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      • My God, how long did it take him to catch on? How well would he fair in the wild?

        If these idiots are anything to go by the human race does face extinction, but not from atmospheric CO2.
        Dr Larch Maxey, OMG he has a PhD and a law degree too:

        Geography PhD for “research into sustainability ” and “sustainable communities” HUH? Don’t recall that being part of geography when I was at school.

        • What a weak mind he has, full of self confirming circular arguments. I would like to see him glue himself to a revolving door.

        • From the link “…..the Climate Change Act 2008 commits the UK to CO2 emissions reductions of 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050….. Ecological Footprinting (EFP) is a widely adopted tool used to assess the sustainability of human lifestyles at every scale, including nationally, regionally and at the individual/household level…..There is a strong direction of travel towards embedding wellbeing within UK policy,… Education and learning for sustainability is also an important growth area…”

          Sustainability, whatever it was called, goes back as far as there is back. Have reviewed lots of it’s history, don’t recall wellbeing equations. Or basing it on world atmospheric gases. These are not very well educated people.

          • In the goode olde days of wooden ships and sails, travel on the seas was as green as could be . Wind-powered, with only human muscle to drive the pumps, hoist the sails, raise the anchor, and a hundred other tasks that machines do today.

            And England was stripped bare of trees by the need for masts, hulls, etc.

          • You have mentioned something most people are unaware of. In the good old days of green ships when no steel was used so no CO2 emitted the amount of wood required by shipwrights was mind boggling. For the construction of HMS Victory, not untypical of its time, a hundred acres of mature oak forest were cleared in addition to fir, elm and pine for decks and keel. One hundred years later wooden ships were much larger and still made from wood. Fortunately the authorities (mainly the Admiralty) had much more foresight than today’s governments and extensive planting of replacements was instigated from the 17th century until the ironclads came into service

          • James Schrumpf:

            And also, the British navy’s need for masts prompted the almost-forgotten Pine Tree Riot in the colonies, a few years before the Revolution. Not really related to the subject at hand, but an interesting history lesson for anyone who cares to look it up. You probably didn’t learn about it in American History in High School.

        • THis brian-dead idiout wants the world to be delf-sufficient without electricirty and everything mankind has done to advance the QUALITY of life. I ask you to imagine the extent of his OWN self-sufficiency – born, first class fool!

    • It would have been much funnier if he had actually succeeded in super gluing himself to the automatic doors.

    • He seems clueless about the door…. similar to Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortez, who admitted she was surprised and scared by the garbage disposal unit in her apartment. Gotta watch out for that “high tech” stuff…

    • He proves himself a lousy problem solver. His education went to waste.
      I saw one attempt and thought “just walk up to the door, reach around the edge, and glue away.”

      It’s gonna hurt like hell when the door closes and some skin get torn off, but isn’t that what you want to show anyway?

  1. OMG! The visual imagery from the lede alone is just too funny. Good thing escalators weren’t involved.

    Now to watch the video, which should have me in hysterics.

  2. Britain is famous for its eccentrics, and this one looks fairly typical, with predictable ineffectual results. I hope that goes for the rest of the ‘Extinction’ mob. I guess you have to applaud the UK for at least being ‘inclusive’!

    • This one is doubling down on the eccentric by being an independent candidate (in the South West region) in the elections for the European Parliament, which we now have to endure as the UK government can’t get its act together and get us out of the EU as they promised.

  3. Nice hydrocarbon cagoule… and shoes… wonder if these morons can operate without a smart phone

    • I’m sure he shouldn’t be using super-glue because it’s manmade from the chemical industry using all the ‘ resources’ he’s no doubt against.

      Isn’t there a naturally occurring glue he could use?

      • There is an item available from builders merchants in the UK which might be appropriate (I hope it doesn’t succumb to moderation as it is a bona fide trade name) called “Sticks Like Sh!t”.

    • David, I just looked up your reference. For the benefit of others the label you quote means “a doctorate in sweet Fanny Adams” which is a euphemism for “sweet f*ck all” which is a perjorative way of saying “nothing”.

