Prince Charles’ Climate Friendly Automobile Runs on Fine Wine and Cheese

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t fretslider; Prince Charles has triggered global ridicule, after revealing his climate sacrifices include converting his antique Aston Martin to run on fine wine and cheese byproducts.

Prince Charles: I understand climate activists’ anger

By Justin Rowlatt
BBC News climate editor

The Prince of Wales has told the BBC he understands why campaigners from organisations like Extinction Rebellion take to the streets to demand action on climate change.

In the interview at his home in Balmoral, Prince Charles said action such as blocking roads “isn’t helpful”.

But he said he totally understood the “frustration” climate campaigners felt.

And he warned of a “catastrophic” impact if more ambitious action isn’t taken on climate change.

Car powered by cheese and wine 

He was also challenged on his long-standing love of cars, and asked if he was “a bit of a Jeremy Clarkson, a bit of a petrol-head?”

“Well, yes”, the prince acknowledged: “But that was before we knew what the problems were.”   

He said he had converted his favourite vehicle, an Aston Martin he has owned for 51 years, to run on what he described as “surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process”.

His Aston Martin has been modified to run on a fuel called E85 – made up of 85% bioethanol and 15% unleaded petrol.

Bioethanol can be derived from different sources – including in the case of the prince’s car – surplus wine and alcohol extracted from fermented whey.

Read more:

The cost of the Aston Martin conversion must have been astronomical. The big problem with putting ethanol fuels into old automobiles is ethanol is a really good solvent. So if you put ethanol in an automobile which is not designed for ethanol, the fuel lines and plastic or rubber components of the engine start to dissolve. So Prince Charles’ mechanic must have completely stripped the engine, identified components likely to be affected by ethanol, and had replacement components hand made out of materials which are not affected by ethanol.

I wish I was wealthy enough to make those kinds of climate sacrifices.

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Patrick MJD
October 12, 2021 10:04 pm

Remember, Chuckie said in March 2009 that we had only 100 months to save the planet. By my calculation we are 50 months past that.

There is no saving the UK when he becomes King.

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Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 12, 2021 10:50 pm

Long live the Queen!!

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 13, 2021 12:23 am

Bill for King.

Reply to  twobob
October 13, 2021 12:50 am

William is a chip off the old blockhead.

michael hart
Reply to  decnine
October 13, 2021 2:44 pm

I think he [William] is surprisingly sensible, given his background. And married a sensible woman.
Of course that could all unravel, but his being a bit grounded has worked wonders for the local image of the UK monarchy, and I am no royalist.

The biggest remaining problem is Charlie-boy. His frustrated, barely-contained mouth, and limited brain were out of fashion even before his mother took the throne.

Gerry, England
Reply to  twobob
October 13, 2021 5:29 am

Long Live Queen Anne the Second!

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 13, 2021 2:52 am

Let’s go,mrs brandon.

Reply to  SxyxS
October 13, 2021 6:52 am

Let’s go, Prince Charles.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 2:50 am

Dude, you are so 00ies.
This date has been replaced 2 years ago by AOC .
Now the year of ultimate fear is (Agenda) 2030.
This is AGW, a binary (ice age till the early 80ies,AGW since the late 80ies )truthfluid ,transgoalpost marxism that selfidentifies as science.

Same with the low carbon footprint guy above who lives in a House that’s less than 1 million squarefeet in size and who owns dozens of buildings ,cars,jets and gets every year millions of taxpayers money,probably because he is a billionaire .

His opinion and namefluid family dropped the name Saxon Coburg Gotha and switched to Windsor after the people got angry about their Nazi support and the guy on the throne had to leave (officially,after rewriting history, because of his love to a peasant)
That’s how Herr Battenberg became Mr. Mountbatten.

Legend says the reason that the cia,kermit Roosevelt and mi6 replaced Mossadeq with a dictator was to save the Windsors grip on iraqs oil .
But that’s so carbon and antidemocratic that it can’t betrue though it is.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  SxyxS
October 13, 2021 7:00 pm

Yes, I know this.

