Cyclones Downs, Corals Up – Except in Glasgow

Reposted from Jennifer Marohasy’s blog.

November 4, 2021 By jennifer 

It is impossible to reconcile the official statistics and what is under-the-water with the media reporting – including the reporting from Glasgow. There are meant to be more cyclones and less coral, but we have quite the reverse according to the official statistics. It is also making no sense that those who purport to care so much about the Great Barrier Reef still haven’t visited it. Then there are those who have visited it once, and then there are those who have visited it but never actually got in the water. Some of them are in Glasgow.

It was not for nothing that former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – he apparently visited Magnetic Island some years ago but never got in the water – approved a A$443 million grant to the tiny Great Barrier Reef Foundation. As far as I can tell it is paid out in little bits to all those in proximity who are prepared to lament how the corals are dying. I’ve meet so many who have received something, and so the useful idiots are paid off by the special people now in Glasgow.

On the eve of Glasgow, the same foundation put out comment:

Insufficient global action on climate change is taking a serious toll on the health of our Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs around the world. The facts are clear – coral reefs and their communities are on the front line. We know current climate change commitments don’t go far enough to protect them and we know this is the critical decade in which to act with urgency. Next month’s UN Climate Change Conference – COP26 – will be a pivotal moment in the global response to climate change.

Cyclones are a major problem for corals. They must be increasing.

On Tuesday 13th October 2020, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology put out a media release ‘Tropical Cyclone seasonal outlook for The Coral Sea’ in which it was acknowledged that, and I quote:

Recent decades have seen a decline in the number of tropical cyclones in our region.

Bureau climatologist, Greg Browning, went on to explain that this summer is likely to buck that trend, and that:

On average Australia sees 9 to 11 tropical cyclones each year, with 4 crossing the coast.

Cyclones can be devastating to coral reefs. Huge waves pound relentlessly smashing branching and fan corals. Sponges and squirts are upended. Massive Porites can be lifted and thrown metres – sometimes beyond the reef proper and onto the beach.

Given the Great Barrier Reef, as one ecosystem comprising nearly 3,000 individual reefs stretching for more than 2,000 kilometres, cyclone damaged areas can almost always be found somewhere. A coral reef that is mature and spectacular today, may be smashed by a cyclone tomorrow. So, I’m always in a hurry to visit my next reef particularly given all the modelling suggesting an inevitable increase in the number of cyclones and an inevitable decline in coral cover.


The 2020–21 Australian region cyclone season was another ‘below average’ season, producing a total of just 8 tropical cyclones with just 3 of these categorised as severe. So since records began it is a case of less cyclones and less severe cyclones which must be good for the corals.

The Bureau has not updated this chart since the 2016/2017 season. The trend continues a downward trajectory with just 8 tropical cyclones last season (2020/2021) with 3 categorised as severe.

Perhaps not surprisingly we are also seeing an increase in coral cover, and this is exactly what the latest report from the Australian Institute of Marine Science concludes. According to their Long-Term Monitoring Program (LTMP) based on surveys of 127 reefs conducted between August 2020 and April 2021, and I quote:

In 2021, widespread recovery was underway, largely due to increases in fast growing Acropora corals.

Survey reefs experienced low levels of acute stressors over the past 12 months with no prolonged high temperatures or major cyclones. Numbers of outbreaks of crown-of-thorns starfish on survey reefs have generally decreased; however, there remain ongoing outbreaks on some reefs in the Southern GBR.

On the Northern GBR, region-wide hard coral cover was moderate and had continued to increase to 27% from the most recent low point in 2017.

On the Central GBR region-wide hard coral cover was moderate and had increased to 26% in 2021.

Region-wide hard coral cover on reefs in the Southern GBR was high and had increased to 39% in 2021.

More information at

Meanwhile former US President Barack Obama – who has never ever actually visited the Great Barrier Reef – confirmed he will attend the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow. He is apparently meeting young climate change activists and highlighting their work around the world. I’m wondering when he will bring them to see the corals. The closest he has got, so far, is to Brisbane back in November 2014. He gave a speech at my old university lamenting the parlous state of the corals and claiming he wanted to take his daughters to see the corals before they were all gone.

