“You B*stards Sacked Me”: When the climate sceptics arrived

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Sydney Morning Herald traces the politicisation of climate change in Australia to the day Tony Abbott fired climate advisor Tim Flannery from his $180K / year part time job. But they are ignoring Flannery’s track record of spectacular failures.

‘You bastards sacked me.’ When the climate sceptics arrived

How did environmental issues become so politicised? The people purge early in the Abbott government – beginning in 2013 with the “night of the short knives” – gives some clues.

By Marian Wilkinson
AUGUST 29, 2020

On the first day of the new Abbott government, Australia’s climate scientists got a pretty clear message. It was September 18, 2013, and within 24 hours of the swearing-in ceremony at Government House in Yarralumla, the new environment minister, Greg Hunt, had called the head of the Climate Commission and sacked him.

“It was a short and courteous conversation,” Dr Tim Flannery recalls. “I’m pretty sure that cabinet hadn’t been convened when they did it. My very strong recollection is that it was their very first act in government.”

Flannery’s colleague on the commission, Professor Will Steffen from the Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute, was also sacked, along with all the other commission members. “I think we were the first definitive action of the Abbott government,” Steffen recalls. “They got rid of us and you could probably measure it in hours rather than days.”

What surprised the scientists most was not their hasty sacking but how quickly the government obliterated their work. “The website that we’d spent a lot of time building was taken down with absolutely no justification as far as I could see,” says Flannery, the one-time principal research scientist at the Australian Museum and internationally renowned scientific author. “It was giving basic information that was being used by many, many people – teachers and others – just to gain a better understanding of what climate science was actually about.”

“People were sent hell, west and crooked,” says Allan Behm, the former chief of staff for Labor’s climate change minister Greg Combet. Behm had served for years as a senior defence bureaucrat. “I couldn’t find any work. Nobody would touch us,” he tells me.

This is an edited extract from Marian Wilkinson’s The Carbon Club (Allen & Unwin, $33), out Monday.

Read more: https://www.smh.com.au/national/you-bastards-sacked-me-when-the-climate-sceptics-arrived-20200626-p556nn.html

The Carbon Club is available here. The subtitle is The inside story of how a network of influential climate sceptics, politicians and business leaders fought to control Australia’s response to the climate crisis.

Flannery’s self righteous indignation is kind of funny, but Tim Flannery should have expected no less, after his spectacularly failed prediction that dams would never fill again.

Some Flannery apologists have tried to claim Flannery didn’t say dams would never fill. But the evidence is not difficult to find – the following is a quote from the transcript of Flannery’s interview on the ABC in 2007.

SALLY SARA: What will it mean for Australian farmers if the predictions of climate change are correct and little is done to stop it? What will that mean for a farmer?

PROFESSOR TIM FLANNERY: We’re already seeing the initial impacts and they include a decline in the winter rainfall zone across southern Australia, which is clearly an impact of climate change, but also a decrease in run-off. Although we’re getting say a 20 per cent decrease in rainfall in some areas of Australia, that’s translating to a 60 per cent decrease in the run-off into the dams and rivers. That’s because the soil is warmer because of global warming and the plants are under more stress and therefore using more moisture. So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems, and that’s a real worry for the people in the bush. If that trend continues then I think we’re going to have serious problems, particularly for irrigation.

Read more: https://www.abc.net.au/local/archives/landline/content/2006/s1844398.htm

Together with Flannery’s failed promotion of geothermal energy, not to mention the massive public investment in desalination plants which resulted in my opinion from Flannery’s permanent drought fear mongering, even the people who hired Flannery might have eventually fired him.

When asked prior to the election he won about his thoughts on firing Flannery and his climate commission, former Aussie PM Tony Abbott said the following:

Mr Abbott said if elected as prime minister on September 14 and given the opportunity to revoke the carbon tax a whole range of climate change bureaucracies would also be axed.

“I suspect we might find the particular position you refer to might go with them,” Mr Abbott told 2GB’s Ray Hadley when asked about Professor Flannery.

“It does sound like an unnecessary position given the gentlemen in question gives us the benefit of his views without needing taxpayer funding.”

