Claim: Green Skies Will Save Us from Climate Change

A twitter thread about an article in Business Insider.

Originally tweeted by Insider (@thisisinsider) on July 28, 2022.

Earlier this month, a monster Midwestern thunderstorm called a derecho turned the skies over South Dakota a sickly green.

The new colors of the sky are so terrifying, they will spur us to action, @jetjocko says.

Here's why. 👇

Images from the storm went viral and hit the news.

It all moved even faster than the storm itself — just as it did two years ago, when massive wildfires turned the skies over San Francisco a shade of Golden Gate orange.

Derechos, wildfires, and sandstorms have happened before, but not like this.

The difference: climate change, @jetjocko says.

Unseasonable, bigger, and more dangerous are hallmarks of the new world, where city skies are the color of a dead planet.

Photo shows the hazy orange sky above San Francisco due to wildfires.

Climate change has been going on for a century and a half.

For most of that time, it has been so subtle that people couldn't see it, or could ignore it.

But our color vision is tailored for survival.

When the sky turns green, we notice.

Photo shows a green sky and clouds resulting from a derecho.

The colors we pay the most attention to were the ones that mattered most to our survival, @jetjocko say.

Not the ordinary colors that make up most of our world, like blue (sky, water) or green (plants).

Which means that, in a way, we stop noticing it.

Text shows the definition of shifting baseline syndrome, a noun meaning a phenomenon where things that don't change, or that change very, very slowly, don't register in our brains.

We're going to owe a kind of thank-you to the Earth's scary new colorways — and to the evolutionary quirks of our eyes and brains that let us see color in the first place, @jetjocko writes.

We might not be built to attend to every incremental climate-change blip, but we're built to notice (finally!) when the planet we evolved to see doesn't exist anymore.

That's probably what it will take, if anything is going to change, @jetjocko says.

Around the world, people living in countries on the front lines of the climate crisis and its effects — poorer countries in the global south, primarily — report more anxiety about climate overall.

They're seeing the evidence more clearly.

Text against a black background reads: "In the US, only young people and those who identify as Democrats think dealing with climate change should be a top priority according to surveys from Pew Research."

If a single recalcitrant Democratic senator (and all the Republican ones) can stymie even the most basic policy changes to avert a planetary disaster of our own making, it'll take pressure from all of us to change course, @jetjocko writes.

Text against a black background reads: "About half of Americans think humans are only partially responsible for climate change, or not responsible at all according to surveys from Pew Research."

.@jetjocko's hope is that the new colors of the sky are so terrifying, they will spur us to action.

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Originally tweeted by Insider (@thisisinsider) on July 28, 2022.

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July 30, 2022 11:07 pm

Every poll I have seen previously showed climate change at or every near the bottom of peoples concerns. Has anyone seen recent polls where that has changed?

And yes green skies have gotten my attention before. In my experience a green cast to the clouds is an indicator of a severe thunderstorm, often having the potential for tornadic activity. And so they sure as heck have gotten my attention when I see them.

Reply to  rah
July 31, 2022 1:50 am

Yes. Polls are now showing people believe its real and a problem across the globe.

You’d have to be stupid not to notice the heatwaves and floods in the UK, Europe, Australia, USA etc

I’m curious as to why you think it is all ‘just weather’? It clearly isn’t where I live in the UK.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 2:06 am

Put up or shut up Griff.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  rah
July 31, 2022 4:07 am

He can’t, and he knows it. All he can do is assert.

Assertions are not evidence of anything, Griff.

mario lento
Reply to  Tom Abbott
August 1, 2022 2:55 pm

If we raise awareness of the green hell, there magically there will be more… counting 1, 2, 3… and Griff will be marching for the first time on about this green tripe. That is how to gaslight people.

Reply to  rah
July 31, 2022 12:40 pm


Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 2:09 am

You’d have to be stupid not to notice

You have to be stupid to spout your bollox on here constantly repeating things you know nothing about (eg. China only last week), or French NPPs under maintenance ‘cos it’s summer….
Ie.- stupid does what stupid really is.

Julian Flood
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 2:53 am

Where in the UK?


Reply to  Julian Flood
July 31, 2022 3:57 am

I’m fairly sure Griff’s in Manchester.

Gerry, England
Reply to  TonyS
July 31, 2022 5:23 am

I am fairly sure that Griff is off with the fairies as we have a cool breezy day in my corner of England.

Peta of Newark
Reply to  TonyS
July 31, 2022 5:39 am

A very real possibility..
One of my longer-lived Wunderground stations is in Manchester and despite Global Warming, Climate Change and the Urban Island Effect, the temperature there is in free-fall
see the attached

Manchester City Annual Temp 2001-2021.PNG
Reply to  TonyS
July 31, 2022 6:07 am

It doesn’t matter where he lives

(but if you are in the NW, Griff, and you fancy a beer, let me know)

Reply to  Redge
July 31, 2022 11:07 pm

I suspect that giffie doesn’t drink real beer or even like tea.