Richard Page
Reply to  SxyxS
October 14, 2021 3:34 am

Not really. Mossadegh was Prime Minister or Iran, not Iraq. The coup was to strengthen the rule of the American – backed Shah and prevent a feared communist takeover of Iran. The UK lost it’s monopoly on Iranian oil to a consortium of American and UK oil companies, leading to 3-4 times as much oil going to America whilst there was little increase in the oil going to the UK. Apart from that your comment appears to be 100% accurate.

Ed Zuiderwijk
Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 3:42 am


Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 11:02 am

It’s all from their German blood line
King George III had a blue pee caused by porphyria, the genetic condition that causes bouts of madness. 
Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria, known for being mentally unstable and completely out of touch with the physical world around him.He was deposed and then murdered.
King Ludwig was succeeded by his brother Otto. However, Otto was even madder than Ludwig and never became a king, a regent ruled in his name.

Last edited 1 year ago by vuk
Patrick MJD
Reply to  Vuk
October 13, 2021 7:01 pm

Yes, I know this.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 14, 2021 3:21 am

The prince has no clothes on!!

October 12, 2021 10:07 pm

What he really means is that after consuming copious amounts of fine wine and cheese, just sitting in his car gives him the sensation of going somewhere … albeit in ‘circles’.

Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  Streetcred
October 12, 2021 10:52 pm

Certain very smelly cheese allows me to cut the cheese in very smelly ways.
Maybe this royal anal cheese gas is what will power Chucky’s chauffeur-driven Bentley?

Reply to  Streetcred
October 13, 2021 12:54 am

Given the state of his facial veins I quite agree with you.

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  Mariner
October 13, 2021 2:49 am

He does not seem to be aging all that well. Hasn’t he ever heard of moisturizers?

oeman 50
Reply to  Streetcred
October 13, 2021 6:54 am

As yes. Back in the day, we called them “the whirlies,” you had to put one foot on the floor when you were in bed.

John Endicott
Reply to  Streetcred
October 13, 2021 10:29 am

What he really meant was consuming fine wine and cheese gives him gas.

October 12, 2021 10:16 pm

Well the halfwit runs a car on ethanol from whey and surplus wine for some virtue signaling .
I hope he pays the fuel tax due
E85 ( 85% ethanol) is a commercially available fuel that will not ruin all his fuel lines and rubber ware due to having enough additives to work properly

Reply to  H B
October 13, 2021 1:54 am

He didn’t learn from his father, Prince Philip organised conversion to LPG of the Royal Rolls Royces circa late 1880s.

Reply to  Dennis
October 13, 2021 1:54 am


Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  H B
October 13, 2021 2:50 am

What, exactly, is “surplus” wine?

Reply to  Pamela Matlack-Klein
October 13, 2021 5:16 am

That’s the stuff commoners buy in bulk, Pamela.

Well, if you consider ‘bulk’ as two bottles at a time for the month, because there’s very little £££ left over after paying the gas and electric bills.

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  H.R.
October 13, 2021 1:01 pm

Maybe the stuff that gets put in boxes?

Richard Page
Reply to  Pamela Matlack-Klein
October 13, 2021 12:19 pm

The Prince of Wales estates have vineyards on them, so presumably it’s the crap he can’t sell at Highgrove.

Reply to  Pamela Matlack-Klein
October 14, 2021 1:07 am

British wine is sold at a price too high for general consumption, which is why us proles buy Chilean etc. So “surplus wine” is likely to mean that which is converted to ethanol in order to maintain artificially high prices for wine (and Aston-Martin fuel!) rather than make local wine a cheap commodity.

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  Jon Garvey
October 14, 2021 2:10 am

That is so sad, it would be better to concentrate on making a vin ordinaire for domestic sales and expand the popular priced wine market rather than try to compete with countries that have the ideal climate for growing wine grapes. Here in Portugal wine is cheaper than some pricey waters and decent wine is available at every price point. But I have never heard of any Portuguese turning wine into fuel! Here we turn it into aguadente and drink that too or use to roast chorizo at table.