But. We are still waiting. As far as I can tell, like Malcolm Turnbull, Barack Obama frightens the children about that which they have never actually seen or experienced with his own eyes – and with opinion that often does not even accord with the available statistics.

Former US President Bill Clinton hasn’t made it to Glasgow, but he did visit the Great Barrier Reef back in November 1996. He apparently spent a short hour snorkelling at a reef off Port Douglas.

If I didn’t know something about the scientific method, greenhouse gases, the Great Barrier Reef, and that foundation, I would be inclined to believe there was a crisis – and that there really was something I should do about it. As it is, I know that coral bleaching occurs as part of a natural cycle that will repeat irrespective of any agreements made in Glasgow. I also know as fact that there has been no increase in the incidence of cyclones and that coral cover is good and improving. It is also fact that coral reefs would benefit if there was rising sea levels because they could keep growing-up and also that they grow faster as sea temperatures increase. Did you know that there are arguably more colourful corals and even better coral cover in waters just a few degrees warmers? The warmer waters are just to the north of Australia around New Guinea and Indonesia.

The feature image shows a blue Acropora, one of the genera most susceptible to devastation by cyclones and one that has done well at many reefs over recent years. The photograph was taken at Pixie Reef just to the north of Cairns by me.

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November 3, 2021 6:32 pm

The Great Barrier Reef and polar beats are both doing fine. How inconvenient .

Reply to  Tom Halla
November 3, 2021 9:49 pm

Yes, and so are the other coral reefs around the coastline of Australia, Western Australia is rarely mentioned and apparently pales into insignificance once the climate hoaxers are spinning about the Queensland coastline GBR.

And of course there are coral reefs in many other parts of the world in warmer areas.

Reply to  Dennis
November 5, 2021 5:17 am

Seems not too many people have noticed that the WA Beaches are primarily coral sand. I wonder where the coral fragments came from? DUUUHHHH?????

November 3, 2021 6:39 pm

Every school teacher knows the GBR is in peril…your story is simply not believed…how do you correct the beliefs of a whole religious movement ?

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  DMacKenzie
November 3, 2021 8:11 pm

My proposal is that everyone who thinks that the Barrier Reef is in danger should come here for a last, last chance to see it. Before the last, last, last chance to see it.

Bring tourist dollars!

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 4, 2021 12:12 am

Kidding, right?

I haven’t taken the clotshot so once I was in the water they probably wouldn’t let me ashore again.

David Guy-Johnson
Reply to  HotScot
November 4, 2021 12:29 am

So you’re an anti vaxxer. Sad

Reply to  David Guy-Johnson
November 4, 2021 2:32 am

How pathetic. You don’t know anything about the man.

Reply to  David Guy-Johnson
November 4, 2021 2:59 am

Are you a Holocaust denier ?

Alan the Brit
Reply to  Derg
November 5, 2021 12:25 am

Do be careful, you are in the propinquity of turning into a denier yourself, by using the “holocaust denier” meme towards anyone & everyone who challenges anything, challenging others when claims are made without substantiation, & using that tragic episode in Human history as a weapon against someone you may disagree with, you’ll be throwing racism into the mix too before long, as all those who want to put someone down in any discussion or debate does, invariably from the political left!!! If Human beings a banned from questioning or worse still, challenging authority it’s bye-bye everyone, Humanity is finished, at least in its current societal form. I am sure you mean well, but those who meant well (in their eyes at least) have often gone on to wreak havoc in society!!!

Patrick B
Reply to  David Guy-Johnson
November 4, 2021 6:06 am

So you’re an ignorant idiot. Sad.

First, the efficacy of the vaccines are being called into question. If they remain effective only for five months or so and only for a certain form of the virus (i.e. that with the relevant spike protein), these really aren’t vaccines in the traditional sense of a vaccine. More like a short term therapeutic.

Second, the vaccines are experimental. We have limited basis for knowing whether there are long term effects that will result from them.

