Monckton: Naomi Seibt, the anti-Greta, needs your financial support now

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Naomi Seibt, the 19-year-old anti-Greta from Germany whose climate-skeptical Youtube videos have gone viral, needs your urgent financial help. Without a hearing, German officials have fined her and demanded costs on the ground that in her devastatingly effective videos she has dared to question the Party Line about what officialdom profiteers by presenting as “dangerous” manmade global warming.

As a result of this arbitrary and capricious prosecution and conviction without trial, Naomi has had her earnings cut off. Please donate securely and directly to her Patreon account at May I suggest at least $10 per month? That would be a real life-saver, and would enable Naomi to continue her valuable work.

Naomi was the star of the show at last year’s climate conference held in Munich by EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy. She is an internet influencer with her own popular YouTube channel – so popular, in fact, that the totalitarian censors at YouTube have shadow-banned her channel, cutting her potential income from it by nine-tenths.

James Taylor of the Heartland Institute met Naomi in Munich and invited her to speak at the Heartland Conference in in December 2019 during the U.N. Gaia-worship haj in Madrid. Her five-minute speech attracted ten times as many YouTube hits as mine. Naomi has since been showing the Heartland Institute how to increase its internet presence.

Naomi recently received a letter from a functionary at the State Media Authority for North Rhine Westphalia, the region where she lives. The letter informed her peremptorily that, without a hearing, she has been found guilty of the alleged offence of exercising her right of free speech about the climate on YouTube in a manner that the letter described as not being “climate-friendly”.

What was such a value-laden term doing in an official letter from a public authority to its teenage victim?

In a subsequent letter, the Authority demanded a fine of about $400 and costs on top, and instructed Naomi that she must not mention the Heartland Institute in her videos. The insubstantial ground for this attempt at silencing Naomi was that such mentions constituted unlawful product placement under a recently-enacted law of the North-Rhine Westphalia region.

However the letter makes it clear that a video is held to contravene the new law if it does two things at the same time: it advocates any policy position unacceptable to the Gau (such as opposition to Germany’s crippling Energiewende) and, in the same video, to mention a named product or entity associated with that position (such as the Heartland Institute).

The Authority listed three videos by Naomi that it considered unlawful. In fact, the list demonstrates that the charges against her are false. The Authority trumped them up, inferentially at the behest of “climate-friendly” activists.

In the first of the three specific videos of which the Authority complains, Naomi made plain her opposition the Party Line, but did not break the law because she did not mention the Heartland Institute. At the time she made that video she had not even heard of it.

In the second video Naomi announced to her followers that she was collaborating with Heartland, but did not break the law because in that video she did not advocate any policy position, whether on climate or anything else.

In the third video, Naomi again expressed opposition to the official position on climate, but did not break the law because she did not mention Heartland.

On the facts, not one of these three videos offended against the law as the correspondence from the Authority chartacterizes it. The prosecution had no rational basis in fact or in law.

This is yet another instance of a traditional totalitarian tactic: to enmesh all who have publicly and effectively challenged the Party Line on climate in complex and costly legal wrangles, however ill founded, in the hope of muzzling them and cowing everyone else into silence.
Just ask Professor Peter Ridd or Dr Susan Crockford or Dr Tim Ball or Mark Steyn or countless others thus harried and bullied by the lavishly-funded watermelons.

The process is the punishment.

Naomi has engaged a lawyer pro bono. She has splendidly demanded that the Authority produce its entire file on this matter, including the identities of those who complained to the Authority about her. She has also demanded copies of all correspondence or conversations between the Authority and such questionable third parties as these.

The Authority has responded by sending a file that has been obviously, in-your-face redacted. It is manifestly reluctant to admit its unsavory links with whatever totalitarian groups had asked its fellow true-believers there to silence Naomi.

The Authority’s notice of prosecution culpably fails either to spell out or in any material respect to comply with Naomi’s right to a fair trial as laid down in the European Human Rights Convention, to which Germany is a signatory.

Naomi would be well within her rights to counterclaim against the Authority for damages for abuse of its power, for contravention of the Convention (which grants her the right to a remedy) and for causing her distress, alarm and offense without the slightest legitimate or reasonable justification.

The Authority’s motto is “Committed to freedom of expression”. Try to keep a straight face.

Bizarrely, the Authority’s motto is “Der Meinungsfreiheit verpflichtet”, i.e., “Committed to Freedom of Expression”. Yeah, right. I have seldom come across so striking an example of Orwellian Newspeak. To Orwell’s “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” we can now add “Silence is Free Speech”.

Naturally, this ghastly Authority belongs to the European Regulators’ Group for Media Services” (AARGH). It is not only Germany that is regulating freedom of speech once more. The European tyranny-by-clerk is at it as well – which is no small part of the reason why Britain has left.

Naomi would also be entitled to report the Authority to the police for the criminal offenses of fraud and of demanding money with menaces. For I have written twice to the Authority explaining that its prosecution of her is itself unlawful and that it should at once withdraw its impertinent and unlawful demand for the fine and costs it has levied without trial. However, I have received no reply to either letter.
Though Naomi could both sue and prosecute the polished Lederhosen off the Authority, the funds that will be raised by your kind and generous donations directly to her Patreon channel at are for her personal use. She may or may not decide to spend the money on legal fees. If not, your kindness will support her videos.

The Authority knows from my letters that it is not entitled to the sums it has demanded. It persists in its unjustifiable and unlawful demand nonetheless. Therefore, its refusal to withdraw its menacing demand once it had been told exactly why that demand was unjustifiable establishes mens rea, the intent to do what is known to be wrong – in this instance, blackmail.

The Authority’s misconduct also satisfies the two tests for fraud. First, did it intend to deceive? Yes, in that it stated in writing that Naomi had committed offenses when it knew from the three videos on which its prosecution was founded that not one contravened its law. Even if it had originally erred, its failure to correct its error when I twice wrote drawing its attention to the error of its ways is compelling evidence of its fraudulent intent to deceive.

Secondly, did the Authority intend to profit for itself or to cause loss to its victim by that deception? Yes, in that it demanded a fine and costs to which it knew – once I had explained the matter to it, even if not before – that it was not entitled. Yet it has not withdrawn its demand.

Since it has failed to respond, I have written to the German Ambassador in London as follows, with copies to the Landesregierung (regional government) of North Rhine Westphalia and to the Bundeskanzlei in Berlin:

Your Excellency,

Suppression of free speech by German officials

HM Government is becoming increasingly concerned at attempts by certain political factions, here and worldwide, to circumscribe freedom of expression. It has come to my attention that the Landesanstalt für Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen (the State Media Authority in the North Rhine Westphalia region) has recently written a letter to Naomi Seibt, a 19-year-old citizen of that region, unlawfully announcing that it has tried her without a hearing and found her guilty of offences arising from her exercise in YouTube videos of her right to free speech. The Authority can be proven to know that her remarks in the three specific videos of which it complains are not constitutive of any offence.

I do not represent Fräulein Seibt: I write as a citizen concerned that, yet again, free speech is being brought to an end in Germany. I have written twice to the Authority requiring it to cease and desist from its campaign against Fräulein Seibt, and asking it to clarify its understanding of the law of the Land, since Fräulein Seibt and I propose to make a series of videos on the climate question, and eventually a movie as well. But I have had no reply. Therefore, I should be grateful if Your Excellency would now act as follows:

1. Please invite the Authority to reply promptly and properly to my letters and to answer my questions about its interpretation of the law, and inform the Authority that, in the absence of any reply, I shall take it that the Authority now accepts that Fräulein Seibt is entitled to mention any legal person or opinion she wishes in her videos, whether or not those persons or opinions are regarded by the Gau as “climate-friendly”.

2. Please pass on to the Authority this my freedom-of-information request for the names and addresses, ages and occupations of all members of the governing board and senior staff of the Authority, specifying all potential conflicts of interest that they may individually or collectively possess, such as corporate or personal membership or contacts with environmental or other suchlike activist groups.

3. Please pass on to the Authority this my freedom-of-information request for all its internal and external correspondence or conversations in relation to this affair.

4. Please draw the attention of the Landesregierung and of the Bundeskanzlei to this international scandal.

I recommend that the Landesregierung should give Fräulein Seibt immediate, full and unreserved apology on behalf of the defalcating Authority, together with substantial compensation – I suggest $10,000, with $2500 costs – for the distress and alarm to which its misconduct has unjustifiably subjected her and her family.

The Authority’s ground of action, insofar as any such pretext can be discerned from its extraordinary correspondence, is that, under a recently-enacted law calculated to remove the right of free speech from those who disagree with State-sanctioned opinion, Fräulein Seibt has expressed opinions contrary to the official Party Line on the climate question.

It is a matter of profound regret that, once again, your nation is no longer safe for those who wish to speak their mind without being forcibly and unlawfully menaced, punished and silenced by the State for no better reason than that they have dared publicly and efficaciously to disagree with it.

The Authority’s letter flagrantly mischaracterizes Fräulein Seibt’s opinions on the question of global warming in a manner that is not only deeply offensive to her and lacking any rational justification in fact or in law but is also indicative of unlawful prejudice and even malice on the part of the Authority.

In particular, the Authority has seen fit to base its criminal allegations against Fräulein Seibt on its opinion that her contributions are essentially characterized by the statement that there is no scientific evidence of climate change caused by human behaviour. That is not and has never been Fräulein Seibt’s opinion: nor has she ever expressed any such opinion.

The Authority lists three viral YouTube videos made by Fräulein Seibt as being unlawful in that they call for the adoption of a particular policy (described in the letter as not being “climate-friendly”), and that they also mention the Heartland Institute by name, thereby offending against the law’s prohibition of product placement in broadcast material.

However, only one of the three videos mentions the Heartland Institute, and in that video Fräulein Seibt does not advocate any policy position, whether on climate or anything else. She merely reports to her followers the fact that she is working with the Institute. The other two videos do advocate policy positions uncongenial to the Gau, but they do not mention the Heartland Institute. Therefore, none of the three videos contravenes the law.

The Convention (Art. 6) obliges the Authority to inform Fräulein Seibt, promptly, comprehensibly and in detail, not merely of the legal characterization but also of the factual particulars of any offences that she is imagined to have perpetrated. Yet the Authority’s correspondence is woefully lacking in factual particulars, and such few factual particulars as it does furnish are demonstrably inaccurate, manifestly irrelevant and self-evidently not constitutive of any criminal offence.

The Authority culpably neglects to explain on what scientific grounds it regards the opinions that Ms Seibt has stated in her YouTube videos on climate change to be contrary to what it regards as “climate-friendly”. Where is the proper, balanced consideration of the scientific literature on the part of the Authority that is mandatory in such circumstances? There is none.

Worse, the Authority’s use of the term “climate-friendly” indicates that it has taken a policy position on the climate question, and has acted to silence Fräulein Seibt – at least in part – because it has foolishly adopted that position and finds her contrary opinion uncongenial. But the Authority is surely forbidden to found upon its own political prejudices in reaching its decisions on whom to prosecute – or, rather, to persecute.

The Authority mentions, as an accusation, that Fräulein Seibt’s opinions are “in contrast to those of today’s climate activists”. Is opposition to far-Left political activism now once again a criminal offence?

The Authority says Ms Seibt sees herself as “the voice of those who oppose socially-imposed rules of thought”. Is the Authority partisan, then? Surely it is supposed to be impartial? If Fräulein Seibt opposes the passive acceptance of whatever Party Line is currently fashionable, is that now, once again, a criminal offence in Germany?

The Authority says Fräulein Seibt mentions climate activists and their doings. Is it once again a criminal offence in the New Germany to criticize far-Left, anti-free-market activism?

The Authority characterizes Fräulein Seibt’s opinions as “ideological and political”. If she has a political ideology, is it not her right under the Convention to have one? Or is it now once again a punishable criminal offence in Germany publicly to disagree with the State?

The Authority says that, because the climate question concerns human living conditions, Fräulein Seibt’s views are characteristic of a “concrete worldview”, whatever that may be. Is it wrong to ask scientific questions about what the Authority naively and erroneously believes to be the settled science advanced by those with whom it takes sides in describing them as “climate-friendly”? Is the scepticism at the heart of the scientific method now once again a criminal offence in Germany?

The Authority says there is sufficient evidence that the inclusion of climate-related topics in Fräulein Seibt’s contributions to her own homepage “aims, as does the Heartland Institute, to strengthen the freedom of the individual and limit the influence of the State”. If that is the case, is it now once again a criminal offence in Germany to speak out for freedom?

The Authority says the Heartland Institute deals, among other things, with energy policy issues. Is energy policy a criminal offence?
Is mentioning the Heartland Institute a criminal offence? Or has the new law once again shut down free speech in Germany in flat contravention and wilful repudiation of the Convention to which Germany is a signatory?

The new law in Nordrhein-Westfalen, being defiantly incompatible with the Convention, is itself unlawful. The Convention expressly defends freedom of thought (Art. 9), of expression (Art. 10), and of assembly and association (Art. 11), as well as freedom from discrimination on ground of any opinion (Art. 14). The Authority’s prosecution offends directly, materially and flagrantly against all these Articles, as well as against Article 6 (Right to a fair trial).

Since my letters to the Authority have explained to it that it is acting unlawfully, and since the Authority has not only failed to reply but failed to withdraw its unlawful demand to Fräulein Seibt for a substantial fine and costs, the Authority and its relevant personnel appear to have committed the serious imprisonable offences of blackmail and of fraud.

If by the end of this week the Authority has not withdrawn its action against Fräulein Seibt, I shall write again inviting Your Excellency to pass the papers in this case to the Federal investigating authorities, who should then in my submission prosecute the Authority and its relevant personnel for blackmail and fraud. But let us give the Authority the chance either to redeem itself by withdrawing its action or at least to explain itself.

I look forward to hearing from Your Excellency by the end of this week. In view of the urgency of the need to bring this scandal to an end, I am making this letter public.

I remain, Your Excellency,

Your Excellency’s obedient servant,

Monckton of Brenchley

Please donate at least $10 a month to Naomi at her Patreon account:

To add insult to injury, Naomi has just received a package from the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (the Federal Agency for Political Re-Education). Inside the package were two magazine-style propaganda tracts rebarbatively regurgitating the Party Line on global warming.

Re-education is what we do. Come to our summer camp. And stay there.

Here is a typical extract from one of these propaganda pamphlets, ingeniously constructed so as falsely to imply that our impact on the climate is a great deal larger than what is measured. For instance:

“Without the greenhouse effect the average temperature on Earth would be about –18 degrees Celsius. But the significantly increased emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases by humans is rapidly intensifying the effect and making the atmosphere noticeably warmer.”

Yet in the 70 years since 1950 the supposedly “rapid” “intensification” of the greenhouse effect has caused a barely perceptible warming of little more than five-sixths of a degree – well within natural variability:

Another misleading passage says:

“Methane is mainly produced in the stomachs of ruminants such as cows – which is why our meat consumption noticeably amplifies climate change – but also in rice cultivation, on waste dumps and in sewage treatment plants.”

Actually, the largest methane sources are likely to be abiogenic. Leaks from various Soviet-era Russian gas pipelines have quite a bit to answer for. And the largest biogenic source of methane is not what Congressman Sensenbrenner bluntly calls “cow farts”. It is termite ants.

Surely the Bundespropagandaamt has heard of the Greenpeace campaign to Save The Planet by eliminating all termite ants? Er, no, wait a minute …
Worse, the propaganda pamphlet’s assertion that “our meat consumption noticeably amplifies climate change” is wrong on the math and wronger on the medical science.

As to the math, about five-sixths of our influence on climate comes from CO2. Even if we pretended that methane accounted for all the rest, and even if we assumed that all of the five-sixths of a degree of warming since 1950 was our achievement, one-sixth of that five-sixths of a degree is a sizzling one-seventh of a degree. Pass the Factor 18 and give the punkah-wallah a prod, Jeeves.

