ThinkProgress Blames Trump For Weekend Heat Wave

From The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Reporter

July 19, 2019 12:01 PM ET

ThinkProgress, the liberal pub from the Center for American Progress that is on life support, appears to be delusional. Or the heat is frying the editors’ brains, making rational thought difficult to achieve.

As the East Coast and the Midwest bears down for a weekend heat wave, with marathons canceled and horse races put on ice, ThinkProgress is pointing the finger at President Trump.

Temperatures are expected to rise above 100 degrees. Meteorologists are planning for something hellish called a “heat dome,” which, according to the National Ocean Service, is when the atmosphere “traps hot ocean air like a cap.”

Late last month, parts of Europe faced down sweaty travelers in Rome and Madrid, where temps rose as high as 109 degrees. There wasn’t enough gelato in the world to stop it. Was Kellyanne Conway responsible for that one? She says her ancestors are from Italy and Ireland.

Trump isn’t a big believer in climate change. Or maybe he is? At one point, he called it a “hoax” created by China. Earlier this month, he gave a speech on the environment. Some reports say he didn’t even mention it. But that isn’t true. Instead, he boasted that the nation has reduced climate-inducing carbon dioxide emissions. (RELATED: Trump: ‘The People Who Get It Wrong Most Are Weather Forecasters And Political Analysts)

Despite his idiotic waffling, it’s hard to blame one man for this weekend’s scorcher. (RELATED: Meteorologists Claps Back On AOC Charge About A Tornado Warning In D.C.)

As president, he’s powerful. But he’s not that powerful. And no, Aquaman is not real.

In 1936, Washington experienced a summer heat wave that had disastrous consequences for crops. There were reported temps of 108 degrees on Pennsylvania Avenue and 110 degrees at the National Cathedral. AC wasn’t yet the norm in most households. Neither was AOC. And somehow, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn’t blamed for the heat wave that killed 5,000.

In early July, the news popped that the Center for American Progress is putting ThinkProgress on the griddle (up for sale in heat wave language). According to a report in The Daily Beast by Sam Stein, the news site has come under “severe financial strains” in the reign of Trump.

If a new publisher is not found, it is possible that the site will burst into flames (i.e. close).

In the meantime, let’s blame Trump for the heat wave.

Why not Donald Trump Jr. too? And 13-year-old Barron?

Because that makes a lot of sense.

107 thoughts on “ThinkProgress Blames Trump For Weekend Heat Wave

  1. And Trump was responsible for the cold earlier in the year, and the heavy rains. So is ThinkProgress doing a rain dance to appease him?

    • Tony Heller has been blasting this fraud wide open recently with his videos that contain historical climate details. This “heat wave” pales in comparison to 1936, amongst other years. In fact, we have certainly been cooling since the 1930s. To deny that is to purposely obfuscate and misdirect, I assume, to remain faithful to the religion of the CAGW cult.

      The regular contrarians here (CAGW scam defenders) would do well to watch all of those links. But of course the talented Mr. Stokes claims Tony is a liar and not credible. Funny, i just watched his upload where he corrected a statement about our recent cold spell winter when it was pointed out. More than I’ve ever seen Stokes admit with his own disproven claims.

      Caveat: this following isn’t off topic because it involves historical climate perspective, which all the propagandists are claiming this heat wave is unprecedented and the end is nigh.

      And as usual, Randall Carlson has fantastic uploads documenting the historical evidence of previous, not too distant extreme climate changes that really put all of this in perspective.

      I’d really like to see Mr. Arroganceton debate him on catastrophism since he speaks with such dismissive smugness. His love for authority and cocksure nature would likely prevent him from engaging with a true, robust intellect but we shall see.

      From what I’ve read between the two of them, Randall has more compelling evidence (although they share a decent amount of overlap with dating and significance) and of course, a much broader and more healthy perspective that is within the bounds of reason, unlike typical status quo apologists making dismissive diatribes on here.

      One of the many fantastic uploads by Randall regarding this topic:

      Shame the comments on uniformitarianism were closed.

      • She obviously cannot read or only read the headline. The NOAA report showed that North America was cooler than average in June.

