Bill Nye …the Foul Mouthed Science Guy

Watch the video at around the 18:30 minute mark. Use slider if needed.

HT/Michael Mann (and Willie Soon)

Bill Nye goes off the rails with F-bombs in a short video on the “crisis” of global warming.

With this video, he’s completed his credibility transition from “science guy” to foul-mouthed comedian.

Added: Let’s not forget this…

While some people marvel over the f-word utterances of Bill Nye regarding climate change, it’s important to remember than when it came to actual climate science, Bill faked the experiment. That’s right, he lied, and we caught him red-handed.

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    • Well that was a waste of 11 minutes waiting for the Nye portion and a waste of 19 minutes for HBO

      • Fake comedian posing as fake talk show host interviews fake scientist about fake science.

        Glad I didn’t stay up to watch, or waste PVR space…

    • Bill Nye the science lie. The guy who could not even design an CO2 experiment for Al Gore’s film which worked , so they had to FAKE the result with post production editing of the thermometer.

      Nye is a children’s TV clown character, NOT a scientist.

      • Neither was Don Herbert but at least he was a general science major and bomber pilot before he became Mr WIzard.

        Greg, the key difference is that Broadcast (didn’t have cable back then) News, and subsequently policy makers didn’t turn to him as a Subject Matter Expert on global science issues requiring establishment of public policy.

        Back then the adults knew the difference between real scientists and Children’s TV Clown Characters. Today not so much. Our Capitol in DC has taken on many aspects of an over sized day care center. And it might be funny if we hadn’t given these overgrown children the ability to control our lives. They are exponentially more likely to cause an extinction event in 12 years than Global Warm…aahhh Climate Change.

    • He never was a real scientist, that is why he has to wear a silly tie : great scientists are ( allegedly ) often eccentric , so if you were an eccentric tie you must be a scientific authority. QED.

      That logic may work for infants but grown-ups should be more questioning.

      Note that “science guy” does not mean he is even claiming to be a scientist.
      It does not actually mean anything: which is why it was chosen as his job description.

    • He’s no Mr. Wizard, that’s for sure. Mr. Green Jeans had a better grasp of science.

  1. OMG … who is John Oliver? A late night comedian? I haven’t listened to one of them since David Letterman stopped being funny in about 1981. Who is this twit who attempts to make “comedy” out of an hour-long propaganda piece on “incentivizing” (read: taxing the shit out of essential energy) “green” behaviour. Hint: Smart people use the correct term … dis-incentivizing.

    However, I have to admit that Bill NYE is a far better comedian than “science guy”. He’s already got the comedic “look”. The sort of scary clown look that would scare small children watching a kids “science” program.

    They even spread disinformation about their hero, Joseph Stalin … just to throw all the refugees of communism off their trail. Ha ha ha … Stalin or the Hamburgler … ha ha ha … soooo funny. Sadly, only those with a proper education would understand the ghoulish irony in that comparison, since Stalin’s communist policies caused 20M people to starve to death. People who truly would have welcomed Capitalism’s iconic Hamburgler cartoon figure delivering MacDonalds hamburgers to the starving masses of the Soviet Union. These ghouls would eliminate the fossil fuels that FEED the entire world and have freed nearly every soul on the planet from starvation. Yeah, the “comedy writers” for this twit of a comedian don’t even understand the depravity of their “joke”.

    And these are the people who would take control of energy policy? Agriculture policy? Fiscal policy? God save our children.

    • David Letterman stopped being funny in 1981???
      I thought David Letterman stopped being funny on April 12, 1947
      Don’t you have to actually be funny at some point in order to stop being funny?

    • John Oliver is another example of “Revenge of the Nerds”.

      These late-night politicians (no longer comedians) are the guys who got bullied as kids, and now they have their “revenge”, such as it is. Their audience have even more fake victimhood.

      Basically, he has a week to write the show, a room full of writers, and the edit button. He will ALWAYS look smarter (to his audience), than his targets.

