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Something else to worry about…carbon in the water

From the Oh Noes department and the Max Planck Institute comes this headline sure to cause worry worts scurrying for carbon removing water filters: Massive amounts of charcoal enter the worlds’ oceans Wild fire residue is washed out of the … Continue reading

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Ridiculous comment of the year – Andrew Cuomo connects climate change and bombing

Oh jeez, the stupid, it burns like thermite. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo connects the Boston terrorist bombing and climate change as the “new normal”:

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The Unraveling of Global Warming is Accelerating

Uh oh, somebody in Germany in a position to influence others in the Green movement has started thinking for himself, shrugging off suggestions from a climate scientist that “its all in his head”. Pierre Gosselin reports about a story by … Continue reading

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Another “escalator“

Guest post by Jan Zeman Some CAGW proponents argument against the recent stall in the global warming trends with this graph called “escalator”. Source: http://www.skepticalscience.com But one of my favorite “escalators” is this one: Source: http://www.woodfortrees.org The beginnings and the … Continue reading

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Kevin Rudd wins Golden Fleece Award

The Inaugural Golden Fleece Award – for Flagrant Fleecing of Community Resources The Carbon Sense Coalition has awarded its Inaugural Golden Fleece Award to Kevin Rudd and coal industry leaders for “flagrant fleecing of community savings in futile ‘research’ on … Continue reading

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