Michael Mann: Whether or not Trump gets re-elected … could determine the fate of our planet

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Michael Mann, President Trump has emboldened world leaders like Australia’s Scott Morrison to be less ambitious on climate change. But why does Mann think Biden would make such a difference, given the Biden family’s high level involvement in non-US fossil fuel giants like Burisma?

For Australia’s sake, I hope Trump’s climate science denialism loses

Michael Mann
Sat 17 Oct 2020 06.00 AEDT

US policy has emboldened Scott Morrison to be less ambitious on climate, just when so much is at stake

Anyone in Australia who witnessed the Black Summer bushfires (as I did), and anyone in the US who experienced the thick smoke from our western wildfires (as I have), knows how much damage climate change is already doing. The stark reality is that worldwide efforts to avert ever-more catastrophic climate change impacts lie in the balance in the 2020 US election.

Donald Trump will go down in history bearing substantial responsibility for the deaths of over 200,000 Americans due to his rejection of the advice of public health experts and his refusal to endorse policies such as social distancing and mask-wearing that could have saved many thousands of lives. But his rejection of the science of climate change sets the stage for a far greater toll. Far more human lives will be lost from the impacts of climate change if we fail to act.

Whether or not Trump gets re-elected – and how other countries like Australia respond to the outcome of the US election – could determine the fate of our planet. Indeed, I’ve stated that a second Trump term might well be “game over for the climate” if it leads to the collapse of international efforts to act.

The damage caused by Trump’s climate denial is painfully visible within the US as we endure climate change-fuelled extreme weather events, including unprecedented wildfires in the west and unprecedented hurricanes in the east. But the damage can be felt around the world. Trump has proudly, and shamelessly, trumpeted his climate denialism on the global stage, joining with petrostates such as Russia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil in opposing international climate efforts.

Indeed, Trump’s actions have emboldened Australia to be less ambitious on climate too, prime minister Scott Morrison following Trump’s lead in promoting climate denial, coddling fossil fuel interests and blocking efforts to support a clean, renewable energy transition.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/17/for-australias-sake-i-hope-trumps-climate-science-denialism-loses

Despite Joe Biden’s rhetoric on climate change, his son Hunter Biden has been travelling the world making business deals with Ukrainian Gas Giant Burisma, BHR (which apparently invested in African mines), and a string of Chinese companies which did who knows what.

So in my opinion it could be argued that the Biden family has a substantial ongoing personal involvement with petroleum and extractive industry companies.

202 thoughts on “Michael Mann: Whether or not Trump gets re-elected … could determine the fate of our planet

  1. For just once, Michael Mann is right. Whether or not Trump gets re-elected will determine the fate of the planet and our lives. If Biden is elected, there will be a monumental environmental, financial and sociological disaster.

    • From what I have heard coming from Giuliani, Bannon, and others Hunter belongs in prison for the rest of his life. The talk is that the videos of Hunter show him torturing young girls while on drugs. Giuliani basically says that he doesn’t even want to try and describe these acts in any more detail than that they represent gross sexual abuse of minors and torture of minors. All allowed for by the CCP as they entangled and enticed a willing Hunter with this and a billion plus dollars.

      And the head of the FBI, Wray, has kept this quiet for almost one year.

      • I knew there was something to the Hunter story when Shiff called it Russian disinformation….talk about beating a dead horse.

        • In an interview the head of US intelligence has clearly stated that this is not Russian disinformation and he strongly criticised Shiff.

          The emails appear to be devastating for Joe Biden. Apart from anything else they prove that he has been consistently lying about his connections with Hunter’s business activities, particularly in the Ukraine. It’s not surprising – though utterly shocking – that FaceTwit have done all they could to silence the story. They’ve even silenced the White House spokeswoman. They will come to regret this massive attack against free speech. I think President Trump is very likely to win the election. If so, he is very likely to pursue the scrapping of Section 230 – I believe even some Democrats support that. If 230 is scrapped then FaceTwit will be dead and their shares worthless.

          Since this story broke it seems Joe Biden has gone to ground. The Democrats have annhounced that the polls are probably wrong and the contest is much tighter (some data actually shows Trump to be leading in early voting results, while early results should favour the Democrats). The presidential debate on Thursday is likely to be explosive – assuming Biden makes an appearance. The emails often refer to Joe Biden with terms similar to “The big man” – almost eerily similar to the Mafia. Trump has publically described the Bidens as a “crime family” or similar. I think Trump is absolutely right. If false, Trump would be guilty of serious libel. But I seriously doubt Biden would take it to court – the evidence against him is overwhelming.

          There have been reports about videos recovered from Hunter’s hard drive. Time will tell about that, there’s no point in speculating until there is real evidence. But, overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Hunter and the Big Man end up behind bars.
          Truly, we live in interesting times.

          • Chris, Biden held up better than people expected him to in the first debate. People were expecting him to trip over his words as has been evident on many occasions. We put his behavior down to dementia. Is it possible he wasn’t in the basement at all, but in rehab?

          • “Since this story broke it seems Joe Biden has gone to ground”

            Only in your imagination.

            “The presidential debate on Thursday is likely to be explosive – assuming Biden makes an appearance”

            It was Trump who dropped out last time.

            ” The emails often refer to Joe Biden with terms similar to “The big man” – almost eerily similar to the Mafia”

            The emails are fake.

            “If false, Trump would be guilty of serious libel. But I seriously doubt Biden would take it to court – the evidence against him is overwhelming”

            Trump rarely tells the truth on anything. If these emails were remotely compelling why not send them to the FBI and not the New York Daily News?

            Because. they’re. fake.

          • The information about what Joe and Hunter were doing in Ukraine has been out there for some time. Steve McIntyre has an informative twitter thread on this, as usual he does a good job of presenting the facts. Back2facts also has some good info as does John Solomon. A French media site has a documentary series on the scandal as well.

          • “he has been consistently lying about”
            The candidate who lies the most should not be president!
            “The presidential debate”
            And would be a first, since there was nothing presidential about Trump´s behavior when they met the first time and that was certainly not a debate. I really cannot blame Biden for not being part of such a kindergarten again. It seems also completely useless for any campaign or voter.
            “there’s no point in speculating”
            But that is exactly what you were doing here! You are a bit funny in your attempt to spread unverified rumors about some videos and early voting numbers.. desperate much? Time to out the clown!

          • Megs is it possible Biden is getting a dosage of cocaine for lucidity?

            If you listen to him 1 or 2 years ago he clearly is not the same.

          • Derg, I originally assumed that Biden was already in the stage of dementia where it’s difficult to hide it from people. This was based on how the disease progressed with my own mother. That’s why I felt confused when he got through the debate as well as he did. Hence my reason for looking to a problem with drugs as an alternative reason for his moment of clarity, they have their good days.

            Your mention of cocaine to promote lucidity is not something I had heard of, is this a real thing? Wow, I would have loved to have given my mother the gift of lucid moments, early on while it was still possible. It would have to have been ‘for medical purposes only’ of course, well not that it’s likely I’d break the law to drug my elderly mother.