      That the universe doesn’t exactly work this way is a puzzle to his viewers, and reality is actually painful to them.

      • “…He will ALWAYS look smarter (to his audience), than his targets…”

        The British accent sounds sophisticated to a certain group of Americans and therefore makes him appear smart and intellectual.

        Trevor Noah with his South African accent has a similar appeal.

        • “The British accent sounds sophisticated to a certain group of Americans and therefore makes him appear smart and intellectual.”

          Indeed. There was a M*A*S*H* episode where Winchester detects the British accent of a visiting soldier, tries to impress the soldier with all his upper-class Boston charm…then gets smacked back when it turns out the soldier is lower class.

          “You’ve been outclassed by the son of a bloody butler!”


          (Although my original point is that while some talk show hosts might actually be highly intelligent, the fact that they appear to be so is because they have a staff of writers, and most importantly, the edit button. I mean, I love Alex Trebek, but its not as if he actually knows, or needs to know, all the answers).

          Smart conservatives who feel compelled to actually put themselves into the line of fire as such should ensure they tape themselves…)

  2. My dad had a term for pill-pushing homeopaths who preyed on unwary hapless cure seekers: “quack”. Bill Nye is a quack scientist.

    • No, Bill Nye is not any kind of scientist, he is a TV clown for children. He made fun TV explaining basic science for children. He never was a real scientist, that is why he has to wear a silly tie : great scientists are ( allegedly ) often eccentric , so if you were an eccentric tie you must be a great scientist. QED.

      That logic may work for infants but grown-ups should be more questioning.

      Note that “science guy” does not mean he is even claiming to be a scientist. It does not actually mean anything: which is why it was chosen as his job description.

  3. I wouldn’t call him a comedian. He’s an actor, and not anyone who has anything to do with science or humor.

  4. Apologies again for threadjacking, folks, but the water level in Lake Oroville just passed 889 feet.
    This is less than 12 feet from topping the emergency spillway.
    The repaired spillway is apparently not being used.
    Starting tomorrow night (Tuesday), forecast calls for rain 3 out of 4 coming days.
    It appears the emergency spillway will be breached.

    Absent word otherwise, one would hope that this is to test integrity of emergency spillway?

    • They already have tested the spillway, and it works perfectly. There is a team of very smart folks managing that dam, who are keeping a sharp eye out for any trouble, and have the tools to handle any emergencies. Crisis averted.

    • The sky is falling! …..

      They want the lake at or near full capacity. That’s its purpose. As THX1138 said they’ve already tested the spillway and can use it as needed. The emergency spillway is not going to be used because there’s no emergency.

  5. I grew up reading Carl Sagan books and watching “Cosmos”. Carl Sagan must be spinning in his grave the way science has gone down hill, and to have this “science guy” taking his place at the Planetary Society.

    • Carl Sagan was a Professor at Cornell University when I went there in the early 70’s. I think Bill Nye graduated about 5 years after me, someplace around 1978, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Nye took an astronomy course or two from Sagan. Even if you weren’t taking Sagan’s course it was fun sitting in the back of the room some times. The famous voice. (It was also fun heading across town to Ithaca College and sneaking into Rod Serling’s lectures, another famous voice, from The Twilight Zone TV series).

      Perhaps the Planetary Society wanted that baton-passing connection between Professor and Student, Sagan and Nye. Too bad Nye has gone off the deep end after making a name for himself with his “Science Guy” show. Now he’s embarrassing to most of the Cornell Engineering grads I know. But he is merely an entertainer now, and a political one. If he cared about real Science he never would have done that hoax experiment for Al Gore. Seems to have only gotten worse from there.

  6. Nice release of CO2 with Mentos… What a loser. Really crop failures, fires, really? Putting Carbon in the air? really? He doesn’t begin to understand science.

