King Charles & David Attenborough parrot WWF activist nonsense they naively accept as ‘science’

They all want a return to a world with fewer people that live meager, circumscribed lives while the rich carry on their jet-setting ways. The King will lobby again for…

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”… Because Climate Change!

“Climate change will increase opportunities to see rainbows… by 2100, the average land location on Earth will experience about 5% more days with rainbows…”

Climate Protestors Attempt to Disrupt the Melbourne Cup Horse Race

Update – Extinction Rebellion “friends” claimed responsibility for pouring oil onto the racetrack, maybe an attempt to injure the horses and riders?

Climate Litigators are Riding a Dead Horse II: Platkin v Exxon Mobil Corp.

it’s guys like AG Platkin who are either oblivious to the fatal faults within both angles of that side of the issue, or who simply don’t do their job to…

Allow Children to Learn About the Arctic Without Terrifying Them with Fantasies of Climate Catastrophe

Children need to be allowed to learn without being used as pawns in an adult political battle.

UK Trapped in The Green Energy Cul-de-Sac

And only now has it become apparent that there is no good exit strategy.

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