The fight deepens over the Carbon Tax in Australia

There is quite a fight brewing in Australia between regular folks and the Gillard government. It will come to a head when a big nationwide convoy of truckers descend on the delicate government types in the Canberra Australian Capital Territory. The great unwashed meet the ruling class in wrecktacular style.

Meanwhile, as the truckers beef up their roobars for the possible collisions ahead, I have this speech from my friend David Archibald.

David Archibald Speech for Rally in Canberra August 16th, 2011

My first duty to you today is tell you what is happening to the climate.  What is happening is cooling.  The oceans started cooling in 2003, and the atmosphere is following.  There has been no warming since 1998.

In fact, the temperature of planet today is almost the same as it was when satellites first started measuring it in 1979.  No one under the age of 32 has experienced global warming.  Some of us predate that and remember the heavy frosts of the nineteen seventies.  Those frosts are returning, and worse.  Solar activity is weakening, and will remain weak for another 22 years.

We in this blessed country will be spared the worst of it, but a large portion of the grain belt in the northern hemisphere will have crop failures due to longer winters and early frosts.  Canada will go from being a large exporter of grain to becoming a frequent importer.  As long as Australia remains a net food exporter, we will benefit from the shorter Northern Hemisphere growing season.

For us, climate is a non-problem.  Carbon dioxide’s heating effect is real, but minuscule.  The one hundred parts per million that we have added to the atmosphere in the last one hundred years has heated the planet by one tenth of a degree.  We will add another hundred parts per million over the next fifty years.  The total of two tenths of a degree will be very welcome by mid-century.

In fact, the more carbon dioxide we add to the atmosphere, the better.  During the ice ages of the last three million years, the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere got as low as one hundred and seventy-two parts per million.  Plant growth shuts down at one hundred and fifty parts per million.  Life above sea level was almost snuffed out due to a lack of carbon dioxide.  We were only twenty-two parts per million from extinction.  We came so close to dying out due to a lack of carbon dioxide.  And, for those amongst us who like plants and animals, they would have died out too.

The more we can increase the carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere, the safer life on this planet will be.

The more we can increase the carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere, the safer life on this planet will be.  For those amongst us who feel for the Third World, increasing the carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere is like giving them free fertiliser.  Their crops will grow faster.  Who amongst us would be so heartless as to deny the Third World that benefit at no cost to themselves?  The Government hunkered down here in front of you is that heartless.  But then, they don’t care about Australians either.

This fake problem of climate is distracting us from real problems.  The first of which is the fact that our oil self-sufficiency is declining rapidly.  It is 40% now.  It will be down to 25% by 2015.  We now import oil from as far afield as Azerbaijan, Algeria and the Congo.  We are forced to rely upon their kindness to keep our farms and factories running.

It need not be like that.  We could make our own transport fuels from our own coal.  And keep the money we pay for them in Australia.  But that won’t happen while the carbon tax lives.

…most of our institutions have failed in their duty to serve and protect

As a scientist, what saddens me is that most of our scientific institutions have failed in their duty to serve and protect the Australian people.  The CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, the universities – have all failed us. And then there are the institutions that actively, and purposefully, and very treacherously, conspired against us.  Chief of which is the ABC, which has ceaselessly promoted the bizarre cult of carbon.

The next Government will inherit a lot of debt. To pay off that debt as quickly as possible, sacrifices will have to be made.  The easiest sacrifice to make would be to shut down the ABC.  None who love this country will weep for it.

Just as this Government did not weep for the cement workers who have already lost their jobs due to the carbon tax.  The ABC is well past its use by date.  It sees Australia through its perverted lens of self-loathing.  The large fortune that is spent keeping the beast alive would be better spent paying off Labor’s legacy of debt.

Consumer confidence took a dive when Australians realised that the Government was pressing ahead with the carbon tax.  It is hard to be positive when you realise the Government is doing its best to destroy the economy.  Long term damage to the economy from this tax has been going on for years, but is now accelerating.

