The antidote to @GretaThunberg – Naomi Seibt – former climate alarmist turned climate skeptic

I met this amazing young lady in Madrid last week. At 19 years old; she impressed me with her quiet but powerful understanding of how she had been misled on climate alarmism.

Recorded in Madrid, Spain, the site of the UN’s COP25. Naomi Seibt, a popular YouTube streamer, speaks on her journey to climate realism, the state of science, and more during the United Nations’ COP25.

She closed out the Heartland livestream presentations in Madrid in the opening week of the conference.

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Watch all FIVE HOURS of Heartland’s Climate Realist Forum RECORDED LIVE from Madrid at the link below.

111 thoughts on “The antidote to @GretaThunberg – Naomi Seibt – former climate alarmist turned climate skeptic

    • Ken,

      No doubt many young and old people alike are misled by conformance to a political narrative masquerading as ‘settled’ science. Apparently, you are among them.

      If you have some definitive science to support your position, feel free to share. Be warned that hearsay, fake context and the results from models that have never been correct isn’t the least bit definitive and will only lead to ridicule for being so misinformed. Although, I can guarantee that you, nor anyone else, has any solid scientific evidence to support climate alarmism, because the only definitive science supports a climate sensitivity far below the threshold necessary to raise concern, that threshold having been declared by the IPCC upon it’s inception to be about 1.5C for doubling CO2. Of course, with the sensitivity being as low as it actually is, the IPCC will never admit so, as the scientific truth is an existential threat to their existence and if there’s anything an entrenched bureaucracy is good at is perpetuating it’s own existence.

      • For many years, the IPCC claimed that climate sensitivity was 3 degrees plus-or-minus 1.5 degrees, with the lower limit of 1.5 degrees being “highly improbable”.

        The facts were that from 1850 to 2018 the Earth warmed by 0.8 +/- 0.1 degrees while CO2 increased from 280 to 400 ppmv.

        According to , temperature change/forcing varies logarithmically with CO2 concentration, so climate sensitivity can be no higher than (0.8 +/- 0.1)[log 2/log(400/280)] = 1.55 +/- 0.19 degrees, and this assumes that ALL the 0.8 degrees warming was due only to CO2 increase and associated feedbacks. 3 degrees should have been ruled out by all those competent at math.

        After Judith Curry showed this same result, suddenly all the mainstream media talked about the need to stop warming at 1.5 degrees, not the 2 or 3 degrees they had argued for years. Why have they not admitted to being wrong then, and still wrong (since the decades-long “hiatus” shows that temperature does not correlate with increasing CO2, and any “lag” in response would mean increasing temperature even if CO2 were constant).

    • Ken,

      If she was misled her presentation would have used dogmatic phrases like 97% blah, blah, 12 years left blah, blah, unprecedented sea level rise blah, blah, polar bear extinction blah, blah, co2 poison blah, blah, blah, climate emergency blah, blah. Instead, she recognizes that while her views are unpopular with her peers, they are well thought out, rational, clear and her own.

      She can not and should not be compared with Gretta.

  1. In herds we go mad.
    As individuals we return to reason.
    Good video,more and more young people will be taking her path as the “Narrative” becomes even more strident and logically impossible.
    It takes real mind energy to truly believe 6 impossible things before breakfast.

    And the “Doom,Doom,No really DOOM,”message goes on,even the most wilful believer starts to notice .
    The 100% failure rate of the IPCC Team is a true accomplishment.
    The Odds of being so wrong are astounding.
    Soothsayer had a higher hit rate,scrying a future from the intestines of small animals or picking every 5th word from news articles turn out to be more reliable Seers…
    Every fad,mass hysteria seems to have a life cycle.
    Catastrophic Climate is getting real long in the tooth,has been for a decade or so,which is why the promoters of this story have been targeting children.
    Child soldiers are the best, if you want mindless cruelty and outright madness.

    The current Icon of the Cause,Greta,is a perfect example of child abuse.

    So thank you for this window into a rather more normal child becoming adult.
    Maybe the true message to our current crop of Doomers, is”Grow Up”.?

    • > The 100% failure rate of the IPCC Team is a true accomplishment.

