Meat Loaf: Greta Thunberg has been “Brainwashed”

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Rock star Meat Loaf has thrown the media into a spin, by claiming Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed into believing her radical climate change beliefs.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I got the best looking women when I was fat:’ Self-confessed sex god, Meat Loaf, 72, on threesomes, losing 70lb and why he thinks Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed


PUBLISHED: 21:43 AEDT, 1 January 2020 | UPDATED: 21:30 AEDT, 2 January 2020

He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with worldwide sales of more than 80million records… and it turns out he’s a bit of a catch, as well. 

Meat Loaf, 72, told MailOnline he’s always been able to get the best looking women, even when he was a ‘fat motherf****’, (his words).

The rock icon also discussed threesomes, losing 70lbs and why he thinks there’s no such thing as climate change, claiming activist Greta Thunberg, 16, has been brainwashed.

Meat, who famously worked with President Trump on The Apprentice back in 2010, said he believes there is no such thing as climate change. 

‘I feel for that Greta. She has been brainwashed into thinking that there is climate change and there isn’t. 

‘She hasn’t done anything wrong but she’s been forced into thinking that what she is saying is true.’  

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Good on Meat Loaf for having the balls to say what he believes about Climate Change. The Greta comment was also a brilliant piece of clickbait.

100 thoughts on “Meat Loaf: Greta Thunberg has been “Brainwashed”

        • So you are into the “I don’t like them”-game, as opposed to those of us who are into what we like.

          I like Meat and enjoy his independence. He is truly unique, and the combination of Meat and Jim made the world a better place imo.

        • Not a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, eh.

          A lot of Meat Loaf’s music is quite good. He is just more theatrical than I tolerate. I tend to equate theatrics to diversion or distraction to hide mistakes.

          • Very much a fan of the story, not all the music. Saw a live showing in the UK in the 80’s. I was the only one not wearing fishnets.

        • I saw Springsteen live in Harare back in the day when the UN was celebrated for lasting 40 years. He is hands down one of the top live performers ever. He goes on and on, he works with the crowd, he rewards them and involves them.

          Having seen everyone from Hendrix to The Who live, Shanana (very good live) and Frank Zappa, I judge The Boss to have gained his nickname honestly.

          Zim TV (foolishly) put him on TV and asked at the beginning if he learned anything in High School that helped him in his extraordinary career. He thought for a long while and said, “I learned about sex!” That was the end of the interview.

    • For crying out load. You didn’t appreciate Rocky Horror Picture Show?

      Anyway. Let the left assassinate him or impeach him, or at least get a rock and roll consensus.

    • Sorry dude, but “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” is awesome. Except it gets stuck in your head for weeks.

    • WUWT twitter account got restricted after this post. I bet it’s because SJWs were outraged that Meatloaf said he lost 70 lbs.

  1. This is quite right, Ms Thunberg has been brainwashed and then ruthlessly exploited by her parents and others should be taking care of her. This is abusive behaviour.

  2. … there’s no such thing as climate change …

    I hope he uses this as a catch phrase, but it may not be very clever. It would have better if he had said something in direction of “…there’s no such thing as catastrophic manmade climate change …”

    • In contemporary vernacular “climate change” has come to mean “catastrophic man made…”
      If that’s not your definition, then you are by definition a “denier”.

      • Climate change has been impeached like global warming before it. If it’s not a crisis or emergency, then it’s nothing.

        I’ll be back, I have a coffee, or lack thereof, emergency.

      • Dpends: Absolutely. As far as “science” and politics are concerned, there is only AGW, nothing else. AGW and climate change are one and only one. After all, there were 800,000 years of perfect climate before we started burning oil. Ask Mikey Mann.

      • It’s simply the corruption of language that the Left engage in.

        Climate Change means the political movement toward socialism. If you don’t believe in socialism, then you don’t believe in Climate Change. It’s that simple.

        It’s when you start to get accurate that you have to qualify that the climate has always been changing. Well duh!

        But since Climate Change is capitalized, it is a noun; therefor we can conclude that it is the name of a political movement, for example; Democratic Party.

      • You are all correct.

        I wonder if he meant that weather events and normal weather variability are being mistaken for climate change or intentionally used to fool people.

        Obviously, climate change is existential.

  3. He is correct on Thunberg but should have been more accurate on climate change by prefacing those two words with man made.

    • Doesn’t the general definition of climate i.e. “the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period (often quoted as 30 years)” imply that the climate may change when viewed over centuries or millennia? The weather conditions prevailing in an area might be different over a different long period.