    • Record precipitation in CA this year!! Thank you, President Trump!! I just flew from SF to LA … and the entire Sierra from Tahoe to Mt Whitney STILL is a continuous ribbon of white capped mountains. I have NEVER seen this much snow in the Sierra, this late in the summer!! And Lake Tahoe is filled to the brim and pouring water down the Truckee R. All of Tahoe’s beaches have disappeared under water

      Thanks president Trump!!!

      • I see AOC and her squad putting out more hot air than The Donald any day.
        Just think how hot it might have gotten if Hillary had won…😵

    • When’s that supposed to start? We just blew one out of here, so there’s another on the way?

      Well, then, I’ll make a run to the gas station and get two bags of ice for the freezer, plus some stuff that requires Very Little Cooking, and put my feet up on the front steps with a large pitcher of iced tea, cut lemons, and a good book.

      Heat wave? BRING IT!!!

  2. Was in Europe during the June heat wave. Did a lot of walking in 90 plus temps and now know that plus 30 C is hot. Fortunately, they have great beer and serve it cold.

    • I worked on the irrigation system at the farm on Friday and Saturday. It was 102 degrees both days. It was not too bad, since I have been working out there in the evenings for most of July.

      If you are acclimated to the heat – it is easily bearable. If you work in an air conditioned office, and sleep in an air conditioned house, then YOU ARE NOT ACCLIMATED.

    • Europe’s biggest problem is that they do not understand ice and why it is important.

      • Beer or wine aren’t so good on the rocks. What I never understood was drinking hot tea on a summer afternoon. I’d overheat and melt.

        • That is a myth.
          When a person drinks a cold drink, internal body heat increases to warm the cold liquid.
          When someone drinks a hot drink, our body will lower core temp to compensate.
          I have seen it done.
          In reality, the only danger to a healthy person is becoming dehydrated, or overworking one’s body in the heat when not used to it, and then ignoring signals to stop.
          Humans are very well adapted to heat.
          In 2019, people are accustomed to being comfortable 24/7/365.
          For all of human history, every human on Earth survived every hot day with no refrigerator, no AC, and not even so much as a fan.

        • Supposedly, the reason for drinking hot tea on a hot afternoon is so you sweat more and are then cooled by evaporation. It doesn’t really work for me since not only am I then soaking wet from sweating, but I am overheating internally from the rise in body temperature which is also thermally insulated by body fat. It is even worse if the humidity is already high, since the higher the humidity, the less evaporation is available and then you are really soaking wet. On a hot day I will take a cold drink or better, ice cream, any day.

  3. Is there anything that Trump can’t be blamed for? The Big Bang perhaps…oh no wait, that involved heating too…

    • Moderately C

      One of the noticeable things about (especially) the Middle Eastern countries, is how they accidentally revere the USA as having magical powers, literally. The ME is rife with conspiracy theories and attributions of capacities that are super-human (because it is a super-power) often saying “they can do anything”.

      So what we see here is the attribution to Pres Trump of powers so great that he can accidentally cause a national heat wave reaching from coast to coast- so great is his capacity to control (or not) the weather.

      This nothing less that deification. I find it bizarre that the political enemies of Pres Trump attribute to him (and apparently believe) powers he can use to control the weather. Usually that sort of thing is reserved for Indian deities and in Southern Africa, a large flying snake that moves in the clouds. Generally belief in such magical beings is pooh-poohed by the European materialists, holding that super-powers are not possessed by humans. Theists hold that such capacity is reserved for Deitie salone

  4. “Despite his idiotic waffling …..”

    Obviously not a Trump fan. Was Trump waffling idiotically when he stood up to the climate change alarmist governments of the world and rejected the Paris accord?

    I wish we had someone like Trump in the UK handling Brexit. It would have been settled long ago.

    • It would have been done before he even took office, kind of like the Iranians releasing the hostages in 1980 before Regan could be inaugurated. Some people talk, some people do stuff, the only down side to Trump is he does too much of the former, which often obscures the later.

      Enjoying a sunny 78 degree low humidity day here, does Trump get the credit for that???

    • Well – when the Rothschilds want you to stay in the EU — you stay in. How dare these cattle think they have the right to choose how to run the Rothschilds’ property.

