"Thats Cooking Oil" - Beat that Monty Python. Source Daily Mail, Fair Use, Low Resolution Image to Identify the Subject.

“That’s Cooking Oil” – UK Extinction Rebellion Blockades the Wrong Truck

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

UK climate protestors have allegedly plumbed new depths of raw stupidity, but blockading the delivery of cooking oil.

Eco-rabble shut down Marble Arch: Extinction Rebellion mob cause traffic NIGHTMARE in London as they glue themselves to a limousine and eco-warrior Swampy scales the monument

  • Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked off roads around the Marble Arch near Speaker’s Corner
  • Earlier today the eco fanatics climbed onto a Shell oil tanker at a petrol station in Bayswater, London
  • Along with eco-mob Just Stop Oil, XR have brought 16 days of disruption to traffic, oil depots and commuters
  • Comes after activists blocked four of London’s busiest bridges on Good Friday – causing traffic chaos
  • Several oil firms secured injunctions to stop environmental protesters from targeting fuel processing sites 

A mob of Extinction Rebellion protesters have swamped London’s Marble Arch, glueing themselves to a limousine and bringing traffic to a standstill.

The eco-fanatic rabble have once again brought chaos to the streets of the capital as they launched a series of ‘disruptions’ on a sixteenth days of protests alongside Just Stop Oil activists.

XR members convened in Hyde Park earlier today before one group – which included two former Olympians – climbed onto a Shell oil tanker at nearby Bayswater, leading to six arrests.

Gold medal-winning slalom canoeist Etienne Stott and sailor Laura Baldwin glued themselves to the top of the tanker at a petrol station in Bayswater, near Paddington this morning. 

It a video clip seen on Sky News on Thursday, a interviewee claimed the group had mistakenly stopped a tanker that was carrying cooking oil, rather than fossil fuels. 

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10724033/Eco-mob-Extinction-Rebellion-glue-oil-tanker-near-Hyde-Park.html

The video of the Extinction Rebellion cooking oil truck occupation is available here.

I think it is becoming clear why most of them chose to be climate protestors.

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April 17, 2022 6:02 am

Why can’t this extinction rebellion group just be nice humans ?

Reply to  Derg
April 17, 2022 6:13 am

Why can’t they just live up to their name?

Steve Case
Reply to  writing observer
April 17, 2022 8:16 am
Bryan A
Reply to  Steve Case
April 17, 2022 10:46 am

Any spare Limo Drivers available? Drive the Glued Rabbles out of town, perhaps west to the Isle of Mann

James Schrumpf
Reply to  Bryan A
April 17, 2022 12:43 pm

Take it through the car wash first.

Pariah Dog
Reply to  Bryan A
April 17, 2022 2:46 pm

Don’t even start! I’m headed to the IoM in two months precisely to escape this lunacy!

Bryan A
Reply to  Pariah Dog
April 17, 2022 3:22 pm

Would you take Michael Mann with you and name him Crowned Fooler

Richard Page
Reply to  Derg
April 17, 2022 6:18 am

These are idiots who strongly believe that life owes them something, that don’t have the wit or intelligence to change the world for the better so just want to smash and burn it all down so that nobody has anything.

Gary Pearse
Reply to  Derg
April 17, 2022 9:28 am

“just be nice humans ?” It’s a taste of what our totalitarian betters will be like once The Great Davos Reset has been completed.

On another thread the other day, a well spoken, obviously intelligent UK commenter, accused me of making up a conspiracy when I mentioned The Great Reset! The biggest problem in engaging smart neo-left antagonists is that they draw from “authorized” dialectic talking points and a machine gun belt of of links. When they are drawn off message they show they are truly unfamiliar with even the most well advertised info from there own side.

Bryan A
Reply to  Gary Pearse
April 17, 2022 10:50 am

Let me fix that for you…
You said…
The biggest problem in engaging smart neo-left antagonists…
What you should have said…
The biggest problem in engaging smart neo-left antagonists
Not so sure there are any Smart ones

Reply to  Bryan A
April 17, 2022 5:05 pm

Sorta like “smart morons”.