      Whether their actions are to be considered a failure or not depends largely on what they are trying to accomplish. If you were to believe they are honestly persuing the understanding of the true nature of the climate of Earth, then yes, they have failed dismally. However, this is quite clearly not their goal. The IPCC is not (unfortunately) an assemblage of fools, it is a highly organised body of intelligent (though unwise to be generous) people. They are working diligently towards their goal, is just not the one stated directly to the public. Their goal is complete control of the world via authoritarian technocracy.

      • MarkH

        I think there is some assumption made about how “professional” these bodies are when they function. The IPCC is set up like many international bodies. The main thing they do is to manipulate the outcome as far as possible in the direction the organizers want. In the case of the IPCC, the outcome is predetermined as everyone knows. The “science” is there for show and a great show is made of committees reviewing and editing and being reasonable.

        There is a lot of farcical carryings-on in the IPCC after the document has left the hands of the Working Groups. Stories are legion including the change from “no detectable fingerprint of human activity” to “clear fingerprint of human influence” in 1995.

    • Our youth will be our salvation. Which sounds a bit dramatic and biblical, however, I have been saying for some time now that children are naturally rebellious and they will eventually fight the propaganda they have been spoon fed.

      When that happens, there will be a collective backlash. There will be demonstrations when the UN and it’s cult members are at their most smug and complacent about what a fine job they have made of brainwashing the worlds children. Because when it all becomes normal to live in awe of a deteriorating climate, there will then be underground movements which will spill out into demonstrations and campaigns, just as is happening now with XR etc.

      It is the inevitability of youth that they will rebel against ‘normal’.

      Most of us here will be unlikely to see it, but it will happen.

      • It reminds me of “child-spies” in Orwell’s book “1984” who reported their parents to the Thought Police for thought crimes. Children, supported by the state, to be allowed to over-rule their parents. We already have something like this right now in Canada. If a child, who self-identifies as a gender other than male or female, and their parents don’t allow or recognise that, they can be reported to authorities. Crazy unbelievable but it is true.

    • “In herds we go mad.”

      Well,you win some, you lose some. The herding “instinct” is what has helped mankind to survive from dangers and disasters through the millennia , clans following the leader without second thoughts.

      That is why the global warming ->climate change leaders are trying to alarm and then direct the stampede, for their own benefit.

      Nature will take its course, slowly plunging us into the next ice age. I hope this funny weather is not a precursor,

      The real danger to our western civilization is not this, imo. It is the islamization of the populations through reproduction of the thousands of immigrants.

      • Well, it is no secret that that is their ‘secret’ agenda and we see it happening in parts of Europe where the useful idiots like Merkel encouraged it and in doing so, helped change the mass migrations from one of limited real refugee usually from Syria/Iraq, ME, to one of economic refugees from all over the ME and Africa and other parts of the world. And let’s not forget that the roots of the Arab Spring and especially Syria were said to be at the time about climate change.

        This young lady basically gave an excellent unscripted talk about underlying issues with the political movement of climate change, having realized firstly that immigration problems in her own home country of Germany were our of whack. If this young woman and Greta were to square off in any type of debate or discussion, it is absolutely clear who would be the one making sense. Hopefully more young people start speaking out intelligently. You have to fight fire with fire. Good on WUWT for hosting this video and who this young woman is. Hope to see more of her on the mainstream news.

  2. There is hope that the madness being foisted upon us will be seen for what it is soon and the fools and liars held to account. Maybe once again – children will be taught real history to avoid repeats of this monstrously distracting evil agenda. Naomi Seibt thank you- from another converted believer!

  3. How lovely and articulate … auf English no less! I wish my German was as fluent. She is correct. CAGW is self-hate, human-hate. I had a HS football coach whose favorite expression, as he chewed us out for losing a game , was … “you can’t stand prosperity”. He’d say that every time we played a crappy game, and LOST … he’d say we must be embarrassed for playing so well, for doing so well … that we intentionally (subconsciously) sh*t the bed, if we were succeeding for too long.

    There is definitely a component of this thinking by the Young climate Pioneers. They were born into a world where they have NO basic NEEDS. They’re well fed (on abundant meat), they’re well clothed, they are housed in perfectly temperature-controlled homes, they have jobs (if they want them), they even have abundant adult toys … they have NO NEEDS. Mankind has NEVER had it so good. But they don’t know that. They don’t know disease, famine, or even WAR (except the Muslim habit of slaughtering the “wrong” kind of Muslims). They only know prosperity.


