UK Climate Emergency: “the climate denial movement has run its course”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The UK parliament has caved in to Extinction Rebellion climate protests and declared a climate emergency.

After weeks of protests, UK becomes first country to declare ‘climate emergency’

THURSDAY 2 MAY 2019 6:59PM

The UK has become the first country in the world to declare a national climate emergency following protests and acts of civil disobedience from a grassroots environmental group that launched in October.

The Extinction Rebellion has changed the paradigm of climate protests, according to Leo Barasi, the author of Climate Majority, a book investigating how to shift public opinion about climate change. 

He’s also written a Master’s thesis on whether climate protests will ever convince lawmakers to act on climate change (his conclusion, they wouldn’t).

“I found that extreme weather sometimes influences public opinion, while UN climate conferences and IPCC reports often trigger media coverage and parliamentary debates,” Barasi wrote on his blog.

“But climate protests generally have little direct effect on any of these.”

For 10 days in April, tens of thousands of people committed acts of civil disobedience, including blocking traffic across the Thames, gluing themselves onto trains, graffiting the headquarters of oil giant Shell, and blockading the stock exchange.

And it apparently worked: The protests led to two separate parliamentary debates, and these were capped this week by the successful climate emergency motion.

How did the protests work where others have failed?

But showing the protests have worked doesn’t help explain why this happened now, in April 2019, after apparently failing every other time.
One theory is that the climate denial movement has run its course.

Richard Black, a former BBC environment correspondent and author of Denied: the Rise and Fall of Climate Contrarianism, told the Guardian the BBC appears to have stopped giving air time to climate deniers to ‘balance’ the debate.

Mainstream media is now taking the issue seriously, he said: “The facts have changed. And in the end, if you want to be credible you have to go with the facts.”

Read more:

The government funded BBC dominates UK broadcast media, so their decision in 2007 to exclude competing viewpoints may have had a significant impact on public opinion.

The following is a video of the speech which led to bipartisan UK parliament agreement there is a climate emergency (speech by Jeremy Corbyn, the brother of British climate skeptic Piers Corbyn ).

British MP Michael Gove responded by agreeing there is a climate emergency (an apparent change from his previous position when he was negotiating with climate protestors). According to Breitbart Gove said;

“I want to make it clear that on this side of the House we recognise that this situation IS an emergency, it IS a crisis, and it IS a threat that all of us have to meet.”

Read more:

The UK does not have a constitutional right to free speech – in my opinion, any escalation of government sanctions against climate skeptics for the duration of the “climate emergency” could mean difficult times ahead for climate skeptics based in Britain.

206 thoughts on “UK Climate Emergency: “the climate denial movement has run its course”

  1. The Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming prophecy is progressing as a laboratory experiment extrapolated to global proportions. Just how green are they?

    • If skeptics are so few in number, and therefore inconsequential, why are they so obsessed with us? They seem to write an inordinate number of papers/studies/articles about us, and how to talk us into falling into line … I suspect our numbers are much higher than they pretend.

      • Skeptics are far out-numbered by those who real problems to deal with and don’t give damn about what climate may or may not be like in 50y. Sadly they do not seem to realise how this fake “crisis” is affecting their real problems here and now.

        There is a climate crisis: a climate propaganda crisis.

        “The facts have changed. “

        Yes, the facts have been changed by BoM, UEA, NASA, NOAA …. then “facts” never cease to change.

        • “temperatures” never cease to change.

          Orwellian manipulation of past data…he who controls the present controls the past.

        • Greg is very right – this is an issue that tends to slip past the average citizen like any other supposedly do-gooder cause – ‘its for the environment – what harm can it do?’

        • Actually, if it is Fact, by its very nature it cannot change. Facts are constant. The only thing that can change is our understanding of their nature.

        • So why not just answer the questions which are a long list of why the predictions are all wrong and why we are funding renewable energy that simply does not work as anyone whose view is utterly suicidally depressingly blighted by wind turbines will tell you.
          I think free Dignitas services vouchers should be a human right to anyone who has a wind farm erected in their view. I for one would jump at the offer as everywhere I have tried to move to is either too urban or already wrecked by your vile and cruel crowd.
          If it was not a fake crisis then the hundred months to out of control global warming has expired and all that has happened is they changed the name to climate change but otherwise it is actually colder if you don’t allow them to cook the figures first.
          What is your corrupt agenda Greg? What are your land holdings or renewable energy investments as otherwise you would have to be a certifiable sub normal if you can believe what you spout.

      • Exactly. Too many people paying attention to the small but vociferous eco mentalist bubble that exists in the major UK cities.Not once have i heard the “climate denier” phrase in person anywhere in the UK and i often raise the topic in conversation.

        The eco loon bubble is similar to the echo chamber that is Lib/Lab/Con in British politics and will be in for a rude awakening in the near future when it sees the same result at the ballot box.I hope the new Brexit Party make this a major part of the manifesto when it is created, spelling out exactly what enforcing the cult of climate believers would do to their current lifestyle and that of their children.It would be many times worse than anything the co2 is bad brigade could ever imagine.

  2. Nice attempt to change the focus from the Treason of No Brexit, to Gang Green.
    I suspect it will not save the seats of most of the politicians who just demonstrated their abject gullibility and lack of courage, one more time.

    Sewer rats probably now poll higher than UK politicians.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head – this is all that is going on. They don’t have a clue as to how to face the real problems, so what to do? Make a Fake Problem and Declare you’ve fixed it by asserting even more government control!

      But the UK’s biggest error is that they are still thinking that it is 1885 and that what they say do has some wider importance. It doesn’t – the UK of 2019 is a washed up, economically stagnant little backwater that has lost all of the influence and prestige that it once had. They can vote for whatever they want, do whatever they want, because now it truly Does Not Matter, not to anyone else in the world.

  3. This is politics. The Labour opposition started supporting climate concern etc etc so the governing Conservative party stepped in to out manoeuvre them. Hopefully it will lead to nuclear power and planting lots of native trees. 🍃🙂

    • They blocked the land use change to woodland as it upset the air flow to the wind farm. Someone discovered that it might not need one as it once was recorded as woodland so we might well be able to wreck the wind turbine company investment.

  4. Elon Musk has a Mars colonization plan. It can’t come soon enough.
    All the MPs that believe in this climate emergency (throw in the Democrats from the USA) should be happy to go to Mars as colonists where from they can monitor the unfolding of the calamity here on Earth.
    When Earth is still happy and prosperous in 2070, invite them back.

    • Gee, I would think that after the so called climate emergency, A colony on earth would be much easier to do – you don’t have to send rockets into outer space, ETC.

      • We wouldn’t ACTUALLY send them.

        We’d just put them in a ship with displays, shake it around a bit, then set them aside until they’re old and senile.

        Although it might be difficult to determine any change when they get senile.

      • It is, as well as pressure is about 0.6bar, plus no magnetic field so you would be bombarded by solar rays and it would be cold too.

          • Mars ain’t a place to raise your kids
            in fact it’s cold as hell

            Elton John taught me that.

          • .01 bar to be completely accurate , not that it matters . But I agree , a colony on Mars why? Exploration , yes , I can’t wait for that but man attempting to set up home there ?

    • If Earth is still prosperous in 2070 why would we want to invite them back? They’ll just start the whole farce all over again.

    • Martian soil is full of perchlorates, which are not suitable for agriculture. That means all food items must be imported from Earth.

