UN: Embrace the Paris Agreement to Solve the Covid-19 Crisis

António Guterres
UN Secretary General António Guterres. By DFID – UK Department for International Development – https://www.flickr.com/photos/dfid/30720847110/, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Speech by the UN Secretary General, urging countries to embrace the Paris Agreement and United Nations sustainability agenda as part of their response to the Covid-19 crisis.

19 March 2020

Secretary-General’s opening remarks at virtual press encounter on COVID-19 Crisis

António Guterres 

We are facing a global health crisis unlike any in the 75-year history of the United Nations — one that is spreading human suffering, infecting the global economy and upending people’s lives. 

A global recession – perhaps of record dimensions – is a near certainty.  

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has just reported that workers around the world could lose as much as 3.4 trillion U.S. dollars in income by the end of this year. 

This is, above all, a human crisis that calls for solidarity.   

Our human family is stressed and the social fabric is being torn.  People are suffering, sick and scared.  

Current responses at the country level will not address the global scale and complexity of the crisis. 

This is a moment that demands coordinated, decisive, and innovative policy action from the world’s leading economies.   We must recognize that the poorest and most vulnerable — especially women — will be the hardest hit. 

I welcome the decision by G20 leaders to convene an emergency summit next week to respond to the epic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic – and I look forward to taking part. 

My central message is clear:  We are in an unprecedented situation and the normal rules no longer apply.  We cannot resort to the usual tools in such unusual times. 

The creativity of the response must match the unique nature of the crisis – and the magnitude of the response must match its scale. 
Our world faces a common enemy.  We are at war with a virus. 

COVID-19 is killing people, as well as attacking the real economy at its core – trade, supply chains, businesses, jobs.  Entire countries and cities are in lockdown.  Borders are closing.  Companies are struggling to stay in business and families are simply struggling to stay afloat. 
But in managing this crisis, we also have a unique opportunity.  

Done right, we can steer the recovery toward a more sustainable and inclusive path.  But poorly coordinated policies risk locking in — or even worsening — already unsustainable inequalities, reversing hard-won development gains and poverty reduction. 

I call on world leaders to come together and offer an urgent and coordinated response to this global crisis. 

I see three critical areas for action: 


Many countries have exceeded the capacity to care for even mild cases in dedicated health facilities, with many unable to respond to the enormous needs of the elderly. 

Even in the wealthiest countries, we see health systems buckling under pressure. 

Health spending must be scaled up right away to meet urgent needs and the surge in demand — expanding testing, bolstering facilities, supporting health care workers, and ensuring adequate supplies – with full respect for human rights and without stigma. 

It has been proven that the virus can be contained.  It must be contained.  

If we let the virus spread like wildfire – especially in the most vulnerable regions of the world — it would kill millions of people.  

And we need to immediately move away from a situation where each country is undertaking its own health strategies to one that ensures, in full transparency, a coordinated global response, including helping countries that are less prepared to tackle the crisis. 

Governments must give the strongest support to the multilateral effort to fight the virus, led by the World Health Organization (WHO), whose appeals must be fully met. 

The health catastrophe makes clear that we are only as strong as the weakest health system.  

Global solidarity is not only a moral imperative, it is in everyone’s interests. 


Unlike the 2008 financial crisis, injecting capital in the financial sector alone is not the answer.  This is not a banking crisis – and indeed, banks must be part of the solution.  

And it is not an ordinary shock in supply and demand; it is a shock to society as a whole. 

The liquidity of the financial system must be guaranteed, and  banks must use their resilience to support their customers.     

But let’s not forget this is essentially a human crisis.  

Most fundamentally, we need to focus on people — low-wage workers, small and medium enterprises and the most vulnerable. 

And that means wage support, insurance, social protection, preventing bankruptcies and job loss. 

And that also means designing fiscal and monetary responses to ensure that the burden does not fall on those who can least afford it.  

The recovery must not come on the backs of the poorest – and we cannot create a legion of new poor. 

We need to get resources directly in the hands of people.  A number of countries are taking up social protection initiatives such as cash transfers and universal income.  

We need to take it to the next level to ensure support reaches those entirely dependent on the informal economy and countries less able to respond. 

Remittances are a lifeline in the developing world – especially now.  Countries have already committed to reduce remittance fees to 3 percent, much below the current average levels.  The crisis requires us to go further, getting as close to zero as possible. 

In addition, G20 leaders have taken steps to protect their own citizens and economies by waiving interest payments.  We must apply that same logic to the most vulnerable countries in our global village and alleviate their debt burden.  

Across the board, we need a commitment to ensure adequate financial facilities to support countries in difficulties.  The IMF, the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions play a key role. The private sector is essential to seeking and creating investment opportunities and protecting jobs. 

And we must refrain from the temptation of resorting to protectionism.  This is the time to dismantle trade barriers and re-establish supply chains. 