Richard Page
Reply to  Pamela Matlack-Klein
October 14, 2021 3:37 am

Frankly if you’re just buying wine to get drunk on, cheap californian, south american or eastern european booze will do it, as long as you can stand the appalling taste.

October 12, 2021 10:20 pm

From the look of Prince Charles’ face, it looks like it is not only his car that runs on Fine Wine and Cheese.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
October 12, 2021 10:26 pm

To be fair he is 70, so he will look a bit “worn” after an entire lifetime of privilege.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 2:15 am

Does his Aston Martin have registration plates 700?

Gregory Woods
Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 3:32 am

73, same as me…

October 12, 2021 10:33 pm

I converted my car, all the electricity generation and the central heating of my house to BS. With all these climate nuts there will never be BS shortage.

Michael in Dublin
Reply to  Petit_Barde
October 13, 2021 4:53 am

Do you mean that all these climate alarmists are trying to figure out how to convert BS into a clean renewable fuel?

John the Econ
October 12, 2021 10:39 pm

To Charles I bestow the “Marie Antoinette of the Week” award. Let them run their autos on wine and cheese! Also puts him in the lead for the “Upper Class Twit of the Year”.

Guess he’s forgotten the ’70s when the lights literally did go out in Britain, even at Buckingham Palace. I guess he’s sure that won’t happen again.

So he understands “Extinction Rebellion”. How about the ordinary citizens that they strive to make life miserable for? Any understanding of how they feel?

Or how about those of us without massive family trusts who are approaching retirement age with worry that their lifetime of savings will mostly be consumed by keeping their houses from freezing and the lights on? Or that they may soon be struggling to put less than wine and cheese on their tables?

Last edited 1 year ago by John the Econ
Reply to  John the Econ
October 12, 2021 11:02 pm

Reminds me of the Tory minister, a few years ago, who suggested that “the poor” should store their candles in the freezer so that when their power was cut off the candles would burn more slowly!!!!

Reply to  John the Econ
October 13, 2021 12:21 am

These days it’s Carrie Antoinette

Reply to  John the Econ
October 13, 2021 3:03 am

Everyone knows of the unfortunate Antoinette, yet few realize Robespierre and Marat sent the most famous scientist of the time Lavoisier first to the guillotine – Marat raving against science and the people’s judge proclaiming: ¨The revolution has no need of science¨.
Curiously ¨scientist¨ Marat translated Newton’s Opticks while being trained in London for the Terror,

John the Econ
Reply to  John the Econ
October 13, 2021 9:03 am

And of course Charles relates more to the Extinction Rebellion nutcases more than he does ordinary Britons; He’s as economically useless with nothing better to do as the Extinction Rebellion useful idiots are.

Reply to  John the Econ
October 13, 2021 9:24 am

He deludes himself with his make believe understanding of the Extinction Rebellion crowd.

They run on hate & groupthink.

Given the circumstance, they, as a group, would not hesitate to lynch him.

Richard Townsend
October 12, 2021 10:40 pm

The man is a total waste of space and a nasty bit of work! #co2hoax

Forrest Gardener
October 12, 2021 10:51 pm

The upside of dementia is that you get to meet new people every day.

Reply to  Forrest Gardener
October 13, 2021 1:44 am

It must be a great comfort to Biden.

Reply to  Forrest Gardener
October 13, 2021 2:19 am

Like the age care facility client who was told that he had lost his mind, and spent every day thereafter searching the facility looking for it.

Gary S
Reply to  Forrest Gardener
October 13, 2021 8:09 pm

You can also hide your own Ester eggs.

Paul Johnson
October 12, 2021 10:57 pm

For what he spent violating his Aston Martin, Charles could likely have purchased a new flex-fuel vehicle. I would comment about “more money than brains”, but that’s too low a bar.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Paul Johnson
October 12, 2021 11:01 pm

These people are beyond money and they are beyond brains. QE2 is the exception.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 1:48 am

Don’t forget that Princess Anne has made a few sarcastic comments about Charles’s views on climate change over the years. She makes her views known somehow without being branded as a ‘denier’ .