        • They already had a greenhouse there when he was stranded. There IS water ice on Mars, and the perchlorates can be used to as a source of oxygen for colonists, and to create fuel for whatever rockets go there, but perchlorates are poisonous to humans at even 0.5%.

    • “When Earth is still happy and prosperous in 2070, invite them back.”

      I think one way ticket would be better. We have enough idiotic politicians here, and every new Mars colonist is our win.

    • When Earth is still happy and prosperous in 2070, invite them back.

      Why so they can once again attempt to ruin the prosperity? no thanks. They get a one-way ticket to mars and no backsies.

      • Mars by 2030!! About as likely as the “green-dreams”.

        sorry but you are wrong. The “green-dreams” are totally unrealistic (in resources and costs with results that would not accomplished the stated goals) whereas we’ve already sent stuff to Mars so we could send people to Mars today if we wanted. Granted they’ll be long dead by the time their corpses touch down on the red planet, but we have the technology to send them nonetheless.

        Since we already have the tech to send stuff, we can send unmanned construction drones/robots to build and prepare the colony infrastructure while we figure out how to get the colonists there alive. In theory that could be accomplished by 2030 with the resources we have available assuming we were willing to allocated enough of those resources to the project. In short it’s actually something the could theoretically be accomplished per its stated goals – so there really is no comparison between the two.

      • Just make sure you have plenty of dust rags and spray to deal with the dust of Mars that will creep in through every minute crack and crevice, just like sandstorms in Texas did when we lived there.

        The soil of Mars is very powdery. Use a lot of filters on your regulator, and when the canals are finally built for transportation, kids will be able to skate on them in the cold seasons. (See “Red Planet” R.A. Heinlein for reference.)

        • Dust could be a problem though not infiltrating through cracks and crevices. Since any habitable space would need to be pressurized, any cracks would out-gas. Any dust would come from space suit contamination through air locks.
          Of course dust and soil issues could arise from doming over a lava tube skylight and creating a pressurized interior space.

    • “And they made sure they sent you lot off first did they?” inquired Arthur.

      “Oh yes,” said the Captain, “well everyone said, very nicely I thought, that it was very important for morale to feel that they would be arriving on a planet where they could be sure of a good haircut and where the phones were clean.”

      • And since we adopted the leaf as currency, we’ve all become fabulously rich.

    • In reading this, I’m reminded of Kornbluth’s solution in “The Marching Morons”. Sometimes, as in that book, a “Final Solution’ may be the only way out…
      Either that, or the Golgafrincham Ark Fleet…

  5. *Stopped giving air time to climate deniers to balance the debate*
    How pathetic can someone get.

    • If there arguments were as strong as they claim, they would be eager to debate with skeptics.
      The fact that they feel the need to shut down the other sides just shows that even they know they are pushing garbage.

      • Indeed. When ones opponent is weak, one is most eager to take them on. When one is weak, one is most eager to avoid ones opponents. Their actions in shutting down their opponents reveals which side is the weak one.

  6. “The uk does not have a constitutional right to free speech”

    The right is included in the EU’s Lisbon treaty.

    Even before that the uk enacted the European Declaration of Human Rights into its law.

    Strictly speaking these are not constitutional but they have a similar affect.

    • They may have a similar effect…. until they are revoked. That is just as easy as creating them. That is the whole point of having a constitution. To prevent simple arbitrary change to core values by the govt of the day.

      The Lisbon Treaty also gives us the “right to look for work”. Oh thank you, your lordship, how kind of you !!

      • Nobody has a right to a job.
        Just like the declaration of independence says we have a right to pursue happiness, it doesn’t say we have a right to be happy.

    • I do not think “free speech” means the same thing in the Lisbon Treaty. When I look to all the signatories who have legislatively defined as “hate speech” any speech that contradicts any social justice position or supports traditional European values or in some cases, speech which could lead to the ruling party’s loss in the next election, there is no real free speech in the EUSSR.

    • Seventy years of exporting the ‘best and brightest’ in the Brain Drain.

      And I mean that quite literally. If you look at the emigration figures, it’s clear that the country has spent decades exporting many of their brightest kids, and there’s reportedly been a significant decline in IQ over the same period. Many of the people I was at university with there are now living overseas.

      So the kids who should have grown up to run the country are living in America, Australia and Canada, instead. Hence they’re left with a government of dummies.

      • Australia is up there with the UK with the brain drain and Govn’t idiocy. We have a general election on the 18th of May and everyone believes the climate emergency is the top policy priority. Going to be interesting to see what sort of Govn’t we get. My wife keeps telling me we should just nick off to the US.

      • Canada calling, we seem to have more than enough dummies of our own. Including our fearless leader. Also, many of the Brits who came here seem to be of the Labour variety and are also militant and obnoxious.
        After I saw what Labour did to Britain before Maggie took over I understood how much damage Socialism can and does cause.
        For some reason we keep trying the only ideology that has NEVER, EVER worked, anywhere, anytime!

    • Apart from “exporting” our finest, this is also the consequence of Blair placing our educational system in the hands of the socialist blob. UK education’s standing in the national tables has sunk from second to somewhere in the mid twenties, depending on whether you look at the UN or USA derived figures. Fewer than half the people employed in UK education are teachers and the UK is amongst the top spenders (GDP/Child) in the world, so all the bleating about being underfunded is nonsense. A return to teacher centred, fact based education would be required to put us back up the table with the likes of Singapore. We now have the remarkably dismal situation, for the first time in modern history, in which school leavers are less literate and less numerate than their grandparents. Do we really need to ask how Extinction Whatever came about?

  7. The headline here is slightly misleading. There has been no change in government policy (which is already bad) and no laws passed this week on climate declaring an emergency, just a load of politicians who’d rather pander to a 16 year old girl rather than look at the data.

    This week the Committee on Climate Change which advises the UK government said that to meet net zero emissions by 2050 the British public should cut back on red meat, cars and flying on holiday. In the latest polls the public said ‘no way’.

    Up to now the British public haven’t really noticed the affect of climate policies. Even though it’s put bills up for fuel and power they see it as normal inflation. Take away a their Sunday roast and their annual week in Spain and the eco-loons will find a lot more resistance to their policies.

    • Yes, it’s just back to the old ‘clean your teeth in the dark’ approach of the 70s fuel crisis. I don’t see it getting translated into anything more than entitling the government to put up fuel tax, which is something they always want to do. Many trees will die to produce helpful leaflets!

      • Susan,
        Sounds like a plan…put on fuel tax….follow the French lead and get the same result.

    • I think we should shepherd all the MP’s out of Parliament and replace them with autistic people. See if we can tell the difference.

  8. So an emergency is now the weather very, very ….very slowly.. doing…NOT MUCH!! YIKES!!
    I wonder how long an ”emergency” can last? Will it still be an emergency this time next year?
    Get your bets in…..

    • It’s England. it didn’t rain yesterday-EMERGENCY!! It rained the day before that-EMERGENCY!!

      • Yes, I have to keep reminding people in South Africa, that in the UK, a drought is when it doesn’t rain for 3 weeks (compared to the year-long drought we’ve just been having). I think that the whole UK water system is predicated on more-or-less regular rain. Having lived for some years in rainy Manchester, I was not too surprised to see a factory advertising for ‘waterproof machinists’ , and wondered just what the working conditions were like!

  9. The real question is, what legal powers does this give nation and regional governments in the Uk.
    Can they now fine , imprison and or confiscate a citizens property.
    If so this is not just about skeptics, it can be used against anyone.
    God help you.


  10. There never was a “climate denial movement.”

    Unfortunately there are natural climate change denial, climate complexity denial and beneficial climate change denial movements.