            No accusations here, only opinions and conjecture. Although there doesn’t seem to be any reason to vote for him from what I’ve followed so far.

          • JohnA:

            The emails are fake.

            That’s odd. Jenna Arnold believes they’re real (emphasis added):

            “Biden spokesman Jenna Arnold appeared on Fox News with host Leland Vittert. Here’s their exchange, via Hot Air:

            ‘The easiest thing in the world to do: Stop with all the obfuscation,’ Vittert said to Arnold. ‘The easiest thing in the world to do would be to say, “These aren’t Hunter Biden’s emails.” Nobody, including Hunter Biden, and including the campaign, has said it.’

            Then he asked the Biden flack: “Can anyone say that these emails are inauthentic? And so far, I haven’t heard anybody say that.”

            Arnold said: “I think that’s fair. I don’t think anybody is saying they are inauthentic.”


          • If the laptop data was fake then the following would never have occurred:
            1. Hunter Biden’s signature on the service receipt.
            2. Hunter Biden’s lawyer asking for the return of the laptop.
            3. Hunter Biden’s business partner and others verifying the emails with their own copies.
            4. The Biden’s never, ever claiming that the data is false.

          • JohnA

            If these emails were remotely compelling why not send them to the FBI and not the New York Daily News?

            It would seem the FBI has them:

            “The FBI is in possession of the laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden which contained emails revealing his foreign business dealings, including contacts in Ukraine and China, two senior administration officials told Fox News Tuesday.”


            0 for 2.


        • there have been reports about hunter for years always figured daddy managed to use influence and money to shush it
          lot like hillarysdoings being exposed but never punished
          damned glad to see it finally get msm cover
          seeing ow the systems work up that way
          I dont hold hope of punishment due
          but if it wakes the sleepysheepies up its still good
          I doubt scomo will look forward to joe bidet being his counterpart myself

      • BlazeTV is hosting a video called Riding the Dragon that independently documents Hunter’s links to China. While many things on the site require a membership, the video can be watched for free. Hunter has depending on the source between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars of China’s money. Does anyone think that Hunter received that money out of the goodness of China’s heart?
        I think China is going to want a lot of favors and looking the other way on the environment or slave labor is only a small part of what China will want in return. I doubt very much that Hunter will be able to deliver anything that China wants and his father will be in charge of keeping China happy so the money stays in Biden hands.

      • “The talk is that the videos of Hunter show him torturing young girls while on drugs.”

        Unless you have proof, this is just vicious rumor mongering.

        • I trust Rudy Giuliani on this. He is not going to make such claims without evidence. Giuliani speaks of things which he does not want to even try and describe further. I first heard a more detailed description from Info Wars. I would not take Alex Jones words for such claims, but I do for Giuliani and from Bannon. So there is a number of people who have watched some of these videos, and they all state that this extreme deviant behavior takes place.

          • As much as I like Rudy (probably one of the best mayors NYC ever had, certainly better than the current idiot they’ve got), saveenergy is correct about trusting politicians. Doesn’t mean Rudy is wrong or lying about this, just that one should require more than just his word about it because a politicians word (regardless of political party) really isn’t worth much.

          • You have absolutely no reason to trust Guiliani on this. If these things were real, the FBI would be involved, not the New York Daily Post.

          • @ John A … The director of the FBI is obviously a deep stater, and untrustworthy. The FBI has had the laptop for almost one year. They won’t even give any details to Homeland Security as to what may be on the laptop. The FBI is acting like they are above the law in this matter.

            Point 2 …the Bidens can make some easy money by suing Giuliani, Bannon, Alex Jones, and a few others for defamation. Also, why did a lawyer from the Bidens attempt to get the laptop back? Your phony lefty claims of Russia, Russia, Russia are not going to work this time.

            So, yes I trust Giuliani. I see a few comments about why trust a politician. What office is Rudy running for???????????????? He is now just another citizen. I can not believe that he would throw his well earned reputation away by lying to the American people on such a serious matter as this. Bannon is worth big bucks. Do you think that he is that dumb to risk getting hit with a major big dollar lawsuit by his making false allegations?

            They also have confirmation from several of the recipients of the emails that the emails are indeed legit. Hunter is toast, and at this point J Biden’s run for the presidency is also doomed by the son’s madness. Well deserved.

          • If Biden wins the presidential election, the Dem’s will not rally any wagons for him, but will readily allow Kamal Harris to take over the presidency.

          • You have absolutely no reason to trust Guiliani on this. If these things were real, the FBI would be involved, not the New York Daily Post.

            JohnA, just a few FYI’s for you.

            a) It’s the New York Post – the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the U.S. (established on November 16, 1801)
            b) The FBI is involved – they’ve had the laptop since December 2019
            c) The FBI, DOJ and DNI have confirmed that the laptop belongs to one Hunter Biden and the items on it’s hard drive are not some sort of Russian disinformation.

            Not only that, but one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners has handed over 26,000 emails from his own @gmail account (with his permission) to journalists that backs up and verifies every email on Biden’s laptop.

      • At least DNA evidence came to the rescue to nail Hunter Biden on paternity charges. The judge in that case had to fight off attempts to stall or bog down the case. The DNA was a match and is from real science.

      • Guiliani should be jailed for feeding Russian information in order to smear a Presidential candidate. As far as anyone with an ounce of sense has already realized, there is no truth to this story at all. Current and former CIA operatives say its untrue and a very clear piece of Russian disinformation and that they warned Trump last year that Guiliani is likely to be a conduit for the Russians.

        The entire nothingburger is designed to take attention away from Trump’s extensive connections with Jeffrey Epstein and the many lawsuits for rape and sexual assault now being lawyered through the courts.

        • Despite the fact that the so called Russian connection has been completely blown up, those who want it to be true, still cling to it.

        • JohnA,

          You do not believe anything from the laptop discovery but believe that it must be Russian disinformation on the word of Adam Schiff? Who are these CIA operatives, former or current?

          Much like Griff, you have a belief system = Orange Man Bad. But true long term political racketeering is just OK with you, this referring to your use of Hillbillerie’s term: “nothingburger”.

          I hope TRUMP wins, the overwhelming preponderance of negative media abetting Biden is amazing, Do they all know that with his reelection, his hands will no longer be tied and he will bring conspiracy charges against all the media, tech and others who have conspired to harass his presidency.

          He is the Chief Executive. As such the President can act as the Attorney General and directly control the justice department, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. If he starts to do that, many will quit when directed to do their jobs, telling us all WHO the deep state actors are.

          And I guess you, JohnA, believe ALL the Muller teams deletion of their phone data was accidental.

          Are you, like Griff, truly a lost cause? Or are you a CCP operative?

          • Your fascination with stupid conspiracy theories has been duly noted.