Read more: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/victoria-to-suffer-extreme-weather-warn-climate-scientists/news-story/f7c22ce273af651341fa437d5e95ae52

90 thoughts on ““You B*stards Sacked Me”: When the climate sceptics arrived

  1. The Sydney Morning Herald traces the politicisation of climate change …

    They’re off by decades. The only reason CAGW has persisted is that it gives the left an excuse to push forward their agenda.

  2. Tim is truly a Mighty Person.

    Every claim he makes has the “might” escape clause.

    Stick to small dead furry animals, Tim.

    • Tim has the power of not foreseeing the future but of seeing the not future. When he told us Aussies that our dams would never fill again with such conviction that vicious old troll Mother Nature quickly sent in La Nina herself and saturated the place causing ‘catastrophic’ floods, the dams to fill and then burst and generally laid waste Time the Fool Man’s credibility. That was why The Abbott Government got rid of him so damn quickly, because he was well establsished as about the greatest CAGW galoot in the country.

      WE have a name for people like Flannery, named after a race horse from years who regularly ran a distant last. The race callers would end their call after all but the distant loser had crossed the line “… and here comes Drongo…”. Flannery is just CAGW’s Drongo. Its a pity really because he actually dis some good work in enimal research I understand and is actually a good communicator. But so are poodles.

      • Whilst I agree about Flannery, you references to Drongo are slightly off the mark. He actually raced at a high level, and was placed in several high profile races, including a second in the 1923 Victoria Derby. His great claim to fame is that he never won a race. If his connections did not insist he race at the high level he did, he might have.

        • I’m not a racing fan so apologise for my inaccuracy regarding Drongo but note also that you make a good point about his connections insisting he race at a high level. That about fits Tim Flannery’s situation, I mean having him as the Climate Commission head? WHo put him up for that? It doesn’t say much very flattering about either Drongo’s or Flannery’s ‘connections’.

        • if I can add some further info on Drongo
          I was in the UK Science Museum in 2019 in London and was amazed to see a stuffed bird named the Speckled Drongo -an Australian bird- so maybe Drongo the horse was named after a bird but you are correct any no hoper as we say in OZ can be called a stupid drongo

      • Yes and since Flummery’s prediction, the water in Warragamba dam has been over the spillway three times. And in Queensland there’s been the Wivenhoe dam disaster which caused massive flooding of the Brisbane river and Brisbane CBD was under water for weeks.

      • Drongo is best thought of in terms of the bird. The Drongo does the seemingly stupid thing of flying South into cold Australia in Winter and then returning to steaming how tropical PNG in Summer.
        They are, however, a most attractive and delightful little bird.

  3. They’ve never forgiven him for this and know the knives are out for Tony Abbott in the UK where he may be taken on as a Trade Negotiator.
    The usual suspects have named him as a homophobic, misogynistic, climate denier.

    • And is any of that untrue? On top of which he has zero qualifications as a Trade Negotiator. Do you
      really think anyone is going to take him seriously? If the UK is going to make up for losing its largest trading partner and access to one of the biggest free trade blocks in the world that is a short drive away then it is going to need some pretty big trade deals with Asian countries none of whom are likely to take Tony Abbot seriously since they know first hand what he thinks about them.

      • Despite the best efforts of politicians the UK is still a centre of excellence in high precision engineering, and financial services, and advanced biotech. It is not like they are going into trade negotiations empty handed.

        • Eric,
          those things are disadvantages in trade negotiations. Nobody wants to let the UK high tech of banking industry thrive when higher tariffs could hamper them. The main advantage of the UK is that is has population of 60 million of relatively wealthy individuals who want to buy stuff. But that is a small market compared to the EU or the USA so they will end up at the back of queue.

          • Correct to point out that the UK is a good market to sell to and, until the point that our economy slides so badly we can’t afford imports, there is no reason that EU goods won’t still sell here. Exporting is a completely different game since our compliance with Single Market regulations ends on 31 December and so a whole host of inspections of goods will have to be dealt with. Some industries, aerospace, petrochem, autos, medical, food are all subject to a regulatory framework the UK will no longer be part of which will make selling to the EU much more expensive to the point of no longer being viable. Access for the financial industry will also cease. What will happen in a lot of cases is that offices or plants will have to be set up in the Single Market area in order to import and slowly more and more of the work will go into that area taking the income and jobs with it.

