Climate Confessions

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Even those who care deeply about the planet’s future can slip up now and then. Tell us: Where do you fall short in preventing climate change? Do you blast the A/C? Throw out half your lunch? Grill a steak every week? Share your anonymous confession with NBC News.

194 thoughts on “Climate Confessions

    • This Alarmist movement is behaving more and more like the Catholic Church of my youth. Next they will set up confessionals.

      Sinner: “Forgive me father for I have sinned. I accepted store supplied plastic bags. put plastic bottles in with my regular garbage and set my thermostat to 65 degrees.”

      State Climate Bureaucrat aka Network News Chatty Cathy’s: “Perform 1 Act of Recycling Contrition, say 3 Our Gores and 5 Hail Hansens then go forth and sin no more.”

      • They are already selling carbon credit indulgences. That way I can sin as much as I want and just pay my way to redemption.

          • Doctrine or actual practice?
            Big difference. The “act of contrition” usually was and is a huge monetary donation.
            Perhaps they were one of the early forms of virtue signaling, however since the church was the defacto state, you toed-the-line or risked ostracization.

          • Alba, it was a reference to the medieval practice of selling indulgences which led to the protestations of Martin Luther, which I assume you are not familiar with. Not the same as today’s Catholic Church.

      • Indeed Pope Francis seems all-in as a climate worrier. The climate-concerned propose growing less livestock, and eating less meat. So what should the Pope do? Bring back the Catholic tradition of Meat-less Fridays!

        • The current Pope was an openly socialist Jesuit in his youth. And should’ve been surprise when previous Pope (Pope Benedict XVI) was told to either retire/quit or “die” so that the Leftist bishops could install a Pope to push the Climate Lie. Benedict chose to retire rather than wake up with a pillow being held over his face. That made Benedict the first Pope to do so on his own initiative since Celestine V in 1294 AD.
          That is evidence of how deep and powerful the conspiracy is to push to West towards socialism. It is why the UK is not being allowed to finalize Brexit as the conspiracy gets to key members of BoJo’s Leave party.
          Powerful forces are at work to push Chinese-style socialism on the West.

          • I suspect the Lavender Mafia is a bigger reason than CCC for oushing Francis. Also lefties, but a different part of the agenda.

        • You obviously haven’t much idea about the Catholic Church’s doctrine of original sin. It sounds like you are much more in tune with the anti-Catholic John Calvin. He put forward the doctrine of total depravity, a doctrinewhich the Catholic Church rejects.

          • The Catholic church did not reject it in the dispute between St. Augustine and Pelagius. Pelagius rejected it not the Church. Unfortunately Pelagius’s view holds sway today in both the Catholic and Protestant wings of the church. You may have heard of it as ‘we are all born with a clean slate and only learn to sin as we grow up.’

          • Both Calvin (and Luther) and Augustine taught original sin and total depravity (though Augustine less so). Augustine got it from the gnostics he used to hang with before becoming a Christian. It’s a very gnostic concept.

    • …and I, in my maturity, pass inordinate amounts of gas. Methane is soooo bad and the smelly kind is worse.

        • ha – like the joke:
          Patient: …but doctor they don’t have any sound and they don’t smell so that can’t be why no-one talks to me at parties.

          Doctor: (writing prescription) take two of these and make an appointment for 1 weeks time.

          —1 week later—

          Doctor: so do they smell?

          Patient: well actually they stink to high heaven like rotten fish mixed with off custard. But that can’t be the reason why no-one talks to me at parties – because even though they stink, they’re dead silent so no-one would know it was me ahead of anyone else in the room.

          Meanwhile the Doctor is writing another script.

          Patient: (taking script) what’s this for?

          Doctor: well, now we’ve fixed your sinuses, we’ll work on your hearing.

      • You can maximize that methane with beef products. I highly recommend Taco Bell.

        Now me, personally, I’m doing everything I can to MAXIMIZE my carbon footprint, just to offset the efforts of my home state eco-nut overlords.

        Think ‘Godzilla Meets Bambi’ with ‘F&%# My Carbon Footprint!’ as a caption.

    • “Therefore we should not go down this road unless we have absolute proof that humans are warming
      the planet and that the predictions we are hearing from some sources are
      scientifically confirmed.”

      I LOVE the certainty you have about economics.
      that made me laugh.

      Therefore we should go down this co2 mitigation road until we have absolute proof that the economy will be wrecked and that the predictions of economic disaster we are hearing from some random new zealand blogger are
      scientifically confirmed.

      • mosher is babbling again !

        Your current employment is really having a sad and rather pathetic effect on you, SM.

        • Dr. Taleb is brilliant, but he can be a bit of an arrogant a$$.
          I have most of his books from the ‘Incerto’ series, and highly recommend them. Very thought provoking and insightful.