Third, Wuhan flu represents very little threat to healthy people under 50 and thus it is reasonable to decide to not get the vaccine. Further, it’s becoming clear that natural immunity is probably superior to the vaccine.

Fourth, it’s entirely possible to have contracted the virus naturally and not known it. In fact a large percentage of people have. The vaccine is useless for such people.

I got vaccinated last Spring because I was hoping the foreign country one of our children lives in would open up to vaccinated people. But they didn’t and the quarantine requirements made a trip impractical. So we haven’t seen them for two years now.

But given the facts, not getting vaccinated is a reasonable decision for some people.

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 4, 2021 2:30 am

Can’t! No jabs!

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 4, 2021 5:58 am

That’s what was said to me 25 years ago when I dived the GBR. You’re lucky to be able to do it now because in 25 years time it’ll be gone.

Joseph Zorzin
Reply to  DMacKenzie
November 4, 2021 2:56 am

I suggest it’s impossible to correct those beliefs. I spent many hours over the years discussing religion with fundamentalists. Not one ever change any of their religious opinions.

Michael in Dublin
Reply to  Joseph Zorzin
November 4, 2021 4:21 am

Even the word “fundamentalist” has been perverted. When used a century ago it referred to supporting a set of core teachings not a label for a host of weird views and obnoxious behavior. When used then among Christians it referred to those who held to the basic creedal statements like the Apostles Creed – a statement of foundational teachings going back over 1500 years.

One needs to recognize the vast differences between say Christians who hold on to this and seek to follow the teachings and example of Jesus as opposed to Muslims fundamentalists who have Muhammad as their role model. The former, if they follow their Scriptures, welcome reasoning about matters of their faith. The latter do not.

Reply to  Michael in Dublin
November 4, 2021 4:42 am

“the word “fundamentalist” has been perverted”

Correct … there’s no fun & most are mental !!

November 3, 2021 6:40 pm

I have to admit, it is true, Corals are down in Glasgow as the water is too cold. Also, there has not been a cyclone in Glasgow for a long, long time. However, inside the COP26 meeting, there is a great deal of hot air being expended and at the airport, about 400 private jets are standing by to contribute a load of CO2 to Glasgow’s air.

Mike D.
Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
November 3, 2021 8:01 pm

Just in from the Ministry of Compound Irony:

Los Angeles Mayor Tests Positive for Covid at Climate Summit

Eric Garcetti tested positive for COVID on Wednesday, his office announced. The mayor is fully vaccinated and isolating in his Glasgow hotel room.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Mike D.
November 3, 2021 9:04 pm

So explain please … what was the point of getting TWO doses of experimental drugs masquerading as vaccines if he’s going to get China’s gift to us anyway? I really am curious. It clearly doesn’t work.

Mike D.
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 3, 2021 9:47 pm

Ironic, isn’t it? There’s a lot in Eric’s life that doesn’t work. The rich and powerful have problems, too, you know. Imagine being sick as a dog in gloomy Glasgow no less during a conference of idiots that you can’t attend because your mandate to fire all the cops and firemen is based on a lie which your own sorry condition falsifies, and ditto the confab, which promises more based-on-lies mandates which won’t work, and the price of private jet fuel is on the rise, and everything you touch turns to sh*t, and everybody hates you.

Show some pity for fools, please.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Mike D.
November 3, 2021 10:02 pm

Show some pity for fools, please.

I’ve lost all patience for fools, sorry.

Hell, locally they’re banging on about a FOURTH wave and getting a third shot of god knows what they’re pushing now. At the beginning it was mix and match whatever they had on hand. Then you got to select. Now only specific brands are useful most places, but there is no universal standard for any of it. They’re also doing ‘re-dos’ for people with mixed doses.

This all leads to the only logical conclusion … they know none of the stuff is really much good.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 3, 2021 10:46 pm

Hell, locally they’re banging on about a FOURTH wave and getting a third shot of god knows what they’re pushing now.

I’ve also read that these unreliable vaccines only work for 6 months anyway, although they don’t actually ‘work’ like proper vaccines, of course. One would almost suspect that the media are in cahoots with big pharma to make billions of dollars. That couldn’t happen, Shirley?

