NYT: “What happened to Global Warming?”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

NYT rolling out the tired global warming makes winter storms more extreme narrative.

How climate change is affecting winter storms.

By John Schwartz

The major winter storm that hit the Eastern United States on Wednesday and Thursday probably prompted some people to ask, “What happened to global warming?”

But although it’s becoming increasingly clear that climate change does have an effect on storms, the relationship can be complex and, yes, counterintuitive. “There were these expectations that winter was basically going to disappear on us,” said Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting at AER, a company that provides information to clients about weather and climate-related risk.

Although winters are becoming warmer and somewhat milder over all, extreme weather events have also been on the increase, and especially in the Northeastern United States, as Dr. Cohen pointed out in a recent paper in the journal Nature Climate Change. From the winter of 2008-9 until 2017-18, there were 27 major Northeast winter storms, three to four times the totals for each of the previous five decades.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/17/climate/climate-change-winter.html

If global warming to date has caused a three to four fold increase in severe winter storms, imagine the bitterly cold weather the next few decades of global warming will bring.

We must act now, before global warming causes us all to freeze to death!

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Steve Case
December 20, 2020 2:09 pm

Jeff Meyer
Reply to  Steve Case
December 20, 2020 2:36 pm

So, as the world gets warmer the winters get colder. Computer models…. Who programed the models? How are they programed…. I am starting to think we have stopped evolving.
Hey it is on the interweb! It must be true!

Reply to  Jeff Meyer
December 20, 2020 4:59 pm

When it comes to alarmists and th Nytimes you just can’t fix stupid.

Reply to  Philip
December 20, 2020 5:56 pm

They couldnt even get their facts correct on a recent story about a so called ISIS insider which had a big feature based on this persons story. A total fabrication in which the insider may have never been to Syria and they just used pictures from the web.
Classic case of ‘its too good the check properly’. Its an ongoing saga of their journos lying to the editors about facts or background.

Reply to  Duker
December 21, 2020 12:35 am

DEC. 18, 2020…LA Examiner
The New York Times has retracted significant portions of “Caliphate,” its award-winning podcast about ISIS, after Canadian police arrested its key source for allegedly perpetrating a terrorist hoax.

On Friday, the New York Times published a lengthy editors’ note explaining the retraction, which followed an internal review concluding that certain episodes “did not meet our standards for accuracy.”

In other words …We obeyed our commitment to the Left Postmodern Narrative and got scammed again…

Reply to  RobbertBobbert
December 21, 2020 12:43 pm

Will the NYT give back the awards it received for it’s fraudulent reporting?
They never returned Duranty’s Pulitzer.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Jeff Meyer
December 20, 2020 6:11 pm

Actually, the UN IPCC CMIP5 models say it should be getting warmer in NH winters. This study is just another example of CliSci saying we should believe the models’ multi-centennial “projections,” while simultaneously believing climate change is currently making NH winters cooler.

Reply to  Jeff Meyer
December 20, 2020 9:53 pm

The same guys that coded the Covid model from the Imperial College. Add some quotation marks around the coded.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Pauleta
December 20, 2020 11:15 pm

Guy. Singular.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
December 21, 2020 6:11 am

Oh, it was a team, just check on GitHub. The main idiot was just that, the main guy,

Alfred (Cairns)
Reply to  Jeff Meyer
December 21, 2020 2:04 am

“Who programed the models?”

Silly question. Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College of course. 🙂

Reply to  Jeff Meyer
December 21, 2020 6:55 am

I swear, there is somebody parking a running Arctic vehicle next to the few Arctic weather reporting stations

Ron Long
Reply to  Steve Case
December 20, 2020 2:56 pm

I don’t know about the “circum-polar vortex getting wavier due to decreased temperature variance between mid-latitude and polar regions” for the northern hemisphere, but for the southern hemisphere that is baloney. Here (Argentina) we see neutral ENSO to weak-to-normal La Niña associated with decreased latitude wind flow, allowing the Antarctic equivalent vortex to make far northern excursions. The CAGW crowd won’t stop modifying their predictions until glaciers cover them up. Wait for it.

Reply to  Ron Long
December 21, 2020 1:30 am

The CAGW crowd won’t stop modifying their predictions until glaciers cover them up. Wait for it.