    The New Young climate Pioneers are spoiled. And they’re bored. And because of that … they’ve become self-destructive, self-centered, little twits. I just watched the last episode of The Crown – Season 3, an episode which depicted Princess Margaret going absolutely off the rails. A woman who HAD everything she ever wanted, but was bored with it all and spiraled down into a self-destructive malaise that ended with a half-hearted suicide attempt.

    That’s what the climate hysterics are like. Like a spoiled and pampered Princess Margaret who has inherited ANYTHING and EVERYTHING … but spends her life in trivial pursuits and becomes ultimately self-destructive. But not completely destructive … after all … the climate Princesses still want to fly-off to exotic sunny Island retreats (to study sea level rise, of course). They still want the finest foods, and the best drugs, booze, and Canada Goose fluffy down jackets that money can buy. All the while moaning about how dreadful capitalism has made their lives.

    Hypocrisy doesn’t even come close to describing their mental illness.

  4. I’ve often wondered, has there been any survey’s that document how many Alarmists become skeptics, as opposed to how many skeptics become Alarmists?

  5. Well put and true. Hope there are more like her who can think for themselves without fear of peer pressure. Or from teachers.

  6. It’s interesting that the pathway she took was through politics, via the immigration issue. But, like many skeptics/climate realists, there was no inkling of becoming a skeptic when first investigating the issue. The key is to love truth, or more importantly, to find lies abhorrent. And sadly, I don’t believe many young people, especially the climate strikers or the extinction rebelionists have that love of truth. They are so caught up in the emotion of the group dynamics, that truth isn’t thought about at all.

    • Bruce Cobb

      I liken it to motoring.

      If everyone sticks to the rules of the road then everything should run smoothly. The problem comes when people try to be ‘kind’ and flash their lights at a junction to indicate to a pedestrian that it’s safe to cross the road.

      The problem is, the guy turning into the junction thinks he’s being invited to execute his manoeuvre, and so runs the pedestrian down.

      It’s the thoughtless desire to be kind that kills people, precisely whats happening with places like Africa. If people just let it get on with providing it’s population cheap, reliable energy, they would be fine. But in their desperate attempt to virtue signal their benevolence, the useful idiots are killing people in their millions.

      Four million people around the world, it is estimated by WHO, are dying from smoke inhalation because they are forced to burn animal faeces, green timber and garbage to heat themselves and cook with, because they don’t have electricity or piped gas into their homes.

      Yet the greens and the climate alarmists think they are doing these people a favour by resisting sea level rise, which won’t kill them nearly as fast as respiratory conditions. No matter how fast, or slow, the sea’s rise, these people will still be burning lethal materials and inhaling the smoke.

  7. Naomi Seibt speaks up well for truth and freedom.
    She does however only touch momentarily on the way the UN and the left generally, wish to control all aspects of the individuals life. The UN and many on the left see the Chinese model, with its ‘Social Credit’ scheme as methodology to aim for. So lets show a bit of what the Chinese authorities do in the name of social coherence …

    Free speech, eh?

  8. You’d think with Heartland’s money and resources they could find a youth spokesperson who didn’t have anorexia.

    (You are new here, suggest that you stick with the topic, leave out bogus/useless observations of people such as this young girl) SUNMOD

      • I’m well aware what anorexia is. Why is Heartland trying to compete against Greta Thurnberg with another mentally ill girl? Why not pick a mentally stable one? Or is this the point?

        • Anyone who is thin is anorexic. Really?
          Are you desperate to find something negative that you have to make up stuff?

        • Tierarzt

          You clearly have no clue as you take one look at a slim young woman and promote that she’s anorexic.

          Nor was she introduced, or promoted as an antidote to Thunberg by Heartland. Nor did she mention Thunberg, so, other than Anthony’s headline, you made this up in your tiny little mind as some sort of attempt at a smear.

          Off with you Bigot. Come back when you can add something constructive to the discussion.


    • Tierarzt

      Perhaps you would profit from learning to evaluate someone based on their inner qualities rather than your judgemental assessment about their external appearances. As it turns out, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholders and varies with cultures and over time. Today, most people are clearly overweight based on athletic abilities and health consequences.