October 12, 2021 11:12 pm

It likely took more fossil fuel to produce the wine and cheese than the Aston Martin consumed….but what the heck, the wine and cheese was already being produced…right Chas? or is that confused thinking ? or is COST, being a measure of human toil, of no consequence to virtue signallers ?

Alastair gray
Reply to  DMacKenzie
October 12, 2021 11:38 pm

and why would english vinyards be producing surplus wine. its not like we have copious harvests. english vines have such low yields they have to sell wine at a premium price to make money. Ah of course GW and runaway heatwaves. The man is a plonker. Vive La Republique

Reply to  Alastair gray
October 13, 2021 5:48 am

After all, republics have a wonderful record…er

Richard Page
Reply to  Alastair gray
October 13, 2021 12:23 pm

It’s the stuff that won’t sell and, let’s face it, only tourists would buy wine from the Prince’s estate, no wine lovers would. Given how few tourists have been around during COVID, he’s probably got 2+ years worth to get rid of.

Ben Vorlich
October 12, 2021 11:58 pm

I thought dairy farming was going to cause a climate catastrophe a week next Tuesday.
I hope the wine came from his own vineyards

Vincent Causey
October 13, 2021 12:02 am

“Need to be more ambitious”. How much more ambitious can you get? The UK government has gone into la la land, with bans on gas for home heating, hydrogen and EV only cars coming soon, while the grid is now dangerously dependent on unreliable wind. What more, does the royal want the UK to do?

Reply to  Vincent Causey
October 13, 2021 12:23 am

A full return to feudalism

That’s what he wants

In The Real World
Reply to  Vincent Causey
October 13, 2021 4:18 am

One thing the media never says is that the total amount of CO2 produced by cars in the UK is only 0.000001% of the atmosphere .
And anyone who believes that that tiny amount can have any effect on the climate is delusional or deliberately lying to promote their agenda .
So the whole CO2 / Global Warming scam is just to take everyones money to bring about their ” One World Socialist Government “.

October 13, 2021 12:10 am

I can picture Charles burbling about wine and cheese just like Anthony Hopkins waxing eloquent about liver, fava beans, and chianti.

Reply to  Taphonomic
October 13, 2021 9:35 am


October 13, 2021 12:13 am

Don’t worry Eric he didn’t buy the car – another gift from his mother

The rest of us are queuing up for fuel and paying for it!

October 13, 2021 12:19 am

The cost of the Aston Martin conversion must have been astronomical.

Naw. E85 and conversion kits are ubiquitous. Hobbyists and hot rodders make these conversions all the time.

The lie is that you can easily get E85 from surplus wine and/or cheese. What would cost a bundle would be a factory that would waste food that way. Quite the “let them eat cake” sort of attitude.

My bet would be that not a ml of wine or cheese has gone into it, and that he’s got no lab results showing that the fuel that has been used was actually 85% ethanol. I’ll assume there’s been more ethanol in the driver than in the fuel tank on more than one occasion.

An intelligent reporter might ask about the 20% mileage hit — with E85 he’s probably gained performance at the cost of actually polluting more through higher fuel use and greater oil consumption.

A shame, too, since the Prince has large holdings in olive oil production, and could have easily used that food as a source of fuel, instead of making foolish and unnecessary comments.

Last edited 1 year ago by dk_
Patrick MJD
Reply to  dk_
October 13, 2021 12:35 am

Yeah, not sure you would want to replace the valves and valve seats on a 51 year old Aston Martin to run unleaded, 85% food based, fuel.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 2:07 am

You’d probably have to do the cylinder head work, anyway, if not just buy improved ones.
The conversion of 70s era’s cars to electric is slightly more impressive, but still easily affordable.
But the wine and cheese whey for fuel was an unnecessary embellishment. If you’re going to lie, why not go for the more impressive virtue signaling?

