Friday Funny – the #GreenNewDeal implosion, captured on film

As we first reported here at WUWT three days ago, left-leaning filmmaker Michael Moore dropped a bomb on the left’s sacred cow of “renewables”. Meanwhile, serial ringmaster Michael Mann HAD a cow.

Josh provides the reality:

Michael Mann provides the entertainment.

In case you haven’t seen the film, you can watch it in entirety here:

And if you like Josh’s cartooning work, buy him a pint (for when the pubs re-open).

121 thoughts on “Friday Funny – the #GreenNewDeal implosion, captured on film

  1. So Mickey Mann manages to make this Trump’s fault. Quite an achievement. He should enroll for the mental gymnastics team for the next Olympic Games ( tm) …. whenever that may be.

    • I do hope the flak Moore gets on this film from the Climate Crusades leadership inspires a trilogy. Somebody send Moore a photo of the bullet hole in the office window at UAH.

      • Until he goes off the deep end near the conclusion he just tells the truth about the inadequacies and outright harm of renewables.
        The crazy thing is that the problem isn’t the collection of snake oil salesmen that the Left has produced to sell us on this hot garbage. It’s the notion that there’s even a problem to be dealt with! Where is this problem manifesting itself? anywhere? Name a aplace, please.
        Basically an entire world that buys a massive load of manure and thinks it’s gold.

        • Well, let’s be real. There are legitimate reasons to go off fossil fuels. They are inherently limited and do produce pollution. In case of accidents, lots of pollution.

          The problem is that renewables have been propped up as a solution for decades when they are pretty darn polluting and even more limited than fossil fuels.

          • The ultimate answer is nuclear energy, much as no one wants to hear it. Of course, we can all salivate and wait for fusion, but so far its not answering the need in time. I have lived in an all solar home off the grid for 20 years and, from the very start, told everyone who would listen that it was not applicable for bulk society needs. Those who are so quick to push solar and wind should try it. They might have some rude awakenings.

    • Liberals in general aren’t able to handle complex thoughts. That’s why they latch onto simple solutions, even if those solutions don’t make sense.

      • Not even ‘simple solutions’ rather ‘simplistic’ ones, i.e. totally unrealistic ones. If faced with ‘Sophie’s Coice’ they would opt to make a complaint to the camp komandant on the basis of gender inequality, lack of time to make a reasoned choice and lack of access to legal counsel all the while wringing their hands about injustice and lack of freedom etc etc etc….. and demanding funding for counselling support and internet access to GoFundMe or at least the return of their mobile phone.

      • In reply to:

        “Liberals in general aren’t able to handle complex thoughts.”

        It is not complex thoughts. It bigger than that.

        Allowed organized corruption/chaos to take over and paralysis the US.

        The US is paralyzed. Our legal system has been corrupted with the green cancer.

        Top Democrats getting bought out by China. Universities getting bought out by China. US companies getting bought out by China. WHO getting bought out by China.

        Those are not complex thoughts.

        Google searches no longer list sites that address corrupt scientific/industry issues.

        Companies that pay to put ads on Google control, what we see, to hide scientific information and summarized information that shows mass corruption and idiocy.

        All of the ad money has gone to Google and Facebook so there is no longer ad money for independent journalism.

        In the last 10 years news, including PBS, has become Democrat mouthpieces (where democrat is an ideology that ….

        … somehow there is a perfect ‘green’ world, where jobs are plentiful, and if only we tax more and build the ‘green’ stuff.. blah, blah, blah, …..

        • To William Astley
          Well one nation Australia is doing something about the free rides by Google and Facebook with legislation
          This will require those behemoths to pay for any copy from media journals or newspapers etc they use or cite or quote in their searches or whatever they produce for their users

        • Nothing that a good injection of Lysol as proposed by the commander in chief wouldn’t solve.

      • Liberals in general aren’t able to handle complex thoughts. That’s why they latch onto simple solutions, even if those solutions don’t make sense.

        No, its a tiny bit more complex than that.

    • “Trumpian era of gaslighting”

      Michael Mann has just plainly shown himself to be, not a scientist, but an activist with a tenure.