  5. So if he was responsible for the heat wave does he also get credit for the cool spell today? We went from 90s in Chicago area on Fri (yeah 90s are abnormal in July in Chicago) to 65 this morning. Maybe the solar minimum we are in is causing more volatility in weather, it sure seems to coincide with increased volcanic activity.

    • Gulf Coast here has been remarkably cool since Barry passed through, although it was slightly warmer than usual the month before that. I can’t ever remember a July this cool down here. Sorry about your heat wave up north, y’all (apparently it’s ending after 3 days anyway, hardly counts.)

  6. Thank God for AOC and Ilhan, Trump’s most powerful weapons in the 2020 elections. The idiocy is working in our favor.

    • “Love it or Leave it” is the time-honored refrain of Conservatives when they hear the Left trashing the United States. It has been said a lot since the Vietnam war.

      Instead of saying “Love it or Leave it” Trump told the four women of color to “go back where they came from”, which gave the Leftwing News Media the opportunity to misconstrue what Trump meant and call Trump a racist. As part of Trump’s statment that they should “go back where they came from” he also said once they fix the problems in their former countries they should “come back” and tell us how to fix our problems. The Leftwing News Media left out the part about Trump telling them to “come back” and that’s how they distorted the truth for the last week.

      Trump and Trump’s supporters should stick to telling leftists to “Love it or Leave it”. It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with loving the United States. The Leftwing News media will have a harder time spinning “Love it or Leave It” as racist, although they will try even so since the racism charge is standard operating procedure when the Left has political battles with the Right. The Left considers every conservative or other right-leaning person as being a racist. That’s the starting point for them.

      Love it or Leave It, Lefties. Don’t let the door hit you in the back on the way out. The sooner the better. I guess they get the point. I’ll stop now.

      • Trump is playing 4D chess. They took the bait. He forced Pelosi to defend and align with the extreme “by any means necessary” socialists, in order to illustrate for moderates and Independents what the Democrat party is actually about. It is an excellent play and he outsmarts them constantly. You may do well to watch something other than MSM activist propaganda for the Globalists, and start watching real independent journalists. Even Tim Pool admitted Trump played them something silly (and he’s a moderate leftist).

        And no, they should go to their countries of ethnic origin if they hate America so much. Maybe they can take their divisive identity politics with them.

        They hate whites so why the hell should we want them here? So they can start doing to us what they do in South Africa? No thanks.
        We are already there global minority but we have the safest spaces and most healthy communities. Our ancestors literally built 95% of the modern world. Why the self loathing?

        Leave, go home. Good riddance.

        I was just doing flooring at my cousin’s house in the little Havana ghetto (Alameda Southwest area of Denver this weekend:

        1 neighbor had a big tattoo of 13 on his neck. We know what that means.
        The houses are dilapidated.
        The dogs and kids run around all day.
        Fully tatted Gangsters riding around on BMX bikes clearly looking for easy targets. Not a sign in English to be seen in that neighborhood.
        Guy across the street sells drugs openly.
        Gangster music blasting at 8am on a Sunday.
        People yelling and screaming at each other.
        14 year old shot the other day.

        I work all over Denver doing irrigation. I know this metro area very well. The cleanest, safest, quietest, most wholesome neighborhoods are predominantly Anglo Saxon. And you can verify that with local government crime data. Don’t like them facts, just label me racist. I’m ok with it since it now has zero value.

        BTW, these suburbs and city areas that are predominantly open borders Democrats are also the whitest. Imagine their outrage when fully cladded Burka women, wandering dark folk and gun shots begin to encroach upon their “diverse” communities. We’ll see how “tolerant” they are then.

        I’m willing to be honest about it. The root for diversity is the same as division. It doesn’t work. But I’m sure Mr. Gaslight hypocrite himself markW will be the first to scream for my censoring here.

        • Thank you for your comments. Some days when I rant on similar levels as you I get accused of being angry. Well I am angry – with stupidity. Glad there are others who feel the same.

      • I’m still waiting for the departure of all those Hollywood folks who said they would leave if Trump was elected. Promises, promises!

  7. From the article:
    Think Progress Clueless Regress, the liberal pub marxist poop from the Center for American Progress Un-American Regress

    Fixed it.

