Prank with Bernie Sanders (Stars Save the Earth #3)

Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov (Vovan and Lexus) have launched the international project “Stars Save the Earth”, a project dedicated to the global problems facing humanity. The third episode of the show is a prank with US Senator Bernie Sanders. The pranksters communicate with the Presidential candidate as Greta Thunberg and her father Svante. This episode is focuses on climate change and the US presidential campaign.

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      • The working class actually means woking class because the woking class was never in school long enough (student loans ran out) to learn to spell therefore woking means working and working means woking! Clear??

  1. You can still learn some facts from Greta: Bernie is a Soviet sleeper agent for communism. – Does not surprise me.

    • No, no, no. Anyone who gets the nomination of a major party has a chance of winning, and he’ll have the press behind him. No matter how bad the odds are, if they ain’t zero, that’s too much risk.

      • Very true Mike. You never know what the results will be until the votes are cast. Back then it was the Republicans with a large field of candidates, Hillary and the Dems thought Trump getting the nomination in 2016 would be a lock for their winning. He was a clown with zero experience in government, he didn’t have a chance in hell of winning. Or so they thought. Didn’t turn out so well for them.

        Unfortunately, none of the Dem Candidates are good choices. Sleepy Joe is probably the least bad of the bunch (he’s a simple swamp creature rather than an ideological extremist swamp creature like Bernie) and he’s not doing too well in the campaign at the moment.

          • No at all. Remember the context of the conversation. It’s unfortunate if one of them actually manages to win the general somehow. That would be a disaster for the country. Fortunately, the Dems are working really hard to re-elect Donald J. Trump with all their nonsense.

      • My dream Democrat convention would have Bernie with a slight lead going into the convention. The super delegates vote to keep him from winning in the first round, then they give the nomination to Uncle Joe in the second round.
        This results in the left wing taking to the streets all over the country. By the time the fires are put out, there’s not a Democrat left in elective office anywhere in the country.

          • +42

            Though, honestly, in that situation no matter who they give it to, if it’s not Bernie, the far-left will be in full meltdown mode. Better buy up those popcorn stocks now because it’ll be a heck of a show.

        • But Biden won’t get it in the second round, Hillary will…you know that lady who won the popular vote. Dangerous.

  2. I confess to being extremely uncool and quite out of it. When my peers were praising the poetry of Bob Dylan I was kicking back to “I’m a Believer.” So I’m not always up on what’s going on.

    Is this “prank” the pranksters calling the real Bernie and pretending to be Greta and her father? Or is the entire thing just people imitating Bernie, Greta and her father? It seems to be just a total fabrication all around with actors doing everyone involved, in which case it may be rather humorous but is otherwise insignificant.

  3. Carl,
    Don’t yell at me, just playing red herring here. The Russians haven’t been Communists since the end of 1991. I lived in Moscow for three years 2009-2012. Definitely not Communist. Interesting factoid: Putin is the most popular leader in the world with a current approval rating (end of 2019) of 64%, down from 85%. He raised the retirement age from 55 – 60. Didn’t go over well with everyone.

  4. From the workers’ point of view.
    Under capitalism, there are rewards for a job well done.
    Under communism, there are consequences if you don’t “tow the line”.
    Under socialism, there are rewards for not “towing the line”.
    (You’ll learn the hard way what it cost you later when your socialism becomes communism.}

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