Minnesotan Green New Deal Bill to Ban Fossil Fuel, Home Heating, Capitalism…

Artists impression of Minnesota after global warming.
Artists impression of Minnesota after global warming. Source Minnesotans for Global Warming.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Apparently it’s OK because legislators asked kids to draft the bill.

Minnesota Introduces Bold New Climate Change Bill Crafted By Teens

Brian Kahn
Apr 13, 2019, 4:00am

Everyone always looks to California for climate action, but don’t sleep on the Midwest. On Thursday, Minnesota legislators introduced a sweeping new bill modelled after Alexandrio Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal

“This is our future, and we’re actually taking action on it,” Anna Grace Hottinger, a 16 year old sophomore who helped author the bill, told Earther.

The Minnesota Green New Deal bill represents a much more dramatic step. Introduced by state Representative Frank Hornstein and Senator Scott Dibble along with 17 co-sponsors, the legislation follows the outlines of the Green New Deal resolution introduced at the federal level earlier this year. 

The bill requires the state to run on 100 per cent carbon-free energy by 2030 and puts a moratorium on fossil fuel permitting. It also requires commissioners of various state agencies to come up with plans for decarbonisation of different sectors, including transportation and agriculture, as well as divesting the state’s pension system from fossil fuels.

The bill is ripe with language on how the state can help facilitate a just transition to a clean energy economy, from jobs training to identifying any economic impact the shift could have on electricity rates.

“The Minnesota Green New Deal not only represents a bold agenda toward climate change, but also represents a new style of politics, one that values people over profits,” Tiger Worku, a junior from Minneapolis, said at the press conference announcing the bill on Wednesday

Read more: https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2019/04/minnesota-introduces-bold-new-climate-change-bill-crafted-by-teens/

I’m not kidding when I say they want to ban home heating, at least for new residences. From the text of the bill;

Sec. 8. 

A state agency is prohibited from issuing a permit to construct (1) a facility to transport, store, or process coal, crude oil or its derivative products, propane, or natural gas, or (2) a facility defined in section 216B.2421, subdivision 2, clause (9), pending issuance of the report required under section 11.

Read more: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/text.php?number=HF2836&session=ls91&version=list&session_number=0&session_year=2019

Good luck getting the home solar heating work in the middle of a Minnesotan winter, especially really cold weather like the winter Minnesota just experienced.

But maybe they won’t need home heating. According to Judah Cohen, a climate researcher at Atmospheric and Environmental Research, a consulting firm in Massachusetts, Our winters would be warmer if we weren’t getting these increased polar vortex disruptions.

Perhaps Minnesotan legislators hope by putting the children in charge and trying really hard to recycle, properly demonstrating their green piety, the polar vortex disruptions will go away, and they will have their warmer winters. Or perhaps they will get back the colder winters they enjoy, rather than the unnatural polar vortex colder winters which cause so much disruption.

195 thoughts on “Minnesotan Green New Deal Bill to Ban Fossil Fuel, Home Heating, Capitalism…

      • Let her freeze to death and starve because no fossil fuel powered farm equipment is allowed.

        In a related story of INSANITY … Nancy Pelosi has always wanted 16yo’s to VOTE.

          • Turn in your cell phone, iPad, laptops, desktop, wi-fi, “smart” speaker, internet, and worship a God who demands … “plainness”. There you go! You’re almost Amish. Now, put on plain black pants and a white shirt, and subject yourself to the leadership of elders who will shun you for the least of transgressions (and there are many, many possible transgressions). Ah, the shallow romanticism of the “organic” Amish lifestyle

          • The Amish will not do just fine. No one does fine when socialists take over, except the socialist leaders. It will likely become illegal to be Amish. If the Amish have more food and warmth, the government will confiscate their ‘wealth’. All most suffer equally for the greater good.

          • Not unless they stock up on lots of guns and ammo to protect their supplies when the rest are starving.

          • Kenji, lots of stereotypes and misunderstandings about the Amish there. The fact is that the Amish do allow the use of some/most (depending on the Amish community) of those technology things, just not in the home. If you are an Amish business man, you likely do have access to and are allowed to use phones (including cell phones) and maybe even computers in your workplace for example. And while you might not drive a modern automobile (EV or ICE), you can ride in one without any problems (Amish often get a non-Amish to drive them to markets miles away to sell their goods).

          • The proscription is against owning unsanctioned technologies, not using them. An episode of Treehouse Masters had a trio of young Amish men availing themselves of this distinction to work with Nelson & Company’s modern carpentry tools.

        • The bad results will take longer than that to materialize.

          Moratorium means no new plants, but existing ones can prosper until they break down (read Atlas Shrugged). And, foreign (state) imports still will be allowed (that’s interstate commerce), although they likely will go up in price.

          But before Minnesota becomes almost unlivable, I expect that most locals will have moved elsewhere, infecting the politics of their new home states. In theory, I suppose, it’s possible that enough of these geniuses may make a connection with their stupid laws and the bad results, and the new majority will repeal them.