But glaciers are made of snow right?
And you only get snow when the air is moist, i.e. oceans are warm.
So just like snow itself, glaciers are a result of warming.
So just as retreating glaciers are a sign of global warming, advancing glaciers are also a sign of global warming.

Just like both less snow and more snow are signs of global warming.


Reply to  Phil Salmon
December 21, 2020 9:36 am

No sarc, they’ve said pretty much this already.

December 20, 2020 2:18 pm

Doomsayers never give up
From the Guardian archive, 12 June 1962: The ice age cometh
As glaciers start to advance again, evidence suggests that the Earth may be entering a new ice age. This proposition is not in dispute. To know what changes may be under way at the moment is more difficult. There are some signs that the gradual warming up of the atmosphere which marked the first half of this century may have come to an end with the Second World War, and that a slow decline of temperature may then have taken over.”comment image

Reply to  Vuk
December 20, 2020 3:10 pm

And yet our various trolls contend that past concerns over global cooling is just a lie concocted by us deniers.

Reply to  MarkW
December 20, 2020 3:42 pm

Warmunists have done their best to drop this Inconvenient Fact down the memory hole. They cannot be allowed to get away with it.

Reply to  Graemethecat
December 20, 2020 4:34 pm

They do have poor Winston Smith working doubleplus overtime at the Ministry of Truth.

Reply to  Taphonomic
December 20, 2020 4:37 pm

Winston Griff

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
December 20, 2020 11:17 pm

I just watched a colour version of the 1965 film, at the end Julia disappears and Winston “gives in” to Big Brother.

Greg M
Reply to  Vuk
December 20, 2020 8:01 pm

This proposition is not in dispute.

That is one thing that hasn’t changed in 60 years. They are always wrong, but never in doubt.

Reply to  Greg M
December 21, 2020 9:37 am

“….Earth may be entering a new ice age. This proposition is not in dispute.”

They usually they include the “may”, “could”, and “mights” to weasel their way through. The phrasing is done in a manner that tries to hide the qualifier.

They are usually wrong, but they just don’t care.

They are not simply zealots, they are scumbags.

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Vuk
December 21, 2020 7:31 am

Thank you Vuk, I’ve encountered the “it’s all lies scientists never said that” argument online and face to face more times than I care to remember. How can alarmist argue with their font of all knowledge the Guardian? I’ll probably be able to quote chunks verbatim within weeks.

Richard (the cynical one)
December 20, 2020 2:24 pm

A truly adaptable narrative can be stretched or chopped to fit any unexpected circumstance. Think Procrustes’ bed

Reply to  Richard (the cynical one)
December 20, 2020 6:05 pm

Good point.
All those ‘ extra cold winter storms’ must be showing up in the temperature records surely? Or do adjustments elsewhere cancel them out!

I see too that NOAA October based climate prediction for winter in US as ‘warmer than normal in the NE’ and only colder than normal in NW

Reply to  Duker
December 20, 2020 7:08 pm

NOAA’s winter outlook is NOAA alarmism on display

Persistent drought dominates the Western landscape”

How about that? NOAA includes all of America’s western arid and semi-arid areas as having “persistent drought”…

Fakers and fakirs at NOAA.

Peter W
December 20, 2020 2:31 pm

The approximate 100,000 year component of the Milankovitch cycles is caused by a change in the eccentricity of earth’s orbit. As the pull of the planets causes the eccentricity to increase, and if the earth is in the portion of it’s orbit which is furthest from the sun during winter, the winters are longer and colder.

Interesting to note that this past fall, the northern hemisphere had some rather significant cold records set, and now we have had some record-breaking snow. At the same time, we are being told of an interesting conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in the evening. So there they sit, the two largest planets, on the opposite side of earth from the sun and working to pull the earth a little bit further away from the sun. My, my, my!

Reply to  Peter W
December 20, 2020 5:02 pm

Actually, Jupiter and Saturn are on the other side of the Solar System, not quite in opposition, but pulling Earth slightly toward the Sun. They are visible low in the Southwestern sky less than an hour after sunset, and then set a couple hours later, so they are slightly to the “left” of the Sun as we view it at sundown. To see the conjunction we are looking past the Sun to the other side of the Solar System.

Both planets were way up in the Summer sky at night, pulling us “away” from the Sun when Earth was on the same side of the Sun during Summer.

