“Britain has Become a Poorer Country” – but is STILL Chasing NET ZERO

The mainstream media are failing us, not asking obvious questions, like “how can we prevent energy prices spiralling out of control?”.

Global Holiday Chaos: Long Queues as Tesla Drivers Overwhelm Charge Points

Tesla fans all over the world are learning the hard way they should have bought a hybrid or a second vehicle.

USA Today: “These lies about climate change just wouldn’t die in 2022”

Unreliable renewables, woke ESG, and claims climate concern is a left wing issue are all “lies” according to USA Today.

W. Hudson Bay polar bear population decline stories are unethical and ignore critical caveats

This is called ‘science by press release’. Its practice is rightfully considered unethical, as it is usually associated with “people promoting scientific ‘findings’ of questionable scientific merit who turn to the media for…

The Yin and Yang of Climate Science

I decided to use the yin-yang framework as the basis for a philosophy of science talk.

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