April 17, 2022 6:07 am

Simple reminder. These lunatics can be uncivilized only for as long as they disrupt civilized society. If that switch is flipped, clubs, whips and blow torches will quickly end their luxury.

Robert Hanson
Reply to  AWG
April 17, 2022 9:38 am

The part I don’t understand is ungluing them. If they glue themselves to a fence, just say “we’ll check back in a couple of days to see how you’re doing”, then walk away. If they glue themselves to the top of a truck or a subway car “it’s going to be a windy ride up there”. They won’t do that twice….

Reply to  Robert Hanson
April 17, 2022 9:46 am

What sort of glue did they use? I’ve not found any that do not have de-bonding applications.
Just drive the truck into a back lot and let them wait it out.

Reply to  Rocketscientist
April 17, 2022 10:06 am

De-bonding agents are probably police standard issues these days.

What the police should do when they de-bond the idiots is take them to a cell and glue them to the toilet seat until the damn glue wears off.

Reply to  Rocketscientist
April 17, 2022 10:51 am

They use superglue because it’s instant. They do not want to wait around for the glue to dry and trying to remove superglue from skin without tearing takes time.

The formula for superglue is C5H5NO2. It takes acetone to remove it. They are hypocrites by spreading around more carbon, VOC pollution and the powerful Nitrogen Dioxide greenhouse gas NO2 as an integral part of their protests.

Gerry, England
Reply to  Doonman
April 19, 2022 3:24 am

 and trying to remove superglue from skin without tearing takes time.’

I don’t see what the problem here is.

Reply to  Doonman
April 20, 2022 2:38 pm

Not to mention that acetone leaves one hell of a chemical burn on their skins and recovery from it can hurt—badly.

D. J. Hawkins
Reply to  PattiJo
April 22, 2022 7:48 am

Acetone does not burn your skin. It’s a de-fatting agent. What is does is remove the fat from the skin, but not in any way that would assist in weight control. The “burning” sensation is caused by the rapid evaporation of the acetone which actually chills the skin. At very low temperatures, the nerves can’t distinguish the feeling of “cold” from the feeling of “hot”.

Reply to  Robert Hanson
April 17, 2022 2:36 pm

Look up “Canning Town”. + “XR”

– I doubt those guys will try sitting atop a London subway car again 🙂

Richard Page
April 17, 2022 6:07 am

All the intelligence of an amoeba and none of the charm – what a bunch of incompetent, moronic losers.

Reply to  Richard Page
April 17, 2022 6:59 am

what a bunch of incompetent, moronic losers”

You’re being too kind, Richard.


D. J. Hawkins
Reply to  Bob Tisdale
April 22, 2022 7:49 am

Actually, in this case, he’s being redundant.

Reply to  Richard Page
April 17, 2022 7:31 am

Gold medal-winning slalom canoeist Etienne Stott and sailor Laura Baldwin”

Clearly, having already contributed so much to the world, they just want to keep on giving.

Tom Gasloli
Reply to  Ebor
April 17, 2022 8:48 am

When you peak at a young age at a sport no one will pay to see your only option is to make a spectacle of your self.

James Schrumpf
Reply to  Tom Gasloli
April 17, 2022 12:46 pm

I’m pretty sure both of those sports are covered in the “Obscure Sports Quarterly,” along with Dodgeball.

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  Ebor
April 17, 2022 9:14 am

Slalom Canoeing. Sounds quite exciting. I think that’s right before Paint Drying and Grass Growing on the “Exciting Things To Watch” channel.

Reply to  Jeff Alberts
April 17, 2022 9:30 am

Hey, now… I’ve caught it on TV a couple of times while the Mrs. was clicking through the channels.

She watched long enough to see a couple of contestants run the course. That’s generally enough for most anyone. Then it was off to something more interesting like reruns of “The Brady Bunch”. Those kids are such scamps!

But whatever floats your boat kayak.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Ebor
April 17, 2022 10:27 am

Who knew there was such a thing as a slalom canoeist? Apparently it is a sport that doesn’t require any higher level thought processes.

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  Rich Davis
April 17, 2022 2:03 pm

Such a skill might be useful in evading chunks of ice when the next glacial begins.

