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Playing hide and seek behind the trees

Still Hiding the Decline by Steve McIntyre Even in their Nov 24, 2009 statement, the University of East Anglia failed to come clean about the amount of decline that was hidden. The graphic in their statement continued to “hide the decline” … Continue reading

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A first? Climategate enabled political shift in Australia – warmist replaced with sceptic

The Liberal Party in Australia’s parliament has a new leader. Herald Sun Blogger and Columnist, Andrew bolt writes to me in an email: Anthony, This may be a first: a major political party has dumped a global warming believer as … Continue reading

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China, India, Brazil, South Africa plan joint walkout if pressured at Copenhagen

From the Times of India – a “put up or shut up” moment – “we’ll go along if you pay us”. Excerpts below: BEIJING: In an unprecedented move, India on Saturday joined China and two other developing countries to prepare … Continue reading

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The Climate Science Isn’t Settled

Confident predictions of catastrophe are unwarranted. A commentary by Richard S. Lindzen in the WSJ Is there a reason to be alarmed by the prospect of global warming? Consider that the measurement used, the globally averaged temperature anomaly (GATA), is … Continue reading

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Climategate turbulence

Russ Steele writes: President Obama will soon be on his his way to Copenhagen and his Bagdad Bob moment in Air Force One.  Climategate is sure to create some turbulence. From  The Chilling Effect Got any political cartoons on Climategate? … Continue reading

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Pielke Senior: Revkin perpetuates a myth about the surface temperature record

A Myth About The Surface Temperature Record Analyses Perpetuated On Dot Earth By Andy Revkin By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. On the weblog Dot Earth today, there is text from Michael Schlesinger, a climatologist at the University of Illinois, that presents … Continue reading

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What Do We Really Know About Climate Change?

A Guest Post by Basil Copeland Like many of Anthony’s readers here on WUWT, I’ve been riveted by all the revelations and ongoing discussion and analysis of the CRUtape Letters™ (with appropriate props to WUWT’s “ctm”). It might be hard … Continue reading

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Shocker – CRU’s Jones: GISS is inferior

I was working on another project related to the CRU emails and came across this email from Dr.Phil Jones. I was stunned, not only because he was dissing another dataset, but mostly because that dissing hit many of the points … Continue reading

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Quote of the week #25 – Krugman’s LOL on skeptics

I don’ t know what sort of world NYT reporters live in, but I am now convinced that some like Paul Krugman have no clue about the real world people live in elsewhere. ‘This Week” with George Stephanopoulos debates ClimateGate … Continue reading

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The Medieval Warm Period – a global phenomenon, unprecedented warming, or unprecedented data manipulation?

Guest post from Von Rudolf Kipp Originally in German here, with some portions translated to English using the Google translator below. [update--translation provided by poster EWCZ ~ ctm] Google translator is largely imperfect, but to read the Google translation in … Continue reading

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Climategate page added – your help needed

Given the volume of posts here on the issue and elsewhere, I’ve decided to start a repository for reference purposes. I’ve added a “Climategate” page on WUWT and put all relevant WUWT posts in it. But I need help in … Continue reading

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UK Prove It! poll – still taking votes

From WUWT Tips and Notes comments by Robert E. Phelan: Ric Werme has been tracking the Science Museum “Prove It!” poll since October 29th here: Starting November 2 the “count-me-in” votes have substantially outnumbered the “count-me-out” votes, although the … Continue reading

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Hansen: “The fraudulence of the Copenhagen approach” – “must be exposed.”

There’s an essay by Dr. James Hansen in the Guardian, the header of which is shown below. Next time people accuse of “big oil” connections for skeptics, point out that the most pro-agw newspaper on the planet is pushing Shell … Continue reading

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When Results Go Bad …

Guest post by Willis Eschenbach One of the claims in this hacked CRU email saga goes something like “Well, the scientists acted like jerks, but that doesn’t affect the results, it’s still warming.” I got intrigued by one of the … Continue reading

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From Kate at Small Dead Animals: No U-turns allowed Flashback to April 18th… Dear Tom, I find it hard to believe that the British Antarctic Survey would permit the deletion of relevant files for two recent publications or that there … Continue reading

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Telegraph’s Booker on the “climategate” scandal

Excerpts from the Telegraph: A week after my colleague James Delingpole, on his Telegraph blog, coined the term “Climategate” (Note: Delingpole reports via email he got it from WUWT, commenter Bulldust coined the phrase at 3:52PM PST Nov 19th – … Continue reading

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“Climategate” surpasses “Global Warming” on Google

Note: title suffix – “autosuggest still blocked” has been removed, see update2 at bottom of story. We’ve had the term “global warming” in the lexicon since well before the Internet became a household tool, certainly well before Google itself. So … Continue reading

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Spencer: Top 10 Annoyances in the Climate Change Debate

From Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog (with WUWT apologies to Roy and  Wayne and Garth) My Top 10 Annoyances in the Climate Change Debate by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Well, maybe not my top 10…but the first ten that I … Continue reading

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