      • For some reason, Steve seems to feel that wasting trillions of dollars will have no impact on the economy.
        For some reason, Steve seems to feel that making energy much more expensive as well as unreliable, will have no impact on the economy.

        For some reason, Steve is once again trying to change the subject.

        • Mark, my only update to your comment is:
          “Steve seems to feel that wasting spending trillions of dollars will have no impact on the economy.”
          In the context of his mini rant, whether it is wasted or not is not relevant.
          We can still be assured that any of the “serious” proposals by alarmists will wreck the economy.
          We do not have other earths to test the climate theory, but we do have other countries to test the economic impacts of the GND and other even milder proposals now being floated by those citing climate emergencies.

      • Mr. Mosher – I dare say his certainty about economics is more grounded in real-world evidence than your climate boogeyman.

      • Non-binary Gaia, forgive me, for I have sinned!
        I used nonrenewable fossil electrons to reply to steven mosher climate change oral flatulence.
        What’s that, non-binary Gaia? That’s not a sin, it’s a virtue? And CO2 is good for you?!!

        Thank you, n-b Gaia! I will continue my non-sinning ways!

      • What CO2 mitigation road? You loons don’t do anything, run anything, make anything, produce anything tangible or abstract, simply a waste of space. The rest of us will continue down this road of real progress.

      • I guess Moshpup has never listened to Lomborg’s TED Talk. Let’s see if he can understand basic economics, and massive human suffering…

        These were the bad projects. As you might see the bottom of the list was climate change. This offends a lot of people, and that’s probably one of the things where people will say I shouldn’t come back, either. And I’d like to talk about that, because that’s really curious. Why is it it came up? And I’ll actually also try to get back to this because it’s probably one of the things that we’ll disagree with on the list that you wrote down.

        The reason why they came up with saying that Kyoto — or doing something more than Kyoto — is a bad deal is simply because it’s very inefficient. It’s not saying that global warming is not happening. It’s not saying that it’s not a big problem. But it’s saying that what we can do about it is very little, at a very high cost. What they basically show us, the average of all macroeconomic models, is that Kyoto, if everyone agreed, would cost about 150 billion dollars a year. That’s a substantial amount of money. That’s two to three times the global development aid that we give the Third World every year. Yet it would do very little good. All models show it will postpone warming for about six years in 2100. So the guy in Bangladesh who gets a flood in 2100 can wait until 2106. Which is a little good, but not very much good. So the idea here really is to say, well, we’ve spent a lot of money doing a little good.

        And just to give you a sense of reference, the U.N. actually estimate that for half that amount, for about 75 billion dollars a year, we could solve all major basic problems in the world. We could give clean drinking water, sanitation, basic healthcare and education to every single human being on the planet. So we have to ask ourselves, do we want to spend twice the amount on doing very little good? Or half the amount on doing an amazing amount of good? And that is really why it becomes a bad project. It’s not to say that if we had all the money in the world, we wouldn’t want to do it. But it’s to say, when we don’t, it’s just simply not our first priority.

        So, does Moshpup care about the millions needlessly dying annually? Or is he simply another climate zealot, willing to sacrifice millions of human beings for his agenda?

      • Steven, did you really think about what you were writing there, or did you just really like how the words sounded in your head when your read them to yourself?

        There is no physical evidence that the slight increase in the Earth’s average — and I emphasize AVERAGE, because that number truly has no meaning to the Earth writ large — temperature has been caused by the slight increase in CO2 over the past 60 years. It’s all models, and they far overestimate the warming to this point. The alarmists double down on the folly by claiming that this mild, gentle, almost unnoticeable warming will wreck “the climate” — as though there is only ONE “correct” climate for Earth and human life.

        On the other hand, the mitigation schemes require trillions of dollars of wealth redistribution and the abandonment of fossil fuels, either one of which would wreck the world’s economies.

        It’s not an even choice.

      • For an (cough) academic, do you not realise the sheer stupidity of your comment? Or have you been hacked?
        No, of course you haven’t. You just talk stupid.

    • Wow, someone actually “confessed” to using too many Qtips. Yep overuse of Qtips is really going to destroy “mother earth”.

    • Steven Mosher,

      “Therefore we should go down this co2 mitigation road until we have absolute proof that the economy will be wrecked and that the predictions of economic disaster we are hearing from some random new zealand blogger are
      scientifically confirmed.” –

      You’re good at that:

      You sow legitimate doubts and hurray you’re the magic master of wisdoms.

      The other way round: YOU telling what IS

      won’t you risk, will you, can you- defend, prove your assertions with facts.