            The only negative press attention is not coming from Biden but from Trump himself. I believe the Deep State Operation is called “Operation Let Trump Speak”. The press then reports the lies obfuscations and and smears emanating from the President’s mouth and next day Biden’s numbers go up. Rinse and repeat.

            You have a belief system that is no different from the execrable QAnon when the reality is that Trump is, and always has been unfit for office. Just today we find out that Trump had a secret bank account in China and paid many times more taxes to the CCP than he did to the IRS. And I’m the CCP operative?

          • Your fascination with stupid conspiracy theories has been duly noted.

            Odd for you to criticize on the basis of conspiracy theories. Don’t you contradict yourself?

            “The emails are fake.”

            “If these emails were remotely compelling why not send them to the FBI and not the New York Daily News?”

            “You have absolutely no reason to trust Guiliani on this.”

            “Guiliani should be jailed for feeding Russian information in order to smear a Presidential candidate.”

            “Current and former CIA operatives say its untrue and a very clear piece of Russian disinformation and that they warned Trump last year that Guiliani is likely to be a conduit for the Russians.”

            “The entire nothingburger is designed to take attention away from Trump’s extensive connections with Jeffrey Epstein and the many lawsuits for rape and sexual assault now being lawyered through the courts.”

            Careful there John, you’ve a kink in your tinfoil hat. Some of the radio waves might get through . . .

        • There is no, zero, zip evidence that this is Russian misinformation. Unlike the Trump-Russia collusion hoax manufactured by Obama, Biden, and Hillary.

        • Uh, Johnny boy….they WERE sent to the FBI. Try to keep up. You are laughable. Unglued, I believe is the phrase.

        • This whole Russian effort originated as an effort by Hillary to divert the attention away from her illegal email server. How we know this is that the Russians investigated because they were being blamed. They may have used their extensive spy network in Ukraine to find this out. Anyway the CIA somehow found out that the Russians had concluded that Hillary made this up to divert attention from her server. Then John Brennan reported this to Obama and their were records made of this meeting that only came out this year. Furthermore when under oath no CIA operative has shown the documentation pointing to Russian interference.

          Have you not noticed that the people accused of Russian collusion are always people that Hillary does not like or has a grudge against like Tulsi Gabbard. In fact I would say that being accused of Russian collusion is a badge of honor.

        • John A, you are silly.

          Think it through. Just how would Russian involvement in this case work. If the laptop photos and emails are real, then Hunter and Big Guy Joe are still guilty ( and the Russians are just deliverymen).

          If the photos and emails are a false,
          1. The Bidens would know that and say so. They have not said so
          2. All the 2nd and 3rd parties on the Emails would know they are false, and would say so. No one has so far stepped up and denounced the emails

          Adam Schiff says the Russians did it, which is very strong evidence the Eussians were uninvolved.

    • Ya beat me to it.

      President Trump is the only thing standing between us and complete SJW/Antifa/BLM chaos.

      • Ardern won New Zealand and all the SJWs etc are jumping for joy that she will save the country and the climate. Similar thinking people here in Australia are dreading another Trump win. Quite frankly, I am excited to wake sup on the 4th/5th November to the news Trump won!

          • I know that’s what you want to believe. I’m sure you were also praying for a Hillary victory as well.

          • And then folks will be suffering from Biden Derangement Syndrome? And the mostly-peaceful demonstrations will stop? And Don Lemon and (CNN’s) Cuomo will be happy again?

          • It does not bother nor affect me what happens with the US elections. But I really enjoy reading predictions that more often than not fail.

      • commieBob
        Should Trump win, I don’t expect “SJW/Antifa/BLM” to accept the results of the election. I expect that they will create chaos and attempt to prevent him from from doing his job. Their attitude is basically one of ‘their way or no way.’

        • I agree Clyde, the left will explode if Trump wins. But like many previous presidents, (look up the Insurrection Act), President trump can call out the armed forces (not just National Guard). If any of you remember the picture of the little girl going to school in Little Rock, she walked between two lines of soldiers protecting her. Many presidents have invoked this act throughout our history.

        • ” Their attitude is basically one of ‘their way or no way.’ ”
          That’s the problem with politics; ALL sides think that way

          If Trump wins Biden will scream ‘Fix’

          If Biden wins Trump will scream ‘Fix’ ( he’s already said as much)

          Feelings are running so high it could well descend into a civil war (whenever was war civil ?? ) whipped up by the media & politicians. The politicians wont get hurt but society will be.

        • Should Trump win, I don’t expect “SJW/Antifa/BLM” to accept the results of the election. I expect that they will create chaos and attempt to prevent him from from doing his job. Their attitude is basically one of ‘their way or no way.’

          So basically just more of the same as they’ve been doing for the past 4 years.

    • The fate of EVERY planet in the universe will be affected if Trump wins, and that will affect Earth’s climate, because as you know, climate change is caused by varying amounts of extraterrestrial dust in the atmosphere.

      And that dust is brought to our planet by unidentified flying objects. They are not here to inspect our nuclear weapons – no sir, they are here to dump out their excess dust. Trump’s new Space Force is intended to stop this illegal dust dumping, which will anger the alens, who can NOT be stopped by a wall on the Mexican border.

      As a result of Trump and his Space Force, the entire planet is doomed from angry aliens on garbage skow crafts, moved by magnetism technology we can’t hope to understand, loaded with space dust. (This is equivalent to telling New York rats that their local garbage dump is permanently closed).

      This was Mann’s original theory about what happens to the planet if Trump is elected, but he decided on an easier to believe story. I hope I don’t get sued by The Mann for repeating his research here.

    • No Nick, MM is wrong & arrogant (again).

      Whether Trump, Biden, Mann, or uncle Tom Cobly gets elected … Won’t determine the fate of our planet one iota; the planet will just carry on spinning, moving tectonic plates, erupting, heating & cooling, there will be extinctions & new life forms will evolve.

      In a few million yrs the only trace of us will be a thin line in the rocks, the planet’s fate is to be consumed by the expanding sun… not determined by arrogant idiots.

      But I will agree that WHOEVER gets elected, there will be monumental environmental, financial and sociological disaster…because that’s what politicians do.

    • Yep right. Will the sun turn blood red, the seas boil and a plague smite the people? (This latter one has already happened)

      The real take from this story is that Michael Mann is irrelevant, I think WUWT should keep him that way.

    • I believe that this whole entire Climate Change/Global Warming thing is nothing else but a global scam and that the real reason why these so called Australian and California wildfires have been started has a lot more to do with 5G TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS/DIRECTED ENERGY than anything else. I really hope that people start waking up soon before it’s too late.

    • Mann has basically done one thing make a hockeystick temperature chart over 20 yrs ago and spent 20 years defending it. No mention that immediately after his paper was published, it stopped warming
      for that period.