          • For those outside the UK, to clarify:-
            Izaak Walton and Gerry, England are known as “Remoaners,” defined as who can’t accept the UK voted to leave the sclerotic dying, European Union who constantly repeat “We are all DOO….OOMED

      • abbott, abbott, abbott.. do you have DTS as well as abbottophobia.

        Any powerful person on the rational side of politics is immediate game for the lame-stream media.

        Yes, Tony Abbott WILL be taken seriously.. GET OVER IT !

        • Fred,
          Can you think of any other country that has appointed a former PM from a completely
          different country as a trade advisor? Trade negotiations take years to decades to complete,
          for example the EU-Canada free trade agreement was begun in 2009 and still has not been
          completed. To do this you need skilled and experienced negotiators not a failed politican.
          Do you really think Tony Abbott is willing to spend a decade working on a single trade deal?

          • USMCA done in what?, a year. Pelosi delayed it for 6 months in congress to make sure all of HER cronies were satisfied.

            Takes decades is what the leftist governments want the surfs to believe. That was their argument against Brexit. It is BS.

          • The whole mysogyny thing was just Julia Gillard abusing her position to throw mud at Abbott who is well known as a conservative catholic and who was running scared as he and the his colleagues were hunting her inept government and catching them out time after time. It was a gutless resort to ‘me too’ gender politics by a politician who was captive to the Greens agenda.

      • All of it is untrue. During his time prime ministership Australia signed free trade agreements with Japan, South Korea and China. So much for not wanting to deal with him.

        • Harry,
          Australia did sign those deals but Tony Abbott had very little to do with them other than
          signing his name when it was all over. There is no evidence to suggest that Australia got
          a good deal because of him. Britain has plenty of skilled and experienced negotiators that were
          previously working for the EU all of whom would be better than Tony Abbott.

          The UK is clearly clutching at straws. There are less than 4 months before the UK must come up with a new trade deal with the EU or end up trading on WTO terms and they haven’t even agreed access to fishing grounds something which is tiny part of the UK economy. Thinking that Tony Abbott will save them is clearly wishful thinking.

          • Anything good happened despite him. Everything bad was because of him.

            Ah yes, and of course the fact that a trade deal with the EU hasn’t been signed yet is 100% the fault of Britain.

          • I’m not the one that claimed he wouldn’t be taken seriuosly in Asia. Your strawman argument about the UK hoping he will save them is just silly. He has strong contacts in Asia and he will be of help, that’s all they expect. No-one on the UK side has claimed he is anything other than an advisor to the negotiating team.

          • The UK has refused automatic (sovereign) access for the EU boats pillaging its fishing grounds which is a really tiny part of the EU economy (but seems extremely important to them). However, as most fish in British waters were allocated to foreign vessels by the EU common fisheries policy, that tiny part of the British economy can double just by allowing the remaining British boats to catch more fish in British waters, and more, as soon as the boats can be acquired. As the illegal fishing of undersize fish (openly on sale in markets and restaurants on the continent) by those EU vessels and the destruction of fishing British fishing grounds by the Dutch pulse trawlers (outlawed under the common fisheries policy but given a special exemption by the EU to operate only in British waters) is stopped, the UK catch could possibly double again. So this tiny UK industry deliberately devastated by the EU can return to something akin to it’s former size. It is not the only UK industry devastated by the rules of the EU aligned against it. That is one of the main reasons we were forced to take the decision to leave. We will no longer need to import so many fish, and the surplus can be sold in the international marketplace.

      • So much bile. Tony Abbot negotiated and closed free trade deals with Japan, China, and South Korea. In anyone’s book that would make him an expert.

        • No bile, just facts; skilled negotiators negotiated the free trade deals,
          Tony Abbot just signed on the lines he was told too.

          In anyone’s book that would make him …a puppet or a performing dog.

        • Lrp: Did Tony Abbott personally negotiate those deals, or did he just sign off on them after skilled and experienced people did the negotiations.