Ideally, there could be a very good outcome from this carbon tax debacle.  It is not enough to merely put things back the way they were before this particular lot of Australia-haters came along.  We must use this opportunity – your righteous anger – to unleash the Furies on those who failed us, and those who conspired against us.

There are so many wrongs that need to be righted if we are to make Australia the earthly paradise it is meant to be.  So let’s right those wrongs.  It is not enough to simply defeat this tax.  Let’s not put up with the system that took Australia down the road to disaster.

Let’s have a good cleanout.  It requires effort on your part.  Coming here today is only the beginning.  Many of you are shareholders, and many of the companies you are invested in have sold their souls to get their snouts into the carbon trough.  Make their lives hell.  They deserve it.  Hound the directors until they recant.

As for any politicians who have ever believed in global warming, or supported the carbon tax, or a carbon-constrained economy, there is no hope for them.  They are either too stupid or incompetent to be taken seriously.  Merely recanting, at this late stage, won’t be enough.  Make their lives hell too, just as they wished a diminished life on you.

Australia will soon face some big challenges as the world enters one of its most turbulent periods.  Just maintaining our standard of living in the face of those challenges will require a lot of rigor.  We will only get the required level of rigor if we demand it.  Firstly of ourselves, and then of the politicians we choose to represent us.  Even then, keeping Australia safe and secure and happy will take our eternal vigilance.


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Gillard is just like Obama. The destruction of the continent is of no consequence to her. Her loathing of Western society and Christianity specifically trumps all. She would put everyone in shackles if she could.


How in this world did we ever get to this point……………………..


Words of a wise man.
The endgame has started.
V for victory!

Michael Proctor

David’s speech is so well put, I can’t think of anything that would improve it. I am so pleased to see Australians fighting back, we are a young but great nation, but the more we let these green socialists rule this nation, the further into poverty we will be.
Australua should be proud of its bountiful resources and utilise them to be a strong nation, in past history many countries have beeb invaded for alot less. So thankyou David from this proud aussie who lives in tropical north Queensland who although understands the beauty of Australia, wants to see us “moving forward” towards an even stronger economy. Not like Miss Gillard and her folly who are “moving forward” into a great depression.

Steamboat Jack

It was NEVER about science.
Steamboat Jack (Jon Jewett’s evil twin)

Brian H

Whoa! Not pulling any punches. About time. I hope the highly independent truckers take him at his word.


The bigest snowstorm in almost 20 years is going to hit New Zealand on Monday.
Here in Christchurch we may get 40cm or more making it an historic snowstorm.
This will be the 2nd storm in 3 weeks. The last one we had 16cm and that was far more here than in 1993.We have not had since the 1880s two bad snown storms in one year in Chch.


As an Aus citizen & a small business owner, all I can do is wish you luck.
Gods speed & may you be heard!

Patrick Davis

This is going to be massive. And thanks to Al “I invented the internet” Gore, social networks like FaceBook are bringing the protest to where it needs to be heard, Canberra. There are convoys from all over Aus, heading for Canberra. I cannot go, cannot take time off work.
Given the financial situation in the US and now Italy bites AU$62 billion austerity bullet and France, possibly, on the brink of a rating downgrade from AAA to AA+, Gillard and The Greens will fins themselves out of office.


A while back, I recall seeing a link showing that these large international cement companies with huge holdings in the carbon credit markets and I recall saying to my significant other, gee that’s odd isn’t it?
Good luck my Auzzie friends, give ’em hell.
Hope you get your country back with a reality based government and soon.


Wish he’d tell us what he REALLY thinks 🙂

Gillard and the green cabal supporting her carbon tax could be history at any time. A resignation/death/stand down/defection of one or more govt mps and there will be an election. Gillard is “skating on some very thin ice”


I wonder if the people who spent the last 13 years driving around the drought affected landscape fell for the no warming story.

