Climate Warrior Biden Promises to Shut Down the US Oil Industry

Democrat Presidential wannabe Joe Biden. By David Lienemann – White House (V011013DL-0556), Public Domain, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

During Thursday’s Presidential debate, President Biden made a clear statement that he intends to transition away from the oil industry. My question – what part does Burisma play in this plan?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Would you close down the oil industry?

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I would transition from the oil industry, yes.

TRUMP: Oh, that’s a big statement.

BIDEN: It is a big statement.

KRISTEN WELKER: Why would you do that?

BIDEN: Because the oil industry pollutes. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. And I’d stop giving federal subsidies to the oil industry. He won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind. Why are we giving it to the oil industry?

TRUMP: We actually do give it to solar and wind. And that’s maybe the biggest statement, in terms of business, because basically what he’s saying is he’s going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?

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Obviously a scheme to shut down the US fossil fuel industry incurs a risk that the fossil fuel industry might be “transitioned” too quickly, that an energy gap might develop as the US fossil fuel industry is decommissioned.

Just speculating here, but perhaps that is why Biden’s son built a relationship with Burisma. Thank’s to Hunter Biden’s foreign oil and gas industry contacts, if a large transitional energy gap develops as US fossil fuel assets are decommissioned, say if the decommissioning process proceeds too quickly, companies like the Ukrainian gas giant Burisma will be able to step in, and help fill the gap between US supply and demand for energy by selling their product to the USA.

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  1. As long as politicians listen to activists instead of the technically competent, we’re going to get this sort of swill.

    • As long as China is paying them to ignore China….

      We could go black tomorrow and it would not make one bit of difference

      • China. Yes that’s absolutely got to be ignored by the GND crowd. Imagine plastering solar panels and wind turbines all over the landscapes of the world. Where is the bulk of solar panel charge control and grid interface electronics located? ( Hint.. begins with a C). So Joe Biden committed to a massive transfer of US grade currency to C…. Pretty much the same result for Wind turbines and although the US isn’t building nuclear these days, there is another country that is. (Hint…begins with a C).

          • Russia is a conservative democracy, China is a capitalist dictatorship. Only the American left still thinks communism is a good idea.

          • As is Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe, Cuba, etc etc. You vote one time for socialism/fascism/communism, from that point forward that is all you get to vote for. At least until you rise up and eradicate said practitioners of socialism/fascism/communism, and that is a bloody process which leaves destruction and death in its wake. Just as socialism/fascism/communism do.

          • While there may be elements of capitalism in the Chinese economy, only someone who knows nothing of capitalism would refer to China as a capitalist country.

        • Lee, the renewables industry has nothing to do with altruistic claptrap. The Bidens (alleged) business dealings with China were around energy. All of this is about greed, this whole industry is driven by greed.

          Australia has two billionaires who are a good way into getting a 10 gigawatt solar installation built in the Northern Territory, yes that’s right 10 gigawatts! This is a single solar installation. One of these greedy fools is a mining magnate, the other, from an IT background, is a green activist who is heavily invested in renewables.

          They claim that they have identified the location, somewhere near Tennent Creek. They must have totally hoodwinked the indigenous population, I doubt that they have any idea that they are selling out ‘country’. This, ‘country’ is one of the most important things to the Aboriginal people.

          They claim that they are trying to reduce the footprint of land from 15,000 hectares (37,065 acres) to 12,000 hectares (29,652 acres). And they will need to bulldoze the lot! What happens to the displaced animals, those that aren’t killed in the process?

          To get a concept of the size, 15,000 hectares is 150 square kilometres (or close to 60 square miles). So now imagine driving for 150 kilometers (or 60 miles) and having half a kilometer deep (or mile) of solar panels on either side of you for the entire distance!

          I might be wrong, it’s hard to find the truth anywhere, but that could be around 37.5 million solar panels. And on the subject of truth, based on solar industry that has been completed, and those being built or proposed in our region, that original figure of 15,000 hectares that they are claiming to aim to reduce, should be at least 30,000 hectares! The figures don’t add up. And who is responsible for disposing of all these panels.

          Now here’s the worst of it, nearly all the power from this site will go to Singapore! The mining magnate, much like Joe, is mates with the Chinese. His ore likely goes to China to be processed. The panels all come from China. The billionaire greeny obviously doesn’t give two hoots about the environment, he’s stands to make alot of money to destroy it!

          Here’s a link so you know I didn’t make all this up.

          Sadly, that’s not the worst of it. The Western Australian government has granted major project status to a 26 gigawatt of wind and solar capacity in the Pilbara region. That’s right, 26 gigawatts! I can’t even imagine the footprint of that project, and there are many Aboriginals living on ‘country’ here. This $50 billion dollar project is set to be cabled off to Asia too.

          The Pilbara region is a tourist destination. I have a link for this project too.

          This tells you why Biden is so keen to promote all forms or renewables. This tells you why the ‘worse than we thought’ propaganda scenarios are regularly ramped up. The phrases such as, “we must act on renewable energy quickly, before it’s too late”.

          It’s all to do with off the scale greed. We must stop subsidies, and we must insist that they have proper recycling prepaid for all renewables projects. Better still we need to put an end to this madness.

          I wish we had some politicians with the guts that Trump has.

          • Trump has guts?
            No, he just has businesses that he favours, he has no problems with the Paris Agreement per se, just that it will disadvantage the USA.

          • Adam Gallon, you obviously don’t know anything about Donald Trump. He has guts and he is a patriot. He is not President in order to enrich himself. For many years he stayed out of politics and maintained that he would only get involved if nobody else would step up and fight for America. He saw the current liberal and RINO mess and decided it was time for him to get involved. Yes, that takes a big ego, but it doesn’t mean he is wrong or that he has bad intentions.

          • Trump has a lot more guts than does an anonymous internet troll who’s only job qualification is whining about people who have been more successful than him.

        • Mods

          Have you reviewed my response to Lee L? It was relevant to his post,
          “Imagine plastering solar panels and wind turbines all over the landscapes of the world”, and I think the readers would be entertained by the links.