My prediction is that we will have continued scares, new ‘waves’, new ‘variants’ and new ‘vaccines’ on a constant turnaround cycle. Big pharma are not going to let this cash cow out of the paddock if they can help it.

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 4, 2021 2:51 am

Aren’t there two reasons we have an annual flu jag ? First it’s a different variant each year. Second the effectiveness disappears in about a year.

Having lost a friend to Flu just before “The Pandemic” I am prepared to take the risk of God Knows What. Probably accentuated by having a close encounter with the Grim Reaper at 4 years old

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 4, 2021 4:37 am

First Australian Covid Vax, approved overseas, but instead of a medal, we sack Prof Petrovsky

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 4, 2021 10:31 am

Big pharma are not going to let this cash cow out of the paddock if they can help it.

I certainly wouldn’t if I had such a business certainty within my grasp. I just don’t believe governments should be in the drug distribution business.

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 7, 2021 9:02 am

Got to make up for losing the previous medical marvel OXY

David Guy-Johnson
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 4, 2021 12:30 am

Or alternatively, people like you are just plain stupid.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  David Guy-Johnson
November 4, 2021 10:34 am

Exactly right, only the stupidest of people ask questions before they put experimental, system altering chemicals into their bodies.

Alan the Brit
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 5, 2021 12:46 am

The late, great comedian, Dave Allen, once said in his show, that he had a soft-spot for all politicians………..It’s a bog in Ireland!!!! I’ll drink to that one!!!

David Guy-Johnson
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 4, 2021 12:29 am

Of course it works. you clod

Reply to  David Guy-Johnson
November 4, 2021 1:47 am

Really? Explain why so many doubly vaccinated people like myself are contracting COVID.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Graemethecat
November 4, 2021 4:54 am

The vaccines were never claimed to be foolproof. They are 80 to 90 percent effective. That leaves room for you to be infected even though you have been vaccinated.

The claim is being vaccinated reduces the risk if you do get infected. It probably also reduces the Long-Covid after effects.

A good friend of mine had the Wuhan virus a few months ago, and he called his sister last night and told her he loved her and he thought he was going to d!e from after effects of the virus. He’s a little better today. But this is a serious disease.

There are a lot of people who are suffering serious after effects from the Wuhan virus, and this includes people who were seriously infected, and people who had very mild infections, and people of all ages.

You don’t want this virus if you can prevent it because it discombobulates your immune system, and, in some cases, that stays with you long after the virus is gone from your body..

There’s a new book out about the Moderna process “A shot to save the world” by Gregory Zucker, that may give better insight into this type of vaccination.

I have been vaccinated with Moderna with no problems and will be getting a booster shot this week.

I do not think people should be forced to get a vaccination, especially since there are numerous therapeutics available that can treat the disease, with many more in the pipeline.

The suppression, by our leaders, of the use of therapeutics to treat the Wuhan virus, is a crime against humanity. No telling how many lives it has cost.

I hear China is having large numbers of outbreaks of the Wuhan virus all over the country in recent days. It just won’t go away, will it.

Perhaps China should try using ivermectin as a preventative like India did with great success.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
November 4, 2021 7:13 am

Not much of a vaccine then, is it?

I work with three other guys. We are all doubly vaccinated, Three of us now have full-blown COVID.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Graemethecat
November 5, 2021 3:45 am

The claim is that vaccinations will moderate the disease if you get it, although that doesn’t apply to everyone, since some vaccinated people do d!e anyway.

I’ve been vaccinated. But if I get the Wuhan virus, I’m running right to my medicine cabinet where I keep the Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoriquine (HCQ).

Ivermectin has been shown to interfere with the Wuhan virus replication. I take quercetin on a daily basis, which is supposed to act similarly to HCQ.

Doctors are also saying that they think about 30 percent or more of those infected by the Wuhan virus will suffer adverse health effects after the virus is out of the body. I have a friend who got over the virus about six months ago, but now he is having breathing problems.

The Wuhan virus is not done with the human race yet.

I also hear that China has a bird flu outbreak that might get serious.