      • And yet a lot of criticism of Thurnberg focuses on her mental health? So it’s OK one way but not the other? Most of you guys on here write as if English is not your first language. Where are you actually from?

        • Greats mental health is known, communicated and official, so what ?
          Fullfilling your unusual request, from Germany, so – German first, French second first, Latin third, English fourth.

        • Yours is a fake criticism because you are unable to find fault with Naomi’s material so you try to invent faults. It is known as shoot the messenger which they did nearly 2,000 years ago. Welcome to the club.

        • Greta has mental health issues, therefore you have to lie and claim that this girl does as well.
          The crack about English just shows how shallow your mind is, as you are still completely unable to address any of the points raised and have to dwell on perceived negative characteristics of others.
          What a pathetic, hate filled life you must live.

        • Tierarzt

          Its almost 2020, and picking fault with the look of a person is very petty and childish. Why not let the facts spoken by a person be the key factor in which a person is judged or viewed, rather then the weight or hair colour of said person?

        • Most posts I have read at WUWT about Greta are about the message she brings, or the script she has been given to read, not about the person. However, it was Great who brought the attention of the world to her condition(s), not anyone else. In my view, it was mentioned to bring an additional level of emotion to the already over-dramatised act at the UN (And at the airport when Trump walked past).

        • Tierarzt
          You asked, “So it’s OK one way but not the other?” Yes! Because one’s mental health affects how they behave. It is valid to criticize behavior that may not result from objective, rational thought processes, particularly when they are trying to influence the behavior of others. It is thoughts and behavior that are important, not what one looks like. If you do not understand that, then I have some pointed questions for you.

          It is my impression that besides Yanks, there are a lot of Limeys, Kiwis, and Aussies, for whom a variant of English is their first language, who frequent this blog. However, it is apparent that there are a lot of commenters for whom English is a second language. I have sometime inquired because I’m happy to give more slack to statements made by those who are not speaking in their native tongue. However, in line with my position that what one thinks is more important than what they look like, I’ll question the thought processes of those who can’t write an intelligible sentence if their native language is English.

    • Why is it that trolls always assume that everyone on the other side only says what they do because they are being paid to?
      Projection perhaps?

      Regardless, Heartland isn’t as rich as your handlers have told you to believe.

    • “Tierarzt December 9, 2019 at 2:13 pm

      You’d think

      with Heartland’s money and resources

      they could find a youth spokesperson who didn’t have anorexia.”

      Reject the message, shooting the messenger.

  9. An important question is whether there is a lesson to be learned from her conversion that can be applied successfully to getting others to see the light. We can consider ourselves fortunate that a bright young woman such as herself has changed her outlook. However, it is important to be able to turn a large number of people, inasmuch as this has devolved into a political contest.

  10. Naomi appears to be seeing things clearly. I imagine there are a lot of young Naomi’s out there, maybe not speaking up, but questioning in their minds what they are seeing around them.

    Perhaps eventually the “Truth will out” and people will finally see through this Human-caused Climate Change scam. Naomi gives us hope for the future.

  11. Greta – Successfully brainwashed. Useful idiot. Use to full advantage, then discard.
    Naomi – Unsucessfully brainwashed. Went against us. Where did we go wrong? Must try harder.

    The Green Mafia. “We’ll get you. Eventually. You love that Green Crack. You know you do.”

  12. Re Tierarzt
    The AGW crowd are very worried about Naomi getting any airtime at all because mainstream media could eventually take note of her. This girl is capable of taking down the scam with “normal” believers. You will find an unrelentless attack on her. That’s my 2 cents worth

  13. The surname “Seibt” is a contraction of “Seibot” or “Seibet,” which in older documents was spelled as “Sibot” and “Sigbot,” which means “master of victory.”

    As near as I can tell, the surname “Thunberg” is a concatenation of “Tun” meaning “mud,” and “berg” meaning “mountain.”

    (From Bahlow’s “Dictionary of German Names”)

    • Noaa, FWIW, Greta Thunberg is Swedish. The Swedish language is North Germanic.

      It’s likely her surname has a North Germanic etymological root rather than origins in the related (though distinctly different) etymologies of the West Germanic languages to which German belongs.

      If this is correct, then Thun/Thunnor is the root – what we in English say as Thor.