Looking at the broader picture, disruptions to society are having a profound impact. 

We must address the effects of this crisis on women.  The world’s women are disproportionally carrying the burden at home and in the wider economy. 

Children are also paying a heavy price.  More than 800 million children are out of school right now — many of whom rely on school to provide their only meal.  We must ensure that all children have access to food and equal access to learning – bridging the digital divide and reducing the costs of connectivity. 

As people’s lives are disrupted, isolated and upturned, we must prevent this pandemic from turning into a crisis of mental health.  Young people will be most at risk. 

The world needs to keep going with core support to programmes for the most vulnerable, including through UN-coordinated humanitarian and refugee response plans.  Humanitarian needs must not be sacrificed.  


The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated clearly that countries with robust social protection systems suffered the least and recovered most quickly from its impact. 

We must ensure that lessons are learned and that this crisis provides a watershed moment for health emergency preparedness and for investment in critical 21st century public services and the effective delivery of global public goods. 

We have a framework for action – the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  We must keep our promises for people and planet. 

The United Nations – and our global network of country offices — will support all governments to ensure that the global economy and the people we serve emerge stronger from this crisis.   

That is the logic of the Decade of Action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

More than ever before, we need solidarity, hope and the political will to see this crisis through together. 

Thank you.

Source: https://www.un.org/sg/en/content/sg/speeches/2020-03-19/remarks-virtual-press-encounter-covid-19-crisis

Mr. Secretary General, what people need right now is reliable and affordable energy to keep their refrigerators and freezers running during the crisis, so they don’t go hungry and leave their homes seeking food when the electricity fails and their frozen perishables spoil.

We could also use cheap and reliable energy to help restart industry when the Covid-19 crisis is resolved.

Expensive, unreliable and utterly useless renewables and sustainability initiatives which contribute nothing to short term prosperity are a waste of precious economic resources.

Imagine where we would be right now if all the billions of dollars wasted on climate and sustainability initiatives like the Paris Agreement, which has utterly failed to contain the rise in global CO2, had instead been spent on medical research.

Please stop playing games and wasting money on stuff which doesn’t matter. In the midst of a crisis, the priority is what helps us all right now to survive with our lives intact. The other stuff can wait.

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P Mac
March 23, 2020 6:06 pm

Simply can’t make any connection between Coronavirus and global warming. Is this evidence of a global conspiracy!

Eric Vieira
Reply to  P Mac
March 25, 2020 10:37 am

What we did notice: The EU knew several months in advance about the situation in China and could have prepared for it. Instead, they just waited for the virus to come and even after the first cases in Italy happened, nothing really was undertaken to contain it’s propagation until it was too late. At the WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos, Chancellor Merkel mentioned “The big transformation” which was going to radically change the way we live and do business. I do have a suspicion that this pandemic was a situation that could really be “practical” in order for the elite to enable their planned “transformation”. Their next step will probably be to try to bring in the “socialist green new deal” in the aftermath of the economic disaster these lockdowns will generate.

March 23, 2020 6:08 pm

This is a very clear example of that fat idiot UN Secretary-General António Guterres putting the cart before the horse. If only the billions of dollars wasted on ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Sustainability’ boondoggles like the Paris Agreement, which have all failed, had instead been directed to medical research. we would all have been a lot better off.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 23, 2020 6:47 pm

His message is the same as that of President Xi of China.


Reply to  Scissor
March 23, 2020 6:57 pm

Redistributive change? Retributive change? After more than 12 trimesters of failed witch hunts and warlock trials to either cancel or force Trump to kneel, a plausible, viable collusion between the UN, China, Democrats, and other stakeholders in the Green New Deal.

Bryan A
Reply to  n.n
March 23, 2020 10:33 pm

“We are facing a global health crisis unlike any in the 75 year history of the United Nations”…
Well duh, the UN wasn’t an entity in 1918, the true health crisis that had a 20% mortality rate.
COVID-19, while bad at a 2.5% average mortality, is certainly no Spanish Flu pandemic.
The UN hasn’t been a viable entity for vary long (not that it’s currently a viable entity)
Talk about an asinine statement

Reply to  Bryan A
March 24, 2020 4:23 am

” General Guterres” seems to have forgotten that most of the 3rd world don’t even have clean , disease-free water to drink.

Reply to  Bryan A
March 24, 2020 7:35 am

It’s hard to say what the death rate of the Spanish Flu would have been had the medical care of today been available 100 years ago.

Bryan A
Reply to  Bryan A
March 24, 2020 9:59 am

Much like we can’t say what COVID-19 would have been like back hen either
We can only state the facts of what they were and are respectively

Reply to  Scissor
March 24, 2020 5:16 am

Scissor you obviously need to go and read both again, the message from Xi is completely different to the UN secretary

You can tease out the main points from Xi.
1.) China is a good world leader on Health and supports the UN on health matters.
2.) China is willing to use it’s health knowledge and logistics to help other nations
3.) Even though China is the source of the virus don’t hold us responsible based on 1 & 2.

