Are Butterflies Wildlife?

“A legal quirk leaves officials in at least a dozen states with little or no authority to protect insects. That’s a growing problem for humans.”

With a cooling La Niña gone, media will go into “Global Warming Overdrive” as El Niño hits.

March 2023 ENSO update: no more La Niña! BY EMILY BECKER – originally published on NOAA’s La Niña—the cool phase of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climate pattern—has left the building!…

PM2.5: Mass Killer or Mass Fraud?

The bottom line is that the claim that PM2.5 causes death is the most demonstrable science fraud of our time.

Lauren Boebert on climate and politics at Heartland’s Climate Conference in 2023

She discussed how she and fellow conservatives fought for reforms in the House Rules, and how she is fighting against the radical climate agenda of the Biden administration and Democrats…

Claim: Climate Change will Cause More Drought and More Frequent Intense Rainfall in Britain

Last month the MET explained how global warming causes more intense dry periods. But University of Bristol now informs us extreme downpours will happen more often.

Met Office Peddle Extreme Rainfall Lies

There is no actual evidence provided to prove that extreme rainfall is becoming more frequent, as their computer models say.

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