J. Felton

Powerful speech! He doesnt pull his punches, and I thank him for it.
I have friends and family in Australia, and they all say the name thing. Make no mistake, Gillard’s political career is over.
As someone who is one of the few to unfortunately live in province in Canada that has a government stupid enough to institute a carbon tax, ( and then had the leader resign in humiliation after several other disasters,) I fully support the Australians in their drive to defeat the carbon tax. Keep it up!

I am joining the convoy in Brisbane. The Gillard government continues to embarrass Australians at every turn of the wheel. Say YES to an election.


I love these guys:
the circle involved in the conspiracy just gets larger and larger. Now it’s the BOM, the CSIRO, the ABC, the corporations and the government. Only David Arcibald can lead us to salvation.
But I have bad news. It’s even worse than you imagined. It seems the circle involved in the conspiracy is even larger than this — in fact the whole of reality is involved in the conspiracy.
So we need discipline and rigor to defend our imaginings. Only a vicious police state lead by David Archibald can save us.


meanwhile, the MSM told us yesterday that the PM won over the very odd audience who attended what was supposed to be a Murdoch Sky News carbon (dioxide) tax forum in vehemently-opposed Perth, West Australia this week.
12 Aug: Sky News: No better time for a carbon tax – PM
In a state where federal Labor holds only three of the 15 seats and opposition to the carbon tax has been made clear, Ms Gillard was expected to be greeted by a hostile reception.
But in a possible sign people had moved on from the issue of the carbon tax, nearly half of the questions directed to Ms Gillard were topics such as food labelling, same-sex marriage, cannabis and aged care…
at least Sky’s Ben Harvey managed to blog – if not broadcast – on this strange assembly:
12 Aug: Sky News Blog: Ben Harvey: Forget that carbon stuff, just let gay partners get hitched
If there is one lesson Julia Gillard can take away from last night’s meeting it is that West Australians don’t seem that interested in putting a price on industrial emissions.
We are, however, keen to marry our lesbian or homosexual life partners, smoke dope to make us feel better when we are sick and secure Federal funding for whitewater rafting facilities.
For a community meeting which was meant to be about the carbon tax, there were a lot of questions which required the Prime Minister to preface her answer with the words: “That is a little off-field.”
Take Josh, for example. The amiable young bloke from the eastern suburbs must have thought all his Christmases had come at once when he was selected to be part of the meeting with the PM.
He clearly didn’t give a hoot about the carbon tax but thought Ms Gillard should stump up $5 million so he and his mates could go whitewater rafting at Champion Lakes in Armadale.
Southern suburbs dad Jason wanted to know whether the Prime Minister was open to the idea of seriously ill people being able to alleviate their pain by smoking cannabis. He even constructed a nifty carbon tax segue, arguing that the production of life-saving drugs was carbon intensive.
“Most of my questions about the carbon tax have already been answered, so I am going off topic,” one woman declared, before reading from a pre-prepared question on same-sex marriage worded so precisely it suggests she was never, ever going to ask anything about an emissions trading scheme.
Minutes later, a well-spoken young man again broached the subject of gay rights, asking how the Government could, in good conscience, tax his relationship with his partner but not recognise it through marriage…
COMMENT BY DFB: My god, where did they find this bunch of clowns?
REPLY TO DFB BY Bomber: at a labor party meeting, oh sorry, that was a labor party meeting.

Gillian Lord

Well said, David, but we can’t relax yet as some people seem to think.

The convoy of no confidence: democracy in action. The power of the people is what they must face for defying us.

Les Francis

The Government in Australia – Labor/Green/Independent is hanging on by a majority of one member of Parliament. It will only take one Labor member to die / be involved in scandal / resign / retire to bring the government down. There’s always a good chance of that.
If this happens Tony Abbot and the conservatives will gain government. The best thing that they could do would be to force a double dissolution of both houses of Parliament. In a new election the Greens would be annihilated, Labor would have a very small amount of members and the conservative parties would have control of both houses. -= Then a return to sanity.

