Ship with Climate Change Warriors caught in ice, Warriors evacuated

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Erofey Schkvarkin News September 4,  2019 4:09 am

Arctic tours ship MS MALMO with 16 passengers on board got stuck in ice on Sep 3 off Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago, halfway between Norway and North Pole. The ship is on Arctic tour with Climate Change documentary film team, and tourists, concerned with Climate Change and melting Arctic ice. All 16 Climate Change warriors were evacuated by helicopter in challenging conditions, all are safe. 7 crew remains on board, waiting for Coast Guard ship assistance.

Something is very wrong with Arctic ice, instead of melting as ordered by UN/IPCC, it captured the ship with Climate Change Warriors.


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153 thoughts on “Ship with Climate Change Warriors caught in ice, Warriors evacuated

  1. Is this going to be an annual rescue? These fools need to pay for the resources(and carbon) used to rescue them.

  2. The death of Arctic sea ice has been greatly exaggerated, for both political and financial reasons benefiting the Climate Change Industry. Follow the money….

  3. Thank goodness for fossil fuels, otherwise how would have a battery operated helicopter rescued this ship of fools? There is just so much hypocrisy being preached to the world by these morons. I feel like I have seen this movie before…

    • It was likely that fossil fuels powered the diesel generators that kept the Climate Warriors from freezing their doodahs off!!!! Shades of the Kapitan Kalebnikov (?) a few years back carrying a party of tourists to see the ice not there, & got stuck for several days, unable to be rescued until sea-ice conditions improved, because the sea-ice wasn’t supposed to be there! Plus ca change, plus ce la memchose! AtB

      Yet another blank from the BBC & all other MSM hacks!

      • “It was likely that fossil fuels powered the diesel generators that kept the Climate Warriors from freezing their doodahs off!!!!”

        I doubt if any of them had any doodahs in the first place.

    • It wouldn’t have. An all electric (non nuclear) vessel and an all electric air rescue system would have ensured all aboard were Polar Bear Food (Paris the thought)

  4. Doubtless this will headline news on the Guardian tomorrow.

    ” Great news: the Arctic has been saved brave science expedition. “

    • You forgot to mention, as well as saving the arctic, the science expedition also saved 5 polar bears and half a dozen seals that will be relocated using the latest sea ice intelligence..

      • It always is.
        Pity they haven’t figured out the common element in all their wrong predictions…. themselves.

  5. The problem with those activists, warriors and other kinds of alarmists is that most of them believe their own lies. So, they really think there is no ice up there.
    And possibly even after being rescued they insist in their state of denial.

    • Tom, it would have been oh so tempting to just leave them there on the basis of my earlier post above, i.e. the ice has all but gone what’s your problem?

  6. Well they wanted to see the reality of global warming for themselves and they did. I’m sure they realise it was money well spent.

    Maybe they can get a refund from the Guardian for lying to them.

    • There seems to be a never ending tap of other people’s money. Energy and lifestyle taxes rinsed through the charity and quango sectors.

      • Good morning Howard (UTC),

        Please see my other comments requesting a correction to the “fake news” reported in Charles’ OP.

        The only “fools” here are those who swallow the garbage spouted by “right-wing websites” hook, line and sinker!

  7. Maybe they should have checked the error bars on their climate models. It seems that Pat Frank’s thoughts may have a broader reach to the climate activists then they might have ever expected. Wonder if the Helicopters were electric.

    • I’m sure the ice breaker the freed the ship wasn’t running on batteries or solar panels or wind turbines, or sails.

        • Russ/RAH,

          The “icebreaker” didn’t “free the ship”. According to the (autotranslated) correction issued by the Norwegian web site that “broke” the “story”:

          The coast guard ship KV Andenes escorted MS Malmö out of the Hinlopen Strait on Svalbard on Wednesday, after the vessel itself had managed to recover from the ice.

          Please also note that Hinlopen Strait is on the opposite side of Spitsbergen to Longyearbyen.

  8. They shouldn’t have rescued these fools (at least for the sake of polar bears welfare):
    – before dying from cold and/or being eaten by polar bears, those idiots could have produced for once in their life a TRUE documentary on the ACTUAL climate in the Svalbard area with the title : “The cold it kills stupid (and the polar bears don’t help) !”

  9. Loyal, Nick,
    Apologies from Svalbard for trapping your climate faithful in a slight scrim of rotten first year ice in September when Ice Free conditions were preordained by the Holy Sepulchre IPCC

  10. Aarrr me hearties, Arctic Ice must verily be a pirate to capture helpless research ships like that! Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight! What fun!