Peter W
Reply to  BobM
December 21, 2020 10:31 am

You are partially correct, of course. The problem with your reply is that now the sun is essentially between us and those planets, and the distance is significantly greater. Presumably come spring and summer they will be able to get to work on our orbit again, full force.

Reply to  BobM
December 21, 2020 12:46 pm

The Earth is 93 million miles from the sun. The few thousand miles that Jupiter and Saturn pull the Earth isn’t enough to matter.

Reply to  Peter W
December 21, 2020 9:52 am

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a believer in the Climate crisis scam, but the Earth is in the nearly circular (but not quite) orbit phase of the Milankovitch cycle. We’re a bit closer to the sun during Northern Hemisphere winters making NH winters a bit shorter and a bit milder (about 7% more solar insolation). As the pole prescesses, in about 12,000 years, at a similar orbital eccentricity, the Earth will be furthest from the sun during NH winter making NH winter longer and harsher.

Peter W
Reply to  Meab
December 21, 2020 10:39 am

And you are fully confident that the phase we are in is not changing?

Reply to  Peter W
December 21, 2020 12:47 pm

It’s changing all the time, however it changes very, very slowly. Not enough to make a difference in a single human lifetime.

December 20, 2020 2:43 pm

Turns out 415 ppm CO2 must be a coolant after all.

Peta of Newark
December 20, 2020 2:50 pm

“”extreme weather events have also been on the increase””

Be careful what you wish for.
Extreme weather is what you get in a desert

And no, Climate Change does not create deserts.
Soil Erosion does.
That is after all The Definition of a desert.
i.e. Highly eroded/weathered soil devoid of organic material and its attendant water storage capacity
THEN, the Climate falls apart.

Once one has been created, it will NOT just spontaneously disappear.

Reply to  Peta of Newark
December 20, 2020 7:29 pm

Lack of rainfall (water) makes for arid areas frequently referred to as deserts.

When thunderstorms occur in arid and semi-arid areas, if the rain makes it to the ground, one can follow the thunderstorm’s track by the resulting greenery and wildflowers.
Plants, seeds and roots that lay dormant for years respond luxuriously to the water.

When thatrain does fall, avoid the washes, gullies and even ditches as they can fill very quickly.

When moisture laden winds cross the Sahara, the Sahara has been lush and verdant. When dry winds cross the Sahara, plants die and the sand dunes become pervasive.

African Rock Art: Tassili-n-Ajjer (?8000 B.C.–?)

Thousands of years ago, the Sahara desert was a lush and verdant place more akin to a savannah, where giraffes, hippos, and crocodiles roamed, farmers let their dairy herds graze, and people ate a lot of fish. A vast lake – bigger than the Caspian Sea, the world’s biggest lake today – resided in Central Africa, sprawling 400,000 square kilometers (150,000 square miles), earning it the moniker Lake Mega Chad.

Sometime around 7,000 years ago, the wet, humid land became one of the most inhospitable places on Earth; the vast sandy desert we recognize today. Lake Chad still exists, but it’s a shadow of its former self.”

Last edited 2 years ago by ATheoK
Reply to  Peta of Newark
December 21, 2020 12:49 pm

The desert blooms around oasis. The Sahara has good soil, it just has no water.

The Sahara is disappearing spontaneously on it’s southern border as CO2 makes greening possible.

Reply to  Peta of Newark
December 21, 2020 12:50 pm

To reply to previous claims of yours. Repeated forest fires do not create deserts.
The forests of the American west have been burning every couple of years for at least 10’s of thousands of years, and they grow back every year.
The Sahara formed when it dried up.

Reply to  MarkW
December 21, 2020 3:28 pm

Atlantic Hurricanes (“extreme weather”) all begin near the west coast of Africa and migrate east. Do they start because of the hot desert air? Or just because the water is warmer off coast?

December 20, 2020 2:55 pm

Oops You guys just don’t understand Climate Change is any weather you don’t like so there!

December 20, 2020 3:46 pm

three to four times the totals for each of the previous five decades

Scanning data for a lot of regions will inevitably find some where the results are a multiple of previous time periods. People who make such claims may be uneducated about natural variability and statistics or deliberately lying.

Cherry picking is sooo much fun!

George Daddis
December 20, 2020 4:08 pm

Get with the program!
It’s not Global Warming! Not since people realized the “warming” they were scaring us with was just a few degrees every 100 years; and they couldn’t notice any difference in temperatures over the last few decades of their lives.

