Ridiculous comment of the year – Andrew Cuomo connects climate change and bombing

Oh jeez, the stupid, it burns like thermite.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo connects the Boston terrorist bombing and climate change as the “new normal”:

“It’s a terrible situation in Boston. And, unfortunately, … one gets the sense that this is more reflective of the ‘new normal,’ if you will,” he explained. “So much of society is changing so rapidly. We talk about a ‘new normal’ when it comes t0 climate change and adjusting to a change in the weather patterns. ‘New normal’ when it comes to public security in a post-9/11 world. Where these random acts of violence, which at one time were implausible, now seem all-too-frequent.”

Source: http://politicker.com/2013/04/governor-cuomo-says-boston-bombing-part-of-new-normal/

The runner up comment goes to Brad Johnson of Forecast the Facts:


The only poison here is Brad and Andrew’s distorted worldview of seeing the climate change bogeyman in every weather event.


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Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth
You’re an idiot, babe
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe
— Byb Dylan, “The Idiot Wind” 1974


Liberals on Salon wished the bomber would be found to be a white guy – the bomber was a Muslim. Liberals want global warming to be real so they can use it to forward their (not) progressive agenda. Liberals jump on the Sandy Hook train and try to use it to restrict even more our 2nd amendment rights.
I’m thinking liberals shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Obviously, they have trouble comprehending reality.


Climate change leads to New York Governors making ridiculous statements.

Greg Goodman

We should probably conclude that the industrial explosion in Waco was also the new normal.
Hell, “new normals” are the new normal. It’s worse than we thought !


which at one time were implausible
And exactly when was this? As far as I know, despicable acts performed by deranged people have been occurring pretty much forever.

J. Fujita

So the “new normal” indicates nothing irregular happened before television, 24-hr news channels, the Weather Channel, Twitter, YouTube, the internet, etc. It’s amazing how often correlation automatically indicates causation. No one bothers with history; only the now is pertinent.

Cuomo is one of the true wingnuts of our time. Unfortunately, he is the Gov of an extremely progressive state and because of that he doesn’t get thrown out. All of the smart folks with money have either departed or are planning to do so because of their progressive tax system. Eventually however, Cuomo’s and the liberals’ policies will be their undoing. He and Bloomberg deserve each other!


Why can’t we get to a new normal where people stop using the idiotic phrase “new normal”? As if it means anything!

J. Fujita

Tamara says:
April 19, 2013 at 10:12 am
Why can’t we get to a new normal where people stop using the idiotic phrase “new normal”? As if it means anything!
At the end of the day…you’re right.

Ed Reid

I love the name “Forecast the Facts”. It is so deliciously oxymoronic.

son of mulder

There was a massive reduction in world wars since the mid 1940’s. I blame anthropogenic CO2 and Climate change ;>)

Clowns like Cuomo have to divert attention from their own stupidity in order to continue getting their agenda. Whenever confronted with facts, they change the subject or turn and run. They are the true jackals of modern society.

Windy Wilson

son of mulder, Very good! You win the Internets for today.
Global Warming also cured the Ozone Hole.


“The new stupid”? My head hurts as a result of the lengths some people will go to rquate “climate change” to everything. Sigh.

Alan T

The real “new normal” is the kooks who now dominate (or try to) the political scene. Bloomberg, Cuomo, Gore, Pelosi, Boxer, Waxman, Kerry, etc., etc. An unending list in Europe, Britain, and Australia. That obviously extends to the certain dogmatic clowns at NASA and the British MET office and their academic extensions who in recent decades replaced the right-stuff old-guard scientists who realized their job was to constantly question and review their work instead of turning it into a religion. Add to that universities that indoctrinate more than educate and a Democratic party that has been hell-bent on convincing everybody they are victims incapable of commanding their own lives and you get these now commonplace moronic statements. Vent, vent, vent—sorry.


Well 9/11 and Global Warming are both “false flag” events. It seems to me that the Boston Bombers (if as advertised) have bought into the lies. Couldn’t be more useful for those wishing to disarm the people of America and strengthen the DHS for the ultimate agenda.

Tom J

That’s quite a statement of personal values from a governor, no less. From a governor of New York, no less. So you have two Islamic radicals (and perhaps more who conspired with them) who committed a vicious act intended to randomly mutilate, dismember, and kill everyday people. And, this towering intellect (sarc) of a governor sees no difference between that act and…climate change? So, Mr. Cuomo, since all of us use fossil fuels, are all of us representative of that same act? Is a society that has developed rapid personal travel, instant communications, warm (and cool) personal shelter, abundant foodstuffs (and the refrigeration to preserve them), electric light to illuminate the darkness; is this the same as a society that seeks to destroy that, and the people who live in it? Do you equate the two as the ‘new normal’ Governor, your words disgust me.

Who knew that Andrew Cuomo wasn’t “rocket surgeon” material?

For a NY Governor, it shows how curiously disconnected he is from the popular sentiment nowadays. With a political antenna like that, I can’t see him surviving long …

Jim from Maine

David says:
April 19, 2013 at 10:05 am
which at one time were implausible
And exactly when was this? As far as I know, despicable acts performed by deranged people have been occurring pretty much forever.
Does this imply that he no longer finds acts like these implausible?
He’s an asshat, and a poor one at that.


This from a guy who does not want the folks of NY to have natural gas to supply power for all manner of things plus add money to the state coffers. Nor does he want the same folks to have guns for any reason. Guys like him are the “You cannot have it.” ruling class.


No I disagree, this is a play for more Federal money. Always follow the money and not the logic. Actually, logic is the last thing to follow.