Wheatgrass blender stuff and peanut butter banana smoothies are more likely.

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Julian Flood
July 31, 2022 5:00 am

Griff is Home Counties, according to the BBC everything is getting worse weather wise in the Home Counties.

David Baird
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 3:12 am
D Boss
Reply to  David Baird
July 31, 2022 4:34 am

Excellent! I immediately thought of this scene out of the movie “Twister” when I saw the headline. Nobody nor any real fact is going to change the feeble mind of Griff. But if green sky indicating a severe rotating thunderstorm was common knowledge to storm chasers 27 years ago, how is a green sky something anomalous now? Goin’ Green from the movie Twister (veteran storm chaser played by Bill Paxton reads the clouds and notices the sky has gone green, so the chase is on!)

Sadly both Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are now dead. Great actors both…

David Baird
Reply to  D Boss
July 31, 2022 5:29 am

Living in Iowa, I’ve seen the sky turn green and knew it was about to hit the fan. And it did. I agree, sad that we lost both actors.

Gary Pearse
Reply to  D Boss
July 31, 2022 10:53 am

I understand activist optometrists have been gradually making lenses more green over time.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 3:25 am

And Griff is going to change the climate by sending trillions of dollars to China to buy sun mirrors and wind mills.

Reply to  Surrr
July 31, 2022 5:29 am

This ^

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 3:47 am

Griffiepoo gets it wrong, as usual. People in the UK are starting to notice they are being lied to by the MSM and the Elite, hence the abuse and ridicule the BBC endured for claiming the two days of hot weather in the UK was evidence of CAGW.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 4:05 am

“I’m curious as to why you think it is all ‘just weather’?”

Because the same type of weather has happened in the past when CO2 was not an issue.

The numbers/statistics, Griff, show that our weather is LESS severe today than in the past. The CAGW is all in your fevered imagination.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 4:40 am

Griff, mate

2 days of unusual warmth do not a heatwave make

in the summer of 76 we had months of lovely warmth not a couple of days before being plunged into colder than normal July days and nights, at least where I live

Warm weather saves lives

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Redge
July 31, 2022 5:04 am

You’re lucky getting two days, we only got one and half days in the East Midlands. We cool and cloudy before and cool since. Pretty much average June and July if a little drier than usual

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 4:49 am

Yes. Polls are now showing people believe its real and a problem across the globe.

No, they’re not:

Screenshot 2022-07-31 124743.jpg
Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Redge
July 31, 2022 7:28 am

Griff engages in a type of propaganda where he lies in an attempt to engage the type of people prone to jump on a bandwagon.

Reply to  Clyde Spencer
July 31, 2022 7:49 am

 in an attempt to engage the type of people prone to jump on a bandwagon


Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 4:53 am

You’d have to be stupid not to notice the heatwaves and floods in the UK, Europe, Australia, USA etc

Or full of shit

Screenshot 2022-07-31 125120.jpg
Matt G
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 5:05 am

When you are wrong. (a location in England probably not far from you)


16th July 25.2c
17th July 29.0c
18th July 34.7c
19th July 37.9c
20th July 25.4c
21st July 18.2c
22nd July 16.2c
23rd July 21.3c
24th July 20.9c
25th July 20.1c
26th July19.5c
27th July 21.5c
28th July 19.6c
29th July 19.4c
30th July 20.7c
31st July 19.9c so far

Is it 38c now or will be in the near future? NO/very unlikely

A one day wonder will ALWAYS be weather.

The days have typically been around 20c/21c this month not 38c or 16c.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 5:23 am

We got your doomed now just enjoy the show.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 7:23 am

Take off your green glasses, Dorothy. You’re no longer in the Emerald City.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 7:31 am

Wheras I recall a hot week or two in July pretty well all my life….sometimes excessive rain, sometimes drought….never consistent enough over 30 years to meet the definition of “climate”….

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 7:43 am

As I just said elsewhere on this thread, it is observation bias. We have billions of people clicking pix of weather events and way too many unemployed scientists, activists and politicians hyping climate just to get a job somewhere besides the local grocery or fast food restaurant.

GET A GRIP, GRIFF! There is no emergency, just too many handwringing bed wetters such as yourself.

Twenty years ago, when I first started focusing on the climate change question, people were posting photos and videos of glaciers calving into the sea. Why? Because cruise ship tourists and desperate people with science degrees were photographing, posting and writing about the phenomenon. Trouble is, calving glaciers is a natural seasonal event, as common as falling leaves in autumn, not a sign of the coming apocalypse.