  2. pride comes before a fall, hopefully:

    Tweet: Michael E. Mann, Climate Scientist, Professor & Director of the Penn State ESSC; Author of Dire Predictions, The Hockey Stick & the Climate Wars, and The Madhouse Effect
    Proud, on the eve of this 50th anniversary of #EarthDay, to join with numerous fellow scientists in endorsing @JoeBiden for president. Read our letter:… #EarthDay2020
    10:29 AM – 21 Apr 2020

    24 Apr: Climate Home: UN development chief calls for green shift away from ‘irrational’ oil dependence
    Governments, at a fork in the road because of the Covid-19 pandemic, should ‘insert the DNA’ of a low-carbon future into stimulus packages, says Achim Steiner
    by Alister Doyle
    Achim Steiner, head of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) said the pandemic would transform societies. It would be impossible simply to reactivate the pre-Covid-19 global economy in the way that billion-dollar bailouts helped revive growth after the 2008 financial crisis.
    “It’s a kind of a fork in the road for every country,” he told Climate Home News in a video interview from New York, adding that developing nations were especially vulnerable. “You have an opportunity to either invest in returning to yesterday’s economy or to invest into tomorrow’s economy.”…

    “You can’t talk a terrible crisis into a rosy opportunity,” he said. “We need to now have governments and markets design their strategy of exiting from fossil fuels over a period of probably 50 years, but with increasing and accelerating pace.”…
    This week, the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) estimated a deep decarbonisation of the world economy by 2050 requires total energy investment up to $130 trillion…

    • “Proud, on the eve of this 50th anniversary of #EarthDay, to join with numerous fellow scientists in endorsing @JoeBiden for president.”

      That gave me a good laugh, on many levels.

    • How DARE you !

      Seriously, how can a female who is supposedly 17 or 18 years old look like a 10 year old ?

      Is it possible to delay puberty to such an extreme degree by starving ?

      I am of course referring to lil’ Greta.

      • It is certainly possible to halt menses by driving down %body fat. This happens occasionally with women long distance runners.

        • In her mother’s autobiography, she relates how Greta – who has pronounced autism and has suffered from selective mutism – had an eating disorder before the onset of puberty. It was sufficiently severe that it effected her cardiac health and her doctors feared she might die.

          Lack of nutrition (whether self-inflicted or no) can delay or prevent the onset of puberty.

          Hence her “peculiarly” small body – it’s still the body of a child.

        • I knew a young lady who became a hard core vegetarian I and stopped menstruating. She thought she was pregnant and went to see a doctor. The doctor advised her she wasn’t pregnant but was severely anemic. He told her to eat a steak as raw S she could stand.

      • Late puberty, short stature, slender build, overall body type, under-nourished. Add to that make up, hair styling, clothing, demeanor, .

        Not really surprising at all. The human body is highly malleable if you start at a young age with undernourishment, or over nourishment.

      • The answer is alcohol in pregnancy.
        A friend had a son – at age 30 he was 4’6″ ft tall looked about 9, and just smiled a lot. He died. His smart phone was full of pictures of extremely obese naked women and police cars.
        He would have got on well with Greta.

  3. 23 Apr: Axios: The real importance of Biden’s new climate push
    by Ben Geman
    Something Al Gore said in his endorsement of Joe Biden gets to what really matters about Biden’s recent emphasis on climate change — and it stands apart from the changes the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is already planning to make to his platform.

    Driving the news: Here’s part of Gore’s interview with the Associated Press yesterday.
    “He declined to get into the specifics of his policy discussions with Biden or his campaign aides, but he said Biden already has the right focus and has expressed a willingness to make climate action his ‘top priority'” (emphasis added)…

    Similarly, yesterday’s New York Times piece on Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s endorsement of Biden says it came after “extensive private conversations in which Mr. Biden signaled he would make fighting climate change a central cause of his administration.”…

    Gore also said Biden “has asked him to ‘engage in an ongoing dialogue’ to ‘strengthen his climate platform considerably.'”
    And don’t forget that Biden is also forming a task force on climate with Sanders.

