Monash Professor: Climate Change Driven Bushfires will Kill 2412 Aussies in the Next Decade

The researchers appear to be effectively predicting five events of the same severity as Australia’s 2019-20 “Black Summer”, over the next seven years.

Claim: Global Cooling – Because of Climate Change Driven Wildfires

Are Climate activists preparing their excuses in advance, for the imminent plunge in global temperatures predicted by Dr. Willie Soon?

Did Climate Change Cause World Heritage Listed Fraser Island to Burn?

In mid October, an illegal campfire on World Heritage Site Fraser Island caused a blaze which is still smouldering. Fraser Island is only 8 miles across – so questions are…

Surprise! Aussie Bushfire Climate Change Outrage Pivots into an Activist Demand for Cash

Having failed to establish climate change is the reason for Australia’s recent severe bushfires, Aussie greens are now rushing forward with demands for a new levy to be imposed on…

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