David Noel Chorley
Reply to  Ebor
April 17, 2022 11:25 am

Both of whom made their fame piloting boats made using hydrocarbons

Alan M
April 17, 2022 6:44 am

A mob of Extinction Rebellion protesters have swamped London’s Marble Arch, glueing themselves to a limousine and bringing traffic to a standstill.

When I read these items about these clowns glueing themselves to all sorts of things I wonder what the glue they use is made from? Wouldn’t be hydrocarbons would it?

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Alan M
April 17, 2022 7:42 am

I rather hope it is traditional Animal (Horse) Glue. Made by the hydrolysis of the collagen from skins, bones, tendons, and other tissues. The word collagen itself derives from the Greek “kolla” meaning ‘glue’.

In the UK this led to the euphemism “Sent to the Glue Factory” when a horse was sent to meet its maker

Richard Page
Reply to  Ben Vorlich
April 17, 2022 8:45 am

It wasn’t a euphemism. It stopped some time ago but it was what happened to the remains of a lot of dead animals.

Reply to  Richard Page
April 17, 2022 9:59 am


Ian Johnson
Reply to  Ben Vorlich
April 17, 2022 5:13 pm

What if they are vegans?

Alan M
Reply to  Ben Vorlich
April 18, 2022 5:41 am

Don’t think there is a great deal horse glue manufactured these days

Danley Wolfe
April 17, 2022 6:45 am

Note that this also applies to all “oils”… which includes cooking oils, lubricating oils (on electrical vehicles and machines), women’s cosmetic and skin care oils. Latter think “Oil of Olay), women’s skincare product long produced by Proctor & Gambol, a.k.a., Oil of Ulay in UK, Oil of Ulan in Australia, Oil of Olaz (France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany); oil materials used for medical purposes, such as mineral oils, fatty acids and lipids, lubricating waxes and greases … ban them all !!!!!

Walter Sobchak
Reply to  Danley Wolfe
April 17, 2022 8:58 pm

Oil of Old Lady.

Peta of Newark
April 17, 2022 7:10 am

Maybe before we make complete tits of ourselves….

  • https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/waitrose-morrisons-sunflower-oil-ukraine-war-rationing-b994280.html
  • ~~
  • BBC Headline:”Sunflower oil: UK bottler has a few weeks’ supply left
  • ~~
  • and something no-one will tell you, folks are using vegetable oil (was typically £1 per litre in the shops) as a substitute for diesel (currently £1.70 per litre)
  • ~~
  • (there’s a story out there somewhere of a farmer/exporter in Ukraine has 1,000 tons of black sunflower seeds in his store, getting going rotten, because the the Russian blocade of all the Black Sea ports. I doubt he is alone in his dilemna

Having said all that, sunflower oil is right up there with corn/maize as the one of the most noxious an inedible substances known to man – best thing is actually to feed it into car/truck engines

The rebellious folks are doing everybody 3 huge favours there…

  1. Wasting their own time/effort
  2. Saving consumers from being poisoned by the food they eat
  3. Allowing fuel tankers past while they do 1 & 2
Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Peta of Newark
April 17, 2022 7:47 am

I’m not sure that modern HDI Diesels can cope with vegetable oils for long periods.

The old Citroen-Peugeot XD-1 and XD-2 engines could run on most oils. These were by far the best engines with extreme reliability, longevity

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  Ben Vorlich
April 17, 2022 1:46 pm

Diesel originally designed his engine to use just about anything combustible as fuel, including coal dust. I’m pretty sure that modern diesels can cope with a little vegetable oil, certainly in the warmer weather. Might need additives for winter use though..

Old Man Winter
Reply to  Peta of Newark
April 17, 2022 8:17 am

“there’s a story out there somewhere of a farmer/exporter in Ukraine has 1,000 tons of black sunflower seeds in his store, getting going rotten”

I always buy shelled sunflower seeds in a jar as they can go rancid faster in a plastic bag.

Richard Page
Reply to  Peta of Newark
April 17, 2022 8:36 am

I think you may be fighting the wrong argument there, Peta. However, I would just like to add that while these morons are busy screwing things up and failing upwards, they are doing far more harm to the climate change cause than anything anyone else has really done. If the climate protesting is going to end – it’ll be these muppets that manage to destroy it completely, wipe it out with a backlash aimed at their own stupidity and failure. And good riddance!