  7. Mr Nye looks a lot like that astronaut guy, Don Pettit. And they both have the same grasp on reality and science.

  8. He should team up with Attenborough. They could do a double act, “Bill and Dave are here to save”
    Both of them share the same delusion. They believe sensible people are influenced by their personal anxieties/objectives.
    Time is a great leveller…..

    • (exultant:
      adjective; very happy, especially at someone else’s defeat or failure)

      Dave & Bill (unlike Bill & Ted) are only happy if they take something significant away from the other people they meet, during their misadventures.

  9. “With this video, he’s completed his credibility transition from “science guy” to foul-mouthed comedian.”

    It wasn’t a long journey.

    • Jasper Carrot? I don’t think so. But there are many sources of ACTUAL evidence that the man is a paid fool. Fair enough. People vote for “politicians” and think they are being “represented”.

  10. It’s hard to believe pulling idiotic stunts like this will result in people taking you and your message seriously.

  11. “With this video, he’s completed his credibility transition from “science guy” to foul-mouthed comedian.”

    Except he isn’t funny either.

  12. I don’t think got AOC’s memo [tweet?]. The climate apocalypse was just a joke.

  13. Help me out.
    Was it “Cap and Trade” or a “Carbon Tax” that lowered America’s emissions?

    And we still have to get over the incredibly silly idea that “Emissions” have any meaning as well.

  14. “With this video, he’s completed his credibility transition from “science guy” to foul-mouthed comedian”

    A credibility transition requires some credibility. he hasn’t had any since that “sex junk” video he had on his show (actually he lost most of whatever credibility he ever had long before then, but that was the point he lost the last of any credibility he ever had).

  15. If Billie Boy is so worried about the environment why is he living the Jet Setting Playboy lifestyle? That T studio he is constantly in is the Number ONE cause of Man Caused Globall Warmining!

  16. “Hi, kiddies!!

    @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!!

    @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!!!!!!!!!

    And that concludes our show for today. Be sure to inform on your #$!&$ %#@&!! parents if they are @#!% &#!@!!-ing deniers and don’t forget, you’re all gonna fry you little &#!@!!-ers.

    Tune in next week when we’ll discuss @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!! @#!% &#!@!! #$!&$ %#@&!!”

  17. Nye, I think, has a mechicanical engineering degree. Something tells me he couldn’t make a living in an ME profession so went into TV.

    • As a Mech. Engineer and having spent my career working on projects that help heat people’s homes, and provide light to read by, and supply chemicals for medicine and construction materials, I feel sorry for the Bill Nyes of the world. He used to do a good job inspiring kids about science, but can’t see that his current attempts to be in the media limelight logically results in energy poverty of millions of the worlds poor.

  18. In case you missed it, Nye the Doofus Guy does a visual “demonstration” towards the end portraying the “climate emergency” we face, wherein he lights a globe on fire. Science in action.

  19. This is the same guy who explained to the kiddies that El Niño happens when the Pacific trade winds blow West to East, using a table size map and a fan placed off the Pacific Ocean to demonstrate how these trade winds push warm water towards the West Coast of the North American Continent. The man uselessly takes up planet space.

  20. They’re swearing because they’re mad, and they’re mad because they’re losing…

    • “They’re swearing because they’re mad, and they’re mad because they’re losing”

      I think that’s right. The alarmists get more frantic as they feel it slipping away from them, and they go to even greater extremes to try to promote their CAGW delusions. In Bill Nye’s case, he curses a blue streak. The gentle teacher of children is reduced to swearing like a sailor because reality isn’t going his way, and his worldview is being seriously challenged by the facts. So Bill apparently thinks it is a good idea to Double-Down on the stupid at this point.

  21. How is it that the outrageously stupid on the left seem to get rich and famous but most on the right, Rush is one exception, just constantly have to battle untruths and media lies? This “Science Guy” has been a brain dead uninteresting spokesman all these years and still going. So confounding.

    • The left pays very well for fear-mongering. No other qualifications are required.

  22. He’s now aiming for a Nobel Prize in something or other, or at least a UK science prize.

  23. You’re look at the next White House Science Adviser for any of the Dems in the running for the Presidency. John Holdren was just the warm up.