          I’m not concerned about his style or whether he’s misogynistic or homophobic. The real issue is what is an ex-PM doing advising any foreign government? What if a proposed trade deal benefits the UK more than Australia, or vice versa. Who does Abbott owe loyalty to? His foreign employer or Australia? What precedent does this set? OK for Ex-PMs of Australia to advise China on trade?

          • Tom, fyi, ex Labor PM Bob Hawke did a roaring trade for himself for many years as a consultant to Chinese interests on trade with Australia.

            (Hawkie could probably have prostituted himself to the UN like many other Labor politicians had, but he felt he had to draw the line somewhere 🙂 )

          • Tony Abbott cannot really be considered to be foreign since he was naturally born British in London. The fact that he chose to pursue a career in Australian politics requiring him to renounce his British citizenship to avoid divided loyalties – a sensible requirement, still does not mean that he cannot serve as a faithful advisor to his birth nation. Trade deals are supposed to be of benefit to both parties, so a history of completing successful trade deals is a useful attribute to bring to the team.

      • Well Izaak, his Lesbian sister thinks the slurs are unfair.
        And he did absolutely kick the crap out of the Climate Establishment in Australia.
        He abolished the ‘climate council’ and fired Tim
        So he’s an alright bloke in my estimation.

      • Izaak Walton

        Here we go folks. A ‘Remainer’.

        And for those of you who don’t understand Brexit, a remainer is a person who voted against the UK splitting from the European Union. Their principle weapon to persuade voters to ‘remain’ within this odious trading block, largely controlled by Germany, with the ambition of raising a European Army was Project Fear.

        Quite why anyone would support Germany in raising another standing army having used their last one to prosecute two World Wars, I’ll never understand. Perhaps it an indication of by just how much remainers despise the UK itself. They were of course, predominantly left wingers and employed the BBC to embark on a partisan exercise of mounting Project Fear.

        Project Fear was a determined effort by the left to deliberately spread misinformation, concoct outrageous stories about life after leaving the EU, and to mount legal cases, employ political chicanery, run campaigns and street demonstration designed to overturn the Democratic will of the 17,410,742 people who voted to Leave the EU, with a majority of 51.9%.

        The common term apportioned to those who voted to Leave the EU was Brexiteers (amongst others to rude to mention here) echoing the notion of Buccaneer, in much the same derogatory way the term ‘climate denier’ is employed as a sneering, pejorative reference, to someone sceptical of conventional climate science.

        The whole campaign mounted by the left simply demonstrated their hatred of their own country and our ancient and much admired Democratic system, refined over centuries and adopted by almost every civilised nation in the world. It was a more protracted but, admittedly, marginally less violent example of what is going on in America right now.

        Only Project Fear was far more insidious than the thuggish left are adopting in America, the MSM was employed to spread fears that the ‘City’ (City of London, one of the financial hubs of the world) would up sticks and move to Frankfurt/Paris or even America should the country even have the audacity to vote to leave the EU. Manufacturers like Nissan, Honda and Toyota would immediately flee the country leaving millions unemployed and the country a barren wasteland. They even persuaded these businesses to issue statements alluding to this likely outcome.

        The upshot was that in 2019, the political and legal deadlock over the subject was comprehensively shattered when, finally exhausted with the whole thing, the British voted to elect the Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson into power, with a landslide victory, on a campaign of ‘Let’s get Brexit done’.

        Despite early poles, which suggested the left wing labour party and arch manipulators of the political situation, would win and conduct a massive ‘U’ Turn on their historic opposition to the EU, it soon became apparent that the decent people of the UK did indeed value Democracy.

        During all this, Nissan, for example, not only kept one of the most efficient car manufacturing plants in the world in Sunderland, England; they shut a plant in Spain and transferred it’s entire production to Sunderland, and, being that Nissan is part of the Renault group, Renault transferred production of an entire vehicle line to it as well.

        Honda and Toyota went nowhere either. The City of London remained firmly where it is and is trading as normal, and Unilever moved it’s corporate HQ from Holland to the UK.

        Incidentally, all the celebrities and prominent business owners who promised to flee the country for Ireland or the European continent in the event of a vote to leave Europe are sadly, largely still here. many of them publicly supporting the far left anarchic organisations – BLM, antifa and XR.