      • “crude oil or its derivative products”
        …um, I severely doubt they understand what that means.
        Plastics are ‘derivative byproducts’ of crude oil.
        Almost all current economic commerce and technical production and development relies upon some form of plastic. Circuit boards, cell phones, the list is very long. Modern medicine depends on plastic packaging. I don’t know if they even suture with ‘silk’ any more. And, how do they plan to transport anything in the state after 2030?
        This merely demonstrates the poor level of education foisted upon Minnesota future leaders.
        Minnesota would revert to wilderness not unlike the border lakes between it and Ontario.

        • There are so many products that would not be available that show how uneducated the proponents of this bill are.

          Good luck making wind generators and solar panels without oil or coal (for steel/aluminium (sic – I’m an Aussie)) plus having the oil & grease for gearboxes/bearings/etc.

        • No no, all those things you listed come from the store- not from oil , silly. Everything will be fine. Just listen to the children

      • It will be in vain, by that time India + China will add another billion or two more people. All CO2 reduction achieved by the eco-Minnesotans (pop. 5.5 mill) from today till then, will be replaced by the energy hungry Asian giants in a single day.

        • And sadder, they cannot reduce CO2 emissions at all without dying, and corpse decomposition releases CO2 among other gases.

      • Funny how the descendants of Scandinavian migrants behave exactly like their distant relatives back home. Must be a sociology Ph.D. dissertation there somewhere.

        Climate stupidity? Check (plus).
        Immigrants from the Muslim world? Check.
        Welfare state? Check.

        I’m sure there are others.

      • Here in Ireland the saying we have for it is “You’re never finished with a fool”

          • It must be caused by all that cold climate! Now that they’ve embraced their nemesis, can total annihilation be far behind? (My fear is that these frozen zombies will overrun clear-thinking states and our whole nation will succumb!)

      • Yes. There IS fixing stupid. Among other things, classical music raises IQ. A college biology professor advised students on how to raise their MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) scores: find out what story books your friends like to read, and read them.
        Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has produced dramatic improvements in mental functioning by abolishing the foods an individual is sensitive to.
        There are others.

  1. It is obvious that critical thinking was never a subject of any of these people’s education. “It would be getting warmer in winter if it wasn’t getting colder.” Now who would have thought that?

    I wish them luck getting food to supermarkets without fossil fuels. That will be the first test of the success of this bill.

    • The statement is a testament to poor education. With proper English, one would say: “if it WEREN’T getting colder”.

        • I thought that Global Weirding was supposed to cause winters and nights to be warmer making snow a thing of the past, a truly rare event such that kids won’t even know what snow is.

    • I would correct that teen’s comment to say, “It would be getting warmer in Winter if it weren’t getting colder because of global warming caused by burning fossil fuels to keep warm in colder Winters. “

    • “It would be getting warmer in winter if it wasn’t getting colder.”

      Is this teen related to Yogi Berra?

    • Diesel engines in farm equipment and delivery trucks can be retrofit to use ammonia as a fuel.

      Most ammonia is made from methane or coal today. This process is readily decarbonized by capturing and sequestering the already concentrated CO2. Or by switching to a fully electric ammonia production process. Most synthetic ammonia in the world used to be made from electricity.

      There are safety considerations, but the agriculture community is familiar with the safe handling of ammonia.

      • Could you give us a cost/benefit anlysis on that approach? Also, what is the power supply and raw materials sufficient to manufacture the farm equipment, including the tires used on most farm equipment?

        • The problem with the making of ammonia from electricity is that the cost of separating the hydrogen from water has approximately four time the cost of the equivalent fossil fuel. Look at France for what happens if you jack up prices on working class people who are the least able to pay.

      • “Most ammonia is made from methane or coal today.”. Well, under the new rules, they can’t use anything derived from methane or coal. Bye bye ammonia as a solution.

      • Sure, if you don’t mind completing rebuilding your entire engine, exhaust and fuelling system. Also, your fuel handling and storage system on the farm. Every 2-3 years, that is.

        You also should not mind losing the odd child, spouse, hired hand, neighbor or your own life.

        We are talking about high quality, high % ammonia. This is NOT the same stuff found in a bottle under your sink.

        There is no safe, reliable, and cost effective procedure to handle ammonia in the quantities needed every day on the farm.

        None, whatsoever.

  2. Meanwhile, back in reality, Minnesota is not doing anything to assure that the Nuclear power plants, that provide 30% of their electricity and close to 95% of their CO2 FREE electricity remain in operation. The plan they are implementing will force those NPPs to shut down just like Obama’s CPP has forced at least 5 NPPs to shut down. Then everyone will be heating with wood.

    • Not only are these loonies conventional nuclear -ignorant, but they are information-free about advancedmolten salt nuclear technology. These kiddies are living in the past.