      Trenberth did an energy flow chart for the atmosphere and when the warming stopped for a period only as long as the warming that created all the fuss, he spent his decades looking for the ‘missing heat’. A true scientist would have at least have wondered if any heat was in fact missing at all and considered the alternative: “Gee maybe the science is wrong!” In his best climategate email, he stated it was a travesty that they couldn’t EXLAIN the failure to warm. Isn’t that an admission they are not on the rails? Isn’t that saying theory has no explanation so we actually don’t have a theory.

      Each clisci practitioner is a one trick pony and they get a monthly check for 45 years and 75% of it for their pension for another 25 years. Expensive stuff. No wonder they are bleating like sheep in an abattoir holding pen at the prospect of Trump in power for four more. I’d love to see Donald Jr. do the job for 8 yrs more. I cant see a Democrat in power for a couple of generations after the Antifa/BLM ‘Summer of Love’, Defunding the Police and the preponderance of covid deaths being in grossly mismanaged Demo States.

      God, I hope Americans know the two and a half century experiment is all over if Kamala Harris gets in power.

      • I’d love to see Donald Jr. do the job for 8 yrs more.

        Sadly, there’s only one Donald. Anyone else trying to imitate him will just mess up royally.

        I am reminded of a Simpson’s episode where some not successful but really smart guy notices all the stuff Homer gets away with. It drives him crazy and he tries some of Homer’s antics and ends up being roasted to a cinder.

  2. If Trump wins, the planet is safe, the people are safe. If Trump loses, the planet will surely become a fireball in 10, 20, 100, 1000 years from now, and Planned Populations will persist and progress as the ethical (“moral”) Choice.

  3. Perhaps someone should explain to the fool that politicians in democracies simply reflect what the public wants because they have to get elected. We are going to fail to act because there isn’t enough support to act in any meaningful way. If you tried to do what they want there would be riots in the street and civil war.

    • I wish that were right LdB. My experience is that before the election politicians indeed reflect what they think the public wants to hear but after the election they do what they want, to hell with the public. I agree with all the previous comments, Trump’s re-election is critical to ensuring the future of western democracy and our way of life, not just in America either.

      • “after the election they do what they want, to hell with the public.”

        In Trump’s case he did essentially what he promised. Let’s hope he can deal with China without a major war. That would cap a great presidency. Then, he has to push forward someone with the smarts and talent to succeed him.

          • I agree. China”s economy is on the rocks! Besides, how does China force other countries to buy their junk?… put a gun to everybody’s head and screams “Buy or I’ll blow your brains out!” What a silly war that would be.

        • Indeed pochas94. That’s because Trump isn’t a politician. He actually tried to accomplish what he said he wants to accomplish (and despite being fought by the left, the media, and RINO never Trumpers every step of the way, he’s managed to accomplish more of this promises than any politician ever did).

          • Which promises are those? Unless he promised to crash the economy, mismanage a pandemic leading to at least 210,000 people dead, blow out the deficit, put millions out of work and kowtow to China and Russia, in which case he fulfilled every one.

          • Trump is living in your head rent free I see. The TDS is clearly strong with you as you’d rather spout off in ignorace then look at the facts. Even though you’ve proven not worth replying to with your TDS (as evident in several of your posts in this thread alone), I’ll give you just a few of the many promises he’s kept (despite the left, media and RINOs best efforts to prevent him for doing so):

            Take no salary – President Trump donates his all of his presidential salary except for the legally required $1. Each quarter he donate 1/4th of his salary to a different government agency.

            Exiting Paris Agreement.

            Cutting back on wasteful and costly regulation (He promised to cut 2 regulations for every new regulation. His actual ratio is 22 eliminated to 1 new)

            Rollback the Obama Admin’s Cuba policy

            Renegotiate NAFTA – which he did with the USMCA

            Get out of the TPP

            Rescind Obama’s costly Clean Power Plan

            Nominate someone from his list of judges for Supreme Court vacancies. He’s done this one three times now!

            get NATO countries to pay more for their defense (non-US NATO payments are up 20%).

            And while he hasn’t been able to repeal Obamacare completely (thanks to RINO McCain) He has put a stake thru it’s heart in repealing the individual mandate.

            Created a Veteran’s hotline at the white House

          • Trump rescued the economy from the Obama malaise.

            Funny how Marxists never cared about the deficit when Obama was running up more debt than all previous president’s combined.

            I love how the Marxists actually expect the president to act like a dictator running all 50 states, plus thousands of cities and towns personally. A few months ago, Andrew Cuomo was screaming that he’s in charge of New York, not Trump. Now he’s out front declaring how Trump’s responsible for everything. And the usual idiots eat it all up.

            Kowtowing to Russia and China, either you don’t know what that word means, or you are more delusional than the doctor’s believe.

        • I must have missed the part where Trump wanted 210000 people to die of a coronavirus that he failed to warn the American people about. Or the part where Trump secured exactly zero funding for his Mexican wall from Mexico or even from Congress. Or the part where Trump aimed to get the coronavirus because he always lead from the front, or caused large numbers of farmers to go on welfare after his tariffs failed to extract zip from China but did cost large US taxpayers large amounts of money, or when he said he was going to triple the US deficit in his first term.

          Because then Trump would have been telling the truth.

          Just for a change.

          • Who’s your daddy, JohnA?
            Are you kept by Soros, Bloomberg, some other billionaire sociopath?

            You suddenly show up spewing your socialist nonsense. Who’s paying you?

          • Maybe you need to cut the crap…..because it is the State Governors who are responsible for the pandemic response in their State. That will explain the huge death rates in Democrat States. With each post you get more and more delusional. On drugs? You Democrats are always good for a laugh.

          • That he has been blocked from completing a few of his promises is not evidence that he hasn’t fulfilled of his promises.
            It’s basic logic, however it’s much more than your average progressive is able to handle.

          • You did the part where Trump warned the people about coronavirus and limited travel with China, it was back in January, well before shutdowns started. You also missed the part where Biden called those actions racist and xenophobic. You also missed where Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo responded to that by telling people to ignore Trump and go into Chinatowns to celebrate Chinese New Year with them, leading directly to the outbreaks in NY and California which gave the virus bases to spread throughout the U.S. You missed the fact the President can’t just unilaterally close state borders. You missed when antimalarial drugs used by Turkey to have the lowest death rate in Europe were mentioned by Trump, then immediately vilified by the Democrat’s because blaming Trump for deaths is a key campaign strategy. You missed the CDC’s admission that 210,000 deaths is a vastly inflated figure caused by giving financial incentive to list any death as a covid-19 death.

          • . . . because it is the State Governors who are responsible for the pandemic response in their State.

            Yep. Keep preaching it Art!

  4. That’s a perfect frightened look on the face of alarmist activist, Michael Mann. Of course, I suspect that he’s not frightened in the least, so I might have more accurately said faker, liar, alarmist, activist, Dr. Fraudpants Michael Mann.

    • Oh, he frightened alright. His spot sucking at the government teat is in danger, and only Joe Biden can save it for him.