Dave Fair
Reply to  Richard Page
April 17, 2022 10:11 am

The Left always pushes too far. Evidence the uprising of parents against ideological grooming of their children.

Reply to  Richard Page
April 17, 2022 3:54 pm

But it was a mostly peaceful demonstration.

Stuart Hamish
Reply to  Richard Page
April 19, 2022 4:04 am

Stanley Johnson [ who fondly recollected cavorting with a CCP official singing ‘mud glorious mud ‘ ] , Lord Stern , a bevy of woke judges and other British establishment ” muppets ” support Extinction Rebellion Richard Page … The MI6 chief Richard Moore is of the fashionable delusion – shared by Extinction Rebellion – there is a ‘climate emergency “It is not just the XR millenarian fanatics ‘screwing things up ” ..You know the old saying : a fish rots from the head “

Ben Vorlich
April 17, 2022 7:12 am

I’ve come to the conclusion that these ignorant (lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated) fools, particularly the “Stop Oil” mob, think that the only thing Fossil Fuels are used for is to power transport. They’ve no concept of just how much of their health and wellbeing depends on Fossil Energy.

The mistake is ours for allowing the phrase “Fossil Fuels” to come into common parlance without question.

Rud Istvan
April 17, 2022 7:13 am

Arrested development. Stuff you expect from children during the ‘terrible twos’. Not from supposed adults.

April 17, 2022 7:14 am

Why don’t the police do something.

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Disputin
April 17, 2022 7:49 am

They do, they watch the protestors and protect them from the anger of the public.

It’s what us Tax Payers expect /sarc

Old Man Winter
Reply to  Disputin
April 17, 2022 7:51 am

Maybe it was tea time! 😉

Citizen Smith
Reply to  Disputin
April 17, 2022 8:45 am

Police could douse the glued ones with something stinky like skunk extract then go have tea letting fellow protestors free them. Media could observe from upwind. It will probably take this low iq group more than one lesson but not too many more. Problem solved, no one harmed and everyone will get a good laugh.

Reply to  Citizen Smith
April 17, 2022 9:43 am

Oh, there’s an idea, Citizen Smith. Carry a balloon filled with stinky stuff. When an irate crowd gathers around the XRs, toss the balloon from the back of the crowd so it bursts on or near the XRs. 😲

Officer” “Who threw that?!?”

Crowd: “Nobody saw nuthin’, officer. 🤷‍♂️ Uh, we have to leave now.”

Reply to  Citizen Smith
April 17, 2022 3:39 pm

Stinkies by name, Stinkies by nature. !

Reply to  Citizen Smith
April 17, 2022 4:02 pm

Live ants for ant farms are sold on Amazon for less than ten bucks. Or else get hair from beauty salons and barbers for free. When ground up in a blender it creates a devastating itching ‘powder’. If done discretely they won’t know anything until you’ve moved on. Either would provide hours of ‘fun’ for someone whose hands are glued down.

John in Oz
Reply to  Disputin
April 17, 2022 6:54 pm

Perhaps move them to a mental care facility.

All of their activities could be deemed to show mental incompetence, especially when interfering with traffic. This shows a distinct lack of judgement and they should be held spearately from civil society until they can show a more considered responsibility for their own and others’ safety.

