Heartland to anger the environmental left with ICCC13

The “WANTED” poster Heartland Senior Fellow James Taylor is holding here was part of our greeting at the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties (COP21) for climate change in Paris in 2015. Heartland didn’t count on a warm welcome by the environmental left, but the hatred was palpable.

The Heartland Institute is hated by climate alarmists, the Deep State, and central planners the world over for one reason: We have united the world’s best scientists and policy experts that bring the actual data and sensible analysis that undercuts the myth that human activity — our freedom to prosper — represents an existential threat to life on Earth.

Good news! The environmental left has reason again this summer to be mad.

Heartland is hosting its 13th International Conference on Climate Change on July 25 in Washington, DC.
Our theme: “Best Science, Winning Energy Policies”

The 13th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-13) will feature the courageous men and women who spoke the truth about climate change during the height of the global warming scare. Now, many of them are advising the new administration or joining it in senior positions. (Some of them are among the more than 200 speakers at Heartland’s previous 12 conferences.)

Climate realists have established beyond reasonable doubt that the human impact on climate is likely to be very small and beneficial rather than harmful. Realists have proven that most scientists now share this opinion, except those who have made careers out of finding a human impact and exaggerating it.

Speakers at ICCC-13 will summarize the best available climate science and recommend what policy changes are needed for America to lead a post-alarmist world in climate realism. ICCC-13 will also feature timely, in-depth, and expert discussions about the “Green New Deal” and the benefits of ending the Democrats’ war on fossil fuels.

Confirmed speakers:

Dominik Kolorz, chairman of the board of the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Region of Polish Solidarity; Myron Ebell, head of the Cooler Heads Coalition and Trump’s EPA transition team; David Legates, Ph.D., climatologist at the University of Delaware; Roy Spencer, Ph.D., of the University of Alabama at Huntsville; Kevin Dayaratna, Ph.D., of The Heritage Foundation; Craig Idso, Ph.D., of CO2 Science; Benjamin Zycher, Ph.D., of the American Enterprise Institute; Roger Bezdek, Ph.D., of MISI; and Anthony Watts, new Heartland Senior Fellow and founder of Watts Up With That.
More details about speakers and the program for this conference will be released in the coming weeks.

Space is limited, so reserve your conference pass and hotel room today! Admission is $129. To register, or to learn more about ICCC-13, visit the conference website or  call 312/377-4000.

29 thoughts on “Heartland to anger the environmental left with ICCC13

  1. Looking forward to seeing the showcasing of Anthony’s work on station temperature bias and its acceptance in the science and regulatory communities. It is a black mark on both of those communities that it took this long.

  2. The left also hates Heartland because they have effectively countered the left’s claim that more government is the answer to every problem.

  3. Ticket purchased. Maybe the third times a charm – I’ve bought tickets twice before, but had to travel during the conference.

  4. And, to add insult to injury, the conference is being held at the Trump International Hotel.

    Someone is doing some major trolling! 🙂

  5. Why would one respond with hatred when all that’s needed is to parry with ineluctable theory, logic and data which supports the certainty that one has that we are headed for terminal disaster. Yeah, yeah you need to have that! If there is something to it, why is it kept a secret?

    Feelings? These are fine for affairs of the heart but not much use for general relativity, climate science, etc.

  6. July 25th – – Washington, D. C.

    Just a guess, but this combination suggests a lack of knowledge about climate.

    Nevertheless, I’m sure this will be a worthwhile activity.
    Thanks to all that contribute.

  7. Brilliant. The madder the Greenblob gets the better. Look forward to the Heartland Conference details as can’t attend.
    Just hope they don’t get violent.
    Here in the U.K. the BBC were at it again today in an interview with an ex chairman of the UN tiddlydepom. ( can’t recall th name) . All solid and now boring alarmist hysteria as usual.
    Didn’t spoil my breakfast as I am now immune.

  8. The problem the climate cult have – is that unlike most other religions – mother nature will sooner or later show they are a bunch of wakos.

    • Alas, I might be in the same, albeit much more financially sinking boat. I very much enjoyed my attendance at the two prior multi-day D.C. conferences, and I highly recommended for everyone to attend this latest one, but unless the minor miracle of extra money falling out of the sky occurs, I can’t afford to go to this one.