  5. It will be the end of the US Constitutional Republic for sure.

    If the Dems win the Senate and the WH, that will mean they can re-write US laws as they want by first eliminating the 150 year old legislative filibuster.
    Once the filibuster is completely gone, they can use simple majorites in Congress and a Presidential signature to trample all over the Constitution by next destroying the Supreme Court by adding 4 to 6 liberal Justices who accept the “living Constitution” nonsense.

    The Democrats, so hungry for total power, will completely “California” the rest of the US.
    After they will pack the Supreme Court, they will add DC and PR as states to gain 4 more senate votes for Dems to ensure no Demorat in a Purple state gets cold feet and spoils their plans for total power by holding back his/her vote in the Senate on their destruction of the US.

    They will force the States to accept California style ballot harvesting, a complete destruction of the Electoral College process for Presidential election, and grant citizenship and voting rights to 20 million illegal aliens. All of that will ensure no Republican can ever again occupy the White House. And the packed Supreme, packed with Libtards, will Rubber Stamp approve it all for the Democrat-Marxists and their schemes.
    And irrelevant science of the Climate Scam and the Green New Deal will be completely unmasked as the Marxist Trojan Horse that climate change claims have always been.

  6. Everyone needs a purpose in life, even learning disabled climate zealots. For some of the aforementioned the purpose is the entertainment of others through their self-immersion into the role of court jester, and nobody does it better than Mickey Mannish. “Hear yea hear yea – the planet is in grave danger if one particular human out of over 8 billion doesn’t get fired in the next few weeks.” God forbid if someone who believes in market forces and the rule of law were to have yet another four years to make the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth even more so, while simultaneously ramping up efforts to end and prevent wars, and punish autocratic sadistic dictators for the misery they bring down on their own citizens. Worst of all if Nov. 3 extends stability and wisdom in the White House, there may actually be a collapse of the long profitable pyramid scheme called Global Warming. How will we all survive?

  7. With the Climategate exposures of Michael Manns “hide the decline” among many dishonest and unscientific actions Michael Manns opinion on anything is about as useful as used toilet paper!

      • Michael Mann, Phil Jones, same thing.

        I agree with Eric here, who is in the Whitehouse next year will make zero difference, zero difference to the irreversible trashing of the planet’s biosphere that is. That’s now baked in, its just a matter of how many extinctions and how badly trashed we leave it.

        • how badly trashed we leave it.

          About the only part I agree with Loydo on, however, I’ll bet Loydo doesn’t agree with me that’s environmentalism is partially to blame for trashing the planet.

          • Massive pollution and environmental degradation due to manufacture and implementation of wind and solar. !

            Everybody knows that, even Loy. !

        • What a weirdly twisted and warped mind you have Loy.

          You can’t even present one bit of evidence for warming by atmospheric CO2, nor can you tell us any way in which the globalclimate has been changed by humans in the last 50 years.

          Then you say something TOTALLY DUMB.. like its “baked-in”

          Only thing “BAKED” is that little pee inside you cranium.

          What have you been toking all your life ????????

        • “trashing of the planet’s biosphere “

          Haven’t you heard, Loy ??

          The planet’s biosphere is EXPANDING, becoming more production !!

          Because of enhanced atmospheric CO2.

          Was bound to happen when you put CO2 back into the CARBON CYCLE, where it belongs. !

        • If it’s irreversible, why bother doing anything?

          Regardless, I love the way trolls declare that weather that is completely normal is proof that we are all going to die.

          • Technically they’re right. The weather is completely normal, and we’re all going to die 🙂

        • No real problems are solved by real scientists and engineers … not by climate scientists and activists.

        • “Think of it as evolution in action”

          Earth is how old? It won’t matter in a million years. Regardless of what we do now, everything we see will have been replaced by then.

  8. If nothing else he dispels all doubt that his science is wedded to one side of politics. It does of course highlight the power of money and influence.
    Unfortunately, when you mix science with politics you end up with 100% politics, and when a scientist enters politics he becomes 100% a politician.

  9. Trump limited the fatalities from the Wuhan virus by his quick actions to shut down travel from China and Europe.

    Had Trump not done so, the estimates were that over two million people would die. Trump took this move against the advise of all his 21 advisors, including Dr. Fauci, and against the advice of all the Democrats. Had Trump listened to them, instead of following his own instincts (and intelligence reports), then many more people would be suffering right now.

    As for human-caused weather events, Michael Mann couldn’t prove a human connection to a fire or a hurricane if his life depended on it. He wants you to just take his word for it. Prove it Michael, or go home.

    • Abbott
      I bet you didn’t know three major US airlines suspended flights from China the morning of the day of Trump’s announcement without being forced to do so. And the 2 million dead was just some wild guess using a wrong computer model. A meaningless wild guess.

      The US is NOT ever going to be on the list of nations that handled COVID well. That is mainly the fault of state governors. Trump did what he could to help, but failed to fire Dr. Grouchy, who claims to be an expert but hives bad and changing advice. The obvious answer to most COVID questions is ‘we don’t know”. Or just do the opposite of what Dr. Grouchy recommends!

      • I agree when Trump throws around that 2 million figure. The virus will do what the virus will do.

        MN has a mask mandate and every day we hear of more cases and cases and cases.

        • “MN has a mask mandate and every day we hear of more cases and cases and cases.”

          Yeah, someone should tell all the nurses and doctors that they no longer need to wear a mask because it is useless and ineffective.

          What a bunch of idiots those nurses and doctors are! Wearing masks at work when it does them no good!

          When the nurses and doctors stop wearing their masks, that’s when I will stop wearing mine.

          Of course, I wear an N95 mask, which is what everyone who wears a mask should be wearing. The little cloth masks are pretty pathetic. My local county government mailed out face masks to everyone in the county with a mailbox, and the masks they mailed consisted of one layer of cloth, which no doubt, gives some people a false sense of security. False, because those masks would be pretty useless in the real world. A nurse or doctor would not wear a mask like that.

          • The masks that nurses and doctors wear are not comparable to the masks that the rest of us are being forced to wear.

          • Lol Tom.

            Wear your mask and get Covid
            Don’t wear your mask and get Covid

            Covid doesn’t give 2 runny sh1ts what you propose 😉

          • “Covid doesn’t give 2 runny sh1ts what you propose”

            Include yourself in there, Derg. You don’t know what you are talking about.

            Nurses and doctors wear masks. Are they stupid for doing so? According to you, they are.

            As I said, I ‘m going with what the doctors and nurses do, seeing as how there is so much disinformation out there pertaining to mask wearing. Claims are all over the map, but you want to claim they are not, and the science is settled.

          • Calm down Tom….are you saying Dr and nurses are not getting the Covid with their masks?

            They must be the only ones, because the mask wearers are getting the Covid too. Pay attention, the Covid does not care about your mask.

      • “And the 2 million dead was just some wild guess using a wrong computer model. A meaningless wild guess.”