    • …speaking of activists

      1970…..we only have 10 years to save the planet
      1980…..we only have 10 years to save the planet
      1990…..we only have 10 years to save the planet
      2000…..we only have 10 years to save the planet
      2010…..we only have 10 years to save the planet
      2020…..Biden….we only have 10 years to save the planet

      …Biden has been a politician the whole time

      • Correction: in 1970, the “end of the earth” was in just five years, ten at the most, since the Population Bomb was to lead to mass starvation of the U.S. and we could expect nearly 200,000 to die of hunger annually within our borders, according to the wise, old sage Dr. Paul Erlich, who still draws a paycheck 50 years later with the same, dire, and non-happening predictions.

        The word “starvation” can also be replaced by nuclear winter, air pollution, population-explosion, polluted water; any number of dire and never-happening predictions.

      • Latitude,
        You are exactly right. Here’s an example of us being told that we only have 10 years left by the UN back in 1989:

        U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked
        PETER JAMES SPIELMANN June 29, 1989

        UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

        “Coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of ″eco- refugees,′ ′ threatening political chaos, said Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the U.N. Environment Program, or UNEP.

        He said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.

        As the warming melts polar icecaps, ocean levels will rise by up to three feet, enough to cover the Maldives and other flat island nations, Brown told The Associated Press in an interview on Wednesday.

        Coastal regions will be inundated; one-sixth of Bangladesh could be flooded, displacing a fourth of its 90 million people. A fifth of Egypt’s arable land in the Nile Delta would be flooded, cutting off its food supply, according to a joint UNEP and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study.

        ″Ecological refugees will become a major concern, and what’s worse is you may find that people can move to drier ground, but the soils and the natural resources may not support life. Africa doesn’t have to worry about land, but would you want to live in the Sahara?″ he said.

        UNEP estimates it would cost the United States at least $100 billion to protect its east coast alone.

        Shifting climate patterns would bring back 1930s Dust Bowl conditions to Canadian and U.S. wheatlands, while the Soviet Union could reap bumper crops if it adapts its agriculture in time, according to a study by UNEP and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

        Excess carbon dioxide is pouring into the atmosphere because of humanity’s use of fossil fuels and burning of rain forests, the study says. The atmosphere is retaining more heat than it radiates, much like a greenhouse.

        The most conservative scientific estimate that the Earth’s temperature will rise 1 to 7 degrees in the next 30 years, said Brown.

        Brown said if the warming trend continues, ″the question is will we be able to reverse the process in time? We say that within the next 10 years, given the present loads that the atmosphere has to bear, we have an opportunity to start the stabilizing process.″

        He said even the most conservative scientists ″already tell us there’s nothing we can do now to stop a … change″ of about 3 degrees. ”

        Mike: So we did very little for 31 years and what happened?

        Answer: The planet greened up. Crop yields/world food production soared higher. Violent tornadoes decreased. Polar bear populations increased and most life flourished.
        Cold still kills 15 times more humans than heat(down from 20 times) and 200 times more life than heat.
        But there has been a small uptick in heat waves and flooding from the global warming.

        A climate OPTIMUM for life based on all authentic scientific standards…..biology, agronomy, climate…… etc.

        But a climate CRISIS based on politics.

    • Correct. They march to the advocacy drummer each and every day. It was most noticeable under Obama with speeches written to attack anyone who disagreed in the Hillary style of attack the voter technique.

    • Remember that China has substantial rare earth deposits (as you know, used in batteries) and would win hugely if the USA, indeed the West, opted for ‘green’ energy. The corrupt Biden would give them that.

      • Canada, US, Australia and Africa have large resources of rare earths shut in by predatory pricing and illegal mining in China. One project in Quebec has resources of over 200 million tonnes of ore (ferro- carbonatite) outcropping on surface with a couple of percent rare-earth elements with good values in Neodymium – the main RE metal used in wind turbine magnets (neodimium is doped with dysprosium, which is also available from these deposits).

        This large deposit is one of numerous ones in a chain that extends from southern Quebec (north of Vermont and New Hampshire to northern Ontario. The city of Montreal is built over one of them (Mount Royal from which the city derives its name). Development of this one and others was halted when China began dumping RE around 2011.

      • “Rare earth” isn’t so rare but the labor and safeguards cost to extract it in countries that care about people and environment make the difference to business bottom line.

      • The USA has huge reserves of Rare Earths too, China however, can control the price, so can make it uneconomical for US companies to mine & refine them. The latter being the most expensive bit.

        • Sadly Adam, the processing of rare earth materials are up there with the most toxic in the world, and China doesn’t give the environmental damage it has and continues to do a second thought.

  2. MN’s governor Kim Jim Walz wants to be fossil fuel free too. These people are nutz.

    And the silly senator Tina Smith stood outside a bunch of solar panels in MN…in MN! We can go days without sun. Lunacy.

    • And who’s going to clean them off in the winter when they’re covered in snow? I’ve seen several solar panel projects here in MI, which have the same drawbacks – snow covered in winter, and I remember one November back in the ’80s when we got 13 _hours_ of sun unobscured by clouds for the entire month! Complete total insanity, but then our governor is also known as Her Majesty, Queen Gretchen the First.

    • And a whole lot of Americans of all races are seeing that they are corrupt and want to take away our way of life. I don’t think any possible amount of cheating in the election is going to see them through to a win. Biden is toast. But really unless the Republicans can hold the senate, Trump will be forced on the defensive and the promise of what could have been the next four years eliminated.

      The only way to stop fanatics is to defeat them and best it be done in the political arena and not buy other much more messy and potentially bloody means.

      • “But really unless the Republicans can hold the senate, Trump will be forced on the defensive and the promise of what could have been the next four years eliminated. ”

        Trump said last night at the debate that he thought the Republicans are going to win the House of Reprsentatives. Republicans only need to turn about 16 seats to have the majority.

        No Nancy Pelosi standing in the way! Think of that! Can you believe she has been holding up monetary relief for millions of people for over three months, and is doing so purely for political purposes! The voters need to punish Nancy and the Democrats for playing politics with people’s lives. And I think they will.