      – unseen ’till now –

  1. My most humble apologies,
    I added to the Universal store of Entropy yesterday while converting sections of 125million year old Granite to airborne dust particles using a small hand held internal combustion engine (and a rare element diamond disc)

    I promise I`ll only use an electric grinder in future

  2. I fall short in every respect, since I don’t believe that the available data shows that there is a problem.

    Mind you, it means that i have a reasonable life, at the possible expense on my great-great-great grandchildren yet to be born. However, it also means that they will benefit from the work I was able to do during my time here…

  3. I just had all my halogen downlights converted to LED today. Even though they were working perfectly and had many years of service left, they are all in the tip. The LED were provided and installed by the local State Government.

    So I added unnecessarily to the manufacture transport and installation of 20 LED downlights and the waste of 20 perfectly serviceable halogen bulbs.

    Oh and the installer arrived in a petrol powered van. So add fossil fuel use to my crime.

    I only hope my rash actions cause all the glaciers in the world to grow, not too much mind you, just enough to shut up those who worry about them.

  4. I must confess that I accept the atmosphere as the perfectly reliable model of its own heat-engine performance. Watch a thunderstorm, and lose the fear of greenhouse gases.

    • I will add on to that, if you think humans are so powerful stand out in one. You might get a new respect for the power of the planet. After you do that go stand out in a blizzard and then try to tell me that warm is bad.

  5. I confess. Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa, etc.

    – I confess I never believed in global warming – and I never will. At the time (~30 years ago) when it started grabbing headlines, the ice caps were melting – on Mars – and a new Red Spot was breaking-out on Jupiter. I didn’t read the National Inquirer (tm no doubt) that morning, so I didn’t know how many men were on Mars and Jupiter, causing global warming there – but if the answer was “none”, then could whatever was causing warming there, also cause it here? I wondered.

    Then the Alarmists started wailing about “the Arctic will be ice-free in three, two, one… oh it isn’t? Oh, it will be – just you wait!” Meanwhile the Antarctic was setting records for accumulation every year – and still is – the Arctic and Antarctic, they’re on the same planet, aren’t they? So confused…

    Then, some truly dreadful characters (I’m looking at you, Al Gore and David Suzuki) started pumping it with ever-increasing stridency until eventually the Press picked it up. Then, with the Press flogging it for all they were worth (I’m looking at you, CBC and BBC), politicians picked-up the screed and began throwing enormous amounts of my tax dollars at it – more specifically, at their friends who were head-and-shoulders deep, profiting immensely and living lives that kings would be envious of. And two hoary old bromides, “Politicians lie” and “follow the money” occurred to me. Frequently.

    Then I found WUWT.

    So I confess that no – I don’t believe it. And I further confess that I clicked-on the “make your comment” link at NBC and was going to recite approximately the above – but they only allow 130 characters. So I didn’t; sorry to burden you with it.

    • “the Arctic will be ice-free in three, two, one…”

      That part of the AGW message is still out there.
      What about Santa Claus?…what do these people tell their children?

      • With regard to Santa Claus ; the Dems for 2020 are all think they are Santa; we’re gonna give you free health care, and free college education and free housing and pay off your college debt. Just vote for us.

  6. I confess that when the Temperature falls below 54f degrees – I turn on a personal heater
    I confess that when the Temperature is above 95f degrees – I turn on an air conditioner.

    But since my power is 100% large scale Hydro + inconsistent renewables – I feel no shame or motivation to act from my confession.

  7. I drive a real SUV. (Not one of those BS crossovers.)
    I have a motor boat.
    I keep my thermostat at 72 year round.
    I have gas powered tools.
    I also have an ornamental pond that uses lots of electricity for pumps.
    I take trips. And hot showers.
    I eat meat and non-locally grown food.
    I have 3 dogs, a big house and a big yard.
    I have a cigar every night to celebrate these things.
    I’ve probably left out a lot of other stuff that also offends the hyper hypocritically offended.
    I interact with relatives and friends outside of Facebook.
    I wear clothes made with agriculture, animals and petroleum.

  8. Bless me father, for I have sinned.
    Yesterday I ate meat. Lots of it. I ripped it out of its plastic container. I cooked it on a very wasteful stove connected to the grid, and added lots of yumptious ingredients with wonderful flavours imported over thousands of miles from distant parts of the world. Washed it down with an excellent bottle of South African Pinotage. Then I washed up the plates and cutlery in hot running water without even putting the plug in the sink. I binned the residue, and lots of other detritus from the day, in the general waste bin, not even checking whether it might belong in one of the several recycling containers helpfully provided by our masters and guardians. I had the television and several computer screens going simultaneously, with the ‘hibernate’ settings disabled as far as it was possible. I left lights on throughout the house during the commission of all of these crimes. And I ran approx 400 watts of lighting all night illuminating my gardens front and back. That’s after I had applied copious amounts of water which had to be pumped to the house, to the lawns and plants in my care. Luxuriated under a hot shower for a long while.

