Irony: German Bundestag Admits Conversion To Heat Pump Systems For Its Own Buildings Not Possible!

From the NoTricksZone

By P Gosselin on 28. April 2023

Yet, expects its own citizens to convert their homes beginning next year!

German Parliament (Bundestag)

Critical website here reports on how the buildings of the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) will not be able to convert over to heat pumps without comprehensive renovations that would run well into the millions.

Currently the Bundestag is predominantly heated with oil and gas or bio-diesel, According to an answer by the Bundestag administration to a question by FDP member of parliament Torsten Herbst: In 2022, almost 2.7 million liters of biodiesel were consumed, as well as about 1.1 million cubic meters of natural gas,” it says.

While the government demands citizens switch, Bundestag is unable to!

Recall how the government plans to force Germans to ditch their gas and oil heating systems and to install a heat pump in their place, beginning already next year – a costly endeavor. The irony here, however, is that it has been revealed that for the Bundestag, the very heart of the German legislature, “a conversion to electric heating systems is currently not possible,” reports Pleiteticker. “The heating systems of the German Bundestag are not suitable for the heat pump systems available today due to the required inflow temperatures of up to 110 °C.”

Out of touch

Currently the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR) is looking into the structural and technical possibilities for reducing energy consumption by the existing Bundestag buildings and developing “climate-neutral energy concept in the long term”. Yet, somehow the government expects private citizens to accomplish the feat already next year!

Pleiteticker sums up: “At the same time, the Bundestag obliges the installation of a new heating system from 2024 onwards to be powered by at least 65 percent renewable energies. This will make the installation of a heat pump the only option for many. However, the Bundestag cannot itself easily equip its own buildings with them…”

But rest assured, the government will find a way to make its buildings climate-neutral, costs be damned. The taxpayers will simply be forced to pick up the tab – no matter how large it will be.

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Bryan A
April 29, 2023 10:44 pm

They will have to heat the old fashion way…
Rooftop boilers powered by concentrated solar and piped steam to baseboard radiators

Reply to  Bryan A
May 1, 2023 10:39 am

It’s called, “Making Germany Ugly Again.” Rooftop boilers only work when the sun shines and could not heat when the sun is down without huge storage underground. They could not afford such systems.

Reply to  Bryan A
May 1, 2023 11:25 am

Jimmy Carter got legislation through that paid big tax CREDITS for installation of solar water heaters. Back then many homes, even in lower income neighborhoods, ended up with solar collectors on their roofs. It took about 20 years for the last one I saw regularly to finally be removed, probably because it was time to reroof. I don’t see ANY solar water heating panels or tanks other than for heating swimming pools. Of course swimming pool heating is not an every day essential in a modern society like hot bath and cleaning water is.

This system of water heating, essentially installed for almost nothing after the credits, could not make it against other NON FREE (gas and electric) methods of heating water IN THE DESERT IN LAS VEGAS.

Just sayin.

ethical voter
April 29, 2023 10:49 pm

I can see the green revolution ending badly. Looking back, people will ask “how could this madness take hold in an educated society?” The answer will be “because we let it”.

Reply to  ethical voter
April 29, 2023 11:03 pm

Seattle is in the same sinking boat, they are demanding commercial buildings to comply, yet can’t convert their own bldgs.

Reply to  ethical voter
April 30, 2023 5:40 am

The answer will ACTUALLY be “because we had no leverage to stop the fcukers”. Fixed that for you!

Reply to  ethical voter
April 30, 2023 6:13 am

Because “we” thought we knew better. Because “we” assumed our ideologies were right and that nature should support them. (Haha! That’s the big giveaway for their error.) Because “we” cared more about looking like caring human beings than being caring human beings. All uncomfortable truths that future generations will say they will never succumb to…

Reply to  Decaf
May 1, 2023 8:04 am

Open the URL for more mind-altering reality regarding supplying materials for EV batteries in Europe and the U.S.

The Biden-in-the-basement ideologues/idiots, should not be anywhere in government, because of an imbecilic lack of vision, education and experience.