    14 Apr: Paris climate goals failure ‘could cost world $600 tn’
    by Patrick Galey
    Nations’ failure to fulfil the promises they made in the Paris climate agreement to make drastic emissions cuts could cost the global economy as much as $600 trillion this century, new analysis showed Tuesday…
    Writing in the journal Nature Communications, an international team of climate experts simulated the costs of global cooperative action under a variety of scenarios…

    With the US set to leave the Paris deal this year, the researchers also looked at the cost of countries failing even to live up to their current NDC pledges.
    That loss ranged between $150 trillion and $790 trillion—up to 7.5 times current global GDP…

    “We think that if every country or region can greatly enhance their actions for emission mitigation, it is possible to achieve the 1.5C,” said lead study author Biying Yu, from the Beijing Institute of Technology…

    The study found that global upfront climate investment would need to be $18-113 trillion in order for the world to “break even” in its climate plan.
    More than 90 percent of this should come from G20 nations, the research found…

    14 Apr: Nature Communications: Self-preservation strategy for approaching global warming targets in the post-Paris Agreement era
    Authors: Yi-Ming Wei, Rong Han, Ce Wang, Biying Yu, Qiao-Mei Liang, Xiao-Chen Yuan, Junjie Chang, Qingyu Zhao, Hua Liao, Baojun Tang, Jinyue Yan, Lijing Cheng & Zili Yang

    • The political storm clouds were already there, now we have wall clouds shaping up. This highlights the Party planks again while the media and voters always think in terms of candidate beauty contest issues. They know a sure thing with whole new tax bases and power play vote buying with those revenues when they see one. The Waxman-Markey carbon bill continues to rattle around in the Party and they will never let go of that power lust. The new world order is carbon taxes and redistribution of wealth and those two games are playing out at many levels of government and pseudo-government.

      • Meanwhile, California, Illinois, and New York are waking up to the reality that the federal government isn’t going to bail them out of their insanely generous retirement benefits that leaves them on the hook for untold $billions!

        McConnel is right–let the states burried in debt take out bankruptcy, which is good advice for central planners on the climate issue, too! I’m sure they’ll get no sympathy from 25,000,000 Americans who have lost their jobs in the past month!

        Three squares a day is suddenly far more important than some modeling heresy! Shades of the Great Depression are here!

        • If Biden wins, the odds are the federal government will bail these states out. After all, government unions are one of the biggest supporters the Democrats have.

          • Biden won’t know what he’s won regardless of the outcome of the election–his rate of mental degradation is noticeable on a weekly basis now! If the electorate is so blind they can’t recognize the panic the Democrats find themselves, then let them elect a puppet president who is controlled by his vice president and add a few more $Trillion to the debt! It will bring the collapse of the Federal Reserve and their fiat currency even faster!

    • “Gore also said Biden “has asked him to ‘engage in an ongoing dialogue’ to ‘strengthen his climate platform considerably.’”

      Can you imagine Joe Biden and Trump debating human-caused climate change.

      I don’t think Joe has a chance of convincing anyone that the Green New Deal is what we need. From what I see, I don’t think Joe should be getting in a debate with anyone about anything.

      • Tom I won’t pretend that I know anything much about American politics but with the very remote chance that Biden could win this election, what happens when he loses his faculties? Shouldn’t you be more worried about who the Vice President will be?

        Hopefully a hypothetical.

        • Biden’s VP becomes president. Basically it will be trump vs the dem VP in the election, given the speed biden is losing it.

        • “Shouldn’t you be more worried about who the Vice President will be?”

          We should definitely be paying attention. I don’t know who it will be but Biden has promised to appoint a female as vice president and I just don’t see any formidable Democrat female on the scene.

          I see several aggresive females and one very agressive female, but none of them have the qualifications to run the United states. It takes more than just being female, and it takes more than just being agressive.

          Biden picks a female because the Democrats are the Party of Division and Groups and picking a female is a means for them to highlight social divisions in our country.

          It is totally irresponsible to base the vice presidential choice on sex alone, and that’s what Joe is doing. Joe is discriminating against males, although in this case that’s not a big deal because the Democrats don’t have any males worth looking at. Cuomo included.

          • We have the same form of virtue signalling here in Australia Tom. It used to be that a person was nominated for a job because they were the most suitable candidate, experience and qualifications etc. These days it’s a matter of giving a woman the job to be seen as providing equal opportunity, that is only OK if she happens to be the most qualified person for the job.

            As far as your upcoming elections go, anyone looking to vote for the Democrats is likely voting for an unknown. Makes the whole campaign a bit of a farce doesn’t it. Can’t see Trump losing, why would anyone vote for an unknown?

          • “Can’t see Trump losing, why would anyone vote for an unknown?”

            Why do you think they’re pushing for mail-in voting? They know they can’t win legitimately, but they can always win with enough fraud.

        • Megs, he looses his faculties about mid-term, then the vice president is put in office. A possible 10 years all told. The thought is horrifying. Good thing he won’t win.