Reply to  dk_
October 13, 2021 3:02 am

The conversion of 70s era’s cars to electric is slightly more impressive”

Until you have to wait for it to charge up

Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 13, 2021 3:03 am

Being as that is the kind of work I do, and the strong likelihood “old wingnut” married to that old granny he is with, is clueless about anything that involves getting his darling hands dirty,- apart from making shed loads of dosh it appears.
I would say any such mod to any such Tadek Marek power plant not only would be incredibly stupid (they are designed to produce lots of power, not run on low octane sh..t!),
but they generally cost fortunes to modify, and have casting issues which make this kind of work mega expensive.

Of course as this stoopid charlie finances it out of the vast “crown estates” which are designed to rip-off their tenants and leave them with F-all compensation, I would imagine he has not the slightest compassion for any of the less wealthy and less lucky members of his (servants) I mean tenants.

People such as “islands administered for the
by the Duchy of Cornwall”,

“Prince Charles vetted laws that stop his tenants buying their homesRoyals used secretive procedure to approve laws that gave special exemptions to Duchy of Cornwall”

“The royal family has used a secretive procedure to vet three parliamentary acts that have prevented residents on Prince Charles’ estate from buying their own homes for decades, ….

His £1bn Duchy of Cornwall estate was later given special exemptions in the acts that denied residents the legal right to buy their own homes outright.

Under the opaque procedure, the Queen and Prince of Wales were allowed to vet the contents of the bills by government ministers and approve them before they were passed by parliament.

The exemptions have left residents living in homes that have diminishing or no financial value. The residents say they cannot borrow against their homes to pay, for example, for social care fees for themselves and loved ones….

The exemptions enable the prince to preserve the financial value of his estate and brings in income as the tenants have to pay rent to him each year. The residents say they have been unable to find out why and how the heir to the throne was able to secure preferential treatment from the government.”


“By tradition, Charles, as the heir to the throne, is paid out of the profits made by his estate. Created in 1337, the 52 000 hectare, 128 000 acre (notice the 1000 multiplier!) estate extends across 21 counties in England and Wales.

As well as large parts of Cornwall, it owns the Oval cricket ground in London, most of dartmoor and land in Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset.”

Geoffrey Williams
October 13, 2021 12:46 am

Charles has inadvertently revealed his privileged status in lfe.
Whatever the cost of ‘going green’ it is not a problem for him he can afford it ;
Electric cars, special fuel for his modified ice car, solar panels to warm his palace, and whatever else it takes for him to look like an everyday green zealot saving the planet from catastrophe.

October 13, 2021 12:49 am

Rowlatt didn’t ‘interview’ HRH. It was a duet.

October 13, 2021 1:44 am

Extract from comments at JoNova website …
Travis T. Jones
October 12, 2021 at 2:42 pm · Reply
Fool me once …
2009, Prince Charles says we have 100 months to save the planet
Fool me twice …
July, 2019: Prince Charles says we have 18 months to save the planet
Oct 2021: Prince Charles tells ScoMo it’s last drinks at the Last Chance Saloon, and calls him out to be there.
Leave the bottle, bartender … it’s the worst apocalypse. Ever.

Gregory Woods
Reply to  Dennis
October 13, 2021 4:47 am

Its been pretty crowded at the Last Chance Saloon, lately. One doesn’t know which of the numerous drunks to believe….

October 13, 2021 1:51 am

In late 2007 I by mistake at a service station filled the petrol tank on my boat after a fishing trip with Ethanol E10 Petrol, the tank held 160 litres and took 90 litres to refill.

In 2008 I moved interstate and had the boat motor serviced late that year. The report was not good, rubber components of fuel lines, priming bulb and fuel pump had perished and a major expensive repair and replacement was needed.

October 13, 2021 1:57 am

Now they’ve discovered that electric cars are too heavy due to the bulky battery

Make electric vehicles lighter to maximize climate and safety benefits (

How big a problem is this extra weight? A rough comparison between mortality costs and climate benefits shows that it is significant. Under the energy systems operating in most countries today, the cost of extra lives lost from a 700-kg increase in the weight of an electrified truck rivals the climate benefits of avoided greenhouse-gas emissions.