        It sure would be sweet if the Republicans made a clean sweep: President, U.S. Senate and U.S. House. The United States would make about 50-years worth of reforms in four years under those circumstances.

        Lots of things need reforming: The School system for one. I just heard Trump say at a rally he is holding that in his next term he wants to take on the way young people are educated. He wants to remove the leftwing propaganda from the school systems.

        • Unfortunately Tom–republicans do not stand united to get things done like the dems do. You have to admire their individuality and ability to think issues through and come up with different opinions, the way our system was designed to do. But it is way hard to get things done and reformed because of this. So even if it happens, not a whole lot will get done. The best you can say is that more harm won’t be inflicted and we’ll go through this in 4 years again.

        • Seriously? Just because Trump said something doesn’t mean it is true or even likely. No
          polls show the republicans winning the House of Representatives. And the majority of them
          show the Democrats winning the senate and Biden being the clear winner for the presidency.

          And I am not sure why you think that there would be 50 years of reforms if there was a Republican clean sweep. The last time there the Republicans controlled all branches of power
          was between 2016-2018 and there were 2 government shutdowns. The Republicans are clearly
          incapable of running the US government.

          • “Seriously? Just because Trump said something doesn’t mean it is true or even likely. No
            polls show the republicans winning the House of Representatives. And the majority of them
            show the Democrats winning the senate and Biden being the clear winner for the presidency.

            Trump has his own internal polls and they are better than the biased polls put out by the Leftwing Media. If Trump says there is a chance the Republicans may win the U.S. House, then he is seeing something that causes him to say that.

            All the polls in 2016 had Trump just as far behind Hillary as they have Trump behind Biden today. Their methodology was flawed in 2016, and they haven’t changed a thing in 2020.

          • “The Republicans are clearly incapable of running the US government.”

            And Biden couldn’t run a chook raffle ….. unless there were little girls present !

            Fact is , that before the covid farce, the USA was doing extremely well, DESPITE the Trump Derangement Syndrome from the Dumbocrats and the deep state blocking many of the things that would have made USA great again.

            You can’t seriously want Biden to win.. not even you are THAT DUMB, izzy !

          • The mainstream polls are completely fraudulent, and are made to push a narrative, not reflect actual support. When you sample 10% more Democrats, of course the Democrat candidate will have close to 10% higher ranking in the poll. They also like to oversample Never Trumpers for their “Republican” sample set. Lots of ways to skew a poll to get the result you want.

          • Izaak

            What I don’t get is why you have any faith in the polls they issue. Anyone that has watched with even an iota of objectivity can see that almost all of them are intended to influence the electorate and not present a accurate sample to try and indicate the true situation at a given time. If we seated politicians based on a consensus of polls, the Republican party would have gone the way of the dinosaurs long ago.

            Comparing a newly seated congress with Republican control of both houses to what happened in the first two years with Trump is not valid. Many a new Republican seated would owe their position to Trump. That was not the case in 2016.

            But regardless, the fact is that DC is corrupt through and through and many of the older politicians owned by special interests or outside interests. No congress person in either house has written a bill for many years that has made it into law. The bills that get through have all been written by special interests on K street.

            The Republic is broken and even two terms of Trump having a compliant congress would not be able to fix it all. But the Senate is the chamber that has the Constitutional control over seating judges and eight years of Conservative judges/justices is a great back stop to help prevent the demise of the Republic for some time to come.

          • Polls showed Hillary winning by 3 to 5% and that the Dems would have major pickups in both the House and Senate in 2016.

            The reason for polls being wrong in 2016 still exist and are even more pronounced this year.

          • rah, like most progressives, Izaak has complete faith in anything that tells him what he wants to hear. Much like his selective climate filters.

          • Rah,
            There is plenty of reasons to believe the polls. The first one is that polling companies
            make money by being accurate. People are not going to commision a poll from companies
            that have a track record of being wrong. Politicans in particular need accurate polls so that they know where to place ads, which states to campaign in etc and accuracy will be far more valuable than telling people what they want to hear.

            Secondly in both 2016 and 2018 the polls were essentially correct. In 2016 the national level polls got the popular vote correct to within a percent while state level polls had a Trump victory as being within the margin of error. Prior to election day Nate Silver for example gave Trump a 30% chance of winning which was fairly accurate given that he lost the popular vote. Pollesters also realised the errors with their sampling (not enough whites without college degrees being the main one) and improved so that in 2018 they were much more accurate.

            Currently Biden is ahead by 9 percent and has been since February. Similarly he is ahead in most swing states by more than the margin of error. Polls can be twice as wrong as they were in 2016 and Biden would still be president. Alternatively they could be wrong in favour of Biden in which case there would be a landslide victory for him.

            Trump might win in November but at the moment all the indications are that he is behind and not making up any ground. He best attribute is his ability to campaign and he is doing a good job motivated his committed supporters but he is continuing to drive away moderates and the uncommitted.

          • “The first one is that polling companies make money by being accurate.”

            No, they don’t. They make money by providing their customers with what they want.

            “People are not going to commision a poll from companies that have a track record of being wrong.”

            People commission polls from companies who will give them the poll results they want.

            “Politicans in particular need accurate polls so that they know where to place ads, which states to campaign in etc and accuracy will be far more valuable than telling people what they want to hear.”

            Which is why politicians do their own polls, and don’t rely on a third party to do it for them. Public polls exist to tell people how to vote, not to determine how people will vote.

            “Trump might win in November but at the moment all the indications are that he is behind and not making up any ground.”

            And Hillary Clinton has a 98% chance of winning.

          • “People are not going to commission a poll from companies that have a track record of being wrong”

            Ahh….. so none of the companies that got it so wonderfully WRONG last election are involved….. Is that what you are saying .. ditzy ?

          • I give up. It’s horse and water again.
            There is a consistent pattern of many pollsters adjusting their polls in the last 7-10 days before the actual election. That pattern shows them always tightening the race in a manner to try and still show the person their customer(s) wanted to win doing so but be within the margin of error when their conclusion is proven wrong in the real world. Even Gallup does it and has been doing it for almost their entire history.