    • Pat, every name in the last paragraph “Nature Communications” are Chinese! The Chinese don’t even have reduce their CO2 levels! You can guess where all that money’s going to.

  4. Dear Dr. Mann … Moore and Gibbs have provided facts. Would you please be kind enough to debunk those facts. You’re a scientist, aren’t you? Leave the bloviating to the politicians. Thanks.

  5. Did anyone notice he just confirmed his whole hypothesis (and I use that term extremely loosely) is purely political?

    Nothing about his little tweet says anything about science. It is a political statement completely.

  6. Surely a [pseudo] educated man like, er, Mann realises that; to quote Abraham Lincoln:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Michael Mann, allow me to introduce your biggest investors, the Koch brothers!!!

    • There is a fourth to that along the lines of

      “and if caught trying any of those three then everything you ever said is suspect”

  7. Was a great film which should help kill the idea of a GND. One of Trumps achievements was getting us out of the Paris agreement. Trump has also had some great successes despite being under siege his whole presidency by the swamp and the fake news media. But the COVID-19 pandemic will bring his presidency down (and likely the house and senate), and that will relight the left and greenies. A second term would have put a stake in the greenies, but alas I do not see that happening.

    The man needs to stop talking. He does not have as smart a brain as he thinks he has. Yesterday’s Covid-19 briefing was the straw that broke his back (injecting cleaning agents and UV lighting to cure the virus). I have tried to defend the man as best I can for 3 years with those with TDS, but I no longer have the will or an answer. Yes Biden would be worse, but all the Dems need to do is keep hidin’ Biden, Pick a more moderate female (Amy) as VP, and don’t allow him to debate and he will be elected. The media will have his back and continue to run cover for him.

    Even with Trumps badly managed COVID-19 response, I figured if we could see the light at the end of the tunnel and the economy were to start coming back, enough voters would back Trump to get are economy rolling again.

    Unfortunately, the man just cannot shut the H up, and that will be his undoing.

      • “I am with-holding comment on his statement until I see a clip of the whole thing,”

        As well you should. I saw the whole thing and it wasn’t as it was described above. Trump was just speculating about different treatments and asking questions and the Media distorts that into him saying people should drink or inject draino.

        The only way to know what Trump actually said is to listen to his words. Any interpretation by the Media will be a distortion of reality and will portray Trump in the worst light possible.

        I’m going to stop saying “Leftwing” Media, in the future and just call it the Media because now Fox News is pandering to the leftwing narrative and treating their distortions of reality as though they were or might be true. Fox does have some reporters and hosts who don’t pander to the Left’s way of looking at things, but they are getting fewer and farther between.

        To the poster who wants Trump to just shut the H up: Would you shut up if someone was slandering your and distorting everything you said, and what you say is very important to millions of people? Would you let the reporter’s distortions stand as fact by not rebuting them and calling them liars?

        Trump can get himself in trouble sometimes, but mainly because he doesn’t parse his words enough to prevent the Media from distorting them (although they will distort whatever he says), but if you listen to his words he is telling you the truth as he knows it, and I, for one, don’t want him to shut up.

        I like it when he calls out the Media for the liars they are. He needs to call them out. The Ameican people need to see these liars. Yes, it gets confrontational, but whose fault is that? We know whose fault it is, the reporters. Trump would treat them well if they treated him well, but he’s not going to sit there silently while they trash his character and his policies.

        You can just see the contempt curling the Media reporter’s lips. Well, here’s maybe some news for them: As much as you hold Trump in contempt, some of us out here hold you in more contempt. You are not only contemptable, you are dangerous because you deliberately lie to the American people in a time of crisis. You delibertely try to undermine authority in a time of crisis. You and your lies are Domestic Enemies of the United States.

        • I think Trump’s an excellent President. And the thought of a Democrat back in the Presidency is enough to make me weep. The central issue with Trump from day one, is that he can’t shut his mouth. I’m not going to try to psychoanalyze him, but there are clearly some issues. He must understand this crap hurts him, but he’s powerless to simply shut his trap. It’s equal parts infuriating and tragic. Sure the media twists everything he says, but he’s the one who gives them the raw material. I’m heartily sick of it. I quit watching the press conferences. I simply cannot personally like the man.

        • “To the poster who wants Trump to just shut the H up: Would you shut up if someone was slandering your and distorting everything you said, and what you say is very important to millions of people?”