    Oh, and father – just to save me coming back and troubling you again – I’m going to do exactly the same thing tomorrow.

    • Here we have a county-wide waste-to-energy stream with full recycling plus CLEAN, local incineration.
      The only way one’s trash escapes this waste stream is if one irresponsibly hucks it out the car window on the side of the road.

      Yet, our virtue-signaling “betters” have not only banned plastic grocery bags, they’ve now prohibited plastic straws, coffee lids and all styrofoam, while whinging and wringing their hands that China (so green!) has stopped container-shipping all our rubbish across the world to be recycled!

      The only way one of OUR straws gets up a turtle’s nose is if it’s placed there on purpose. I’d be delighted to make a similar placement up the various orifices of our various local commie politicians!

      • Disposable plastic shopping bags were great. I never had to buy “Disposable Plastic Glad Trash Bags” to line mu garbage cans. Straight from the grocery trip into the new duty as waste basket liners. Then straight into the main garbage can for pick-up and removal to the dump…
        Plastic is plastic…

      • “local incineration”. We tried that where I live. It didn’t work out. The gas fumes didn’t sit well with the near by communities.

  9. Forgive me Gaia for I have sinned. I have a very powerful car and I drive it 35 km’s to and from work five days a week. I live in a heating/cooling climate zone so I burn coal electricity summer and winter. I like to go to the tropics for a holiday twice a year and I fly in an oil burning aeroplane. I like fishing and use a petrol powered boat and I eat the fish I catch, and sometimes my line brakes and I leave some plastic in the ocean. When the nutters banned supermarket plastic bags I bought 2000 online for $30 and I use them to shop and line my bin, only double use, what a sinner I am.

    Oh please forgive me my wicked ways Lord Gaia.

  10. Energy cat:
    I confess my shameful low greening CO2 contribution. I promise to increase my CO2 to help greening the planet for my kids and the poor.

    Oh I see now there are 135 letters and white space, so will probably not appear.

  11. Sigh. I confess that I took a commercial flight and not a private jet, and thus reduced my potential carbon footprint. By doing so I prevented CO2 from possibly warming the Earth a little, perpetuating the cold climate we presently have instead of a warmer climate more beneficial to life. I also deprived some poor plant easier access to the CO2 it needs to grow.

  12. Faith in a power that can’t be proven,
    Liturgy, ideology, and sacred symbols,

    In every way, climate change is a religion. Right down the the pious, the heretics, and the hypocritical religious leaders.

  13. Cooked 4 prime rib beef patties for supper last night, using my gas-burning stove. Saved the pan drippings for the chuck roast that goes into the slow cooker this morning, accompanied by baby russet potatoes, baby carrots, pearl onions, nothing grown locally and consumed one beef pattie with a plateful of yellow bell pepper strips and radishes, followed by ice cream. The beef patties were cooked in EV olive oil from Sicily, with a couple pats of butter donated by dairy cows. The ice cream was loaded with vanilla from some exotic island in the South Pacific.

    I enjoyed every momentous minute of it, and I don’t care who knows it. And I will get more of those beef patties to make shepherd’s pie in about three weeks, when the weather gets cold, and I have to turn on the furnace to keep the house warm.

    I also made notes on local weather in a spiral bound notebook with pages of paper, and balanced my checkbook in the paper check ledger. Oh! Almost forgot! Last week, I bought a new cotton mattress pad for my bed, and three small jugs of laundry detergent on sale, plus a padded bed covered in synthetic oil-based fabric for my cat. She loves it.

    Have a nice day!

  14. Years back I ran around the house turning all the lights on for Earth Day… wearing blackface!!! ok, the last part was an embellishment.

  15. Need we any other proof that climate alarmism is now officially a religion, with priests taking confessions and offering absolution, as well as selling indulgences?

    Where is Martin Luther when we need him?

  16. I am so good! I car-share or cycle, I recycle like a Womble , I only use stored rainwater on the garden, I had only two children, I keep the central heating low, I eat only a little meat (though my husband makes up for that) BUT I confess I do love my bonfires – and I don’t believe any of this affects the climate!

  17. I am proud to say I saved a couple of gallons of fresh water yesterday by peeing in my neighbors pool instead of flushing all that water down the drain. But then I dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back.

  18. 150 character confession:

    You’ve swallowed pseudoscience. Shame on you.

    0.38°C since satellite measurement started in 1979.

    You don’t know why

  19. The Moonbat has published an article on The Guardian that proposes limiting the wealth of the super rich.
    He opens with 3 “facts”.
    1) A since flight on a 737 produces more CO2 than a small town in Africa, justified by a link to the averages of individuals in different countries, failing to mention that the average he chose would be for a standard of living that is so far below any first world nation that noone would wish this on their worst enemies.
    (apparently he has decided that small towns in Africa contain less than 100 people)
    2) A superyacht at idle burns through 500 litres of diesel an hour. This would mean it generates 5000kWhr or energy every hour – apparently while doing nothing.
    Strangely superyachts are known to burn less while actually travelling at 18knots. His quote from a very authoritative source – a blog about working on superyachts.
    3) a $3.6B 30m superyacht that has 100 tonnes of gold throughout it – including the anchor apparently.
    The story is a proven fake “” but George doesn’t check facts that suit his daft points of view.