            The popular vote doesn’t means SQUAT! And CA allowing noncitizens to vote skews it anyway. Fact is I don’t give a damned about the popular vote, no matter who wins because we live in a Republic founded by wise men that knew that pure democracy does not work! The electoral college prevents the tyranny of the majority. It is in place for the same reason we have a two chamber congress with one chamber having two senators for each state regardless of that states population. And thankfully, an essential characteristic of the electoral college is that it makes it quite difficult to steal a national election by cheating.

          • “There is plenty of reasons to believe the polls. The first one is that polling companies”

            Wanna put your money where your mouth is Izaak?

            Straight up I say Trump wins! Your polls you believe in claim he won’t.

            I’m never adverse to taking money from foolish people.

          • “The popular vote doesn’t means SQUAT! And CA allowing noncitizens to vote skews it anyway.”

            If you take out CA and it’s potential illegal votes, President Trump won the popular vote in the other 49 states by 1.4 million votes.

          • Izaak, if you were as smart as you think you are, you would know that there are two types of polls. Internal polls, and polls that are intended for release to the public.
            The only purpose of these external polls is to influence the public.
            They were never intended to be accurate, that’s what the internal polls are for.

          • Fred, Izaak is one of those people who will tell you that the climate models are basically correct. His only committment is to advancing the cause of his ideology. Be it climate change, or blind support of any far left candidate. He says what needs to be done.

    • And suppose you live in Alaska? No sun the whole winter.

      I guess we all have to be like Mosher and live on the proper longitude line.

    • We had that for the first two years of Trump’s Presidency. But we also had Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan leading their respective Houses. Ryan is gone but McCarthy is his clone. Mitch has been and will continue to be going out of his way to make sure that any appointee that requires Senate approval is going to be an obstructionist.

    • 2hotel, Always nice when the liberals accidently tell the truth about something. Very Rare! Very damning!

      • Actually they tell the world exactly what they intend all the time, people just don’t listen till it is too late. DJT listened and is taking action to stop them, precisely why Americans hired him.

  3. BIDEN: “Because the oil industry pollutes.”
    Translation: “Because it is a fossil fuel, the burning of which adds “carbon pollution”.
    What a liar. #Bidenusuck.

    • Sorry state of affairs sums up US politics. Trump, Biden & Clinton, were these really the best candidates you could come up with?

      • I, personally, would like to see Trump be president for life because I think he has done and will do a very good job.

        Trump *is* about the best we can do, and his best is pretty damn good.

        And to cap it all off, Trump is not a crook, which has been certified by four years of the most intense investigation of a president in history, whereas Hillary and Biden are crimnals, who have both actively tried to undermine the Constitution of the United States in their lust for personal political power.

        • I wonder what utopian vista Adam hails from? Must be wonderful to be practically perfect in every way!

  4. Good catch on that little debate exchange, Eric. The proof of how lame the Biden declaration was came this morning when CNN analyst declared the Biden “I would transition from the oil industry, yes.” statement as “an unforced error”, which is CNN-speak for “profoundly stupid” as regards a democrat. Vote early and vote often!

  5. Biden is very uninformed and out of touch. Having worked in the energy business in many forms (offshore E&P construction / coal / nuclear ) since 1974 I can assure you that solar and wind renewables are a bad choice and offer terrible RoI. It is impossible, even were there the will, to replace current energy production using a combination of coal, nuclear, oil and gas, with anything other than a combination of hydro, fossil fueled plant and a lot more Nuclear / Salt reactors / PBMRs and some solar furnaces because wind and solar are polluting, horribly expensive and unreliable. The problem has come about with government allowing social workers, lobbyists, lawyers and the Geckos to predict and manage what should undertaken by engineers and scientists – and qualified ones not Green dreamers. The future is electric up to a point but future electricity generation must come in great proportion from Nuclear which is relatively cheap and safe (unless the plants are staffed by idiots or they are built on a fault line). Oil is cheap and plentiful and should continue to be used in the most efficient way. If the Green Agenda is followed the future is California with brown outs no Air Conditioning and miserable conditions which will have been imposed unnecessarily by eco-Loons.

    • Biden is leading the polls for the highest position in the world. He has already risen to the second-highest position in the land without having to produce any original thoughts. Millions of Americans listen to his every word even though he has lost over 50 percent of his mental capability. He has sniffed many women and girls will no repercussions. He has made millions with no effort of his own. Do not underestimate him. Like Forrest Gump’s Drill Sargent says he is a GD genius.

      • I doubt millions of Americans listen to his every word. They’ve tuned him out. He draws nobody to his events. They don’t want to hear his gaffes over and over. They don’t want to hear him talk about his positions or give opinions on issues. They don’t even ask him about packing the Supreme Court.

        He is the Democrat candidate opposing Trump and has the force of the media and Democrat behind him. It’s not genius. It’s default.

        • You are no doubt right but how do you become the default? Just stay in the game and keeping plugging (and not just your bald head) and someday you may get lucky.

          • Someday people will decide you are the most easily manipulated candidate. Then you will be financed and backed by the propaganda machine. You only need to smile, wave and read from a script.

      • You really think that many voting democrat are voting for Biden and not against Trump? That is what is happening. Those voting for Biden would vote for any democrat. It has been that way for a very long time. Here is a classic with Bob Hope from back when an actor/comedian could say such a thing and keep working in Hollywood:

    • On behalf of geckos everywhere, I object to your slanderous association of us with social workers, lobbyists, lawyers.

      In case you haven’t noticed, we geckos feed at ceiling level.
      We are not bottom-feeders like the aforementioned social workers, lobbyists, lawyers.

    • You are assuming they really care about all of that. What they envision is a modern day feudal society and you remember how much concern the ruling classes had for the serfs under feudalism.

  6. For a non existing problem?
    What is alarming is how many non thinkers there are in America besides Joe Biden. We have to attach blame in part to the fake news outlets that use fake news to sell their papers and advertising, not caring if non thinkers blindly believe it is true. The damage this has done two our country!