          No. I would not stand for it and I love that Trump fights back when necessary to set the record straight. But last night is not the same.

          I saw what he said and he speculated about UV lighting and injecting cleaning agents as treatments. He was serious as a mad hatter. The media didn’t cause this, his mouth did. And the media ran with it as you knew they would. This was an own goal and I am afraid he is going down in the election IMO because of these types of mistakes. Not what I want to happen as i too fear Dem’s getting in power. They will do away with the filibuster in the senate and our worst nightmares will be realized. Its war in DC now and each side will get away with whatever they can to push there agenda.

          • “I saw what he said and he speculated about UV lighting and injecting cleaning agents as treatments. He was serious as a mad hatter. The media didn’t cause this, his mouth did.”

            You say you saw it? I don’t think you did. I saw it, too and it wasn’t the way you portray it. I hope that Trump’s actual words will make you see things differently. They are reproduced below in the thread.

            All Trump did was ask a question about injection, and the Media make it out like he was promoting the procedure. And you seem to have bought into the narrative. You can’t trust the Media to treat Trump fairly.

          • Independent investigation of the truth is always the right path to tread. In this case, a reasonably long video of Trump saying something silly was all the press needed to run wild with it. They are rejoicing! Consider: Until now nearly every attached “quote” about or from Trump was achieved by careful editing, lying about what was actually said, and taking things out of context at every possible opportunity. Making stuff up was the norm.

            Case in point: The statement, “The fake news media are the enemy of the people.” (actual quote, NC live broadcast). Most coastal media “quoted” him, didn’t show the clip, reporting that he said, “The media are the enemy of the people.” (CNN, MSNBC, NYT etc) They only deleted two words, so it’s ok, right?

            There appears to be no comeback from ridiculed speculation about injecting something that will kill the virus, except he could have referred to the intravenous vitamin C as an example. Yes it is a thing and it has been tried for various conditions in various countries. It is injected, it kills viruses though not perhaps in the way that first comes to mind.


            IVC means intravenous vitamin C. The effect is the same as hydrogen therapy (5%) and any quinine (and other examples) which is to reduce the cytokine storm that damages the lungs, either directly (H2) or indirectly via zinc. Don’t take my word for it: check for yourself. An educated public is better than a schooled pubic every time.

          • Just to add a little detail to this controversy where the Leftwing Media is claiming Trump wants to inject people with disinfectant.

            Dr. Birx was on Fox News tonight and was asked about this incident and she said that Trump is very curious about everything and wants to see all the new information involved and Trump had just reviewed some new information right before he held the news conference, and Dr. Birx said what Trump was doing was brainstorming all these new ideas with the scientists.. Something he does all the time behind the scenes, but this time he did it during the news conference. Trump was asking innocent questions and the Leftwing Media have turned him into a reckless, maniac who is promoting shooting up disinfectant as a means of curing the Wuhan virus.

            I think brainstorming is a perfect description of what took place. Trump wasn’t promoting anything.

            Dr. Birx said Trump is so detail oriented that he wants to know what is going on in the country with regard to the Wuhan virus, right down to the county level.

            She also said Trump was a former businessman who understood statistics and charts and was very interested in all the scientiic charts.

        • Well said.
          Although I’m in the UK I passionately want Trump to win in November.
          As another poster commented, the thought of Biden becoming president is almost enough to make me weep.

          Trump is certainly not perfect. He does have a tendency to say things that clearly are not true.
          But on the really important things – not the froth that the media gorges on – he’s often spot on.
          He’s made a number of comments about climate change. I think they were all accurate and they put him firmly in what you might call the mainstream sceptical opinion. He does not deny the reality of climate change but he believes it to be primarily natural and he *certainly* does not believe it to be a crisis.

          Good luck to Donald Trump in November. By that time the spotlight will probably be on reviving the US economy. That should give him a big advantage. I certainly hope so.

    • The entirety of Trump’s statement @

      “So, I’m going to ask Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking of if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting. So, supposing when we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting. And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”

      I personally can see how he might get some words incorrect not knowing anything about medical terms (unlike the “experts” here). But the idea is not without merit for creative people (this knocks out the FDA/NIH who only want to push expensive drugs for big pharma). A lung lavage with some “disinfectant” that would kill virus/bacteria but not lung tissue sounds potentially fruitful. I also ran across a study that used a UVA LED inside an intubation tube to kill any virus in the breath air.
      History is filled with the closed minded who attacked the development of potentially life saving procedures. Two that come to mind are cowpox vaccinations for smallpox and antibiotic treatment for gastric ulcers. Those depending solely on medical “advice” mostly deserve whatever happens to them. As a personal example, years ago I developed a right leg drag that was confirmed by two doctors to be a thin spinal disk with resulting nerve impingement. They of course wanted to remove the disk and fuse the vertebrae which has it’s own set of problems. However after doing some research I tried an inversion table (at low angle) and in a couple of weeks with daily use was fine; the problem to never return with weekly usage.