It is now “Climate Change” where everything from a snow storm to wild fires can be used as evidence with news video taken SOMEWHERE in the world.

Reply to  George Daddis
December 20, 2020 4:38 pm

It’s not even a few degrees every 100 years, it’s less than a degree over the last 150 years.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  MarkW
December 20, 2020 5:35 pm

As you say, any warming since the 19th century has yet to surpass 1 degree. Few humans are sensitive enough to temperature change to detect that little increase over an hour, let alone 150 years. Of course almost everyone IMAGINES they can feel “climate change” … but only because they keep being told they can.

Reply to  Rory Forbes
December 21, 2020 12:52 pm

We have another troll who’s been claiming that global warming has turned the multi-feet of snow she remembers from her childhood to just a few tenths of an inch.

Rory Forbes
December 20, 2020 5:22 pm

As often as I read or hear it, I can’t get over how easily intelligent, knowledgeable people are seduced into using “climate change” instead of either ‘anthropogenic’ global warming, (AGW) or global cooling. It’s either one or the other caused by humans, not both, when it fits the narrative. The term “climate change” is no more informative than saying “seasonal” weather.

“Climate change”, as it is used by politicians, the media and their lap-dog “scientists” is an appeal to ambiguity … equivocation, a logical fallacy, “doublespeak”. Of course there is climate change; it’s the default condition of our atmosphere. Of course humans have had an effect, as has all life on this planet. The issue is: by how much and is it a concern … and can anyone prove it? Otherwise “climate change” is just a pointless tautology.

Reply to  Rory Forbes
December 20, 2020 6:05 pm

It would be good if someone in authority could tell the masses that global cooling has begun. I draw your attention to the meandering jet stream.


Rory Forbes
Reply to  ironicman
December 20, 2020 6:31 pm

I”m hard pressed to find anyone with substantial empirical evidence to support the notion that there has been ANYTHING but natural variation on our planet. Repeating their same dogma endlessly may convince the masses that there is a ‘human signal’ out there, but I can’t see it. I think it’s starting to cool as well.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Rory Forbes
December 21, 2020 6:07 am

There is no “human signal” in the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s all in the minds of those who favor that conjecture. They see what they want to see, not what is actually there.

Reply to  Rory Forbes
December 21, 2020 1:48 am

It’s good to see the redoubtable Rory Forbes here on WUWT. He is normally to be found struggling to knock some sense into the Warmunist trolls and dupes on YouTube.

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Graemethecat
December 21, 2020 12:01 pm

Thanks, Graeme. YouTube, in their wisdom, determined that I was no longer an asset to their reason d’etre and cancelled me permanently (after several months of shadow banning me).

Reply to  Rory Forbes
December 21, 2020 11:43 pm

Despicable behaviour by YT. And yet we are constantly told censorship by Big Tech is a right-wing lie.

Mike Lowe
Reply to  Rory Forbes
December 21, 2020 10:23 am

Lap-dog “scientists”. I like that description. There must be more money in “science” than I had realised!

Rory Forbes
Reply to  Mike Lowe
December 21, 2020 11:06 am

“There must be more money in “science” than I had realised!”

For certain scientists, especially those who achieved undeserved “star status”, there have been considerable fortunes to be made. Others, less prominent, have earned a good living doing “research” which (but for the AGW fraud) wouldn’t exist.

Dave Fair
December 20, 2020 5:47 pm

I’ll continue reading the study itself, but so far I’ve come to the conclusions: 1) They have shown the UN IPCC CMIP5 climate models are bunk; and 2) They conclude that differing measurement techniques make it impossible to say why there have been (any) changes. Stay tuned.

Dave Fair
December 20, 2020 6:06 pm

Reading through the study quickly, I came to their conclusion statement: Some observational studies show Arctic Amplification causing more NH winter storms and some studies showing the opposite. Therefore, they say they don’t know. The NYT says they do know. CliSci at its best.

Edward Katz
December 20, 2020 6:10 pm

As has been noted, the climate alarmists will never miss the opportunity to attribute one weather even or another to climate change. That’s why their commentary has to be taken not merely with a grain of salt but with a heaping tablespoon.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Edward Katz
December 21, 2020 6:16 am

The only thing climate alarmists have to hang their speculative hat on is atmospheric storm fronts.