  8. We’ve been hitting the low 90s (F) here in the Eastern Midwest and it seems to me that is has been a long time since we have had a ‘normal’ July like that. My lawn hasn’t gone dormant in Summer for 2-3 years, and that is weird weather to me.

    Growing up, it seemed like we’d hit at least one or two 100+F days every summer, but it’s been a few years since we’ve seen one. Today, a cold front is moving in and we’ll be in the upper 70s and low 80s (F) for the week.

    I used to joke in casual conversations by tossing out “Who needs the weather forecast? You can always predict the weather in July and August around here. Just say Hot, Hazy, and Humid with a popup shower in the afternoon and you’ll be right 99% of the time.” That always got a knowing chuckle from people in checkout lines or bank queues. I haven’t used that line in years.

    I may have to dust that line off now that we are having a ‘normal’ Summer.

  9. Decreasing CO2 causes hot weather? I though it was the other way around, according to the 97%.

    Oh, now I get it. Leaving the Paris Accord causes hot weather because it is about how you feel about climate change that causes it, not physics. Physics is so hard and boring, anyway.

  10. It is easy for them to point fingers when they don’t know what they are talking about.
    article: In 1936, Washington experienced a summer heat wave that had disastrous consequences for crops. There were reported temps of 108 degrees on Pennsylvania Avenue and 110 degrees at the National Cathedral. AC wasn’t yet the norm in most households. Neither was AOC. And somehow, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn’t blamed for the heat wave that killed 5,000.

    • In 1936, as now, few crops were planted in the nation’s capital.
      This article might be the worst writing I have ever seen.
      And the author seems to be doing quite a lot of waffling herself.
      Does she suppose walking a tightrope over a steaming heap of political dung is easy?

  11. I didn’t see any high temps. I saw a bunch of humidex readings. Humidex readings are not temperatures, and I’ve lived through much worse heatwaves. I would call last week a normal mid-summer warm spell.

  12. Only God can cause floods, drought and other natural disasters. TP must think Trump is God.

  13. In colonial days as well as our founding fathers and early elected members, well to do families sent their women and children out of the cities during hot humid days. Apparently devastating illnesses would crop up in and around the cities, especially coastal cities in the mid to southern states. So those who could afford it left those areas to spend the hot summer months out in the country.

    • Jeesh, the colonialists had a tough time. And the lefties dream about returning to some imaginary, idyllic primitive lifestyle. They obviously are clueless about relatively recent history, or even present conditions in third-world areas.

      • Thing is, they don’t want a “return” to anything. They just want to tear down “western civilization” as they understand it. They can/will only destroy and have no alternative.

    • There was a reason a fetid malarial swamp was chosen for the location of the nations capital. In early days of the Republic the legislature would meet and then then get the heck out of town ASAP. Things would sure be a lot better today if it had remained that way.

  14. It’s always just a “taste of what’s coming.” Well where is the entree already? We’ve been waiting 50 years for this big nothing burger to show up but here I am looking at a week of below average temperatures.

    Or were they saying that we can expect more dumb statements from Think Progress – sounds like wishful thinking considering no one in their right mind will buy that deserted website.

  15. Washington and NYC are hot, and it is all over the media. It gets hot in Dallas, but the media doesn’t live there and doesn’t care.

  16. Is Trump a god? It’s amazing that these people are SO ideologically bent that they would attribute summer to Trump.

  17. “ThinkProgress, the liberal pub…”

    Why do we insist on calling organizations like ThinkProgress ‘Liberal’? They aren’t liberal and they haven’t been liberal for years, if ever.

    • They have definitely made the sociological shift into the militant, dogmatic and intolerant ‘progressive’.
      That’s the ‘progress’.

    • Originally Liberal used to mean “Free Thinker”. People such as John Stuart Mill were considered as intellectuals.
      Now the term “Liberal” is used as a pejorative label for a closed-minded bigot.

  18. A bit off topic, but recently the idea of “white privilege” seems to accompany every complaint from the left. I must put pen to paper to protest this entirely inaccurate notion.