It also was immediately apparent that the climate question was far more than an exercise in curiosity. Depending on where one comes down on the issue (i.e., rate and magnitude of change; amount of human influence; potential benefits or damages), the only practical impact is on energy systems. Higher education is now infected with U.N.-styled “sustainability” busybodies invading every aspect of life over insignificant issues, yet by far the main source of GHG emissions, if we even care, is from the combustion that lights our way, keeps us comfortable, well fed, and moves us along. Thus, many universities have embarked upon absurd quests to reach “net zero” at any cost, advocating damaging, useless, costly and parasitic wind and solar while having no real control over energy systems or emissions.

People here at WUWT are patient and kind with seekers who honestly want to know, but we have little patience or respect for recalcitrant trolls who doggedly refuse to learn.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 7:52 am

Griff, when I was young in the 1950s, I remember hurricanes and other weather being far more destructive and taking more lives. A little research over the years and I discovered in the years before that, weather took even more lives. To some it might suggest that weather gave us a few calm years but it’s returning with a vengeance however that is not the case.

The reason we lose fewer lives to weather is two fold. First, most of the time we are building to allow for bad weather. We don’t allow building where land might flood and building codes produce buildings that resist high winds. Second is better prediction with weather radar and satellites. The space age didn’t really get going until the 60s and modern electronics allows simple radio waves to tell us so much more about weather systems.

Combined with record keeping, we have a good deal of protection against what has always been with us. We have become complacent about what has always been with us and when we do, Mother nature provides us with a reminder of how unpredictable she can be. It seems this is a lesson that has to be taught every few generations and you have yet to learn that it normal for the weather to change drastically and destructively.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 8:32 am

Yes there are people who believe that global warming is a problem. There are also people who believe that socialism/communism works.

The rest of realize that there have always been heatwaves and floods, and that the ones we have been seeing recently are nothing outside of the ordinary.

When you examine the past, it’s easy to see that “it’s just weather”.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 11:04 am

Every heatwave is “proof” of global warming and impending doom. Every cold snap is apropos of nothing.

This is what passes for the “science” of CAGW. Along with “smoothed” temp. data. It’s only “weather” in the freezing cold winter.

jeffery P
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 11:20 am

So what? It’s hot. Proves nothing. It’s been hot before, it’s been hotter before. BFD.

Reply to  jeffery P
July 31, 2022 2:03 pm

It’s called Summer! A concept that apparently eludes the leftists.

Robert Austin
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 11:35 am

London England hit 100F in 1911. But I guess that was a different kind of heat, a kinder and gentler heat. And floods never occurred prior to “climate change”. Of course polls show “people believe” because they are told so 24/7 by sensationalist media (and Griff) that can’t be bothered doing any research on the subject. And the actual data show that there has been no increase in extreme weather events globally.

Craig from Oz
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 9:41 pm

When the weather gets warm and you get back in your car at the end of the day to drive home the steering wheel is extremely painful to touch. You learn to drive with your finger tips.

That is pretty much the only really nasty thing about hot weather.

And since all true Global Warming(tm) have already composted their cars then only car owners are truly affected by hot weather.

So isn’t that what you Greta Simps want?

39 degs is warm. Get over yourselves. Structure your day around the conditions and you will be fine.

Cold weather is where the deaths are.

Pat from kerbob
Reply to  griff
August 1, 2022 4:47 am

I’ve been across Great Britain the last 3 weeks
Everyone loving the weather.

I would like you to go out into a crowd in a park and explain your plan to (try) and make it colder and wetter.

I doubt you’d survive the attempt.

Everywhere I went all I got was comments how this has been the best summer in memory.

You have a lot of convincing to do.

Old Man Winter
Reply to  rah
July 31, 2022 6:12 am

Greenie Wienies should actually spend a lot more time communing with the
nature that they claim to care for & protect. They, like you & I, would come to
a similar conclusion that we have- severe thunderstorms with a chance of
hail & tornadoes. Doh! It’s that simple. Where I grew up, it shaded toward
hail as we had less tornadoes than did areas even 150 mi S of us. Even hail
was usually less severe than 150 mi W of us that was out on the prairie, N
of Sioux Falls, SD. You & I probably knew more about weather when we were
in grade school than these adult Green clowns do. They’re pathetic!

Reply to  rah
July 31, 2022 8:27 am

Note that they didn’t say how concerned those polled were, just that they were concerned.
It’s typical alarmist propaganda, tell only the part of the story that supports your agenda.

Chris Hanley
July 30, 2022 11:21 pm

Earlier this month, a monster Midwestern thunderstorm called a derecho turned the skies over South Dakota a sickly green … Derechos, wildfires, and sandstorms have happened before, but not like this … city skies are the color of a dead planet.

Oh Lord for pity’s sake.
According to this article ‘green thunderstorm’ phenomena are part of folklore in the Midwest, folklore being “the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth ” (Oxford).
Even I can get exaggerated color effects like that on a basic apple computer.
jetJocko aka Adam Rogers claims to be a science writer.