        I would disagree with that. The Trump model said there would be about 100,000 to 140,000 deaths by August of 2020, if 50 percent of Americans practiced social distancing. The actual numbers amounted to about 120,000 deaths up to August. So their lower number was certainly in the ballpark.

        You claim the two million number is a meanlingless guess, but that’s just a guess on your part, isn’t it? I think it is pretty obvious that if the infection had ripped through the entire nation like it did through New York and New Jersey that there would be much larger death counts than we have.

        • When you don’t know much about SARS2, and make a wild guess, then it is a meaningless guess. Nothing was obvious in March other than no one knew what was coming. The 2 million wild guess still sounds far off from reality, but then the pandemic is still in progress, so no one knows how or when it ends. Are you saying the wild guess range wa’s actually 100,000 to 2,000,000 deaths? That’s quite a range of wild gueeses.

          I predict the global average temperature will rise from 0.1 to 0.5 degrees C. next year … unless it falls. Care to make a bet on that?

  10. “So in my opinion it could be argued that the Biden family has a substantial ongoing personal involvement with petroleum and extractive industry company”

    Well, anyone support China in any way to supporting country emits a lot CO2.
    I would think China’s concentration camps are more important not to support China, the like NBA does.

    • I hear the Chicoms are starting some new concentration camps in Tibet now. The Democrats in the USA are probably making notes.

      The Chicoms are pushing their envelope. And playing a very dangerous game in the process. Their game may backfire on them.

  11. Hurrah he actually got an acorn. Albeit, for all the wrong reason and not through any skill nor any particular discipline of thought. Just blind dumb luck. I cannot even use the broken clock idiomatic expression as it has been a long time since he has correct even once day; twice a day is too far of stretch for this dude.

  12. Only Biden can make us Orstrayuns see the error of our wicked wicked ways and stop the bushfires and change the climate. You get this heady stuff from universities nowadays do you?

  13. Sorry for repeating myself but a statement overheard at a party is still the most apt regarding this guy..” There were 2 great scientific frauds in the 20th century, the first was Piltdown man, the second was Michael Mann.”

  14. Every time a post comes up here at WUWT involving Mann, Hanson, Gavin Schmidt, etc., I want to go a read up on scientific fraud and ponder whether anything going on with the climate alarmist narrative rises to a level for which Mann and others could actually get into legal trouble. The hockey stick graph and the fudging of the surface temperature records at GISS-NASA immediately come to mind.

    For whatever it is worth, I found the website linked below on scientific fraud…

    “Fabrication of Data or Physical Evidence
    There are several varieties of scientific fraud. Perhaps the most egregious incidents involve “fabrication” or “forgery,” for example, situations in which researchers deliberately invent or falsify data, or report results of experiments that were never conducted….”

    That numerous scientific careers would end if and when the CAGW narrative is exposed as fraudulent is pretty much a given. It would also become apparent how corruptible science can be when it gets infected with politics, eco-activism and lots of taxpayer $$$$. Whether I will see the any fraud exposed in my remaining lifetime remains to be seen. I can only hope that it will.

      • Don’t know what is going on regarding the date on the website. Looks like somebody isn’t paying attention.

    • Well, at least for the proxie reconstructions there McShane and Wyner 2010 and their rejoinder 2011, where they restate and reinforce the conclusion of their mathematical analysis:
      “We find that the proxies do not predict temperature significantly better than random series generated independently of temperature. Furthermore, various model specifications that perform similarly at predicting temperature produce extremely different historical backcasts. Finally, the proxies seem unable to forecast the high levels of and sharp run-up in temperature in the 1990s either in-sample or from contiguous holdout blocks, thus casting doubt on their ability to predict such phenomena if in fact they occurred several hundred years ago. ”
      The proxie community publishes on as these papers never happened, but until the fact based critique raise by McShane and Wyner is resolved, most reconstructions seem not worth the paper they are printed on and the community had more than 10years to react to that and so far didnt (not counting angry blog posts

  15. The fate of the Western Alliance rests on Trump. If the 5th column succeeds in removing him, there goes our way of life forever.

  16. Mann wrote:
    ” …witnessed the Black Summer bushfires (as I did), . . .
    thick smoke from our western wildfires (as I have), …

    Maybe I’m assuming too much, but this reads as though Michael went to Australia and also to the US west coast – and viewed the fires.
    Meanwhile, I stayed home. Ponder that.

    • John, Michael Mann was indeed here in Australia during the time of the fires. In his words, he was here on sabbatical. I think he gave talks in at least three States. He has a talk organised in Brisbane 17th Feb of next year. He is obviously keen to keep the scam alive.

      In my personal opinion, he has invested a great deal of money in renewables in Australia. He knows that even though Morrison isn’t 100% convinced in regards to the scam, the State Premiers have fallen hook line and sinker. Australia is ripe for the picking and mann is coming over to do some marketing.

      If Biden wins, the planet is doomed, and it has nothing to do with CO2. A certain mann and his mates will seriously trash the planet, all to line their own pockets.

  17. Let met translate the true meaning of his statement : “Whether or not Trump gets re-elected … could determine whether or not I go to jail for fraud”

  18. If only ‘climate scientists’ are to be listened to regarding climate then only politicians should be listened to regarding politics.

    Pull your head in, Mr Mann and stop interfering in another country’s politics.

  19. He’s absolutely right, for once.

    Having just perused the news – a GERMAN “think-tank” says Trump threatens the world, Robert Reich says Trump supporters need a “Truth and Reconciliation Committee” after the election (assuming Biden wins), all these vapid celebs, Stephen ColBURT hosting election night special, and so on and so on …

    Literally the ENTIRE RENT-SEEKING WORLD is up in arms – the old media, big tech … the SYSTEM they claim is “Raaaaacism” everywhere. It’s all a charade of a parade of DISINFORMATION.

    The Matrix has you. Or does it? Free your mind, Neo. Take em down.

  20. USA is not the world. Living in Europe, the POTUS is not my president and also not the president of Australia.
    Furthermore, it is not the United States of America but the Divided States of America.

    • Hans,

      The United States isn’t the world, but it spans North America with a good variety of geography and topography which makes it a good sub-set of a land mass. World-wide, the US has the best sampling of weather data of any significant land surface. If the US does not show warming, a strong explanation is needed as to why it is an outlier compared to the rest of the world as a whole.

      Taken from (Richard Verney, WUWT, July 2017)

    • Hans-san:

      Trump may not be EU’s President, however, if the US continues to not contribute to the Climate Change Paris Accord, it will be extremely difficult for the EU to make up the difference, which means the Paris Accord and CAGW are dead…

      Under the slim chance that Biden wins, the US will then waste $trillions on this insane CAGW nonsense and the hoax will continue…

      Money talks, BS walks.

      • very true, Samurai-san.

        The US can either lead the world out of the CAGW nonsense or it can follow the world as it falls prey to the CAGW hoax. This election will decide, the consequences will be felt all across the globe for good or ill. The choice is clear, Best hope my fellow Americans choose wisely.