As an aside, China wanting to distance itself from being held responsible for the outbreak is interesting …. is that actually China or is it just Xi not wanting to go down in history like that.

Finally XI does not remotely talk about climate change and that dead man walking treaty because he was largely responsible for gutting it.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 23, 2020 7:38 pm

Agree absolutely, so many trillions of wasted dollars and so many bludgers to support (good Australian slang that means what it means) and the UN is a strong example of the malaise of waste and economic mismanagement that allowed and fostered anxiety for children as they were used and abused. Time to curb that appetite of waste cut back the UN put it in permanent lockdown so it can’t use a crisis in health to re-run the false climate narrative.
Maybe saner heads can head this mob away from such follies and recognise there is a real crisis both health and financial that needs leadership and direction. Let us also use the crisis for good not insanity of the UN old guard.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 23, 2020 8:58 pm


Global TV news has reported Trudeau’s latest scam. This criminal move seems to be under-reported by Trudeau’s “bought” print media.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”


MARCH 24/20




In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the federal Liberals are poised to table a bill granting them sweeping new powers to spend money and raise taxes without having to get the approval of Parliament. All opposition parties were surprised at the content of the bill and all singled out the extensive section which gives Morneau new powers.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there is no tolerance for those flouting orders to socially distance from others in an effort to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. “You all think you’re invincible. You’re not. Enough is enough,” he warned in an address to Canadians on Monday from Rideau Cottage, where he is currently in self-isolation.

Global News has seen a copy of the legislation set to be tabled Tuesday when a small number of MPs from all parties return to Ottawa to pass a multibillion-dollar coronavirus support package.

The legislation grants Finance Minister Bill Morneau extraordinary new powers to spend, borrow and tax without having to get the approval of opposition MPs until December 2021.

The Canadian Constitution enshrines taxation as a power of the parliamentary branch.

Because of that, granting those powers to the federal cabinet alone is highly unusual – even the Emergency Powers Act does not do so.

Effectively, the proposals would allow the government to spend money and change tax rules related to its coronavirus response without having to get the approval of the House of Commons each time they want to do so.

Effectively, the proposals would allow the government to spend money and change tax rules related to its coronavirus response without having to get the approval of the House of Commons each time they want to do so.

It also means many of the measures carried out under those new powers could take place without parliamentary debate and without the elected representatives of Canadians getting a chance to vote for or against the measures.

In a minority Parliament where each money bill that comes before the House of Commons is a confidence vote — meaning the government could fall if it fails — it also raises the prospect that the government will avoid votes of confidence on proposed new spending and taxation.

All opposition parties were surprised at the content of the bill and all singled out the extensive section which gives Morneau new powers.

It is unclear though if one or any party will vote against the package or will lead an attempt to amend the legislation. The opposition will have the votes to amend but only if all of them unite to overwhelm the government side.

A spokesperson for Morneau would not comment on why those provisions were in the copy of the legislation seen by Global News because the bill hasn’t yet been tabled, adding that all of the federal parties will want to make sure Canadians have the resources they need.

In the current minority Parliament, the government will need the support of at least one opposition party in order to pass the bill, which also includes promised measures like extending eligibility for Employment Insurance and providing wage subsidies and loans to businesses.

The legislation includes 20 sections, one of which will create a new Public Health Events of National Concern Payments Act that would allow any cabinet minister with the approval of the finance minister to dispense “all money required to do anything” in the event of a public health emergency.

The bill will also let the federal government ignore patent restrictions when the patent applies to a device deemed necessary to respond to a public health emergency.

That would be defined as the spread of an infectious disease posing a public health risk to Canadians and requiring a coordinated response.

no no no no no

Rempell just put out a video statement. They will not support carte blanche unlimited spending by Morneau. They will support extreme measures to help keep the economy going with regards to fighting covid19, direct support ei payments. They will not support taxation without representation. No doubt the bloc will support trudy as we continue to spiral down.

March 23, 2020 9:38 pm

Here is Conservative MP Michelle Rempel’s video on this Trudeau power grab:


Trudeau’s Liberals are so much more corrupt than the runner-up Chretien Liberals. Trudeau has already misappropriated billions – but he wants more.

I think Trudeau and his Marxist cronies have already destroyed Canada – but this bill will make that a certainty.

March 25, 2020 11:56 am

Note that the bill also gives the federal ministers of health and finance the power to approve spending “all money required to do anything” to deal with a public health emergency.
Giving the Trudeau Liberal free rein to spend money without parliamentary oversight simply gives them a “licence to steal”, which they will certainly do.


OTTAWA — The House of Commons has passed emergency legislation to free up $82 billion to help Canadians weather the COVID-19 crisis.

The vote early Wednesday morning means the massive bill will now go to the Senate, where the Liberal government is hoping for quick passage and to have the measures signed into law by the afternoon.