Reply to  Chris Hanley
July 31, 2022 1:57 am

there were better clips elsewhere at the time and the sky was an amazing bright lime green in some places, was rather eerie. seen a dirtier green with grey mammatus in S Aus decades ago and copped one hell of a storm shortly after

Richard Page
Reply to  ozspeaksup
August 1, 2022 9:05 pm

Here in the UK we usually get the usual grey skies but if it starts taking on a purplish hue then we’re in for bad weather.

Reply to  Chris Hanley
July 31, 2022 4:54 am

jetJocko aka Adam Rogers claims to be a science writer.

Science Fiction?

Reply to  Redge
July 31, 2022 5:39 am

Most, if not all, of the climate alarmists writers seem to be more fiction than science.
jetJocko seems to be no different that the rest.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Redge
July 31, 2022 11:01 am

CliSciFi. And its the only way for a non-scientist to make money being a science writer.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Chris Hanley
July 31, 2022 7:32 am

Green skies are real. They’re just not new.

Reply to  Clyde Spencer
July 31, 2022 1:55 pm

here in Texas a green sky normally means ice and hail is or will be falling soon. And, all too often, a precurser of a tornado.

Citizen Smith
Reply to  Chris Hanley
July 31, 2022 8:48 am

I saw a green tinged thunderstorm in the Central Oregon desert. Very noticeable. But that was 20 years ago. Is the climate emergency over now or when can we expect to see another?

Shoki Kaneda
July 30, 2022 11:25 pm

I saw green skies in Tampa just before a waterspout came ashore.

Mumbles McGuirck
Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
July 31, 2022 7:16 am

The same for me, off Deerfield Beach pier. And that was 50 years ago, when CO2 levels were much lower. Before that I lived in the upper Midwest and knew about green skies and squall lines. I think the problem is these Millennial twerps think nothing happened in the world before they were born.

Reply to  Mumbles McGuirck
July 31, 2022 10:17 am


July 30, 2022 11:26 pm

“Around the world, people living in countries on the front lines of the climate crisis and its effects — poorer countries in the global south, primarily — report more anxiety about climate overall.

They’re seeing the evidence more clearly.”

Strangely, the doesn’t show us this clear evidence.

And I thought the “global south” – SJW-speak for developing countries – wouldn’t be affected by climate change’s warmer temps because the warming is supposed to happen at the higher latitudes and at the poles, mostly in the north since Antarctica refuses to accept the climate emergency and the rest of the south is proportionately more water than the north so the south is moderated by that extra water – which is what we see in the temperature profiles.

And since sea levels have been increasing at a leisurely 1.8-3mm per DECADE, that seriously can’t be affecting anyone in the south, or north for that matter.

So where’s the evidence?

The Business Insider is such a shit newspaper – nevermind this climate article, it’s mostly a frustrating read anytime I unfortunately click on one of their headlines in my newsfeed – poorly written articles by obvious amateurs who can’t even manage who-what-where-how and why, or even a logical thread.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  PCman999
July 31, 2022 4:13 am

Business Insider is a leftwing propaganda rag.

Reply to  PCman999
July 31, 2022 10:21 am

Of course they have more “climate anxiety”, they don’t have reliable electricity grids allowing them to live comfortably as the developed west does.

And why is that? Because the left hates them and has ensured that they can’t build out a stable electrical grid with coal generation.

Dave Fair
Reply to  PCman999
July 31, 2022 11:06 am

“Global south” appears to be woke-speak for “shithole.”

Reply to  PCman999
July 31, 2022 11:12 am

SJW – Social Justice Warrior
SJW – Social Justice Worrier?

Just asking for a pal ….


Climate believer
July 30, 2022 11:46 pm

“We’re going to owe a kind of thank-you to the Earth’s scary new colorways —”

New? …. no. Scary? …. no.

You’re an alarmist cretin who needs some real scientific education ……… yes.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Climate believer
July 31, 2022 4:17 am

The Tweeter is sadly misinformed. Alarmists are so sure of themselves and they are so wrong and they can’t see it.

We’ll do our best to continue to try to enlighten them on the climate science. Perhaps some of it will eventually sink in.

July 30, 2022 11:48 pm

In my nearly 70 years of experience, green skies were an indication of tornados in the area. The deepest shade of green skies I ever saw was in early April ’74. Tornadoes in Louisville, Xenia, Ohio and the Southern IN area where I grew up.

There are missives about red sky at mornings and red skies at night; but if you see green skies, dive.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  DonK31
July 31, 2022 4:19 am

Yellow skies are also connected with tornadoes. I’ve seen one yellow sky in my lifetime and a tornado outbreak occurred on that occasion.