Punkah-wallah in Hindi

So let us see whether one-seventh of a degree is “noticeable”, statistically speaking. The answer is “Not really”. The 2-sigma uncertainties in the HadCRUT4 data are about a seventh of a degree either side of the trend-line:

And then there’s the medical science. People who don’t eat meat will have to get most of their energy not from fats, which we have evolved over several million years to digest just fine, but from carbohydrates, the chief cause of the pandemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes in the West. The Left’s campaign against meat will kill far more people even than the Chinese virus.

Please help to liberate the millennial generation from relentless global-warming propaganda, and to ensure that freedom of expression is not killed off by the very entities who say that their mission is to protect it. Sign up today for at least $10 a month, and preferably $25 a month or more, at Naomi Seibt’s Patreon account. Thank you.

361 thoughts on “Monckton: Naomi Seibt, the anti-Greta, needs your financial support now

    • Don’t laugh off german bureaucrats, ever. They stick together and fight together. She should be prepared to be threatened by multiple other agencies as well.

      Ahhh germany, if ever there was a country that loves authoritarian control it is it. Lived there for 6 years, I know of what I speak. Hitler could really only have come to power in Deutschland.

      • Are you sure that Hitler could not come to power elsewhere? What about Austria? And besides, what about all of those dictators that have risen elsewhere?

        • Yes, very sure, only in germany. What other dictators are you talking about? They don’t exist. They only dictator I ever hear about is hitler.

          • Hitler’s role model was Mussolini in Italy. He was a dictator. Hitler’s Bolshevik “nemesis” was Stalin. He was a dictator. Modern day we have Xi and Putin and some Democrat state governors.

          • Scissor
            Are you sure that Hitler could not come to power elsewhere? What about Austria?

            Hitler was Austrian. Born there, raised there.

          • I should use the /sarc tag more often I suppose.

            The left only seems to know of Hitler, they really don’t like to speak of their Uncle Joes as dictators. After all, Mika never called trump a stalin.

            Regardless, Hitler and Germany were a match made in hell. Yes, I am fully aware of his Austrian roots, but he didn’t come to power there.

          • Cyril Ramaphosa. A real tin-pot African tyrant who takes orders from Winnie the Pooh.

        • The thing that made Hitler unique is that he was an elected and popular leader who had the genuine full support of his people. He hid the atrocity of the holocaust… without which Hitler wouldn’t be remembered as such a horrible person at all, but as another failed socialist.

          • Really? Have you ever read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”? Hitler was genuine like Obama is honest!

            …”failed socialists” don’t drag the majority of the world through a world war, or are you going to try to tell me that was caused by the US??

            Hitler’s warmongering is alone sufficient to describe him as “a horrible person”!!

        • In Austria before, Hitler was in Jail for his sick propaganda and was a loser in every way!

          He always wanted to be a german citizen and one day he was.

          And then he had the biggest political carrer in germany through manipulation, violence and the dirty behavior of the allies .

      • If you can’t produce a video expressing a counter claim to Climate Change AND mention a corp like Heartland, then can you produce a video expressing a Pro Claim to Climate Change AND mention Heartland?

        Would seem to me that even presenting a video about the perceived Climate Catastrophe AND mentioning the UN/IPCC/UNFCCC would be the same offence (Unlawful Product Placement)

        • You can’t use logic like that.

          The assumption is climate skeptics and their organizations are BAAAD and Climate nut-jobs and their fascist organizations are GOOOD.

          That’s the only logic available.

        • This is looking to me like some kind of stunt. Did Lord Monckton really write this? Would he post it on JunkScience? I’d like to be reassured that this has some kind of substance behind it. It can’t actually be true, can it? Is somebody being set up?

          • Yes, I wrote the piece. It is all true. I shall report again as further details come in. The piece was originally submitted to WUWT, but was then circulated to other skeptical outlets, several of which posted it immediately. That is why it appeared somewhere else first. This site has to accommodate numerous contributors, and I cannot and do not expect everything that I submit to be posted at once. I must take my turn along with everyone else.

            The story is indeed an extraordinary one, and there are more revelations to come. It looks unbelievable because to us who live in freedom a law such as that which the “climate-friendly” appartchiks at the State Media Authority are relying upon seems to be an impossible concept.

            Remember, though, that Europe no longer lives in freedom. It is now subject to the unelected tyranny-by-clerk of the European Kommissars. Increasingly, laws such as this are appearing on statute-books all over Europe. Most U.S. news websites are now no longer accessible to European internet users under the Kommissars’ “freedom-of-speech” laws.

            What John Buchan called “the blanket of the dark” is descending again. But this case may well help to lift it. Have courage!

          • There are no links to such a story other than junk science and WUWT, including media that would normally be sympathetic and all over the story.
            Her You Tube site is still up. She last posted on May 17.
            She fund raises through Paypal, not Patreon.

          • Though MoB does indeed claim below, that he wrote this plea to the German Ambassador himself, as well as the story. I would like to know, since when did any Member of the British Aristocracy become an “obedient servant” to some appointed official of the new German Reich. The letter reads like something the late Peter Cook might have written for Private Eye magazine ….. from “Our Man at The Court of St. James?

            It is indeed a strange plea to German officialdom from a man, who although a more than capable mathematician, researcher, analyst, and science policy practitioner, doesn’t actually at present hold any British Government Official position, and cannot therefore actually credibly represent himself as speaking on behalf of “HM Government” and their deemed increasing concerns, when writing to German Officials surely. Which of HM Government’s Officials have voiced such concerns and when?

            With this letter to German Officialdom, alas MoB has muddied the waters of his own quite intriguing scientific arguments once more, and risks obfuscatory criticism from the brigades of green activists on grounds that have nothing to do with the facts and figures underlying the graphical representations of his scientific and mathematical hypotheses.

          • Mr Dale, a paid troll for climate Communism whose lies are posted all over the internet, is lying again. Ms Seibt, like many of her generation, has multiple fund-raising streams on the internet. One of these is Patreon. It is necessary only to click the link to see that this is the case.

          • Can it actually be true? You better believe it. People not following the MSM – or government, it’s really the same – narrative have seen worse fate than this – like getting ended. Udo Ulfkotte comes to mind – but many others, and I am sure many of them unknown to me. I DO know a few tho. And I only know about the past few years, altho this is going on for ages, if not forever. She is probably too low of a danger, yet – or too much in the open. Eva Herman, a news-presenter, got booted, supposedly spreading Nazi theories, at least a decade ago – only because she wrote a book on motherhood, when she became a mother herself. She didn’t even realize herself what was going on at that time, neither did I. At that time I myself believed the narrative that she is a Nazi, simply because I did not even know why she was booted off MSM then, only that they told me she is a Nazi – which she obviously is not. She is one of the more important truthers out there now. It is unfortunate, that most people only get red-pilled, if that stuff happens to them.

          • Jack Dale, it’s all just a conspiracy theory by right-wing extremists and Klan members. Got ya. Oh, forgot to include homophobes, racists, white-supremacists, gun-lovers, Christians, old people and other assorted bigots.

      • Yes, I get that, Frenchie77. But this young lady is no ordinary citizen. She has international clout.

        If she just ignores this fine, the authorities, rather than eventually arresting her for disobeying, would quietly drop the case. But, of course, this would all cause some discomfort for her.

          • You must comment. If we are too afraid to say what is up, they’ll just tighten the noose more and more anyway. The ONLY way to not end in the 4th Reich IS to fight back.

            People wait for a leader to free them. Freedom IS NOT GIVEN! Freedom IS ONLY EVER TAKEN! The person you are waiting for to free you is YOU. Noone else.

          • Just say you agree with all and any official decisions to censor opinions in the interests of preserving freedom of speech, and you’ll be fine.

          • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

          • How about the simple fact that climate change is almost entirely natural on the observed evidence? As big a threat to the German nation as were the Jews, and the supposed cure will end economic progress in a less lethal but equally disastrous way for your economy.

            The supposed proof for this “existential threat” to Germany used the same combination of pure deceit and studied misrepresentation of the true facts in both cases, fake science and other propaganda that was unsupported or actually disproved by the known facts, and coercion by threat to follow the false “consensus” – AKA the lies and deceit of officials – so far without a Gauleiter in the Gau involved. Just a matter of time?

            Perhaps patches will be enforced for those who speak the truth about climate change, or oppose the rhetoric of government that attempts to justify the €1 Trillion wasted on renewables to date, to no significant effect on any measure of policy? By law the masses supposedly support? Is that a reasonable summary of what is happening in Germany?

            Democracy is fracked IMO. German masses will soon all be saluting the false climate and energy beliefs as articles of faith, and loyalty to the leader – oder der Blockleiter kommt.

            Self evidently, Germans have short memories. IMO.

          • “How about the simple fact that climate change is almost entirely natural on the observed evidence? ”

            Please show the evidence / data that supports that assertion.

            Solar activity would have us cooling.

            Milankovitch cycles would have us cooling.

            Meanwhile we are warming.

      • America has its Heartland Foundation, and The Ruhr has its Brost Foundation. Anyone who threatens the propaganda which is aimed at increasing the Global control of “The People and the Greater Good of The Ruhr” over us poor ignorant savages, inhabitants of the rest if Germany and The World, shall be “investigated” and harassed by the Brost Foundation’s Attack Dogs of the “Corrective”.

        Thus it was that Fraulein Seibt found herself in the middle of a long running battle between oppressive socialism and libertarian democracy. Brost and his wife were the antithesis of Brzezinski, and before “Heartland” even existed to oppose those ideas. A lot of political conflict which besets the World today had its origins in pre WWII Poland, and its émigrés still like to interfere in “Western” democracies to this day.

        There is much more to this story than the adoption of Seibt as an antidote to Thunberg, by Heartland, because the tentacles of the Brost Foundation are inextricably entwined in the thinking of 90 years old globalist dictatorial ethos, and its modern day adherents, such as John Holdren, The Ehrlichs, Bill Gates, Soros and their ilk.

    • I don’t like the idea of fronting a 19 year old advocate any more than seeing Greta fronted on the other side. At least Naomi is technically an adult but nobody that young should shoulder that kind of pressure and attention. She needs some help to fight the fine and embarrass the German authorities while more or less staying out of sight. Others should take on this battle and it should be fought for the free speech of all. Not just Naomi and not just on this issue. The idea that the mechanisms of the state can be turned on one person for such a miserable excuse of a reason is absolutely disgusting.
      Where are the political parties that stand up for the individual in Germany and promise legislation to limit the power of these authoritarians? How silly and weak is a government that can’t tolerate or formulate an argument with a 19 year old or rust it’s citizens to judge for themselves. Is it any wonder that the European nanny state is collapsing?

      • No-one is too young to fight the good fight. Should anyone ever have to fight the good fight? Is Naomi supposed to just shut up, if her teachers tell her propaganda? A child in Kindergarden should fight the good fight – if it could. It should not HAVE TO, but who is responsible for it? Not the Good in the world, but the Bad. So your argument is moot, since evil people surely won’t listen. No matter how much you hate the idea. I am grateful, for what she is doing, altho I wish someone more experienced would do it, since I see a lack of education, and experience, in her too. Yet, am I doing what she does? Are you? If you don’t like it, take her role then. What I really do not like, is couch warriors complaining.

    • I saw Naomi on Fox News one time.

      I was not impressed.

      She started talking and did not stop for several minutes. I kept thinking she needed an off switch.

      Sure, she was pretty and smart, but not a good communicator of climate science without a script.

      Ms. “Thundering” Thunberg is a great communicator, of UN climate change porn, to excite fellow believers, assuming they like angry high school dropouts.

      I prefer my climate science from people who are no longer teenagers !

        • Monckton–I went to Patreon and there is not an option for a 1 time donation–I don’t ever like to sign up for ongoing contributions for various reason, not the least of which is my age..where is the one time contribution button and I will donate–but I will not contribute to a fund that is ongoing by default! Please get someone to change that… thanks, Shelly

        • It’s not a “grouch”, he has a valid point. The abuse of teenage St Greta has been roundly and justly attacked by sceptics. To now adopt a similarly young and inexperienced person to argue the other side of the argument is two faced.

          If Streib is being attacked by some bureaucratic body this needs to be exposed and attacked: which is why I and several others have been asking for the FACTS of the issue – only to be brushed off as “paid trolls” for someone or other.

          That may mean some kind of defence fund if turns into a serious legal battle. I don’t see any need to sponsor her indefinitely to the tune of $25 a month “or more”.

          Like Richard Greene I was not particularly impressed with her Heartland vids. She speaks very good English as many Germans do, but quickly made errors in her comments about climate. A very broad subject of which she only has a superficial understanding. That’s fine for her age, at least she has done her homework, but I don’t see much need for her to be lecturing us any more than skoolgerl tyrant Thunderberg.

          • Only that Greta is backed by NGO’s that have more power than the average government, heck they are controlling all kinds of governments and she is acclaimed by all kinds of mainstream media – and Naomi is mainly backed by a few alternative media channels and curtailed by the MSM. This is a HUGE difference. I agree, that she is not very masterful in a debate – but unlike you and me SHE IS ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING.

            So, like I wrote before, you can stick your complaint up yours, as long as I don’t see you out in the open giving all you got – and even then.

            Sorry, but I really don’t like idiots like you almost as much as I dislike those NGO’s – you are working towards the same end.

        • Monktonc
          I provided serious commentary about the effectiveness of a teenager’s ability to communicate climate science.

          You replied in a nasty way that made you sound like an expert on grouchiness !

          And what could be more pointless than your short reply to me?

          • Richard I think it’s more the point that Naomi is bringing the debate about ‘climate’ out in the open. It really isn’t about climate after all is it. But if you cannot put your point of view across at all then it’s loss of freedom of speech. Naomi is fighting for freedom of speech. She is fighting for the rights of scientists who have been shut down to have a platform.

            How many scientists on this site are willing to put themselves out there to fight the injustice of being shut down? You fear the loss of your job, your reputation, whether you can stand up to the ridicule and hate from AGW/leftist/socialists.

            OK there are a few, notably Pat Frank and Alan Macrae and obviously the founder and the writers of regular posts on this site, sorry for those I didn’t name.

            The thing is Richard, Naomi is an intelligent and articulate young lady and she appeals to the younger generation. She doesn’t have to have a PHD to put forward the idea that CAGW is a socialist lie, but she needs the freedom to put forward the idea! The people she is targeting don’t know all the scientific facts either any more than I do as a layman. But I don’t need to know all the scientific facts to know the injustice of ‘consensus science’, and that much of the garbage they are putting out as fact can be refuted by simple research. Naomi is fighting for the rights of scientists who have been shut down to have a wider platform, to refute the propaganda that is being fed to the public about climate.

            At this point Naomi doesn’t have a long career to be taken from her, why wouldn’t we encourage her to speak to young people if she has the courage to do so. If she can inspire these young people to challenge the status quo and to apply logic to their research, isn’t that be a good thing? Maybe she can take some of the fear of speaking out for these young people too.

            We can’t complain about the global socialist education system and then shut down the few young people who see through it.

      • Mr. Greene,
        She is young and full of energy. I’m sure she has figured out by now if you want to be heard, especially when discussing controversial subjects, one must be assertive. This is much better, IMO, than just sitting back submissively and saying nothing, which is what most people seem to do.

  1. Chris,

    More importantly, I’ll circulate it as far as I can on FB. I have been banned from Twitter for an innocuous remark someone took offence to so I can’t do anything there.

    It seems our German ‘friends’ are once again getting cocky.

    • HotScot, well it is good to see that Ms. Seibt has legal counsel. This must be a great job for any lawyer, clearly the “Authority” has gone totally overboard and beyond its madate. For a lawyer, this must be what the Germans call” Gefundenes Fressen”. But who is this Authority? Which court? And how does one address this Monster? A St. George is called for.

      • In the meantime, St Christopher is doing his best, and readers of WUWT are being most generous in response to the appeal.

        • I would like to mention here that a peer reviewed manuscript will soon appear in Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans (abstract now available on DAO site) that mathematically proves
          that climate and weather models are based on the wrong dynamical system of equations.
          There is one and only one system that accurately describes large scale motions in the atmoshere and it is not the primitive (hydrostatic) equations used in all global climate and weather models. The manuscript introduces the correct dynamical system based on the mathematical Bounded Derivative Theory introduced by Heinz-Otto Kreiss.
          Clearly this indicates that all results based on current IPCC models are of questionable value.