  11. Sounds like they are nominees for the Environmental Darwin Awards, failing to understand the true nature of the environment, and putting both themselves and others in danger.

    • Looked at the specifications; smaller than my first impression from looking at the photo:

      Ship Specifications

      Crew: 8

      Guests: max 15

      Length: 37.05 m

      Breadth: 8.80

      Draft: 4.91 m

      Ice Class: Ice strengthen according to Lloyds highest ice class

      Cruising Speed: 10 Knots

      Built: 1943 Helsingborg, Sweden

      Refurbished and total overhaul: 2014

      Registered: Göteborg, Sweden

    • Looking at the Malmo trip schedule, they seem to make a “Winter Whales of Norway” cruise every week out of Tromsø. Could be fun, but looks pricey (air evac not included). There is an upcoming “Northern Lights Cruise” January 28 – February 3rd next year which from the photo anyway looks really spectacular.

      Seems like an honest ship just trying to make a living. Not their fault they got chartered by Climate Warriers.

      • Don’t know if I’m buying “…honest ship just trying to make a living. Not their fault they got chartered by Climate Warriers….”.

        This is why you’re supposed to have a licensed, experienced, knowledgable, un-drunk captain in charge of the ship.

  12. I hope the beautiful little old ship will survive and get free of the ice:
    I was once tempted to go on a trip with MS Malmö in 2014, together with Dr. Fred Goldberg from Swedish Polar Institute AB. – How I miss Fred Goldberg.

    From a private email from Fred Goldberg I will take the liberty to translate a small paragraph:
    “If the ice increase or diminish is observed optically from satellite every month by NASA since 1979, but the problem is that you cannot see the thickness of the ice or how much the ice has packed-up. What actually register with higher accuracy, is how much open water there is.”

  13. How many more embarrassing trips into the warm Arctic waters are these Disciples of Climate Change religion going to make, before one of the believers asks a real question about man made climate change?
    A question like, why is there so much ice everywhere? Or maybe? Why isn’t Al up here to tell us why this ice free ocean he told us about all those years ago has so much residual ice in it?

    • Well, see, warmth is sneaky. It can take the form of ice. It looks cold, but it’s really hot. This is very scientifical. Really.

  14. Clearly, the Russians are not afraid to call a spade a spade and put it in the paper. You won’t find any of it in the MSM. Isn’t that ironic?

    • yeah I agree, a decent taste of their stupidity!
      after all the crew have to stay and put up with the conditions , those who wanted to go see…should too.
      reality-what a concept;-)

  15. That is a mighty powerful chopper in the video (Thanks Charlie 1250am). How much fossil fuel does that use in an hour?

    • Looks to be a Super Puma. Twin engine cruise of 130 knots gives a safe average consumption of 1030 lbs/hour, with adequate reserve.

      Fossil fuel to the rescue!

  16. Doubtless this will be spun as a result of increased glacier calving (caused by you know what) meaning more floating sea ice yada yada yada…

    • Yes I do, increased calving is generally caused by increased ice mass, not by melting – melted ice is what some people call water.
      The punch is not to You, Admad, it is to the ignorant followers of climate scare.

  17. Do you think al gore will use this? He is trying to use the Imaq picture as proof of melting sea ice, yet has shown to solid evidence of mass ice melt… Also didn’t another boat carry tourists get stuck, or they had to turn around a month or so ago, with 3 meter thick ice?

    • Yes, indeed. 2014, Antarctica.
      Chris Turney, an Australian university professor led an expedition of academics, reporters, and tourists to Antarctica to bear witness the destruction of the antarctic ice. It was high summer, no less. The Gods will play with mere mortals as they will. The ship, MV Akademik Shokalskiy promptly got stuck in the ice, and the weather turned ugly. (Lesson: when things go bad, they always go from bad to worse) A major international rescue was mounted. The Australian icebreaker, Aurora Australis came close but was driven back by the storm and closing ice. The Chinese icebreaker, Xue Long (Snow Dragon) was able to get close enough to get the passengers off the Akademik Shokalskiy by using it’s helicopler. Xue Long was then in turn trapped in ice. (Lesson: Just when you think it can’t get any worse…) Using their helicopter again, the Xue Long was able to transfer the passengers to the Aurora Australis. Eventually, the two stuck ships were freed, and all made it home safe and sound. The Turney expedition was dubbed “The Ship Of Fools”, that is how it has been known ever since.
      The Australian Navy would eventually send the bill to Turney’s university which had partially sponsored the fiasco. No word if they ever actually paid it.
      Here is a good story on it:

    • No that was a brand-new norwegian research vessel which had to turn back with damage after trying to get through the very difficult ice north of Svalbard.