Old Man Winter
Reply to  DonK31
July 31, 2022 6:49 am

WOW! That was part of the massive tornado outbreak that occurred during
the 1970’s Global Cooling Scare- 148 tornadoes.

Matt G
Reply to  Old Man Winter
July 31, 2022 2:43 pm

Tornado Alley get the worst tornadoes on the planet mainly for one reason only.

The cold dry air from the North clashes with warm humid air fron the South causing the greatest contrast in temperatures in any region and the result is very severe weather.

Tornado’s will only get worse like in the past when the Arctic air becomes colder again.

July 31, 2022 12:32 am

I have noticed green skies forecast hailstorm..

Steve Case
July 31, 2022 1:30 am

My Dad was 17 when the 1925 tri-state tornado ripped through SW Indiana. He said the sky was a sickly green. My check of Google maps and Wikipedia says he had to be 80 miles east of the storm track.

Spring snow storms sometimes have lightning and it’s green.

Bob B.
Reply to  Steve Case
July 31, 2022 3:53 am

Yes, I did see green lightening during Sandy in New Jersey.

Mumbles McGuirck
Reply to  Bob B.
July 31, 2022 7:21 am

Green “lightning” in a wind storm is usually the flash from a blown transformer. Green skies associated with thunderstorms is another matter.

Steve Case
Reply to  Mumbles McGuirck
July 31, 2022 9:46 am

Uhm no, at least not from personal experience. Lightning in a snow storm at night is green. Not bright green like an old time computer screen but green enough that the flash illuminating a white interior wall in a dark room is green. Seeing is believing.

July 31, 2022 1:49 am

Watts readers don’t appear to notice the record heatwaves, strings of 1 in 1,000 year floods, increasing wildfires etc.

Are they all blind and deaf?

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 1:56 am

Remember the WMO said that climate is the average of 30 years weather, and that on the back of the data they had. So heatwaves are weather by definition as they only last a few days. Of course they now claim they can do climate back to 1750 which was in the LIA. And even Phil Jones CRU said the normals in the SH were mostly made up. 😉

Perry Smith
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 2:06 am

At 61, I wear glasses, but I don’t need those to see your grift.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 2:14 am

That’s because there isn’t much of anything going on with the weather that has not occurred before. It’s just ignorant fools that think so.

For example. Wild Fires:
comment image


Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 2:19 am

No it’s you that is dumb!
The so called “record” crap you constantly troll on about is being replicated by an unusually cold and wet summer in most of Scandinavia which followed a freezing spring.
That’s what happens when you get blocking highs bringing up hot african air over Spain and France, which simultaneously brings down nasty low pressure systems with freezing polar air all over northern Europe.

One thing for certain, Griff being a remarkably clueless individual doesn’t even understand air pressure differences drive winds ALWAYS from HIGH to LOW, and the rotating earth makes them turn clockwise or anticlockwise depending which weather system it is.

In his tiddly little island on the edge of the atlantic he thinks wind flows from low pressure to high pressure defying physics, and thinks windless days are able to provide limitless green energy.

He cannot be convinced about physics because he never studied it, so he carries on repeating the constant fear and endless bollox from Grauniad as if it were the truth.

I repeat an extract from an article from err, a rag that’s not known for being against the green religion:-

’nuff said, now Griff kindly shut the up!

The current green energy technology does not provide us with energy independence, especially in winter.

Let’s not forget, the green revolution is partly to blame for European countries becoming dependent on Russian gas.

Germany has shut down its nuclear power plants at the insistence of the Greens and Russian gas was considered then ideal transitional energy.

We now face the result of that judgement.

Reply to  pigs_in_space
July 31, 2022 5:32 am

Griff shares a brain with Simon and now I am wondering if they share it with Lloydo 🤔

Reply to  Derg
July 31, 2022 1:09 pm

I’m wondering if they aren’t all one-n-the-same…
or the same with three different personalities

Richard Page
Reply to  paul
August 1, 2022 9:10 pm

Ah the good old sockpuppet theory again!

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 3:00 am

You don’t appear to notice the historical records that the warmists and their media cronies either ignore or adjust away, the complete lack of correlation between temperature and CO2 over the last 500 million years, or the way the atmosphere warms in all the wrong places.

Are you blind and deaf?

Tom Abbott
Reply to  RoodLichtVoorGroen
July 31, 2022 4:30 am

Yes, Griff is the one who does not see.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
July 31, 2022 12:37 pm

Direct you tube quote from a witness of a major tornado outbreak.

you catch yourself standing outside looking up getting mesmerized of the clouds. And then the weird shade of green around you. It’s scary and very thrilling at the same time

’nuff said?

I have been in a massive thunderstorm in mid Wales, the really scary type…(in a tent..yikes).