        To their great chagrin, the left have precipitated the UK finally leaving the increasingly authoritarian EU – but they won’t admit it, preferring to continue to blame the oafish, thick, knuckle dragging Brexit and Democracy supporters – on the 31st December 2020 at 23:00 hrs.

        In a final act of spiteful defiance, the left frustrated plans for one of our most iconic symbols of freedom, the ringing of Big Ben, to be stopped, despite a campaign to sound the great Bell receiving more than 14,000 donations from 56 countries in less than two weeks (Big Ben is out of service for restoration of Westminster) to have it reinstalled and rung on this momentous occasion. The cost of £500,000 to temporarily reinstall it (despite half of that amount being raised by donations) was cited as far too much to spend on a global expression of Victory. Ironic really, as we are now spending £Billions on 10’s of thousands of illegal immigrants sailing across the English channel on RIBS, supported by the French Navy.

        This is why I believe Trump will win by a landslide come November. There are far too many honest and decent people in America who, like their British cousins, harbour no animosity to anyone different to them, and support the concept of the Democratic will of the people.

        God Save the Queen – God Bless America.

        • A 51st Stater? Thanks to Boris’ Coronavirus policy of going round in circles a UK version of Darien looks like a real possibility, it doesn’t fill me with confidence for post Brexit wealth.

          But those behind cried ‘Forward!’
          And those before cried ‘Back!’
          And backward now and forward
          Wavers the deep array;
          And on the tossing sea of steel,
          To and fro the standards reel;
          And the victorious trumpet-peal
          Dies fitfully away.

          Thomas Babington Macaulay

          With Boris doing most of the crying

        • HotScot: Excellent encapsulation of how the Marxists/Globalists aided by their MSM tried to scare the UK and now America into submission. One thing the Left is good at is promoting unrest with very few people under the guise of ‘freedom’ and protection of the Constitution (right to assemble…but not riot and destroy!). Ambivalence in Democratic/Capitalistic countries caused by easy safe living and abundance led them to believe the time was right for striking in America and the UK but you are right that the people are on to their scams, lies, and fake news.

      • Rubbish Izaak. Tony Abbott managed to negotiate a significant number of free trade agreements during his time as Prime Minister which was cut short by being undermined by the most useless Prime Minister Australia ever had in Malcolm Turnbull who wanted the job because it made him feel important but didn’t actually want to do it. Tony Abbott put in place a number of free trade agreements with China, Korea and I think it was Japan as well as negotiating with the European Union when it was a mad monster. Australia managed to export significant amounts to the EU. He has the runs on the board.

        • unless UK ditches the stupid carbon regs setup BY the eu aus will be penalised via their latest brussels sanctions. so if TA can sort that ? hes magic

          as for his misogny accuser yeah grandstanding Ghoilia diverted attention rather well to avoid what she didnt want to have to answer for
          abc fell over themselves and still fawn n scrape to her

          • Yes, it’s always conveniently (deliberately, that is) omitted by the msm that Gillard’s ‘misogyny’ speech in parliament was essentially her defence of the Speaker she had installed to shore up her control of parliament – Peter Slipper.

            Slipper had just been outed for a series of emails & texts that grossly demeaned women, one in particular where he noted his observation that a jar of mussels (clams) reminded him of female genitalia.

            While Gillard droned on deflecting & defending Slipper as a noble choice as her Speaker,
            Abbott glanced at his watch.
            So naturally, Abbott then became the misogynist to top all misogynists.

            Gillard never did complete her defence of Slipper’s demeaning attitude toward her fellow females. Funny that.

          • And it’s probable that her famous “misogyny” speech was written by her (male) Scottish speechwriter who had been an advisor to the British Labour Party, then brought in Australia on special visa reserved for skilled migrants to fill positions that were unable to be filled by Australian residents.

            As if Australia doesn’t have enough leftist journalists already!

      • The UK government is taking him on as an (unpaid, as I understand it) advisor, not as a negotiator.

        I don’t know the man personally, but there — as usual — plenty people to kick him because they don’t like his politics or his faith or just because it makes them look clever.