  11. Some people blame an organisation called Common Purpose that claims to train future movers and shakers.
    Their courses are attended by rising stars in local government, the police, education and the health service.
    The results seem to be a form of group think which is the modern equivalent of the party line.
    Look them up on Google.

  12. Amusing really. Or tragic. Your Millage May Vary.

    A full referendum is held. The question is very clear and binary. The media and the Elite’s response?

    It’s not binding. We should have another one. The public don’t know what they really think.

    A MOTION to discuss at a later date the concept of a Climate Emergency is accepted. The entire thing is vague, as yet undefined and not currently binding. The media and Elite’s response?

    Climate Denial is now officially dead! Climate Change is officially real!

    The disturbing thing is that by all accounts this was motion was achieved by the simple act of ‘civil disobedience’. So if a minority group can get the British political system to pass a motion, imagine what the silent majority could do if/when they finally get fed up of being ignored.

    I am visiting the UK later this year. Hopefully I wont get arrested.

    • A lot of motions are passed in the UK Parliament and can be seen on the green and red benches of each house.
      This fact is recognized by the Speaker who regularly cries out “Ordure Ordure!” to the worthless assembly before him.
      They invariably ignore him recognizing that he in turn is as big a piece as they are.

    • “The disturbing thing is that by all accounts this motion was achieved by the simple act of ‘civil disobedience’.”

      Most of the UK politicians are True Believers in CAGW so this emergency declaration wasn’t a giant leap for them, and many probably welcomed the opportunity.

      What it amounts to is CAGW has been declared real and an emergency in the UK. What are they going to do now? I imagine they are going to continue to ruin their economy and continue making their citizens poorer by pursuing the deadend of replacing reliable fossil fuel-derived electricity with unreliable and expensive windmills and solar.

      The emergency declaration probably won’t speed up the demise of the UK, it just reinforces the direction they are going.

      I think worldwide polls still show CAGW as being very low on the list of people’s worries. It’s just the Leftwing socialist politicians of the Western Democracies who really want to push this fraud, and they are enabled by the Leftwing Media who promote these CAGW lies and propaganda.

      The solution to this problem is to stop putting these foolish socialist politicians into office. The solution to that is to show the Leftwing Media for the liars they are. The Leftwing Media enables the socialist politicians. Without the Leftwing Media carryig their water for them, the socialist politicians would be history.

      • No need to panic. As Cameron’s government revealed a few years ago they have an impressive, nation-wide, reserve list of diesel generators to call upon should the wind fail to blow and the sun fail to shine.

  13. Richard Black’s comment that the BBC has finally stopped giving balanced coverage to the climate debate is, of course, arrant nonsense. Not many people here in the UK appear to know but many years ago it became OFFICIAL BBC editorial policy NOT to provide balanced coverage.

    That was the end of responsible journalism in the UK’s state broadcaster. The BBC’s news coverage now – with the honourable exception of some foreign correspondents – is embarrassingly awful. Those trained in newsgathering and editing – including myself – can easily see how, day by day, the news agenda is manipulated by omission and commission.

    The most blatant examples such as the sad exploitation of the ailing David Attenborough or the studiously grave interviewing of the parrotting schoolkid Greta Thunberg are obvious to all. But every day there are many, smaller, insidious editorial transgressions.

    Because of the ‘appeal to authority’ syndrome, most Brits just accept the coverage because it’s the Beeb. Unfortunately those who have actual scientific facts at their fingertips are avoided in conversation. I have not been able to have a calm, reasoned discussion on global warming for about 10 years now with family and friends. When I ask why people will not engage with me I am told it’s
    “because you know too much. You have all these facts and figures from your research and nobody is able to argue with you”.

    The BBC’s flagship Radio 4 output is virtually unlistenable to these days by anyone with a brain. Our Parliamentary politicians, a group of ignorant and cowardly charlatans the like of which has never been seen in our island’s history, is desperately trying to pass all decision-making on global warming and other important matters over to the totalitarian machine that is the EU.

    And to think that our forebears fought in two world wars to preserve our freedom. This state of affairs shakes our nation.

    • A reminder! Here is a list of the “best scientific experts” (BBC description) who advised the BBC to abandon impartiality in the reporting of climate change. The decision to abandon unbiased BBC reporting is described by the BBC Trust in its 2007 paper, “From Seesaw to Wagon Wheel – Safeguarding Impartiality in the 21st Century”. It is thanks to this 2007 BBC decision, informed by the “best scientific experts” (Ho! Ho!) that the British people are bombarded day-in-day-out by the state-owned BBC with its unbalanced climate change drivel:

      Robert May, Oxford University and Imperial College London
      Mike Hulme, Director, Tyndall Centre, UEA
      Blake Lee-Harwood, Head of Campaigns, Greenpeace
      Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
      Michael Bravo, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge
      Andrew Dlugolecki, Insurance industry consultant
      Trevor Evans, US Embassy
      Colin Challen MP, Chair, All Party Group on Climate Change
      Anuradha Vittachi, Director,
      Andrew Simms, Policy Director, New Economics Foundation
      Claire Foster, Church of England
      Saleemul Huq, IIED
      Poshendra Satyal Pravat, Open University
      Li Moxuan, Climate campaigner, Greenpeace China
      Tadesse Dadi, Tearfund Ethiopia
      Iain Wright, CO2 Project Manager, BP International
      Ashok Sinha, Stop Climate Chaos
      Andy Atkins, Advocacy Director, Tearfund
      Matthew Farrow, CBI
      Rafael Hidalgo, TV/multimedia producer
      Cheryl Campbell, Executive Director, Television for the Environment
      Kevin McCullough, Director, Npower Renewables
      Richard D North, Institute of Economic Affairs
      Steve Widdicombe, Plymouth Marine Labs
      Joe Smith, The Open University
      Mark Galloway, Director, IBT
      Anita Neville, E3G
      Eleni Andreadis, Harvard University
      Jos Wheatley, Global Environment Assets Team, DFID
      Tessa Tennant, Chair, AsRia

      • According to a 2018 survey, only 35% of UK residents think that climate change is mainly or wholly caused by human activity. Looks to me like the media and the government are out of step with the people (again). I read The Times here in the UK, and there are some very interesting comments on each article about climate change (usually toadying), last I looked there were over 600 comments on one article, so some lively debate going on there. I did post a question to The Times whether there was anyone but Matt Ridley on their staff who have any intelligence, but haven’t as yet had a response.

    • “because you know too much. You have all these facts and figures from your research and nobody is able to argue with you”.

      John, I have much the same problem – I have yet to meet a believer who can slug it it out toe to toe – most simply parrot the MSM narrative and are shocked that I can even hold a contrary position.

      Within a few minutes they back away when the realize they are unarmed – their obdurate faith undented unfortunately. Trying to change faith to knowledge is a fruitless and thankless task.

      This is particularly amusing at alumnus events – academics run screaming calling me names or adopt a condescending demeanor reserved for idiot students.

      Those academics I respected before the alarmism don’t buy it – it would make me question my stance if they did.

      Unfortunately as Prof. Snow once pointed out 9 out of 10 academics have less knowledge of physics than their Neolithic ancestors. He called effectively them cavemen – a stinging rebuke.

      The academic consensus is simply a consensus of ignorance.