    • It is not the “Germans” who get high-spirited, but the fascist government and its henchmen, which demands extortionate and brutal violence, takes and censors – often enforced things with serious bodily harm in order to “get and enforce their rights”!
      Often also by “visiting police and thugs like Antifa at home”, so that they get “right” … Nobody knows what’s really going on in Germany, except for us who live here.

      • So it is the Germans again? Actually you are far more closely related to those Germans you depict here than the average German. As per international convention – not that many people seem to care nowadays – blaming something on an ethnic or cultural group is called racism.

        I did not vote for Merkel. Actually I don’t think “the Germans” voted for Merkel. Honnecker also got like 99.5% of the votes in the east german republic. 15 years Merkel? Impossible. She was installed, and if you look at her background, it becomes even more apparent. But you blame it on “the Germans”. Easy way out. Only that this route leads to where no-one want’s to go again. Well, let’s say few want to go again. I dont tho.

  2. The letter informed her peremptorily that, without a hearing, she has been found guilty of the alleged offence of exercising her right of free speech about the climate on YouTube in a manner that the letter described as not being “climate-friendly”.

    Uh, is this really true?

      • Mr Stokes would be unwise to show his true colors by whining about this one. There are extensive references to the points made in the correspondence from the state media authority in the head posting.

        Instead, he should be fair-minded enough to make a donation to Fraulein Seibt.

          • The vexatious Mr Stokes repeats himself, but to no good end. The head posting is already quite long enough. Updates will be provided in due course. I have been permitted to release the details I have released, but the correspondence is covered by legal privilege and there is a limit to what can be revealed at this time. However, I have done my best to characterize the main points of the “Authority’s” letter as fairly as I can within a reasonable compass.

          • For once I will agree with Nick. At least for me, there is insufficient evidence presented to involve my own money on this. I have contributed my money to other climate skepticism and free speech-related causes, three times in the last year, but here I would need at least that this young lady speaks for herself about the situation, talks about it in her youtube channel and presents the evidence there. The stuff smells big time. It may all be true, or it may not. Currently, it smells like not, so let’s first change the smell.

        • Mr. Stokes could validate his worship of Saint Greta by showing us a video of her walking straight to a leaky tank of carbon dioxide. She should be able to identify the plume by sight, right?

        • Whilst I do trust MoB, I have to agree with Nick Stokes on this one.

          I do believe MoB will release the letters when permitted to do so.

          Until then, I’m with Nick.

          • ok, I’ve been able to find this although I’m not sure how reliable it is.


            According to the article Naomi is in trouble with the authorities but I can’t figure out why because the article is paywalled.

            It sure looks like MoB is correct on this.

      • Exactly. I have no faith in CofB’s ability to objectively and truthfully report the “tyranny by clerk” of the “watermelons” in his enthusiastic plea for us to chip in $25 or more *every month* of skeptical socialism to this up coming bratwurst.

        That may sound like peanuts to him but we are not all so kindly endowed with birthright wealth.

        I thought Heartland was there for that sort of thing. They seem to appreciate her PR value, maybe they feed in a few pennies to sort out the fine she got by mentioning their name.

        It is such a glaringly obvious omission, not to link any supporting evidence of this extra-judicial injustice that I am even more skeptical of how accurate this account is.

        • Greg’s churlish prejudices are well known, and are contemptible. For a 70-year-old such as he to describe a 19-year-old with whose freedom-loving politics he disagrees in the manner that he has reflects no credit on him whatsoever. He is wasting his time here, but is at least reminding everyone of why it is that we need freedom of speech – precisely so that the likes of him do not succeed in their fell ambition of silencing all dissent forever.

          • CofB’s ability to misrepresent evidence and claim evidence exists where it does not is well known.

            He invents an age for me, spuriously suggests I disagree with “a 19 year old” ( presumably Steib ) who I firmly agree with, all from his baseless assumptions, jumping to conclusions, attributing ideas and opinions to me without quoting a single thing I said.

            That is EXACTLY why I don’t believe a word of his article without links to supporting evidence because this typical of how he works. That is not “churlish” is rightly skeptical of the claims of someone is has long record of misleading clams, false conclusions and cock-sure ignorance.

            His response to my criticism of lack of supporting evidence, is not to provide any supporting evidence but start an irrelevant and mistaken ad hom attack. I wonder why that is.

            Nuff said.

          • He invents an age for me . . .

            I’m with you Greg. When MoB said you were a “70-year-old,” I just couldn’t believe I was that far off.

            I mean, I had you pegged at 15 tops . . .


      • You can believe this is all true and very much more, if I’m not mistaken.

        When the “Correctiv” are involved in any such exposé, you can be sure that The Brost Foundation are behind that. Any threat to the dominance of The People and interests of The Ruhr, within Germany and the wider European theatre, and indeed the World, will be strongly resisted and attacked by The Brost Foundation and its coterie of shameless sociopaths.

        • That is true and perfectly correct. They are not afraid of serious physical harm and murder.

      • Kind of funny how people gobble down all kind of crap the MSM spews out, but as soon as something like this comes up they want to see all kinds of proof. Nothing against primary sources, per se – quite the opposite, but how the system works should be apparent by now. If you still need proof, you are still wide asleep. I believe this in a second, simply because it happens all the time with critics of the MSM/government narrative.

        • What “people” do you imagine you are talking about. I don’t believe a thing I read in MSM unless I can check. That applies here. Especially with Monckton who has just as much bias and agenda as MSM but with a different leaning.

          Being a skeptic means you ask questions, it does not mean you only ask questions about one side of an argument and give a free pass to “your side”.

          I would like to argue for Seibt if she has been unfairly attacked. To do that I need FACTS, not unsupported claims of someone in whom I have no faith.

          • Especially with Monckton who has just as much bias and agenda as MSM but with a different leaning.

            Ok, which way is Monckton leaning? What’s your theory here? Has MoB just been duped, or is he duping all of us or what?

            There’s skepticism and then there’s derangementism.

    • I don’t always agree with Christopher Monckton, however I’ve yet to see him outright fabricate a story or intentionally mislead. So I will trust him on this and will continue to do so unless given reason not to. This is a basic courtesy that I extend to everybody: I trust them until they prove untrustworthy. Over time, if they continue to prove trustworthy, I grant them more. Of course, this has it’s limits; few people ever earn unconditional trust.

      I don’t think I could go out into the world if I believed that everybody was lying to me and trying to cheat me. Certainly some are, and it would be wise to keep an eye out for that, but to have the base assumption that all strangers are in that group – well it’s just to dark a vision for me and I feel sorry for anybody that thinks that way.

  3. Mr. Monckton,
    I assume that you got your letter translated into German or do you just expect
    that everyone will speak English? Do you really expect that somebody in Germany
    will pay any attention to a letter written in a foreign language by a complete stranger?
    Just think what an American civil servant would do with a letter written in Germany
    complaining about the US legal system?

    • I guess he (the American recipient) would simply have it translated. Not a big deal. Unlike your snark.

    • “Since it has failed to respond, I have written to the German Ambassador in London …”

    • Izaak Walton

      Chris wrote to the German Ambassador in London.

      Shall I repeat that or does it now have some meaning for you.

      The German Ambassador in London negotiates with the British Government so probably has a better command of the English language than you do.


      • Most grateful to HotScot, as so often, for his excellent intervention. I wrote to His Excellency in English because he would be far more likely to understand that than any attempt on my part to correspond with him in German.

        The Ambassador cannot afford to ignore this matter, for I have explained in my letter to him (see the head posting) why a prima facie case against the State Media Authority for blackmail and fraud would be likely to succeed. If His Excellency were to ignore my letter, and if it were subsequently to come to light that the Authority was indeed guilty of fraud, His Excellency would, by failing to pass on the papers to the investigating authorities, run the real risk of being held to have contributed to the fraud by his inaction.

        His Excellency, although newly appointed, is more than usually competent. He will know the rules. At present I have merely drawn his attention to this affair and have invited him to pass on my concerns to the State Media Authority, which has failed to respond to any letters from me. However, at the end of the week, if I shall not have heard from the Authority, I shall be writing to His Excellency again, this time to request that he refer the papers to the Federal and Land investigating authorities for consideration of prosecution.

        The rules of diplomacy are very clear on this point. If a serious imprisonable offense is credibly alleged – and readers of the head posting will be able to form a view on whether it is credibly alleged – then His Excellency must – not may, but must – pass the papers on to the Foreign Ministry in Berlin with a request that the Ministry should forward them to the investigating authorities.

        His Excellency is not obliged to endorse my recommendation that the authorities should investigate: but not to pass such allegations on, provided that a prima facie case is evident, is a career-ending move. I used to work in this world, and that is how it works.

        • Write instead to the governing trustees of the Brost Foundation, and its enough to say that there is a mere suspicion of their involvement in corrupting local and federal officials, because as we all know there us nothing that secretive plotters fear more than exposure and his this might look to the general populace of The Ruhr for example. Zurich Bankers can’t possibly be seen to be involved in funding these sorts of shenanigans, let alone certain individuals with links to Klosters. Should Brost bring shame and public attention to hitherto unknown schemes of influence, then available capital can easily be made to dry up, on the side of one’s antagonists.
          Or so I surmise without prejudice.

        • Nicely deposited then, the bureaucrats must follow their own rules to keep climbing the career ladder, und Befehl ist Befehl deposits your missive in the right place from a direction which means it must be read. Wonder what the local authorities will do…

          We have a different system, this is like Surrey County Council fining me for objecting to their false based policies, when the facts support me and they understand so little themselves. Our system means all this is unnecessary, as the law makers can simply ignore the facts and vote for their assertions, so the people are “heard”, BUT the truth can be ignored, because the law affords truth no precedence over over deceit, as long as its voted for democratically. Britischer Demokratik.

      • “Since it has failed to respond, I have written to the German Ambassador in London …”

        Writing to the Embassy was probably the legitimate course of action. That was not the first port of call apparently. So I sheesh your sheesh.

        How much notice would Ofcom take of someone in Germany with no links to UK complaining, in German, about a decision it made against someone in the UK? However important they considered themselves to be in Germany.

        Imagine how worried any US authority would be about the righteous rantings of his limey lordship.

        Now it is quite possible that some real injustice was done here, which is why some supporting evidence would have been a good idea.

          • There is no “appeal”. You link to her Patrion page where we can send her money but there is no “appeal” and no mention of the attack you report here.

            It shows she has a monthly revenue of over 700 euros , which is great and should easily cover the 400 “fine” of which you provide no evidence.

            If there is real injustice here we need FACTS to prove it and opposite it . Not unsubstantiated claims from a serial misleader, who refuses cite anything and thinks and ad hom attack is better than a reply providing documentary evidence of the alleged wrong-doing.

            She’s a fine young lady and speaks well but I’m sure her parents have more money than I do. So let me be the one decides who I chose to support, with how much and on the basis of what FACTS.

            So far you have the profile and credibility of a Nigerian scammer.

        • Greg this very site exists because freedom of speech is already a farce. MSM has almost completely shut down any discussion that does not support AGW. Most of the scientists visit this site and make valuable contributions because ‘their’ science is refuted by politicised science. They don’t have a voice, they have been shut down.

          Consensus science must be exposed for what is is, rubbish. A nineteen year old girl is more likely to reach young people. She is intelligent and articulate, people listen to her and she doesn’t need a script. She can make a difference, that’s why they are endeavoring to shut her down! She can help bring back ‘real’ scientific debate.

          We have to try to hold on to whatever opportunities we have to promote freedom of speech!

          • True words, you speak from my heart.
            Yes, this page is on my subscription and exists. She is a good intelligent girl and educates like “Neverforgetnicki”, who is also in the age of the young lady. We must take every opportunity to ensure freedom of expression!

        • “How much notice would Ofcom take of someone in Germany with no links to UK complaining, in German, about a decision it made against someone in the UK?”

          I expect serious investigation would be promptly made. International embarrassment is sometimes more serious than internal embarrassments which can be swept under a rug.

      • Wanna continue this discussion in German? More logical and precise than english anyway. I assume you’d fail miserably. Arrogance blinds.

    • In Europe, pretty much everyone speaks at least a little English. I’d be very surprised if most of the big wigs of all the major government depts weren’t already fluent in the language.

    • This reminds me of the tale of a Welsh language zealot who wrote in Welsh to his local (in Wales) health authority in response to a letter they had received in English and was outraged when they got a reply in Urdu from the Indian Doctor to whom his Welsh letter went.
      Once I’ve slept off my night shift I’ll work out how much to give to this Heroic Lady (both words that will wind up the left with their newspeak)

      James Bull

        • please excuse any ignorance on my part, but I thought Urdu was written in the Muslim script and was influenced by Persian. It is thus not restricted to Pakistan. Hindi is related but is written in a different script and was influenced by Sanscrit

        • Hi Pat,

          My manuscript is now in press at Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans. The abstract is already available on their site. I will post the original version (before review) or a link to the accepted article on climateaudit thanks to Steve.


          • Jerry, congratulations! That’s great news! 🙂

            Please consider writing a layman’s version to post here at WUWT.

            Everyone needs to know your result, and grasp the meaning of it.

  4. I would like to think that if Germany has a “Federal Agency for Political Re-Education”, it would be for those that believe the nazis were right.

    Looks like it’s operated BY them.

    • You are right, because here Nazis rule the people in the government because they continue and continue the laws of National Socialism – including their sentence, which is draconian.

  5. These are dark days, indeed!

    When the state seeks to silent dissenting opinions of innocent individuals by threats and financial penalties, it is very troubling. When those dissenting opinions are based on scientific disagreement with the official “consensus” we are witnessing attempts to roll back the Enlightenment and reestablish the authority of the new religious authorities!

    Truly frightening!

    • Mr Rae is right. It is particularly galling that it is the side of the debate that is scientifically correct that is being silenced. But the truth will prevail. Magna est veritas, et praevalet.

    • Meanwhile, Greta, who’s every word is broadcast loud and long, says that ‘they’ try so hard to silence ‘us’, without needing to produce any evidence whatsoever as to who ‘they’ are, what they have done to silence her- as if anything ever could…

      • Being backed by NGO’s that control all kinds of governments and getting time on MSM. They switch everything around – it seems like that actually is the only tactic they know.

    • But it isn’t the German State that’s even in charge of their own politics. The EU Central Bank (German Central Bank) is busted, and as the EU disintegrates before our eyes, German Regional power brokers, such as those in The Ruhr is. The Brost Foundation, and its ilk, with stashes of foreign capital, now take the opportunity to buy influence and settle old scores. This is how Fraulein Seibt found herself being attacked as a Heartland Pawn, by some Bishops and Knights on the European chessboard. Worse is yet to come, and it’s a poor strategy to over support a mere pawn, instead of going after the opposing minor pieces, Rooks and Queen, and forcing a resignation or at least the stalemate of the opposition King.

    • Would people like you stop blaming it on Germans? Divide et impera, again and again, and you don’t even see, that you spew Nazi propaganda yourself. This is all a game between people governing over other people. Those in power do not care about nationality, and they did not 1933. They care about more power. If you follow the “it was the Germans” narrative, this will lead to another go at that. Rather help us german humans to get rid of Merkel and the rest of the corrupt baggage. You are not doing this by hitting the same buttons, that kept us normal folks powerless for the last 75 years. Also, it is not like the supression of the views of others ain’t going on in the whole world right now. I don’t even care where you are from – it is the same in your country. So did we suddenly win WWII? The Nazi’s did, for sure, the Germans did not.

      • “Would people like you like to stop blaming it on the Germans”

        I can understand that to you it seems that way but I think it’s more about the fact that Naomi is deemed to be persecuted by her own people, Germans. Most people have little understanding of the politics of nations other than their own. We are, all of us ignorant of things we know little about. Some of us think we know enough to speak out and totally get it wrong. Some of us haven’t got it in us to admit when we are wrong.

        The people who frequent this site are well aware that there is a socialist push globally in the guise of CAGW and I don’t believe that too many people would be looking to blame any one nation. Unfortunately there are socialists/communists in almost every country. The movement is growing and evolving. If it reaches fruition life will not change for the elite. Socialism is supposed to remove the disparity between rich and poor. Give me the name of one Socialist leader who is not obscenely rich, whilst his own people are struggling. For those not considered elite, life for them will change forever and their freedom will be gone. It’s all about control.