      On that basis the meaning of her surname is probably something like “[from/of] Thor’s Mountain”. It is likely a toponymic name ie perhaps there was a hill or mountain in the region her family originated from called Thor’s Mountain.

      Of course, none of the above denies she parrots the “mountain of mud” her handlers would have her peddle.

      • In German, we have “Thunfisch” for tuna,
        in Switzerland we have the city “Thun”.
        “The name Thun comes from the Celtic generic word dūnon (Latinized dūnum), which means “palisade work, castle, fortified place”.” Wiki German

        “Where the name “Tono” comes from is uncertain. In the various testimonies there are name forms like Tunno, Tonno, Thunne, Tunn. Only in the course of the 14th century did the “German form” of Tono “Thunn” become established, a modification which is explained by the contacts to the German-speaking areas and the expansion of the family especially in Central Europe as “Thunn”. The family was first uniformly referred to as “Thunn” in 1407, when five family members joined the Elephant Union. 1] The Nonsberger, however, still call the family “Ton” today. [2]”

        • Dùn Èideann is the Scots Gaelic name for Edinburg, which replaced the Celtic word for “fort” with the Germanic.

        • Krishna

          Interesting thanks. The point remains that German and Swedish are in different philological branches (I think that’s the right term) of the Germanic “tree” of the hypothetical Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) which may have existed in Central West Asia perhaps 6000 years or so ago. Bahlow’s Dictionary of German Names is probably irrelevant to the meaning and origin of Thunberg’s surname, though Noaa’s lighthearted post is very apt.

          Proto Germanic, a descendant language of PIE, thought to have been the common language of central/Southern Scandinavian inhabitants, is considered to have been the common and very ancient ancestor/root language (perhaps 1000 years or more before the Migration Period) of all Germanic languages ((ie the (extinct) East Germanic (as in Ostrogoths and others), West Germanic (as in Visigoths and others) and in North Germanic (the root of the modern Scandinavian languages)). This Proto Germanic is if I recall correctly about one/two stages removed from the original hypothetical PIE language.

          Speakers of the West Germanic “root” language of modern German only arrived in what are modern N Germany/N Poland (and then spread South through Central Europe sometimes displacing and sometimes mixing with the Celtic speaking indigenous populations, with whom they seem to have some common cultural links), from about the 4th Century BC.

          The problems the Roman Republic (btw Latin, like Sanskrit is also a descendant language of PIE, but in a different branch, more closely related to Celtic languages than to Germanic) had with what they called generically “the Celts” ((who, under Brennus sacked Rome the late 380s BC and then presented serious problems on and off until as late as Marius’ dictatorships and the Cimbric Wars (ca last decade of the 2nd Century BC)) may well be attributable to the pressure the arrival of the first waves of Germanic speakers on the North German Plain.

          Interestingly there could well be climate change related reasons for this migration of early Germanic speakers. Certainly the Romans record that the reason the Cimbri were on the move is that Jutland was overwhelmed and flooded by a great storm which destroyed their lands over much of the peninsula and changed the shape of the shorelines and various inlets.

          It is only with the much later migrations (perhaps from about 200 AD) of Germanic speakers out of Bornholm (Burgundians), Gotland (Goths), Jutland (Jutes), Schleswig Holstein (Angles and Saxons) etc that the most proximate root language of modern German (West Germanic – also a significant root language of English and Dutch amongst others), came to the fore in Central Europe. Again climate change (cooling) is quite likely the reason for the Migration Period mass movements in Western Europe – and quite likely elsewhere in Eurasia.

          By this stage (ca 200 AD onward) the language had diverged quite significantly from the North Germanic group of languages which are the roots of the modern Swedish language in particular (Norwegian is perhaps the “purer” form of North Germanic, being closer linked to the most ancient root via Old Norse, while Danish is quite heavily influenced by its proximity to the West Germanic languages).

          It is for this reason that Bahlow’s take on “Thun” in German names, and your equally interesting diversion into possible Celtic roots etc is likely irrelevant. Of course this is all based on the assumption Ms Thunberg’s family isn’t originally from Germany….in which case I’ve wasted a lot of time, and you and Noaa are likely quite right. Ho hum!