    • “We have to attach blame in part to the fake news outlets that use fake news to sell their papers and advertising,”

      I would say the fake news is the main avenue for misleading people, and they not only do it to sell papers and advertising, but also to sell a leftwing ideology. The entire Leftwing Media is now a propaganda organ for the Democrats.

      • Ha, CNN and MSNBC have lost viewership as did ESPN. NONE of them have changed their bias and in fact all have doubled down on it this election cycle. The old argument that it’s about advertising revenue is obviously a lie.

          • The people of America are sick and tired of being called all manner of filthy names by college educated f**kbags who can’t get or hold a real job.

    • What is alarming is how many non thinkers there are in America besides Joe Biden.

      Result of the infiltration/destruction of the education & judicial systems and at one time a “relatively” objective media.

  7. Going from memory here….

    Mr. Biden opened the section with a declaration that we face an existential crisis and that we must take action now.

    President Trump responded legitimately by attacking the proposed actions. He did not, however, attack the underlying premise of an existential crisis.

    Brother Trump, good on you for cleaning up the cobwebs, but you really need to kill the spider.

  8. “…a risk that the fossil fuel industry might be “transitioned” too quickly…”

    Too quickly? That implies that there are realistic technologies awaiting development to make the wind blow harder and all the time, and the sun to shine 24 hours per day. All we need to then is to give time for these developments to be complete and then we turn off the oil.


  9. Sadly the CEO of my pension fund, Mr Looney from County Kerry who runs BP, is on record as saying BP will ‘transition’ from grown up energy production to windmills and solar mirrors to provide the worlds energy.
    It appears that not all the lunatics are members of the American Democrat party, they are out there in charge of the asylums.

  10. The courtroom was adjourned, no verdict was returned

    And while Biden read a book on Marx, the quartet practiced in the park

    And we sang dirges in the dark the day the oil died, we were singin’

    Bye, bye miss American pie…….

    Apologies to Don Mclean

  11. When Kristen Welker asked “Why would you do that?”, I don’t think she meant “why would you kill the oil industry”, I think she meant “why would you admit in public that you want to kill the oil industry”. She realized the potential damage to his campaign that admission could have with voters in Oil states.

  12. Hunter Biden, based on his extensive smoke&fly expertise, will be nominated in charge of the transition to fuel-free aviation…

    • Thanks, Flight Level, that made me laugh…almost as hard as last night when Joe named his revised Obamacare health-care plan “Bidencare”. What a maroon!


      • Respects Bob,

        I’ve watched the recording of the event and can’t figure out if not being American I miss the point or, is it that Joe Biden exhibits the body language of a cornered crook and speaks like one.

        The consequences of his internal psychological stress to refute reality are vastly perceivable.

        I would be very uncomfortable to have him on board and would ask the cabin crew to locate and discreetly establish friendly contacts with ABP’s (Able Bodied Passengers) … Just in case he blows a fuse and looses it all in an argument with someone.

        BR, tailwind !

          • Well Bob,
            Avery good question indeed. However I’m not the specialist to answer it in it’s full extend. For me eyes behavior are part of that “being uncomfortable with” part.

            Nevertheless I can refer to crew safety and prevention workshops. Where we’re told that being uncomfortable with someone’s eyes could mean that the concerned person suffers from schizophrenia and/or consciously conceals potentially harmful intentions.

            BR, tailwind,

  13. There are some countries closer, but still far far away, to a renewable energy transition. Those countries will be the canaries in the coal mine and already some have stopped singing. Despite all the renewable hullabaloo the world is still increasing its’ use of fossil fuels to the point that fossil fuel use is expanding faster than the solar and wind that’s supposed to be replacing it. What’s wrong with this picture and who is looking at it? Developing countries certainly don’t care what drives their progress ….. do they?

  14. risk that the fossil fuel industry might be “transitioned” too quickly

    Considering there is no affordable, viable, reliable alternative (other than nuclear, which is unpalatable to the people that want to do away with cheap, reliable fossil fuel energy), any “transition” is too quick.

  15. Oil isn’t just fuel thousands of products are made from it including pharmaceuticals. Where will America get all those when they can’t make their own. China, Russia?

    • You hit the nail on the head. Politicians like Biden have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. What’s your cell phone going to be covered with tomorrow? Steel? Wonder what your operating distance will be? How abut the keyboard used with your computer? Going to make it out of steel? It would probably help our steel industry – except where is the coal to make the steel going to come from? How about the lenses in Ol’ Joe’s reading glasses? What do you suppose those are made from? it probably ain’t glass!

      Just sit and look around you sometime Joe. My guess is that you have absolutely no idea how much stuff around you is made from plastic (read as oil!).

  16. If there were to be an artificial, politically-created shortfall of natural gas in the U.S. thanks to the economic illiterates and the innumerates (read Biden and the Green Blob), the biggest beneficiaries would likely be Russia (Gazprom has Western-audited proved natural gas reserves that are 4× ExxonMobil’s BOE-equivalent proved reserves), Qatar and Iran (the South Pars/North field is the world’s largest known gas field).

  17. The greedy do not care about the people, only about their own power and money.

    Biden stands to become one of the richest people on the planet if he can get himself elected. Then all of that will transition to his children and grand-children… The “Kennedy syndrome V2.0”.

    I do not personally “like” Trump, but that is not important. What is important is his policies. He has done more to clean up government than anyone other president I can remember. That’s probably because the government has become so bloated and corrupt with Tech and Green influence. I do wish someone would hide his dang smartphone so he couldn’t tweet anymore.

  18. “Obviously a scheme to shut down the US fossil fuel industry incurs a risk that the fossil fuel industry might be “transitioned” too quickly, that an energy gap might develop as the US fossil fuel industry is decommissioned.”

    Fossil fuels are not only used to create energy. And even there no one has come up with a viable alternative. And don’t say nuclear because no one has built one in decades and there is still no place set for storing the waste.

    But again, with out fossil fuel you can’t make metal, cement, glass, brick, asphalt, plastics, rubbers, nitrogen fertilizer….How are you all planning to do with out them?