        I have visited Germany, last time was about 5 years ago. I love the scenery, the wine regions and hilltop castles. I loved the architecture and we were always treated well by it’s people. The speed on the autobahn was just a fun thing!

        Keep up the fight, though it isn’t easy to fight hate you are not alone. Hopefully we’ll have a voice in MSM soon.

  6. The Stasi never really was disbanded, clearly. Or was it the Gestapo morphed into Stasi? My good father told me of the “gauleiter”, the local fascist, usually a collaborator who ruled the neighbourhood and reported on anything not to the liking of the occupier. They hang from lampposts after the liberation.

      • Sorry to say no. Stasi was an original (and later improved) copy of the wellknown soviet KGB.

      • Krishna: This is not just a 75yr old history. When the Iron Curtain (and Berlin Wall came down) freedom rushed in … but apparatchicks purposely skulked out, too and here we are today with EU, UN NGOs, every University structure, every scientific society, every government department, education heirarchies, foundations … largely taken over by, if not the apparatchiks themselves, their pupils, useful idjits, and a now steady flow of néomarxiste propags propagated from our own schools and universities.

        From a nation of chess players playing the long patient game, who’s to say they haven’t been winning the Cold War? Was the fall of walls and curtains only the first moves of
        a King’s Gambit?

    • The Stasi certainly in part was based on the Gestapo. A Gauleiter was of course never a fascist, but a Nazi. These things are not the same. A Gauleiter ruled a region, that is any number of neighbourhoods, and he was never able to do anything not to the liking of the occupier, because Grossdeutschland was not occupied, but ruled by the native Nazis. And Germany was not liberated, but conquered and occupied by the Western Allies and the USSR.

      • Let us be a little careful of drawing analogies with specific entities of the unhappy National Socialist state of the mid-20th Century. It is certainly disappointing to see freedom of speech thus again circumscribed by public authorities, but beyond saying that much it would not be prudent or fair to go.

        • Agreed and point taken. I have many German colleagues who will be horrified by what happened to Naomi.

        • I disagree. Maybe as author of the post you have to be careful, but it is the same people doing the same things again and again. The COVID laws are nothing but a new Ermächtigungsgesetz. We are marching forward into the 4th Reich, if people do not realize that it is the same powers behind all this again, using the same tactics. Who controls that you wear a mask when going shopping? The supermarket. The new laws apply to the citizen, not the shops. So the put it in their terms and conditions on their own. And the guy working in the supermarket acts like the Blockwart, who wont let you shop if you don’t wear a mask, blindly following his superiors, even tho they are not controlling him directly. What could happen to him if _I_ don’t wear a mask? Nothing. Yet I – or you – get thrown out of a supermarket if you do not wear a mask, by the employees – no employer being around and no law even enforcing it.

          Considering those laws being lawful (which they clearly are not) – the ONLY ONE having the right to charge you for not wearing a mask would be the POLICE. And no, supermarkets can not (could not) claim domestic authority, according to past legal practice in Germoney. But then, those limitation of the German Amendments, as you could call them, are _unlawful_ as they cannot be taken. The first 20 Grundrechte are unchangeable – and can only be taken in very specific instances and never generally for everyone. That is why this is another Ermächtigungsgesetz. Every German should realize that in their sleep.

      • Nazis are fascists, but not all fascists are Nazis. All socialists are fascists. Not gonna provide a proof. One gets it if one figures out where socialism really originated from. Gauleiter, Blockwart – where is the difference? Right and Left are different sides of the same coin. We are supposed to be stuck in that paradigm. It is easy to break out of it tho, if one understands that it really is about freedom and self-responsibility vs the Right/Left-paradigm (or any kind of authoritarian system).

    • Awaiting liberation desperately. I’m not going to hang anyone, but I do see them hanging nevertheless. I am trying not to just wait – but there is only so much one can do, or even think off, when trapped in a box for all your life. Not complaining too hard tho, cuz it’s the same for people everywhere. Germany is just a little bit more special in that regard. Not much.

  7. Oscar Wilde nailed it.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. (or should that be Gretaness?)
    Oscar Wilde

  8. Personally, I’d want to see the actual LAW (when enacted; by whom; and to what purpose) that Naomi has transgressed. As described by CM I can’t think of anything more anti-free-speech. Speaking out against AGW seems to be on a par with Holocaust-denial. There’s a thought….

  9. This is very worrying indeed but just let it go to court (do not settle for the fine), German courts will not go along with this kind of government lack of legality and diligence. It will jump in the agency’s face.

      • In response to Mr Vissers, I am still trying to get to the bottom of how the Verwaltungsgerict fuer Nordrhein-Westfalen (the Administrative Court for North Rhine Westphalia) operates: but, as best I can make it out, its procedures are incompatible with the European Human Rights Convention in that, if any victim of a body such as the ghastly State Media Authority wants to protest against the fine and costs inflicted without trial by the Authority, he or she must first pay into court the full amount of the fine and costs.

        I am seeking urgent clarification and shall in due course be submitting an amicus curiae brief to the court.

        • In general the first instance remedy is a protest to the instance that issued the fine (Beschwerde). The delivered fine document cites the remedy. Only if the protest is not successful an appeal to the court (Berufung) is open. Of course you can take this all the way up to the Bundesverfassungsgericht if the NRW state law is in conflict with federal law and or to the European Court of Justice if it is in conflict with the European Human Rights Convention.

    • German courts never speak right for Germans … only for “newly traveled citizens and family clans from other areas”, for Germans there is no justice and no case law from these courts … they are completely wrong! We as Germans live in a “legal space”, because our “basic law has been obsolete for 30 years and the rule of thumb and the force of arms of the strongest have prevailed here” … Only most Germans don’t know that … Knowledge is a fault and such almost no one here really knows the applicable and valid law and law …they don’t will speak right for this young girl – you will see it…

      We the people from Germany haven’t any Rights of Law Rights…

  10. why doesn’t Heartland pass on some of their coal and oil money? Or better, make her a full-time employee.

      • I love the headline “climate denial group“

        Jack, in your world are you considered a holocaust denier? You sure seem like one.

        • I avoid the use the term “denier” I prefer “dismissive of climate science”, which I further categorize into “the deceivers” and “the deceived.”

          My undergrad major was twentieth century history. My father served in the occupational army after WWII and saw the aftermath of the Holocaust.

          Your false equivalence is an insult to both the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust.

          • I prefer “dismissive of climate science”, which I further categorize into “the deceivers” and “the deceived.”

            I agree. I think that is an incredibly accurate categorisation of Climate Science!

          • But you don’t mind posting articles when someone else does it…gothcha Jack. You are a fine human indeed.

      • Please tell us what is denied, that you can actually provide real scientific proof for, Jack?

        otherwise your “denier” term is akin to saying the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause doesn’t exist.

        Or saying you “deny” Grimm Bros fairy tales.

        • A re-post.

          I avoid the use the term “denier” I prefer “dismissive of climate science”, which I further categorize into “the deceivers” and “the deceived.”

          My undergrad major was twentieth century history. My father served in the occupational army after WWII and saw the aftermath of the Holocaust.

          Your false equivalence is an insult to both the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust.

          • I avoid the use the term “denier”

            Since you happily posted a link with a variation of that word (denial-group) in it, you lie, as you didn’t avoid the term by posting that link (there are plenty of other sources you could have linked to that do not use that word in their links, but you chose to use the one that has that word in it instead of avoiding it like you falsely claim you do).

            You insult both the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust by so promoting such sources instead of choosing any of sources that don’t use that term in their links

          • Mr Dale, a paid troll for climate Communism, should learn that climate skeptics are not dismissive of climate science: they oppose hard-Left propaganda masquerading as “science”.

    • Naomi used to have a contract with Heartland Institute, but Naomi decided not to extend it due to severe bullying (death threats etc.). She produced a video about her relationship with Heartland, where she explains she will continue unpaid co-operation with them.
      The video might have been German, I don’t remember.

  11. I would prefer to give a one-off donation but don’t seem to be able to do that on the link. Anyone know how?

    • I imagine you could donate “X” dollars per month for two or three months and then cancel.

      • Never thought of that.
        I tried and found that no payment will be taken until 1st. June, so I’ll hold off for a week or so and then do it.

    • Most grateful to Mr Wells and to all others who have so generously donated.

  12. Methane (CH4) does not stay in the atmosphere for or than a few years. It combines with oxygen in the air to form CO2 and H20 (water vapor), but not much because Methane atmospheric content is measured in parts per billion.

    • Richard Petschauer May 19, 2020 at 12:23 pm
      Methane (CH4) does not stay in the atmosphere … blah … blah … blah … blah … blah …

      The real question to ask is, how much will methane run up global temperatures. You know, in degrees. The IPCC tells us about Global Warming Potential numbers, CH4 accordingly is 86 times more powerful than CO2 at trapping heat. A very impressive number indeed, but it doesn’t tell us what the actual rise in global temperature would be. As I recall, you’re an engineer, and should be able to figure it out. Methane is increasing about six or seven parts per billion every year. How much is that going to increase global temperatures by 2100?

      • 86 times more powerful, and 2000 times less than CO2. So I’m going to hazard a guess at zero. About the same as CO2 compared to water vapour.

        • Right-Handed Shark May 19, 2020 at 3:51 pm
          86 times more powerful, and 2000 times less than CO2. So I’m going to hazard a guess at zero. About the same as CO2 compared to water vapour.

          Local and regional governments are being bamboozled by the GWP numbers into legislating against methane without ever thinking to ask, “How much is methane actually going contribute to climate change?”

      • Global Warming Potential is unscientific. It is purely a figment of global climate models. You cannot observe (measure) it in the real physical world. If you cannot observe it, it’s not Popper Falsifiable.

  13. I think this approach can be further exploited. Next we should gather kittens and puppies from alarmists and compare them with kittens and puppies gathered from deniers. We can then see if we can arrive at a consensus as to whose is cuter.

    Science marches on.

    James McGinn / Genius
    Solving Tornadoes: Woke Meteorology

    • Many thanks to Mr Murphy for his generosity. That will be a real help to Naomi Seibt.

  14. I never thought that the phrase would ever be appropriate again, but this development leads me to state “Sieg Heil, State Media Authority for North Rhine Westphalia . . . your service to the Vaterland has earned you the Iron Cross medal.”

    Partially translated from German, of course.

  15. That Landesanstalt für Denkverbrechen NRW website is quite scary.

    “90% of 18-24 year olds think they might have seen fake news…we will pursue, not censor!” That sort of thing.

    Egregious state overreach.

  16. Nazionalsocialismus. Figures from the birthplace of Socialism, National Socialism and Communism.

    • Please let us not draw direct analogies with Germany’s unhappy past. It is disappointing to see freedom of speech again circumscribed in Germany, but beyond that statement it would not be fair to go.

      • I was probably trying to be too clever. I think it goes to a cultural mindset in my opinion. I took a seminar at work several years ago called “Cultural Competence”. I work for a large multi-national company and the need to understand how people from other cultures think is critical to business success. After taking the class I understood why my colleagues from the Netherlands and Finland are so out spoken and independent. I also learned much insight about Central European cultures. Thus my comment above. The teacher was from the Netherlands and told us Americans that there are 5 countries in the world that are so completely different from the other cultures of the world: The UK (and Ireland), Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The culture in these countries mainly believe in personal responsibility, distrust of authority and competitive among others. I think we can thank the Magna Carta for that.

  17. Hello friends;

    I forward his note to you, to do with as you see fit.

    I am appalled by the treatment of Ms. Naomi Seibt by the climate neo-Nazis.

    Regards, Allan MacRae

  18. This explains why the East German Fuehrer, Angela Merkel, is shaking and trembling in her boots. She just can’t handle the truth, nor tolerate anyone who speaks the truth or someone who asks to conduct science as per the scientific method.

    This is free advertising for Naomi Seibt, the 19-year-old anti-Greta from Germany who expresses a skeptic view, and harassed by this old woman trained by the Stasi, and is priceless. You can pay a lot of good money to get advertising like that. Make some video’s for the Heartland Institute and if they harass you more in Germany, apply for asylum in the USA directly to President Trump. Ramp it up…fight fire with fire.

    Shirley this must be some sort of joke. If not, keep it up Naomi…this is how revolutions are born. Don’t even answer this new breed of climate fascist nazi’s.

  19. Seibt is employed by the Heartland Institute. Why isn’t Heartland footing the bill?

          • Troll alert: Mr Dale is attempting, unsuccessfully, to damage this appeal. Fortunately, the mean-spiritedness of Mr Dale and other regular trolls is in fact assisting people to make up their minds to defeat the likes of him by contributing. It’s an ill wind …

          • Again you falsely attribute motivations to others and start insulting them.

            Jack provided one possible reason Heartland may not be supporting their star “anti-Greta” girl. It’s regrettable there is this kind of trouble at Heartland but I’m certainly grateful for his informative reply.

            There is nothing in his comment which shows intent to “damage the appeal”. Indeed in replying to “Why isn’t Heartland footing the bill?” , you could read that as supporting giving to Steib.

            One thing damaging the appeal is your continued refusal to provide the slightest evidence of your claims.

          • No, Greg, MoB’s troll alert is quite correct. Spamming threads is a troll tactic and it’s one Jack Dale has used on several threads besides this one here at WUWT. If Mr Dale doesn’t want to be called out for being the troll that he is, he should stop with the spamming of threads. but he won’t. Trolls are gonna troll.

    • No Henry, she is not. She had been, at one time, but is no longer working for Heartland (she even made a video about that decision). Once again, you make a fool of your self by talking about stuff you clearly know nothing about.

      • Endicott is the one that is making a fool of himself. The move by German authorities is due to the actions of Naomi DURING her employment with Heartland.

        • Henry, you’re moving the goal posts. Naughty, naughty! You said “Seibt is (present tense) employed by the Heartland Institute” You were wrong, plain and simple. Moving the goal posts doesn’t change that, it just further beclowns you.

  20. Naomi should come to America.
    I don’t mind giving money to Naomi.
    But I would never want to give money, which is going to end up in the hands of the German Government.
    Tell me this is not so, as I just suggested it.

    I always look forward to Naomi Seibt’s videos, and I look for them frequently.

    She has a better chance of free speech in the USA I think.
    I prefer giving money to her, not her lawyer or the German Gov.

    I am a subscriber to her YouTube channel and I usually make a complimentary comment about free speech and individual liberty.

    – JPP

    • Mr Peterson, if he is kind enough to contribute to Fraulein Seibt’s channel, will be contributing to her directly. She will use the money to carry on her work. If she decides to spend some of it on court fees or whatever, that is up toer. But I am hoping that through my approach to the German Ambassador wiser counsels will prevail in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

      If I have to brief HM Government to the effect that the German Ambassador has not replied to credible allegations of serious criminality on the part of the State Media Authority, he will have to answer some very difficult questions both in London and in Berlin.

    • @Jon P Peterson,
      Germany is EU largest republic. Germany is going under the radar, to many, towards the 1930’s political era.
      The young German population needs to open their eyes to what is happening.
      The best way to achieve this, is by having the native German citizen, Naomi, operating from inside Germany and make both English and German spoken videos and speeches.

      When you give money to Naomi Seibt, then you help her wake up the a larger part of the German population, 80 million of them plus Austria and Switzerland.

      There are filled with free and beautiful Germans, but so many have been indoctrinated for so long, that they fail to be informed about diverging viewpoints.

      Germany has a history of this kind of sizzling indoctrination.
      Back in the 30’s the German government built long rows of beach front hotels, where people of less wealth could come and celebrate their summer holidays.
      Nice gesture, but it was in fact holiday camps disguised as indoctrination camps. A few of the buildings are still left today, in order to remind people of a dark era. A re-entry to those times have to be stopped now – it might not be too late.

  21. Funding, wilco.

    Germany/EU does not miss an occasion to embarrass itself one more time.

    Good sign, they are beyond damage control mode, desperately trying to exit their full ideological stall.