      Having decoded your excellent point I do agree with you. There are too many mickey mouse academics these days, with too much time and money on their hands. A cull is overdue.

  4. Not once, not twice, but three times that twit approached those doors, clearly confused by their operation. How did he get a doctoral degree?!

  5. Remember, this guy’s vote is worth the same as yours. In this case, he is trying to tell you how to live.

  6. He should try to superglue himself to revolving doors.
    “Anybody give me a push?”

  7. It would have been interesting if the doors had stayed closed long enough for him to stick one hand to each door!

  8. It would have been interesting to see what happened if he had managed to glue one hand to each door!

    • Lovely line from the comments at the Mail:

      “Not effective! He should have done something similar to Emma Thompson, and glued his bum to a club class seat in a transatlantic flight as a protest!”

    • The university should kick him out quick smart. Reading through the comments on the Daily Mail, it’s obvious that this man single handedly did more damage to his own university than *I can’t think of anything worse*.

  9. What Is Encephalopathy?
    Encephalopathy describes abnormal brain function due to problems with the brain tissue. Symptoms of encephalopathy can be generalized causing decreased level of consciousness from minimal lethargy to coma. Encephalopathy can cause abnormal thought processes including confusion, poor memory, hallucinations, and even psychotic thinking.

    Gonna go glue myself to a train … ’cause climate is wonky.

  10. At one point he looked like he was about to apply some glue to his hand and as the door was opening. We in the UK call these people BOB, Brain Of Britain! And it is meant to be sarcastic. In this case the term really can be applied.

  11. Doctor of what!!! If his brains were dynamite, he wouldn’t have enough to blow his hat off.

  12. The idiot is a common or garden environmental activists. Modern academics (and politicians) insist on worshipping such people. So they give him many titles. Here is the first page of his evidence to a Government enquiry about sustainability…

    “1. Qualifications and Experience
    1.1 My name is Dr. Larch Maxey LLB., M.Sc., Ph.D., FRGS.
    1.2 I graduated in Law from The University of Manchester in 1993, European
    Environmental Policy and Regulation (Lancaster University) in 1995 and with a Ph.D.
    in Geography from Swansea University in 2002, where I taught and carried out
    research into sustainability from 1995-2009. My Ph.D. focused on sustainable
    communities and sustainability remains the focus of my research.
    1.3 I am a Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Futures and a member of the
    Management Team of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions Research, both with
    Plymouth University. I am Project Manager with the Network of Wellbeing and cofounder of the Royal Geographical Society-IBG Participatory Geographies Research
    Group, co-founder and director of Bumble Bee Woodland Trust and founding director
    of Plymouth Growing Futures. I co-founded several organisations responsible for
    shaping national and local sustainable development planning policies and was a
    founding director and Director of Research at Lammas Low Impact Living Initiatives
    Ltd. I have recently completed research into Low/Zero Carbon Building and the UK’s
    Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH).
    1.4 I declare a conflict of interest: I am also a director and the Chair of the Committee
    of Management of the Ecological Land Co-operative Ltd (ELC). However, my
    evidence has been prepared as an expert witness and not as an advocate for the
    Appeal Scheme….”

    • “co-founder and director of Bumble Bee Woodland Trust”

      Quite clear, this was a Sting operation.

      • The Bumble Bee Woodland Trust is probably stocked with some “interesting” people, but preserving bumblebees is very important. They pollinate stuff. And they’re friendly and non-aggressive. Round and fat looking and not lean and hungry like Cassius.

    • I was already laughing hard by the earlier comments, but when I got to the “co founder and director of the Bumble Bee Woodland Trust, I pegged my humor meter! Good grief, and you couldn’t make this up if you tried!!

  13. Just remember, this guy is in the intellectual vanguard of the climate hysteria movement – now want to talk about actresses, fashion designers and television presenters? You should be worried, very worried at the influence these loons have on public policy.

  14. I have had a quick look as his ‘finances’.

    He appears to live off a charity he has founded, called ‘Network of Wellbeing’. The aims of this are vague – they seem to be ‘to ‘improve people’s lives’. This seems to be achieved by people going back to nature and living in self-help communes. Most of the charity’s income seems to come in the form of grants from other charities, and the Carniegie Trust seems to be involved at some point.