      • There was a firm in rge news that us using internal UV to help people on ventilators.

        So it appears trump was right on internal UV.

        And as far as internal disinfectants, this is routinely done with chlorine and drinking water.

        And of course doctors inject poisons all the time to cure disease. The difference is dosage.

        • ferd

          Check the links to IV vitamin C above (if the post makes it through moderation). It is exactly what Trump speculated might be possible.

      • Trump: “And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning?”

        So here is the money quote that the Lying Media, including Fox News, are distorting to make it appear that Trump was advocating injecting disinfectant into someone’s body. Now how hard would it have been for them to actually read Trump’s words (I’m talking mainly to Fox News John Roberts, the rest don’t care about the truth)? It’s not that hard to figure out what Trump said, John. There it is in black and white.

        Trump wasn’t advocating anything, he was asking a question.

        Since that Trump question, the Media has been beating Trump over the head with claims of him advocating shooting up disinfectant and swallowing disinfectant and some of them even threw in Draino as something Trump is advocating people take.

        And that’s not the end of it, we also have various federal agencies and medical associations , and even Apple News, publicly warning against injecting disinfectant. I wouldn’t be surprised to see blaring warning of same when people log into Facebook and other social media platforms. I don’t know about that firsthhand because I don’t use those platforms.

        A huge disinformation campaign directed agaist Trump. And as you can see all of it is a bare-faced lie by the lying Media.

        If you want to know what Trump says, don’t listen to anyone but Trump. That’s where the truth will be found.

        • What you say may be true, but that type of “speculation” (he now is saying was sarcasm), are the types of comments that are killing him in the eyes of public opinion. Because he gives the media ammunition when it is not necessary. The average middle of the road voter is going to buy in to the media narrative and not look at nuances in what he said and give him the benefit of the doubt, unlike die hard Trump fans. He is not seen as being honest.

          This is all about winning the election, not throwing it away. And his own words will be used against him, fair or not. And that is what I object too.

          • “What you say may be true, but that type of “speculation” (he now is saying was sarcasm), are the types of comments that are killing him in the eyes of public opinion.”

            Only because the Media is distorting his every word. And Trump’s approval is doing just fine.

            I guess you now agree that the message was distorted by the Media?

            This is how fast a propaganda lie can fly around the world. And the record won’t be corrected. These lies will be repeated over and over again by the Left as if they were true. This happens all the time, and is a danger to our freedoms. All lies are a danger to our freedoms.

            The Radical Left and their minions the Leftwing News Media are dangerous to our freedoms because they distort the truth and make it nearly impossible for us to govern ourselves properly because our voters are deciding their votes based on lies and distortions of the truth.

            I have to use “Leftwing Media” after some thought, because there are conservative media out there. I shouldn’t take my anger at Fox News corporate out on them and pretend they don’t exist just because Fox is going off the rails sometimes.

            Fox News is still pushing this lie about Trump and disinfectant vaccinations as of about 10 minutes ago. That’s when I changed the channel. I’m now waching the Motor Trend channel.

            I’m not going to listen to Fox when they distort the truth in furtherance of the Leftwing narrative. And they seem to be doing that more and more often. They did have some corporate changes in the recent past, where it was speculated the new bosses might be leaning Left and it looks like that is the case. I would suggest a lot of angry emails from regular viewers of Fox might have an effect.

          • “The average middle of the road voter is going to buy in to the media narrative and not look at nuances in what he said and give him the benefit of the doubt, unlike die hard Trump fans. He is not seen as being honest.”
            You mean like the MSM and massive Libtard 2016 election predictions. Me thinks that Biden is much proof of their disorientation and mental chaos. Hopefully these mentally ill will never out number those with at least an ounce of common sense but if and when it does then we go the way of Europe.

    • His response is a classic diversion tactic. He knows he has no rebuttal so in lieu of a devastating silence resorts to last-ditch arm-waving.