      When alarmists use the term “climate change” they are implying that not only is it man-made but that it is also rapid unprecedented climate change and not to be confused with the gentle ways climates vary over time.

      I think that’s what Meat Loaf was getting at. He was criticising the alarmists use of the term “climate change” because he believes the meaning of the word “climate” is adequate and more accurate and less political.

      Does anyone know when the term “climate change” was first used?

      • Does anyone know when the term “climate change” was first used?

        I read, maybe a week ago, here on WUWT that “climate change” was the original term around 1970’s. then the term “global warming” emerged later on, as the trend was warming. Then after the temperatures refused to increase very much, the term climate change re-emerged and in desperation or need for better headlines, terms like catastrophic, weirding, etc superlatives were added.

        • No, it started out as global warming.

          The inconvenient truth is that in the first half of the 20th century, the original proponents of GW, ie Arrhenius and Callendar, believed it to be beneficial.

    • Anthopogenic is an implied. As when the alarmist spin doomsday scenarios, they drop the implied and simply refer to Global Warm…aahhh we really meant “Climate Change” all along without every answering the $64 trillion dollar question:

      When World Wide Authoritarian Governments stop the man made portion of climate change what are they going to do about the Natural Variability that causes Ice ages and warming to occur without the assistance of Man?


  4. Thats not very smart to declare there is no climate change.

    Ice-ages come and go, humans also have some influence. Going overboard with statements is not the sceptic way. This could be counter productive.

    • Laplander, Meatloaf is not a scientist or anyone else for whom precision in wording in necessary. He’s using the words exactly as the MSM has been using them: as a stand in for “dangerous man-made climate change”. Would it have been preferable for him to have been more precise in his use of language? sure. But as only the willfully obtuse will not understand the context and meaning, such precision isn’t required and wouldn’t stop them from label him a denier for daring to buck the “consensus”.

    • That is Climate.
      Climate Change is as meaningful as water wet.
      We do not say water wet as that is redundant,water being the wet part of the H2O cycle.
      Ditto Climate.
      Climate Change is baby talk.

      As well as the Alarmed Ones have yet to define what they mean by the term”Climate Change”.
      We are left to assume they mean something bad,catastrophic,doom laden, as that is their general drift.
      Meatloaf is right.
      Climate Change is rubbish.
      Climate changes,but remains climate.
      Otherwise it is just weather.

  5. good on him for speaking up, even if he phrased the bit about CC less than perfectly
    but then
    the “normal state” of climate is everchanging and rational people accept that
    glad hes lost the weight and will prob live and sing a lot longer for it;-)

    • Yeah, but he’s probably just cost himself some future work opportunities thanks to “cancel culture”. Of course with his long career, he’s probably at the point that he doesn’t need the work anyway.

  6. I met the man during his concerts back in the 80’s.
    I helped pick him up after he passed out coming off stage.
    ( I had a pass all areas, as I was in charge of the hall at the NEC, England)
    He was a big fella, even then, It took two of us to do it, his crew then took over.
    I liked him then, I like him even more now.
    I think Greta, is seeing only by the light from the dashboard.

    • So we need more electric cars .

      The question is how many will be able to pay for the electricity they need to charge their car when renewables make prices skyrocket.

  7. My only question is why the Swedish police are not arresting and locking up the abusers. Mental abuse is every bit as damaging as sexual.

    • The abusers have helped making Greta a saint, by a church in Malmö. Her family is worshiped in Sweden and the government enjoy this circus. The second largest political party, the only true conservative one, is practically excluded from influence in the government.
      I hope that answers your question about “why the Swedish police are not arresting and locking up the abusers.” 🙂

    • 40 million albums sold and still counting. By favorite ” Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” is classic.

    • One might deduct that 2 outa 3 commenters here agree that Meatloaf has provided a a clear point. “And two outa three ain’t bad”

  8. Threesomes?

    What was the song verse “two out of three ain’t bad” all about?

    Just asking for a friend…

    • “I want you (I want you)
      I need you (I need you)
      But-there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna love you
      Now don’t be sad (Don’t be sad)
      ‘Cause two out of three ain’t bad”

      Make sure your friend knows you are quoting lyrics and not expressing you feelings, unless…

  9. From Mr Loaf like a bat outta hell…….”Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed” … her parents, who are her main enablers.

  10. First off, Mmm ……… Meat Loaf.

    ‘I got the best looking women when I was fat”
    Not true, you got them because you had money fatso.