Reply to  Hatter Eggburn
October 13, 2021 2:10 am

I read about a new EV from South Korea due for release in Australia next year, a small tom medium 5-seat sedan with an estimated base model retail price of over A$70,000 which is about A$10,000 more than my Diesel 4WD with 7 seats, a much larger vehicle and rated to tow 3 tonnes.

The EV weighs more than my vehicle because of its battery pack but stated theoretical range is about 200 kms less than my vehicle can be driven at highway speed limits.

And the usual not explained as reduction in range factor that recharging from 10% to 80% takes around half an hour, so before other variable range limiting factors that EV starts with 70% of battery pack charged.

Maybe the EV revolution got underway before they were competitive in a free enterprise market?

Reply to  Dennis
October 13, 2021 8:18 am

Electric cars never were and never will be competitive vehicles. The energy required to move the huge batteries saps almost all the saving it “might” generate.

The biggest part of the phony program is(at least in the USA) the fraudulent conversion figure the EPA mandated. It takes ALL the chemical energy in the fuel and calculates what an equal amount of electricity would be. As Dr. Jordan Peterson says: “Good Luck With That”. Combined cycle gas turbine/steam turbine power plants are ~50-60% efficient depending on size and design..

The BEST conversion is an oil burning diesel at about 60% efficiency. The latest gasoline powered GDI turbocharged Atkinson gasoline engines are about 55%.
The electric car has a supposed efficiency of 100%.
Fancy that, a thermodynamics miracle!

Reply to  Hatter Eggburn
October 13, 2021 3:06 am

How big a problem is this extra weight?”

In the UK only one electric vehicle is certified to tow a load, eg a caravan

It’s a Tesla and the price? £90,000

It’s a big problem unless you have that kind of money for a car.

Reply to  fretslider
October 13, 2021 7:15 am

Towing anything puts a huge demand on an engine and it’s inefficient use of fuel.

Reply to  fretslider
October 13, 2021 5:59 pm

A road test of a Tesla EV SUV towing a 2 tonne caravan compared to a Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD diesel towing an identical caravan was interesting, the route was across the Great Dividing Range west of Sydney to Bathurst on the western side or slopes. The start point was near the eastern side at Penrith where the EV was fully charged (noting the recommendation for 80% to protect the batteries).

Both tow vehicles performed well, the Tesla’s lower centre of gravity was a small advantage on the twisting highway, but the Tesla retail price of around A$150K compared to the Toyota at A$95K noting that there are several lower priced ICEV 4WD on the market capable of towing 3-3.5 tonnes legally.

The Tesla reached Bathurst but with not much charge left in the batteries while the Toyota could have continued for hundreds of kilometres before refuelling. On the return journey the Tesla used a little less energy because of regenerative braking gains and downhill driving conditions.

The worlds largest interconnected electricity grid around the Australian southern and eastern coast and some distance inland leaves a huge amount of area without a grid connection and therefore diesel fuelled generators are used, hundreds if not thousands of them in various sizes.

One Outback large generator site I became aware of via a television programme is on an Aborigine Land Council area and the operator taking delivery of diesel from a road train tanker said that 10,000 litres a week are needed, 520,000 litres a year plus diesel used to deliver the fuel.

The electricity grid is supplied mainly (70%) by coal fired power stations, to a much lesser extent gas generators and hydro power stations and a tiny UP TO maybe 15% from wind turbine and solar installation businesses and back up.

EV for Australia is unsuitable except maybe for cities when affordable, and net zero emissions would be far too damaging to the economy and expensive. And then consider the countries including India needing Australian quality coal to supply electricity where many people have no access.