    • OH no you don’t , wood stoves will go too. Think of all those PM2.5 emissions.

      Maybe Minnesota can be the US crash test dummy. like S.A. was for Australia.

    • I believe dung is the ideal heating fuel.
      It should work well for the 500 Minnesotans who survive after this act comes into force.

    • By spring time this plan would solve all Minnesota’s problems. No crime, no poverty, no illness. No traffic jams, no overcrowding in schools. No people.

  3. Someone needs to tell them that 2019 was the 31st anniversary of the first time we were told that we had 12 years to end fossil fuel consumption or we were all doomed.

  4. When I was 16 years old I knew everything, too.

    Thankfully, society and my parents were absolute Luddites and either ignored my brilliance or out-and-out put the kibosh on my bright ideas. Otherwise all of America’s lawns would be kept trimmed by sheep.

    • Was it Nader or some other well known fool who railed against lawns in the 1960’s? That land should have been used for growing food, since the world was facing imminent famine. They said that lawns were remnants of English imperialism. Let the grass grow naturally.
      I was in Boston. Naturally, they tried that on Beacon hill, where people would sit on the grass and eat lunch. Virtue signaling even then. Not much has changed.
      They started mowing the law again when rats and snakes starting showing up disturbing people eating lunch.
      So, those idiots learned some reasons why the grass is cut short around the house. Thanks to progress, they did not have to relearn the lesson that you kept the grass short so you could see the Indians creeping up to your house. Boston was last barricaded against the Indians in King Phillip’s War, an event which is not known to them.

      • I don’t know about banning lawns, but letting home owners use that land for gardening (which many cities disallow) makes sense to me.

        • Many cities aren’t that keen on fertilzer/pesticide runoff in the storm drains/sewers.

    • hey the sheep ideas good, they weed , do edges and fertilise and then you benefit from a nice roast and some chops
      whats NOT to like?

      • Well, it’s an idea a step or two above eliminating fossil fuels.

        The fly in the ointment was that all those sheep attract wolves and then what have you got?

    • Won’t happen. This is just green virtue signaling by the Minneapolis liberals. The rest of the state will have none of it. Frankly, it’s silly and insulting to think that 16 year-olds are wise enough to tell the rest of us how to live. They can’t even plan the next 10 years of their own lives. Utter rubbish. They are knackered if they think I’m going to listen to anything they say; I remember when my children were that age.

      • Yes Paul. It is well known that the human brain does not mature until around the early 20s. In many cases it doesn’t ever mature.

          • “If a man is not a socialist at age 20, he has no heart.
            If he is still a socialist at age 40, he has no brain”

            I have to admit, I was a socialist when I was a teenager, and it was my mid-thirties when I noticed that socialism just doesn’t work. Of course. the current example is Venezuela.

      • A 16 year-old can’t plan their next 16 minutes. I think they should be allowed to vote in national elections, don’t you? (sarcasm alert).

        And what’s with Judah Cohen? What a perfectly incoherent statement.

      • I would kindly tell them that they have a lot to learn, and when they turn 32 and figure out what’s really been going on, that they remember it was the Republicans who were responsible, while Democrats were willing to put forth really bad policy in order to pander to them.

      • I remember when I was “that age” (16). I was no font of wisdom and most of my peers were worse at understanding the world than I was.

    • Has the bill passed the legislature and been signed by the governor?

      Not yet, but all of Minnesota’s State Democrats are eagerly waiting for their chance to vote ‘Present’.


  5. So many questions:

    Increased polar vortex disruptions? Climate researcher?

    About those kids, how can those puppets even walk with the green industry’s hand so far up their posteriors?

      • They are already doing it, mostly because of taxes, regulation and the zombie hordes their policies created.

    • I suppose that I would be a Yankee, without the MLB contract mind you, but just remember that 10 miles or more outside the big cities, we have plenty in common.

      Some of us even have distilling moonshine in the roots of our family tree. Just sayin’…

    • Yes, we’ll I am one of the Yankee bastards that have to live here. This state is full of some of the dumbest people on the planet now. My plan is to suck as much money out of this hell hole as I can and move back to Texas in 5 years or so. These people here think they are the greatest people in the greatest place ever and they don’t even get out of this state for more than a few months of their total lives. They are literally afraid to piss with their pants on fire for fear of offending someone who might tell on them. It’s a state of fifth and sixth graders.

      • OMG,,,,Jeff,,,,its worse than I thought then the way you describe. Let me take back that blanket statement I made about everyone in Minnesota and exclude you. You deserve credit for knowing stupidity when you see it. Oh, and I hope your plans come true and can get down to Texas. Good luck to you!!!

  6. Let them pass it!

    That way we will have a great example of the aftermath of this suicidal belief in Green Energy. All it will cost us is one state in ruins to save most of the other states. Some states will not learn from this lesson (they have proven themselves to be oblivious to facts) and will march down similar paths.