Patrick Davis

“LazyTeenager says:
August 12, 2011 at 7:01 pm”
You don’t live in Australia do you? There’s plenty of water in Australia however, where it mostly falls is not where it is mostly needed. Twice as much rain falls on Sydney than London. There is also the artesian water basin that could supply water to Sydney for 500 years, without being replenished with rainfall etc. Not sure where you are getting your “no warming over 13 years” here in Aus, it certainly hasn’t been warmer than 1998. The Western Australian river Ord can fill Sydney harbour in 6 minutes. Yes, it is a dry land, but you need to look at where most of the water is, and where people need it.

Remember now.. it is not global warming.. Julia Gillard and Bob Brown have changed their tact and are calling it “climate change”. It means that any proof you give about the world not warming can be negated by them just saying it is a “changing” climate..
they change the way they present things to make it more and more difficult to “prove” them wrong.
I mean who can argue that the worlds climate is changing? Of course it is and it has been for eternity…

Very good speech. BTW I have been collecting links to the various pages associated with the convoy, see my link. the utter lack of traditional media coverage on this so far is something to behold, its like they are almost in denial…. Really hope this will be the shot in the arm the public needs.

Darren Parker

Why are lazyteenagers posts allowed through? If I was mod I’d just delete them.


Best Speech ever.


If each trucker is willing to pay for a towing fine and impound cost then they could stop the city for a long time. Drive downtown, park anywhere in the middle of a road and walk (to save the environment) to the protest, and then walk to a park and set up a tent and a bbq. It would be great if you could get the tow truck drivers to do it also. Liberty is not free, never was and never will be. Individually it will cost a bit, collectively a lot, but the visility would be Global and the effect could last for over a week while the greens tried to figure out how to move a thousand 50,000 kilo tractor trailers with a Prius and a length of twine. Such a move would get global news coverage and it would cost you about the same as taking the family to a game.
Go for it.


This is still a great (and easy) read. Yes, it’s “fiction,” but is more believable with real science. It helps that the authors are scientists, too. Articles like this one by Mr. Watts still remind me of the phrase, “Throw another log on the fire.” We were warned…


Darren Parker:
Personally, I love reading the warmists posts. They almost always show a complete lack of understanding, or familiarity with reality. It’s the same with the science types… let them talk! Their words are our strongest asset.


Darren Parker says: August 12, 2011 at 8:50 pm
“If I was mod I’d just delete them.”
Let me fix that.
If I was mod at Real Climate I’d just delete them.
I do not think this site uses censorship to control ideas or questions on a topic. We need to hear and understand the delusions of some to realize the clarity of others.


“The great unwashed meet the ruling class in wrecktacular style.”
What we need the most at the moment is American tune to dance to.


I call on all skeptics to join with me in repudiating this speech.
I was inclined to give him considerable credence, as Anthony introduces him as ‘my friend, David Archibald’, but his claim ‘The one hundred parts per million that we have added to the atmosphere in the last one hundred years has heated the planet by one tenth of a degree’ is so far from established measurements as to destroy his credibility.
The alarmists embrace every crazy who will hold to their conclusion. That stance does their long term credibility much more harm than good. Let’s not make the same mistake.
I’m Australian, skeptical, and opposed to the carbon tax.
But the further claim: and ‘We will add another hundred parts per million over the next fifty years. The total of two tenths of a degree will be very welcome by mid-century.’ is unjustified assertion with even less support than the alarmists’ models (something I’d hitherto been unable to conceive of.)
He speaks well, and I hope he succeeds in his goals. But unsubstantiated claims are not the way to go.
Of course if there is evidence to suport his claims I’d be delighted to learn of it.