Peta of Newark
October 13, 2021 2:00 am

Well yessssss, he is a bit of a privileged muppet and all round idiot (who isn’t these days thanks to sugar, booze, cannabis, soil erosion and Roundup) but he is so perfectly and completely trapped.
Chuckles is being ‘handled’ by a ‘machine‘ – a machine that has to be ‘perfect’ and be politically correct and ‘do the right thing‘ All The Time

Now, this is a machine with centuries of experience, practise and skill behind it – it is The Family, a business operation like almost all others.
Do I dare venture that The Mafia is a nice example of ‘Family’
Or what’s happening inside Greta Thunderbug llc plc Ltd SA dot com

See where I’m going, am giving him a break and the reason why is exactly this story

he has been brave and strong enough to put himself ‘on the line’
To say something that is his own real actual personal thinking – NOT the thinking of a consensus or computer (an optionally super one as they tend to be)
He’s actually running a very tight line between The Family and a bit of a rebel within him.
(I suggest where it came from in a minute in case you don’t know. Shame on you if not..)
He genuinely wants to help but is so very tightly constrained.

OK OK OK you don’t agree with him but wait one goddam minute, wasn’t that the very definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Chuckles and Trump venture where the angels fear – in which case Chuckles is a chip off a Genuine Old Block = Phillip
and that can only be A Good Thing. it gets people talking
Hello hello, what is on our very own Front Page telling us about censorship – about Google attempting to Stop People Talking

Again, like that Swedish activist guy, maybe Chuckles is actually ‘on our side’ – and for all the insults thrown at him, how the <expletive> can he NOT be?

Do you *REALLY* believe anybody can be THAT dim?

edit to PS
ha ha ha.
We know already who can be, who is, *that* dim don’t we… a ‘much loved’ poster around here.
oh dear oh dear oh dear sigh – top o’my ‘ead is gonna fall off if I bend over
😀 😀

Last edited 1 year ago by Peta of Newark
Peter K
October 13, 2021 2:00 am

Watch “The Windsors” on Netflix. They do Charles and Harry to a tee.

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  Peter K
October 13, 2021 2:58 am

It is hilarious, enjoyed it very much.

October 13, 2021 2:38 am

Prince Charles set up the Green New Deal for Britain in 2008, well before AOC and the squad picked up the Royal Decree. He set up the Great Reset accounting scheme.
Was all that before he converted his auto?
His first environmental speech was at age 22 in 1970, He organized the 1992 Rio Summit at 44.
See Jonathan Dimbleby’s 1994 authorized biography: The Prince of Wales: A Biography,

Odd that the BBC omits all that…

Mike Lowe
Reply to  bonbon
October 13, 2021 2:53 am

Go easy on him – he’s thick and married to Camilla. Poor sod!

Reply to  Mike Lowe
October 13, 2021 7:20 am

His preference and choice on both fronts.
There are reasons Charles is constantly traveling and speechifying.

Reply to  bonbon
October 13, 2021 5:49 am

Strangely enough Diana separated from Charles in 1992 around the time of the Rio Summit…

October 13, 2021 2:55 am

What do the helicopters in which he flies run on? Cannot stand the ignorant, pompous hypocrite.

Unfortunately his sons aren’t too bright either and have swallowed the eco-religion too.

Preach and Leech have been jetting about the US whilst proselytising about climate change.

And William has been cosying up to the Malthusian Attenborough.

david burrows
October 13, 2021 3:25 am

I know the prince has a bee in the wrong bonnet but this isn’t as silly as it looks. Only the same a a fish & chip shop running its van on waste oil from the fryer

D. J. Hawkins
Reply to  david burrows
October 13, 2021 2:27 pm

I’m not sure what kind of driving schedule your notional shop van has, but if it’s a couple hundred kilometers per week, I doubt the shop shifts enough oil to keep it running that far.

Ed Zuiderwijk
October 13, 2021 3:41 am

May we know what this ‘surplus’ wine is. It must be undrinkable stuff; could it be British? If so one wonders what the British winemakers think of such labeling of their product. Alternatively, it could be imported plonk which the British were so daft to buy.

Reply to  Ed Zuiderwijk
October 13, 2021 4:35 am

 It must be undrinkable stuff; could it be British? “

Not in these post-devolution days, no.

he described as “surplus English white wine “

Which just goes to show that the elites often have too much stuff, but they still need more.

