The Guardian: No Climate Protests were Authorized in China

2013-12-30 Students Protesting for Divestment of Fossil Fuels

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; Very muted criticism in the mainstream media over the Chinese government’s hardline stance against domestic climate activism.

Across the globe, millions join biggest climate protest ever

Young and old alike took to the streets in an estimated 185 countries to demand action

Millions of people demonstrated across the world yesterday demanding urgent action to tackle global heating, as they united across timezones and cultures to take part in the biggest climate protest in history.

In an explosion of the youth movement started by the Swedish school striker Greta Thunberg just over 12 months ago, people protested from the Pacific islands, through Australia, across-south east Asia and Africa into Europe and onwards to the Americas.

No protests were authorised in China, the world’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, but Zheng Xiaowen of the China Youth Climate Action Network said Chinese youth would take action one way or another.

“Chinese youth have their own methods,” she said. “We also pay attention to the climate and we are also thinking deeply, interacting, taking action, and so many people are very conscientious on this issue.”

There was action, however, in Taiwan, where dozens of representatives from primary schools, high schools, and universities gathered in the capital, Taipei, to launch a petition to press candidates in the upcoming presidential election to lay out concrete policies to mitigate climate change risks.

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Imagine what would have happened if President Trump had banned non-violent climate protests. The media would have been in an absolute frenzy, rightly so, about the suppression of freedom.

China doesn’t have a right to protest, so despite China being the largest CO2 emitter in the world, the lapdog Western media gives them a free pass.

81 thoughts on “The Guardian: No Climate Protests were Authorized in China

  1. Mark Broderick September 22, 2019 at 1:25 am
    “World’s Leading Greenhouse Gas Emitter China Taps Out of Global Climate Strike”

    “Several climate change activists in D.C. decried the U.S. for its role in contributing to climate change despite the fact that the U.S. has made great strides in reducing its carbon output, seeing the “largest decline in CO2 emissions in the world for 9th time this century” in 2017. The largest increase that year came from China.”

    • If you want to give something to someone in China, Ice Wine and Maple Syrup are safe choices. Otherwise you can spend all day trying to find something that wasn’t produced in China.

        • Well, they have a pretty good idea of restrictions, lack of transport, famine.

          Now that they tasted prosperity, would they be keen to backtrack to green governance ?

      • Decade ago or so my sister and her husband decided to protest China buy not buying any Chinese goods. They had to give up their protest due to the inability to buy products not made in China.

    • Almost everything we have on sale here in Australia is made in China. A lot of stuff is shipped to China, made in to something, and then shipped back to Australia. A few years back I got a cap from Ethiopia. Believe it or not, it too was made in China.

    • Just like the CLIMATE , whatever country you are from , before criticizing CHINA read your own History ( or ask an old guy ) having worked in China for 9 years, I loved it

  2. Chinese people actually do have a right to protest. It’s just that the Chinese government tramples all over it.

      • Actually I think more than once!

        They can protest against America!
        They can protest against imperialist Britain & its empire (we gave it back but who’s counting)!
        They can protest against any imperialist Western democratic nation’s action on anything!
        They can protest against trade tarrifs!
        They can protest about a lack of democracy, just as long as they don’t actually expect to get it!

        See lots of free protests unfettered by the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of China!

        BTW has anyone managed toget an accurate estimate of the numbers of dead from Tianamen Square massacre/protests, or is it still around the 10,000 mark, you know, when those pro-democracy protests took place? At least the Chinese have educated themselves, flesh & bone is no match for a 80-100ton tank!

    • You get yourself noticed and you find that you cannot even buy a train ticket or travel by air. That is the dystopian model society the alarmists want to adopt for climate “action” . The capitalist dictatorship in China is much more efficient since they don’t have waste time convincing the population.

      • Yes. That is what extinction rebellion is working towards although the participants aren’t aware of this amid the hysteria fix. The whole thing makes me think of Mao’ s little red book and the Hitler youth movement.

        Mind you Greg, you have missed out on finding that your Smart Meter is playing up and getting very expensive.
        Teachers beware or you may find yourself being hauled up in front of your class climate committee and ———-?

        Rebellion/revolution can be fun in the early stages; but they all wind up in disaster and chaos. Just look at history.

        • Having all big companies owned by the government.
          Having all major economic decisions made by government.

          You really have so strange ideas regarding capitalism.

      • That’s why socialists love trains so much. If they don’t like you, they don’t sell you a ticket. If everyone gets rowdy, they simply shut down the trains. Tra la la…

    • Of course they have a right to protest! It is specially given to them by the Government, who tell them when to protest and what to say.