    What would happen, say if this ridiculous legislation were approved, is they would slowly pass loopholes and exceptions as they realize the agenda is impossible to achieve, until they have a mess of new laws and regulations that essentially do nothing in total but make for a bigger government with more red tape.

    • That’s the way the tax for “bums in seats” gets constantly ratcheted up with no mechanism for downsizing.

      Big government is a self replicating and growing virus – it needs a cure.

  7. this is what happens when you skip the fundamental step of problem-solving, which is to establish that the problem exists. In this case, to prove that Anthropogenic CO2 causes catastrophic global warming. It does not, cannot, and never did. Specifically, if Minnesota freezes solid in the winter of 2030, global temperatures will be reduced by an estimated 0.0006°. For myself, I’m not seeing the cost/benefit here.

  8. Increased polar vortexes??

    Not a problem!!

    Just pass legislation prohibiting polar vortexes!!

    Or maybe we should require polar vortexes to solve global warming??

  9. Lets see… That means nuclear power plants, all electric homes, and electric cars for everybody. And you’re going to do all that in just 11 years. I don’t think so…

  10. We can laugh at this stupidity all we want but the warning is plain and simple. The US educational system has been captured by 5th column radicals. The overthrow of Western capitalism and the formation of a one world government is their goal.

    • Fortunately (?) they have adopted a suicide policy. Let one state or country take extreme action against fossil fuel to save the climate (or for any reason), and the results will guarantee that no one else tries it. If it is tried in the US, the sponsors would be kicked out of office immediately.

      If they had glommed onto simply income redistribution or government control of this or that, I would be concerned, but their insane beliefs on climate change will torpedo their entire agenda. There is not the smallest segment of society, government, or industry, that can survive the elimination of fossil fuels.

      It has been said many times that the US Constitution is not a suicide pact. Red states will not be drawn into the ban of fossil fuels, and will rebel if necessary (how about fossil fuel ‘sanctuary states’?). Much of the oil, refineries, and pipelines are in red states, and the feds are not going to take control with a fight.

    • Schools were captured by Marxists a long, long time ago.

      The amazing part is that non-Marxists are dumb enough that they still send their kids into the Marxist Indoctrination Camps. Otherwise the scam would have collapsed long ago.

  11. Well, that should depopulate Minnesota.
    The alarmists won’t be happy no matter how deadly their plans are.

    Without fossil fuel heating and transportation, rescue parties will find it very hard to aid Minnesotans.

    Perhaps Minnesotans should start raising sled dogs now and practicing with their axes.

  12. Interesting timing with the recent massive snowstorm over much of the state. Temperatures the last week have been at least 20° F below average. No better today. This after setting many snow and cold records the past few months.

    The good news is one of the state’s legislative bodies is controlled by Republicans which I doubt would ever approve this nonsense.

  13. Minnesotans might like to read “Horse Power and Magic, Faber and Faber, 1979” by George Ewart Evans at which time the author was predicting the end of oil. The book is full of information on farming and transport using horses.

  14. Actually, Minnesota could eliminate all fossil fuels, and use only hydroelectric, biomass, nuclear, and renewables. All they need do is shut down all industrial, commercial, and transportation activities….

    And only have row boats and sailing ships.

    I guess their motto could be, “Minnisota, Land of a Thousand Unuseable Lakes.”

  15. We now have a new low. The previous low was the Indiana Pi Bill.

    This also reminds me of Trudeau Jr. making his cabinet 50% female “because it’s 2015”. Starry eyed idealism is a form of stupidity. Stupidity still carries the death penalty. In this case, it could be the death of Trudeau’s political career. link

    My generation tried the hippy experiment and learned therefrom. Like the lessons of the Great Depression learned by my parents’ generation, that wisdom has been forgotten.

    • Unforetunetly it’s your generations hippies that are totally brainwashing this generations communist. Not sure your generation learned anything.

      • Most of us learned that the “hippy thing” was impractical.

        The Marxist influence is colorably a deliberate invasion referred to as The Long March Through the Institutions. People of my generation, like Camille Paglia for instance, are dismayed at the way things have turned out. The postmodern crap is an import from France.

        In defense of the hippies, the ones I knew personally anyway, they did actually try to implement their ideas for themselves and didn’t try to foist them on everyone else.

        • Way back when, I once lived in a “commune” of sorts. I recall how some thought the mouse in the kitchen was so cute. I was horrified and was soon joined by the rest of them when they realized that mice breed and multiply rapidly and in remarkable numbers. The mice quickly lost their “cuteness” and were eliminated. Nature has its own way of dealing with STUPID.

        • Yes, certainly hippydom is feasible, if given a modest trustfund (to get started, and cover emergencies like gollixed generators).
          Plus hard work, and a climate rather warmer than Southern England’s, making winters off grid tough, but bearable.

          Never tried it myself, and certainly not about to try!!