  18. A couple of thoughts on this:
    Firstly, the prefix to the ship’s name, MS, indicates that it is a Motor Ship, which in turn means that it has a Diesel engine………..
    Secondly, having looked at the passenger rates, these activists must be very well paid. Out of my pay grade…….

  19. Here’s one for the Climate Change Worriers:

    Do do you have a problem in life? Yes
    Can you do something about it? No
    Peace of mind guaranteed 🙂

  20. More Maritime news-

    “Shipping losses declined by a record level of more than 50% year-on-year from 98 in 2017, driven by a significant fall in hotspots around the world and weather-related losses halving after a quieter year of hurricane and typhoon activity. The 2018 loss year is exceptional compared with the rolling 10-year loss average of 104 (down by 55%).

  21. You see it is all Mr Watts fault. They checked the sea ice page and forgot to click on things to update them and thought it was still July ice conditions. /sarc

    How many more of these “Ships of Fools” before the insurance companies start charging a rescue premium (aka stupid charge)?

    • Actually there is less ice in September than in July. The annual minimum is about September 15. It was understanding this that made Nordenskiöld’s first voyage through the Northeast Passage possible, earlier explorers had usually turned back before the best navigation period.

      And timing this voyage so late shows just how difficult the ice situation is this year in Svalbard. Normally Hinlopenstraedet, while not quite ice-free, is passable in July (been there, done that).

  22. That sign in X-Files “I Want to Believe”. This ship won’t get the 24/7 coverage by the media that was expected.

  23. The Climate Warriors consistently refuse to let reality influence their plans and their faith.

    Last year it was the Northwest Passage that had a bit more ice than average and was impassable. This year conditions there are about average, and the shallow southern route is passable (for a few weeks), but instead there is more ice than usual in the Barents Sea sector. This was already easily foreseeable last spring since the ice north and east of Svalbard was very thick (>3 meters):

  24. Using a sailboat would render a stronger virtue signal. Not like mine which has nylon, dacron, mylar and kevlar sails from petrol and an epoxy hull.

  25. “7 crew remains on board, waiting for Coast Guard ship assistance.”

    Would that ‘Coast Guard assistance’ be employing an Ice-Breaker?

    Perhaps we’d have more ice if ‘Environmental Scientists’ would forgo using Ice-Breakers at both poles. If you’re actively destroying ice, don’t lecture me about potentially diminishing ice.

  26. According to NSDIC, Arctic sea ice extent grew yesterday from 4.293 million sq km to 4.297. If gains continue, this would be among one of the earliest summer lows in the dedicated satellite record, since 1979, if not the earliest. Septmeber 10, 2016 was a recent early minimum. Sea ice built for two consecutive days in late August, however, so it’s obviously too soon to declare a bottom for this season.

    Whether September 7 proves this summer’s low or not, the slowdown in melt suggests that 2019 will pip out 2016 and 2007 for fourth lowest year, after the 2012 record minimum. Fifth lowest was 2011 and sixth 2015. Arctic cyclones struck in the three lowest years, twice in 2016. There was a cyclone in late August this year, too, but it didn’t seem to affect sea ice extent.

    Griff and NOAA were yet again wrong, as usual, to expect 2019 closely to rival 2012’s 3.387 M sq km. Unless a late season cyclone should hit the Arctic. the annual fluctuations are just weather. The trend has been flat since 2007. Arctic sea ice is in its natural cyclical bottoming process.

      • It seems to me a lot of people tend to think of sea ice as static. Of course it isn’t. Places that were open water last year are closed up by heavy ice this year and of course the opposite is true. Extent, usually what is probably the least climate indicative metric, is what Griff loves to harp on all the time.

        • Nor does the arbitrary cutoff of 15% ice cover in satellite observations necessarily mean waters open to navigation, as per the present situation in the southern route of the NW Passage.

      • In 1980 the low occurred on September 5 or 6, which was a leap year. So September 7 would not be unprecedented in the dedicated satellite record.

      • Arctic sea ice extent on September 10:

        Another build, however small, yesterday, to 4.324 M sq km.

        Like watching ice freeze!

      • Higher than on same date in 2012, 2007 and 2016. Griff must be crestfallen. Disappointment upon disappointment that Mother Gaia doesn’t cooperate with his confident predictions based upon his deep religious faith in the great god CACA.

  27. OTOH, Antarctic sea ice dipped slightly yesterday, but if the 7th should remain the high, it’s in the normal range.

  28. I’m still convinced that these eco-tourists go on these trips to show that the ice is not there.
    Expecting to “dine out” on the horrors of ice-free summers all winter.