Parliament adjourned on March 13 until at least April 20 as part of a countrywide effort to curb the spread of the virus. But it was recalled Tuesday to deal with the emergency aid package.

After a day and most of a night of tense negotiations, a handful of MPs began debating the bill in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and a vote took place shortly after.

Among other things, the final bill contains components to boost employment insurance, delay tax deadlines, raise the federal backstop on deposits in case a bank fails and send hundreds of millions of additional dollars to provinces for health care.

It also gives the federal ministers of health and finance the power to approve spending “all money required to do anything” to deal with a public health emergency.

March 24, 2020 7:54 am

The US Democrats are pulling the same deceitful stunt as the Canadian Liberals and the United Nations – using the corona virus crisis as a means to promote their Marxist power grab.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
– Marxist scumbags


It would be hard to overstate the shocking hubris and blind political ambition of Nancy Pelosi’s play to hold Americans hostage this week during the unprecedented coronavirus crisis. Republicans accuse her of loading up a “socialist wish list” to piggyback on the rescue bill America is waiting on, and observers from across the spectrum are enraged.

After the Democrat Speaker of the House blew up the bipartisan Senate emergency funding measure Sunday night on the verge of a vote, she declared she would create her own bill. In short order, she reemerged with a 1400-page, $2.5-trillion proposal chock-full of provisions completely unrelated to the coronavirus and the resulting economic catastrophe.

March 25, 2020 9:07 am


The Dow is up ~560 points today. The ridiculous and opportunistic Nancy Pelosi amendments have hopefully been quashed. Pelosi must have known they would not get Republican support. Her actions on Sunday appeared to deliberately sabotage of the economic recovery.

Alternatively, she and fellow Dems were playing the stock market, like the Russians did with their recent “kill the oil price” scam. Short the market, kill the price, buy at the low, and ride it back up. Make billions… or trillions.

March 24, 2020 5:47 pm


In a written statement, Andrew Scheer said there were several ‘undemocratic’ aspects of the bill. ‘Removing one does not solve the problem’

The Liberals $27 billion COVID-19 aid package bill was struggling to pass Tuesday after the opposition accused the government of a “power grab” by including provisions that would give it far reaching financial powers.

The government had planned for the bill to be debated in the afternoon, passed swiftly and then sent to the Senate on Wednesday so the whole package could become law.

But the opposition accused them of planting measures that gave them vast spending authority with a lack of parliamentary oversight, sabotaging the possibility of swift passage.

James Poulos
Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 23, 2020 9:18 pm

Yes… let’s use a real crisis to legitimize a manufactured crisis.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 23, 2020 10:02 pm

The EU clearly shows what happens when you follow the Paris Agreement.

There is no need to shut down the economy. Quarantine the high risk group and let the low risk group keep working.

Very quickly the low risk group will become immune and the virus will die out. The high risk group can then come out of quarantine.

Nick Hill
Reply to  Eric Worrall
March 24, 2020 3:46 am

Mr Worrall, it’s all about what’s considered to be an acceptable degree of risk, isn’t it? Nobody considers it necessary to quarantine the entire population on account of the common cold virus, because it isn’t a significant threat, even though, in a few cases, a common cold can develop into pneumonia, or some other severe respiratory illness.
We’re also seeing many people being diagnosed with COVID-19 showing few, if any, symptoms.
My concern is that, in attempting to defray any risk to a level that approaches the impossible, we are not only ensuring the longevity of the virus, but are also adopting draconian measures entirely out of proportion to the actual threat, for all but those who were suffering from other health complications anyway and who might have been killed by some other, unrelated virus, for which no large scale, preventative measures have been put in place.

Reply to  Eric Worrall
March 24, 2020 2:26 pm

Risky strategy

The assumption is that this pandemic can be contained. It cannot. It is too widespread and there is no vaccine. And, the economic cost is not sustainable. Very soon people will be defaulting on loans, rents, bills and priccs will collapse as everyone will be selling and no one has money to buy.

So what we need is a strategy to manage the pandemic and minimize fatalities without an economic collapse. Since there is near zero death rate for those under 50 with no underlying health problems, this low risk group can safely run the economy while everyone else hunkers down.

There is of course fine tuning that can be applied, such as people under 50 sharing a residence with high risk family members.

Reply to  Eric Worrall
March 24, 2020 3:19 pm

We’ve got to stop this one,
A pandemic by definition cannot be stopped until a large percentage of the population has immunity.

Otherwise you need to lockdown the entire world at the same time for 8-10 weeks. An impossible task.

John K.
Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 23, 2020 11:04 pm

The last gasps from obsolete, dying globalists.
Even if they don’t eliminate it from their national budgets outright, how many now thoroughly “cash strapped” countries are likely to default on their annual UN support payments?