      • Yeah, mostly protests are allowed against other countries or businesses from other countries. I’ve seen a protest (a strike actually) against a company that did not pay a contractor for work and at the same time was several months in arrears to its employees.

        Not paying employees on time is a common occurrence in China. Also troublesome is that a company can refuse to accept a resignation for a period of time (one month is common). Also, if one violates a company policy they can be fined multiples of their annual salary. A six day work week is also a bummer, but frankly Chinese people don’t work that hard.

    • It is not really a right when you live in a one government country where the government has used force to micromanage peoples’ lives.

      A right is something that is protected.

      What the Chinese have is a wish for a right. Not a right.

  3. In my youth, a lot of demonstrations had been forbidden in Germany, spec. Berlin West. Even some for ameliorations of the school sytem. So I bruised a lot in that time end 60th.
    So what ?

  4. The Chinese don’t need to protest as they have already achieved the totalitarian workers’ paradise that is the goal of the warmunists.

    • My thoughts exactly! They don’t need to protest as communism has already been installed in China for quite some time.

    • leitmotif you are quite correct. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas and amounts to 3.618% of the total which 3.502% is from natural sources. The impact of manmade CO2 on global climate/temperature is so small to be scientifically identified (but it is a ‘staggering’ 0.117%).

    • If the Guardian says millions, it’s probably not even 1 million. They just pull some figure from that air and don’t even say what they based it on.

      Even if it was a couple of million, that is pretty low level of interest out of a population of 7.7 BILLION people.

      One in 4 million people care enough to have a day off school or walk down the street.

      • We had 10,000 in Perth Western Australia which sounds impressive until you note that was every green group in the state and bulked up with a pile of school children. Unsurprisingly it didn’t really make any inroads with even the politicians of either main party because it is a small group that is never going to vote for them anyhow. To put it in more context a good union rally over some work issue will get 12-15K and if you offer a free sausage in a bun for breakfast you will get over 30K.

        Basically it was a non event but it was funny watching the police issue move on notices to some of them who blocked a main street for a few minutes.

  5. “we are also thinking deeply, interacting”
    Deep Thought. I would have thought that you could not top that, but they did!
    Very impressive.
    This just shows you the majestic, yet subtle, power of interactive deep thought.
    Greta should take a lesson.

  6. The ReGretables were not authorized to protest in China? I suggest Greta sail right over there and lecture the Chinese government on the planet killing hazards of the essential plant food CO2. That’ll learn ’em!

  7. Global heating? I thought the earth was cooling?

    What do these people want? For the whole of humanity to stop using fossil fuels? How will they get to work? The billions of people with out jobs, How will the survive? If so has anybody come up with a fuel solution for all the cars, trucks they drive or the fuel for the buses and trains they take? How about heating homes, electricity for hospitals, homes? What will the police/ambulance/fire trucks use? Will all armed forced across the world sit down and give up?

    • It may be cooling. Measuring atmospheric temperature is measuring the tail of the dog and thinking you’ve measured the whole dog.

      So, we’ll see.

  8. What a bizarre use of English from the Guardian. Since when were climate demonstration “authorised” Who outside China which didn’t “authorise” climate demonstration, did issue authorisations? Who is the body entitled to do such a thing?

  9. I am really wondering if millions actually protested. How many of them were children out of school led by their leftist teachers just having a great day off from classes? Who counted the protesters and came up with the millions figure?

  10. The Chinese Politburo must be delighted to see idiotic Western countries committing economic suicide in the name of Global Warming.

  11. Here’s an idea: protesters from all over the world can walk, bike, sail to Beijing, gather at Tiananmen Square and protest China’s emissions.

  12. All these voices demanding action . . . but just what is the “action” they want?

    Is it to tame the sun, the source of 99.999% of energy input into Earth’s atmosphere?

    Is it to change the Milankovitch cycles that predominately govern the variation between glacial and interglacial periods, via changing the Earth’s orbital ephemeris?

    Is it to control water vapor content, and thereby condensed water (i.e., clouds), that is the predominate greenhouse gas in the Earth’s atmosphere?

    Is it to control the distribution and use of fossil fuel energy that is responsible for human civilization as we know it? And for which there is no practical substitute on a global level?

    Is it to control the natural and, to far lesser degree the anthropogenic, increases of atmospheric CO2, which NASA itself admits: “From a quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide . . . The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in area to two times the continental United States.” source: ?

    Is it to control, perhaps even imprison, those that dare question the memes of “man-made climate change” or a current “climate crisis”?