        You wouldn’t be one of those, Izaak, would you?

      • Yesterday the sainted Guardian smeared Abbott and tried to derail his appointment. Remarkably, Boris Johnson rediscovered his gonads and refused to be cowed. The progressive establishment has just lost a significant battle.

        • Probably why when Abbott said this when grilled by UK Labour politicians about his appointment,
          “Did they first approach you about this role or did you see an advert in The Guardian or something?” Labour MP Chris Bryant asked.
          “I’m just not going to go into this any further … I don’t normally read The Guardian. I’m sure it’s a wonderful newspaper but it’s not my staple reading,” he (Abbott) said.”
          And that’s the best the left could ask??

      • “…And is any of that untrue?…”

        All of it, as I understand.

        “…On top of which he has zero qualifications as a Trade Negotiator…”

        Apart from the 3 huge trade deals that were finalised with Japan, China and Korea. Countries who are now Australia’s 3 largest trading partners.

        But you are a grief-stricken remainer that has to see the UK as a blundering fool or your internal narrative breaks down.

  4. ”The usual suspects have named him as a homophobic, misogynistic, climate denier.”

    In other words not of the Left, almost hitler.

      • Fred 250: It’s a matter of individual opinion whether Tony Abbott was or is homophobic or misogynist, so not a lie, either way. But he did disband the Climate Commission as effectively the first act of government, so that seems to be reasonable evidence that he was a ‘climate denier’.

        But isn’t your logic a bit off? If it is a lie that Abbott is a climate denier, wouldn’t that make him a warmist? Are you actually arguing that he agrees with AGW and is a leftist?

          • Or he denies that what the climate is doing now is any different from what it has always done and/or that, whatever the arrogant end of the human might like to believe, we humans have any say in the matter.

        • Abbott is quite capable of identifying a total waste of tax payer funds, dismantling the climate clowns was a simple canlculation of cost benefit, in this case it was all cost and no benefit.

        • TA knows climate changes naturally, so he is NOT a climate denier.

          Its the people who think climate doesn’t change unless forced by insignificant quantities of CO2.. they are the “climate” deniers.

          And he certainly isn’t homophobic, or a misogynist.

          • So, this apparent homophobic, mysoginistic, climate denier has a sister in a same sex marriage who defends him, appointed (10?) women as Heads of Staff in his various Ministerial posts, is a Rhodes Scholar and has a lifelong history of voluntary public service as a firefighter during bushfires, a surf lifesaver, annual, largely unpublicised visits to remote Aboriginal communities to provide help and rides in annual marathon bicycle events to raise money for charities.
            It may also be worth noting that following the disastrous Rudd/Gillard/ Rudd Goverments he won by a landslide with the largest majority in almost a century despite all these demonic traits.

            Sounds like the devil incarnate doesn’t he!

            Although my personal individual opinion is that if we had more politicians like Tony Abbot the world would be a much better place

        • Tom, let me help you understand what Fred is saying. The left is about one thing and one thing only, power. Whatever gets in the way of them obtaining power gets attacked. Nothing is off limits. If it stands between the Marxist-Left and their quest for power, whether it’s the truth, a person, a government, a child, it does not matter, nothing is off limits to the power-crazed Left.

        • “It’s a matter of individual opinion whether Tony Abbott was or is homophobic or misogynist, so not a lie….”

          Thank you, Mr. Foley, for opening my eyes to something You say that slanderous charges are not statements of fact; just opinions. So no evidence would be required if I were to tag you as, for example, a “racist” or “holocaust denier.” That’s just my view, and so cannot be a lie. Right?

          By your view, when X slanders Y he says nothing about Y – he doesn’t claim to have any facts about Y at all – but only reveals some rather unpleasant things about himself.

        • Whether you use the facts or your opinion is just your opinion.
          As to whether closing a division that has never done any good and has hurt millions proves that you are a climate denier, well that’s just your ignorant opinion.

  5. I’m pleased to see that Boris stood up to the angry Left-wing mob who tried to torpedo Tony Abbott’s appointment. The usual suspects in the “intersectionality“ cabal of anti-Brexit, gay, feminist, racist, climate change and eco-catastrophists tried their best to force yet another U-turn ……but this time, I’m very pleased to see they failed!