They are using open-border idiocies to destroy US traditional society; instigating divisive gender confusion in schools; and tearing down the US fabric with BLM, INFADA, VICTIMHOOD REPARATION PAYMENTS, etc., instead of strengthening the US fabric.

Their latest mania is, they are coercing the US people to walk through minefields regarding expensively implementing EVs and heat pumps, which, on an A-to-Z basis, DO NOT REDUCE CO2 EMISSIONS:

for as long as it takes,
damned be the $cost, and
the deficit spending, and
the already-high national debt, and
the already-high interest rates, and
already-high inflation, and
near-zero GDP growth, while
deficit spending already exceeds $100 BILLION PER MONTH, and
the US trade deficit already exceeds $100 BILLION PER MONTH, and 
the US dollar being rapidly diminished as a world-wide reserve currency, i.e., no more no-cost “printing of money” by the clueless/political Federal Reserve, to finance government $TRILLION/y deficits


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Peta of Newark
April 30, 2023 12:39 am

Well done people, you’ve gone racing off into the far blue(green) yonder and crashed slap bang wallop into the realities of the 2nd Law, Entropy and Carnot.

But of course, patronising, magical thinking and stupid (usually male) pride won’t let you use that learning to recognise what utter garbage the Green House Gas Effect is and how you’ve been made into complete fools

what do you do

The Real Engineer
Reply to  Peta of Newark
April 30, 2023 1:26 am

The heat pump dream without extensive building modifications finally hits the buffers. This old building has a saturated steam (wet) system with radiators. The only option for electric heating (although they don’t have enough electricity already!) would be large scale air conditioning (air to air) with ducts everywhere. This is not exactly building conservation, more like total distruction. Unfortunaterly the same applies to most buildings in the UK and Germany including houses! The planet would not notice, but the hypocrits would, and should realise the end (of green dreams) is near.

Reply to  The Real Engineer
May 1, 2023 8:08 am


For any heat pumps to economically heat a building in a GERMAN OR NEW ENGLAND winter, the building must be highly sealed and highly insulated, with positive ventilation using an air-to-air heat exchanger.

Reply to  Peta of Newark
April 30, 2023 1:53 am

(usually male)

~Cough~ Diane Abbott ~Cough~

Reply to  HotScot
April 30, 2023 7:52 am

Also noteworthy are the number of women in charge of our water companies in the UK – the ones that lose billions of gallons of water and pump sewage into the sea and rivers. Never seems to affect their salaries.

Dave Andrews
Reply to  gezza1298
April 30, 2023 8:33 am

Doen’t their salary rise in proportion to the increase of leaks?

Reply to  Peta of Newark
April 30, 2023 3:45 am

Aren’t the ladies, and even the pretend-ladies, at least partly responsible since there is so much insistence on Diversity?

Reply to  mikelowe2013
April 30, 2023 6:15 am

And equality! Women must be equally good at leaving that carbon footprint. If we’re trying to do what men do in the same system, we can’t but make similar mistakes given that I haven’t seen any articles advising us how not to.

There’s much less blame possible when we realize we’re more like apples and oranges than just another kind of apple.

Last edited 1 month ago by Decaf
April 30, 2023 2:15 am

So, where will the money come from?

Reply to  strativarius
April 30, 2023 5:41 am

Silly boy: from us!!!

April 30, 2023 2:35 am

Reality bites.

Reply to  rovingbroker
April 30, 2023 3:47 am

I predict lots more bite-marks in the near future. Can always hope!

April 30, 2023 3:42 am

“OK for thee but not for me”! Hypocrites!

Tom in Florida
April 30, 2023 5:53 am

If they want to save on fuel consumption, simply set the winter thermostat to 15C and let them wear coats.

April 30, 2023 6:56 am

Be careful….don’t burn the Bundestag down….maybe put a few windmills on top?

April 30, 2023 7:20 am

“Pleiteticker” literally means “broke ticker.” From their website and FB page, it looks like a German online alternative to the German MSN, focused on economic issues, and lately, on bankruptcies of businesses and of German state governments (and resultant lost employment). But absurdities are also covered, such as what shows on their FB page today: the Berlin police at closing streets (to vehicular traffic) so that lefties can glue themselves to the pavement unmolested.