All the work done on the Wuhan virus may serve us well in the future with other pandemic viruses.

I think the Chicoms have even been experimenting with the Nipah virus which has a fatality rate of around 80 percent. Think about that.

We are living in a very dangerous world, unfortunately.

Robert Hanson
Reply to  Tom Abbott
November 4, 2021 1:22 pm

China has a far inferior vaccine. But they won’t use our versions as they want to “save face” more than save lives.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
November 7, 2021 9:08 am

80 to 90% was the early line now somewhere around 60% started claims were 92%-32% real world not model predictions

Anthony Banton
Reply to  Graemethecat
November 4, 2021 8:05 am

Who said that vaccines stop you getting COVID?
Getting it is much less likely to make you seriously ill/kill you though.

COVID-19 vaccination helps to prevent hospitalisationRecently, Dutch researchers found that vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant are 63% less likely to infect people who are unvaccinated. This is only slightly lower than with the Alpha variant.
“The strength of this protection depends on the outcome you are looking at,” says Brechje de Gier, who led the study at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands.
“The vaccines protect for around 60 to 80+% against infection with SARS-CoV-2 but for over 90% against hospitalisation with COVID-19. In my country, protection is 95% against hospitalisation and 97% against ICU admission,” she explains.
“This means that while the protection against infection is a bit lower – for Delta compared to Alpha and possibly with more time since vaccination – these vaccine breakthrough infections tend to be milder and not require hospitalisation.””

Tombstone Gabby
Reply to  Graemethecat
November 4, 2021 3:40 pm

G’Day Graemethecat

“…why so many doubly vaccinated people…”

A newspaper in New Hampshire (US) headlined “Thirteen percent of hospital admissions are unvaccinated.”

They could have gone the other way: “Eighty seven percent of hospital admissions are vaccinated.”

Seems that there’s always two ways to look at the numbers.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  David Guy-Johnson
November 4, 2021 10:37 am

Oh it works, alright, in a manner of speaking; but exactly what is it working at? It certainly isn’t immunizing us against this infection.

I’m guessing you don’t attempt chewing gum and walking very often.

Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 4, 2021 1:45 am

I’m doubly vaccinated, and last week I fell ill with Covid, confirmed by PCR.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Graemethecat
November 4, 2021 10:56 am

Not much of a vaccine then, is it?

No it isn’t. That’s because it’s a treatment, not a vaccine. I received immunotherapy to treat my stage four cancer … sort of a last ditch, hail Mary hope to prolong my life. It has worked, but it wasn’t a vaccine either and the side effects from it will kill me if the cancer doesn’t return.

I’m nearly 80, in the high risk category for covid. However, there’s considerable reason to believe my immune system is still working at fighting the return of the cancer and the covid “vaccine” might mess with that. I have a Hobson’s choice.

I don’t want to “fall ill with covid” and also be fighting the side effects of a cancer treatment (COPD) as well as a questionable covid treatment.

Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 4, 2021 2:58 pm

\Wishing you every success with your treatment, and keep up the good fight!

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Graemethecat
November 4, 2021 4:29 pm

Thanks, but I’m just astounded at my good fortune living in a time with such wondrous medical treatments. Never in human history has humanity lived so well, so safely and with so much to be thankful for … from the weather to personal choices. Where I’ve had to “fight” at all, they made it damned easy to do.

It seems that 75% of the workers at the CDC are still working at home and are likely still unvaccinated. Why aren’t they?

Alan the Brit
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 5, 2021 12:52 am

My thoughts & prayers are with you!

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 5, 2021 3:53 am

Rory, there are about two dozen different drugs currently available that can help fight the Wuhan virus, Ivermectin probably being the most well-known.

If it were me, I would be collecting as many of those drugs as I could get, just in case I got infected, although I think Ivermectin in sufficient quantities would do..

And, in the near future, possibly by the end of the year, new anti-virals are going to be coming out so you will have a lot more choices as to how to fight off the Wuhan virus.

Good luck to you.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Tom Abbott
November 5, 2021 10:23 am

I guess my only challenge, here in Canada, will be convincing my doctors to even try using something other than what they’re being told to use.