  16. It is a topsy turvey world when those who live in a state where people’s lives are greatly dependent on fossil fuel and are least able to do without them and they vote in people who would see them freeze to death

    • “who would see them freeze to death” to avoid the climate getting warmer.

      Even someone who believes in global warming should see the insanity of that. Minnesotans should be denouncing efforts to prevent a warming world.

  17. Actually Tim you bring up a good point. If there were a giant solar flare or EMP strike who would survive? The Amish are first on my list followed by the preppers. Would the massive containment buildings of nuclear power stations shield the electronics? How would solar and wind power with their inverters compare with natural plants?

    • What a TV series that would make. Only the Amish and the preppers are left. It’s a fight to the end. Buggies vs. People who think buggies are a conspiracy perpetrated by the powers that be.

  18. Hey, I say GO FOR IT!

    The great fortune that we have had in the US is that by debating climate change issues, rather than rushing into them, (“debating” can be translated as: political stalemate) we get to watch everyone else face-plant in their efforts to lead the climate change parade. There would be nothing more instructive to the whole Green New Deal movement than to watch a state actually try to grapple with the realities of all of the pie-in-the-sky proposals. So, if we have to sacrifice one of the lower 48’s to make the point, so-be-it. Granted, we were all hoping it would be California, but hey … you take what you can get.

  19. REQUEST ==> Does anyone reading have access to the Wall Street Journal?
    I need copies of these two old editorials:

    How Scientific Is Climate Science?
    What is arguably the most important reason to doubt global warming can be explained in plain English.
    By Douglas J. Keenan
    Updated April 5, 2011 12:01 a.m. ET

    The Case Against Global-Warming Skepticism
    There were good reasons for doubt, until now.
    By Richard A. Muller
    October 21, 2011

    Let me know or just email them to kip at i4.net. Thanks

  20. 100 percent carbon free energy?
    Well, there goes the bio fuel market since plants are made of Carbon and are major building block of fossil fuels!!!! What hypocrisy!!!

  21. So now we’ve got policy driven by 16-year-olds.

    If this had been me, my parents would have cut off my wifi and car privlidges and I would have been over it by the end of the weekend.

    • Why not? In most states, 16-yr-olds can weild a 2-ton weapon called an automobile! Seems like too many politicians never got past their learner’s permit!!

  22. Let them do it, with the caveat that there be no federal bailouts and no sympathy as they freeze the butts off in winter. Let them eat dead birds.

  23. Unfortunately, the notion that liberals will learn anything whatsoever from a total disaster resulting from their policies is a delusion. Since they did not learn anything BEFORE proposing such nonsense, they will not learn after, either, and all of us will continue to suffer under the weight of THEIR delusions. They simply must be stopped.

    • “Maybe Minnesota can be the US crash test dummy. like S.A. was for Australia.” +1M Have them start now so they can get a good taste of “fossil fuel free” and let the rest of the states and the world know how it’s going. It’s disturbing how we allow children to be weaponized in a political battle.

  24. “Hottinger, a 16 year old sophomore…”,
    “Tiger Worku, a junior from Minneapolis”

    So we have children and their child-like Democratic Party manipulators:
    state Representative Frank Hornstein and Senator Scott Dibble. And they say they want to eliminate fossil fuel use in their state. Hopefully the adults will keep the children occupied with shiny objects. Unfortunately, children can burn down the house as easily as an adult. Just gotta keep them out of positions of power.

  25. …requires commissioners of various state agencies to come up with plans …

    If this becomes law and I was a commissioner, I would resign by the end of the day.
    Then I would move to another state.

    A future POTUS will get to declare Minnesota a new wilderness. Neat.

    • “ …requires commissioners of various state agencies to come up with plans …”

      If this becomes law and I was a commissioner, I would resign by the end of the day.
      Then I would move to another state.

      I would immediately issue a plan: to ignore this trainwreck of a law and hope that the next election will replace the current mental midgets in the legislatures with intelligent adults that will promptly repeal the idiotic law. Then I’d resign and move to another state in case the electorate wasn’t smart enough to do as the plan hopes they would.

  26. “… a new style of politics, one that values people over profits”

    Since those dumbs can’t learn anything neither from history nor from experiments, Darwin will easily take care of them.

  27. Minneapolis, Minnesota is a “sanctuary city.” The sooner USA President Trump relocates southern border crossers there then the more enriched the state will become with underpaid human labor to “… decarbonize … transportation & agriculture …” for the virtuous Minnesotans. This way Minnesota’s US Congress-perxon I. Omar’s constituents will be truely “woke”

    • obummer already inserted 80,000 somalians into north Minneapolis. No room for any more. And these same people elected omarwhatsherface.

      • “And these same people elected omarwhatsherface.”

        She won’t get re-elected if Trump drops 250,000 Mexicans into Minneapolis.

        I mean, it will still be a Democrat, but it will be a Mexican Democrat.

