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Four Possibilities for the Next Atlantic Tropical Storm

TRMM Satellite Sees Four Possibilities for the Next Atlantic Tropical Storm On Friday, August 12th, there were no named tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic Ocean. However, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is now monitoring four areas in the Atlantic … Continue reading

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Row to the Pole – “don’t comment or reply to skeptics”

Gee, let’s not talk to the other people who think maybe, just maybe, this was a bad idea gone even badder? I had to laugh when I saw this on their Facebook page. It reminds me of the days of … Continue reading

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The fight deepens over the Carbon Tax in Australia

There is quite a fight brewing in Australia between regular folks and the Gillard government. It will come to a head when a big nationwide convoy of truckers descend on the delicate government types in the Canberra Australian Capital Territory. … Continue reading

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Bastardi: Science and reality point away, not toward, CO2 as climate driver

Guest post by Joe Bastardi, WeatherBell With the coming Gorathon to save the planet around the corner ( Sept 14) , my  stance on the AGW issue has been drawing more ire from those seeking to silence people like me … Continue reading

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The newest hockey stick

Yes that blue line is retractions in scientific journals. Dr Roger Pielke Jr. notes on his blog that: The Wall Street Journal reports that retractions of scientific papers have surged in recent years, with the top 3 journals issuing retractions … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – I can see technicians from my house

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. points out this nifty visual on the social order of science from  Matúš Soták. Well worth a look if you’ve ever been anywhere in the realm.

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Penn State on “the consequences of thawing”

From Penn State Polar climate change may lead to ecological change Ice and frozen ground at the North and South Poles are affected by climate change induced warming, but the consequences of thawing at each pole differ due to the … Continue reading

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Row to the Pole – backtracked and iced in

UPDATE: see the latest excuse below. The satellite tracking map has been like this for two days. Follow the yellow brick road for an about face and head to land.

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