    • Tony Abbott is an idiot who is willing to eat a raw onion on TV rather than admit he made a mistake. On top of which he has no record of making trade deals and there appears to be no good reason to appoint him as a trade advisor. If he is the best that the UK can manage then they really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

      • ” If he is the best that the UK can manage then they really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.”

        Yes we are!
        The glorious leaders of the UK have a fine record of good decision making…
        HS2, closing reliable energy generating to be greener than grass, replacing manufacturing with paper pushing, exam results, shipping people from covid19 areas & letting them roam free without testing or quarantine , putting people with covid 19 into care homes,….. The list is large

      • Isaac Walton, you say that Tony Abbott has no record of making trade deals???? You obviously were not here in Australia during the period that he was Prime Minister. As pointed out above he made trade deals with South Korea, Japan and China. He also initiated talks with Indonesia. He’ll be a real asset to the United Kingdom.

      • Poor Izaak.. you really got it bad, haven’t you.

        Hatred knows no bounds when pumped up by the irrational far-left ABC !

        You should try not to expose your leftist whims so often

        And yes he does have a very good record of making good trade deals.

        Stop letting your deceitful leftist ideology get in the way of facing facts.

  6. There was no need for government to spend public money to fund the ‘Climate Commission’ as it was re-launched just 5 days later as the ‘Climate Council’ (with funding by way of public donation).

    • Correct.
      And as Abbott predicted before the demise of the Kommission, the players all still eagerly provide their (fantasy) opinions freely to all & sundry.

  7. When science becomes scientism ( which is what happened to climateology with the use of computers) you get the old truism, garbage in = garbage out. Mix that with a tot ot two of marxist sociology and you get the quasi-religious belief that we are all doomed. In the old days climate alarmists would be confined to sackcloth and ashes and a sandwich board to get across their message of armageddon unless we all repent. Computers and the telly changed all that. A generation of children educated by computer sceeens and you have perfect fodder for indoctrination.”It’s true, I read it in the newspaper”has become”Ït’s true, I saw it on television”.

  8. I just went over to The Climate Council’s Facebook page.
    Their latest posting has had 579 views and it’s been up for a week.
    I think that’s a good indicator of how worked up the population is about the Climate Crisis!

  9. An honest scientist would admit premature mistakes and the unnecessary ways taxpayers fund promoting one-sided points of view. But climate science has long ago become politicised.

  10. Tim Flannery has a deserved and acclaimed reputation as an ecologist, anthropologist and excellent writer, unfortunately he has traded in this scientific scholarship for the anthropogenic climate change claptrap and alarmist philosophy of his lefty mates Will Stephen and co who hail from the failed state of Victoria.
    The climate commission people had to be sacked because they were a essentially acting as a political organisation paid for by government, who failed to provide any scientific balance on the evidence for human induced climate change or dangerous results from modern warming. Of course both the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology have exactly the same policy problems about the lack of critical evidence supporting the role of CO2 in driving global warming, they were all guilty of gilding the lily on this issue and relying on climate models to scare the public.
    The BOM’s laughable attempts to ramp up recent warming compared to past historical data using the unrepresentative homogenisation techniques and the Acorn datasets are almost farcical, if were not so serious that they are destroying their own credibility and Australia’s reputation for quality science and integrity in this field. We all deserve better from these public servants, but the truth will out eventually about the lack of scary warming as the UHT global satellite data continues to show an average warming of 0.14C per decade since 1979.

  11. They’ve been sacking anyone who disagrees with them for decades. But suddenly when they get sacked, it’s because climate science has been politicized.

  12. So, shutting down this commission was the politicisation of climate change in Australia but setting it up in the first place was not. Got it.

  13. “Herald traces the politicisation of climate change in Australia to the day Tony Abbott fired climate advisor Tim Flannery …”

    That is so naively parochial. The polit of clisci was already in the hands of the inventor of Anthro Global Warming a Canadian Communist Maurice Strong who created the UNFCC and the IPCC and the Kyoto Earth Summit before that and Stockholm thingy before that, all part of a global governance putsch. Australia, like Canada and NZ, who suffer from a deep inferiority vis à vis Europe sycophantically were eager to go all in without understanding the big picture. This is all for the big prize, not the Ozzie county fair politics.