      • Only yesterday over breakfast, I witnessed a similar refusal of basic facts from a brainwashed, yet reasonably intellectual climate sophist. I pointed out that the large pockets of air bubbles in their buttered toasted crumpet were infact man-made bubbles of CO2 from yeast fermentation combined with the reaction of acidic buttermilk with bicarbonate of soda. They argued that the bubbles were just air expanding due to heat from the baking oven.

        I’m glad I didn’t tell them how the caffeine had been extracted from their mug of coffee.

    • “Our Parliamentary politicians, a group of ignorant and cowardly charlatans the like of which has never been seen in our island’s history”. You make it sound like all Britain’s parliamentary politicians are ignorant and cowardly charlatans. That’s incorrect. Yes, the Conservatives are indeed ignorant and cowardly charlatans. But Labour know very well what they are doing. They are scheming, devious and power-hungry, and they are exploiting a carefully-crafted opportunity that has been years in the making.

      I am visiting the UK at the moment, well away from London, and the depth of cynicism about “climate change” is quite remarkable. Maybe there is hope for the country yet – if the Conservatives could just get a spine.

    • I agree with your thoughtful comments.

      The same comments apply to the magazine the Economist. The Economist 25 years ago included critical facts, pros/cons for policies, and alternatives. Now the Economist articles are little more than opinion pieces.

      The same comments apply to almost all use news broadcasts.

  14. The UN Socialists and One World Government crowd has now seized control of Britain…

    My condolences to a once great nation. Your future is one like Venezuela. Enjoy the stupidity you have hoisted upon yourself.

    • The future for the UK under the incoming Corbyn administration is the bleakest that I have known , and i speak as a survivor of the Atlee Govt and its never ending policy of food rationing long after our former enemies had moved on, the pathetic Heath Govt and its Euro-obsession, and the chaotic Callaghan Govt where unions took effective ( or rather , ineffective) control of the country.
      However Venezuela it will not be . The citizens there are cowed by being poor, without resources or assets (the middle class having fled) and are easily controlled by an army that Maduro can afford with a few millions from the enormous income from the remaining oil production.
      Britain is different . The people have assets that can be used to set up a black market , not just in the forbidden foods and fuel , but in weapons . There are local societies to help organisation. It is true that the police have been totally politicised towards the Left , but the Army , I suspect still has a traditional loyalty to the Crown and the current UK way of life.
      Forget Venezuela, the future is more likely to be like Syria , with Corbyn in the Assad role.

  15. Of course there is a climate emergency.. they know their climate lies are falling apart quickly.

  16. BBC “This proposal, which demonstrates the will of the Commons on the issue but does not legally compel the government to act, was approved without a vote.

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tabled the motion, said it was “a huge step forward”.

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove acknowledged there was a climate “emergency” but did not back Labour’s demands to declare one.”

    This is a purely symbolic gesture taken without a vote and has no lawful authority. It is gesture politics at its finest


      • yeah its a real head spinner one, Piers is so bright and the other so daft, I wonder if Jeremy has a different dad? or his mum dropped him as a baby?

      • Well as is usual with genetics one family member gets the brains the other the brains!

  17. I hope we are approaching peak climate craziness.

    Admission in an article here by a “eco-woke” that the repeated deadlines to save the world were simply attempts to get policy makers attention

    Paper by Oxford academic relating to interbreeding by aliens to produce hybrids able to survive

    Politicians hanging on the every word of a 16 year old child

    Increasingly strident calls to decarbonise, eat less meat, travel less etc.

    Unfortunately, there is so much invested in the catastrophe idea, that its proponents are not going to go away shrugging their shoulders. They actually will continue to raise taxes and force greater measures to reduce the lifechoices and freedoms in western society.

  18. A reminder! Here is a list of the “best scientific experts” (BBC description) who advised the BBC to abandon impartiality in the reporting of climate change. The decision to abandon unbiased BBC reporting is described by the BBC Trust in its 2007 paper, “From Seesaw to Wagon Wheel – Safeguarding Impartiality in the 21st Century”. It is thanks to this 2007 BBC decision, informed by the “best scientific experts” (Ho! Ho!) that the British people are bombarded day-in-day-out by the state-owned BBC with its unbalanced climate change drivel:

    Robert May, Oxford University and Imperial College London
    Mike Hulme, Director, Tyndall Centre, UEA
    Blake Lee-Harwood, Head of Campaigns, Greenpeace
    Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
    Michael Bravo, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge
    Andrew Dlugolecki, Insurance industry consultant
    Trevor Evans, US Embassy
    Colin Challen MP, Chair, All Party Group on Climate Change
    Anuradha Vittachi, Director,
    Andrew Simms, Policy Director, New Economics Foundation
    Claire Foster, Church of England
    Saleemul Huq, IIED
    Poshendra Satyal Pravat, Open University
    Li Moxuan, Climate campaigner, Greenpeace China
    Tadesse Dadi, Tearfund Ethiopia
    Iain Wright, CO2 Project Manager, BP International
    Ashok Sinha, Stop Climate Chaos
    Andy Atkins, Advocacy Director, Tearfund
    Matthew Farrow, CBI
    Rafael Hidalgo, TV/multimedia producer
    Cheryl Campbell, Executive Director, Television for the Environment
    Kevin McCullough, Director, Npower Renewables
    Richard D North, Institute of Economic Affairs
    Steve Widdicombe, Plymouth Marine Labs
    Joe Smith, The Open University
    Mark Galloway, Director, IBT
    Anita Neville, E3G
    Eleni Andreadis, Harvard University
    Jos Wheatley, Global Environment Assets Team, DFID
    Tessa Tennant, Chair, AsRia

  19. Climate extinction and the Guardian certainly seem to be driving the agenda here… the climate skeptic movement is on the back foot, responding to the agenda they have set.

    • True.
      The sceptic movement is based on science so we do not set the agenda on politics.
      That’s the other side’s bailiwick.

    • When it all ends in tears just don’t expect any sympathy from the rest of the world.

    • It appears England is in serious decline, since they were once a leading Literary and scientific nation, that gave us Alan Touring, Adam Smith, Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Jane Austen, and many more. Now about all they are famous for these days are a few but declining quality of actors/actresses.

      What a sad decline!

  20. “The government funded BBC” ? Correction needed, Tax Payer funded BBC, governments have no money, it’s the taxes from the people they possess!!!!

    • And it is a tax extracted under threat of fines and/or imprisonment if you happen to have a TV or mains radio too.

  21. As soon as a sane Government gets in they cut the BBC block grant by 52% and make it quite clear that they will cut it by another 80% if the BBC continues being a pressure group for the Metrosexual Leftie blob.

    Amazing how quickly unprincipled harlots will do their jobs when the punters refuse to pay them.

    The next thing must be ten years imprisonment without trial for any Green Luvvie who ever gets on an aeroplane, uses a car or eats meat, owns a second home etc etc. The extremists set the standards and they are punished ten times as harshly.

    I have no interest in their human rights. They are strident and totalitarian and think Green jollies involve flying around the world, not logging in virtually.

    They are unprincipled, utterly avaricious and totally without credibility. Bullshitters and liars, swindlers and con(wo)men.

    They can experience the other end of totalitarianism.

    Labour have zero percent chance of any vote of mine. Zero.

    The real reason for this? global PTB want Britain to collapse and have ordered the traitors to cave in to hasten the economic armageddon.

    Never believe anything a UK politician does is out of principle. It is ALWAYS some sordid nonsense that gives them some meagre little pot to piss in.

  22. IIRC, Blair’s attempt to make ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ compulsory viewing for school children led to a court case in which CAGW came in for some proper scrutiny and was found guilty of lies and distortion. Our idiot politicos May have offered another chance for judicial review of the science. It would certainly help the ailing cause of sanity if these specious claims were publicly dismissed again.