    • “USA is not the world.”

      I see where some in Europe are complaining that the USA is exporting the Black Lives Matter communist movement to Europe. I guess we are more closely connected than first thought.

      It looks to me like there is a lot of division between the States in Europe, too. The U.S. doesn’t have a monopoly on division, although we do have one political party, the Democrats, actively trying to spread division and hatred throughout the nation for political purposes. And then typically, the Democrats accuse the Republicans of spreading division and hatred. They always accuse others of doing what they do. It’s a form of deception, and/or a mental illness.

      • I can’t imagine why anyone would be surprised that the Black Lives Matter nonsense has gone international. Marxists have always been international in their outlook and their willingness to share effective scams goes back a generation or two.

      • Indeed MarkW, and I’m pretty sure that when it comes down to it, communism spread from Europe to America in the first place. The Europeans never stamped it out, so no wonder it’s still there…

    • It seems you are missing several points here.

      The US is a becon of freedom and individual freewill. What all human beings have aspired to be since the beginning of the species. Without the US that becon of light wanes and it be will many centuries before it comes around.

      Additionally, if we crash burn as a civilization the destruction will be far and wide. We, the US, feed the world.

      There more points. I listed a subjective, perhaps a spiritual reason and a pragmatic and practical reason.

      We are less divided then what the media portrays.

      • “The US is a becon of freedom and individual freewill.”
        I get my examples from France thank you ver much, just like the metric system.
        The POTUS has no authority over 7.5 billion people on earth.

        • France and the U.S. are beacons of freedom. That’s why we get all these illegal aliens invading us all the time.

          In the U.S., we use both systems of measurement.

          The POTUS has no desire to exercise authority over 7.5 billion people.

    • “President Trump can use any time it is needed. US Armed Forces

      This may be necessary if the Communist Antifa or BLM go full bore riots.”

      Trump was asked this morning on the Fox and Friends program, about post-election violence from the Left if they lost the election, and Trump said he didn’t think it would amount to much and that the Left “would be exhausted” after losing. I think Trump is correct.

      I don’t have any doubt that the hardcore Antifa thugs will take to the streets. They will see this as just another opportunity to tear things down, just like they used George Floyd’s death to wreak havoc.

      But I don’t think the hardcore Antifa thugs have the numbers to cause a lot of trouble. They are tearing up Portland, but that’s because the local Democrats are allowing them to do so. Trump could send federal law enforcement into Portland and end the entire process in a couple of days. So it’s not like the situation is out of control, other than directly in Portland.

      We’ll see just how many democrats there really are in this nation after the vote. If it is an overwhelming victory for Trump, then they should shut their mouths and go home and accept the Will of the People.

      We’ll also see how many on the Left are the violent type. As I said, I think the violent ones are fringe groups with small numbers who can be controlled if politicians want to control them.

      The only fly in the ointment is the Democrat politicians who allow criminals to run wild in their cities. Trump may have to find a way to overrule the local Democrats and go in and take action against the criminals. I guess Trump could declare Portland to be under martial law, if it got right down to it. Then Trump could go in and enforce the law.

  21. Mann? Yawn! Michael Mann has as much credibility as Greta, without Greta’s following. The latter part must really irk him.


    PS: Stay safe and healthy, all.

      • “Greta Thunberg Defies China, Demands Release of Imprisoned Hong Kong Refugees”

        President Xi is evidently not very happy about her statement.

        “Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded to Thunberg’s endorsement of the campaign to free the 12 Hong Kong activists on Monday at a regularly scheduled press conference.

        ‘China is [sic] country with rule of law and Chinese judicial authorities handle cases in strict accordance with law. Nobody has any right to interfere,’ Zhao said.”


        • The problem is that in China, the law is whatever the party needs it to be at the moment.
          Very similar to what the Democrats want to see in the US.

          • Yes, the Democrats really like the Chicom government model.

            If Biden gets elected, the Democrats will set up an American Social Credit System like they have in China, and when anyone says or does anything the Democrats don’t like, their Social Credit score will be lowered. And in China, in order to fly on an airplane or carry out other normal business, you have to have a certain social credit score and if you don’t have it, then you don’t get to do what you wanted to do. It’s a form of punishment and a way to keep people toeing the Chicom/Democrat party line.

            Won’t that be fun. My social credit score will be down to zero pretty soon after it is implemented, I’m sure. Maybe I can talk Texas into leaving the Union and taking Oklahoma with them, if that were to happen.

            But then along comes Trump and wipes all those authoritarian nightmares away. We’ll know soon..

  22. Anyone in Australia who witnessed the Black Summer bushfires (as I did), and anyone in the US who experienced the thick smoke from our western wildfires (as I have),

    I know correlation does not imply causation, but coincidence?

    “I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter
    You’re a firestarter, twisted firestarter
    I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter”


  23. History will be favorable about Trump’s 1st term, providing freedom of the press and freedom of speech still exist in the US, which is becoming uncertain.

    The CAGW hypothesis has already been disconfirmed because CAGW’s hypothetical warming projections have been over 2 standard deviations off from reality for a statistically significant duration to completely disconfirmed the hypothesis.

    Global severe weather trends and ACE data also show (and IPCC’s AR5 report confirms) there have been no discernible increasing trends of severe weather frequency nor intensity for the past 100 years….

    CAGW is dead and Trump’s logical and rational skepticism is supported by all empirical evidence.

    The ONLY reasons CAGW hasn’t already been completely rejected is the MSM’s and Leftist polical hacks 24/7 fake news propaganda supporting this CAGW nonsense, and the cancel culture which exists in academia against CAGW skeptics

    Historians will be dumbfounded the disconfirmed CAGW hypothesis lasted as long as it did, and will be horrified by the $trillions global governments wasted on this crazy and unsupported rubbish.

  24. If somehow Biden gets the election, even when the laptop is now public knowledge, it means a Harris executive, Obama 2. Durham Ratcliff et. al must declassify everything BEFORE the election.

    Has anyone checked Harris on the GND?

    Considering the sheer number of Obama’s circle involved in Ukraine, it sure looks like war with Russia is still the game. Britain is right now sending £1.25 billion for warships which they will provide to Ukraine.

    • “Considering the sheer number of Obama’s circle involved in Ukraine, it sure looks like war with Russia is still the game.”

      Money was the game in the Ukraine.

      I don’t know why some think the Democrats are out to go to war with the Russians. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Democrats are basically cowards. They are happy to use Russia as a political tool to bash the Republicans, but they have no designs on Russia as far as a land war goes.

      The Democrats have no stomach for war. They talk tough, but their actions show they are not tough at all, they are pushovers for murderous dictators.

  25. Liarmann resides in his his own world of Greenieweenie Land, so yes, a Trump win could definitely threaten that “planet”. At this point, I think the chances of a Trump win are about 50/50. Imagine that, the fate of democracy itself in the hands of a coin-toss. If he wins, it will again be down to the electoral college. He clearly doesn’t have the popular vote.

