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What a difference a year makes: Another record month for WUWT

Today at 00 GMT (5PM PST) a new month started. Every time a new month of statistics starts being logged by WordPress for Watts Up With That, I say to myself, “there’s no way I’ll get this sort of traffic … Continue reading

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Here’s the problem with the sun

Newly discovered evidence that polar bears, CO2, climate change, and the sun are intimately connected in ways never envisioned. No wonder the sun seems to be slowing down.

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NASA: Sun is “blankety blankest” it’s been in the Space Age

From NASA Science News h/t to John-X Spotless Sun: 2008 is the Blankest Year of the Space Age Sept. 30, 2008: Astronomers who count sunspots have announced that 2008 is now the “blankest year” of the Space Age. As of … Continue reading

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BS Alert: Polar bear hearing affected to due global warming?

From the BBC, a video report so absurd, you wonder if it is an April fools joke. The premise? Noise from excessive ice calving  and cracking due to “climate change” would affect the bear’s hearing. I wonder what agency was … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

This sums the banking issue well. “Is anyone even paying attention to these Wing Nut AGW people? With 1/2 of America worried about having to eat cat food during their retirement, global warming is the last thing on their mind.” … Continue reading

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NBC film crew stranded in Arctic on icebreaker 3 weeks

It never ceases to amaze me how people think when it comes to the Arctic. Somehow there is this pervasive belief that “if we just go there and document it, we’ll be able to demonstrate how climate change is affecting … Continue reading

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Comments thread – AIRS Team satellite CO2 paper published

I’m going to make a formal post on this later, but I wanted to bring it up for discussion now since many people have been waiting for this paper to be published. For my previous perspectives and replies from authors, … Continue reading

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Small sunspecks emerging on both solar hemispheres

In comments, Jonn-X wondered: Dead pixels or new sunspecks (pore-ettes) ? At first I was pretty sure I was looking at nothing, then I saw the official NOAA bulletin and the usual phrase, “The visible disk was spotless,” was … Continue reading

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Will September be the month the sun truly transitions to Cycle 24?

Below is a note forwarded to me by John Sumption from Jan Janssens. For those who do not know him, Jan runs a very comphrehensive solar tracking website here. Jan included the caveat: This topic’s sure to start another heated … Continue reading

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Convenience stores under attack by global warming zealots

Now I’ve heard everything. Talk about your “Kyoto protocol”. The original source of this silliness comes from the city of Kyoto. In June, in a bid to reduce greenhouse gases and perhaps become a nationally designated “model environmental city,” the … Continue reading

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Former director of International Arctic Research Center says: “Global warming has paused”

We still need to study nature’s contribution to trend Syun-Ichi Akasofu, Community Perspective Published Saturday, September 27, 2008, Fairbanks AK News-Miner Photo by Anthony – not part of original article Recent studies by the Hadley Climate Research Center (UK), the … Continue reading

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NASA JPL on Heatwaves: “it’s the asphalt, not the atmosphere”

UPDATE: Former California State climatologist Jim Goodridge presents some data that suggests that ocean temperature may be an equal or greater driving force behind Los Angeles Temperature increases, see graph below. Source: NASA JPL UPDATE: Sea surface temperature anomaly versus … Continue reading

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Kum Ba Yah

by John Goetz I just ran across the following news article from Pitchfork Media: Jarvis, Feist Sail to Arctic to Investigate Global Warming Laurie Anderson, Robyn Hitchcock, Martha Wainwright, and Ryuichi Sakamoto too! Feist, Jarvis Cocker, and a bunch of … Continue reading

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The Day The Earth Cooled

This is a familar set of issues in one article. – Anthony By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, September 25, 2008 4:20 PM PT Environment: The solar wind is slowing, but Al Gore is still spewing hot air. The … Continue reading

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Wind power

I was in a conversation today at lunch with a fellow who told me that “wind power is better than anything we’ve ever done for generating electricity”. That made me wonder, how reliable (beyond the constancy of wind issues) is … Continue reading

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NAS reports: 50 million year cooling trend

Warming in a global cool period By Peter N. Spotts| Staff Writer for The Christian Science Monitor/ September 25, 2008 edition Graph above added by Anthony – not part of original article With all the focus on human-triggered global warming, … Continue reading

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Global Warming causing Cannibalism

by John Goetz OK, I know the catchy headline and picture of Hannibal Lecter got you worrying a little about that neighbor of yours who is stocking up on fava beans and chianti. But the headline is misleading, as is … Continue reading

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Rubber Duckie

by John Goetz Rubber Duckie, you’re the one, You make bathtime lots of fun, Rubber Duckie, I’m awfully fond of you; Woo woo be doo From the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald: NASA uses rubber ducks to fight global warming September … Continue reading

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