How tasteless, to associate the bombings with so-called, presumably they mean, climate change. The people who suffered in these bombings have enough to cope with without idiots trying to turn it to their own despicable ends. My heart goes out to all those families of the dead and those who were maimed so horribly.

Paul Marko

Random acts of violence? It’s terrorism, stupid. These liberals won’t allow themselves to use the word, just as the Fort Hood shooting was “work place violence.” I want to get violent when I hear this drivel.


Sick. And it’s only a precursor to what’s inevitable- the government will be wanting even more from the tax trough after this tragedy. Om nom nom nom…

It’s not as though we’re subjected to the multiple IEDs per day the Iranians suffered from
for years. When that comes to pass, Cuomo will not appear the fool. But that’ll never happen, so Cuomo’s chances of being mistaken for a rational humanoid appear exceedingly slim. A chip off the old blockhead, I’d say. The acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.


Stupidity… new normal?

Scott Scarborough

In Bath school district Michigan in 1925 a janitor blew up a school witht the children still inside. So what the hell is this jackass talking about?

Barry Sheridan

Unfortunately Mr Cuomo shares that quality common to most western politicians, a guaranteed ability to mouth complete cobblers no matter what the subject.

David, UK

I wish I could say it was the “new normal” for so many opportunist politicians to try to instil fear into the populace, but sadly it is quite traditional.


David says:
“which at one time were implausible
And exactly when was this? As far as I know, despicable acts performed by deranged people have been occurring pretty much forever.”

Extreme climate events have also been occurring pretty much forever. However, when one of these extreme events just happens to hit close to home, a naive person is tempted to think it is the “new normal” for the entire world. Cuomo has obviously fallen for this illusion and for the idea that a single local weather event like Sandy is representative of a world-wide change in climate.
“Those who have an excessive faith in their theories or in their ideas are not only poorly disposed to make discoveries, but they also make very poor observations.”
— Claude Bernard


These people are so lost in the habit of trying to turn everything into some sort of advantage regardless of what it is, they are pushing it to the point where people will have to see them as insane to preserve their own sanity.

Bob Diaz

I just want everyone to know that increased CO2 has caused me to laugh at that silliness. ;-))

Gunga Din

HEY! New York voters. WAKE UP! This guy took a tragedy and is trying to spin it to support a hypothesis (failed) that is used to promote his political philosophy.

Chuck L

Cuomo is a political opportunist willing to do or say anything as he panders to various constituencies. He ran for governor, and won as a “moderate” democrat. He is a repulsive snake, even for a politician.


it’s called framing the debate, but the repetition and stupidity is now isolating the proponents as irrelevant in a huge worldwide voter backlash, the weenies need to wake up or will they just wonder “what happenned”

Cuomo is the new abnormal. He and his ilk wanted to ban guns after Sandyhook; wouldn’t surprise me if he came up with legislation after the Boston bombing to ban pressure cookers.
Cuomo’s brain


Gunga Din says:
April 19, 2013 at 11:39 am
HEY! New York voters. WAKE UP! This guy took a tragedy and is trying to spin it to support a hypothesis (failed) that is used to promote his political philosophy.
Translation: He’s a politician! OMG!

Pamela Gray

People have lost children, sisters, brothers, men, women, limbs and security. Any connection of such a travesty with a “climate change” won’t bring things back to the way they were much less sooth such heartache. It is a disgusting politically motivated media grabbing photo-op on the backs of the victims of terrorism.
Some groups of people hate western civilization. For any reason they can find and for no reason. It is bigotry against those different than you and then taken to extreme levels. The only recourse is to put such people engaged in extreme behavior in a safe place where they can hate all they want to 4 barred walls. Don’t even try to change their minds. There will always be more born, those that hate at this level, no matter how many of them we salt away in cells or coffins.

Richard Day

Idiotic comments by self-proclaimed progressives and warmistas are the new normal.


I think it’s a reach to conclude that Cuomo has connected anything to anything. He’s just flapping his yap, like a toddler trying to make jokes and not realizing that the adults are laughing AT him, not WITH him.


Meanwhile the other toddlers in the room are gaping in admiration, wishing they were THAT clever!

John Greenfraud

The Hindenburg disaster was also caused by rapid climate change. I’ve seen the light Cuomo. We should now repent as a nation and convert to the cult of climate communism. Putz.

i’m happiest when you’re showing scientific rigor Anthony – this article doesn’t count as such
as much as i dislike Cuomo – i don’t see the “connection” you see between the Boston bombings and “climate change” – you may see Cuomo trying to make one – in the sense of a parallel evil – but it could instead be that you see Cuomo making one – when he wasn’t – when he was merely defining “new normal” by using a couple situations – and that could be done without malice – the malice is in your mind
just like the headline to this article – when i read it – i assumed Cuomo was making a causal connection – then i read the article – and found otherwise
as a general rule – it’s perfectly okay to mention several situations at the same time – certain people may see something offensive – and that may have been intended by the speaker – or not – what sort of science says “let’s jump to conclusions”

Mac the Knife

Progressive socialism is a mental disease of irrational cognition, as comments like Andrew Cuomos so clearly illustrate.
Reason is not automatic. Those that deny it cannot be conquered by it. Ayn Rand

Cuomo has three letters from the word “Moron”! What happened to the other two?

E. Martin

“Beware the frumious bandersnatch!” L. Carroll

Frank K.

PiperPaul says:
April 19, 2013 at 9:51 am
Indeed! Hey New York, he’s ALL yours…[ugh!]

What part of his anatomy is his mouth connected to? Because it’s no his brain!