  23. Beng the first to do something stupid is what the british call “leading the world”.

    And the stupid brits still keep voting for these idiots.

    • “And the stupid brits still keep voting for these idiots”

      Not all of us. The biggest problem we face is lack of a coherent alternative. Millions vote for the Tories, not because they support them, but to try and stop Labour getting in…

  24. It is such a pity the Labour Party elected the wrong Corbyn as leader…they could have had the one with brains.

    • They did that before. They chose Ed Milliband instead of his brother David with disasterous effect, basically opening the way to a far-left takeover.

  25. Gove is an idiot. Ignore him. We all do.
    All Gove has done is set himself up as a laughing stock for years to come.
    Declarations such as this are as pointless as they are meaningless. They can declare anything they like but it changes nothing – other that to convince the British public that this lot of politicians are even more ignorant than we previously thought.
    And on that subject, a recent poll indicated that British politicians have never been in such low regard by the public as they are today, and declarations like this are hardly going to improve their standing.

    • “Gove is an idiot.” I agree entirely, but let’s not forget he is being backed by some of his buddies as a possible future Prime Minister, And let’s not forget either that he has taken a left wing stance on private education in which he has promised to withdraw tax benefits from private education establishments if he becomes leader of the Conservative Party, which will have the effect of bringing those establishments to their knees, with many of them having to close.

    • Gove is not an idiot, he’s one of the brighter MPs, but he does seem to be extremely ambitious and therefore needs to jump on to a popular bandwagon when one appears. Why anyone with intelligence would want to be PM at this point is what I can’t understand.

  26. Hmmm… a declaration of intentions with nothing of substance whatsoever, why does it ring a bell?

    Today we have continued the long tradition of cooperation that has mantained agreements that enable negotiations which provide a basis for future talks

  27. One good thing about Extinction Rebellion is that it provokes a debate – a debate about climatism that is largely missing in the UK.

    Politicians (and the BBC) don’t really want to have this debate because it upsets a comfortable echo chamber. The echo chamber allows them to virtue signal, not do much, and not face up to the practical and economic realities of what they are saying (set 2050 targets or whatever). This is comfortable because action and costs are not noticeable today or at the next general election: nobody feels they are being prevented from noticeable actions (changes to lives) that would motivate a reaction.

    Pandering to Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg will set expectations among the people who are convinced by the decarbonisation debate. They will feel emboldened to ask for more and to take much more meaningful, specific targets. This puts the pandering politicians on a collision course with part of the other part of the electorate who don’t really give this much of their time or attention.

    That’s why there is so much debate about denial. The climatists know that there is a passive section of society, and they are seeking to discourage the reaction before it starts.

    The EU issue followed a similar course. There came a point when the EU impact on UK legislation reached a point when the electorate said “enough is enough”. Most politicians and BBC were so stuck in their bubble that they couldn’t see the coming Brexit result. The UK was supposed to be largely pro-EU, and the shock of the reality was written all over the faces of politicians and BBC journalists when their bubble burst.

    Declaring a climate emergency is fantastic. We are now in an emergency situation and tangible life-changing policies will need to be imposed on the UK electorate. The BBC will go into over-drive (already has) and the politicians will foolishly follow (already have). That’s exactly what we need to expose climatism to open and testing debate. And it will drive the politicians into an uncomfortable corner of seeking to pass laws which will be very unpopular.

  28. This was a debate in the HoC. Has it been passed into UK Law?

    I don’t think so and I doubt it ever will be.

    If not, it’s meaningless.

    • But if it gets the Extinction Rebellion people out of central London for a while it will be a win for the politicians.

  29. In 1959 I arrived in London from New Zealand , I traveled from the airport to Liverpool Street Station by train, looking out the window I could see ZERO the smag was so thick visibility was (+ – ) 10 feet !
    What a shame that HISTORY as a school subject has become politicized

    • Smog relected sunlight. It therefore reduced surface temperature. After 1970s clean air acts we saw 30 years of surface warming as smogs were removed.

      I’m quite sure that in 100 years that short period of HUMAN CAUSED WARMING and the insane response of governments will have our generation referred to as the quintessential idiots akin to “flat earthers

  30. Josh, could you do a cartoon showing the UK shooting its self in the foot?

    • “Under EU and UK, referring to a person as a “denier” is slander”

      I think it could also classify as a “Hate Crime” – the only category our useless police are interested in investigating…

  31. It is a pity the marxist militant tendency puppet Corbyn does not listen to his physicist brother but then Jezza is not very clever.
    Full retard in the UK. 50 years of marxist digging away and now here we are in the 21st century with medievalism death cultism oh and the bully boy winning the day.
    Truly a day of infamy when democracy and common sense left the building.
    I am ashamed of the nation of my birth,

    • The British need more reflection with the inspiring words of JRR Tolkien.

      There are a lot of inspiring passages of bravery, hope, and rebuilding in the face creeping darkness and despair.

  32. It is amazing how many normally sane columnists have fallen for this rubbish. I wonder how many of them have any idea what the Second Law of Thermodynamics says?

  33. Britain has Brexit chaos, and it’s failed attempted coup against President Trump to worry about.
    Trump will make a state visit in June, hopefully asking for a state apology for UK Intelligence interference, and stressing why he had to dump the Paris Accord.

    BBC would likely be served a D-Notice on that Tea Time speech.

    Meanwhile Dr. Happer and the CO2 Coalition meet in D.C. to discuss the Presidential Panel on Climate Science.

    Strangely enough, just as Britain declares a State of Emergency, Ms. May just fired the Secretary for War, sorry Defence, Williamson, over Huawei leaks.

    The strategic question has to be : CO2 or the Russians, er, China. Maybe Williamson got priorities in a twist?

    • “Britain has Brexit chaos, and it’s failed attempted coup against President Trump to worry about.”

      I doubt Britain’s leadership had the deliberate intention of trying to harm President Trump.

      My guess is the Obama administration’s FBI and CIA and others were involved in trying to set Trump up so it looked like Trump and the Russians were cooperating, and the U.S.agencies were sending in their agents to try to compromise the Trump people, and as part of that, the U.S. intelligence agencies went to the British and the Austrailians and lied to them about Trump/Russian colusion and asked for their help in exposing it.

      What are the British and Australian intelligence agencies going to do, refuse to help? For all they know, the U.S. intelligence agencies are on to something, so they agree to contact some Trump people and talk to them and maybe plant some information that looks compromising of Trump and his people.

      Of course, it is hard to say. These British and Australians involved may have been acting on their own,, which is entirely possible, since they worked with U.S. intellignce in the past. The Australian involved apparently was instrumental in getting millions of dollars donated the the Clinton Foundataion several years ago, so it looks like he may be on Hillary’s team, and was doing her a favor rather than acting on behalf of Australian intelligence..

      The good thing about it is it looks like we are eventually going to find out all the details about all of this sedition and treason on the part of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton in their illegal attempts to overthrow a duly elected president and thwart the Will of the People.

      One reason the Democrats are going after Attorney General Barr’s character and honestly is because they are trying to smear him in advance of the coming revelations about the illegal activity of the Obama adminsitration. They are trying to change the focus from the illegal and treasonous acts of Hillary and the Obama administrtion to the character of the Attorney General.

      Changing the focus might work with the Leftwing News Media, but it won’t work with a Grand Jury. A Grand Jury will focus on the facts.