Reply to  Ed Zuiderwijk
October 13, 2021 7:41 am

Keep in mind the speaker…

Surplus wine is likely the dregs of Charles’ bottle of white wine from breakfast, lunch, supper or picnic where the remaining wine gets poured into the tank.

Along with the rind of whatever cheese was getting washed down Charles’ throat. One gets suspicious what happens to caviar leftovers.

Later, Charles’ mechanics empty and clean the fuel system… “Carbon on the valves“.

Michael in Dublin
October 13, 2021 4:50 am


Trying to Play Nice
October 13, 2021 5:36 am

So Prince Charles’ mechanic must have completely stripped the engine, identified components likely to be affected by ethanol, and had replacement components hand made out of materials which are not affected by ethanol.

Or, more likely, his car will be having some major problems soon. What an idiot. What a sacrifice.

Danley Wolfe
October 13, 2021 6:07 am

Why post this chatty junk?

October 13, 2021 6:18 am

The measurable brain power of our “elite” !!!!! Ho,ho,ho,ho,ho !!!!!!

October 13, 2021 6:22 am

Next time use turbo chargers with caviar.

October 13, 2021 7:09 am

Unless he makes his E85 himself, it will not be coming from wine and cheese, but from corn (in the US) and wheat (in Europe). The ethanol used for fuel has to be very clean to be able to be used in engines and you can’t get that from “traditional” fermentation sources without a lot of purification. The same way that you “can” make biodiesel from used cooking oil, but nobody will sell you that as it will destroy your engine pretty quickly. Use nice clean canola oil as a starting material and you can fly jets with it (but only for virtue-signaling).

Anthony Banton
October 13, 2021 7:26 am

Prince Charles has triggered global ridicule, after revealing his climate sacrifices include converting his antique Aston Martin to run on fine wine and cheese byproducts.”

Just where is this “global ridicule” exactly?
Not counting contrarian journalism/blogs.
Which is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

He didn’t say “fine” wine either – he said “ “My old Aston Martin, which I’ve had for 51 years, runs on – can you believe this – surplus English white wine, and whey from the cheese process.””

Reply to  Anthony Banton
October 13, 2021 9:52 am

Petty pedantry aside Anthony, is it your contention that ridicule is not warranted for Charles’ irrational obsession with climate masochism?

October 13, 2021 8:01 am

He forgot what goes with wine and cheese. Crackers!

Reply to  observa
October 13, 2021 9:54 am

Isn’t that term racist now?

(and if not, why not, if we are to apply consistent standards)

Richard Page
Reply to  Mr.
October 14, 2021 3:41 am

I think it’s only an American racist term, never heard it anywhere else. Not even sure what the hell it means.

Andy Pattullo
October 13, 2021 8:23 am

One day perhaps the Prince can be recycled as bioethanol and live his dream. It would be the one productive thing he does with his life.

October 13, 2021 10:58 am

Alas, Fergus has died. Maybe the British should crown Muick king. Of all the royal family, he’s the last best hope for the survival of the United Kingdom. And maybe for European civila[s]ion.

Bruce Cobb
October 13, 2021 1:05 pm

What, no crackers? Oh wait, he’s crackers. Never mind.

michael hart
October 13, 2021 2:01 pm

Prince Charles: I understand climate activists’ anger.

“Yesss. I can feel your anger. Let the hate flow through you…”

October 13, 2021 3:28 pm

Reading through the history of the monarchy, it’s notable just how often the title skips a generation, and how often sanity does as well. The Hanovers where a classic example

Richard Page
Reply to  Sparko
October 14, 2021 3:48 am

Of course. Why else do you think Charles has been allowed to shoot his mouth off whilst William and Kate are keeping quiet and taking over royal duties? Charles will abdicate – the Queen has fixed it; there would have been far too much trouble constitutionally over his marriages otherwise.

October 16, 2021 4:59 pm

“surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process”. I could not think of a more wasteful/expensive process to obtain ethanol than using “surplus English white wine”. He is really quite the Bozo. It will be the end of the monarchy if he is ever made king.

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