Guardian: World Close to “Irreversible Climate Breakdown”

Where is this climate disaster? Despite decades of trying, we still haven’t crossed one of their imaginary tipping points.

Climate Change Weekly #451: Green Energy Revolution Hits Energy Reality Wall

“If the GOP retakes the majority in the upcoming midterm elections, it reportedly plans to investigate the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its increasing ESG advocacy,” notes Wooldridge.

What Is Going on With the Glaciers at Glacier National Park?

It has now been seven years since the government’s glacier-size tables have been updated.

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First, don’t panic – we are going to make this easy. Starting About November 7th/8th, commenting on WUWT will require you to be a registered user. Read on for the…

Pre-order the Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2023

Josh writes: I am letting everyone who ordered last year’s calendar know that you can now pre-order the Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2023. Go to and pick the right dropdown for…

What Does the BBC Expect Svalbard to Do When Its Coal Mine Is Shut?

It is of course deeply ironic that Svalbard’s climate was just as mild when these mines opened as it is now!

The Myth About Global Warming Killing Off Ocean Life

All of the Southern Hemisphere whale species, the populations for which we have data, are increasing,

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