Thanks for the heads up.

another ian
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 4, 2021 1:52 am

There was this item recently

A friend’s response was

“Saw that! So it’s the equivalent of cough mixture!”

Rory Forbes
Reply to  another ian
November 4, 2021 10:57 am

“Saw that! So it’s the equivalent of cough mixture!”

Right, but it certainly ain’t a vaccine. Thanks for the link.

His Majesty
Reply to  Rory Forbes
November 4, 2021 6:54 am

Nothing to see here, folks! Just dump this in the bin labeled ANECDOTAL and give it a good leaving alone. Viva la CCP!

Reply to  Mike D.
November 5, 2021 7:54 am

And also White House press secretary. Facepalm at will.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
November 3, 2021 8:27 pm

I see that it’s a balmy 1C in Glasgow at the moment.

Reply to  Scissor
November 3, 2021 9:50 pm

Well in ten years time it could be 2.5C

So install more wind turbines and solar panels now.


Tom Abbott
Reply to  Dennis
November 4, 2021 5:05 am

That’s funny! (it deserved more than just an upvote:)

David Guy-Johnson
Reply to  Scissor
November 4, 2021 12:32 am

That a a perfectly normal late autumn night time temperature. Just thought I’d tell you before you start hyperventilating like an alarmist

Reply to  David Guy-Johnson
November 4, 2021 2:38 am

Thanks for your admission there is no warming in evidence and the climate at Glasgow is “Normal”.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
November 4, 2021 12:16 am

Apparently there was a Typhoon in SE England a few weeks ago.

Yep, it’s so hot here right now we endured a tropical phenomenon according to the BBC.

Sweltering! Around 12ºC I believe.


Tom Abbott
Reply to  HotScot
November 4, 2021 5:13 am

The jet stream has dipped down to North Africa bringing the cold air with it. It’s probably a little windy in the UK right now.,43.69,264

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
November 4, 2021 2:39 am

Nicholas, there are plenty of healthy corals near Glasgow, cold water ones.

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
November 4, 2021 2:43 am

There are cold water corals in Scottish waters.

“Cold-water coral | NatureScot”

Reply to  Ben Vorlich
November 4, 2021 5:00 am

“There are cold water corals in Scottish waters.”

& in the Irish Sea –

And plenty of healthy ones off Anglesey, plus large numbers on wrecks & oil/gas installations in the North Sea.

It’s worse than we thought … coral is going to smother us all !!! – It’s the new crisis .

Alan the Brit
Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
November 5, 2021 12:43 am

Can somebody, anybody, tell me if the guests at COP26 require any more subsidies for their champagne fine wine taxpayer funded junket/jamboree, I have a small savings account for my old age, so I thought I would give it to them now to save then seizing from me later on when they’ve run out of cash??? Sadly, no sarc, I know that’s what they want from us all!!!

November 3, 2021 6:52 pm

Funny how the BOM never got around to updating that cyclone chart.

Mark Amey
November 3, 2021 6:52 pm

Corals are thriving as far south as Tasmanian waters but somehow that’s a bad thing because it must be due to global warming:

Reply to  Mark Amey
November 3, 2021 9:19 pm

They can’t make up their minds! EcoNazis wail about made up stats and figures about bleaching coral or forfeited, but then get upset if the Earth starts to use and enjoy the extra bit of CO2 and warmth, and starts getting greener and blossoms with life.

H. D. Hoese
November 3, 2021 7:01 pm

Congruent trophic pathways underpin global coral reef food webs  
Paywalled, conclusion from abstract, basically they seem to think that picky fish (specialized feeding niche) make them susceptible, this doesn’t seem to fit. There are some very specialized coral reef fishes, but lots of these seem to thrive in aquaria.

“Specifically, by compiling and investigating the structure of six coral reef food webs across distinct bioregions, we show that when accounting for consumer size and resource availability, these food webs share more trophic interactions than expected by chance. In addition, coral reef food webs are dominated by dietary specialists, which makes trophic pathways vulnerable to biodiversity loss. ……… Yet, these critical pathways are maintained by species with narrow, specialized diets, which threatens the existence of coral reef functioning in the face of biodiversity loss.” Paper may make more sense, but again a negative approach.