      • “obummer already inserted 80,000 somalians into north Minneapolis”

        I’ve been wondering about that. The Democrats claim it would be illegal for Trump to ship illegal aliens to their sanctuary cities and states, but Obama has shipped illegal aliens all over the United States into cities in every state and the cities cannot complain about it, they just have to accept the illegal aliens. I’m skeptical that the law keeps Trump from doing this considering the freedom Obama had to do the same thing. I would like to see the law they are referring to. I would be surprised if specific places were designated by Congress for illegal alien destinations.

        I think Trump’s threat to ship illegal aliens to the Democrats home cities is Brilliant!! He is forcing the Democrats to show themselves for the hypocrits they really are. The Democrats claim illegal aliens are wonderful and make our communities better, but when Trump wants to send them some they act like Trump is trying to punish them rather than reward them. They act like recieving illegal aliens is a bad thing but their words say the opposite. Do what I say, not what I do.

        The illegal aliens have to go to someone’s city. Why shouldn’t they go to Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco? California ought to announce tomorrow that they will take every one of the illegal aliens coming across the southern border right now, and will give them free housing, medical care, college tuition and a guaranteed income. That’s what caring Democrats would do.

        Instead they whine and complain when Trump offers to supply them with wonderful illegal aliens. It’s ok to overwhelm Texas and Arizona and New Mexico’s social services but we can’t have those expensive illegal aliens going to Democrat sanctuary cities and states. The reality is they don’t want them there. Trump is making that plain to see.

        The Holier-Than-Thou Democrats are hypocrits of the worst kind.

        • Indeed. They have to go somewhere, since the democrats won’t let us simply ship them “return to sender”, why not send them to the cities that claim to welcome them with open arms rather than to the communities that don’t want them? Would seem to be a win-win, if the democrats weren’t such hypocrites that is.

  28. Why bother with elections? Just draft a bunch of 8th graders and bus them to the Capital.

  29. I just wish some national government would have the courage to take the loonies at their word and put in place a ban on a state or city giving these insane green signals being able to be supplied by any fossil fuel derived power from any other neighbouring state or city. The national electricity grid should only be allowed to transmit power to them if it was generated by in-state wind turbines, solar panels, or indigenous renewables.
    We urgently need such a cure applied somewhere as a wake up call to the lunatics who think any of this green energy rubbish is remotely feasible for healthy living, let alone modern life.

    I am beginning to wonder if the reason that we haven’t been contacted by any extra-terrestrial civilisation is because all planets with intelligent life reach a crisis where planet worshippers sabotage progress and destroy their own civilisation . Sadly, we don’t look like being an exception.
    Certainly not in the U.K.

  30. What are they waiting for? They could start the freezing and starving right away. That move would be both courageous and set an example of a state committing suicide looks like.

  31. The firewood gathering industry will take off like a rocket. But that will only last so long. Maybe one winter.

  32. This syndrome deserves a name, how much CO2 does Minnesota produce, it must be insignificant? But somehow this insignificance leads to zealotry, as we see also in Tasmania and Scotland. Just how small do you need to get, maybe a village or street, before you realise the futility of your gesture.

    Or is this simply about winning elections, regardless of the misery inflicted?

    • Minnesota is just a little smaller than the UK with a population a little under 6 million. The problem is most of that population lies in the Twin Cities which is a typical urban liberal demographic.

      If such a law were ever passed I could see the counties outside of the Twin Cities looking into moving into another state.

  33. In 2020, President Trump’s first executive should be to build walls around ALL Democratic Party held states…Entry point BP agents will ask 1 simple question…..”Who did you vote for ?”…Democrat ?..Sorry, no entry for you…..After 5 years of self destruction in the far left states, the rest of America will come in and pick up the pieces in 2025…

  34. Eric, people do heat their homes without fossil fuels directly. Me, for one. Electric heat. Nowhere in the article does it say how you characterize it. I expected better from you.

    • The question will whether you can afford the cost of electricity to heat your home. Germany has been trying the sort plan that MN is proposing and their electrical rates have increased dramatically to the point that they make California’s rates look cheap.

    • And the electricity for that comes from? At 1 am, it won’t be solar. And especially cold nights are frequently windless, so not from wind turbines either. What’s the point of saying “directly”? Electricity from a coal or gas fired power plant, thru power lines to your home, is certainly “indirect”, but what is your point?

      • Our house is 100% electric from Hydro on the Columbia River in central Washington State.
        If the electricity goes off on an especially cold night we have wood and a modern wood stove to provide heat, cooking, and hot water.
        Not a good fit to the rest of the world.
        Your power is turning our darkness to dawn
        . . So roll on, Columbia, roll on
        ” [Woody Guthrie, 1941]

        • “Not a good fit to the rest of the world” LOL

          Not a fit at all for probably 99% of the world.

          At least you have a carbon free back up system with that wood stove. 😉

          But bear in mind that when the New Green Deal gets passed, it will require you to turn in that stove, to be melted down and used to make plowshares that will be pulled behind mules on the carbon free farms that the NGD legislation will mandate.