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 24, 2020 12:40 am

This is just what we need , to restructure society and its infrastructure during a crisis caused by hysteria and forgetting that other far worse illnesses carry off very many more people than this current virus. Which is not to say we shouldn’t be responsible as some people are spooked but incarcerating people in their homes will cause far more physical and mental health problems and destroy relationships than the illness it is supposed to cure


Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 24, 2020 2:01 am

The solution is always the same; Communism, one world government and rationing especially of energy.

The UN should be disbanded.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
March 24, 2020 8:29 am

Message to Guterres: GO POUND SAND!

Andre Lauzon
March 23, 2020 6:17 pm

1. not intelligent; dull
2. showing lack of good sense
The above are my dictionary’s definitions of “stupid”. It think it also describes Gutterres.
That man has completely lost touch with this planet.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Andre Lauzon
March 23, 2020 7:29 pm

It’s remarkable that the UN choose such a poor spokesman as this fat little dullard troll. The UN really is completely worthless and we should give them notice that they must vacate New York. For the most part, bilateral and multilateral summits resolve the vast majority of conflicts. We don’t need a couple of hundred kleptocratic failed states lined up at every trough.

Reply to  Rich Davis
March 24, 2020 2:47 am

Time to move the UN to Nigeria. Ship them all in and quarantine them there. A bit tough on the Nigerians but hey their government has been scamming us for years anyway.

March 23, 2020 6:28 pm

The covid-19 scare has the desired result, so might as well piggy back on it and then you don’t need to rely on fake science. If the guy actually knows how fake his science it, then I’d have to call him smart.

Reply to  co2isnotevil
March 23, 2020 9:42 pm

“If the guy actually knows how fake his science it, then I’d have to call him smart.”


Gary wrote: “Gee Alan, you mean the US left…”

Actually, I mean ALL the leftists in the western democracies – the global warming/climate change false crisis is a global scam that is embraced by the extreme left in all countries of the western world and it is intended to destroy our democracies and our freedoms.

From one country to another, the strategies and tactics are similar in both scope and timing – that is the conclusive evidence of the global scope of this climate scam – it is the greatest scientific/political fraud in the history of humanity.

Further, there is NO credible scientific evidence to support the CAGW scam – it has been disproved numerous times with highly credible evidence, and nobody could be this stupid for this long – there’s been decades of delusion. The proponents of the climate scam know they are lying to the public – and the gullible imbeciles of our society believe them.

March 23, 2020 6:30 pm

Gobsmacking that he can continue pushing his pathetic little barrow while the real world has a real emergency. When will the MSM wake up and see that this guy and his ilk are insane?

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Mike Jonas
March 23, 2020 7:21 pm

All the socialists are doubling down on socialist reforms. They keep saying how central government is required for crises like this, and they’re will be more of them.

All the socialist rags are bleating on about how to solve this problem now and for the future. All those idiots who write (badly) for a living instead of actually doing something, let alone running a country.

Just like CAGW, this pandemic is just another reason for implementing all of their previously failed plans.

These are seriously mentally ill people.

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
March 24, 2020 5:20 am

The issue the left/green face is the real crisis and now economic impacts brings home the risk to each person. It makes the sorts of things proposed extremely unpopular.

Ronald Bruce
March 23, 2020 6:37 pm

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
The socialists/communists greens, warmists, are pushing their failed agenda while the world is burning. We must remove them from their positions and get on with putting out the fire.

March 23, 2020 6:41 pm

Worse than stupid?
Hmmm…how about “willfully blind and intent on evil purpose,” i.e., let’s use this
“ad-hoc-olypse” to accrue more power for the corrupt petty bureaucrats of the UN,
and to weaken the Free World aand anything good that remains in it, most especially the US.

J Mac
March 23, 2020 6:43 pm

“We can fight the Chinese Virus with the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development…” Ugh!

Such non sequitur rationalizations from the UN ‘Secretary General’ I guess should not be surprising. And yet, it still is to me! It reminds me of a quip from the Vietnam war years “Fighting for peace is like copulating for virginity!” I suppose the UN ‘Secretary General’ would assure these are viable solutions, if only we would all embrace Agenda 21!

Craig from Oz
Reply to  J Mac
March 23, 2020 7:14 pm

Fighting for peace…

Yeah, that saying.

I think I am safe in saying whoever originally said that was trying to impress some liberal arts students with their fancy sounding words. Fortunately for them it probably worked, unfortunately for them the individual statements are both valid and correct. You do fight for peace. Yes it is YOUR peace but if you agreed with THEIR peace you wouldn’t be fighting. Need an example? King George back in the day had a very good peace going in the 13 Colonies. There was no armed conflict. 1000s of men were not required to be in uniform. Peace via the warm and caring rule from London, right?

As for ‘copulation’ – well we all should know what a side affect of that can be – BABIES.

If you are copulating for the intend of happy little feet in 9 months time then technically yes, you are doing what the quip suggests.

