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Keystone Pipeline: Housecats Have More Emissions Impact

Guest post by Steve Goreham Originally published in The Washington Times On Friday, the Department of State released a 2,000-page draft review of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project. If approved, the pipeline will carry up to 830,000 barrels of … Continue reading

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Big drop in global surface temperature in February, ocean temps flat

UAH Global Temperature Update for February, 2013: +0.18 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer Our Version 5.5 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for February, 2013 is +0.18 deg. C, a large decrease from January’s +0.50 deg. C. (click … Continue reading

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Mysterious ‘electron stash’ found hidden among Van Allen belts

You’d think the science on the Van Allen Radiation belts was long ago considered “settled science”. Nope. And yet, while we discover new things like this, some insist we fully understand all aspects of the workings of Earth’s climate. Instruments … Continue reading

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Juliet Eilperin out at Washington Post environment beat

It seems shakeups in green reporting are all the rage this year. First we heard that NYT is closing its environment desk:  New York Times Dismantles Its Environment Desk Then last Friday late in the day (5:10PM EST) we got … Continue reading

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Global Warming causing biblical plagues – like locusts

My first question when I read this headline was: With Passover Approaching, a Plague of Locusts Descends Upon Egypt “how long before somebody tries to blame this on global warming, today’s universal one-size-fits-all bogeyman?“ The answer is: 30 seconds, as … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy of One

Guest post by Brandon Shollenberger Words cannot describe the humor of Michael Mann’s latest post: As professional climate change deniers become increasingly irrelevant and desperate, so do their distraction and smear efforts. These are mostly just noise in the background … Continue reading

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Blog Memo to Lead Authors of NCADAC Climate Assessment Report

Date: March 4, 2013 Subject: Upcoming NCADAC Climate Assessment Report From: Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations To: Lead Authors of NCADAC Report Dear Lead Authors: The draft of your upcoming NCADAC Climate Assessment Report was recently released for comment. Thank … Continue reading

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The Coldest Journey Gets Colder

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I was saddened to get the news that Sir Ranulf Fiennes, OBE, has gotten frostbitten. As a result, he has been forced to give up his dream of a winter crossing of Antarctica, an expedition … Continue reading

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