Analysis Of Antarctic Peninsula Temperature Trends Shows it Runs Both Hot and Cold

By Paul Homewood It is commonly known that the Antarctic Peninsula has seen substantial warming in the last few decades. Jim Steele wrote a guest post for WUWT a couple of days ago,  “The Greatest Climate Myths of All”, which contained these observations about Antarctica:

Extremes Of Temperature Decreasing In The US

Guest essay by Paul Homewood WUWT carried the story yesterday of the paper by Kodra & Ganguly, forecasting a wider range of temperature extremes in the future. According to the Northeastern University press release, using climate models and reanalysis datasets, the authors found that While global tem­per­a­ture is indeed increasing, so too is the vari­ability…

How GISS Temperatures Are Diverging From RSS

By Paul Homewood  A guest post earlier today by David Dohbro, comparing satellite and surface temperature datasets, appears to have attracted a certain amount of criticism, not least because it has tried to compare anomalies based on different baselines. This is an update to that analysis.

Record Daily Temperatures and UHI in the USA

By Paul Homewood Every so often, the hoary old chestnut of record daily temperatures is wheeled out, as evidence of global warming. The above chart is from the NCAR study by Gerard Meehl in 2009, and the NCAR Press Release stated: 

In the UK, it was much wetter in 1929

By Paul Homewood The Met Office have now issued the precipitation stats for last month, so what do they tell us about the winter as a whole in England, where the floods have caused such havoc? (I am concentrating on England for this reason, although there is a section on the UK as whole,…

Somerset Floods – February Update

By Paul Homewood I have been waiting to update the situation with regard to the flooding of the Somerset Levels. I had hoped to include the rainfall data for the local station at Yeovilton, but the Met Office still have not issued them yet. I have chased, but they say, understandably, they are too busy…