  9. Wait! The featured Heartland speaker is associated with … POLISH … solidarity!!?? Don’t you know that “Polish Solidaity” is anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, pro-WHITE, and anti-LGBTQqqq!!!!???

    That pretty well impeaches ANY real science he has to offer …


  10. Be sure to appoint a press secretary to inform those of us who want to follow the conference closely on this website.

  11. The Heartland Institute informs the ‘environMental’ left, as well as all the rest of us seeking rational discussion of environmental policy based on provable facts.
    Unfortunately, as the environMental left demonstrates, you can lead a person to knowledge but you can not make them accept and embrace it.

  12. For those who may wonder about how we in Australia got the Greens
    fever lets go back many years, to a country Doctor, one Bob Brown. He
    was very involved in bushwalking in his home, the Island of Tasmania.

    He gathered around him fellow lovers of the bush, this included some, later
    known as tree huggers. It seemed harmless, but then it became political .

    Unlike mainland Australia which is mostly flat, Tasmania has lots of
    mountains, perfect for the damming of rivers an running the water through
    turbines, lots of cheap electricity. This was liked by the population.

    Then we had a massive movement of Hippy types moved from the
    mainland and camped on crown land in Tasmania, and while on the
    government Dole, built houses and lived very well. Plenty of timber to be
    chopped down.

    This started to change the political balance as Tasmania’s population was
    very small, so Bob Brown now had his “”Useful idiots”. His first political
    action concerned a artificial lake , Lake Pedder, the result of a Hydro
    dam . It was proposed that the Dam be built a little higher to increase the
    capacity of the Lake. But wait says Brown. There is a tiny bit of sandy
    beach which will disappear.

    Big fight, he lost but back then Hydro was a big thing in Tasmania, cheap
    electricity was popular with the people .

    Then the Tasmanian Hydro Electricity Commission decided to Dam the
    Gordon river which would flood the valley. Then drive a tunnel East
    through the Mountains , and run the water through turbines to generate
    electricity, then use it to irrigate a large area of central Tasmania which was
    in the rain shadow of the big mountain range which is on the West of

    Brown organised a big demonstration and lots of his “”Useful idiots”
    turned up with little rubber boats. The Media had of course been informed
    as to what was going to happen, and the resulting footage was very good
    from both TV and print media.

    Now at this point the PM of the Australian Labour Party Bob Hawke was
    facing a possible defeat in the approaching Federal election , including
    his own Melbourne seat. Kodak was a big company there, and they were
    feeing the effects of the new digital cameras, which did not need the chemicals
    and paper from Kodak. They told him that they would have to move
    offshore in search of cheaper labour, so he gave them a big grant of
    taxpayers money if they would stay.

    He sniffed the political breeze and decided that the Gordon below Franklin
    matter was something that he could use, He arranged for a RAAF
    Canberra aircraft to overfly it and photograph the workings on the
    proposed Dam.

    Then using some odd legislation regarding “”Offshore Islands ” stated
    that that he would oppose this development. Now the States are self
    governing and are supposed to be separate from Federal matters, but the
    Judges of the Supreme Court agreed with Hawke that he had the authority.
    They must have been left wing at that time.

    He won the next election, and the Green cause took off.

    But at no time was there any mention of either Global warming or CO2.
    It was all about not changing the natural environment . The wild river
    should remain, to be enjoyed by all Australians. But when later the
    ourist Industry decided to make this wild river a part of their tours, Brown
    objected, saying that only bushwalkers should be allowed.

    So the tourist industry said we will instead run sight seeing boat trips up the
    river from the sea. No said Brown, the wash will damage the banks, and the
    wildlife will be affected .

    In due course the Greens got bigger and now have nine senators in the
    upper house, the Senate, where they combine with the opposition Labour
    Party to block almost all bills from the Liberals, hence this country is
    slowly going into a possible recession. Today of course the Greens
    are into Global warning, CC and CO2..

    Such is life as our national hero “Ned Kelly” said as the dropped him on
    the gallows.


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