The Earth is not getting “hotter and hotter”, so they fall back on claiming the Earth’s weather is changing because of human-derived CO2, and temperatures don’t matter, because CO2 is ultimately the cause whether it gets hot or cold. They are trying to cover all their bases but it’s a pretty lame effort.

Global Warming causes colder weather. Yeah, right.

I believe it was Michael Mann who claimed not long ago that even if we have a few decades of falling temperatures, it wouldn’t mean that Human-caused Climate Change was invalidated.

The alarmists are trying to have it both ways. They want to be seen as correct if it warms and correct if it cools. Being correct no matter which way the wind blows must be a good job, if you can get it. I want one of those.

Reply to  Edward Katz
December 21, 2020 12:57 pm

speaking of grains of salt
comment image

Chris Hanley
December 20, 2020 7:04 pm

This graph of the temperature anomalies at the Arctic has not been de-trended:comment image
It was just as relatively warm 1930s and 40s when the atmospheric CO2 concentration was ~ 310 ppm.
It is also apparent that Arctic was cooling 1945 – 1964 concurrent with an increased concentration ~305 – 320 ppm.
That doesn’t imply that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas just that an increasing concentration is not a necessary condition for warming and the current CO2 obsession is an example of the single cause or reduction fallacy.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Chris Hanley
December 21, 2020 6:24 am

Yes, it’s not any warmer today than it was back during the Early Twentieth Century, yet the CO2 concentration has increased from 310ppm to 410ppm, and as you mentioned, the temperatures actually decreased from 1940 to 1980, while CO2 concentrations were increasing.

There’s no correlation between temperatures and CO2 concentrations. CO2 is obviously not the control knob of the Earth’s temperatures.

December 20, 2020 9:53 pm

It’s winter time, very little hot weather or Forest fires news for warmist/alarmists to scream about, thus gotten quiet.

Wait until next Spring when they begin to convulse over impending hot 80 degree days…..

Reply to  Sunsettommy
December 21, 2020 1:36 am

Not going to be many bush fires in the Australian south-east this December.

Everything is basically saturated with H2O!

As opposed to last year when everything was dry as a bone.

David Coad
December 20, 2020 10:26 pm

If you change the language and definitions around climate and extreme storms you can make anything up. That’s what agencies are doing, change definitions and alter the records.

The Dark Lord
December 20, 2020 10:46 pm

love the cherry picked “decade” … am willing to bet if they chose 2009-2010 to 2018-2019 their whole premise goes away …

Rod Evans
December 20, 2020 11:02 pm
  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Charles Dickens A tale of two cities. He was writing about a period leading up to the French revolution. History, but those words might have been penned any time in recent years.
We might, if asked to update the classic opening line adding in, the NY times, as the third alternative and imaginary option.

December 20, 2020 11:24 pm

NYT (a former newspaper) writes, “There were these expectations that winter was basically going to disappear on us,” 

These silly “expectations” were generated by crazy Leftist CAGW advocates, (especially at the NYT (a former newspaper)) who created this propaganda narrative to promote the disconfirmed CAGW hypothesis…

I can’t wait to watch Leftists squirm when the PDO & AMO soon re-enter their respective 30-year cool cycles and global temp trends start to fall and Arctic Sea Ice Extents increase, despite global CO2 levels increasing at unprecedented rates…

Leftists are so hilariously evil.

Reply to  SAMURAI
December 21, 2020 4:12 am

“when the PDO & AMO soon re-enter their respective 30-year cool cycles and global temp trends start to fall and Arctic Sea Ice Extents increase”

The people behind the AGW scam KNOW this.

That is why all the haste to get the socialist/marxist agenda in place…

…..before it becomes obvious to even the blindest of fools, that they have been CONNED !!

Reply to  fred250
December 21, 2020 5:56 am


I agree the CAGW scammers know the PDO/AMO global cooling cycles are coming soon and will try to attribute the $100’s of trillions governments will waste on wind/solar projects for the cooling, however, all this wasted money will have little effect on CO2 levels because China and India are exempt from the Paris Accords, so CO2 levels will continue to rise for many decades to come while global temps fall.

Ooops… a $100 trillion here, a $100 trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money…

Reply to  fred250
December 21, 2020 5:59 am

Bingo! I said the same in March of 2020…the old crisis was not going to work so gin up a new one and call it TV19…but it works, I’d guess the brain washed out number the enlightened by around 9999:1. Whether they label themselves “left” or “right” makes no difference…just morons under the spell of the TV light. We’re doomed.