Stuart Hamish
Reply to  John in Oz
April 19, 2022 6:14 am

” move them to a mental care facility …..their activities could be deemed to show mental incompetence especially when interfering with traffic …..a distinct lack of judgment “? …… Nice try John. Apart from British establishment figures such as Stanley Johnson and Lord Stern psychiatrists and psychologists overwhelmingly support Extinction Rebellion and more than a few join in the cult’s protests Crazy stuff .. Not that I am surprised given these professions long abominable histories of political corruption faddishness and pseudoscience And don’t they hate being reminded of it This is an excerpt from the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology blog dated 14 September 2020 advocating the subversion of parliamentary democracy : ” … a Citizens Assembly to direct the necessary changes and ensure fairness [ social justice ! ] in all activities. You may recognize these as the aims of Extinction Rebellion – we consider these very reasonable ambitions that deserve our support “…The totalitarian proclivities are sinister but you risk diagnosis for daring to suggest there is anything wrong with them .. I sparred with an Extinction Rebellion aficionado psychologist by the name of Steve Salmony on Paul Homewoods page who in all seriousness – or should I say callousness – equated his fellow human beings with profligate ‘bacteria” He is no aberration .Here is another one : Les Harrison …retired clinical and forensic psychologist who started a ‘Grandparents Affinity Group ” within Extinction Rebellion with ‘the aim of mobilizing grandparents to demand immediate and substantial action to combat the climate emergency ” Another aging green radical looking for meaning in his life.. It is pointless to inform him there is no evidence for a climate crisis The organizer of Extinction Rebellions ‘ families arm ” in Melbourne , Christine Canty however , is not inclined to play too naughty.. Christine said she is averse to arrest because she has a psychology registration .. Read the Australian Psychological Society’s doublethink and lying propaganda mocked in the February 2019 Watts Up With That post ” Tips For Spreading Climate Denial Down Under ” and then consider what credibility and merit a psychological registration in Australia has ….. Dr Rosie Jones, interviewed by Dr Roger Paxton , Chair of the British Psychological Society’s “Ethics Committee ” comes across as a grandiose narcissist : ” Psychologists are respected and thereby hold power to influence the public discourse ….morally we should use our privilege, speak out and take action .It is certainly much easier to risk prosecution if you are white [ couldn’t resist the race baiting ] middle class [ and class consciousness ] and relatively well off as many psychologists are ” Yes they tend to be well off And you can be guaranteed these activist shrinks won’t abjure their affluent comfortable lifestyles anymore than the celebrities and millionaires bankrolling this cult Now it is important when considering this disturbing trend of numerous so called ‘,mental health professionals’ deliriously flocking to the Extinction Rebellion cult to remember just who the cults founders are , what they stand for and what they claim this cults philosophy is . Gail Bradbrook apparently found planetary consciousness enlightenment tripping on hallucinogens Roger Hallam dismissed The Holocaust in rather obnoxious terms ….Stuart Basden another Extinction Rebellion co founder declared ” XR isn’t about the climate ….The climates breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life …exacerbated when European civilization was spread around the globe…although the roots of the infections go way back “…There is that creepy misanthropic notion once again that humans are a bacillus or an infectious pathogen What other totalitarian political religion last century captivated so many medical professionals , debased human beings as infectious pathogens – and resented democracy ? Just as well Extinction Rebellion has no morbid fascination with deaths head insignia and their emblem is not a re-oriented Germanic symbol.. DAGAZ and the Extinction Rebellion Sigil/Seal https://youtube.com/watchv=ZzEL8TQGWAo

Stuart Hamish
Reply to  John in Oz
April 19, 2022 8:10 pm

Has that ‘nudged’ your thinking John ?

April 17, 2022 7:14 am

UK is too soft on protesters…in Canada we invoke martial law for this sort of thing…..lines of policemen with batons beat the crowd back so that little old ladies can be trampled by horseback officers, while swat teams smash windshields of nearby vehicles and haul out drivers at rifle-point who don’t drive away. It has the effect of being a huge media field day, while UK’s method of making the protesters look like idiots leaves much to be desired for the protest organizers.

Reply to  DMacKenzie
April 17, 2022 8:43 am

That treatment is only for unwoke deplorables. XR idiots would get the gold star treatment from Trudeau because they too are saving the planet

Tom Gasloli
Reply to  DMacKenzie
April 17, 2022 8:53 am

Canada only does that to right-of-center protests. The Ottawa police would have done nothing if the truckers were protesting “Climate Change” instead of COVID tyranny.

Gunga Din
April 17, 2022 7:28 am

Sharp as a marble.

April 17, 2022 7:45 am

Has everyone here heard of road rage? I’m waiting to read about some ‘XR rage’.

It already happened with the commuter train incident a year or two ago. I’m just guessing, but I think there will be more incidents where someone just snaps and some XR protesters are seriously hurt.