    Would everyone please grow up and start acting like adults on this eliminate fossil fuel nonsense.

  19. Hmmmm . . . I’m just wondering what the US military thinks of Biden’s plan to “transition from the oil industry”.

    Outside of nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers, all of the Navy relies almost totally on oil-derived fuels. In additional, the Army and Air Force rely on oil-derived fuels for basically anything that moves on the ground or flies through the air. You think Sleepy Joe has a plan for how wind, solar and water will be used to replace all those critical oil-fueled ICE’s (including jet fuel- and natural gas-powered turbines) used by the military to defend the USA? . . . forget about it!

    Perhaps natural gas can be used to replace oil-based fuels for the military? . . . no, it cannot because its energy density is too low, even with relatively high pressure storage tanks. And just imagine the cost of replacing all existing military motors to run on either natural gas or electrical batteries!

    And it’s not just fuel . . . no vehicle of any kind could move very long without lubricating oils, and that includes all personal and commercial vehicles.

    Beyond this, Sleepy Joe appears oblivious as to all of the direct products and petrochemical feedstock products that are derived from oil and that are critical to manufacturing an extraordinary range of products in the US . . . from plastics (including synthetic fabrics), to rubbers (can you say “tires”?), to fertilizers (need food?), to asphalt (need roads and road repairs?), to insecticides, to pharmaceutical drugs. (more info at ).

    We need a US President that actually thinks, rather than one that just parrots a meme and thereby ends up inserting foot into mouth.

    • Doesn’t matter, the many Democrats want to get rid of the Dept of the Defense. After all good socialists never attack each other.

  20. Ukraine has minimal developed natural gas supplies. They have tried for decades to gain foreign investment for that purpose but not sure the prospects are very “exciting”, although outlooks can and do change

    They get nat gas from Russia which uses it as a political tool.

  21. “Britain would be better off with Joe Biden”, the headline of an opinion piece by Conservative Member of Parliament Sajid Javid said on Friday. The Tory was an influential cabinet minister through the David Cameron and Theresa May years — before resigning his post shortly after Boris Johnson took control.

    Don’t worry, Doris Johnson is of a like mind.

    Doris fooled a lot of people.

    • Well if the British want Biden, would someone please let them know they can have him?


        • I’ll buy Biden’s airplane ticket to Britain if he’ll go.

          On second thought, it would be an unfriendly act to foist Biden off on the British.

          I’ll save my money. Biden is headed to the dustbin of history in a little over a week anyway.

  22. He knows he can’t do this. Government and large corporations have been in cahoots for many decades. Big government and big corporations have always worked together while pretending to be disconnected. NO president has the power or ability to break them up. Even the Supreme Court decided in favor of joint stock companies: in 1886 when the Supreme Court allowed companies like Southern Pacific Railroad to use the 14th Amendment, which was supposed to protect the constitutional rights of newly freed slaves, as a loophole to declare corporations as “legal persons” with all the protections of an individual citizen. Not only that, but with limited liability, corporations actually became super-citizens with protections far beyond normal individuals. Corporations became the preeminent force in the world and it was their relationship with governments that made this possible”

    • So much nonsense.
      Just to pick the low hanging fruit, limited liability doesn’t do anything to protect corporations, it protects investors. It just means that you can’t go after the assets of the stockholders if the corporation is sued.
      Just think about it? Who in their right mind would own stock if they could lose every penny they if a company they have no control over does something bad.

    • What’s wrong with corporation being regarded as legal persons? It’s just a convenient fiction that allows corporations to sign contracts and to pay income taxes.

  23. TRUMP: We actually do give it to solar and wind. And that’s maybe the biggest statement, in terms of business, because basically what he’s saying is he’s going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?

    And he had to talk over Miss Moderator to get that out.

    That along with:

    Defund the Police; Protests* Will Not Stop and Should Not Stop; Everyone Encouraged to Wear a Mask All The Time; Global Warming is an Existential Threat to Humanity; Banning Fracking; Complete Zero Emissions by 2025.

    Isn’t going to make very many people want to vote for the Democrats.

    *And we all know they’re riots not protests, and we know who’s behind them.

  24. “PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Would you close down the oil industry?

    FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I would transition from the oil industry, yes.”

    The link below takes you to a list of the things in our daily lives made from crude oil. (You may have to shut off your ad blocker first).

    “..Americans consume petroleum products at a rate of three-and-a-half gallons of oil and more than 250 cubic feet of natural gas per day each!”

    Biden displays his profound ignorance with his statement above. The only way crude oil and fossil fuels are going to go away is with the advances in materials development and energy technologies that enable us to leave them behind. All anyone has to do is look at the history of technological advances (such as automobiles that left the horse and buggy behind and aviation that made travel by ship or train largely unnecessary) to draw that conclusion.

    Being a visionary is one thing. Being an ignorant and dangerous ideologue is something else entirely.

  25. Away from fossil fuel, away from nuclear, away from paved road, away from …
    But surely Biden, you forgot to mention that Big Brother needs the Internet, the cloud storage, the private hospitals, the tax office, the federal buildings, etc. all to be exempt from the brown/black-outs?

    Biden, you forgot to mention that your son made sure authorities can import diesel and liquid gas for the backup generators to institutions critical to your government.

    Reminds me:
    During Second World War in Denmark, the Germans rationalized the city gas, allowing only X volume per person in each household. My parents had many “unregistered” people (Jews and other people in the way for the new world order) in their household, so what to do? – They bought bottled gas instead.
    I see a slight parallel to the import from Ukraine/Russia.

    Dear Biden,
    I understand your philosophy is that fossil fuel is something you need so badly. You therefore need to secretly guarantee expensive fossil fuel import for yourself and your voters, who are so bravely equally hypocrite.
    I have news for you. You may cripple the US industry and the small people’s welfare, but then you risk being hated more than You and Harris hate President Trump.