    • they really ARE;-)) I had a good chuckle and then shared it widely with” Hilarious “as the header
      I wonder how long the page will stay up for? as I reckon they had NO idea the responses theyd get wouldnt be the warmist whingers puerile self abasement theyd hoped for;-)))
      damn its funny!!
      great Post , thanks Charles!!

    • Exactly. hilariously backfire; as usual there are actually more of us than there are of them. Very similar to the poll on taking away guns. 96% not in favor. They should do more polls like this which end up showing we the people (what a concept) do not agree with their nonsense.

  20. I confess, I had a little party last night and at least 48 cans of beer were opened, releasing oodles and oodles of that evil co2 stuff ! The snacks were Crazy Hot Re fried Bean Burrito’s ! l had nightmare just thinking about all the super nasty methane that I caused to be released this morning…..oh the horror of it all ! : )

  21. If nothing else, the confessions give me a bucket list of things I haven’t attempted yet…

    And yes, I am a full timer RVer, with a diesel dually pickup, a sports car, and a motorcycle.

    • I passed 3 cars AT ONE TIME today on my motorrad.

      Okay, more of a traffic violation than a climate confession. But since ‘climate confessions’ are silly, mine’s just as good.

  22. Is it only me then that hopes the climate actually does change for the warmer so that winters in the U.K. will not be as miserable, grey and cold for months on end? If at the same time fewer people die of energy poverty and places and people further North from the mid latitudes, like Canada and the Canadians, are also a bit warmer, so much the better.

    Of course, I also think that the climate is relatively insensitive to fluctuating CO2 levels. I suppose that is some sort of heresy or hate crime in the minds of eco-hysterics.

  23. I had to reuse some rubber bands yesterday used in food preparation (don’t ask) because there were no replacements in the house. I wilfully rinsed them with lots of hot water, not cold. And used detergent too.

  24. I confess that the vast majority of people I’ve physically spoken to about climate change AND who are adamant about humans being solely responsible, have never actually looked into the subject one iota or s spent any time whatsoever looking beyond the mainstream sensationalism and political ideology.

  25. I wrote this post on my Korean built device, made from Aluminium, Lithium, oil, sand and many toxic chemicals shipped in from all over the world. The message was uploaded via hundreds of internet nodes and servers, ticking away clock cycles in air conditioned rooms 24/7/365.25

    Please Gaia, tell your devotees to refrain from updating their phones every two years and to stay away from social media. So that saner voices are no longer being drowned out by the vocal minority.

    • I confess to consuming quantities of real and craft ales which causes me to issue noxious gasses that warm the planet and the immediate area behind me.

  26. I confess I used my original inefficient house heating ( nat gas burning central furnace) for another year instead of buying a brand new 97% (wink) efficient modern heater. The modern unit has an expected lifetime of 10 years to repair or replacement. My old beater is turning 51.

  27. As far as I can tell nature is perfectly good at looking after itself, therefore I (and no one I’ve ever met) have ever done anything wrong 😇, certainly nothing that affects the climate in any long lasting or significant way.
    Besides that forest has mostly grown back now 😈 .

  28. Forgive me O almighty Gaia, for I have sinned greatly, as I am a non-Believer and verily mock those who do Believe.
    Now, how many Hail Gretas and how many Our Gores do I need to do?

  29. I play electric guitar and sometimes I plug in the amplifier. When I’m on tour, the wind turbine doesn’t fit on the waggon, what else can I do?

  30. I’m still trying to get news items out of my head from the 1980s about visions of the Virgin Mary seen in knot holes of trees and reflections off cars and now you throw this at me on climate change confessions online. Sheez!

  31. I saw a bridge and could not decide if I should jump or not. Then I decide everybody else should jump to soften my landing. Climate catastrophe averted.

  32. I confess that I believe lining up all of the whining green terrorists somewhere in Iowa facing east that we would not have to worry about the intermittency of windmills.

    We live off the grid six months/year on a sailboat. Solar power, huge batteries, LEDs. We planned hard to keep diesel use below 150 gallons last season- because it’s expensive and extremely difficult, inconvenient, dangerous to acquire fuel. Be careful and conserve, but not because of the boggy man. I could get behind policy programs based on conservation for the sake of the future and many good current reasons. Just please, stop the lying, power grabbing, and taking. Just think what good all of the wasted eco terrorist fake science dollars could have accomplished.