November 3, 2021 7:54 pm

An effective way to reduce methane emissions as pledged by the CoP attendees would be to cut the bullshit they emit about the GBR being in danger from agw.

Alan the Brit
Reply to  Mr.
November 9, 2021 11:17 pm

But if they cut the bovine faeces they are spouting they’ll no longer have anything to say!!! Having said that, all the “Third-World” countries will scream “give us the money, now!!!”

November 3, 2021 8:28 pm

I put up the AIMS data for coral coverage on the Brisbane Skeptics fbk site and got absolutely pasted by the admins. It was good news for the reef. But foul language, threats, diversions, gnashing of teeth were the result

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  andy
November 3, 2021 8:58 pm

It’s amazing that we always get this result when trying to impart good news. It’s almost as if they don’t want things to get better…

Rory Forbes
Reply to  andy
November 3, 2021 9:09 pm

Good news to Warmunists is like garlic to a vampire. I believe they actually get off on the idea of Armageddon. They don’t want to know that the world isn’t in danger.

November 3, 2021 9:14 pm

Thank you for injecting some good climate news and common sense into a day filled with propaganda and politicking.

November 3, 2021 10:42 pm

La Nina
its November in Perth
NO CYCLONES on the horizon

the coldest spring for a long time

day time temperatures just topping 22degC

When I came to Perth we always had a week over forty deg C

and needed air con

these days I rarely run the air con for more than 3 – 5 days for the complete summer

Obviously you need to make lots of noise about the end

lets burn some witches

Peter Wells
Reply to  John
November 4, 2021 8:27 am

Must be the Milankovitch cycle in operation. I have seen quite a few predictions that it is about time for the next ice age.

Right-Handed Shark
November 4, 2021 1:59 am

I’m curious.. I have never kept tropical fish myself, but for those of you that do..
Have you ever had a party (pre-covid, of course) in the same room as your tank, where for several hours you have had lots of people breathing out so your tank oxygenator has pumped lots of CO2-rich air through the water. Did your fish show any signs of stress? Did the corals show any adverse effects of “acidification”? Anything?

Climate believer
Reply to  Right-Handed Shark
November 4, 2021 6:05 am

I doubt that scenario would have much effect.

I pump CO² in directly through a diffuser, and as you might expect aquarium plants thrive just like any land based plants, but you have to be wary, too much CO² in a confined space will be detrimental to fish and shrimp, eventually killing them. PH levels will decrease as you increase CO².

I don’t have any salt water coral tanks…..

Jennifer Marohasy
November 4, 2021 2:31 am

Much thanks for reposting this! And I’ve just been shown an updated chart with values through to 2020-21, I didn’t see it there yesterday when I was looking. But anyway, I now just need to transcribe the numbers and run a trend line through them.

Reply to  Jennifer Marohasy
November 4, 2021 3:51 am

Jenn –
Would reply to you on your own site but my antivirus is now warning me off it as ‘unwanted content’!

Just wanted to say that your invitation to reef doomsters to come and see the reef for themselves will depend on what reefs they are taken to and when, and who by. I recall some years ago our newsreels here in the UK were showing pictures of our then-deputy PM (who I think had taken a scuba course when he was in the merchant navy) diving on an Asian reef in a photo-opportunity, coming up spluttering for air, and declaring to the cameras that he had seen the effects of climate change first hand. Careful what you wish for.

ps – I rather thought that Magnetic Island – super place though it is – was not normally regarded as part of the GBR, and certainly wouldn’t be the place for Mr Turnbull to see GBR corals.?

Jennifer Marohasy
Reply to  mothcatcher
November 4, 2021 4:43 am

Most of the time the water quality at Magnetic Island makes for poor visibility and thus the corals don’t look so good. But there are corals and I think it good for Prime Ministers to see what they look like including at such fairy ordinary inshore reefs.