Having said all that the UN are an utter farce run by out of touch trough feeders and social elites. Putting all of them into indefinite social distancing would make the world a much better place.

Reply to  Craig from Oz
March 23, 2020 8:08 pm

“Putting all of them into indefinite social distancing would make the world a much better place.”

You’d have to cut off their internet as well. That’s where they cause the most damage.

Reply to  Jeff Alberts
March 24, 2020 5:21 am

No you really want to encourage them to have group meetings *wink*

Reply to  J Mac
March 24, 2020 7:45 am

Anyone who isn’t willing to fight for peace, will never have peace.

March 23, 2020 6:44 pm

We can probably expect to see more of this sort of messaging. Have you seen this?


Reply to  Sommer
March 25, 2020 4:02 am
Jamie Moodie
March 23, 2020 6:50 pm

This flatulent fool is clearly short on oxygen due to CV19 taking centre stage (another possible con) and needs to be centre stage with his crooked cronies, all exhorting monies from all the illiterate politicians happy to just follow the crowd thinking. Instead of educating themselves as to what the science says and who’s after what with climate change nonsense and propaganda they are desperately joining other faux movements in an attempt to regain momentum and pressure on the purse strings of 1st world governments. Disgusting charlatan.

March 23, 2020 7:14 pm

The speed with which coronavirus spread is due to globalization and loose borders. The solution to pandemics is not more globalization. The solution to pandemics is to slam the borders shut first and ask questions later.

This is one of those times where the conservative mindset is the only correct one.

March 23, 2020 7:15 pm

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Globalism gave us this crisis, and the solution is apparently even more globalism.

I think I’ll vote no to that, thanks.

March 23, 2020 7:20 pm

How shameful. Every politician out there is exploiting COVID-19 to push their asinine agenda. And they use such arrogant language, not the least of which includes the phrase “unprecedented situation”.

Why isn’t there an “unprecedented” set of powers whereby citizens can remove their elected representatives and replace them… effective immediately, no bureaucratic bullsh*t.

March 23, 2020 7:21 pm

“Secretary-General’s opening remarks at virtual press encounter on COVID-19 Crisis”


Power hungry bureaucrats with no accountability, oversight, or discipline, having tasted success in the ozone game, and now frustrated in the climate game, look for new crises to extend their bureaucratic reach, power, and budget. These people are the scum of the earth.



March 23, 2020 7:30 pm

“ United Nations sustainability agenda” = AGENDA 21 = THE GUIDESTONES OF GEORGIA = 95% ELIMINATION OF HUMANS WORLDWIDE.

Don’t believe it? Look it up?

Reply to  Rosa
March 23, 2020 8:13 pm

Why would I believe it then?

March 23, 2020 7:32 pm

“A global recession – perhaps of record dimensions – is a near certainty.”
Well there definitely is a parallel here to what happens if the UN gets to implement its global warming policies worldwide.

March 23, 2020 7:33 pm

Exit Paris Agreement now.

Rich Davis
March 23, 2020 7:34 pm

Truly EVERY problem is the same. Here is the pseudocode for a helpful UN Problem-solving app:

input “What’s your problem?” > bit bucket
output “Stop burning fossil fuels, we need more socialism”

Crispin in Waterloo
March 23, 2020 7:49 pm

“We cannot resort to the usual tools in such unusual times.”

I heartily agree with this sentiment. We cannot base our decisions on poorly frame, ir-reproducible computer -based climate modelling to inform practical decision making processes. All that nonsense has to go in times like these. We are heading into a cold-driven catastrophe.

The usual tools of fear-mongering, criticizing alternative suggestions by attacking the speaker, generating false and modified data to suit an agenda, refusing debate on major points of fact, endless whinging about how the elite with sinecures from international institutions should “rightfully decide on behalf of the others” and a blatant rejection of democratic institutions at the global level – all that must end in “these unusual times”.

Y’all want international governance? Create international democracy. Why should Canada be crawling around bribing tin-pots to get a seat on the only international institution with some muscle (The Security Council)? Why aren’t international bodies representative of countries and populations in some realistic proportional basis? Why does power inexorably drift into the hands of unanswerable supra-national bureaucracies? Solve that, and you have solved wars, epidemics and the immoral imbalance between the ultra-rich and the desolate masses struggling for heat and bread.

Watch what happens in Zimbabwe – what used to be the breadbasket of the region. It will happen because the UN doesn’t have the guts to rein in extreme ideologues bent on power and ripping off the poor. Mugabe bought 12 hotels in Switzerland while the people were starved and beaten. When the UN defends the poor instead of the politically correct, maybe there will be more ears to hear.

No participation without representation.
No participation without representation.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Crispin in Waterloo
March 25, 2020 12:14 am

“Crispin in Waterloo March 23, 2020 at 7:49 pm

Watch what happens in Zimbabwe…”

Happens, future tense? Sorry to correct you but it’s already happened.