  24. All these “comics” employ all the classic bullying techniques.

    You’re stupid. You’re ugly. Why are you hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. You are so stupid. Go back home and don’t ever come out. I don’t want to ever hear you saying such stupid things again or I will bully you some more.

  25. A fire extinguisher costs money.

    The green agenda will cost ALL our money. Everything we own (or imagine we own).

  26. CO2 is an inert gas. And because of that, it suppresses flame. So no. The Earth is not on fire.

  27. Bill Nye is kind of the Gilderoy Lockhart of Science. Except that he’s not charming. Or good-looking.

  28. Billy Boy could have extinguished the fire with an CO² fire extinguisher. That would have been funny.

  29. In reply to: Bill Nye goes off the rails with F-bombs ….

    Bill is just an actor or an angry guy who is pushing the CAGW script. Reading from a script is not science.

    There are more than a dozen independent observations and analysis results science that support the assertion that there is no CAGW or AGW.

    The majority of the warming in the last 100 years was in high latitude regions rather than in the tropics.
    This does not match the signature of CO2 forcing. If CO2 was the cause of the recent warming the majority of the observed warming would have been in the tropics rather than in high latitude regions.

    This high latitude warming which abruptly stopped which is another paradox, is called polar amplification by the cult of CAGW rather than an observation that disproves AGW.

    Climate models predict that the most amount of AGW warming should be in the tropics, three times as much warming in the tropics as it observed.

    This makes sense as the most amount of infrared energy is admitted to space from the tropics.

    There are more than a dozen independent observations and analysis results that support the assertion that there is no observational evidence to support CAGW or AGW.

    For example, an EPA suppressed report that notes based on observations and analysis “the global temperature change cannot be attributed to increasing CO2 concentrations” in the atmosphere based on the observations for multiple independent logical reasons.

    “Technical Support Document for Endangerment Analysis for Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Clean Air Act”

    “I have become increasingly concerned that EPA has itself paid too little attention to the science of global warming. EPA and others have tended to accept the findings reached by outside groups, particularly the IPCC and the CCSP, as being correct without a careful and critical examination of their conclusions and documentation. ….

    The failings are listed below in decreasing order of importance in my view: (See attached for details.)

    1. Lack of observed upper tropospheric heating in the tropics (see Section 2.9 for a detailed discussion).
    2. Lack of observed constant humidity levels, a very important assumption of all the IPCC models, as CO2levels have risen (see Section 1.7).
    3. The most reliable sets of global temperature data we have, using satellite microwave sounding units, show no appreciable temperature increases during the critical period 1978-1997, just when the surface station data show a pronounced rise (see Section 2.4). Satellite data after 1998 is also inconsistent with the GHG/CO2/AGW hypothesis 2009 v
    4. The models used by the IPCC do not take into account or show the most important ocean oscillations which clearly do affect global temperatures, namely, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, and the ENSO (Section 2.4). Leaving out any major potential causes for global warming from the analysis results in the likely misattribution of the effects of these oscillations to the GHGs/CO2 and hence is likely to overstate their importance as a cause for climate change.

  30. Well, I admit the video got me to thinking…

    So this is what liberals actually think…that “Catastrophic Global Warming” is as real as the air they breathe, that all bad things (floods, fires, droughts, starvation, severe weather) is caused by “Catastrophic Global Warming”, that solving “Catastrophic Global Warming” just requires creating new taxes, and that anyone not already on board is a moron to be laughed at and taunted. When your reality is built that simple, it’s no wonder they cannot keep up in a simple discussion about facts and science.

    The problem of course is that in the real world actually science literate people understand that none of these things is simple and that additional government spending never solves a problem. So when they (the liberals) start implementing their solutions and nothing is solved – they just blame something else…it can’t be because they were wrong.