      Yes, it’s going to get real interesting, unless you are a Democrat. If you are a Democrat expect things to get worse for you. Your political party is not only corrupt it is criminal, and the whole world is going to see it. Well, at least the part of the world that doesn’t get all their news from the Leftwing News Media.

      • Barr is going after the cabal, the Dems and neo-cons are scurrying, and all roads lead to London.
        See ZH Barr Launches Wide-Ranging Probe Into 2016 FBI Spying
        When MSM and GCHQ itself orders us to ignore Trump’s tweet on UK Intelligence, well, they are simply ignored.
        Treason and a foreign power, not Russia, rather Britain, is the theme.

        Now that Trump is free of the witch hunt, he talked with Putin and is ready to get to work on delayed projects, bringing China in as well. Will we see an end to decaying geopolitics?

  34. When I hear someone ranting about CAGW already happening I usually try to ask what they consider to be the number one threat. Usually they start the usual rant and cannot choose one single issue. But they usually gets upset by the question. So what do the climate emergency adress, what is worse than before?

    • Gee, that dates you; I’m getting on in years and I can barely remember Patrick McGoohan (although I was glued to it at the time.) Was it over half a century ago?
      But you’re probably right; he was definitely a sceptic (he would have embraced British spelling I’m sure.)

  35. The “emergency” is that the drum beating, data-adjusting, clamoring, fretting and scoldings about this expensive #FakeCrisis is increasingly failing to move society towards the urgently desired goal of creating the Socialist Utopia. It is becoming too clear that the lie has run its course. Time to regroup and devise a new lie.

    • I think you are on to something there, Ewin.

      CO2 is climbing, but the temperatures have been cooling for the past three years.

      The CAGW speculators claim that increasing CO2 means higher temperatures, but that’s not happening. Perhaps they are wrong.

      Yes, I know, it’s only three years, but there’s also that troublesome (for alarmists) pause thing, too.

    • It really is bizarre in the UK. If you look at what is happening, you know no one gives a damn about this climates cult – particularly the cult leaders who liberally burn petroleum as they fly everywhere trying desperately to drum up support for their hypocrisy.

      I’d liken the situation to a kid’s wheel in a car by which they imagine they are steering. Indeed, the only reason they vote for such extremist drivel is that they know nothing will happen.

      • Great analogy, Mike. I will try to remember it and use it myself, hope you don’t mind a bit of mild plagiarism!

  36. “the climate denial movement has run its course”

    If “climate denial” has run it’s course, why are people who’s only expertise is manipulating public opinion still using nonsense terms like “climate denial?”

    • Exactly. ‘Climate denial’ has no meaning.

      The Left puts forth a Talisman constructed of mashed up language, then demands obedience to it.

  37. Congrats, UK, on becoming the first country in the world to go full retard. Who’s next?

  38. Yep, happened here in NZ a few months ago, the media ( announced that “denier” comments would no longer be allowed on their on-line climate articles. Now they’ve gone all in with their “Quick! Save the Planet!” section which is full of alarmist BS. As this article points out, there is no constitutional freedom of speech here in NZ (same as UK). The elite here are perfectly happy to deny speech to their opponents, and most people here (very nice & trusting) don’t realise how one-sided the media is. But when the plug was pulled on the rights of commenters, many commenters made a final comment of “good-bye” — they knew what was happening. It’s a real worry.

    • Then just boycott them. They need you more than you need them, and the sooner you move to media outlets who do have open debate, the sooner those who deny it will go to the wall and the more profit for those who have open debate.

      For example I saw this article when reading, but I don’t see many sceptics posting there even though it has NO restrictions on expression.

  39. “the climate denial movement has run its course”

    No one is denying climate, was is being denied is man’s overwhelming impact on it. To date there is NO evidence of man’s impact on climate being of major concern, nature is still in command of the process.
    cAGW types deny that nature controls the weather and climate and that is a nonsense. So go on cAGW types prove that the climate is being governed by man, prove that nature has been emasculated by humans because I don’t see it.

    The way I see climate is like a large orchestra playing …
    The sun is the rhythm that dictates the beat of the climate, the oceans adds a bass coda to that basic rhythm and the rest of nature (including the atmosphere) puts short periods of ornamentations and variations around the basic theme and rhythm. All of humanity is just as a hair on the bow of the second viola, yes it has an effect but it’s drowned out by the other players in the climate orchestra. Nature (from galactic to molecular influences) is the conductor — the maestro — the one that decides how, when, and where whole ensemble will play in this never ending symphony.

    Human effects on the climate — lost in the noise of natural variations.

  40. The UK does not have a constitutional right to free speech – in my opinion, any escalation of government sanctions against climate skeptics for the duration of the “climate emergency” could mean difficult times ahead for climate skeptics based in Britain.

    What’s a “climate skeptic”? Don’t you mean weather skeptic? What exactly are they skeptical of? Less cyclones? Less storms? Less tornadoes?

    And what exactly is a “climate emergency”? Don’t they mean ‘weather emergency’? They’ve get better weather forecasts that ever before, but now its a ‘mergency’?


    Last I looked humans are the most adaptable species ever to evolve on the planet and pretty much nothing is going extinct in the other species. So maybe just buy an air conditioner or a fan and some lighter clothing and polyester bedding from China. Maybe a pith helmet and a safari suit if you feel really tropical and moist under the arm pit.

    • -“Last I looked humans are the most adaptable species ever to evolve on the planet and pretty much nothing is going extinct in the other species.”-
      Not just we present humans , but all hominids that have attained bipedalism . There is current speculation that the “hobbits” from Flores are small sized not just because of island dwarfism , but because they started off small , being descended not from H erectus (2m high) , but australopithecines, 2 M years earlier and ca 1 m smaller. So these nimble and clearly adaptable little fellows, with brain capacity of 200cc, can scale mountains, cross shark infested seas and experience desert heat and glacial cold in journeying from East Africa to SE Asia, but a Tory Cabinet minister, with a (theoretical) brain capacity of 1400cc cannot envisage a temperature difference in the centre of London of 1.5C without collapsing into hysterics.
      With some people evolution seems to have taken a retrograde step.

    • We do have a constitutional guarantee of free speech – it’s called a jury. Politicians can huff and puff in parliament all they like, but as long as we have jury trials, ordinary people decide whether to convict – which is hughly unlikely under their daft rantings.

    • It’s “The Sun” – it’s bollocks. I read an article (not for this holiday) claiming a prediction of 100 mph winds and temperatures of -10 degC. Those two together is pretty much impossible here, but nevertheless, I was reading it at the time it was supposed to happen: it was wrong by 99 mph and 20 degC.

  41. “The UK does not have a constitutional right to free speech – in my opinion, any escalation of government sanctions against climate skeptics for the duration of the “climate emergency” could mean difficult times ahead for climate skeptics based in Britain.”

    Such repression as ” escalation of government sanctions against climate skeptics” establishes UK as a country willfully violating human rights.

  42. The Day the Earth Stood Still……in the minds of a very few and some political pigeons.

  43. Does Brexit flummox lead to more superfluous debates, resolutions, and assorted posturing to look busy and relevant? Just wondered.

  44. I am very concerned about the climate emergency so I have just bought a 150bhp diesel RAV4 so that I can escape it more quickly when I see it coming, and carry more coal back to my house for the fire.
    I have also had my middle finger stiffenned and fixed in an upward and outward facing position to ward off the converts to the Climate religion.