  11. Like GW or CC if you prefer what is the perfect world temperature or weather patterns to set our planet to so we know where to start talking about this madness. Like fat ML or skinny ML what is the perfect world singer model pattern so we can set our planet to so we know when to start talking about this madness. Like a bat out of hell what’s it going to be boy. IT IS A HOAX and everyone who believes has lost the ability to reason , but good luck with your experiment Socialists and go back in your hole and wait to try it again as I know you will.

  12. It’s so refreshing to see a celebrity with sane views on that handicapped 17-year-old (yesterday) girl. “I would do anything for love” is a top 200 song in my hitparade.

    Too bad, he can be accused of not being impartial enough because lots of methane is produced from the farts before you can create meatloaf like him from the beef.

  13. Wait a minute …. You mean Greta didn’t investigate the veracity of the climate models and understand how they derive climate sensitivity, determine the history of warmista advocates, investigate the geologic evidence for past changes in the Earth’s temperature and how it is related to changes in Carbon Dioxide levels.
    Any time you accept the work done by others without personally understanding it and running it through a BS detector, you are getting brainwashed.

    No skepticism about any controversial subject is a recipe for “acceptance of possible propaganda” as reality.
    It would be very difficult to create an argument that she wasn’t brainwashed.

  14. Ahh, threesomes 🙂 It brings a whole new meaning to Meat and two vegies. doesn’t it?….
    I bet his comments re Greta, went down like, A Bat out of Hell… with the pliant media!!!

  15. Greta and 90% of the population is in no position to make any informed guess as to if climate change is happening and the extent of it. So they believe what the media, scientists or politicians tell them. However what people tell them is not a reflection of actual science but more a reflection of hidden, self serving interests, so they cannot be trusted. In other words take every statement you hear about climate change with a grain of salt. Greta is too young and not wise enough to have a critical view of what she is told. She essentially blindly trusts the media and her parents.

  16. Like Ted Nugent, a great American!

    However admittedly, not my favorite rockers.

    But then Great American Heston wasn’t my favorite actor either.

    • Too quick to assume, it’s a current peculiarity of WordPress that posts only update at about 5 mins past the hour.

  17. Greta, like a lot of teenagers, hasn’t yet figured out that adults often say things they don’t really believe themselves, in a bid to portray themselves as moral people. When I was sixteen I would have blithely, confidently told you that Jesus of Nazareth had risen from the dead. My parents expected me to believe that, because that belief was upheld and rewarded in Alberta in the 1960s. By the time I was nineteen I had figured out that the New Testament was just a collection of tall tales. When I confronted my parents with this revelation they said, sure, they knew that. So did everybody else. We were all just pretending to believe that the Gospels were true to be polite, and because Christian belief was held to be evidence of personal probity. Oh. Also, everybody masturbates, but you should pretend you don’t anyway.

    Anyway, I suspect that most global warming mitigation advocates don’t really believe what they’re claiming. It’s all just posturing. But Greta believes it, and it’s going to take a few more years before she catches on.

    • This is brilliant. Children/teenagers are victims of adult moralistic projection (as in: you have to believe this for me to be OK), and today “climate” is the one of the main projectiles.

    • And that children grow trying to be more like adults, imitating the most inane and abjects traits of adults. That’s why teens show less common sense then small children. They “grow” by dumbing down themselves. That is encouraged by society in general and schooling in particular.

  18. That is Climate.
    Climate Change is as meaningful as water wet.
    We do not say water wet as that is redundant,water being the wet part of the H2O cycle.
    Ditto Climate.
    Climate Change is baby talk.

    As well as the Alarmed Ones have yet to define what they mean by the term”Climate Change”.
    We are left to assume they mean something bad,catastrophic,doom laden, as that is their general drift.
    Meatloaf is right.
    Climate Change is rubbish.
    Climate changes,but remains climate.
    Otherwise it is just weather.

  19. How about “ for the last century there has been no perceptible climate change” . For why? Climate change is caused by ‘global warming’, right? We are warming at about 1.3degs C a century (UAH) in a routinely minus 40 plus 40 world. Entirely beneficial. Better than starving in Switzerland as the glaciers invade your farmland.

  20. To say “there’s no such thing as climate change” is wrong. To say climate change is caused by man is wrong too. Greta Thunberg has definitely been brain washed like all children are at the moment.

  21. I don’t care what Greta says or thinks.
    Equally, I don’t care what Meatloaf says or thinks.
    I do care what people like Freeman Dyson says and thinks.

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