    This article should be elevated to banner status.

    • Many thanks to Flight Level for having agreed to contribute to the appeal. I am hoping that our kind moderators will be able to allow the piece to be a sticky at the top of the thread for a few days.

  22. @Charles Rotter and whom it may concern.

    Translation issue!

    “Der Meinungsfreiheit verpflichtet”, i.e., “Committed to Freedom of Expression”

    Personally I would translate
    “Der Meinungsfreiheit verpflichtet”
    “Freedom of Expression obligates”

    • In response to Mr Friis-Hansen, the translation I have chosen is good English, and is a very close approximation to the German. The sentence he has provided is not good English and comes close to being meaningless. “Verplichtet”, like “genoetigt” or “verbunden”, means “obliged” or “committed” or “bound”. But the appropriate English usage here is indeed “committed”.

      • @Monckton of Brenchley,
        Your reply surprised me, so I used Google Translation to look the sentence up. According to Google You are correct.
        However, this is an absolute incorrect translation in this particular context. It is changing the whole meaning.
        The word “verpflichtet” can mean committed, but in this context is means obliged.

        I do not bother much about translation, but is this case it is too important to let go.
        I see it this way:
        To me their logo says: Under Freedom of Expression you have restrictions to adhere to.
        Your translation says: We will fight for Freedom of Expression or keep it safe.

        Despite that, I think you letter and commitment is super, I am a big admirer of you.

        • Carl the problem with your translation is German and English sentence structures are not exactly the same. to use your word choice, the translation would not be “Freedom of Expression obligates” but rather “obligates Freedom of Expression” or more properly “obliged to Freedom of Expression” which isn’t far off from “Committed to Freedom of Expression”. I’m afraid your translation simply is not correct.

        • Yes to both Monckton of Brenchley and John Endicott,

          my translation was poor. I had to find a book where the phrase existed in both German and English and found that the correct meaning cannot be expressed correctly in just one work.
          Here is the book’s translation of “Der Meinungsfreiheit verpflichtet”:

          “The freedom of expression means that we have to take responsibility.”

          So sorry for my bad advice in the first place.

          • Thanks for that. Every right carries responsibilities and obligations. Many folks seem to be oblivious to both sides of the coin.

  23. A couple of concerns.

    1) There is absolutely no news of this including media that would normally be sympathetic to her.

    2) The only links to anything close to this story are to junkscience and WUWT

    3) Her You Tube Channel is still up.

    4) Her funding is through Paypal, not Patreon, according to her You Tube channel.

    • Mr Dale appears to be artfully trolling with the intention of disrupting this thread and discouraging people from assisting Fraulein Seibt.

      The link to Fraulein Seibt’s Patreon account appears correctly four times in the head posting. All he has to do is check by following the link. He is perhaps not of the younger generation, or he would realize that millennial creators have many channels through which they can be supported. It is not either/or.

      Two of the three videos of which the State Media Authority complained are no longer available. I am trying to find out who had them taken down and why.

      The reason why this story appeared first on and then at is that I obtained the story and gave it to various skeptical outlets. Tomorrow I shall be briefing the international mainstream news media. By then, the appeal will already have raised a not inconsiderable sum, despite all that Mr Dale and one or two other sour trolls have done to try to cast doubt upon this enterprise – in which, for the avoidance of doubt, I have no financial stake whatsoever.

      • I would imagine that most major news groups would want to independently verify most of the facts in this story before putting it on the air.
        That takes time.
        Jack seems to be taking it as a given that since they haven’t aired immediately, this proves they don’t believe it.

        • “I would imagine that most major news groups would want to independently verify most of the facts in this story before putting it on the air.”

          Doubtful. At least they don’t seem to try to verify much of anything alarmist in nature.

          • They don’t verify anything that fits their narrative (as it must obviously be true), but everything that doesn’t fit their narrative needs to be verified six ways to Sunday before having a hope of being briefly reported on (back in the newspaper days, it’s would get a few lines buried deep in the paper where few were likely to spot it).

          • “but everything that doesn’t fit their narrative needs to be verified six ways to Sunday before having a hope of being briefly reported on”

            And “fact-checked” by equally biased groups.

      • Tomorrow I shall be briefing the international mainstream news media.

        A noble effort, but you may find that they also wish to see more than your unsubstantiated accusations. MSM don’t often fact check these days but they will on this one.

        If you blow them off as you have done all requests for supporting evidence here, they will simply ignore your claims. As I have done.

        • they will simply ignore your claims. As I have done

          LOL, if only that were true. The shear number of posts you’ve made trolling on this topic shows your “ignoring it” statement for the lie that it is.

        • Well that’s not theory Jack, that’s just cliche.

          Lay out exactly your speculations on this in detail. Maybe you’ll help me to avoid getting scammed.

          • Fortunately, the more the whining, paid climate-Communist troll “Jack Dale” (not his real name) infests threads all over the internet with the poison he is paid so handsomely to spew forth, the more people are donating to Naomi Seibt.

            Dale does not pass the sniff test, so people are supporting Fraulein Seibt in droves to get away from the putrid stench of Communism.

    • “There is absolutely no news of this including media..” If you ae referring to MSM, good luck with them printing any articles except articles siding with the government.

  24. This story reminds me of another one involving Germany just 6 months ago.

    Thugs bully Munich Conference Center – Force Cancellation of Climate Skeptic Conference

    Just like the 1930s, and again Munich. There’s no question that freedom of science and speech are under heavy attack in Germany after dozens of distinguished but dissenting scientists have seen their long planned science conference cancelled due to intimidation by leftwing extremists.

    This latest climate conference cancellation comes just after leftists coerced the University of Hamburg to disinvite political leaders from making speeches.

    The same has also just occurred at the famed University of Göttingen.

    The problem of suppressing open discussion has deteriorated to such an extent across Germany over the recent years that even according to leftist Spiegel 75% of journalists and writers are “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about the state of free speech in Germany!

    Free speech in Germany is in state of crisis.

    • Ray makes a very good point. Wolfgang Mueller of EIKE had to scramble very rapidly when the hotel he had originally booked for the conference last December was canceled at very much the last minute, after pressure from climate Communists, who then attempted (and failed) to get into the new venue.

    • The only freedoms leftists have ever been interested in are their own.
      Everyone else has to do what they are told.

    • Hallo, hier schreibt ein Mensch aus Deutschland

      Unsere Medien sind wohl gekauft es gibt nur einseitige Berichterstattung. Verlag Spiegel und Bild sind Müll. Man vermittelt uns das Frau Merkel alles richtig macht, hinterfragen oder anders denken ist nicht Erwünscht. Anders denken = Verschwörungstheoretiker 😛
      Das Volk wird gespalten und das macht das aufwachen von Deutschland so schwer !
      Viele hier nutzen Telegramm um sich zu informieren und zu erwachen , wir haben gute Kanäle wie : Eva Herman Offiziell , Oliver Janich öffentlich , Xavier Naidoo (offiziell) , Verbinde die Punkte ,

      Wir Deutschen sind nicht alle böse und folgen der Frau Merkel 😉

      Liebe Grüße
      Ein Mensch

      Übersetzt mich mit

      • For those who may not be familiar with German, here is a translation of the contribution from “Ein Mensch” _ i.e. “Somebody”:

        Hello. I am writing from Germany.

        Our media are bought and paid for. Only one side gets reported. The Spiegel group and Bild are rubbish. We are told that Mrs. Merkel can do no wrong. Asking questions or thinking differently is not wanted. Anyone who thinks differently is called a conspiracy theorist.

        The people are divided, which makes it very difficult for Germany to wake up to what is going on.

        Many here use the internet to inform people and raise their consciousness. We have good channels such as Eva Herman (official), Oliver Janich (public), Xavier Naidoo (official). Join the dots.

        We Germans are not all evil. Not all of us follow Mrs Merkel.

        Kind regards


        I should add that nothing in the head posting is intended to be discourteous to the German people. In Britain we are delighted to be their friends and allies. We hope, though, that the European tendency towards allowing the far Left to shut down free speech will be vigorously opposed in future.

        • Hey,
          extrem LINKE gehen unter Menschen zur Demos und sorgen für Krawall. Prügeln Menschen halb tot. Noch heißt es die Demonstranten sind alle RECHTS!
          Nein wir sind Menschen , nicht links nicht rechts !
          Alte Menschen, Behinderte….Minderheiten werden Aggressiv verhaftet . Begünstigt durch 2 Meter Abstand halten . Eingeschüchtert durch SÖLDNER !

          JAHRE lang haben uns POLITIK und MEDIEN verarscht…..wie Lemminge der breiten Massen hinterher.
          Für uns “war” Ausland immer Böse oder so wie es die Politik gerade wollte.
          Das kann und will ich nicht glauben !

          Ich schaue mir die Nachrichten auf der ganzen Welt an und nehme auch abstruse Theorien in kauf .

          Ich mein Hallo, geht es hier noch um den Virus ?

          Liebe Grüße
          Ein Mensch

  25. Oooops.

    Do these stupid authorities not know yet that Greta supposes to be the heretic, the hero there!
    Don’t they know yet, they can’t do this “treason” and betrayal to Greta.
    “How do they dare, again!”

    Wait till they hear from Greta! 🙂

    Oh well maybe Greta just happened to be a fake one after all!
    Deserving to fade away, like nothing of much.
    Or maybe not.

    Still, forgive me for my own heresy, but somehow I still think Greta was and still may be great.
    No offense to Naomi, as she great also.
    These two make a very good brilliant smashing team really. 🙂


  26. Why is Naomi called “Anti-Greta”? Somehow I find this disturbing and unnecessary.
    Isn’t she just Naomi, a kid that decided to think by her own head and express publicly her opinion. Stop that Anti-Greta nonsense.

  27. First I wish to congratulate lord Monckton on doing the writing bit and putting some pressure on the UK German embassy, I know nothing about German law but it does seem fine some ones for a opinion is a bit rich . The heartland institute did bring naomi into the limelight be there be a existing contract or not, I think they are morally obliged to help this young lady be it personal finance and or defence costs, I also have a open question for those that have donated, is it true it’s a reoccurring donation or can you just make a one off payment ,I wish to donate. It’s the least any of us can do to surport what agrees with so many of us on here.

    • Not exactly the first case, however earlier cases known to me were all about migration criticism.

      • So the “cases” were a challange to a higher authority? like what could happen in naomi’s case, do you know what the outcomes were? Was the lower jurisdiction over ruled?.

  28. If your “democracy” doesn’t have free speech and free press, it’s not really a democracy.

  29. Can someone please explain to me why climate change alarmist organisations like “bpb” are concerned about the global warming effect of methane from the flatulence of ruminants such as cows?

    Don’t ruminants obtain carbon by eating grass, which was produced by photosynthesis of atmospheric CO2 in the first place? So, why aren’t ruminant methane emissions counted as net-zero?

    • Many thanks to Ms Castleman for her kind and generous donation, which will be a real help.

  30. I have donated $25. How do I make a single payment ie I don’t want to continue paying $25 per month

  31. She could always refuse to pay the fines and claim political asylum in the US. I think president Trump would happily accept her.

  32. Naughty Naomi, you’ve offended the climate!

    Not an easy thing to do – I’m impressed. 🙂

  33. That’s utterly disgusting but are we surprised? We are likely to see more of this, next will be cases in the UK and Australia. Although $10, I assume USD, isn’t a lot but it is for many given the shaky economic state many countries are suffering at the moment I simply cannot afford that.

  34. Ahhh. The Nazi spirit lives on in Deutschland. Hope she’s not affiliated with any “unfavored” religious group. I’m contributing.

    • Unfortunately Naomi has links to neo-Nazis.

      “Seibt’s rising star has brought her other comments about race and religion under scrutiny. Her praise for Molyneux, however, is particularly notable. Molyneux is a bigot with ties to a who’s-who of neo-Nazis and white supremacists, including Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor. ”

      ” Her mother, Karoline Seibt, is an attorney who works with Alternative für Deutschland, Germany’s far-right nationalist party with ties to neo-Nazis. In 2018, the mother was pictured partying with Milo Yiannopoulos, the far-right former star columnist at Breitbart who, according to BuzzFeed News, pushed white nationalist ideology into mainstream U.S. politics.”

        • HuffPo and ClimateCrocks links “evidence” from commenter Jack Dale. That tells you pretty much all you need to know. Would we be granted the same permission at either one of those sites to make comments containing links from Fox News or WUWT, ClimateDepot, JunkScience? Don’t bet the ranch on that. I myself have been blocked from commenting at ClimateCrocks for repeatedly challenging the proprietor and his commenter mob to produce an iota of evidence proving skeptic climate scientists are in a pay-for-performance arrangement with fossil fuel execs in which money was paid in exchange for lies to undercut AGW that met the approval of the execs. We’ve only heard that accusation for 20+ years, you’d think that mob would have the evidence they could readily point to.

          • “John Dale” (not his real name) is a Communist troll paid by the ClimateWorks Foundation to spread falsehoods and libels about those who, like Naomi Seibt, have proven effective in questioning the Party Line on climate.

            He here repeats the meme invented by desperate Communists at Redpeace and suchlike extremist organizations that Fraulein Seibt has links with neo-Nazis. Such propaganda is false. Fortunately, I have had several emails from people who, on seeing that “John Dale” is trolling in the vain hope of wrecking the appeal for Fraulein Seibt, have donated because they realized that if he is attacking her she must be on the side of the angels. One of these has made quite a large donation. Keep ’em coming.

          • Sir – you are a liar. You have slithered to the bottom of Graham’s hierarchy.

            I am not now, nor have I have been, a Communist. My politics are much like George Orwell. I am opposed to totalitarianism in all form.

            I am paid by no one, except my pension fund.

            You really cannot stand being questioned. If you do not want you assertions scrutinized, do not post them on a public forum.

          • Mr Dale is a well-known, highly-paid climate-Communist troll who disrupts multiple threads on various websites. He can deny his income all he likes, but he is nevertheless one of three or four paid agents of climate Communist front groups who have tried to intervene here. They have succeeded in greatly boosting the donations to Fraulein Seibt, for people are tired of their pathetic, malicious whining.

          • Fine, you are an unpaid “useful idiot” troll then. Your behavior, particularly of thread spamming, has been classic troll. Good on MoB for calling a troll a troll. Don’t like being called a troll, don’t act like a troll.

      • In most of Europe the political spectrum goes something like this:
        Communism – Socialism – Nazi.

        • Dear Mr. MarkW,

          Unfortunately you are right. The former communists in the EU position themselves now as very Green. The former political slogan from Karl Marx “Workers of the world, unite!” has been “modernized” as “Globalists and klimahysterics of the world, unite!” (eventually the communist movement was also a globalist movement to take over the control over the whole world). The Greens in Germany have very clearly communist roots. The socialists (SPD: Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) are today for “democratic socialism”, and support very strongly the Green New Deal (unfortunately also the current leadership of the CDU). Angela Merkel’s bet in 2016 was Hillary Clinton and the dem’s. However Trump has been elected as president –> tough luck for A. Merkel. Today in Germany the situation is rather complex. Carbon tax will be introduced (first time in the history of Germany a tax practically without any limit), under the slogan “de-carbonisation”, and the de-industrialisation of Germany (and the EU) will be prepared (China and Russia are of course very happy with that: One competitor less free of charge). Anybody opposing this trend is “Nazi”, “Dictator”, “Fascist”, “far-right”, and so on. Typical examples are the East-European countries (inclusive former East-Germany). Although the position of the East-Europen countries is easily understandable: They have about 45 years practical experiences with “democratic socialism” and know very well, that “democratic socialism” leads to complete bankruptcy. They are not really motivated to enter this dead-end street again.

          Back to the main profile of WUWT. In Germany there are now spontaneous local initiatives to explain for example among others the background of the climate and CO2 hysteria for ordinary people. I work voluntarily (not for money) also in such a small local group. As a first step we try to produce a short presentation (not more than 30 slides) on the climate and CO2 hysteria for ordinary people. Any support / ideas from WUWT readers / contributors would be highly appreciated. Good visualisation without high level math and physics would be a key element of the success on mass scale.