  15. “My favourite definition of an intellectual: ‘Someone who has been educated beyond his/her intelligence.

    [Sources and Acknowledgements: Chapter 19]”

    ― Arthur C. Clarke, 3001: The Final Odyssey

  16. In the past, these fools would not have survived long enough to reproduce. Now they will be polluting the gene pool for generations. We have made the world too safe.

  17. A Doctor? Is that a PhD doctor? If so, in what, emotions and such stuff? Clearly not engineering because firstly, he wouldn’t be acting like a juvenile 16 year old Swedish girl. And secondly, well, there is no secondly.

    If he’s a medical doctor, shouldn’t he be saving actual lives and helping real people?

  18. You can hear the sighs of pleasure as the doors operate. Priceless!

    “Ghastly,” continued Marvin, “it all is. Absolutely ghastly. Just don’t even talk about it. Look at this door,” he said, stepping through it. The irony circuits cut into his voice modulator as he mimicked the style of the sales brochure. “All the doors in this spaceship have a cheerful and sunny disposition. It is their pleasure to open for you, and their satisfaction to close again with the knowledge of a job well done.”

    As the door closed behind them it became apparent that it did indeed have a satisfied sigh-like quality to it. “Hummmmmmmyummmmmmm ah!” it said.

    ~From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

  19. I wish he had succeeded in attaching himself to the doors. Would have made great spectator sport throughout the business day.

  20. I’m not sure which is funnier. 1) His fear/apprehension of approaching the moving doors, or 2) if he had successfully glue himself to the doors they would have been continually smacking him in the face.

  21. Automatic sliding doors are obviously not the only thing that Dr Larch Maxey is unaware of. To look at him, he would be lucky to survive a crossing of the road, let alone a day in the Wild.

  22. Hilarious! Super glues are made with Ethyl cyanoacetate. These idiots probably don’t know Ethyl is a hydrocarbon.

  23. If everyone who is worried about climate just dont have kids, the problem will be solved in 2100.

  24. There was a very simple solution to his dilemma:

    Strip naked, apply glue to ass, stand on tip toes, press against glass, flex ankles to clear pavement, and then swing with door, glued to it, as it opens and shuts, while lecturing people who pass through.

    His failure to realize this great opportunity proves just how stupid he is.


  25. I SNIFF glue?
    Weapons Grade stupid is a natural result of protecting the useless and clueless.
    Fine footage of one of their poster children.

  26. In Britain he now has the title of ”Dr Larch Maxey The Mr Bean of Climate Activism” and is a research fellow at University of Plymouth. If I had his Proofed-At The Bench research paper on ”Doors, glue and how to garner pity” I think an A++ would be very Unchristian.

  27. Glueing himself to automatic opening doors? Reminds me of the nudist rolling down a hill ”Now you see it now you dont”.

  28. Now there’s a treat. Someone from the chicken little sky is falling corner actually doing, and promoting, empiricism / Real Science 🙂

  29. One day, I had to fix my P trap. I grabbed a bucket, stuck it under the trap and opened the P-Trap. Water poured into the bucket appropriately. The bucket wasn’t quite big enough, so I poured the bucket into the sink. More water came out of the pipe, so I quickly put the bucket back under and filled it up again. Once again I emptied the bucket into the sink and water came out of the pipe again so I quickly refilled the bucket and repeated…

    When you fixate on a task, other aspects of physics sometimes take a backseat. Yes it took him a few times to realize his folly, but he did realize it.

    I respect the people who can walk into their mistakes and admit them much more than I do the ones who think they can’t make mistakes like that.

  30. “Dr Larch Maxey was left red faced after trying to superglue himself to the main doors of Bristol City Council to raise awareness about climate change, unaware they were automatic. Describe Dr Maxey’s direct action attempt in three words…”

    So this academic had his first real life experience.

    If he dares to repeatedly seek similar experiences in the end he will grow fit for life.

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