New Liberty Mutual Climate Policy: Coal Mines Owned by Liberty are Still OK

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Liberty Mutual as part of its new climate policy has pulled their support for the enormous Adani Carmichael coal project, but has decided to maintain support for a new metallurgical coal mine wholly owned by themselves, because it “provides hundreds of jobs”.

Liberty Mutual pulls support for Adani over climate change but pushes ahead with its Baralaba South mine

ABC Capricornia / 
By Inga Stunzner

US insurance giant Liberty Mutual has withdrawn support for the Adani Carmichael mine after introducing a climate change policy but is pushing ahead with a greenfield coal mine in central Queensland.

The company wholly owns the Baralaba South project, a proposed open-cut mine on a flood plain just 500 metres from the Dawson River and 120 kilometres south-west of Rockhampton.

Liberty Mutual Insurance spokesperson Glenn Greenberg said the company recognised the risk of climate change to the planet and was taking action to reduce carbon emissions. 

“Coal mines are a very small part of our overall investment portfolio, and we have since made the strategic decision over a year ago to make no new additional direct investments in the industry,” Mr Greenberg said.

It is continuing with plans to develop it Baralaba South project and submitted its environmental impact statement in January and has been granted an extension until December to make amendments. 

The Baralaba metallurgical coal mine provides hundreds of jobs in rural Queensland, and the environmental impact study for the South mine is expected to be submitted to the Government by the end of the year,” Mr Greenberg said.

Paul Stephenson’s family has farmed near Baralaba for several generations, and he called Liberty Mutual’s stance “completely nuts”.

It’s a little strange for a company to come out and say it’s inappropriate to insure aspects of the Adani Carmichael mine due to climate change, yet at the same time propose to build a whole new, 100 per cent-owned coal mine in the same region,” Mr Stephenson said.

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I’m glad Liberty’s concerns about rural jobs trumps their climate ideals, at least when they own the coal mine.

Perhaps the plan is as owners they can ensure all that metallurgical coal from their new mine is used exclusively for green projects, like smelting vast tonnages of steel reinforcing members for concrete wind turbine bases.

27 thoughts on “New Liberty Mutual Climate Policy: Coal Mines Owned by Liberty are Still OK

  1. We also need coal to make steel.
    People tend to forget that.
    Liberty Mutual has funny TV ads and expensive insurance — they gave me a fair price in 2019 and then boosted it a lot in 2000 for no reason. So I said good bye. Just thought I’d mention that.

    • I would never even try Liberty Mutual because of their horrible ear-worm jingle at the end of each TV ad. Grab the remote and mute. Hurry!

      • You have to wonder where businesses get their advice. I have a loooooong list of companies I boycott because of their irritating ads. And then I have my ‘boycott leftist companies’ list … and that’s even longer.

        • Probably the same stooges who told them to stop advertising on the Tucker Carlson show. My dad used to joke that Marketing Majors became a thing after universities began admitting 50% of high school graduates.

  2. Rational, practical, scientific, and even forward-looking. The energy production basket will be filled with diverse technologies, selected for their best fit to purpose in context.

        • If by “Green motive” you mean folding currency (greenbacks) provided by taxpayers (and lots of it) and bestowed on wind & solar projects by gullible politicians , then yes I do think there’s a Green motive.

  3. Your sarcasm is breathtaking.

    It is mind numbing that the renewable energy crowd cannot do the simple math which shows that their little wind/solar schemes will not pay off, even if CO2 is bad. It’s like watching millions of people walking in lockstep to the edge of the Grand Canyon and jumping off because gravity is a myth.

    I would ask “what are they thinking”, but I can’t give them credit for thinking.

    • todays advertiser online states the aussie ebergy regulator now want to CHARGE peple with pv for what theyre putting INTO the grid
      rather than the pathetic rebats now offered
      and the giant powerline from SA to NSW/Qld isnt looking like happening
      no companies interested in building it I gather.
      Adani and all the others are going to be employed for some time
      as is hopefully tradies building a decent couple of new coal power plants asap
      SA will be belly up withone turbine gas fired some batteries n wind n rooftop
      Viclink saves them now but will it always?

    • “It’s like watching millions of people walking in lockstep to the edge of the Grand Canyon and jumping off”

      That’s what we are seeing. It just goes to show the power of modern-day propaganda to influence millions of people. Controlling the message controls the people. At least it controls the people who are not very smart, or are not really paying attention, and, as we see, that numbers in the millions because modern media reaches millions.

      One of our main problems in society today is to try to figure out what is true and what is not true. We no longer have a free press to help us out with this determination. Instead, we now have a news media that actively tries to create a false, leftist reality for all of us to live in.

      The Lying News Media is without a doubt the most dangerous organization on the planet Earth when it comes to the freedoms of the Western Democracies. The Truth is not in them. People cannot govern themselves properly without having the truth on which to base their decisions. The Lying News Media actively prevents millions of people from knowing the truth, so this undermines our society and our freedoms.

      You want to know why the Western Democracies have elected a bunch of fools? Because the Lying News Media told the voters it was a good idea.

  4. “Always back the horse named self-interest, son. It’ll be the only one trying.”

    Jack Lang, depression era Australian politician.

  5. Maybe it’s time to drop them in October when my renewal comes up. I didn’t know they were activists. Never too late to say goodbye.

    • Anecdotal story:

      A family member lost the roof of her barn recently. Liberty Mutual insures the property. It took almost 3 weeks to get anyone on the phone to handle the claim. The broker even got involved. Good thing my family member could afford to do the repair in the interim.

      Eventually, however, they did pay the claim.

      Shoddy customer service.

      Typical liberals . . . 🙂

    • Just sayin’ here ==>
      I’ve been with AAA for a long time and have always been satisfied. The ones that need to advertise least are the best to consider IMHO. Kind of like Dentists.

  6. Shame me once, shame me twice, shame you forever and ever. If I cut off my nose (in spite) I wouldn’t have to worry about breathing or what kind of air is out there.

  7. I believe the farmers and others have some legitimate concerns with the proposed Baralaba South mine. Liberty Mutual is out of their damn mine, on both fronts.

  8. Generally speaking, you want to buy service/products from companies with “Mutual” in their name.
    That designation means that it is a private company owned by it’s customers or policy holders.
    The shared ownership structure means you get some of your premiums back thru dividends or reduced prices.
    The quarterly focus on profits should not be as great as publicly traded companies.

  9. “I’m glad Liberty’s concerns about rural jobs trumps their climate ideals, at least when they own the coal mine.”
    Eric, it causes liberal heads to explode when the words trump and coal are used in the same sentence. They probably will miss the point.

  10. The cheesy Emu wearing sun glasses indicated through head butting and regurgitation that this coal mine project was a go! What is it with you people? Your going to argue with an Emu???

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