April 30, 2023 10:39 am

And that’s with their own printing press to print money.

Lee Riffee
April 30, 2023 11:25 am

It just totally blows my mind that so many in power are behind this push to trade out dependable, workable equipment for that which has so many limitations and drawbacks. Swapping out a working gas or oil heating system (in the Bundestag or anywhere else) for a heat pump is like taking away a shovel and then handing the worker a hand trowel….or taking away someone’s umbrella in a rain storm and handing them a garbage bag instead!
In other words, you have something that works, and does the job well, and they want to replace that with something that works well only some of the time, in some conditions, under some circumstances, only if you do X, Y, and Z to existing buildings, spend tons of money, etc….

Ed Zuiderwijk
Reply to  Lee Riffee
April 30, 2023 12:11 pm

It’s what indoctrination does to otherwise normal people.

Ed Zuiderwijk
April 30, 2023 12:08 pm

What again was the German for ‘Schadenfreude’?

Last edited 1 month ago by Ed Zuiderwijk
April 30, 2023 12:56 pm

Backing up might just be harder to do with the Chinese locking up deals and supply globally.

story tip

China’s Oil Strategy Mixes Diplomacy and a Domestic Drilling Push (

It doesnot add up
April 30, 2023 1:15 pm

Das ist nicht möglich. German for “Not me, mate!” – that is not possible. But what is really unmöglich is the whole net zero scam.

April 30, 2023 6:06 pm

huh? I overheard on an public broadcasting program today (IOW a propaganda piece) that

a. heat pumps work up to -40 C !!!!!

b. heat pumps just take the energy out of the air outside and turn it into heat (their ‘winter’ example)

My head exploded.

People without a technical background then think ‘well then heat pumps for everyone’ AND any of us who are contrarian are ignorant nut-jobs. Tax payers money paid for those lies.

The Real Engineer
Reply to  JBP
May 1, 2023 3:36 am

Being pedantic, that is true that a heat pump would work at -40C, but the output temperature for reasonable COP would be -25, which is not a lot of good to anyone. The choice of the refridgerant would also be tricky because most which would work are no banned. Good eh? Strictly heat is just energy too, as we know heat pumps pass energy just like water pumps pump water. There is just a degree of thermodynamics involved, in place of hydraulics.

May 1, 2023 10:37 am

Let’s point out that the biodiesel is made from food stuffs and cost more to make that the energy they produce. It’s a truly dumb idea based on bad science and a political agenda. There is no reality involved in biodiesel. Virtue signaling and spending tax payer money for nothing.

Abiotic oil is much more practical and cheaper.

Bryan A
Reply to  higley7
May 1, 2023 9:15 pm

It isn’t really for nothing though, it is so that they can charge you more and give you less

May 1, 2023 2:40 pm

We only recently learnt the the French presidential palace “palais de l’Élysée” is heated with the evil product: “chauffage au fioul” (gasoline) and still needs additional electric heaters (how many?), with an electric consumption of 2.2 GWh for 2020.

May 2, 2023 7:05 am

The biggest problem with the push for non-nuclear carbon free Energy is that the majority of all of these reports that claim it is possible and doable is that they base their calculations on yearly averages of use. They ignore the peaks and the length of these peaks. Yes, you can charge batteries or fill pumped storage facilities to provide reserve power when needed. But the largest pumped storage facility in the US only provides enough power to support the service area for less than one day. What happens when there are two weeks of no Renewable Energy? I lived through two weeks with no electricity – in the spring – if it had been the dead of winter or the peak heat of summer there would have been a different story for this community.
Heat pumps are USELESS when below the balance e point unless you have a FF Backup source of thermal heat. My son has a Heat pump that uses a resistance heater for those cold days. However, the temperature drops to the 50’s (F) unless he turns on the burners in his gas stove. Meanwhile, several states in the US are not permitting the use of gas in homes. Which also gets rid of the gas hot water heater.
And countries are shutting down Gas, Coal and even nuclear power plants.

But these facts are not considered or even permitted by those pushing the GND.

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