March 23, 2020 7:55 pm

What a parasitic, opportunist, bastard organization the UN is !

The UN is the real virus.

John in NZ
March 23, 2020 8:43 pm

If Joe Biden becomes the next president he will take the US back into the Paris agreement.

Has anyone seen Biden since St Patrick’s Day?

Does he have the virus?

March 23, 2020 8:44 pm

Trump’s next move should be to totally defund the UN and divert all funds to domestic programs such as CDC, FDA, etc. It would be difficult for the Dims to fight.

Reply to  kenw
March 24, 2020 2:32 am

Not really, look how they’re fighting plans to help ordinary Americans in these difficult time so they can get socialism.

They would fight anything put up by President Trump and the Republicans. They are completely out of control.

Chris Hanley
March 23, 2020 8:44 pm

The first and second “critical areas for action” mentioned are merely a smoke screen for the third.
While totally agreeing with Eric Worrall’s sentiments, I would add that the other stuff can wait … indefinitely.

March 23, 2020 8:59 pm

What a worthless P.O.S. Like most of the UN “leaders”.

Joel O'Bryan
March 23, 2020 9:02 pm

All those bastards at the UN need a good case of deep lung COVID-19. Then they’ll figure out how important Climate Change is as they stare at the ceiling whilst intubated for a week with a ventilator. Nothing focuses the mind to the true threat when faced with one’s actual demise, and not that climate bullcrap that might something be 2 degrees warmer in 80 years.

March 23, 2020 9:44 pm

“If the guy actually knows how fake his science it, then I’d have to call him smart.”


Gary wrote: “Gee Alan, you mean the US left…”

Actually, I mean ALL the leftists in the western democracies – the global warming/climate change false crisis is a global scam that is embraced by the extreme left in all countries of the western world and it is intended to destroy our democracies and our freedoms.

From one country to another, the strategies and tactics are similar in both scope and timing – that is the conclusive evidence of the global scope of this climate scam – it is the greatest scientific/political fraud in the history of humanity.

Further, there is NO credible scientific evidence to support the CAGW scam – it has been disproved numerous times with highly credible evidence, and nobody could be this stupid for this long – there’s been decades of delusion. The proponents of the climate scam know they are lying to the public – and the gullible imbeciles of our society believe them.

March 23, 2020 10:06 pm

Which cities in the US said they were going to follow the Paris Agreement even if the US withdrew. Aren’t those same cities the hardest hit by C-19? That would seem to indicate that the Paris Agreement is promoting the coronavirus pandemic.

March 23, 2020 10:04 pm

He can’t even state the basic facts correctly. He states that women “will be the hardest hit”. Perhaps he should look at the data (I know- that would be something new for the UN). The majority of those infected and the majority of deaths are men.

Patrick MJD
March 23, 2020 10:41 pm

So, a one-world Gummint, socialism, solar panels and windmills and of course taxes on the air will stop viral outbreakes?

I hear ya! I don’t believe ya, but there are suckers who do!!

Matthew Sykes
March 24, 2020 12:10 am

Didnt take long for the eco-fascists to spot an opportunity.

High Treason
March 24, 2020 12:42 am

The cat is out of the bag-the UN is a giant fraud. It is a please explain moment- just what has the Paris Agreement got to do with a virus?

Do note, any Government around the world that continues to bow down to these would be world dictators is either terminally incompetent or traitors.

Reply to  High Treason
March 24, 2020 2:35 am

Hard to tell the difference tbh.

Rod Evans
March 24, 2020 1:38 am

The UN jumping on the bandwagon they have had a hand in constructing, was inevitable.
Viruses come and they go. Climate changes, and it changes back. The similarities between the two unseen threats to normal living variables and their outcome are natural events, but that variability is like catnip to the UN. Anything that can be presented as requiring collective effort, no matter how pointless, is what the UN craves.
It’s an organisation desperate to establish some legitimacy, but has failed on virtually every cause it championed or assumed control of.
It can’t be long now, before the UN demands all national governments consign a set %age of GDP be paid directly into the UN sustainability fund.
If you want to know what happens when that state of affairs is achieved. by an unaccountable bureaucracy look no further than the EU with its growing crises. The EU bureaucrats and their champion spokespersons, simply demand ever more authority and even greater control of peoples freedoms. To them, the answer is always give us more power.
If the UN genuinely championed the needs of the poor, rather than its own self interests, it would be headquartered in somewhere like Burkina Faso, putting its (actually ours) money, where its mouth is.

March 24, 2020 2:25 am

If one was a religious individual (which I’m not) one might imagine that Gods master plan to create a liveable planet nearly went belly up during the last ice age when atmospheric CO2 reached it’s lowest levels at ~180ppm.

Anticipating the threat he set in motion the apparatus for humankind to develop, endowing it with a unique sense of curiosity and the ability to learn, confident that the abundant store of CO2 accidentally sequestered over millennia would be discovered and released.