  45. What is a “national climate?” This can refer only to the political climate, methinks.

  46. Is this the British version of the Clinton Win-the-Day Strategy from the big book of politics and borrowed from courtroom tactics of manipulating juries with biased expert witnesses and other maneuvers? Not sure from this distance.

  47. Let me know when they close the airports so I can divert by travel plans to other international airports in the region.

    • “our planet, the world from which we have come, was, so to speak, doomed.”


      “Oh yes. So what everyone thought was, let’s pack the whole population into some giant spaceships and go and settle on another planet.”

      Having told this much of his story, he settled back with a satisfied grunt.

      “You mean a less doomed one?” prompted Arthur.

      “What did you say dear fellow?”

      “A less doomed planet. You were going to settle on.”

  48. Dear God!…how far our once great and proud country has fallen. With a hopelessly penetrated ‘remainer’ Parliament/government not content with making a catastrophic mess of out of our exit from the EU, they jump on any and all ‘progressive’ bandwagons that trundle into town. A ‘Climate emergency’!?!…really!? Because a vocal minority of fruity, borderline psychotic, Marxist/ greenblob loons says there is!?! …Yeah right!…deflecting attention from Brexit/ local election/ gross incompetence and traitorous mismanagement more like.

  49. Since Thatcher made it fashionable in the 1980s, the major UK political parties have taken the line of outwardly agreeing with everything the greens say so that the issue becomes essentially apolitical.

    That of course is how the government decided it would be a good idea if we all drove diesels, only to reverse the policy now that reality asserted itself. Fortunately I think they don’t believe what they say most of the time, but still need help to steer around the most stupid decisions. Thus they have sensibly approved the building of an extra runway at Heathrow airport, which infuriates the green hypocrites almost as much as a nuclear power station.

  50. Under the European Charter of Human Rights which is in force in the UK all human beings have a right to self-expression so shutting up Skeptics will end up in the EU Court of Human Rights.

  51. UK loosing fate in Brexit ?
    With local elections 75% of results declared state of
    political parties:
    Conservative(80% pro Brexit) 2474 -909
    Labour (60% anti Brexit) 1583 -83
    Liberal Democrat(100% anti Brexit) 995 +521
    Green(100% anti Brexit) 167 +131
    UKIP(100% pro Brexit) 22 -8

    • Updated after more than 90% results in:
      – 1222
      – 81
      + 639
      + 180
      – 137
      Brexit parties show huge losses while two anti Brexit are big winners, also two anti-B are also climate change zealots.

      • Parties that reneged on their election promises to leave the EU both had losses. And even the anti-brexit biased corp had to admit brexit was the main thing in the election – as in GOING BACK ON THEIR CLEAR PROMISES.

      • And of course that could not have ANYTHING to do with the fact that they feel they have been sold down the river by those cowards and nothing at all to do with how as much as you dream that they did not change their vote. A binding democratic vote was held two years ago. If you do not like democracy I can avail you of a list of toilets, excuse me countries where they embrace your view of democracy…but I double they will warm to you mentioning it!” Get over yourself!

    • You missed out the independents and the spoiled ballots, and the fact that the Brexit Party only came into being after nominations for these polls had closed.

      • You have also omitted the fact that between 20% and 40% of the electorate (judging by the exceptionally low turnout figures) simply couldn’t be arsed to turn up because they knew there was nothing on the ballot paper they actually wanted to vote for.
        Personally I wouldn’t be too worried if May cobbles together some BRINO with the bearded dwarf. We stay part in the EU and even the BBC won’t be able to disguise its disintegration and utter corruption from the British public. Along with a great many other people, I will hold my nose and vote for Farage’s lot once again, this time in the next GE. With any luck the Brexit Party (they seem to have some quality candidates – just move them from the Euros to the GE) will at least have a voice, if not hold a balance of power. Five years of Marxist extremism would see us back in the 70s. Perhaps that’s what our beloved millennials and generations x, y and whatever need to make them see sense.

  52. The people of my country are now hostages to an extreme left wing antidemocratic totalitarian Globalist junta which has annexed all power unto itself. But nearly all them don’t even know it. I begin to despair. It becomes increasingly more difficult to find anyone who hasn’t fallen for the Globalist population control lies such as this ‘climate emergency’. For a time I thought people here were beginning to wake up – but they aren’t. Pretty soon now the Globalist establishment will bring objection to the climate orthodoxy under their ever-expanding umbrella of “hate speech” and imprison transgressors. What is happening here in the UK is truly horrific to watch and I for one of many am planning my exit and permanent voluntary exile posthaste.

  53. So – what ‘event’ has qualified this as an ’emergency’ – or is this just the indulgence of long-term paranoia?

    • Of course it’s an emergency!
      Call 999 (OK, 911) and tell the police that someone has planted CO² on our atmosphere and is robbing us of all our cold!
      That’s an emergency!
      Except, it won’t involve blue lights – more like Green lites – AKA MPs.

  54. In the real world problems are solved first by ensuring there is a problem and then ensuring money spent solves the problem as opposed to wasting money.

    Thinking, non-Zombie politicians understand the country has a limited amount of money to spend on stuff, so problems must be prioritized.

    1) Almost every country is running a deficit with slow GDP growth, continual loss of jobs to China and Asia. The real problem is growing the economy so there will be tax revenue to pay for health care, schools, roads, bridges, and so on.
    2) The Zombies have no solution to CAGW.
    3) There is a solution to CAGW which is the rediscovered liquid fuel, no water, no fuel rod, atmospheric pressure, fission reactor design that is a cheap as coal, six times more fuel efficient, mass producible, with no catastrophic failure modes.
    4) The Zombies do not know they have no solution to CAGW. The politicians are forcing us to spend money on variable, intermittent power supplies, to power a grid that requires dispatch-able non variable power, 24/7. Germany has reached the engineering limit of the wind and sun gathering scheme. German CO2 emissions are no longer dropping yet Germany continues to spend billions of dollars on more stuff that is labelled green.
    5) There are a dozen observations and analysis results that disprove CAGW and AGW

  55. I miss Monty Python but this is a reasonable remake for now.

    Pity and pathetic come to mind.

    Send him to the glue factory.

  56. The answer is simple. The public at large despises climate science and climate scientist as much as they have always done. The UK now is a sub third world banana republic run by a corrupt and ignorant political class who hold a referendum and then ignore the result as it did not fit their agenda. Equally they listen to ignorant retard rioters and even stupider and more corrupt has been celebs rather than anyone intelligent enough to see
    a failure list as long as your arm on the climate prediction probably to distract from their other failures.

    You don’t know how lucky you lot are to have Trump.

    • D Cage – don’t get too depressed, British business is doing very nicely. Have a look at the export figures in the link below- I wouldn’t say that the UK is a sub-third world banana republic, but like you I despair at the state of British national politics. Don’t get me started on the climate change nonsense and the idiotic declaration of a ‘planetary emergency’!

  57. For those not familiar with the HoC and how seating is arranged, there are fewer seats than members, and MPs have to book their places, except on the front benches. That’s when up and coming members of the government and opposition vie for spaces near their leader.
    However, the woman to the left – his right – of Corbyn is Dawn Butler, shadow minister for Women and Equality – but more like geriatric Corbyn’s nurse. She sits next to him at his EVERY appearance and her frequent explosions of support for her master are squirmingly embarrassing. But she also helps him by telling him when to stand and when to sit. (not a spelling mistake!)

  58. No critical press coverage is dangerous as it logically leads/grows/spans corrupt parties, in addition to idiotic policies.

    The Democrats had zero critical press analysis for almost 12 years, during the Obama administration it has a love affair, followed by another love affair.