    If solving “Catastrophic Global Warming” is so straight-forward, why don’t people like Bill Nye donate all of their money to solve it? It’s just money after all – the same thing new taxes result in.

  31. One episode of “Science Guy” noted that chromosomes “control whether we become a boy or a girl.”

    It has been deleted from the DVDs/Netflix of the episode.

    Nye now preaches that gender is a choice.

  32. Bill that Fire extinguisher uses CO2 as a coolant and as a fire suppressor.. Good job.

  33. Nye and the host both obviously suffer from TDS.

  34. Gifted and very charismatic actor. Knows a lot about many scientific topics. Uses that to fraudulently present himself as an authority on climate science.

    Nye has turned into an angry activist that has completely abandoned authentic climate science to push the agenda. He is great at repeating really, really scary things, like this volatile statement that he made in the interview above:

    “By the end of this century, if emissions keep rising, the average temperature on Earth could go up another four to eight degrees,” Nye said. “What I’m saying is the planet’s on f***ing fire.”

    There’s no legit science that supports that outrageous statement. Turns out, that a few years ago, Nye had a golden opportunity to display his knowledge in this field, atmospheric science, on live television, when he was asked for an opinion during the DeflateGate scandal.

    Nye showed that his scientific expertise(while wonderful for presenting cool stuff for kids) does NOT extend into the field of climate or atmospheric science.

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015
    “Bill Nye Drops the Ball on DeflateGate”

    “Whether you believe Belicheck or not, one statement in the above video is patently, totally, completely, unabashedly, embarrassingly false. It’s Nye’s claim that, ” . . . to really change the pressure in the ball, you need one of these – the inflation needle.”

    “In one flip comment, Nye undermines the cool conversation we’ve all been having while totally discounting a whole lot of physics. The fact is you can change the relative pressure in the ball by changing the temperature of the gas inside, by changing the properties of the the material the ball is made of (getting it wet and potentially making it more stretchy, perhaps), and changing the pressure of the atmosphere outside the ball (can you say “barometer,” Mr. Nye?)”

    “It’s possible that none of these factors explain away DeflateGate, but to unimaginatively dismiss them the way Nye did utterly undermines his cred as a science educator. Really?!?!? All it takes for him to go totally anti-science on us is to be a fan of the Seahawks?

    “Please, Mr. Nye, step back, think about what you did for a moment, and then try again.”

    Since the vast majority of people have never heard of the ideal gas law, should we give Nye a break for not explaining it or at least using the principles of the ideal gas law in his explanation?

    Yeah right. The entire point of interviewing Nye on that topic was that he presents himself as an authority on it. We expect him to at least understand, THE most basic principle (PV=nRT) that related to changes in the pressure of a football that occur without the intervention of a human with an air pump or needle………..he had no clue!

    This was sort of like a heart doctor not understanding blood pressure and how it affects their patients health.(-:

  35. All uneducated Liberals interrupt and swear. He shows that the CO2 hoax is about over.

  36. Didn’t Bret Harte write a famous poem that featured this cheating ne’er-do-well?

  37. You know you’ve lost when the kiddie comedian promoter you have hired uses F bombs to get attention .
    I doubt he is as big a hypocrite as Dr. Fruit Fly .
    Guess that was a solar powered blow torch Mr. Dress -Up was pretending to use .

  38. The video at the top of this post is about the stupidest thing I’ve watched–EVER! Thanks CTM, that’s 19 minutes 27 seconds I’ll never get back. (Actually, I stopped watching at 6 minutes 8 seconds, but it felt longer.)


  39. Ball room dancer … fail
    Comedian …fail
    Engineer… fail
    Magician …fail

    Ahh … Global Warming Promoter Use all those half ass skills that’s the ticket .

    32 climate models all grossly over forecasting warming . Could a real scientist explain that trick ?
    Maybe the science community can explain what real scientists do when their programming logic is
    consistently wrong and they continue to use it .

  40. Like I needed more evidence that the left is a bunch of amoral suspended adolescents. Filthy swine.

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