      • Dear Mr. Dale,

        The classification of a political party depends also strongly on the position of the observers in the political coordinate sysytem. Of course for observers on the far-left side are all parties and political groups positioned right from the far-left side of the politics “right” or “far-right” political groups. Angela Merkel (the former leader of the centrist party CDU (Christlich Demokratische Union)) re-positioned CDU during the last 10-12 years to the LEFT side of the political spectrum (today the CDU is very close to the dem’s in the US, and to the German Greens (with explicite communist roots)). For this reason is currently the middle of the political spectrum is almost leer, and a new party (Alternative für Deutschland od AfD) could be established mostly by former CDU members (even one of the leader of the AfD was member of the government under Angela Merkel.). AfD’s poltical position is very close to the political position of the rep’s in the US: No climate and CO2 hysterie, no uncontrolled mass migration, reduction of state subsidies, free market economy, and so on. In 2017 AfD became the third strongest political group in the German Parliament (Bundestag) from ZERO. The members of the AfD are up to 80% former CDU members who are not satisfied with the re-positioning of the CDU as a “Mitte’Left” party (the CDU-membership has not been asked concerning the re-positioning). However, the volume of the “political pie” in Germany is pre-defined. A new player means also that a slice of the “political pie” will be lost for the other established parties. Of cource this is very unpleasant from their point of view, and the new cctor is not welcome. In Germany the most effective way (for historical reasons) to annihilate a political group is to classify / call them as “Nazi”, “far-right, “Fascist”, and so on. Exactly this process could be seen now in Germany regarding AfD. Currently if somebody dares to say that the climate or CO2 hysterie would not be OK for Germany or for the German population, this person will be immediately and automatic classified as “Nazi”, “Fascist”, “far-right”, and so on…. Like the young German lady….

          • Socialists were the first ones sent to concentration camps by the Nazis.

            I will bet you think the Democratic Republic of Korea is Democratic.

  35. Well, I dunno. It offends me in a vague sort of way that anybody is using teenaged girls to make their points, as if their natural appeal grants them some kind of authority.

    And it’s the Germans. Very tough, efficient people, but not known for their tolerance of dissent, are they? Are there professional stand-up comedians in Germany? Because that would be a tough audience.

    • She’s technically a woman at age 18. She can make these calls for herself. And frankly, she’s got a lot more poise and confidence at 19 than many women have by 30.

  36. Setup patreon as I did a donation for Peter Ridd, et. al. There are enough of us out here that collectively we can fight back against the bureaucracy and the authoritarians. Go Naomi.

    I also appreciate these brave voices who are leading the charge against tyranny. If I was to speak out against climate alarmism, Covid, etc. at my work, I would probably be fired. So I appreciate those who can and do.

    • Most grateful to Jeff for his donation. Naomi’s Patreon account is doing very nicely as a result of the publicity that her case is attracting.

  37. Well Germany has signed up to the following…:

    “ARTICLE 6
    Right to a fair trial
    1. In the determination of his civil rights and obligations or of
    any criminal charge against him, everyone is entitled to a fair
    and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent
    and impartial tribunal established by law. Judgment shall be
    pronounced publicly but the press and public may be excluded
    from all or part of the trial in the interests of morals, public order
    or national security in a democratic society, where the interests
    of juveniles or the protection of the private life of the parties so
    require, or to the extent strictly necessary in the opinion of the
    court in special circumstances where publicity would prejudice the
    interests of justice.
    2. Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed
    innocent until proved guilty according to law.
    3. Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the following
    minimum rights:
    10 11
    (a) to be informed promptly, in a language which he
    understands and in detail, of the nature and cause of the
    accusation against him;
    (b) to have adequate time and facilities for the preparation of
    his defence;
    (c) to defend himself in person or through legal assistance of
    his own choosing or, if he has not sufficient means to pay
    for legal assistance, to be given it free when the interests
    of justice so require;
    (d) to examine or have examined witnesses against him and
    to obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on
    his behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against
    (e) to have the free assistance of an interpreter if he cannot
    understand or speak the language used in court.
    No punishment without law
    1. No one shall be held guilty of any criminal offence on
    account of any act or omission which did not constitute a criminal
    offence under national or international law at the time when it
    was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than
    the one that was applicable at the time the criminal offence was
    2. This Article shall not prejudice the trial and punishment of
    any person for any act or omission which, at the time when it was
    committed, was criminal according to the general principles of
    law recognised by civilised nations.
    Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
    1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience
    and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or
    belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and
    in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship,
    teaching, practice and observance.
    2. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be
    subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are
    necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety,
    for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the
    protection of the rights and freedoms of others.
    12 13
    ARTICLE 10
    Freedom of expression
    1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right
    shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart
    information and ideas without interference by public authority
    and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States
    from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema
    2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it
    duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities,
    conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and
    are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national
    security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention
    of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for
    the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing
    the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for
    maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary”

    She should bypass German law and go straight to the ECHR….. I’ll bet the state government caves the minute a hearing is scheduled…

  38. Whilst accepting that Monckton may not have thought himself able to reproduce the correspondence with Naomi Seibt from the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW, it would have been helpful to German speaking readers of this website if he had cited the relevant legal basis the LfM claimed for its decisions and paraphrased it in such a way that it was comprehensible for German speakers. Google Translate only gets you so far…

    We presume, too, that the first letter of which Monckton speaks was a warning shot and/or an invitation to present a defence or counter argument. Unfortunately, Monkton’s windbaggery obscures the true situation.

    It would be interesting to know whether the LfM really is going after Naomi on the grounds of hidden advertising, but we cannot be sure of this from Monckton’s account. We have only ‘unlawful product placement under a recently-enacted law of the North-Rhine Westphalia region’.

    Before WUWT readers start shouting TROLL! at me, I should state clearly that I am in no way agreeing with what the LfM appears to be doing here nor am I attacking the sainted Monckton.

    The LfM-NRW has been in existence since 1987 and, together with its equivalents in all? the other German states, over the years has become a useful tool of the German authorities in shaping opinion on the internet.

    It concerns me, too, as other commentators have pointed out, that this seems to be a Monckton-only crusade. I can find (at the moment at least) not a single squeak of the story in German outlets, mainstream or alternative.

    • Dear FoS,

      You write: ” I can find (at the moment at least) not a single squeak of the story in German outlets, mainstream or alternative”.

      The mainstream will not speak / write about this case (slogan: “no publicity for far-right, climate deniers, and so on). Saint Greta would have received such letter from a German authority –> within less of 24 hours you could read about the case in all mainstream outlets even on the very first page , bold headlines, etc. As far as I know, at least one German alternative outlet investigates the case. However, they must be very careful not to support a “neo-nazi” young lady.

      • Sure the degree of censorship of conservative views is worrying but presumably there must a least be some communication from an aggrieved Steib about this.

        So far we have nothing but our nodding Homer’s word for this, and with his style and past record that’s not worth much.

        His reactions to requests for details of what he claims has so far been nothing but insults.

        Not very convincing.

        • Are you really that dense, if she Naomi was to discuss in person her fines and proposed appeal she could potentially prejudice her case. Stop trolling Greg your posts are full of hate.

          • The paid troll Greg should stop whining. He convinces no one but himself. Fortunately, several people who have seen the attempts by Greg and at least two other paid trolls here to disrupt this appeal have realized that if the climate Communists are so very anxious to silence Fraulein Seibt she is well worth supporting.

          • Ah, so now I’m a “paid” troll. How funny it is, that after years of skeptics being accused of being paid by Big Oil, Monckton now assumes exactly the same unfounded smear tactics himself.


            He imagines, in his senile delirium, that those who not unreasonably ask for FACTUAL evidence of his claims are out to “disrupt” his unsolicited appeal on behalf of Steib.

            That presumably includes Nick Stokes , who similarly asked to for evidence and Jack who explained that Heartland may not be in a good position to pay here themselves: a comment more supportive of the need for individual donations, IF the facts are valid.

            In his unbeatable hubris and self-delusion, CofB fails to realise that the only one “disrupting” his appeal is himself: by persistently refusing to provide any links to proof of this affair existing outside the confines of his own imagination.

            That could initially have been thought to be a poorly written article or a careless oversight in a hurriedly prepared text but his repeated replies to comments here with nothing but ridiculous insults, false unsubstantiated claims and ad hom attacks, instead of simply backing up his story, makes it less and less credible at every step.

          • You did not reply to my fundemental point , instead you go offensive yet again against lord Monckton, do not use my reply to you to attack some one else, whatever the subject lord Monckton submits , you constantly attack him not the content , that makes you a troll and a hater,

          • The paid troll “Greg” continues to whine futilely, furious as ever that his whining has not only failed to deter anyone from contributing to the appeal on behalf of Fraulein Seibt but has actually encouraged several waverers outraged at his pettiness, spite and small-mindedness.

            There is ample evidence in the head posting. Since “Greg” is paid to troll here, let him use his wages of sin to do a little research for himself at once, instead of whining uselessly.

            And has he or has he not donated? I think we should be told.

          • “Steib”

            Greg, her name is Seibt. If you’re dyslexic, you’re forgiven, otherwise it seems you’re just being obtuse (rounded at the free end).

          • I am grateful to Mr Clark for pointing out that the paid climate-Communist troll “Greg” does himself no favors by being so relentlessly, childishly one-sided. It is like listening to the Foreign Ministry spokesman of the Chinese Communist Party declaring – as he did the other day – that there is no such thing as a wet market anywhere in China, which rather begs the question why the Chinese Communist Party said that it was in a wet market that the Chinese virus originated.

            Greg’s paymasters are wasting their treasure on deploying him here. He does great harm to the poisonous, mendacious cause he so fervently and maliciously espouses by wasting his paymasters’ time here. But more and more people, tired of the propaganda line taken by the likes of him at the behest of his paymasters, are contributing to Naomi Seibt’s appeal.

            He cannot even be bothered to spell her name right.

          • Exactly B d Clark – you know trolls (and haters) by their behavior. Greg’s constant spewing of bile against MoB reveals him for the hateful little troll that he is. regardless of whether or not he’s being paid for behaving that way.

    • The furtively pseudonymous “FoS” whines that this is a Monckton-only crusade. Well, I got the story first. It is doubtful whether the Marxstream media will pick up the story, because the more they talk about it the more support Fraulein Seibt will get.

      The appeal is going very well, despite the trolls, grouches and whingers trying their worst to derail it.

      • I thought it would be more than that by now, but I suppose it’s early days yet.

        I’m irritated that so much of the money confiscated from me by the State is being wasted on this AGW-religion, it’d seem churlish not to contribute free-willingly to the defence of scientific scepticism. And I’m so used to being scammed over ‘climate’, I really don’t care either way…

        It must be very unsettling at 19 years of age to have all this Staatsscheisse dumped upon oneself.
        So yeah, why not..?

      • – ‘furtively pseudonymous’: about two thirds of the commenters here are pseudonymous, furtively or not. Unlike most of them at least my nom de plume has a website called Figures of Speech attached to it – Geddit? – so hardly ‘furtive’.

        – There are at least a dozen German websites I know which would be happy to run with this story – if they could stand it up. I myself was interested in doing just that, but was extremely frustrated at the lack of concrete detail in your account.

        If Naomi thinks that just showing you her letters is going to advance her cause in Germany – well, she is mistaken. An inflated letter to the German Ambassador in London, even with your coronet at the top, will achieve nothing, I can tell you that now. That is why it is important to know exactly what the issue is.

        – In your account you write of ‘North Rhine Westphalia, the region where she lives’, thus displaying your profound ignorance the matter. NRW is not a region, it is a STATE of the German Federal Republic. It has its own assemblies, its own laws and rules. The LfM is a state-owned and regulated organization within NRW, subject to its laws. The German Ambassador has nothing to say here, which is what I expect him to tell you, too.

        – ‘The appeal is going very well’: What ‘appeal’. What is this money for exactly? To pay her fines? To engage a lawyer? Please do tell us? Alexander Vissers [May 20, 2020 at 2:14 am] is right: hire a lawyer and take it to court. But it won’t be some magnificent free speech issue – it will be a very narrow decision about surreptitious advertising (it seems). But without the details from you we do not know anything.

        – The attack via ‘hidden’ Heartland is quite clever. In most Germans’ minds, soppily left-leaning, this will mark her as an agent of that great Satan, the USA. If she had associated herself with the AfD, say, she would at least have had one of the local teams on her side. IMO she is dangerously exposed and your blustering is not helping her.

        • The know-it-all troll “FoS” imagines that North Rhine Westphalia may only be referred to as a “State”. However, the European tyranny-by-clerk divides each satrapy into what it calls “Regions”. It may, therefore be called either a Land (German for “State”) or a Gau (German for “Region”).

          If only the troll would read the head posting it would learn what the appeal is for. It is for Naomi Seibt, as the heading plainly states. As if that were not enough, the link is to her personal Patreon account. And the head posting explains that she may either use the money towards legal fees or towards making her influential videos. That will be up to her, for the money goes directly to her.

          So stop whining and just contribute.

          • ‘The know-it-all troll “FoS” imagines…’

            No, I don’t imagine. I know. Pompous bluster will only get you so far with us know-it-alls.

            ‘North Rhine-Westphalia … is a state of Germany’ [Wikipedia]. It is not in any sense a ‘Gau’. The Duden tells us that the word ‘Gau’ has two meanings: 1) a historical term for an ‘in sich geschlossene Landschaft, großer landschaftlicher Bezirk’ and 2) a Nazi specific usage ‘(im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland) regionale Organisationseinheit der NSDAP unterhalb der Reichs- und oberhalb der Kreisebene’.

            NRW is not by any stretch of the imagination the ‘rural region’ of 1). It contains some of the great German cities and industrial conurbations, e.g. Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg etc.

            Because of 2), its NS associations, no German now uses ‘Gau’, especially as a term for a political entity.

            Don’t come back at me about this – you are out of your depth and I shall humiliate you the way I did when you asserted that Franz Schubert visited Scotland.

            BTW: someone is not a troll just because they disagree with you. Just more bluster and name calling from you.

            After all the bluster, at least we have an admission that whatever money the saps at WUWT send will just go to Seibt for whatever she wants to spend it on…

          • Posted from an EU Eurostat paper, without comment (LAU is almost a Gau):

            Regions in the European Union
            Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics
            NUTS 2010/EU-27

            “At NUTS level 1, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany and Nord-Ovest in Italy have the most inhabitants (approx. 18 million and 15 million, respectively).”


            The current NUTS nomenclature applicable from 1 January 2012 subdivides the economic territory of the European Union into 97 regions at NUTS 1 level, 270 regions at NUTS 2 level and 1 294 regions at NUTS 3 level. Below those, two levels of Local Administrative Units (LAUs) have been defined. The upper LAU level (LAU level 1, formerly NUTS level 4) is defined only for the following countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, France, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland and the United Kingdom. The lower LAU level (formerly NUTS level 5) consists of around 120 000 municipalities or equivalent units in the 27 EU Member States (as of 2010).

            The aim of the NUTS classification is to ensure that comparable regions appear at the same NUTS level. As population size has been defined in the Regulation as a key indicator for comparability, each level inevitably contains regions that differ greatly in terms of area, economic weight or administrative powers. This heterogeneity across the EU often simply reflects the situation at Member State level.

            In terms of area, the largest regions are situated in Sweden and in Finland:
            – Manner-Suomi (Finland), 336 837 km², and Norra
            Sverige (Sweden), 312052 km², at NUTS level 1;
            – Pohjois- ja Itä-Suomi (Finland), 226 775 km², and Övre
            Norrland (Sweden), 165295 km², at NUTS level 2;
            – Norrbottens län (Sweden), 165 296 km², and Lappi
            (Finland), 98984 km², at NUTS level 3.