    This is a big deal. The Chinese have loads of money which they appear to have used to openly bribe, key individuals, in the Obama administration.

    There is evidence that the Chinese government blandly and openly bribed Joe Biden and John Kerry, under the Obama administrating using massive billion dollar deals with their sons and the capital firm ‘Rosemount Capital’.

    Ten days after the Bidens visited China, the Bank of China — which is embedded in a complex network involving state ministries, security forces, and the Communist Party, and which provides capital for China’s economic statecraft — created an investment fund with Rosemont Seneca called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). “In short, the Chinese government was literally funding a business that it co-owned along with the sons of two of America’s most powerful decision makers,” Schweizer explains.

    Devon Archer, Chris Heinz’s roommate at Yale and star fundraiser for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential run, joined the American Princelings at Rosemont. Federal agents would later arrest Archer in May 2016 for defrauding a Native American tribe in an effort to enrich a branch of Rosemont Capital, Rosemont Seneca Bohai.

    The American Princelings set up Rosemont Capital as an alternative investment fund of the Heinz Family Office, and attached several branches to it, including Rosemont Seneca Partners and Rosemont Realty.

    In May 2015, Kerry visited China again, and insisted that “the two powers shouldn’t let the South China Sea issue get in the way of broader cooperation.” In August, Rosemont Realty announced that Gemini Investments, run from the COSCO headquarters, was buying a 75 percent stake in the company, including a $3 billion commitment from the Chinese.

    The massive Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) teamed up with Chinese state-owned military aviation contractor Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to buy American “dual-use” part manufacturer Henniges in 2015. AVIC operates under direct control of the State Council and produces military technology “primarily designed to compete with the United States.”

    The year before BHR teamed up with AVIC, the aviation company had stolen technologies related to the U.S. F-35 stealth fighter.

    In September 2015, AVIC bought 51 percent of Henniges, while the Biden-and-Kerry-linked BHR purchased 49 percent. Henniges developed anti-vibration technologies for cars, but the technologies are considered “dual use” because they also have a military application.

    The technology is on the restricted Commerce Control List, and the Henniges deal — like the notorious Uranium One deal in 2010 — would require the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). Kerry’s State Department approved the deal in 2015.

    In 2014, BHR became an “anchor investor” in China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC or CGN), a state-owned nuclear company that was previously wholly owned by the Chinese government. CGN was under FBI investigation at the time, and eventually charged with stealing U.S. nuclear secrets.

  59. It was one of the saddest days for me in my science & engineering career spanning 39 years to hear this news living in the UK; some fellow colleagues shared this view.

  60. The kind of emergency where you flagellate your subjects without doing anything about the claimed cause of said emergency. If they want to do anything about atmospheric CO2 other than just punish their own people without effect, they should take back their colonies, impoverish them and attack China. And maybe Poland.

    This development is not lost on power hungry Americans and their industrial cronies.

  61. Bloody Hell!! here I am enjoying a nice vacation in Florida and as soon as I leave the country you do this?? just you wait til I get home..

      • If only I could.. then I could buy myself a nice 5.0 V8 Mustang and not worry about being taxed off the road..

  62. Delingpole: Corbyn’s Red-Green Guards Prepare for Government Under Banners of Mao and Stalin

    “We [Labour] have brought Extinction Rebellion in to start advising us on how we tackle some of these issues. We’ve already developed our own proposals for a Green New Deal… It is about an industrial strategy that confronts the fourth industrial revolution but actually makes it green. Everything we’ve heard in recent years but more importantly everything we’ve heard in recent weeks from Extinction Rebellion is demonstrating we are running out of time.”

  63. So, no more debate about how to ease the congestion at Heathrow airport, no more thought about adding a third runway. They have just given cart blanche to Extinction Rebellion to double down on its threat to close down Heathrow altogether. Irresponsible hoafs.

  64. I used to “work” full time on climate, but there was literally no money. Worse, eventually there was also nothing to debate on the science because the evidence shows absolutely no abnormal trends.

    We sceptics won the the scientific debate a long time ago, but this cult is not based on scientific evidence but on belief despite the clear evidence showing nothing abnormal is happening to the climate.

    All we have is a doomsday religious cult which is prevalent in the numpty sectors (media, politicians & academics).

    To put it bluntly I’m not wasting any more of my time on religious nutters.

  65. What the British nobility used to do with the runt of the family who was otherwise useless was send him into either the Church, the Army or Parliament where he couldn’t do much damage. The situation is quite similar today but they are given a thin veneer of academic credibility and we thus find ourselves ruled by a cadre of dim-brained oxbridge waffleologists.

    Strangely we do still rule the world with so called “soft power”. What the Americans call BS. The capitulation to Extinction Rebellion, the result of incredible weakmindness and incompetence, will be copied and applauded around the world.

    Watch this space.

  66. “Proposal approved without a vote, and not legally binding”.

    Trouble is the Cabinet Office is approving, without a vote, total EU integration.
    Professor Gwythian Prins: EU ‘participation’ is not partnership, it is integration.
    Professor Prins briefed Defence Sec. Gavin Williamson one week before Williamson was ousted…

    So while MP’s and voters are gas-lighted by CO2, no pun intended, in spite of Brexit, Sedwill’s CO carries on unnoticed :

  67. There was a European Geoscience Union conference in Vienna about the same time as the XR protests in London. 15,000 scientists but no wailing or weeping. You can get the entire set of talks online (at least for the time being). The last session US3 on Friday 12th April on tipping points has some projections.

    I gave up posting links and mentioning things that maybe don’t agree with the XR story – my posts got shouted down and eventually banned on The Guardian and removed with a threat of banning at The Times. Incidentally I think the Times Science Editor Tom Whipple is an ex-Guardian writer.

    Basically all I did was say maybe you should look at what some scientists are saying. For example – did you know that the planet had warmed up 25 times in the last 100,000 years – Dansgaard events – and they still don’t really know what caused them.

    Oh yes; there was a presentation from the University of California that happened to point out in passing that for most of the last billion years there have been no glaciers at all. Mentioning this in the newspapers got immediate deletion.

    Good luck with the struggle as science seems to be driven by politics. My un-provable opinion is that there are some geo-scientists who have doubts about the AGW mantra but that to make them public is a complete end to their career and any future funding.

    One comment that did not get censored, at least immediately, was my suggestion that the UK leading the way in CO2 reduction when it represents only about 1% of world emissions was about as useful as being the only person in a crowded lift who hadn’t farted.

  68. The British Parliament has a long history of declaring climate emergencies. We should not be that concerned.

    1. Samuel Pepys 21st jan 1661
    It is strange what weather we have had all this winter; no cold at all; but the ways are dusty, and the flyes fly up and down, and the rose-bushes are full of leaves, such a time of the year as was never known in this world before here.

    House Of Lords 11th jan 1662
    The Fast to be observed in Westm. Abbey, and the Bp. of St. David’s to preach.
    ¶Whereas His Majesty hath been pleased, by Proclamation, upon the Unseasonableness of the Weather, to command a general and public Fast, to be religiously and solemnly kept, within the Cities of London and Westm. and Places adjacent: It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled.

    Samuel Pepys 15 jan 1662
    fast day ordered by the Parliament, to pray for more seasonable weather; it having hitherto been summer weather, that it is, both as to warmth and every other thing, just as if it were the middle of May or June, which do threaten a plague (as all men think) to follow, for so it was almost the last winter; and the whole year after hath been a very sickly time to this day

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