          • As teen of 17 I had, after holidays there a Swedish girlfriend and I used that for learning some Swedish to later write ang get letters, what was much easier as I feared. Why ?
            Because the grammar is nearly not different, but there are specials, there are a lot of similarities in vocabulary, and / or common roots with English expressions.
            I’ve no idea, how and if Gustaf Adolfs occupation of Germany down to Munich in 30 yrs war in 17th century may have influenced the one or the other language, as Napoleons army influenced the people around Maynce to use ’til today French vocabulary in their common language.

  14. Imagine the amazing changes which could be achieved in African countries if the UN and its enthusiastic followers, simply focused on delivering energy, water supply systems, agriculture, building materials and infrastructure to raise the living standards from wretched to middle class. Instead of spending a $trillion or more vainly trying to minimise carbon dioxide levels, and achieving nothing towards the goals of universal peace and quality of life in third world countries.

    • And imagine the amazing changes, if something like the New York declaration wasn’t meant to make the planned mass migration from the third world into the first world permanent, but was more like developing a world free trade zone, where workers and their families get easier access to other nations’ labor market.

  15. Naomi equates the “climate indoctrination” she received in school with totalitarianism.
    Her personal philosophy is a natural response against totalitarianism. I’m sure she is not alone.
    The video interview below gives an overall summary of her awakening ability to think for herself.

    • She comes off as reflective, genuine, honest and natural in her assessments and intent, because she is. She acknowledges fear pervading the discourse and the inability of some to face it, at all. Her remarks about the way she formerly perceived teachers, and how that changed as she asserted her own thoughts was refreshing. No a trace of sanctimony, no blame-making, no neurotic confected fury, no attempt to put herself above others as an authority or guide for others. That’s is a girl who was educated, then taught herself how to think and learn beyond it.

      The only part I thought was iffy was her listening to Stefan Molyneux as a political influence as he’s in the end a radical anarchist. Perhaps she realized the value of his reflections, but saw the practical flaws within his agenda.

  16. I watched the video of Naomi with some growing admiration, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew from Anthony’s recommendation that this would be worth watching. I also knew that St Greta was atypical of young people of today, and when I was there age last century. I tried to look past Naomi’s physical appearance so that I could concentrate not only on what she said, but how she delivered her message.

    I thought for a moment that Naomi was reading her speech off the notepad on the table, but I watched her eyes and could quickly tell that she was speaking from the heart, clearly and succinctly, in a way that I am very jealous of, despite the scores of orations that I have delivered in nearly 5 decades on my favourite subject of astronomy.

    Naomi is clearly exceptional. I was politically active when I was at high school here in New Zealand during the 1970’s, but I consider myself naïve in comparison to this amazing young woman. More power to you Naomi. Your positivity deserves many rewards in whatever form you deem fit.

  17. My advice to kids has always been when you figure it out, and you will because you’re smart, remember who misled you. Then ask yourself what else are they wrong about?

  18. I think it´s an unfortunate idea to put a small girl speaking in Madrid or anywhere else.

    We all have been critics about putting a small girl speaking about climate change, like Greta Thunberg, instead of scientists.

    Thi is of response to Greta Thunberg, a me too action, having someone speaking about difficult problems, even for scientists, that are far behind the knowledge of a small girl.

    What is the main message? That this serious problems end the communication strategy should be made by 16 years old boys and girls?

    What a silly idea

    • The difference is, Naomi is of age and finishhed her 13 school years and may start to study,
      Greta is truant, at least 3 years younger and a sock puppet, not to say a voodoo doll, and mentally disturbed in a certatin way.

    • She is actually 19 now, I started dating my wife when she was 18 and I was 30. She was smarter than I was at 30 !
      There are other interviews with Naomi, you should look at them !
      Greta doesn’t know anything about Climate realism.
      Naomi does, she knows data and observation about climate and a lot of other stuff, and she is optimistic as opposed to just being angry like Greta. !


  19. The Kopp Verlag has recently published a book:
    “Is the climate dictatorship coming?” from Michael Grandt
    He cites 1300 sources and proves that FFF (=666) and ER are backed by the financial cartel, foundations, NGOs and political parties with malicious intentions. It’s not about the environment (that CO2 hoax is actually distracting from real environmental issues), it’s about our money. They want still more to create artificial growth because their fiat money system is at its end.

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