            There are also marked differences between regions in terms of population mainly due to the special criteria applying for administrative regions (2010 data):
            – at NUTS level 1, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany and Nord-Ovest in Italy have the most inhabitants (approx. 18 million and 15 million, respectively), while Åland in
            Finland is the least populated region (approx. 27 700 inhabitants);
            – at NUTS level 2, Île de France (France) and Lombardia (Italy) have 11 million and 9 million inhabitants respectively, while 14 regions (most of them peripheral
            regions or islands) have fewer than 300 000: Åland (Finland), Burgenland (AT) (Austria), Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta, Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla, La Rioja (Spain), Corse, Guyane (France), Dytiki Makedonia, Ionia Nisia, Voreio Aigaio (Greece), Prov.
            Luxembourg (BE) (Belgium), Região Autónoma da Madeira, Região Autónoma dos Açores (Portugal) and Valle d’Aosta/Vallée d’Aoste (Italy);
            – at NUTS level 3, Attiki (Greece), Barcelona, Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Milano, Napoli and Roma (Italy) all have more than three million inhabitants, whereas a number of regions in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Austria, the United Kingdom, Greece, and
            the island of Gozo in Malta have populations of under 50 000.

          • FoS:

            NRW is indeed, as I just posted and hope appears, the most populous of the EU’s NUTS Level 1 regions. Where it ranks in population density, I don’t know.

          • @John Tillman

            Thank you for that, John, I’ve learned something there. But it seems that these are merely statistical entities and have no political integrity, as you point out.

            The industrial centre of NRW is the famous Ruhrgebiet (aka ‘Ruhrpott’).

          • The hate-filled Fos, after all that bluster, has learned that NRW is indeed a European region. And it has behaved like a Gau.

            And the head posting made it quite plain, right up front, that Naomi Seibt would use the money as she pleased. I expect she will use it for her defence.

            And Schubert visited Scotland,

            And FoS has not yet donated.

            But his churlish whining will have reminded others of the profoundly unpleasant enemy we face.

  39. Irony, found on the internet: as a high school student, Naomi Seibt participated in a school project of her St. Mauritz Gymnasium in which she was trained as a “media scout”. This project was sponsored and the training was organized by …..the very same Landesanstalt für Medien NRW!
    State and media, always a sensitive area, take the Netherlands here with our latest diversity discrimination scandal embarrassing the state television. As to Naomi, let her take it to court if her protest is dismissed and and let the Landesanstalt embarrass itself will do a lot of good for free speech.

    • I really would like to follow the factual basis of this case. What is the “letter” and the legal basis of the “fine”. What is the truth behind this and is there any legal process of redress ?

      • As the head posting meticulously explains, a fine and costs have been inflicted without a hearing and without a trial. That procedure is incompatible with the European Human Rights Convention.

        If Ms Seibt wishes to appeal – and it is not for me to say whether she will or not – she must pay a sum equivalent to the fine and costs into court. Fortunately, this appeal has already raised enough to allow her to do that if she wishes to do so.

        Once the Verfassungsgericht (the State administrative court) has heard the case, if it goes against Naomi she can appeal all the way to the European Human Rights Court, where she will have the right to request the court to overturn the law of her Land as being incompatible with the Convention. if she wins, that will be the end of the State Media Authority – and good riddance.

        • So for the tenth time, you refuse to provide any documentary evidence and just reiterate the unsubstantiated claims you made in the article. You are not so stupid to not realise this is pure evasion. You are avoiding answering questions about the source of your information exactly as would a bureaucrat – or should we say “clerk”.

          Has Seibt engaged you to argue this on her behalf? Has she presented this document for your inspection? Where is it? This sounds a lot like a case of SJWs getting all hot under the collar and being “offended” on other peoples behalf, without even consulting the supposed “victim” as to whether they are actually offended.

          I’m sure that you realise that unless you submit your “FIOA” request in due form to the appropriate authorities in the legally recognised language in that state, it will safely get ignored.

          The process you describe sounds similar to the fixed penalty traffic tickets ( procès-verbal ) which exists in France. You either pay a “discount” sum and shut up ( implicitly pleading guilty to the alleged offence ) or you lose the cheap way out and take it to a court hearing. The more you want to argue the dearer it gets.

          Your 19 .yo. prodigy is going to need some solid legal backing if she is going to overturn existing legal process in the Fourth Reich.

          The 1000 euros per month stipend she has on Patreon is a long way short of that.

          • Greg should stop whining. He can go to the court in de course and get all the papers he wants. Meanwhile, they are subject to legal privilege. Get over it.

        • Verwaltungsgericht = administrative court, Verfassungsgericht = constitutional court (for instance if Landesgesetz, law of the federal states, conflicts with the constitution).

  40. I thought it would be more than that by now, but I suppose it’s early days yet.

    I’m irritated that so much of the money confiscated from me by the State is being wasted on this AGW-religion, it’d seem churlish not to contribute free-willingly to the defence of scientific scepticism. And I’m so used to being scammed over ‘climate’, I really don’t care either way…

    It must be very unsettling at 19 years of age to have all this Staatsscheisse dumped upon oneself.
    So yeah, why not..?

  41. George Orwell once said:

    If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

  42. To: Lord Mockton and everyone else.
    I am convinced that using “anti Greta” when you talk about Naomi will only hurt her and your couse.
    I have heard her saying that she does not see herself as an anti Greta figure. Naomi is pro free speech and pro real science, which means that science is never settled and never a matter of majority.
    In heathy science the debate is always alive.
    So, please, skip referring to Noami as “anti Greta”. She does not want to be called that and it will just make her enemies interpret it as “anit Christ”. Invent something more positive like “Science Girl” or something like that instead.

    • Rudiger Eichler is perhaps not familiar with public relations. The name “anti-Greta” immediately identifies Fraulein Seibt for those who may not be aware of her work. Neither she nor I like the term, but it has served its purpose here, which was to attract attention.

      I hope that Herr Eichler has made a generous donation.

  43. Ok, I am totally ignorant of German Law……and I’m from the US so there is that caveat as we have the right to free speech (not going there OK?)

    When you say she has had her earnings cut off… mean that her all her videos have been demonetized on YouTube? I am not understanding.

    It is my understanding that YouTube’s policies are per video based, not the whole channel. Am I wrong? Anyone know?

    And it is also my understanding that you need to reach a certain number of subscribers before monetization can begin. So if she’s lost money on these 3 videos through demonetization, she should appeal to YouTube.

    So I guess what I’m asking is, her earnings from YouTube or her earnings for work in her country? I’m very confused on that aspect.

  44. I have now managed a one off payment to naomi via PayPal, worth 20 euros I think.for those questioning lord Moncktons motives on behalf of naomi, I dont care if there buying a jumbo jet between them ,the point is naomi has contributed a awful lot to put the record straight on climate in a very public way, she has more guts and balls than a lot of folk I can think of. I’m hoping her fan club is full of young people who now know to question everything the climate demi gods put out there, get on board Greg and stand up for free speech, shes proven shes worth it.

    • Alas, only a couple of LearJets each.

      Actually, I get nothing. This is a straightforward appeal on behalf of Naomi Seibt.

      • Ah but you do ,the attraction of trolls, still if theres anything left over a “lear” is hopefully what you both will continue with.

        • Even the trolls have their place in the order of Creation. At present their childish whining is driving plenty of generous people to donate to Naomi Seibt.

          • I’m sure those donating to Seibt are doing so out of recognition of her efforts, and that is well earned.

            That does not explain why you refuse to provide the slightest evidence of the totally unsubstantiated claims you make in this article.

            Far from whining, I would like to take her side of the argument. But without FACTS I have nothing to go on and nothing to even communicate to others.

            Being a skeptic means demanding proof and checking facts. So far you strangely refuse us both. Maybe if you did provide FACTUAL evidence of your claims instead of whining about supposed “trolls” who wish to see proof before jumping on the bandwagon, there would be more support for her cause.

          • Greg we are all jaded in this day and age but there are times that we just do something good for others and take a chance it was received in good faith.

            I’m not sure why you’re digging your heels in here. People who donated chose to do so. You imply that you are supportive of her cause, give a small one off donation and let it go. Who wouldn’t support freedom of speech. Except of course those who seek to control.

          • Megs, all it needed was an article about her work and let’s support her. Not more made up stories from , Mr Monckton.

          • Since you seem to know it all, richard, please prove it’s made up. Otherwise, it’s you who is making up a fiction about Lord M making it up.

  45. I can’t contribute via Patreon…

    However, if she signs up as a Brave Creator, I will gladly added her Youtube channel to my monthly BAT tips…

    10 BAT per month currently is about $2.00

    [invalid email-mod]

  46. To MOD…

    Email address alias added… should work now… please add my comment.

    Or don’t, it’s your website… but perhaps some of your readers might find my comment useful.

    [well done-mod]

  47. This incident seems to be similar to a “watcher induced parking ticket”
    If someone notifies the police about a false parked car, the policeman/woman is obliged to give a ticket.
    Likewise I believe some clerk reacted to a complain and issued a warning/ticket to Naomi Seibt.

    At this stage neither USA, UK or any other modern country would have a dramatically different procedure.
    If Naomi points about not advertising for Heartland or anything else in this video are correct, she can be cleared in court.
    This is nothing special or German related (beside that state might have a strange rule about environmental issues)


    • The LfM website positively encourages people to send in complaints. They have a web form for the purpose.


      • Fine, so what EXACTLY was Seibt sent ? A warning of a possible fine, a “fine” , an educational package? Still, no one knows.

        I smell BS all the way through this article and this is raised to the power ten by Monckton’s belligerent refusal to provide any documentary evidence of his claims. I suspect he may have jumped the gun, misinterpreted what was sent and is now too far in to back out without losing face.

        The same mess he got himself into with his pathetic COVID graphs and his claims of what they showed.

          • As a result of this arbitrary and capricious prosecution and conviction without trial,

            I did read it, it was full of such self contradictory garbage which is why I’ve been demanding facts, which oddly you refuse to provide.

            Neither do I find a single word about this issue from Seibt herself.

          • I already told you Naomi would more than likely prejudice her own case if she started to hold her own pre trial in public a point you fail to acknowledge and expand upon ,yet you accuse Lord Monckton of exactly the same, not only are you wrong ,it makes you a hypocrite ,

            Your not making a point,you made a point in your first post, your relentlessly attacking a poster who has already given his reasons in the opening article , and more importantly every article the poster has published recently,you use the same defamation points ,the posters accusations about you are true your tone is aggressive telling the poster they are wrong with no invite to engage because of this aggressive defamation stance, this does make you a hating troll if your paid to do this or not I dont know ,but you follow a similar pattern to trolls who stalk climate skeptics, your claim to being a skeptic is a strawman cover.

          • I have to agree with B d Clark, in pending cases, most good lawyers would recommend keeping your mouth shut publicly on the details as you can only hurt your chances otherwise.

            He’s also right in his description of the trollish behavior being exhibited here and in every other thread of MoBs that the troll posts in).

  48. I can’t find Naomis home page with alternative donation methods.

    Patreon is kicking out people like Naomi anyway.

  49. yeah, ironic that a “paid for communist troll” manages to find and post Seibt’s preferred payment methods. LOL.

    while I’m sure she will be grateful for the funding which has been kindly donated by others, maybe CofB should have had the good manners to contact her first and ask how ( and if ) she wanted payments for this “appeal”.

    That would at least have given her chance to tell him she did not wish to be presented as an “anti-Greta”.

    • How do you know l Monckton has or has not been in contact with naomi? He would not have multiple payment options to hand in her name if he did not contact her, your beginning to slip up boy, and show your contradictions are getting a bit obvious, theres a time line to your posting too,

      It seems fairly obvious from your postings your trying to dissuade people from funding this young lady, well that’s failed, the only reason some one would oppose freedom of speech, which is what your doing ,is to agree with,or be part of the oppressive cult killing a voice of opposition, which again makes you a hypocrite, who exactly is Greg? Greg the bakers! You attack a person who is a public figure and has the decency to use there full name,like I do myself, yet you hide behind Greg which means nothing no form of redress nothing, that’s another troll tactic Greg.

      • He sometimes posts as, IIRC, Greg Goodman in response to MoB’s comments about his lack of posting his full name (he should just pick one and stick to it, IMO). Adding a last name to his postings doesn’t alter the facts of his hater/trollish behavior in regards to Lord Monckton. And yes, since he is a viscount, it’s entirely appropriate etiquette to refer to him as “lord” contrary to what Greg wants to believe. From Britannica The prefix “lord” is ordinarily used as a less formal alternative to the full title (whether held by right or by courtesy) of marquess, earl, or viscount From Wikipedia: Lord is used as a generic term to denote members of the peerage. Five ranks of peer exist in the United Kingdom: in descending order these are duke, marquess, earl, viscount, and baron.

  50. This story stinks. On the website of the State Media Authority for North Rhine Westphalia:

    Didn’t mention anything about Naomi Seibt. The latest press release is from May 14 and concerns a nanny who is sentenced to conditional prison by the Amtsgericht Hagen – in other words a court – for hate speech against Syrian refugees. This is just the usual Monckton BS.

    • I tried to stand this story up too and got nowhere, as you will see from my earlier comments. The problem is that there has been no court case, so there is nothing to report. From Monckton’s bluster it seems that Naomi has received a couple of letters (eine Amtshandlung) but we know nothing at all of what is in them or their status, no case numbers, no Paragraphen.

      His comments onf ‘Gau’ show that he knows nothing about German conditions or the German legal system.

      Monckton’s USP is pompous bluster and this article and his responses to comments upon it are par for the course with him. By behaving in this way he is not helping Naomi in any way, just hindering her getting a fair judicial resolution. In effect he is just letting her get completely tangled up in the situation whilst he blathers on about the ECHR.

      • FoS,

        Unfortunately Mr. Monckton has right. However, Naomi will not be left alone, and she will be supported by law-abiding German citizens:

        This authority in NRW is very similar to the communist cenzorship authorities in East-European contries during the soviet occupation. Naomi has also be threatened by prison, because she could not react fast enough (she was hospitalized with COVID-19 and asked for some more time). Currently the penalty would be 2*1200 € (including 2*200 € handling fees).

        Many thanks to Mr. Monckton that he initiated some actions to support Naomi. Saint Greta has done the same in numerous case (more than 1000 times), however her actions never has been questioned or she has never been threatened to be imprisoned. This is called “equal rights/handling” by the “progressive liberals” with deep communist roots (eventually Greta’s parents are well known communists in Sweden). Now they are members of a terrorist organisation “Extinction Rebellion” (Greta too).

  51. I kind of would like to see Naomi Seibt make a comment on this thread.
    No fear of censorship here on WUWT.
    I would just like to hear her thoughts about this whole topic.
    (The German government and the general censorship factor of YouTube).

    Does YouTube censor more stuff in Germany than in the USA?

    – JPP

    • Does YouTube censor more stuff in Germany than in the USA?

      Don’t know, it’s certainly possible. They do have geolocking – allowing videos in some parts of the world that they don’t allow in others. And if the German government asks for it, do you really see youtube saying no?

    • We don’t know, because Monckton has not told us, but it does not seem that YouTube has anything to to with this issue.

      It appears that someone has complained to the Mediananstalt (about ‘hidden’ advertising for the Heartland Institute?). Presumably if Naomi doesn’t correct whatever is giving offence, say by adding a clear message about Heartland, her video operation will be shut down. Whether the NRW authorities can enforce this for all the other states is another matter.

      She’s 19. She needs someone advising her who knows what he or she is talking about – and that person is not Monckton.

      • The only mention on Ms. Seibt’s Twitter account that resembles anything his Lordship claims is her annoyance at receiving two pamphlets on climate change in the mail. Nothing else. MAybe someone who knows her can ask.

        There is nothing mentioned on her Facebook page.

        There is also nothing in any news report that I can find. You would also expect something from Heartland; there is nothing. Nothing on the Daily Caller. Nothing on Breitbart.

        • You would also expect nothing if a appeal or a court case is in the pipe line ,but you know this already you have read several of my posts right, would you be mouthing off on social media if you had a court case coming up?

          • If he’s not involved in the case, he’s entirely free to do so. A good lawyer will tell their client to shut their mouth about it on social media because anything they say can be used against them. They, however, have no responsibility for what other people say, only for their own words.