      Anyone with an ounce of nous should be able to see through his charade.

    • It is also classic Michael Mann to accuse his opponent of doing something he is actually n the process of doing himself.

  8. Wind and Solar Production
    In 2019, wind plants’ production rose by 2.6 GW reaching 34.2 GW, and solar added 0.6 GW reaching 8.2 GW. That combined wattage of 42.4 GW represents 9 % of the overall U.S. electricity generation of 463 GW from all electricity sources in the US. Using this 2019 annual rate of growth, it would take 131 years for W&S to reach the above overall number. Actually longer as these numbers imply no growth in consumption, a trend which is unlikely considering population growth, adoption of electric vehicles, robotization of the industry, and the desired increase in living standard of everybody. Wind electricity costs 21 $/W, nuclear 2.4 $/W and last centuries. W&S 20 years and disposal cost as much as bilding them.

    • Except that 42gw will only produce about 10 over the course of a year
      If you’re lucky

      That is the deep lie of wind and solar, that an installed GW is a usable GW

      It’s not, it’s not even close

      That is why your 9% becomes 2% of actual power delivered

      Useless and worse than useless

  9. This film needs to be shown throughout South Australia. And then the South Australian Labour Party needs to explain why they’ve put the South Australian power grid on the very edge of failing. Keep in mind, the Labour Party not only forced the introduction of renewables to the point of collapsing the grid but they also destroyed the coal power plant at Pt. Augusta to keep it from ever reopening.

    • Sadly, the current conservative party continues on the same slippery path with ‘renewables’

      South Australia, with centuries of uranium, thorium resources and endless geologically-stable open desert in which to mine, process, build, operate and store nuclear energy, elects to stake its future grid-scale energy supply on – solar panels, windmills and batteries.

      Someone please explain the rationality of this to me – I can’t get my head around it all.

  10. Just watched the film. The real “point” of it is the oldy but grotty Malthusian argument about exponential population growth versus linear resource growth.

    Resurrected in the 70s by Paul Ehrlich and zombified in the Obama administration by Ehrlich toady Holdren.

    It was stupid in the 1800s, truly lost it in the 70s and acts only as an excuse for would-be totalitarians today. Don’t anybody tell them what happened to the Bolsheviks when Lenin seized power.

    If the producers read this, please be reassured: the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of rocks. CLIMATE CHANGE

    The solution to overpopulation was discovered centuries ago and has worked well, despite the baby boom after World War Two.

    It is called Western Civilization. Every civilized population reduces fertility, we’re not sure how or why. The US is barely above replacement rate at around 2.1 children per couple. EU, Japan, the UK and other civilized areas have populations massively skewed toward the older end. Most population growth in these areas comes from migration from uncivilized countries.

    Let us leave Malthus in his dusty grave along with Marx and Engels. There are real environmental problems to solve like the artisanal cobalt miners and wanton environmental destruction shown in the film. Just because these are mostly not happening in our back yard doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about them. Bring the “third world” countries coal plants and civilization. In a few generations they will join us. Overpopulation will join phlogiston and the luminiferous aether on the ash-heap of junk science.

    • The reason why wealth reduces fertility is pretty well known.
      In first and second world countries, children are an asset. They work in the fields and they take care of you when you get old.
      In the third world, children are a liability. They take money to feed, cloth and educate and your savings take care of you when you get old.

  11. Michael Mann – “…ultra right wing plutocrats are secretly funding….”
    LOL, no Mikey, it isn’t a secret. Hasn’t been a secret. Just that nobody ever mentioned it before, especially the green hucksters that benefit from it.

    • Does anyone have any evidence that those who run the oil companies are right wing, much less ultra right wing?

      Once again Mikey demonstrates the type of loose thinking that is so prevalent on the left. That is the use of stereotypes rather than actual thought. In this case, it’s the belief that anyone who is right is therefore a right wing capitalist.

      • Apparently, anyone in canada who isn’t a sociopathic left wing nutbar is an “ultrarightie”.

        If you don’t agree it makes sense to shutdown the economy for two years to save a single life you are an ultra right winger.

        A label I wear with pride

  12. Ultra right wing plutocrats are funding massive green NGOs because the switch from coal to gas is hugely profitable for big oil.

    • Do you have any evidence to support such a belief?
      Or do you just repeat what you are told to beleive?