What he seems not to have anticipated is that mankind’s Losers and Chicken Little’s would rise to prominence and attempt to stymie his ambitions to once again green the planet.

However, at the 11th hour he sneaked Coronavirus past the gatekeepers believing it will divert attention from the Losers and Chicken Little’s by suppressing the money supply they so desperately covet.

Remember that £3tn+ Boris Johnson pledged to fight climate change?

Forget it buddy, it seems God may have delivered the worlds greedy and overly ambitious an uppercut, followed up with a roundhouse, starving these people of money. The global economic recovery from this global pandemic will be long and tedious.

Climate change mitigation will be consigned to the very small back burner for long enough that it falls down the memory hole of really, really stupid ideas.

But then I’m not a religious man, so it’s doubtless all nonsense.

One can but hope though. 🙂

Reply to  HotScot
March 24, 2020 3:46 am

Excellent post. As a religious person I would point out that in the Bible got promises to, from time to time, “confound the wisdom of man”. Whether you subscribe these happenings to God, or to the happenstance of nature, it does seem the “climate emergency” is being currently confined to the back of the bus- a place it hopefully occupies for some time a the world addressing truly pressing problems- as opposed to fraudulently designed problems created by hucksters and power grabbing politicians.

Flight Level
March 24, 2020 3:52 am

Mr. Guterres,

You want to manage the world ? Then why the hell don’t you start by your hometown airline which in time, and even more now with the recent due to covirus panic stranded abandoned passengers, has reached a reputation lower than the lowest of all low costs and keeps digging?

March 24, 2020 4:14 am

Atta creep. Getting emotional while usually I’m calm and not a social media type.

Vincent Causey
March 24, 2020 4:22 am

I think a lot of people are anxiously awaiting the start of summer in the hope (rightly or wrongly) that the hot weather will stymie the corona virus. Cooler weather is the last thing any sane person is wishing for right now.

Gordon Dressler
Reply to  Vincent Causey
March 24, 2020 1:06 pm

While we are just coming out of colder weather (aka “winter”) in the North Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is just coming out of warmer weather (aka “summer”). WHO statistics show COVID-19 propagating quite easily over the last month in both Southern Hemisphere countries, and also in those countries in the Tropics (adjusting to infections-per-capita per time-period-since-first-case).

In other words, don’t get your hopes up too much.

March 24, 2020 7:11 am

Another demonstration the UN is governed by idiots.

March 24, 2020 7:18 am

Article: We must keep our promises for people and planet.

If people caught the CLAP they would call it an opportunity.

Curious George
March 24, 2020 7:22 am

We have two ways to handle the coronavirus crisis:
1. The idea by Mr. Guterrez: Sign the Paris agreement.
2. The idea by Nancy Pelosi: Allow ballot harvesting.

What great ideas our enlightened leaders provide!

Joel Snider
March 24, 2020 7:47 am

The lack of shame of these utter slime-bags staggers the imagination.

Steve Borodin
March 24, 2020 8:46 am

COVID19 is killing people. The Paris Agreement is killing people. Is that what he means by good coordination?

The UN is surplus to human requirements.

Joe Lynch
Reply to  Steve Borodin
March 25, 2020 2:50 pm

Humans are surplus to the UN’s requirements, more likely!

March 24, 2020 8:47 am

Disgraceful, but not unexpected. It’s the UN after all.

Al Miller
March 24, 2020 9:03 am

IN a desperate attempt to keep their scam alive the UN says…

Gordon Dressler
March 24, 2020 9:06 am

Come on Mr. António Guterres, just say it out loud: Now is the time to institute one world government control!

By your statements, you’ve made quite clear your belief that a one world government would bring about social justice for all, equal renewable energy for all, equal health care for all, equal opportunity for all, and equal economic status for all . . . the last, of course, translating to equal poverty for all .

Unfortunately for you, we’ve heard such claims before, Sir “über alles in der Welt” .

Curious George
Reply to  Gordon Dressler
March 24, 2020 9:30 am

He looks rather prosperous, doesn’t he?

Gordon Dressler
Reply to  Curious George
March 24, 2020 12:49 pm

Prosperous AND pompous.

Tom Abbott
March 24, 2020 11:03 am

I’m looking for some news on seriously ill Wuhan virus victims suddenly getting well after being treated in New York City hospitals with the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine.

If we start seeing this it will change the whole picture. We should be getting these kinds of reports in a matter of days, if the drug is working the way we hope it will.

We shouldn’t try to project the future until we find out definitively if these drugs are effective. They look like they are. We will know soon.

March 24, 2020 8:20 pm

Take all the $$$ being wasted on global warming and give them to the fight against the virus. There, found the funding for thr fight.

Russell Johnson
March 25, 2020 6:22 am

We have heard from the enemy! Without a doubt it’s the UN.

C Lynch
March 25, 2020 10:12 am

“Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly….

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