            I can think of couple of other cases specifically involving people on social media (would take too much to write up all the details here). To make long stories short, in those cases you have one side keeping their mouth shut, even though others spoke up about their situation and their case (even started gofund me campaigns for their legal fees). And the other side (in both cases the other side are, probably not surprisingly, identity politicking “social justice warrior” types) just couldn’t keep their own mouths shut on social media or in public gatherings. Guess which side had their tweets and posts and videos of them speaking in public (many of them made after they were first served with court papers) entered in the record? Yep, the ones who couldn’t keep their pie holes shut (can’t say how badly those things hurt their case, as the cases I’m thinking of are still working their way though the civil courts and given the speed at which court cases move, likely will be for quite some time yet), but it certainly didn’t help their cases any).

    • Seconded.

      However, there is the concept of sub judice and it thus might need to be in the fullness of time.

    • If you see her last couple of videos, she definitely is stifled because of YouTube censorship.
      She says so in so many words, and she has to “mask” some of her thoughts because of limited free speech on YouTube.

      – JPP

      • It’s funny how often I’ve seen youtubers dance around certain words or topics, as if they were talking about voldermort (at least one youtuber even used voldermort in place of the word he was avoiding using) for fear that the second they speak the not-allowed words or topics their videos will get flag/striked, demonetized and/or taken down.

  52. So I’ve read every comment over the last several days, and there may be so called “Trolls”, but yet although even myself can believe that the Brost Foundation lackeys in NR Westphalia and especially in Ruhr are capable of any devious plots like these, it must be said there has been no corroborating evidence from any third party confirming this horrendous tale of unjust persecution. I looked at a lot of Westphalia newspapers, and indeed across the whole European Empire of The Brost legacy but this was really all that I found. Some small report only referenced from the investigations of months past by the Brost “Corrective”

    With these pages from the Brost Foundation funded “Correctiv” media “investigations” we can read firstly all the old canards about his The USA Heartland Foundation, of the James Taylor has supposedly corrupted the Climate research with “pseudoscience”, and interfering in the politics of NRW. This can not be tolerated ! These reports are of course all in German Language, but it’s possible to read with the clicking options at the “Correctiv” website or somehow you know it.

    Even worse is when The Evil Heartlanders then corrupt the German Youths, especially the so called “AfD sympathiser”, Naomi Seibt !

    This is all part of the “green” campaigns of the Brost Funded, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitungsverlagsgesellschaft newspapers, and it’s self appointed role to have NRW, and especially Ruhr to be having the dominance over all the other German States, Europe, and The World! However, as bad and erroneous egotistical agitprop as all this is, there is nothing new and recent about any legal proceedings against Fraulein Seibt in the public news reporting anyway (even at the site of the group who has seemingly been investigating her bad deeds, and we were told had reported them to Westphalia’s prosecutors).

    I couldn’t find any reports of impending prosecution of Fraulein Seibt in any of the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitungsverlagsgesellschaft many newspapers, but if any readers can point out such reports, I’m sure we would all wish to see them, to have some independent confirmation of the very worrying report of the Good Lord Monckton.

    • Well, you won’t find any news reports in the German media about Naomi Seibt, one way or another. Jack Black, don’t you realize this . They just hope if they ignore her, she will go away !

      – JPP

      • Of course one of the major industrial “green giants” is Siemens, who are very heavily invested in Westphalia, and in particular in the Ruhr. Almost every wind turbine in Europe relies upon Siemens technology and engineering, as do most of the so called “new transport technologies”. Siemens is a big player in the plans of the Brost Foundation, so this is why they go to the extreme measures to discredit not just Fraulein Seibt, but James Taylor, Heartland, and EIKE too, by this “secret” exposé of the Madrid conference. An exposé so secret, they publish its full details on the website of the Correctiv, with video clips of actual conversations of Taylor and his strange financial proposals.

        Yes of course we may surmise that there are good reasons as to why funders of climate realism may want to remain anonymous, to prevent attacks from rabid greenies, yet the underhanded double dealing of Taylor and Heartland, is that really the best way?

        Know thine enemy !

        Could easily be the case, from reading the language of the spying reporters of the Corrective, that they are indoctrinated into the green lies of Brost, WAZ publications, and Siemens et al. A few YouTube videos in a Thunberg style cannot undo such indoctrination. It cannot be denied that Fraulein Seibt is a creature of the AfD, so why try to hide it? Deceit bybTalor and Heartland, however well intentioned, will only serve to harden attitude of the leftist footsoldiers of the likes of the Correctiv and Brost. One cannot defeat evil and lies, by proffering yet more deceit and lies.

        Only Truth and Light can win over, and deprogram the helpless dupes of Brost. The Spider in his web of intrigue, and corrupted politicians, must be faced out head on and exposed for their vested interest plans to destroy economies of other German States, Europe, and the World. North Rhine Westphalia’s interest is not paramount, but Brost, Siemens, and remains of Krups would want it so, even if it meant the Dissolution of the Federal German Republic.

        Swiss, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg money men should read the writing on the wall, and know that dishonest power brokers of Ruhr have had their day. Didn’t they yet realise this when Brost had to sell out their 1/2 Billion Euro stake in RTL, just to remain afloat. Pouring money into dead tree press and magazines that are doomed to fail, expanding in a landgrab of Eastern EU states media, and building a New Reich, just when EU is all collapsing before their eyes. Hungary, Czech, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and wider still. Westphalian proto-empoerors care not for other Germans, they will promote only what’s good for the Ruhr.

        AfD are their sworn enemy, as is EIKE, and by association Heartland USA. Sneaky Francophile Belgians want to see Federal German States fund this Eastern expansionism, and to bail out the bankrupt economies of the Mediterranean EU. Will the true German people allow this despotic Ruhr corruption to destroy all of Germany, or should they be asking serious questions about the Brost.

        This is really a political fight between financial heavyweights, and not about Climate at all.
        I predict it will all kick off pretty soon anyway, once the workers and hoi polloi who readily supported green fantasy unicorn rainbowland in the past, see their jobs has evaporated during the great CoViD-19 lockdown debacle.

        • As far as I know, Naomi is not a puppet of AfD or for that matter, any political party with an agenda.
          I have seen all her videos (in English or translated), and have seen a lot of the main stream media comments about her, and the Google comments about her…they try to pigeon-hole her.

          She is too much of an individual to fall for any of that. She does her own research and she is all about free speech, individual liberty. and I believe government of the people, by the people and for the people…. it’s a little hard to label her, so I don’t want to try to do that…
          I’m not as articulate as she.

          – JPP

  53. OK, Mr. Peterson, I do read what you say and do respect all points of view in these discourse here in the comments of the venerable Viscount’s article.

    This is also my point in writing as I did after having read the articles written by the Brost adherents of the Correctiv. Maybe I too am not so eloquent in the English analysis of those German language articles, but it is certainly possible that those indoctrinated journalistas of the Correctiv actually believe what they write is in good faith true ROM their perspectives.

    We must truly understand his they are able to see things in this way, that real scientific evidence led, is somehow appear false to them. Their indoctrination was carried out by the real masters of propaganda at Schellenhuber’s Potsdam Institute, and that place is a real den of iniquity surely. Pawns are being sacrificed on all sides with impunity, and some minor pieces assailed as well.

    Yet the Elephants are in the room, and we have a Queen too, but it isn’t she, the youthful Fraulein Seibt. Rather our “Queen” remains aloof still, and well protected yet. The noble Viscount in his castle sits astride an open file, eying the dark pieces of the army of the Brost, one wonders if he realises the amount of clout they can muster via the vast media empire of the WAZ. Such might cannot be countered by a some YouTube videos alone. Serious authors need to write counter stories in the rival presses and appearing on the Radio and TV of WAZ great rivals in North Rhine Westphalia … Bertelsmann, who perhaps have a more egalitarian view. They are already the World’s largest media group, and having already stripped some assets from WAZ and Brost, may be encouraged to do more?

    Brost must be made to realise that to blindly now follow the plans of their long dead Polish founders, cannot be good for German Federal Unity, and will the pragmatic Bertelsmanns allow leftists of WAZ to continue to jeopardise their World Media Empire, by blind adherence to green unicorn idealism?

    If EIKE and Heartland look for a real cash rich sponsor, then in NRW there can be no bigger than Bertelsmann, and if Bertelsmann would do it, there would be no need to hide funding, or beg for pittances from ordinary folks.
    Some effort ought to be spent in convincing Bertelsmann that in NRW, Germany, Europe and the World, there is only room for one victorious Media Monarch, and it isn’t the Brost.

    Can it be done, I don’t really know, but the venerable Viscount and friends ought to try perhaps. This is where Fraulein Seibt might really shine, not as a hostage to the USA Alphabet Corporation political whims, but instead as an ambassadress of Queen Bertelsmann. Can the one true German Media Mogul step up to the plate and crush the devious Brost. There’s only room for one great Empress in NRW, and can the venerable Viscount convince Bertelsmann it must be she who leads the German People and all Europe from out of the dark that Potsdam dogma has entombed the minds of millions of dupes with their unfounded climate alarmism?

    This opportunity presents itself, and we must at least try to grasp it. Pray let our Queen be Bertelsmann, for it is she who can lead us from the dark and misery of the Brost dystopian nightmare, into the truth and light once more.

    Can this be more than just a mere dream?

      • I am not Kung Fu Panda man, but hey if I were, and had his money and Hollywood pals….. I’d probably not be reading articles in here. That geezer stumped for Obama and suffers from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).
        My plea about Bertelsmann is Genuine, and they might go for it, and at least scare off WAZ and Brost from attacking Fraulein Seibt through their proxies anymore.
        In Germany at least, and especially in NRW, the name of Bertelsmann is respected by many friends, and can strike a cold fear in the hearts of their opponents. If you’re listening to some “local” popular radio station right now, chances are it could be one of Bertelsmann’s.

    • A diatribe, also known less formally as rant, is a lengthy oration, though often reduced to writing, made in criticism of someone or something, often employing humor, sarcasm, and appeals to emotion.
      Wackapedia . . .

      – JPP

      • Yes that is true, and it’s emotion and not bald scientific facts, however well put, that can sway the masses to turn the green tide against their manipulating political masters. We writers of articles in here, and in supportive comments, don’t need to preach to the converted, but YouTube though popular isn’t the monopolistic power it once was. For example a real media savvy operative might sponsor some online Chess tournaments (Raawr!) on Twitch involving World Class GMs, or some other more frivolous popular RPG competitions. An eloquent performer such as Fraulein Seibt could earn respect of millions of viewers and listeners of a new audience, on radio and new media, had she the support of some entity like Queen Bertelsmann (and increase viewer/listener/reader numbers with growth of their group profits too).

        • @Jack Black, is this Queen you speak of Julia Jäkel ?

          Jäkel became chair of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, managing the collaboration among all content businesses in Germany.

          – JPP

  54. In this new thread, I pose the question:

    I wonder, can she also sing, the Fraulein Seibt, because that could attract a vast audience that even the giant Alphabet Corporation dare not censor such views if put to music, as is evidenced by the more than 170 million views of just the official release of this fantastic Matt Bellamy composition….

    Then there’s Armin Van Buuren, who specialises in having guest female vocalists singing to his compositions and promoting them to Worldwide audiences from his Armada HQ….

    Wow! If we could get Armin on board, and if Fraulein Seibt can sing, then we could really get a popular following, don’t you think folks? This must have greater mass appeal than dry science speak, at some stuffy old conference in the back room of a hotel somewhere?

    Can it be done? What’s stopping us trying at least?

    • Music has been used as a protest movement, a political movement for generations,my question has to be why have climate skeptics not already gone down this path? Greenpeace already have bands dedicated to climate catastrophic change,some main stream bands are also going down this route, I would say for commercial interests,( what’s popular in current times) music is also heavily censored, take the sex pistols ” God save the queen the fascist regime ” were to start, folk,pop ,rock,classics ? In at the deep end or local circuits ? The problem I see is security ,playing live would expose Naomi to climate thugs,

      In principle I’m for the idea the practical application I see problems.

      • B d, think about it, what is the common theme in the ‘arts’, including performing arts, theatre and music? Almost all of them are leftists. Trust me I know, visual art is my forte and once I finally decided that I needed to out myself as ‘right of centre’, about six months ago now, all bar none of my friends turned their backs on me! Some of theses people were dear friends and had been for years.

        I’m sure there are a handful of talented ‘conservative’ performers out there but good luck finding one who has the courage to sing about political issues. It’s a bit like asking a ‘real’ scientist to speak out publicly about CAGW as being complete rubbish.

        Incidentally, since I outed myself and though I have some talent I’m not likely to ever receive any kind of recognition for my art.

        • Megs, if you’ve not watched them, take a look at the #Walkaway videos on youtube.

          They are people who have been horrified by what the left has become (as if it were ever different) and are walking away from it. Many of the walkers are artists. They all tell your story.

          Here is Brandon Straka’s video, which started it all. There are hundreds of videos of people who are so relieved to be able to tell their story — your story.

          • Thank you so much Pat. No I hadn’t come across Brandon Straka’s videos, I watched the first one and it was like he’d been inside my head! I wonder if Lord Monckton would think it worthwhile for Naomi to meet Brandon. He could possibly help spread her message, or as b d suggested there may be one of his many followers with a talent for singing.

            I watched an interview a few days ago. Andrew Bolt is a high profile journalist with Sky News here in Australia. Sky is the only right of centre television network and is growing from strength to strength. The interesting thing is that he used to be a leftist and he is now one of the key joujournalists with Sky. He did an interview with Dave Rubin who wrote “Don’t burn this book”. Rubin was talking about coming out as right of centre in politics. Now he also happens to be gay and said that in his experience it was much more difficult to come out as a person right of centre in politics than to come out as being gay! Rubin said that when he came out as a gay man, once people had a chance to come to terms with it on the whole the love was still there. It’s not the same when you come out as being right of centre in politics, people turn their backs on you forever.

            That’s how it was for me too, well I’m not gay, but I have my own story. But in regards to politics, people who had been like family to me no longer wanted anything to do with me, wouldn’t even respond to emails. I lost my entire network of friends such is the hate from the left. There is no reasoning with the left, facts mean nothing and they cannot think for themselves. It is terrible to observe but to be at the receiving end of their hate on a personal level is indescribably painful.

            I know that this site was initially a platform for scientists to discuss matters of science that they cannot otherwise discuss. And I get that there are some of those scientists who see the political discussion as intrusive. However they have become intrinsically entwined. It used to be that governments formed policy based on scientific advice. These days governments pay scientists to come up with ‘justification’ for the policies they make. This is how ‘consensus science’ came about, and for some of them it has become quite lucrative and is part of the, leftist/socialist push.

            This site is still a platform for pure science but it’s the politics of the day that’s keeping you all from practising real science they way you should be, the way it used to be. You should be shown respect for the integrity of your field, we want to feel trust in the science that’s presented to us.

            This site has become political too, but we can help push back the leftist/socialist push and return science back to where it belongs.

            I’ll get down from the platform now.

  55. Horrified that modern Germany would have an organiation called the ‘Federal Agency for Political Re-Education’, I assumed that the Viscount was indulging in a little sarcasm, but I put ”Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung” into Google Translate anyway and strangely it returned ‘Federal Agency for Civic Education.” However if ‘Politische’ is put in on its own it unsurprisingly returns ‘Political’. No doubt someone will tell me that it is to do with context, but it still sounds quite sinister to me. The weird thing that has happened in my lifetime is that the ‘progressive left’ have moved from being anti-establishment to becoming the establishment. Unfortunately although many are well-meaning, they all believe that they are uniquely virtuous and right about everything and that allowing any dissent is tolerating wickedness. The ultimate destination of this is ‘benevolent dictatorship’, which inevitably just becomes dictatorship.

  56. @Jack Black, is this Queen you speak of Julia Jäkel ?

    Jäkel became chair of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, managing the collaboration among all content businesses in Germany.

    – JPP

  57. Why is anyone surprised? The EU is either an autocracy or a technocracy, not a Democracy. And their technocrats aren’t very good. But they do think they are infallible.

  58. The communists were not permanently defeated by the Cold War, they simply changed their stripes and became Greenies. The same malign intentions are hidden by the veneer of environmentalism. Hence, the term “watermelons” to describe the…green on the outside but red inside.

    Naomi, time to leave Germany for “greener” lands…..maybe a Red, White and Blue one.

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