The colour of the sky is a nasty YELLOW colour.
When you see that colour it’s time to hide!
The most terrifying experience I ever had!

David Baird
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 3:21 am
Tom Abbott
Reply to  David Baird
July 31, 2022 4:32 am

We seem to be missing some hurricanes this year. The central U.S. could use one right about now. We need some rain.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Tom Abbott
July 31, 2022 7:43 am

Be careful what you wish for!

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  David Baird
July 31, 2022 6:17 am

40% of the way through the season and 3 tropical storms. Is that above normal? I know we get more storms in August and September but we are behind average right now.

Reply to  Trying to Play Nice
July 31, 2022 12:19 pm

Yes we are below average for the Atlantic basin for this stage in the season, but all indications that is going to start changing before long. The MJO is forecast to move into 2 and that is when things in the Atlantic/Gulf/Caribbean are likely to really fire up.

In fact the only basin that that is running above average right now is the Eastern N. Pacific which is at 182% of the norm. All the others, except the Western Pacific, are in the 80’s. While the gorilla in the room, the Western Pacific where the strongest storms normally form is only at 31% and the longer range forecasts indicate it will remain below average this season.

Global Tropical Cyclone Activity | Ryan Maue (

David Kamakaris
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 3:52 am

Griff, how long is your record?

Tom Abbott
Reply to  David Kamakaris
July 31, 2022 4:34 am

Griff just fell off the turnip truck.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Tom Abbott
July 31, 2022 4:36 am


Falling off the turnip truck:

(chiefly US, idiomatic) To be naive, uninformed, or unsophisticated, in the manner of a rustic person.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Tom Abbott
July 31, 2022 7:44 am

As in, “Just got off the boat.”

Reply to  David Kamakaris
July 31, 2022 4:56 am

It’s stuck

Tom Abbott
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 4:22 am

“Watts readers don’t appear to notice the record heatwaves, strings of 1 in 1,000 year floods, increasing wildfires etc.
Are they all blind and deaf?”

What WUWT readers notice is that the statistics say the weather was more severe or equally severe in the past when CO2 was not an issue. Your claims that today’s weather is unprecedented is simply not true. No matter how many times you insist it is.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 4:51 am

Are they all blind and deaf?

No. Intelligent.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Disputin
July 31, 2022 7:46 am

griff is like someone who is superstitious and finds it incredulous that anyone would ignore such things as a black cat crossing their path. In his mind they are stupid. It shows how narrow his mind is.

Reply to  Clyde Spencer
July 31, 2022 5:53 pm

Narrow minded? You mean, a fact has to turn sideways and suck in its gut in order to squeeze through?

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 5:00 am

Guardian readers choose not to notice there is no empirical evidence that CO2.causing the recent beneficial slight warmth.

Are they all blind and deaf?

No, they’re fools.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 5:24 am

OR they just don’t care … why worry about stuff that you can never control.

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 6:13 am

You have no clue what a 1000 year flood means. Not only does it not mean that it happens every 1000 years, it probably means that whoever called it a 1000 year flood was completely wrong and it’s more likely a 100 year flood.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 7:38 am

We notice. We just don’t assume that seeing a lone swallow means that Spring has arrived. On the other hand, the Chicken Little mentality assumes that the sky is falling if a single acorn falls. There is a difference between objectivity and hysteria, which I don’t think you understand.

Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 8:48 am

And once again griff demonstrates his complete inability to understand basic statistics and distributions.
He seems to think that only a single 1 in a thousand year event is permitted anywhere in the world every thousand years.

He’s both blind and deaf, and proud of it.

Climate believer
Reply to  griff
July 31, 2022 9:19 am

“Are they all blind and deaf?”

No need to be ableist.

What I notice is, you alone have probably created more skeptics from your ramblings of illogical alarmist dogma than all of WUWT put together.

Well done.

Mark BLR
Reply to  griff
August 1, 2022 5:17 am

… the record heatwaves ..

From the peer-reviewed Grauniad :
Polar blast: Tasmania blanketed in snow as cold snap hits south-east Australia

There has been a “cold snap” in one region of the world for a few days.

This constitutes cast-iron, rock-solid, INCONTROVERTIBLE “proof” that the Holocene inter-glacial will definitely end by the year 2100.

Ron Long
July 31, 2022 2:40 am

“But our color vision is tailored for survival.” This trueism was expressed by that great American Philosopher Jonathon Winters, who said “if you catch a marmot and his eyes turn red…turn him loose.”

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Ron Long
July 31, 2022 4:39 am

I loved Jonathan Winters! I never heard my dad laugh louder than when he watched Winters one night on television. Back in the day.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Ron Long
July 31, 2022 7:48 am

Are you sure he didn’t say that about a sail cat?

On the outer Barcoo
July 31, 2022 3:41 am

A green sky in Brisbane, Australia is a warning sign of a severe hail storm.

