses?
/mild sarc

keith at hastings uk

I sometimes wonder if it would be better to just leave them tied to a fence, or whatever, and ignore them. Hunger . cold and being ignored would be hard to bear I guess…and they could show if they really cared about their cause…

Should have left them all night long!


Why do their thought processes remind me of Skype log-out?


I would have found it impossible to expedite the arrest process. A few hours hanging on a fence in cold and rainy conditions would certainly drive their point home, to themselves.
Just sayin 😎


Why arrest them leave them where they are till morning. Block off the streets to traffic and see how long they last ; after all its Sunday


Who judged it necessary to arrest them? Why didn’t the Community Organizer just organize them? We were led to believe that such was his particular bailiwick ….

Pat Michaels

Check the demographics of this crowd. Wanna bet an inordinate number of trust fund kids?


FYI Dipchip, the street is already blocked off — “for the duration.” Since 9/11 all the streets immediately adjacent to the White House are closed to regular traffic.

Booger Smoot

Is this J. Crew’s new ad campaign? I wish I could afford their stuff.

Lil Fella from OZ

Advice to the police:leave them tied to fence.

Tanya Aardman

useful idiots

I’m unimpressed by a simulated die-in. I demand true convictions ( and that means real corpses,
by the way).
A skilled journalist could elicit some very funny idiocies from these folks, whom I shall call The Young and Clueless Generation.

stas peterson

Tom Clancy’s hero had the proper solution. Actions bear consequences. Exile them to the Amazon jungle, stark naked, so they can commune with Gaia, and experience the “benefits” of pre-civilization that they so heartedly endorse. They can even contribute to their desire for the “Great Die Off”. They want this for others, but NOT FOR THEMSELVES. Why not?
It’s only too bad that the demogogues in charge, will not be present. They will be observing from the safety of their windows of their Jackass Party White House/Congressional Offices.


They caught pneumonia from Global Warming?

I don’t quite understand all this. Maybe the laws are different to where I live. What part of these protests is illegal?

Leon Brozyna

They can count themselves lucky that the use of front loaders for crowd control & dispersion is not yet a reality.
But then, “Soylent Green” was just fiction …


Ah, to be above freezing. We’ve had a few days at 20 below (-30C) and heavy wind, which makes windchill equivalents into the -50 and even -60 range. People don’t protest in that.

kent blaker

I have found that between plus 3 degrees C and minus 2 degrees C with a humidity of around 90%, it feels like minus 40 C. They should have left them there until could really appreciate what fossil fuels can really do.


How great would it be to hear from a bullhorn “The scoops are coming”

Paul Coppin

” Jarryd Beck says:
March 2, 2014 at 4:10 pm
I don’t quite understand all this. Maybe the laws are different to where I live. What part of these protests is illegal?”
The chaining to the fence part – the charge would be “littering”…

Pamela Gray

Leave them there with their polyester clothes on. And when they have had enough, tell them to walk home.

Jarryd Beck says:
March 2, 2014 at 4:10 pm
I don’t quite understand all this. Maybe the laws are different to where I live. What part of these protests is illegal?
Google protest permits in Washington DC. They probably didnt have a permit for the White House. The way they looked I wouldn’t permit them near the White House either. LOL

john robertson

Amazing how quickly the cops cleaned up that litter.
If they were operating at response to crime, time, those protesters would still be hanging off the fence.
Interesting photo, no shortage of money with these kiddies.
Wealthy, gullible and expendable. Whats not to like?
My target market for “Hug a Polar Bear TV”.
Pay up large, hug a wild bear as we film it for posterity, become one with nature.

William McClenney

As of 2014 the only known substitute for intelligence remains stupidity.

Tom J

I hate to say it to these people (actually the foregoing statement is just a formality), but at some point in time after the freedom of going off to college (expense paid, of course), that it’s going to be tiresome after a few years of living in the parents basement following college graduation and no job prospects. Fun to be passionate and unknowing when one can afford to be but the basement living’s gonna get old.

Odd, they all look a bit dolled up for their fence embracing. You’d think that serious 350.oof zealots would wear clothes their own hands made.
Looking carefully, there sure aren’t many ‘students’ who are planning to make their careers in engineering or science. Safe bet they’re liberal arts majors?
In a couple of days, when the temps are bottomed again, maybe we can get them to lick the metal fences… Through the bullhorn; “all those who favor renewable energy over fossil fuels, lick the fence…”

True Conservative

Those pictures were just hilarious! Fools always are so funny!

“Hold on while I tweet this from my iPhone.”


If it were me… I’d either train a fire hose to gently rain down on their heads and soak them slowly to chill them to the bone or simply get the police to confiscate all their cuff keys!!!

Jimmy Haigh.

Tree huggers protesting against us wanting to clean up one of the biggest oil slicks in the world.

p@ Dolan

Reminds me of the same young, earnest, convinced-they-were-right, we-have-to-DO-something! crowd of useful idiots who protested No Nukes! in the late ’70s. Anyone remember the very stupid movie, “The China Syndrome”? All the bad jokes about Three Mile Island? Heck, where Homer Simpson works was inspired by all that, wasn’t it?
And now? They’re all grown up, and crying for “green” energy after being one of the primary reasons no one has built a new reactor in the US in three decades, and their children are now trying to do the same thing with yet another energy resource, without a clue as to the destructive, killing impacts it will have on the poor if they’re successful.
The Acorns certainly didn’t fall far from the tree…


Looking at these few photos, I see very few people of color gullible enough to fall for this nonsense.

Pamela Gray

Unfortunately, these young folks, instead of being liberal arts students, may be college students heading for a career in research.

If you want to see the best photographic collection of leftard lunacy on the net, I recommend.


@Richard All those young faces , so eager, give them another ten years and they will have forgotten what it was all about.
How about 10 hrs after the the MJ wears out?

Tom J

Daughter: Hello, Dad?
Dad: That’s me.
Daughter: Can I talk to mom?
Dad: What’s up?
Daughter: Just lemme talk to mom.
Mom: Here I am, honey. How are you?
Daughter: Not so good. Can you send some money?
Mom: Why?
Daughter: I can’t explain now.
Mom: Where are you?
Daughter: I’m in Washington.
Mom: Where in Washington?
Daughter: I can’t tell you. Could I please have some money. I’m stuck here till I pay them.
Mom: Stuck where?
Daughter: In this place. I can’t tell you now. Please mom, I need some money.
Mom: How much do you need? You know we’ve been tight since your Dad’s been waiting for that contract he can’t get ’cause they won’t build the Keystone pipeline. Honey, I hope you need the money for a good reason.
Daughter: Mother, I hate it when you play the quilt trip on me.
Mom: Huh?

Bill ’em to unlock ’em or cut the chains ($120/hr, 4 hour minimum per person).
Bill ’em for the ride to the pokey (ambulance rates: $600 to pick you up, & $40/mi).
Bill ’em for the cost of housing them ($400/night + meals & heat & water & lights).
Bill ’em to see a judge (lawyer rates: $600/hr + various expenses, 4 hour minimum per person).
Don’t let ’em out until they’ve paid up in full.

They should be released on OR in the morning.

michael hart

Does the photo show that they tied themselves to the fence with plastic? That doesn’t seem very renewable or recyclable if they have to be released with a pair of blunt scissors.
Why doesn’t the White House fit the railings with permanent metal courtesy-handcuffs, with a master key held by the local police?
It would make it much easier for all concerned.

Richards in Vancouver

I would have counseled:
Let them continue their protest undisturbed, but be gracious enough to keep them warm by electrifying the fence.

Maybe they think Voldemort is real. After all, they believe in CAGW.