    First, none of us has “white skin”, and we are talking about color in terms of skin, not in an arbitrary physical light sense. We perceive white as having a lack of color only because the substance we are using to paint something white is able to refract all the colors of sunlight, absorbing only very very little if any of the range of colors in sunlight. Human skin, even when lacking melanin, absorbs quite a bit of sunlight. Therefor no human skin is “white”. We are all shades of a variety of absorbed color from sunlight and no two persons absorbs the exact same mix and no two spots on our own skin absorbs the exact same mix of colors from the sunlight spectrum. Furthermore, as we age, our own absorbing “fingerprint” changes, minute by minute. This means that “black” as a skin color doesn’t exist either. Black is black because the substance you are using to color something absorbs nearly all colors from sunlight. Human skin cannot absorb all the colors and is therefor not “black” in terms of colors we see from human skin. Shades of brown, just like shades of beige, as skin colors are made from the same ingredients but with highly individualized amounts. So please, we are inaccurate when we use just two color names to describe skin.

    Second, there is no such thing as “white privilege”. If there is, it cannot explain why so many beige colored people are in the bottom half of so called “privilege”. And if the term also means that brown colored shades are not privileged, this cannot explain the number of people with these skin shades that are in the top half of so called privilege.

    I do however see microcosms of culture, from families to communities to governments, that espouse and support ways of being and thinking that either encourages or puts up road blocks towards a higher positive standard of being in the world. If there ever was two ways of being in the US, I.E. “white privilege” versus “black discrimination”, it is no longer the case. We are now “Balkanized” into many political micro spheres, getting along with some and hating other spheres of cultural political ways of being and thinking. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Just like it didn’t in the Baltic versus Balkan countries. Can’t tell them apart based on skin color but different ways of being, including loving or hating other groups makes the air heavy with strife.

    • What they are doing is twisting Marxist ideas from bourgeoisie/proletariat to “those WITH power (opressor)/those without power(opressed).” Western civilization is run by white heterosexual males according to them, and therefore they must be removed from power. They have no alternative to offer, no plan for when they accomplish “equity,” as they can never achieve it: there will always be someone in power to overtake. There can be no discourse with these people, it’s a religion, and it’s being taught all the way down to kindergarten.

      • Oh my gosh! Back when SNL didn’t give a rats ass who they panned! Imagine! Making fun of the notion of what people who absorb more color may think about people who absorb less color. You know. When SNL was actually funny!

        • 😎
          I saw it when it aired. I’ve looked for it several times but never found it until until now.
          A classic.

  19. Ask not what climate change can do you (today) but what you can do for climate change crusades….for the cause.

    Your part of the $1.5 trillion scam awaits the right leadership fail and public oversight lapse.

  20. If Trump walked on water the headlines would be “Trump can’t swim”.
    If Trump found a vaccine to prevent all forms of cancer the headlines would be: “Trump puts 1,000s of oncologists and related health care providers out of work.”
    If the trade war with China results in their economic downturn continuing (which all indications right now are it will) there will be headlines to the effect: “Trump responsible for the job losses and poverty of millions in China”

    • Doesn’t look like the trends are moving that way so perhaps it will be long after the meme that CO2 is the control knob of the climate and all those promoting that fallacy are dead and gone.

  21. Nice breezy cool weather here in my kingdom. 60s at night, mid-70s to low 80s by day: NORMAL SUMMER WEATHER, to anyone who does not understand that. I expect more rain. As long as the breezes blow and the bees, wild and domestic are out and about, and dragonfly season is just in the offing, I’m fine with it – that, and watermelon!

  22. I was about to protest that North Georgia wasn’t as hot as shown on the map, then noticed that it was the heat index. How many of these morons realize that it is water vapor (i.e., humidity) that makes it feel hotter, not CO2? But then, OO2 raises humidity except where it’s causing lower humidity, magic molecule that itis.

  23. Trump derangement syndrome,or TDS for short,is an amazingly persistent disorder.
    After 2 1/2 years of President trump being reality,still the afflicted scream and moan and clutch their pearls..
    Hysteria is fashionable again.
    Lord God Almighty ,or TRUMP,lives rent free in the empty unused spaces of the victims reasoning capacity.
    Just as Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming causes everything,everything is caused by”TRUMP”!
    Soaking the afflicted heads in buckets of ice water might cure multiple social ills.
    The only issue might be timing.