Bruce Cobb
July 31, 2022 4:47 am

Pure emotionalist garbage. They know they don’t have actual science on their side, so have to resort to emotion as a propaganda tool.

Cal Rakach
July 31, 2022 5:12 am

In Alberta, when the cloud turns green like that there’s a whole bunch of hurt coming, especially like in that photo. Large hail and good chance of tornado. Nothing new.

ray g
July 31, 2022 5:17 am

We see green sky in Australia and it usually means hail storm about to hit.
Nothing new here

Peta of Newark
July 31, 2022 5:42 am

That’s not green- its called ‘blue-grey

It is, certainly used to be, the colour that almost all warships were painted.
There’s a puzzle – why was that? Did they want to be really obvious and visible, as this muppet asserts?

Reply to  Peta of Newark
July 31, 2022 6:37 am

Battleship grey is not the same as tornado green.

Richard Page
Reply to  Peta of Newark
August 1, 2022 9:18 pm

Different shade entirely I think. And ships were only painted shades of grey after ww2 – during the war they were painted all sorts of colours and patterns – including that shade of green; oddly enough, a shade of pink called ‘Mountbatten Pink’ was quite popular (especially in the Mediterranean) as it was thought to blend into the distant haze at dawn and dusk.

July 31, 2022 5:50 am

I remember first seeing greens skies before a tornado in the 1970s. And, with many nearby tornadoes, since.

July 31, 2022 7:11 am

By one estimate, somewhere between 6.6 and 7.3 Billion people (about 90% of the world’s population) own and use smartphones. Ordinary weather events as well as spectacular skies can now be photographed and shared around the world, events that only 20 years ago would have been noticed and admired but not documented.

I saw green skies over Dallas in 1972, and a small tornado to boot. But I didn’t have a film camera handy at the time to record the event. Today, hoards of storm chasers stream live video of every severe weather event.

Also, automatic cameras on smartphones have a difficult time with realistic color rendering of sky scenes. I have been frustrated many times trying to capture a photo that matches what my eyes and brain are seeing.


Reply to  Pflashgordon
July 31, 2022 11:57 am

You are right, of course, but possibly Folk could also look at getting a better phone, too.
Unless that pumps money into Chinese gulags or Lithium mines, of course.


Clyde Spencer
July 31, 2022 7:18 am

Green is not a new color for the sky. I first saw a greenish sky as a child in Northern Illinois, in the early-1950s, just before a small tornado touched down. I again saw one in the late-70s in Eastern Montana when the clouds were circling overhead in a tight circle, but without a funnel.

July 31, 2022 7:46 am

I thought going “green” was supposed to be a good thing.

July 31, 2022 7:54 am

Being compared to a frog in boiling water is not very flattering!

Colorblind people ,,,,.

I have two cousins near Sioux Falls and neither mentioned this terrifying event. Wonder if they took pictures.

It’s supposed to be difficult to make law. And Alfred E. Neuman said “What me worry”.

July 31, 2022 8:11 am

Serious question: What is the process/cause within the light spectrum that makes the cloud appear ‘green’. Upthread discussion notes severe weather events such as tornadoes and hail. That would likely indicate extreme uplift and rapid phase change. Is there an extreme ionization and/or de-ionization occurring that has an effect on visible light transmission or some other process not yet understood or researched?

Reply to  eyesonu
July 31, 2022 1:13 pm

The process that causes a greenish sky is that green wavelengths are preferentially scattered to your eye, just as a blue sky means that blue wavelengths are preferentially scattered to your eye. A green caste to the clouds as thunderstorms are nearby means that large hailstones are of the necessary size to act in causing this preferential scattering. Severe/supercell thunderstorms which contain large hail can of course have tornadoes as well.

This has been happening for thousands upon thousands of years, probably millions, and people like Griff cannot realize that their lack of seeing these rather unusual events does not mean that they have not occurred, and are not occurring, naturally.

I’m concluding that Griff specifically is getting a direct deposit of $50 per post on this and similar “skeptic” websites. It doesn’t matter exactly what he says, it just matters that he/she is roiling the waters and opposing the “skeptics.” Who are the funders of this activity? I think we’re all aware of the players involved. So what’s that into the bank account today, $100?

The other green sky phenomenon to speak about is the unusual “green flash” at sunrise in a clear sky and very dry atmosphere through a deep layer just as the sun breaks the horizon. I’ve seen it only a couple of times.

Reply to  4caster
July 31, 2022 1:17 pm

Oh, P.S., I had a Scientific Operations Officer (SOO) of a NOAA/NWS office tell me that the sky was green in a severe thunderstorm because it was reflecting the green trees and grass off of the ground. What a moron. And he had a Master’s degree!