    I believe the climate changes. Jury is out as to what direction it may be moving. I think we change it’s path about like peeing off the side at ten knots, five miles off shore changes the Atlantic.

  33. People this isn’t funny. HaHa actually it is funny. Re-sodded a golf course one swing at a time, but in an electric cart.

  34. What I find interesting about the serious confessions (few as they are), is that virtually no one has any intention of changing their behavior. They may feel guilty, but not THAT guilty.

    • No guilt at all! I’m sitting in the back of my big-ass Tundra 4 x 4 (with the gun rack in the window!), wearing my bright-RED MAGA HAT, grilling a ribeye on PROPANE (OMG!) to do my part for the greening of the Earth which is opening up newly-productive agricultural land all ove the globe. The more CO2, the better! And the mentally-ill children “witnessing” before Congress should be institutionalized. Maybe the UN can pay for that?

      Sorry, but you can’t fool even MOST of the people NEARLY enough of the time to fly this scam much farther.

      • I’m taking my 717 hp Hellcat out for a ride today in the beautiful cool weather. 11 minutes to drain the fuel tank at top speed. But I don’t go 200 mph. I just use it to get to the speed limit (or a little above) before anybody else at the light.

  35. I left my own comment, unlike some of the other ‘visitors’ who left comments like:
    “I would rather the whole planet burn than give up steak. Kick rocks hippies”
    Comments like this can be nonconstructive and just roll the eyes of the AGW-True Believers..
    So, trying to actually add to the conversation, I put:
    “As a Conservative, I’ve always recycled my bottle-cans and even ziplock bags. BUT my liberal wife and children just throw them away, go figure.”
    Granted, I ran into the 130 character limit, so I couldn’t expand on this. Yes, it may seem a little snarky with the political bent, but it seems to be accurate that ‘some’ people do things that may look good, as long as it’s easy and doesn’t inconvenience them . But actually doing the right thing and taking the extra steps, that’s another.

    Isn’t the definition of ‘Integrity’ – Doing the right thing, even when no one else is looking.. ?

    Let’s see if this make it past the website’s censors..

  36. Grill steak once a week?!? Bahahaha!!!

    Sometimes we grill stuff THREE times a week.

    But on the other hand I have a wife and daughter, so the thermostat has had to be set at a compromised 76 deg.

    And they STILL sit under blankets.

  37. “Ah yeah, Climate Confessions. I double bag the garbage every night, it’s my OCD. And the last person my wife and I axe murdered we buried in the ground. BIG SORRY. The CO2 must be bad coming off that rotting sinner must be bad. Extra big sorry for that…”

    • You committed a terrible sin. Dead bodies should never be buried.
      Dead bodies need to be chopped and put into the compost pile. This is the proper way to recycle. After composting, the fine compost is used in your organic garden. As we all know, gardening is wonderful and doing it with all-natural inputs is even better. After some trial and error, you may find that just one or two dead bodies per year will provide your garden with all the rich fertilizer it needs. Trips to the local Home And Garden shop to buy commercial fertilizer will become a thing of the past.

  38. I confess that, while I am an atmospheric scientist well educated on the climate crisis myth, I haven’t done enough to help dispel this myth and prevent a dystopian, socialist hell-hole of a future for my children and grandchildren.

  39. Land O’ Goshen, but this is a fun set of posts.
    But maybe climate zealots are like Unitarians?
    Whose prayers are “to whom it may concern”.
    My confession?
    I’m an unrepentant skeptic.

  40. I confess to a bitter and probably irrational hatred of the BBC due to a professional betrayal some years ago – and a withering contempt for the Synod of the Church of England for their fossil fuel policy and their lack of concern for the poor of the planet.

  41. Are we sure these confessions are not some kind of joke? Most of the ‘confessions’ that I have looked at on the NBC site are hearteningly of the ‘get lost’ variety; even those that are not seem like they might be spoof anguish. I am from the Eastern side of the pond, so maybe need the politics of NBC spelling out for me. They surely couldn’t expect serious responses to such a fatuous question?

  42. I wasted precious electricity watching NBC. I have since repented and do not watch it any more. I feel much better now.

  43. When the school made the children watch Algore’s sham movie in class, I had them skip and took them go cart racing. Instead of propaganda and indoctrination, we fertilized the trees that day.

  44. I am a climate super-villain – dedicated to destroying the planet one plastic bag, one hamburger, one car-ride at a time.
    I’m not even sorry.