Reply to  SAMURAI
December 21, 2020 11:41 am

It’s funny how they write about themselves in third person, as if that can make their garbage more respectable

December 21, 2020 12:36 am

What makes everything extreme are the extreme methods of climate geoengineering!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Horizontal shift of temperature and water, naturally and through climate control!

Ed Zuiderwijk
December 21, 2020 1:28 am

Neither the NYT nor Nature can recognise a vested interest anymore. A director of a company making money out of bad weather writing about more bad weather? Both once decent publications have been reduced to the local gossip outlets.

December 21, 2020 1:35 am

They’ll be right when the solar minimum ends and things get warmer again..

Even a stuffed clock is right twice a day.

Climate believer
December 21, 2020 2:52 am

“There were these expectations that winter was basically going to disappear on us,” 

Wonder where that came from?

Dr David Viner,(CRU) of the University of East Anglia “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” 

Although other climate alarmist freaks think it’s the reverse.

“That snow outside is what global warming looks like” George Monbiot

Japan and the USA suffering from severe global warming right now.

Reply to  Climate believer
December 21, 2020 3:30 am


The blizzards in Japan have been terrible this year.

Last week in Iwate, blizzard conditions continued for 36 straight hours burying 1,000s of cars and trucks on highways and mountain roads requiring a massive military operation to rescue the stranded drivers before they froze to death..

Another massive snow storm will occur again this weekend along Japan’s North West coast and Hokkaido.

Isn’t Global Warming wonderful.

Reply to  Climate believer
December 21, 2020 4:27 am


Boston almost doubles its previous snowfall record for the day. Pennsylvania city hit by the most snowfall – ever – from a single storm.

Record-breaking snowfall sweeps across Oklahoma

Breaks record set more than 100 years ago

Just west of Yukon, Oklahoma City received 2.7 inches of snow, breaking a record set in 1911.

Even more at the link…

Last edited 2 years ago by fred250
Reply to  fred250
December 24, 2020 6:55 am

2.7 inches? It may be a record, it’s just a big flurry. the 2.7 in. number is just an indication of the overall LACK of snow in the area.

Joseph Zorzin
December 21, 2020 4:27 am

In yesterday’s Sunday Times Magazine was a lengthy article about how much some parts of the planet, especially Canada and Russia will enjoy warming. Russia is planning on it- so it’s unlikely to bother cutting fossil fuel use.

Tom Abbott
December 21, 2020 5:42 am

From the article: “But although it’s becoming increasingly clear that climate change does have an effect on storms,”

No, there’s no evidence for that. It is a figment of the author’s imagination. This is called “seeing what you want/expect to see”.

December 21, 2020 6:51 am

It’s global warming message management again. They may need help from climate media consultants and climate psychologists this time.

December 21, 2020 6:52 am

In 1987, James Hansen said the Earth would be 3°C warmer in 2020.
Well, it’s 2020 and it’s only 0.4°C warmer.

December 21, 2020 6:56 am

The NYT must know its (gullible) audience and the dementia that lurks there.

December 21, 2020 9:13 am

Well I have carefully researched the frequency of storms in Canada, and they have not increased at all (graphs are basically flat) for the past 100 years. Maybe the US Eastern seaboard is different, but that would mean this is not Global climate change.

December 21, 2020 9:35 am

More spin on “warming will cause an ice age”. Getting the masses ready for a possible cooling trend that they’ll blame on “climate change” requiring the same “remedies” as before.

December 21, 2020 10:27 am

NYT: All the con jobs fit to print

December 21, 2020 10:32 am

Agenda journalism to the rescue! That goes with Agenda Science and The Great Carbon Tax Legislation Crusade.

Herman Young
December 21, 2020 2:53 pm

One always has to ask the climate changes: you really want control over your life, don’t you?

Tom Morrow
December 21, 2020 3:26 pm

Global Warming is responsible if:

  • the weather is hotter
  • the weather is cooler
  • there is more precipitation
  • there is less precipitation
  • there are more storms
  • there are fewer storms
  • you suffer from the heartbreak of psoriasis
  • you get ring around the collar

Any questions?

December 22, 2020 1:55 am

If the Arctic is warming at twice the average rate then somewhere must be busy cooling to keep the average in line. Has anybody found out where that is yet?

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