  14. It’s interesting that the savage bushfires last summer that killed about 40 people, destroyed thousands of houses, and thousands of acres of forest, were caused by, according to “experts”, climate change. Even that phony “expert” Barack Obama said the fires were caused by climate change.

    Looking back a little, the savage bushfires in Victoria in 2009 killed 173 people, destroyed thousands of houses, and thousands of acres of forest. Yet NOT ONE “expert” at that time said those bushfires were caused by climate change. And not even mentioned by Obama who was US president at the time.

    So what happened in just 11 years from a massive bushfire event that wasn’t caused by climate change to a massive bushfire event that was allegedly caused by climate change? In those eleven years did the planet suffer a huge increase in carbon in the atmosphere, or some other extraordinary event? No it didn’t! What happened was a massive increase in alarmist political bullshit from the usual suspects, communists within institutions.

    Australia could very easily cut it’s carbon emissions if we used nuclear energy. But the communists in the Green movement oppose that. Why? Even Greta’s Sweden uses nuclear energy.

    Australia is now in a race to the bottom. Government and bureaucracy way too big and expensive. Trade Unions for decades out of control. Feminist propaganda nonsense. Green propaganda nonsense. Universities full of propaganda and ideological nonsense. No cheap, reliable and carbon free nuclear energy. Put a line through these and you’ll see communists in there attempting to take control of the nation through infiltration, subterfuge and by stirring up discontent.

    And when we hit bottom, what then? Sell our souls and nation to the devil, communist China?

    Flannery and his ilk are part of the communist movement within Australia selling out the nation to a “glorious” communist future. And communism doesn’t allow private property ownership. Consider that while you can still vote wealthy trendy lefties.

    • But the miracle gas is used in fire extinguishers, so the atmospheric increase of it should have put out all the wildfires and make it impossible to burn fossil fuels in power stations /sarc (if needed).

  15. Ah yes, Mr Tim. The bloke who came up with the hair brained scheme of having floating kelp farms to sequester carbon. There were lots of wet fools nodding the heads in unison as he dribbled out his plan as well.
    Sucking one hundred and eighty thousand dollars per year from the public teat.

  16. My best memories of Tim Flannery are
    1 A neighbour at his then property on the Hawkesbury River rang a radio station with the advice that Mr Flannery had bought a house 1metre above mean sea level. This was after his prognostications that sea level would rise “two stories” I think by now. he threatened to sue the neighbour although the story was not denied AFAIK.
    2 The other memory was that he was a panel member on an ABC (Australian broadcasting Commission) show called Q&A.
    After he pontificated about climate change a liberal parliamentarian on the panel pointed out that he had
    no climate qualifications but was a mammologist. To this he replied that “that is a low blow” . I wondered why .

  17. I haven’t read Wilkinson’s book and won’t until it comes to my library, but she is a far-left writer who actively supports open borders. Since one of Tony’s many achievements was to close the border, which the left said could not be done, it was inevitable she would do a hit job on Tony.

  18. A decade ago, Flannery wrote an intriguing book, reviewed here: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2011/04/mammoth-fantasies/

    Flannery wants to re-sacralise nature. If Darwin “murdered” Christian moral sensibility by revealing a ruthless natural world “red in tooth and claw” without a benevolent God, Flannery wants to resurrect it by emphasising life’s “co-operative” dimension.

    For him, evolution is not about survival of the fittest. It is a more benign process with a homeostatic goal, one that “actually builds co-operative systems that produce stability”.

    Flannery also wants to “re-wild” the Earth…. He wants to bring back the mammoth.

    For him, “creatures such as mammoths are vital elements in important ecosystems, and it is only through restoring them that the Earth’s productivity and resilience can also be brought back to the level that would most benefit our living planet and ourselves”.

    Re-wilding without mammoths would be “bound to fail, because mammoths and other elephants are the ecological bankers of our world … Attempting to re-establish their role in ecosystems is akin to helping a crashed economy back onto its feet.”

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