Old Cocky
Reply to  4caster
July 31, 2022 2:09 pm

Thanks for explaining the phenomenon.
Is hail usually associated with tornados, or do people have bigger things to worry about at the time?

Reply to  Old Cocky
July 31, 2022 2:35 pm

You’re welcome. Yes, hail is frequently associated with tornadoes and funnel clouds due to the strong upward vertical motion in the storm. So is frequent lightning and strong straight-line winds, along with heavy rain.

Reply to  4caster
July 31, 2022 5:19 pm

4caster, thank you for your reply and explanation.

Reply to  eyesonu
July 31, 2022 7:09 pm

You’re quite welcome.

lee riffee
July 31, 2022 8:29 am

People who come up with this bunk must surely be young people! I’m just a little past the mid-century mark and I’ve seen a few green skies in my lifetime. And whenever I saw a green sky, it was always followed by a bad storm and sometimes there were tornado warnings.
About a month ago we had some really bad storms go thru central Maryland and the sky was, for a brief period of time, a greenish-grey. Then came the 50mph+ winds and falling trees and limbs and subsequent power outage. And as I sat watching the sunset (nothing better to do without power) the sky turned a flaming orange and then a deep, brilliant pink.
But this was nothing I hadn’t seen at other times, including when I was a child.

Peter Morris
July 31, 2022 8:52 am

What? Have these morons seriously never heard of a green sky? My mom taught me early on (she of baby boomer vintage, myself gen-x) that if you see the sky turn green, get indoors because a serious storm is coming, and maybe even a tornado.

the real climate change deniers are the environmentalists. They grieve the earth was perfectly balanced and nothing ever changed for millions of years before the industrial revolution.

Walter Sobchak
July 31, 2022 10:27 am

“Climate change has been going on for a century and a half.”

Should be “Climate change has been going on for four billion years.”

Kevin McNeill
July 31, 2022 11:13 am

When I lived in Montreal copper green sky always preceded a severe thunderstorm, this is nothing new, this was50 years ago.

Dave Fair
July 31, 2022 11:31 am

Just another marketing ploy by climate profiteers. They know most people won’t simply Google “green sky.”

Kevin R.
July 31, 2022 12:24 pm

This is like the green flash seen at sunset out at sea under the right weather conditions. Same meteorological phenomena. Nothing new.

Big Rich
July 31, 2022 12:40 pm

It’s clear many proponents of the global warming green sky evidence spent more time inside as a child playing video games than outside. As children in Indiana we learned quickly from our parents that if the sky turned green it was time to head to the basement. A few hours later we’d be riding our bikes along the street in the bright sunshine splashing rain water on each other.

July 31, 2022 2:03 pm

The New Richmond Wisconsin Tornado of 1899 wiped out the entire town and a circus that was performing there. It was one of the deadliest Tornados ever recorded in America. Half of my grandfathers siblings were killed at the circus. My grandfather had to stay home because he was being punished. The accounts of the day included a green sky before the tornado hit and was told and retold in the family and by historians for many years. So it is not a new phenomena and has nothing to do with climate change.

July 31, 2022 2:17 pm

You know it’s not green skies that has my attention right now. This Hoosier is shopping for a fireplace insert to install for the coming winter. The teleconnections and analogs are pointing towards us having a more severe winter than we here have seen for several years.

With gas and electricity prices bound to skyrocket, time to give up the ambiance of an open fireplace and make it into a more efficient source of heat for the home. I have a plentiful source of cured hardwoods to burn. More than we could burn in the time we have left on this earth.

Gerald Machnee
July 31, 2022 2:30 pm

Tell us something new, including Griff.
Pilots long ago said: “Beware of the green thunderstorm”.

July 31, 2022 4:43 pm

I’m 60 years old. When I was a child in the 1960s I learned from adults to beware green skies as it meant hail storms and severe thunderstorms.

July 31, 2022 5:33 pm

Of course many things must be new to him in his pitifully short ignorant existence. Shamefully, the educational system foisted upon him has quite obviously failed.
I facetiously wish he would find a shyster willing to sue his past schools and teachers.

July 31, 2022 9:12 pm

There is one new thing that I never saw before in 70 years–that white sun. It used to be deep yellow. Once in a while, a whitish disk could be seen through cloud cover, but a couple years ago, the sun became a lighter yellow and now lighter still. I don’t think this has anything whatever to do with the carbon dioxide narrative.

Reply to  LadyLifeGrows
August 1, 2022 12:22 am

It’s cos the sun got hotter))
We’re all gonna fry!

Pat from kerbob
August 1, 2022 4:43 am

I remember green skies during thunderstorms in the 70s
It’s actually quite common on the prairies and wildly beautiful.

But not as cool as thunder blizzards

Linda Goodman
August 1, 2022 12:51 pm

The effects of WEATHER MODIFICATION are literally right before our eyes.

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