Sorry, mods. My second attempt to embed the vid also failed.
Here we go for the third time:
Reply: Just go to Youtube, hover over the video, right click, select “Copy embed html” and then paste it into the comment field. I fixed your original comment above. JTF

Mac the Knife

LazyTeenager says:
August 12, 2011 at 7:01 pm
“I wonder if the people who spent the last 13 years driving around the drought affected landscape fell for the no warming story.”l
You don’t really equate lack of rain fall with climate/global warming, do you?
Sheesh – You really are an intellectually lazy teenager, aren’t you?


Oh, well!

Hey Lazy Teenager, did you hear that the latest installment of Mad Max (Road Warrior in the States) has been cancelled after waiting 3 years for the Aussie desert to look like a desert again.
Production taken to the States because central Oz has been too green for the last few years.
p.s. Droughts are caused by a lack of rain. That lack of moisture in the ground also causes higher temperatures (Lockart et al 2009) so yes some parts of Oz had higher Ts over the last 20 years, but this had very little to do with my SUV


Lazyteenager says:
“I wonder if the people who spent the last 13 years driving around the drought affected landscape fell for the no warming story.”
I can see why you call yourself Lazyteenager. The people who spent the last 13 years in drought have spent this year and part of last year in floods and heavy rains. If you weren’t Lazyteenager you might have found this out. This year and part of last, areas of the East coast of Australiawere flooded and this year the rainfall has been well above average. Prof Tim Flannery, the governments climate change commissioner, is on record as saying in 2007 that Sydney dams would be dry in 2 years. The following year they were at 66% capacity and currently are at 79% capacity. These drought and floods were commented on by Dorothy McKellar in her poem which starts: “I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. …” This was written well before 1968. Just shows that droughts and floods occurred in Australia long before the advent of James Hansen and Al Gore. However LAzy teenager I don’t expect you know the poem if your general knowledge is as good as your knowledge of Australia’s climate


dont forget the biggest rally in australia history will be held on 16th of august at 12 noon in canberra its your country and your future dont lrt the fabiens control us


Australia has droughts??? Who knew. California has droughts? Wow. It must have been Paradise for the Indians before civilization.
Except for the fact it wasn’t. There is drought in the middle east that is going on 7,000 years. We now know there were droughts in Arizona (Hmmm. wonder what them foreign words mean?) for 300 years, And California for 200.
And this asinine moron who calls himself Lazy is concerned about a so-called drought that was likely ended in 2009?

charles nelson

Lazy Teenager…lazy thinking.
I suspect he/she will give up the strange beliefs as more and more evidence of the hoax piles up.
That’s the easy path… lazy people prefer the easy path.

Pete H

Darren Parker says:
August 12, 2011 at 8:50 pm
“Why are lazyteenagers posts allowed through? If I was mod I’d just delete them.”
Because this is WUWT and its run by Anthony not RealClimate as run by Gavin “Eraser” Schmidt .


