State of the climate – summer 2023

Recent anomalies are introduced by external forcing from the Hunga-Tonga eruption in 2022 and the change in sulfate aerosol emissions from ship fuels which started in 2015 and was mandated…

Continued Major Errors and Misinformation in Seattle Times Climate Stories: Damaging and Unnecessary

During the past weeks, profoundly flawed and error-filled stories on climate change have been headlined in the Seattle Times. 

New York Times claims ‘climate change’ means ‘the end of the summer vacation as we know it’ – ‘Our relationship to travel has reached a tipping point’

Despite the NYT’s carefully crafted narrative, tourists do not seem to care about climate change!

Record Breaking Heatwave in Europe?

But I have found no evidence that the heatwave was in any way unprecedented, never mind the inferno suggested.

The Hill Should Check Their Data, Weather is Not Getting Worse

Weather data simply does not back this fearmongering claim up. As Climate Realism has pointed out numerous times (here, here, and here, for just a few!) weather like extreme rainfall, hurricanes, and tornadoes are…

A Heatwave in Spain

The latest garbage from the Guardian:

BBC Ignore Cold-Related Deaths in India

To simply compare two 5-year periods is highly unscientific and meaningless statistically.

History and Human Biology Argue for Warmth, Not Cold

So, it is no wonder that civilizations flourished when temperatures were higher, especially when home heating was primitive or nonexistent.

A Critical Assessment of Extreme Events Trends in Times of Global Warming

None of these response indicators show a clear positive trend of extreme events. In conclusion on the basis of observational data, the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we…

Heatwaves in the Northwest: Are Extreme Heat Events Increasing Rapidly?

Why does global warming affect the means more than the extremes?

How the Climate Elite Spread Misery

The chattering classes who jet to conferences at Davos or Aspen have for years been telling the rest of us that our biggest immediate threats are climate change, environmental disasters…

Norway Heatwaves Are Perfectly Normal, Despite What Paul Krugman Says

Temperatures in the 80s are perfectly normal in the north of Norway, such as Tromso:

An Inconvenient Attribution

Changes in air pollution linked with dry spells in Asia and summer heatwaves in Europe

EPA promotes U.S. heatwave increase since 1960s while downplaying HUGE DECREASE in U.S. heatwaves since 1930s

But the EPA also reveals that If you go back further in the “heatwave” record, their entire man-made climate change analysis falls apart.

Heatwaves Are 100% Natural

Using rock-soild physics and published peer reviewed evidence, I conclusively show heat waves are all natural.

German ARD Television Cabaret Artist Says Warmer Planet Better…”167,000 Fewer Cold Deaths”

Nuhr has become a hate figure by certain circles since his criticism of Fridays For Future and also of Greta Thunberg. There are regular calls circulating through social media demanding…

Heat Waves vs. Observed Data

What is clear is that a distance of approximately 300 miles and an altitude difference of 780 feet has produced very different temperature data in these two locations. The heatwave…

July 2021 A Month Of Extremes? The Archives Say Otherwise

True to form, the media have gone totally mental over a few flash floods in London last month, where the highest daily rainfall total was less than 2 inches. As…

A New Law Of Climate Change

So it’s down the rabbit hole of questionable-cause logical fallacies in search of an answer: post hoc ergo propter hoc: ‘after this, therefore because of this’; “since event Y followed…

Czech Extreme Weather Fatalities Study Finds “Statistically Significant Falling Trend”…Most Related To Cold!

A study of Czech extreme weather fatalities show that the trend has been “significantly falling”. Most weather extreme fatalities were related to cold…less than 2% “heat related”!

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