  26. Unfortunately,speaking as a concerned Brit,President Trump’s re-election is obviously uncertain- unless Biden’s corruption is widely exposed before the end of this month.So the question- where is the FBI in all this,given that they have sat on the ” laptop from hell ” since last December? It would appear that Chris Wray is either corrupt and in the Biden\ Media ‘s pocket( very likely given the FBI ‘s recent record) – or -possibly even more dishonestly – he’s hedging his bets on the result of the election.Winner takes all.Either way,the President must force him to act rapidly,at the very least a really positive statement about the laptop, or sack him on the spot .And appoint someone who will act – quickly.

    • After Trump is re-elected, he should fire FBI Director Wray and the CIA Director, too. Both of them appear to be swamp critters who have been stonewalling and slowwalking investigations into what really happened during the Obama administration’s attempts to keep Trump from winning election, and then to cripple his administration after he was elected.

      If Trump gets re-elected, we will get to the bottom of all this. There will be a lot of Democrats shaking in their boots if Trump wins.

  27. But with a few billion dollars of oil shares to Hunter Biden to hold for the ‘big guy’, I’m sure he can be persuaded to change his mind.

    Vote for Joe Biden. The best president money can buy!

  28. Hunter Biden took a laptop in to be repaired and didn’t pick it up in a timely manner. The Republicans got hold of it and found a bunch of incriminating emails. The Bidens’ business partner, Bobulinski, says the emails are genuine.

    What we have is a scheme for Joe Biden to get money for access. It appears that the people wanting access aren’t just Ukrainians but also Chinese. This should be the biggest news story but has been buried. Check out Scott Adams episode 1163. part 1, part2

  29. I worked with Biden back in the 80’s. I can say with authority he really isn’t a smart man. There is a reason Obama tried to distance himself from Smok’n Joe most the 8 years he was President and only after banging his head against the wall, actually came out and “endorsed” him after he was nominated.

    That said, he never was a man for committing to anything if it became politically expedient to change his mind. Additionally, he probably won’t last 6 months if he gets elected. Harris is who counts on that ticket.

  30. The premature rush to “transition” could drag us backwards to reliance on foreign oil.
    Then we’d start hearing those old chants again about “No Wars For Oil”.
    Never mind technology advancements with internal combustion engines may outpace the rate of transition.
    Suppose fossil fuel engine emit no fossil fuels?
    What then?

  31. The U.S. economy is what counts as the top issue almost all the time and it can take down Dems if they drive it to the edge. No amount of policy distortion and media buys can deflect working class pain as the bottom line. Throwing many more trillions on the debt pile can work as a drug for awhile but then they will pay dearly. In a vast policy experiment or maybe even two together in a combo catastrophe sometimes called over reach you can do great damage. That’s where the media bias and advocacy armies are laid open.

  32. 1) The Biden tax plan is mostly a campaign gimmick with a paid, promotional impact study by Moody’s. The numbers are inflated and you’re not going to get that much from a narrow taxpayer group compared to all the giveaway spending promises which are also just campaign flak at best.
    2) The Biden energy plan is also campaign flak promising “good union jobs”, panels on every roof, and batteries in every basement. Failing on this one is going to hand China a major victory in trade, tech, and global power.
    3) You don’t save a troubled social security system by promising more benefits. Any actuary can tell you that if you bothered to ask one.

  33. BTW, the phrase “transition from fossil fuels” is a deflection phrase that a lot of speakers use including energy investment managers. Next question.

    The real issue is how aggressive a President is at flinging taxpayer funds from the podium like Obama did in all green directions and how many dirty rotten politico deals are showered in the process. There are Rainmakers and there are Gigaton Rainmakers. Oh and you get various seaside estates as payoff…… among the rising seas.

  34. Sure we can let PR and DC have senators in Congress but you must sunset RI and DE as states of the Union in the process. Scumbags

  35. From these lemons we must make lemonade. I’ll be setting a price to let you ride in my V-8 SUV and V-6 minivan. Not buying over-priced EVs, rooftop PV systems, and overpriced battery storage systems from promotional players means I also keep my retirement and I’ll also get to polling sites if they still allow voting in the future–Maduro and Xi may say no. If not, I’ll see you at the green internment camps with the LED bulbs and human compost heaps.

  36. From the article: “Obviously a scheme to shut down the US fossil fuel industry incurs a risk that the fossil fuel industry might be “transitioned” too quickly, that an energy gap might develop as the US fossil fuel industry is decommissioned.”

    Well, President Trump said last night at the debate that the notion that the U.S. economy can be powered by windmills and solar is a “Pipedream”.

    In another statement, President Trump also demonstrated that he understood that building a windmill requires a lot of fossil fuel, and causes a lot of extra CO2 creation, and implied that Mister BIG (Joe Biden) will have a tough time building enough of them to power the world without using fossil fuels.

  37. What will they use for the Molotov cocktails that sustain the revolution?

    The only use for Burisma would be for personal funding. I’d suspect there are more lucrative opportunities available to the family of anyone who becomes president. They have no gas to sell other than via pipelines to Europe.

  38. A “hot” stock tip: If Kamela and Joe win the White House on November 4, put all your money into Burisma Holdings. I hear that once those two shut down the petroleum industry in the US, they’ve got a connection inside that corporation to supply the fuel stocks for all the plastic they’ll need to build all those bird grinders that’s going to bring the other 49 states into parity with the cheap, plentiful power we enjoy here in Kalifornia.

    If Joe’s boy Hunter can make millions with no experience in fossil fuels, you can too!

  39. After the debate, he “clarified” what he actually “meant”. Nice try. That was his big Oops moment for the debate, and Trump will get all the mileage he can from it.

  40. If it becomes more expensive to provide petroleum based products, it will be the consumer that will end up paying for it. We are talking primarily working class Americans. If we do not produce it ourselves than we will have to import it. I do not believe that renewables can satisfy the demand for energy. The only viable alternative is nuclear.

  41. Joe has made the same mistake Clinton did in 2016 w/resp to fossil fuels. There was little enthusiasm for Trump in Wyoming during the 2016 primary season. Rubio won Wyoming in the primary. We have a lot of hispanic people in Wyoming. We have even more who depend on fossil fuels — Wyoming has about 0.2% of U.S. population but produc 13% or energy. When Clinton stated offhand that she planned to put most of Wyoming in the poor house by hampring fossil fuels to death, folks here suddenly found religion and the state went Trump by +48%.