@ Lazy teenager
May I remind you of Dorothea McKellar’s 1906 poem:
I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of drought and flooding rains,
and persuade you to accept the fact that the recent drought was not evidence of Global Warming. People who claim it is, make themselves look ignorant, deceived or dishonest.
You critique David’s speech with the words “the circle involved in the conspiracy just gets larger and larger.” In doing so, you ascribe to him opinions that he has not stated, and that I doubt he holds.
The failure of social institutions is not the implausibility you seem to imply. Quick examples off the top of my head – I’m sure the Khmer Rouge didn’t start out as a conspiracy to murder a third of the Cambodian people, the ‘Great Leap Forward’ was not intended to starve 40 million Chinese, and Churches did not conspire to practice child abuse. That massive failure of education, ‘post-modernist theory’, was not a conspiracy by English teachers, no matter how much it might have resembled one from the outside. Yet its effects were every bit as bad as if it had been.
By now you’ve probably already regretted your words “So we need discipline and rigor to defend our imaginings. Only a vicious police state lead by David Archibald can save us.”
Whether or not you have reconsidered, may I recommend that in Internet discussion you cite your opponents exact words? I have often been chastened to discover that the claim to which I have prepared a devastating riposte was actually never made by my opponent in the first place.
If David proposed to descend upon you with armed force and charge you $23 dollars for every extra ton of coal you didn’t burn, so that you’d comply with his vision of the future, then you would have a point. But refusing compulsion to do what others want doesn’t compel them in any way at all. You can still cut back your carbon footprint as far as you want.
Your sarcastic proposition that ‘the whole of reality is involved’ (in a conspiracy) suggests that you think reality has been matching the models forecasts. It hasn’t. The only example I can think of is Tamino’s predictions on Arctic ice extent, and even he admits that it was as much by good luck as good management.
Take some time and browse through the ‘climate fail’ pages of this blog. At least then you will be better able to understand where your conversational opponents are coming from, and the evidence that supports their view. And how very badly the models have already failed.
I wish to extend my congratulations to Anthony and the moderators for keeping this blog open to the viewpoints of all sides of the debate, provided it is done with civility. That openness grants him enormous credibility. Those who censor the views they disagree with cannot be trusted. Whether it’s Tamino, Real Climate, or the University of East Anglia.

Paul R

I fully support the Convoy of No Confidence and hope that it has an impact, I don’t hold much hope in it making Gillard see reason, though as she is a committed Fabian socialist and her course is set.
Julia will have to be removed from office before too much damage is done by her government as the Fabians take their name and their strategic thinking from Quintus Fabius Maximus, he’s the Roman general who fought a war of attrition and harassment against Hannibal and the same kind of war of attrition is being used against us. They’re never bold enough to raise the red banner, just sneaky enough to always be chipping away at our freedoms.
You can see a bit of Gillard in this Fabius quote. With emphasis on opinion.
“To be turned from one’s course by men’s opinions, by blame, and by misrepresentation shows a man unfit to hold an office.” Except she’s not a bloke.

David Archibald

John-in-Oz says:
August 12, 2011 at 9:56 pm
Oh ye of little faith! Drink deeply from this well of knowledge – my lectures this year at the Institute of World Politics, a graduate school in Washington for the CIA and State Department:
Bringing it all together:

Keep the lights burning Oz. Rooting for you all the way.

I hope they pass by us in Sydney on the way. I’ll be there to cheer them on!

UK Sceptic says:
August 13, 2011 at 12:21 am

Keep the lights burning Oz. Rooting for you all the way.

Ummm…… “Rooting” has a slightly different connotation down here. The Kevin Bloody Wilson song ‘Rooting in the back of the Ute’ may shed some light on its usage downunder:

John Marshall

Australia is run on the Road train and there must be thousands of them out there. Gillard takes these drivers on at her peril.
Come on Australia wake up and vote Gillard and her minnions OUT OF POWER!


I can’t get over to Aus right now, but I’ll be there in spirit. Go Aussie!


UKSceptic: I knew what you meant, but it is funny!


LazyTeenager says:
August 12, 2011 at 7:01 pm
I wonder if the people who spent the last 13 years driving around the drought affected landscape fell for the no warming story.
nah, they didn’t sport..
they know about natural cycles of drought and floods.
are you really so thick?
or just stirring the possum?
heres an example I prefer to mc kellars.
first verse but it gets even better:-) go look
P J Hartigan (John O’Brien) – Australian Bush Poetry
Said Hanrahan
PJ Hartigan © by John O’Brien
“We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan in accents most forlorn,
Outside the church, ere Mass began one frosty Sunday morn.
The congregation stood about coat-collars to the ears,
And talked of stock, and crops, and drought as it had done for years.
“It’s looking crook,” said Daniel Croke; “Bedad, it’s cruke, me lad,
For never since the banks went broke has seasons been so bad.”