Renewable Fail: East Coast Aussie States Are Failing or About to Fail Energy Reliability Standards

A just published Australian Energy Market Operator report highlights the urgent “opportunity” for the provision of reliable electricity to Australia’s East Coast grid.

Australian renewables integration: Part 1

Forty years ago, Australia had an electricity system delivering cheap, reliable power. That is no longer the case.

Aussie Climate Minister Rejects Claims the Grid will Fail when the Generators are Decommissioned

Aussie Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen is confident the grid will remain reliable as dispatchable generators are decommissioned, despite official reports which warn there are big problems.

Wind, Solar, and Household Electricity Prices

From all of the above, ie. from looking at the full picture, wind and solar demonstrably drive up the cost of electricity.

Australian energy security on the brink

Rafe Champion, Independent Scholar, Sydney The Australian electric power supply is on the edge of a cliff because one more substantial coal-fired power station is scheduled to close in 2023.…

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