    • The phrase “Ultra-right wing plutocrats” is antithetical. What you’re describing are left-leaning fascists/crony-capitalists. Real conservatives want government out of business.

  13. The movie documents the foolishness of the green movement. The movie also highlights the thoughts of Robert Malthus. Somehow it seems to be fashionable to tell other people how to live. Oh wait should I where a mask today or not. Maybe its OK if I lock myself in my room.

  14. Word is the distributor / Josh Fox has pulled the film because of “misinformation”??

    Stay tuned.

  15. The movie documents an epiphany undergone by Michael Moore while it shows that he still hates mankind. However, it should be watched with care by Guterres, Greta and Pope Francis.

  16. In the movie the guy claims that the ‘right’ base their beliefs of non problems (climate change, population etc) on faith, and i presume he means some sort of god, but it took him nearly 30 years to come to the conclusion that renewables are a scam.. now that IS blind faith.

    this blind faith the progressives have of anyone that claims that humans and capitalism are to blame for everything bad is far greater than any faith people have in their god. all the failed predictions mean nothing, all the obviously bad science means nothing!

    if it took 30 years for this guy to understand the obvious re renewables, it would take another 30 to understand the non problem of population, and then maybe if he lives long enough, he might question the climate change non problem. I doubt there are enough years there for that. we just see these idiots on the screen because the screen is what they do best, not science.

  17. I am hoping a chain of logic forms in the minds of most people who believe in the cataclysm of global warming and view this film. When they see evidence that all of the solutions proposed are actually highly negative for people and the environment, that those solutions represent a massive amount of unearned stealth wealth accumulation for the promoters, and that those same people promoting the solutions, including many of the most prominent experts change “experts” have been telling one bold-faced lie after another to support the solutions, then another conclusion should follow. If they lied out of pure, malevolent self interest about the solutions isn’t it possible or even very probable that they have been lying all along about the actual problem those solutions are meant to address. This might open the mind to the easy observation that, in spite of all the dire warnings, the weather isn’t much changed and a nice warm sunny day is still better than rain, cloud and cold.

  18. The air we exhale has CO2 concentration of about 38,000 PPM. The efficiency of gas exchange in the lungs is dependent on the concentration gradient. That gradient between inhaled air and expired breath would change by about 1% if atmospheric CO2 rises from 400 to say 900 PPM. If the CAGW religious zealots mental abilities are impaired by that trivial change, they are unable to raise their respiratory rate a fraction of a percent in compensation and they can’t find the door to the great outdoors for some fresh air then what exactly are they good for other than perpetual whining.

  19. The bigger question is the problem of the whole “educated Gentry” singing from the same hymnal on so many issues, not just climate. Because it means Jobs for Gentry and appeals to their sense of “ambition, honor, and vanity.”

    Problem is, the Gentry gets to hog all the bandwidth in the public square, so all that most good little boys and girls hear is the ruling-class anthem. We Commoners are stuck on the WattUpWithThat desert island. But we do have Willis!

    See Curtis Yarvin’s “Clear Pill” for details.

    • I just watched the first 15 minutes of this, through the embarrassed admissions of ultimate power for charging batteries in Michigan being fossil fuels.

      This is very useful, if it’s intended audience has any perception, which seems just a bit dicey, unfortunately.

  20. I was watching (the first few minutes anyway) of a climate change special on Netflix or Amazon Prime (I forget which one). I stopped watching when Micheal Mann stated that because of climate change places like Thailand are already becoming uninhabitable by humans. I live in Thailand and people live and work here just fine in temperature of 37-45 degrees Celcius (I need to run A/C in my bedroom when it is this warm)

  21. It wasn’t a Trumpian-era when BP convinced everyone that they were the “green” oil company. Suckers.

    Then Deepwater Horizon happened.

  22. So while this still goes off the cliff on CO2 and depopulation, this movie obliterates the cover lie that we can have it all, modern society, medicine, wealth, all the things that make life better, AND not burn fossil fuels.

    So this leaves adaptation or suicide.

    I think if it is explained properly, adaptation wins in a landslide as only the insane will opt for suicide, or reducing life expectancy by half and standard of living by 90%.

    Just need to use small words so the progressives get it

  23. So, will this Bolshevik on the one hand and the Leninists in charge throw another Purge to purify their “movement?” As to the Malthusian bent of Moore & Gibbs’ conclusion, we need only go into Malthus’s letters to/from Jean B. Say to read a suitable reply.

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