  24. King Trump

    King Trump is the ruler of The United States. The members of his court are continually full of flattery. “You are the greatest man that ever lived…You are the most powerful king of all…Your highness, there is nothing you cannot do, nothing in this world dares disobey you.”

    The king is a wise man and he grew tired of such foolish speeches. One day as he was walking by the seashore Trump decided to teach them a lesson.

    “So you say I am the greatest man in the world?” he asked them.

    “O king,” they cried, “there never has been anyone as mighty as you, and there never be anyone so great, ever again!”

    “And you say all things obey me?” Trump asked.

    “Yes sire” they said. “The world bows before you, and gives you honor.”

    “I see,” the king answered. “In that case, bring me my chair, and place it down by the water.”

    The servants scrambled to carry Trump’s royal chair over the sands. At his direction they placed it right at the water’s edge.

    The King sat down and looked out at the ocean. “I notice the tide is coming in. Do you think it will stop if I give the command?”

    “Give the order, O great king, and it will obey,” cried his entourage

    “Sea,” cried Trump, “I command you to come no further! Do not dare touch my feet!”

    He waited a moment, and a wave rushed up the sand and lapped at his feet.

    “How dare you!” Trump shouted. “Ocean, turn back now! I have ordered you to retreat before me, and now you must obey! Go back!”

    In came another wave lapping at the king’s feet. Trump remained on his throne throughout the day, screaming at the waves to stop. Yet in they came anyway, until the seat of the throne is covered with water.

    Finally Trump turned to his entourage and said, “It seems I do not have quite so much power as you would have me believe. Perhaps now you will remember there is only one King who is all-powerful, and it is he who rules the sea, and holds the ocean in the hollow of his hand. I suggest you reserve your praises for him.”

  25. Heat wave? Yeah riiiight. In my corner of the prairie states it was 8 deg F below average and 26 deg F below the record yesterday. Forecast today is 15 deg F below average and a full 40 deg F below the record. The short spell of nearly normal to slightly above normal temps was a godsend to local farmers who have been plagued with a severe deficit of growing degree days this year following a near record cold, wet spring and below average summer temps.

    • There is a strong chance that fall cold/rain will set in early this year due to the ongoing solar minimum. That could make it a perfect disaster year for many farmers.

    • Western NC has had a mild/normal summer. Tomorrow’s high is forecasted to be 74. We don’t hit 80 again until Friday. Our heat islands are tiny by comparison to large cities.

      Please don’t move here if you are a democratic socialist. We already have our quota.

  26. The heat wave is really a matter of weather and not climate change. The climate change that we have been experiencing is so small that it takes networks of sophisticated sensors decades to even detect it. We must be careful to not mix up weather cycles with true climate change. Based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, one can conclude that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. Despite the hype, there is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and there is plenty of scientific rationale that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. So the real party of blame for climate change is Mother Nature.

  27. If we’re not from a heat wave state should we play along anyway in the tradition of Weather Channel and CNN reporting in hurricanes.

    • What is spinning out of control is the fantasy world of the Democrats/Socialists. Trump is making them look very bad and they know it and they know he will continue to do so as long as he is in Office, so they are desperate to rid themselves of this most effective counter to their political philosophy/insanity.

      Trump is destroying them and it is driving them nuts.

  28. Didn’t the Goracle blame Katrina on Bush? Bush was in office how long before Katrina?
    Now they blame a heat wave entering “The Dog Days of Summer” on Trump.
    Anybody see a pattern here?

  29. Trump is seen as an enemy in the AGW camp. The people of Tangier Island in the Virginia portion of the Chesapeake Bay are blaming climate change for melting, I think its the Ross Glacier in Canada, and causing the island to flood. Tangier Island has been disappearing since the 1850s, and many islands across America have disappeared in the early 20th century; Billingsgate Island in Massachusetts and Watts Island (also in Virginia) are good examples. The most accepted theory of why Tangier Island is disappearing more rapidly is due to unstable soil, which was made worse by the excessive missile testing that took place on the island in the 50s/60s. Trump visited Tangier Island recently and the people told him he needs to combat climate change to stop the island from disappearing. He told them that there is no climate change, which made the people angry with him.

  30. Yes if Hillary had been elected she would simply have had Anthony Weiner wave his magic wand and make it cooler.

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