I’m sure XR wouldn’t mind. Martyrdom and all that. They are zealots.

Reply to  H.R.
April 17, 2022 9:26 am

The public come off worse: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-60900298

“Insulate Britain: School-run mum admits dangerous driving near M25”

A mother has admitted using her car to try to move a climate change protester blocking the road in Grays, Essex, while she was on the school run. Sherrilyn Speid, 35, of Grays, pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous driving when she appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court.

Reply to  H.R.
April 17, 2022 9:28 am

Meanwhile, on the other side of the street:

“Insulate Britain: Judge ‘inspired’ by activists after M25 protest”

A judge told of how he was “inspired” by Insulate Britain protesters as he fined some for holding a demonstration on the M25. The group blocked traffic, including an ambulance with a patient, by sitting at junction 3 near Swanley, Kent.


Reply to  Jit
April 17, 2022 10:29 am


a) The judge wasn’t blocked from getting out to lunch.

2) To XR, fines are just the cost of doing business and are budgeted.

iii) The judge is not too bright for not realizing that all those idling cars released more CO2 than if they had been allowed to pass through, where they’d all soon be turned off at their destination.

Reply to  H.R.
April 17, 2022 3:41 pm

“To XR, fines are just the cost of doing business and are budgeted.”

Soros et al. have plenty of money.

Old Man Winter
April 17, 2022 7:46 am

“UK climate protestors have allegedly plumbed new depths of raw stupidity, but blockading the delivery of cooking oil.”

Maybe the gangsters just got a bad batch of fish & chips & wanted revenge! 😉

April 17, 2022 8:11 am

Leave them there glued to where they are. Allow no help until they soil themselves. Come rain, shine, or blizzard leave them stuck where they are and allow no help getting loose.

A few doses of that medicine might put a dent in their enthusiasm to make themselves the center of attention.

April 17, 2022 8:17 am

It counts for attendance though in the paid to protest system.

April 17, 2022 8:19 am

They are all thinking of their beach vacations with the protest earnings–anything slippery will do.

April 17, 2022 8:23 am

I wonder what would happen in most any American city if you paid homeless and street corner people $300 per day in cash to organize, carry a banner, and do sit-ins.

Richard Page
Reply to  ResourceGuy
April 17, 2022 8:38 am

Well we found out what happened in Kyiv – that precedent will be long remembered by the Democrats.

April 17, 2022 8:27 am

No, they did not get the wrong truck, they don’t want people to eat, either so stopping that one is just a shift of target.

Stuart Hamish
Reply to  2hotel9
April 19, 2022 8:18 pm

Nor does this millenarian cult whose Orwellian motto is ‘Tell The Truth want people reading news sources such as NewsCorp that just so coincidentally publish articles and editorials critical of them

Andy Espersen
April 17, 2022 8:52 am

Why don’t police turn a couple of fire brigade water canons hard on them the very first moment they begin to assemble – combined with masses of rubber bullets to their legs.

Then grab a couple of their leaders, strip them naked, roll them in feathers – and let them take the bus home to Mum and Dad (this last trick was how the Danes punished some loose women who voluntarily made themselves available to German officers during the occupation).

They’ll not cope with that for long – those little idiots.

Richard Page
Reply to  Andy Espersen
April 17, 2022 10:23 am

Yup. Where are those police water cannons that BoJo bought a few years ago – we need them now!

Reply to  Andy Espersen
April 21, 2022 4:35 am

Actually, soak them all down with a gentle shower, like playing under the garden hose, then start tazing them. See how long a daisy chain can form from each contact.

Jeff Alberts
April 17, 2022 9:11 am

UK climate protestors have allegedly plumbed new depths of raw stupidity, but blockading the delivery of cooking oil.”

Bruce Cobb
April 17, 2022 9:30 am

They must be gunning for the Nobel Stupid Prize.

April 17, 2022 10:00 am

Climb on board a petrol tanker I was driving and I’d beat them off with a baseball bat. Who the hell knows if they’re stupid enough to light up a joint when they’re up there?

I have no idea why this is somehow considered a benign protest. If a petrol tanker goes up in flames in central London it’s a major incident.