      • “Electricity from a coal or gas fired power plant, thru power lines to your home, is certainly “indirect”, but what is your point?”

        My point is that Eric said they want to ban home heating. And that’s patently untrue.

        • I think he meant good/cheap heat sources. I can’t imagine heat pumps being very effective in MN without geothermal.

        • No, it’s true. If you get rid of gas, oil, and coal and won’t consider nuclear you are left with wind and solar which won’t do the job 24/7 or hydro, which Minnesota (being somewhat flat) is not the best place for. Oh, I forgot, they probably won’t allow any dams to be built anyway. So no electricity either. It’s frustrating they way people think electricity is a power source when it’s only a distribution mechanism. BTW batteries aren’t electrical, they are chemical energy storage systems which deliver electricity.

        • My point is that Eric said they want to ban home heating. And that’s patently untrue.

          sorry but Eric is spot on, it is you, Jeff that is patently wrong. The bill wants to ban “carbon” emitting fossil fuels (That would be coal or gas). period. Doesn’t matter if it’s direct or indirect, if it’s a “carbon” emitting fossil fuel it is verboten. So where are you going to get your electricity to heat your home with when coal, oil, and gas electricity generation is out of the question? Solar? not in the middle of the night you won’t. Wind? not when it’s also a windless winter night you won’t. Nuclear? the same green geniuses that want to ban fossil fuels also want nothing to do with Nuclear. Hydro? Again, not very popular with the green geniuses.

          • You guys are right. My apologies. I read it as banning use of fossil fuels for home heating use, not for electricity generation. I sit corrected.

  35. Just tell them they lose their cell phones, computers, and will have to walk to school. That should induce terror. Rational parents could picket outside the school with signs to that effect—Green means no cell phones, computers and you walk to school. Assuming there are enough rational parents in Minnesota to actually do this.

    Best possible action is to cut all heat, plastics, etc out of the school starting now, stop running the busses, etc. We can’t hope anyone has that much spunk…..

  36. The nutjobs who come up these “plans” have drunk the Koolaid and fallen for the fairy tale about a few tenths of a degree of warming means no more snow in the winter. This is what Al Gore told us several decades ago. Oh wait…..he was wrong.

  37. Virtue signalling. Like Sweden when it prohited nuclear around 1980. They have, of course, both more nuclear and virtue signalling 40 years later.

    I wonder what these geniuses think is a derivative product, and are they really giving up most plastics?

  38. Can we assume these kids have already eschewed any use of fossil fuels or the energy derived therefrom? One would think that’s a given.

    Except these snowflakes whose comfortable lives are more dependent on fossils than any generation ever, think that they personally don’t have to do anything, government will pass a law and their luxurious lives will continue on as comfortable as before.

    Maybe they could put into the law, a requirement that they must be the first to get off fossils before anyone else has to.

  39. I view this as a failure of the education system. These kids have been brainwashed by their teachers to believe in the global warming hype and not question (or even think about) what they’ve been taught. This is criminal behavior by the educators.

    Children need to be taught the scientific method rather than having the message of the day crammed down their throats.

  40. What does this tell you about the future of our country? AOC just may be right, end of the world in 12 years, but it won’t have anything to do with climate change. These young brainwashed victims of liberalism are more concerned about a 22 ppm increase in atmospheric CO2 than an increase in the $22 trillion national debt. Bernie Sanders, or a dozen other equally bad candidates and a democrat congress could do a lot of damage 2020-2028 (probably enough).

  41. Maybe checking the source of this proposal would explain many of the concerns voiced in the comment section.

  42. The more people leap off this cliff the more obvious it will be to the survivors that 1. there is no climate problem, 2. there is no strong evidence human’s are a major contributor to the climate we have and 3. trying to revolutionize current society based on eco fantasies is the worst thing you can do to society and the environment. Cold, hungry people with no means of transportation will not quietly dedicate themselves to recycling, eating vegan, paying those who aren’t in the mood to work as if they were productive, and accepting a quiet death on the frozen prairie. They will struggle tooth and nail to remain alive and to protect their own, they will eat every scrap of protein available, burn every stick of wood for fuel and fight anyone standing between them and survival. Minnesota would look like the aftermath of trench warfare in WWI in no time.

  43. I can support this bill as long as it has one irrevocable clause added: That for 99 years no residents of that state may move to another state! Then after all that time has passed, other citizens are allowed to enter Minnesota and reclaim the wilderness with a homesteading act!

  44. Minnesota will have tropical weather and palm trees?
    Bring it on!
    Manitobans needs a close winter getaway location.

    Seriously though, why would that be bad?

  45. Just excellent. Minnesota, with its weather extremes will be an excellent test case for the GND-equivalent legislation drafted by those oh-so-mature teens, who being substantially less than 30-years of age have not lived long enough to even experience NASA and NOAA’s time period for establishing “climate”.