    I think he has put Pennsylvania in doubt with last night’s performance.

  42. Was watching CNN and Wolf Blitzer earlier today.
    A democratic senator and good friend of Joe Bidens(according to Wolf, not me) was on.

    The topic was Joe Biden saying clearly that he would ban fracking during the democrat debates, then recently, saying that he would not ban fracking.

    He asked the senator about this (and already knew they answer).

    His response was that Joe Biden meant that he would ban fracking only on federal land and not private land and almost no fracking is on federal land, so it would not affect fracking in PA.

    Wolf repeated that then, said, in conclusion: “just so that we are clear on this, if you live in PA, you can vote for Joe Biden and you won’t have to worry about him banning fracking in your state”

    Wow, what a crock.

    Whatever he wants to call it, the Green New Deal or the Biden Deal, the main objective is TO ELIMINATE FOSSIL FUELS.

    Natural gas is a fossil fuel that we get from fracking.

    This “using natural gas for the transition” is complete bs too. The objective it to completely get rid of all fossil fuels forever, including natural gas.

    The truth is, that they will never be able to do it because it’s nothing but the Green(Biden) Fairy Tale with made up facts about jobs, costs, the economy and the physical laws of energy but regardless THE PLAN is to get rid of all fossil fuels.

    You can’t be for the plan and be for fracking to continue.

    It would be like……… this presidential election, telling all my friends that are republicans that I want Donald Trump to win.

    Then, when I am with friends that are democrats, telling them that I really want Biden to be elected.

    You are either for the Biden New Deal or you are for fracking. You can’t be for both.

    In meteorology/weather:

    If the skies are completely cloudy right now outside, it can’t be sunny. As a meteorologist, If I predicted sunny skies today and there isn’t a ray of sunshine all day, I was wrong…………or was I?

    Well, you can still be right if you just apply Joe Biden’s methodology for determining weather forecast verification.

    It really was sunny all day like in the forecast……………..above the clouds. When I made the prediction…. I really meant above the clouds, not on the ground where people live (-:

    Seriously, that’s how dishonest his explanation is for endorsing his plan to eliminate fossil fuels but somehow, not banning fracking.

    • “His response was that Joe Biden meant that he would ban fracking only on federal land and not private land”

      Well, a president can’t ban fracking on private land. That’s why Barack Obama did not ban fracking on private land, because he could not legally do so. And neither can Joe Biden.

      Of course, if the Democrats win, they could pass laws that would allow the banning of fracking on private land.

      Don’t let the Democrats win.

    • Thank you for that. 🙂

      The problem is that folks have seen Biden give a credible performance in two debates. Trump tried to steamroll him in the first debate and Biden did not turn into a whimpering puddle on the floor. Of course that raises the question of whether or not Biden is on performance enhancing drugs. link That sword cuts both ways because it looked like Trump had something like roid rage after his treatment for the Wuhan flu. I’m guessing people will think Biden needs enhancement to keep going and Trump doesn’t. Maybe they could do some commercials with Trump as the Energizer Bunny.

      There’s no evidence the Democrat party has learned anything at all after losing bigly in 2016. They deserve to lose even more bigly this time. Listen Liberal!

      • “There’s no evidence the Democrat party has learned anything at all after losing bigly in 2016.”

        No, they haven’t. They have just gotten more radical, and really nasty, as time goes along.

  43. Scare the people Joey…..ooooooh it’s a cold winter coming…..but remind them that you can save them……if they vote for you. Tell them that they will be safe in your hands and have no more worries. Tell them that maybe you didn’t fix everything last time….but this time will be different. IT WILL BE A VERY COLD WINTER IF JOEY STEALS THE ELECTION.

  44. All the media outlets here in Aus are dumping on Trump and championing Biden (Backed by Clinton). Just for that I wish for a Trump win.

    GO TRUMP! (From a Britton and a New Zealander in Australia).

    • All the Media outlets in the Western Democracies are on the same page politically. They all promote the Leftwing agenda. They all attempt to mislead the consumers of their biased product.

      People were smarter than to listen to the Leftwing Media in 2016. Maybe they will be smart enough to ignore the Leftwing Media in 2020, too. Ten more days.

  45. Without oil how will any green electric generation equipment be manufactured, facilities constructed and operated?

    • “Without oil how will any green electric generation equipment be manufactured, facilities constructed and operated?”

      That’s a question President Trump addressed during the debate. Biden and the Moderator ignored what he said, most likely because they didn’t have a good reply.

      Trump said trying to run the US economy on windmills was a “Pipedream”, and he told Joe that Joe was going to need oil in order to build his windmills. Joe had no reply to Trump’s statments, and the moderator wanted to move on to another question, so Trump’s statements were ignored. But I heard them.

  46. You make it sound as if Biden had a strategic plan to put his son on the board of Burisma just so that Burisma could sell oil to the US in the event that Biden becomes president and closes down America’s oil industry, as if Burisma wouldn’t sell oil to America of it’s own accord, or any other foreign oil producer wouldn’t for that matter. We know in fact that it had more to do with bribery and corruption than strategic planning.

  47. Ignorance abounds among our leftist politicians.

    Almost all wells drilled on USA federal land are hydraulically fracture stimulated, “fracked”. Wells drilled in the Gulf of Mexico offshore are generally not fracture stimulated. It is all about physical reality.

    So, candidate Joe wants to eliminate most of the hydrocarbon development in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and other areas. His intent will also destroy vast natural gas fields in the western USA that have not been fully developed and which the country will need. He will destroy assets and energy supplies for which the development rights are owned by various enterprises. This amounts to confiscation of private property on a continental scale. I think this is immoral and unconstitutional.

  48. “And I’d stop giving federal subsidies to the oil industry.”

    That Biden said that “subsidies to the oil industry” are a thing may be one of his most serious mental blunders.

    And that one can’t be attributed to a “stutter”!

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