  45. There was this comment from the NBC News’ website:

    “….I built a 60 foot tall Al Gore effigy out of old tires, doused it in motor oil and lit it on fire…”

  46. I have proudly contributed to the release of CO2, for better or worse, during my 83 years on this beautiful earth. I’ve: driven over a million miles in a series of gas and diesel cars and SUVs; flown hundreds of thousands of miles in pursuit of pleasure and business; heated my homes with coal, natural gas and oil; eaten food produced on mechanized farms around the world and transported in FF vehicles to my market; purchased a lifetime’s worth of products mined and manufactured using FF; air conditioned my home with a heat pump powered by coal and gas; used refrigerators and a/c units which occasionally leak a small amount of powerful greenhouse gas; worked in electric generating plants fueled by coal and gas; spent four years in the evil, FF-guzzling United States Air Force while it pushed back against the wonderful communists in the USSR, China and Vietnam; voted for Republicans who (usually) support evil capitalism; worked 30 years in and around nuclear power plants and a bomb material production facility (for the anti-nuclear environmentalists); use plastic bags, straws, and single-use plastic products; owned and used small, gasoline-powered generators; owned and used gasoline-powered tools, including a chipper, trimmer, tiller, riding and walk-behind lawn mowers; and, of course, if you are a wild-eyed, leftist, Trump and Trump-supporter hater, I am also still breathing and exhaling 40,000 ppm CO2.

    My goal right now is to continue with my climate-destroying ways (sarc), including exhaling 40,000 ppm CO2 through the 2020 presidential elections so I can cast my vote for “The Donald.”

    Thus ends my extensive climate change confession.

  47. My main PC is an old beefy 2011 model. Ever since I bought it, I’ve been running World Community Grid in the background 24/7. It does warm up the computer room nicely in the winter. Projects are mostly search for cures for diseases and medical research (some projects are cancer, Ebola, clean energy, influenza, dengue fever).

    One of the projects I wasted energy on was “AfricanClimate@Home”. IMO, the project was never well thought out. I don’t think the data was ever used by anyone. The project came to an abrupt end when the PI took on a new assignment with the United Nations Development Programme.,31678

    WCG now has three new climate-change projects in beta testing.

  48. I confess.

    I use gasoline.
    I use electricity.
    I use methane.
    I buy products that use plastic.
    I buy products that use metal.
    I buy products that use wood.
    I have four internal combustion engine vehicles.
    I take drives unnecessary to stay alive.
    I like new infrastructure, i.e. roads.
    I use a computer.
    I watch TV.
    I eat meat.
    I eat at restaurants.
    I heat my house.
    I cool my house.
    I have six children.
    I breathe.
    I believe that all these things do no harm to the earth or any other people that live thereon.
    I mock people who think that a little more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bad.

    I don’t think that a small change in temperature is really “climate change”, more like “minor weather variation”. I believe the northwest US is still a temperate rain forest. I believe northern Africa is still a desert. I believe the north and south poles still icy. I believe the British isles are still rainy.

    I believe climate is more than temperature. I believe “climate change” would require an actual change in designation, like the Alps becoming a desert. I believe a hyper focus on small changes in temperature reveals the foolish childishness of these climate claims.

    I confess.

  49. Here is the current headline on Fox News Channel:

    Internet Trolls Mock NBC News’ “Climate Confesssions” Project

  50. I admit I sin by laughing at the local weather forecasters long term predictions and I do that pretty much every week.

  51. I questioned the static climate world view set by advocacy groups and hockey stick constructions of data proxies with agenda emphasis applied to modern warming.
    I bought a very large box of plastic bags at a wholesale store and another one with plastic straws.
    I bought a large vehicle with a nice, reliable V-8 engine after it had depreciated and without subsidies.
    I collect dividends from pipeline companies.
    I visit WUWT daily.
    I invest in fossil fuel companies.
    I turned off big brother media.
    I’ve questioned agenda climate scare authority and it’s science basis.
    I’ve viewed global satellite data and studied long-term ocean cycles like the AMO.
    Am I a bad person for expanding my knowledge base?

  52. A confession is an act made by a Catholic before a Priest. Another indication that “CAGW” is a religious movement.

  53. I confess to owning

    A diesel tractor
    A diesel van
    A diesel car

    A petrol quad

    And nearly forgot a diesel digger
    And a solar panel for charging a battery which is next to useless

  54. Rush Limbaugh said today some college had students confessing their “sins” to plants! Looked for a link in search engines but nothing came up yet (I think they’re hiding it).

  55. I confess I work for an oil company and am proud to help provide the energy that makes modern life, with growing life expectancies, reduced infant mortality, improved health, and greater prosperity possible, and hope those same benefits can be realized by the billions of people in the world who still do not have access to reliable affordable energy.

    Sorry I guess that’s not the kind of confession they have in mind.

  56. I confessed:

    “Knowing that CO2-alarmism is an evil fraud I despise every phony eco-sacrament, want to sue over state estab. of eco-religion.”