    • I don’t think we can use the word “clearly” about anything relating to the election or politics thanks to the lying fake news media. According to them, Trump is going to lose in a landslide, his opponent has a double digit lead and is 91% certain to win. Sound familiar? not only is that the narrative from the marxstream media this year, it’s the exact the same thing they were saying in 2016. While it’s possible he won’t have the popular vote again (thank you Commiefornia), that’s neither clear nor certain because there is no reliable, unbiased journalism out there providing actual facts.

      • In 2016, the Democrats had major leads in voter registration in PA and FL. The media was predicting huge Hillary wins in both states. In 2020, the Democrat lead in voter registrations in both states has shrunk dramatically.

        • markW
          Well I think you are wishing Trump a win but not being realistic. there was no covid back in 2016. This alone will almost certainly ensure his loss. It’s a flashing neon sig over his head saying “loser.” But if I am wrong I will be back here to admit it. I wonder if you will be so honest?

    • “He clearly doesn’t have the popular vote.”

      I wouldn’t bet money on that right now.

      Trump was asked about the poll numbers this morning and Trump said according to his internal polls, he is winning and doing better than he did in 2016.

      Trump is turning out tens of thousands of people at all these rallies he is giving, and there are Trump parades all over the nation with thousands participating, even in States like New York and California.

      Trump said this morning he though he might be able to win New York considering eveything that has gone on lately! He said Cuomo and DeBlasio have turned New York City into a Ghost Town.

    • If all the mail in ballots that have little to no verification are allowed to stand, Trump loses the popular vote by a landslide. California may tally more Biden votes than living registered voters. But if the mail-in ballots are held to the same standards that Democrats used for military absentee ballots in 2008 and 2000, Trump wins not only the popular vote but maybe California and New York.

      • Tom Fitton states that there are 13 million extra voters as compared to the registered in 13 states. A portion of other states have cleaned up their voter lists, and a portion of states will not send out any data on whether or not voter rolls match with registered voter lists. Thirteen million extra voters mixed in through 13 states is obviously a serious problem.

      • Was just reading about over 400,000 bad ballots sent out in CA, nobody bothering to do anything about it. Total count of bad ballots sent is now about 1.8 million.

  26. Trump totally lives inside their heads 24h a day and pays no rent for it.
    That tells me a lot about their intellectual immune system.

  27. Michael Mann’s political arguments reveal a lot about his climate science arguments. In this editorial, he makes up a fake past in order to reach his desired political conclusion. Sound familiar?

    “Donald Trump will go down in history bearing substantial responsibility for the deaths of over 200,000 Americans due to his rejection of the advice of public health experts and his refusal to endorse policies such as social distancing and mask-wearing…”

    There is nothing in that statement that is remotely true. If Mr. Mann has no problem revising the history of the past 8 months for a political agenda, a history that everyone of us lived through, remembers and can easily debunk, how reluctant would he be to revise the Earth’s climate history for a political agenda?

    Michael Mann will go down in history as one of the world’s most successful liars, con men and grifters!

  28. New Zealand has pols who want to play the green game? Sorry, NZ is not a “playah”…..5 million population is less than many Chinese cities. NZ has no mann-ifest destiny to save the planet.

  29. Read through the Green New Deal statements of Uncle Joe and you will easily see the golden nuggets for lobbyist and special interests.

    1) rooftop solar instead of utility scale solar at 3x the cost per unit and a gift to the rich with tax credits
    2) batteries in every basement instead of grid batteries or 4x the cost per unit
    3) transmission upgrades to nowhere to benefit the wind lobby at taxpayer expense
    4) electric vehicles for the federal fleet at 2x the cost for taxpayers to eat

  30. Wow this is huge news. DR MANN ADMITS DONALD TRUMP IS GOD! After all if one mans election determines the fate of the planet, then that kind of power can only belong to the almighty. Its like Castro blaming the US for controlling the weather by stalling Flora over Cuba. If the US can control the weather, that should have scared the daylights out of people not rallied them. Seems like leftists have a tendency to make such comments and not understand the implications that can be inferred. But then again many of them just appeal to a surface argument without bothering to look underneath. Unfortunately the public is attracted by such things

    Donald Trump is not God. Dr Mann is not God, Neither hold the fate of mankind in their hands. You are free to decide who you believe does ( though perhaps not for long). Peace out

  31. “Donald Trump will go down in history bearing substantial responsibility for the deaths of over 200,000 Americans”

    History is written by the victorious not the sanctimonious.

    • To believe that claim, one would have to believe that Biden, who was declaring that the moves that Trump did make were xenophobic over reactions, would have done even more had he been president.

    • “Donald Trump will go down in history bearing substantial responsibility for the deaths of over 200,000 Americans”

      A more accurate way of putting this is to say that Trump kept the number of deaths limited by his timely actions.

      Without quick action to stem the flow of inbound infection, the death toll would be much higher than the current figure.

      Noone, other than Trump, would have acted as quickly as Trump, had they been in his position. All his advisors said Trump should not shut down air travel. All Trump’s political opponents said Trump should not shut down air travel. All of his advisors, and all of Trump’s political opponents were wrong. Trump shut down air travel and this action limited the death toll. Dr. Fauci agrees with this, even though he was one who recommended that air travel not be stopped. He said he was wrong, later.

      Claiming a better, faster job could have been done, as Joe Biden claims, is absurd. Just the fact that Joe Biden opposed the air travel ban shows if he were in charge at the time, many more people would have died as a result of his inaction on a travel ban. Claiming he could have done it better than Trump is ridiculous.

  32. The best outcome is divided government to block the existential threat of wrong way policy going large. Shock and awe dropped on ourselves will not be fun.

  33. With Biden and Mann, children won’t know what cycles are.

    The great dumbing down of science will accelerate and we will get less for the massive U.S. investment in research while importing more of it from China.

    • …with significant impairments in critical thinking, eyesight, hearing, keeping attention, and analytical skills.

  34. I think maybe he’s looking for a springboard to being the ‘science’ expert for NPR or NOVA or one of the networks. It would be a retirement sweetener for him. White Hose science advisor is too low for him at this point.

  35. Michael Mann doesn’t behave at all like a scientist. He’s’ witnessed bushfires in Australia and wildfires in the western USA and that’s proof of climate change ??? Trump killed 200,000 and no mention of the CCP or dems counterproductive behavior ??????

  36. We should all know by now that the perfect global temperature of the planet and perfect CO2 amount in the atmosphere was exactly the value when humans started burning fossil fuels.

    The planet was a garden paradise back in those days and everything has been going downhill ever since…….based on the implication of Michael Mann and company narratives.

    Well, why don’t we just ask the planet:

    If we’re killing the planet, it sure has a strange way of showing it.

    A new phenomena will need to be discovered……… greening to death or maybe dying from too much health (-:

    That’s supposed to be a joke but in the current environment, it’s conceivable.

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