    • Not necessarily. Hinlopenstraedet is quite good for Polar Bears and there is a large Walrus haulout at Torellneset (on land, not ice, please note). There is also a large breeding colony of Brünnich’s Guillemot on Alkefjellet, but they are gone by now. There is also a good chance to see Sabine’s Gull and some slight chance for Ross’s Gull.

  29. “AUTHOR
    // Erofey Schkvarkin
    Erofey is a Merchant Marine Captain with more than 20 years experience in commanding oil tankers. He works as a Captain, being most of his time at sea. He contributes maritime news.“

    The mocking tone of this article is palpable. I wonder if it has anything to do with the author having spent 20 years at sea. How many climate warriors set foot on a ship for the first time, yet due to their “wokeness” already knew everything there was to know about arctic sea ice?

  30. Warmunists: “You think you’re smarter than the thousands of scientists warning us about global warming?”

    You mean like the scientists that call themselves experts in Arctic sea ice who get themselves trapped in and have to be rescued from Arctic sea ice?

    Little bit.

  31. Apparently they were trying to retrace the route of the Ahlmann expedition with Quest in 1931 that made the first accurate survey of the Nordaustland and Kvitöya and also visited Franz Josephs land.

    However 1931 was a very good ice year in the Barents sea area, while 2019 is not, so they failed, despite being nearly a month later than Quest, when ice is at a minimum. Must be a bit embarassing.

    Details about the 1931 expedition:

  32. There should be a public service announcement attached to any film about the melting Arctic that reads:

    No ice was harmed in the making of this film.

    In this case, I wonder how many tons of innocent ice will be disturbed in an attempt to get that ship moving.

    Ice murderers !!

  33. Same ol’ story:

    “Climate Change warriors were evacuated by helicopter in challenging conditions, all are safe.

    7 crew remains on board, waiting for Coast Guard ship assistance.”

    Let’s see if the “Climate Change warriors” are ready to pay back the rescue costs:

  34. Arctic most endangered by – tourists:

    “Arved Fuchs, a German adventurer and the first person to reach both the north and south poles on foot in a year, said: “The number of cruise ships is rising, that’s the crux. And the bigger the ship, the more problematic this is. Party ships have no place in the Arctic,” he told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung in an interview.

    Fuchs, a celebrated environmentalist who runs an annual climate camp to teach European students about global warming, said he had witnessed small Inuit villages being inundated by day trippers spilling out of cruise ships.

    “Some of the small Inuit villages are regularly flooded with cruise ship passengers,” he said. “They do nothing more than gawp and give little back to the people who live there. The visitors are the only ones to profit, not the residents.””

  35. Leaves the question:

    Why didn’t climate saviour Greta Thunberg ask Arved Fuchs for a hike over stormy Atlantic ocean.

  36. Leaves the question:

    Why didn’t climate saviour Greta Thunberg ask Arved Fuchs for a hike over stormy Atlantic ocean

    Leaves the question:

    Why will that sweet little 6teens tell us about “Climate Change”.

    Not only

    – thei’re only 16 years, what do they know.

    – they strike school “for their cause”, what CAN they know.

    But too:

    What kind of POLITICIANS rely on tales of climate worriers, what do THAT kind of politicians know!

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  37. They wasted all that money on a helicopter rescue? I could’ve just made a few extra trips to Costco in my oversized SUV and climate changed them out of that ice

  38. The article says halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Sigh. Svalbard IS Norway. The writer should have said the Norwegian mainland instead of Norway. That might seem picky to many, but I am an American whose roots all go back to Norway.

  39. Funny how these adventures abandon ship and never are seen again . Reality check completed . The
    shear terror of hearing your boat get crunched has that effect . I wonder if they sat around telling Franklin
    stories ?
    Who picked up the rescue tab ?

  40. You probably won’t publish this, but the leader of the expedition has said they were NOT “climate warriors” and were not making a documentary. They were a bunch of middle aged guys following the path of an earlier expedition.

    The leader told a local newspaper that he had tried to correct the misinformation, but had no reply from the blog that apparently kicked off the incorrect claim about them being “climate warriors”.


    • There’s been no reply here from Charles/Anthony yet either Chris! Unless I blinked and missed it?

      However the original source of the Norwegian language misinformation has published a correction. See my link above.

  41. In the centerfold of the 09.2019 issue of National Geographic (a subscription gifted to me by a warming alarmist hoping to help me get my mind right) we find an image of the Arctic from a year ago showing the area in question ice-free. It could be a fluke, but we get to claim that the region gained sea ice from the previous year, and employ their data in the process. Let’s get back to air and water quality and proper disposal of trash.

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