As for it happening at a distribution depot, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

April 17, 2022 10:46 am

Pepper Spray into the eyes will back them off. Lots of it. Wasp spray as well. Leftists are VERY DANGEROUS ANIMALS. If they can, they put anyone who disagrees with them to death. In the past 100 years; leftist ideology has murdered more than 150,000,000 people. That is over one hundred and fifty million people. Murdered by democratic socialists. True. Fact checked. Verified.

Reply to  Sera
April 17, 2022 11:37 am

In the USA our Left has assassinated MLK, RFK, JFK, Lincoln, President William McKinley and others

April 17, 2022 11:31 am

Protest the Islamic rape gangs in the UK who have pimped and raped literally thousands of British white girls and see how quick its crushed, the participants arrested and thrown into gulags.

Stuart Hamish
Reply to  William
April 22, 2022 11:01 pm

Well that’s not true William Not so much ‘thrown into gulags’ as shunned or intensively surveilled and harassed Just ask Maggie Oliver and Tommy Robinson. What you meant to say was thousands of British working class and poor, underprivileged girls …among the victims Sikh and Hindu girls ……Political correctness notwithstanding ,their social status may explain why, with exceptions such as Lord Pearson , Labor governments the British establishment and the corrupt police they control have betrayed and abandoned them ..The ring leader rapist in Rotheram was the cousin of Liberal Democrats political candidate Mohamed Shafiq …Besides, they don’t want to upset Qatari Pakistani and Saudi investors and all that dark money awash in the United Kingdoms banks and property ….As I understand it Qatari Investment Authority lenders bailed out Barclay’s Bank in the Global Financial Crisis …..One has the impression they owe – or are owned by them .

Walter Pate
April 17, 2022 11:36 am


April 17, 2022 11:41 am

I have no respect for these losers however I have even less respect for the authorities who enable them to get away with it. The authorities need a long and painful trip to the woodshed.

Paul Hurley (aka PaulH)
April 17, 2022 12:55 pm

Tiresome stunts are all you have left when you have no cogent arguments.

April 17, 2022 2:57 pm

The tanker – according to the HazChem signs on it actually contained something like vinegar.

Here’s an example of how “British Bobbies” deal with these loons. The cops have also been known to impregnate female protesters ( in a consensual way)

April 17, 2022 3:24 pm

What’s the problem? They make very attractive hood ornaments.

April 17, 2022 3:44 pm

Extinction Rebellion Group should live up to its name and go extinct. 

April 17, 2022 4:19 pm

Maybe Musk could buy an island and set up a site that makes no use of any oil, natural gas, or products made from them. Also, omit anything made from or by animals. Wood buildings, dirt floors, cotton, hemp or burlap clothing, only vegetables for food. No coffee or lattes.

No Internet, phones, electricity (not even using renewables. They require plastics, lubricants, insulation on wires, etc.), treated water, communications beyond yelling distance, no protection against bugs, etc. Very few medicines.

Anyone committing a crime protesting against fossil fuels would be sentenced there for six months. Actually, one cold night sitting in an outhouse might be sufficient, but six months should convince them that there are enormous benefits from the use of fossil fuels.

Reply to  Jtom
April 18, 2022 2:19 am

The Bass Rock will do nicely, and the boats that take the tourists out to see the Gannets can point out the Idiots as well.

Jim Veenbaas
April 17, 2022 4:57 pm

I don’t get the point of these protests. All they do is enrage people. They probably lose support doing this kind of crap.

April 17, 2022 10:46 pm

Do ER protesters earn a decent salary? If so, who pays it?

April 19, 2022 1:53 pm

I keep reading the headline and I smile every time. Revolting Egg Stink, get it wrong again.

Spurwing Plover
April 22, 2022 7:48 am

What a whole bunch of total idiots the Just Stinks Rebellion If this had been a bunch of Covertaves the media vultures and sharks would have feeding freinzie

Spurwing Plover
April 22, 2022 4:40 pm

Its time to start arresting and jailing these idiots from the Just Stinks Rebellion before some gets tired of them and beats their stupid Eco-Freak Brains out

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