My friend Stuart Ireland took his girls there earlier this year (for Easter I think) and has posted some pretty underwater and also drone footage showing Arthur Bay.

I was at Magnetic Island in March and the coral was good, but the water quality poor.

Reply to  Jennifer Marohasy
November 4, 2021 5:02 am

Same when I was there in the 90s! Keep up the good work.

Climate believer
Reply to  Jennifer Marohasy
November 4, 2021 6:28 am

From your link:

“increases in storm surges and extreme sea-levels are very likely to occur in association with tropical cyclones under future climate change.”

It’s always in the future, always kicking the can further down the road.

Apparently 418ppm CO² isn’t quite enough for all this mayhem to occur just yet….but it’s coming….someday….you’ll see….

Reply to  Climate believer
November 5, 2021 7:57 am

Is that before or after promised ice-free Arctic?

November 4, 2021 4:03 am

 “it is a case of less cyclones and less severe cyclones”
Fewer cyclones and less-severe cyclones, please.

Jennifer Marohasy
Reply to  Alba
November 4, 2021 4:43 am

noted. :-).

Alasdair Fairbairn
November 4, 2021 5:01 am

Today there are two prevailing mantras.
For media editors: “Good News – Bad. Bad News – Good. Clickbaits rule – OK.”
For the population: “Life is boring if you have nothing to worry about”.

November 4, 2021 6:02 am

News you won’t hear from Fauci. Is Glasgow the next superspreader event?

November 4, 2021 6:54 am

Hmmmm…. I’m completely mystified AS TO why the Great Barrier Reef is the center of so much attention when the coral reefs in the Philippine Sea are much larger and are the source of support for the fishing industry in that area, with 9600 sqyare miles of reef systems, amounting to 9% of the world’s total reef systems. And yes, they’ve had their problems, but solved them and moved on.

So the Big Mahoffs in the area of the GBR get everything focused on them and then ignore other reef systems that are equally important? Hmmmm…… sounds like discrimination to me.

Oh, yeah: there’s a huge reef system in the Bahamas, with physical evidence that shows those reefs have had damage in the past and managed somehow to survive and grow again. I wonder if that’s significant.

Reply to  Sara
November 4, 2021 10:35 am

Read up about how the Bikini Atoll coral reefs regenerated themselves after being obliterated by atomic bombs in the 1950s, and you will have no further fears about the resiliency of corals.

Reply to  Mr.
November 4, 2021 1:16 pm

Oh, I know about that. Once the humans were moved out away from the bomb test site, and all that was over and done with, the entire reef system recovered and is swarming with sea life.

Reply to  Mr.
November 5, 2021 8:41 am

It’s not surprising.
Since each explosion produced huge waves that stir water far beyond range of cooking or pulping by shockwave, there probably were huge clouds of broken coral with some living polyps dislodged, which accelerated their spread. It’s in an open sea, so most of really toxic stuff was washed away in hours. I’ll be surprised if these things have optimal/tolerable radiation ranges closer to mammals than to cockroaches (may well be above roaches), so even much “hotter” background from unstable isotopes embedded in inert matter is just no big deal (and water itself absorbs some). Ditto for most plankton. If some of visiting plankton doesn’t take it… well, their remnants are still digestible. Algae are known to have sky-high radiation optimums, so oxygen level is usual or better.

David John
November 4, 2021 10:58 pm

I remember Barack’s visit to University of Queensland, and the cavalcade of Osprey helicopters and limousines that was “essential” to its “success”!

November 5, 2021 5:15 am

I am the horse and I have the horse’s mouth.
YES – Bill Clinton did visit Port Douglas on two occasions.
He travelled to Cairns in a shiny black Gulfstream G2 – beautiful plane.
It was owned by Brian Epstein.
But what the hell – the horse may no longer have a mouth – courtesy of Hillary.

November 5, 2021 7:39 am

It is also making no sense that those who purport to care so much about the Great Barrier Reef still haven’t visited it.

Eh. They didn’t even visit those poor little polar bears. And bears would be more likely to benefit from this than corals.
Almost like they learned something after a fun cruise to take selfies with penguins in 2013.

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