    Is it just to redistribute wealth from “rich” to “poor” using the guise of “climate crises”, fully knowing there is no such thing?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. One thing that the alarmists have done is to raise the level of ignorance around the world. No country is immune.

    • Agenda 21 & all that, todumb down the education systems around the world, because educated people have higher carbon footprints (whatever one of those actually is!) than those uneducated people, largely from the Third/Developing world, although that is now starting to change as part ofthe grand design!

  14. Of course they have a right to protest! It is specially given to them by the Government, who tell them when to protest and what to say.

  15. We no longer have to worry about making cement! In a report on The BBC by Roger Harrabin titled “Is the UK using less energy?”, on 18th September, he is filmed at a ‘cement quarry’ in Derbyshire………. The stuff no longer has to be manufactured. It can just be dug out of the ground and promptly used for building and construction. It’s on the Beeb, so it must be true. Think of the CO2 that will not be produced! You can come back by plane, Greta. Crisis over…..

    • And steel too. No need for coking coal. You can dig steel out of the ground now. Maybe I got that wrong? 🙁

  16. We need to invent a car that runs on the common potato. Not so much TURBO as TUBER. I think that is the ROOT to go.

    Sorry about the obvious use of upper case but you are welcome to CHIP in.

  17. The problem as I have pointed out previously is historical.
    At Founex(1971) and Villach (1985), the developing countries were inveigled into supporting green environmentalism and global warming theories by a promise that they did not have any binding obligations and did not have to contribute monetarily.
    Western Nations were the guilty parties having invented the Industrial Revolution thus causing the “problem”.
    Cut to Greta Thunberg addressing the British Parliamentarians.
    Developed Countries can now pay trillions.
    Why would people be surprised that Turkey wants to be classified as a “ developing country” and China does not have any binding obligations to reduce emissions or to pay for anything?
    With trillions of dollars being spruiked as the cost of combatting climate change, there is not going to be any effective World Carbon Treaty for the simple reason that no one is going to pay for it.

  18. “Chinese youth have their own methods,” she said. “We also pay attention to the climate and we are also thinking deeply, interacting, taking action, and so many people are very conscientious on this issue.”

    Pay attention to the climate, is it communicating with you, trying to send you a message? This sounds like crazy talk to me.

    • Make ‘climate change’ sexy? ‘Trying to put lipstick on a pig’ comes to mind. The alarmists have been trying every appeal to human fears and desires for the last 30 years, when the naked truth has always sufficed. The small amount of warming we have experienced in the last 40 years is natural, cyclical, and normal. CO2 is essential plant food, not pollution. It’s undeniable….

      • Y’know these people also believe CO2 *ISN’T* plant food. When I show them the equation for photosynthesis they still don’t understand.

  19. There is something deeply ironic about the Guardian supporting a movement aimed at creating a totalitarian state and then criticizing a totalitarian state for not joining in.

  20. I can just picture the not-so-vast numbers of people who protested in the vast majority of the 185 countries where strikes were supposed to have occurred on Friday.

    How many citizens of Sudan, Mali, Chad, or Rwanda, just for a few examples, would consider they were rich enough to stop work, or stay away from school, for the day?

    Not very many by my reckoning, except for all the employees of the Western NGO’s that thrive in Africa like bees buzzing round a flowering tree in springtime.

  21. If I had the authority, I would ban all protests for CO2 climate change as well as the brainwashing programs fed to our children on the subject. J My son had to do some kind of report on a WashingtonPost propaganda article, upgraded with extra climate doom language by the English Language Arts teacher. She knows literally nothing on the subject, has never looked at the graphs and doesn’t have the background to interpret them anyway. you cannot regress feelings!! Her opinion is equivalent to that of a small cat – not ever a large cat – just a small one.

    We’re all free speech in this country so maybe that’s why I’m not in charge 😀

  22. Breitbart and Steve Bannon are Mercer properties.
    Seems many here are waiting for Bannon’s docudrama “Claws of the Red Dragon”.
    Bannon praises the Falun Gong on New Tang Dynasty TV, with regime change clearly in play.

    Of course the entire CO2 hoopla is aimed at China.

    Is WUWT playing along with a color revolution now?

  23. Some what OT:
    This is an article that astounded me. I am an former professional aerial fire fighter.
    also have scientific training and as a professional pilot/intructor taught weather in relation to
    aviation . I was also a NOAA certified weather observer.
    William Gabbert gives credence to Greta Thunberg.Zero Carbon output by 2050
    Zero Civilization, too .
    I was tossed off that site for linking to this one-Heretic, unbeliever, infdel. etc.
    Yet they take Thunberg seriously.

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