    And Tweeted:

    Only actual climate danger always has been GLOBAL COOLING, and with the sun now flipped from 80 yr grand-max to likely grand-min …

  57. How soon will it be before selected individuals (as representatives of different groups of people) will be called in before Clima-Pope AlGore to account for their climate sins? Can you say “Clima-quisition”?

    Algor: the chill (of death).

  58. Okay, they can start the enviro sainthood process for Greta now. She is said to have walked across the ocean. and fed the masses from a single loaf of tofu.

  59. My confession: I don’t think this September weather is that unusual for the Southeast US and I think they are fudging the temperatures they are posting – they have been saying 98 for my area when it feels like 91, and so on. It doesn’t feel any different to me at all from any other September. We don’t usually get a strong cold front until October. Hot in September isn’t news.

  60. I confess: This is the most ridiculous guilt trip I have ever seen.

    I confess, therefore, that I have nothing to feel guilty about, climate wise. My other sins are not up for discussion here.

  61. I confess:
    I don’t add enough soot to the atmosphere. Since soot cools the planet, I’m guilty. As penance, I’ll start “rolling coal” on all economy cars from now on, in lieu of only doing so on smug hybrids.

  62. ‘Even those who care deeply about the planet’s future’

    It’s a big dirt ball flying around the sun. ‘Care deeply?’ Clearly a psychosis.

    ‘Tell us: Where do you fall short in preventing climate change?

    You can’t prevent climate change. So it is really a question of failure to meet orthodoxy. That is NBC’s demand: you must do things the way we say.

    ‘Do you blast the A/C? Throw out half your lunch? Grill a steak every week?’

    The unstated implication is that these are BAD. Living my life is NOT bad, NBC. Sod off.

  63. My climate confession is captured in a documentary I put on YouTube:

    It’s titled “One with the Wind: a Pepperoni Addict’s Search for Social Redemption”.

  64. I confess to using a chain saw to cut up park benches made of recycled plastics, and then burning them in my outdoor firepit.

    Even better than Dura-Flame!

  65. My confession as a man-made climate change believer: I don’t make any attempt to curb my CO2 emissions even though I believe they are contributing to climate change. I work in aviation and I take as many foreign flight-based vacations as I can afford or have time for. I also drive, usually, instead of taking public transport, which I could use.

    I am interested to see the extent of the impacts of man-made climate change, which I think is real. Does this make me an immoral person? Possibly; but as you may have gathered, that’s not something that keeps me awake at night.

    I do not moralize with those who reject the scientific consensus on climate change, even if I believe they are mistaken. I would be a hypocrite otherwise.

  66. If I had a button to push that would launch all the nuclear missiles in the world, I might be able to “Change the Climate” for up to a hundred years or so.
    But I don’t have such a button so I can’t unleash the worst that Man can do.

    I have nothing to confess since I do nothing worse than live my life and care for my family.

  67. I confess to being a bleating coal-black sheep,
    to being a “sin-strument” of evil climate-crushing capital,
    and to loving it!

  68. I no longer heat ants to the boiling point with my magnifying glass.
    In fact, most critters I can corral in the house, are released back into their natural surroundings to die a proper death.

  69. I confess that whenever I get an email with the helpful “Please consider the environment before printing this email.” reminder at the bottom, I print out and landfill 5 copies to safely sequester the carbon molecules tied up in the paper. I should be printing 10. I’m sorry.

  70. I’m doing my part to lessen my carbon footprint- specifically I won’t be purchasing any outrageously priced carbon fiber bicycles! Other than that; off to my SUV.

  71. I couldn’t resist adding my own confession:
    “Being a well educated critical thinker, I know that the overall trend has been cooling for 8000 years and share the good news.”

  72. Our local energy company has spent this year trying to energy shame us all. First they sent out news about a “service” that would let them control our thermostat remotely, turning it off half an hour out of every 2 hours during the hottest part of the day. They billed this as a service but I fail to see any benefit to myself (I am at home all day and set the thermostat where I like it). Next they told us to set it at 78 degrees. It used to be 72, then 74, now it’s 78. I’m not setting it to 78, that means parts of my house will be above 80!

    now they are sending out emails telling me how my energy use compares to that of my neighbors. Apparently I use more than most of them. I did have a problem with the HVAC system we just fixed today, but we probably make more money than most of our neighbors and can afford to keep the house cooler, so we do. So I don’t care. What’s next, rationed electricity? I wouldn’t be surprised.
    I pay my electric bill on time every month, I should not be getting these nanny messages.

  73. I confess I have a pantry full of pork and beans . A methane induced juggernaut .
    Just trying to keep up with those Hollywood hypocrites in my own humble way .
    I confess I didn’t vote for Canada’s black face Mr . Dress Up .

  74. I put on ABC’s confession page the following –

    “I spend FAR too much time on my computer (using huge amounts of energy) ridiculing people who claim they are “saving the planet”.

    Was that wrong?

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