Watch: Michael Shellenberger on how climate change alarmists see hope in coronavirus

36 thoughts on “Watch: Michael Shellenberger on how climate change alarmists see hope in coronavirus

  1. Seeing the shut down of the capitalist system is a dream come true for the climate Marxists. They are very happy.

    I used to be one of them decades ago, I know exactly how they are feeling right now.

    Government social control, reduced prosperity, people looking to government for help, calls for single payer health care and universal income programs. These are all reasons to rejoice.

    However once this mass hysteria ends, capitalism will roar back like it always does.

    • They will be less happy when they realise it is only their bit of western capitalism which gets hit. Russia and China will come out stronger and as western economy does a nose dive they will find all their liberal programs and benefits disappear and all our worries about being “green” evaporate in a 3rd like fight for survival.

      I suspect that they are among those the least well equipped for a bit of Darwinian competition.

      Nature doesn’t do “safe spaces”, snowflake are just left to melt away. Transgenders are a dying breed.

    • Socialism is good. You should have all of it that you can afford. Which brings us to the problem…..

  2. Shellenberger says something in direction of “3° max from the start of the industrial revolution.”

    A slight twist in the wording could be explanatory: “3° max from the end of the Little Ice Age.”

    How you express yourself, may have huge impact on how the message is conceived.

  3. Good posting Charles. The CAGW/carbon is pollution crowd is liking this Chinese Virus pandemic because, what? Humans don’t belong on the planet Earth? A mutated virus that kills all humans and leaves the animals to regain that old idea of “the balance of nature” is the correct solution? Can we send Greta to conduct a poll amongst the polar bears to see if they approve of this idea? Notice that Shellenberger mentions that fracking has contributed to the USA reducing carbon emissions 35%, and somehow this is not good news to the leftist loonies? I’m still in favor of CO2 levels at around 1,000 ppm, especially to guarantee plant survival during the next glacial cycle of the current Ice Age we live in.

    The coronovirus update page of Willis continues to show two different trajectories, especially as Italy is now dominating the statistics. Mendoza, Argentina now has its first coronavirus case, a person who just returned from, wait for it, ITALY! It’s getting close to the correct time for flamethrower treatment!

  4. I expect that climate continues to change as it has done millions of years even though all human activity including the use of carbon-based fuels would stop due to a pandemic.

    Keep on following global CO2 and temperatures. Do they have covariance with man-mad CO2 – do their changes match ?

  5. Ironic that formerly open borders are now closed, that cities advise citizens to shun public transport and that CO2 skeptics (those very same individuals shunned by the MSM) are among the first to point out the benefits of anti-malaria drugs like hydroxychloroquine…

  6. Madam Figueres, please remember that your bandwagon “blue-chip client” status zip-me-here-and-there charters are on record. And that several related flight plans were sub-regional to the point where the crew didn’t even have the time to flip the belts sign switch.

    Keep a low profile Madam Figueres, one day crews retire and…

  7. black rectangle, no vid. accessing from Europe.

    Are there regional restrictions on that Foxy vid.

  8. Global warming (climate change) will continue through this economic depression because it is a natural process. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations will continue to rise even if emissions from burning fossil fuels are cut in half. So this global depression of the economy should prove that reducing anthropogenic emissions to zero will ruin the economy and have little or no effect on “climate change”. There would be millions of more deaths from a ruined economy than could possibly be caused by natural global warming .

  9. With the extensive shut down of air travel expect cleaner skies AND falling temperatures. This is the great experiment I was hoping for, though certainly not by the reason of a horrible pandemic.

    Anyway, if things go as expected we should well see a confirmation that contrails, not CO2 cause AGW. And these people riding the “climate change” train might get more relief than they hoped for.

  10. Common sense tells us that with the reduction in the use of petrol and diesel vehicles the amount of resultant pollution in the air will be reduced. What the environmentalist ignore is the fact that the reduced pollution will not have any beneficial effect on our health whatsoever. In spite of the increasing amount of petrol and diesel fumes being put into the atmosphere over the years the world’s population is currently the healthiest it has been since the beginning of civilisation. In other words, it just doesn’t matter.

    • A lot of cleaning up of vehicle exhausts has been done and was needed. Coal-fired power stations too. So it’s not automatic that it doesn’t matter, it has been engineered not to matter – much. I think there’s still a case for improving things where economically possible.

  11. The world has changed with the inventions of the automobile, airplane, and the use of petroleum in the early 1900’s that led us into the Industrial Revolution, from societies that existed in primeval times, and the Dark Ages, without electricity, transportation systems, or the thousands of products made from the petroleum derivatives that come from a barrel of crude oil.

    Today, we’re seeing a prelude to a world without fossil fuels, with less usage of transportation systems and less usage of the leisure and entertainment industries. We transformed the world that existed before 1900, to what societies lifestyle are demanding today, and are seeing a preview of the lifestyle changes society would need to implement to live in a world without fossil fuels

  12. One of the facts that appears in the current data as seen in the Worldometer statistics is the relatively low no of deaths/million pop in Germany compared to other West European countries such as UK , at prsent about 1 for Germany compared to 4 for UK .
    Some attribute this to the greater no of intensive care beds in Germany compared to the UK , about 200,000 compared to 4,000 in the UK .
    Despite this advantage however the German Govt is being asked why, although the dangers of a SARS type pandemic were apparent 7 years ago, very little additional money was put into appropriate mitigating precautions compared to the many billions poured into renewables and green policies generally.
    The Greens and their financial backers and exploiters should feel some remorse at a situation in which , for example ,NHS staff in the UK are having to make protective garments out of bin liners , whilst landowners like the former PM’s father in law gloat over their £1000 / day from wind turbine leases. They won’t of course, a tidal wave of money washes away all sense of guilt or remorse.

    • Someone here the other day said the Germans aren’t necessarily assigning deaths to COVID-19 when they should be.

  13. I wish seemingly intelligent people like Michael Shellenberger would politely point out to the media airheads that poor air quality over cities is not due to invisible odourless beneficial carbon dioxide.

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