    I give it two years maximum before the legislation—if the proposed bill in fact passes into law—will be overwritten by the sanity of adults that have shivered too long in the cold.

    • “Just excellent. Minnesota, with its weather extremes will be an excellent test case for the GND-equivalent legislation drafted by those oh-so-mature teens”

      With Minnesota’s extreme winter weather the weaknesses in the Miinesota Green New Deal will show up quickly. One cold winter with Minnesota on 100 percent solar and wind ought to do it. No fair importing electricity from other states! That’s a sham, not a Minnesota Green New Deal.

      When those who survive the winter thaw out they will pass new laws rescinding the Minnesota Green New Deal.

  46. This whole thing with the children reminds me a lot of an old episode of the original Star Trek where the crew of the Enterprise beams down to a planet that is ruled by some very unruly children. They discover that adults have all succumbed to a deadly disease and the children then set about making their own rules and doing whatever they please. Of course, the society they live in is in a shambles, and they live like animals in the streets eating whatever stored up food they can find.
    Kirk and crew try to convince the kids that once they reach puberty, they too will succumb to the deadly adult disease. But they won’t hear of it until one girl starts showing symptoms.
    Well, in Minnesota there are apparently adults around, but the disease so many of them suffer from is liberalism. They, like the kids, refuse to see the truth and facts as they are and want to continue to live in their delusion, regardless of the suffering it will eventually entail.
    That said, I’m sure these teenagers would just love to have to get up early every day and split, chop and load firewood + all the other duties like cleaning out ashes and dirt that come with running a woodstove. And then have to do these same chores again when they come home and also on weekends. Sure would put a damper on after school sports and activities! But hey, that’s what many kids did for chores back before there was automatic fossil fuel heating. If they think taking out the trash is hard, they ain’t seen nothin yet!

  47. What about a scientifically settled correlation between risks of zombie apocalypse and fossil fuels use?

  48. Minnesota legislators introduced a sweeping new bill modelled after Chiquita Khrushchev’s Green New Deal.

    There! Fixed it for you!

  49. The Chinese Communists did the same during the Cultural Revolution…. They put the children in charge.

    The Red Guards of the Student revolutionary movement were responsible for all sorts of atrocities.

  50. The kids writing the new regulations should be tasked with discussing all the consequences of the regulations that they can think of. Then do it again, and again a third time. Finally, they should review the regulations and revise them to resolve the issues found the best way they can.

  51. If lack of home heating doesn’t turn off teenagers on their revolutionary plan, nothing says home happiness like an empty fridge! (Let them eat snow!!)

  52. Historians will have a difficult time explaining how the disconfirmed CAGW hypothesis was able to obtain a fanatical cult-like following of almost 50% of the world’s population, which had government “solutions” that—if implemented— would have assured the complete economic and social collapse of all advanced nations, leading to to the death of billions…

    • Fear of death. So, you place yourself in the role of God, run the planet, and by extension have eternal life. Death is only because of evil conspirators withholding the solution to cancer, etc.

  53. didn’t they just come off a winter where the current natural gas infrastructure was insufficient to keep people from freezing. Wasn’t the utility company begging people to turn down their thermostats and use electric space heaters? Pass the popcorn.

  54. There are still empty spaces on this planet that these teenaged dipsticks can migrate to, so that they can set up their ideal colony of Totally Green Living. It’s just that those empty spaces are on islands in the Arctic circle and near Antarctica and nobody except penguins wants to live there – for a good reason.

    They’ve likely never been cold, hungry or uncomfortable. It’s far past time that happened to them. They want everyone to know who they are, too, which is always the fatal flaw in these plans. If their parents just took 2 minutes to review what their kids are up to, they’d probably take away their electronic junk, turn off the heat and shut off the electricity at the breaker box, and also, clear out the cupboards and fridge and tell the little snots they are on their own. Or just kick them out of the house.

    These brats might have enough stamina to last – well, maybe an hour in the summer. In the winter, 15 minutes in the cold – real cold – at most. It’s Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes and a long, long winter.

    However, it appears to be a somewhat small group. Kids NOT associated with these idiots might be less likely to fall for this twaddle.

    • Just an update here: it is 9:16AM and has been snowing for the past half hour, but the volume is what is picking up.

      The snowfall includes strong winds and thick gusts of snow, as well as BIG snowflakes, and it means I’ll have to shovel the front steps and the sidewalk (again ). I’m sincerely glad that I have a cozy little house with a (FOSSIL FUEL) GAS FURNACE, which keeps me warm in cold weather, along with a GAS STOVE, which lets me cook even if the electricity goes out, as it did back in November.

      I don’t take any of this for granted. These Greenbean ecohippie twits have no idea what it’s like to have to live in a world lit only by fire and scrounge for anything edible, hoping that winter won’t be too harsh.

    • 3:55PM and now it’s SIX inches deep and still piling up.. No wonder I can’t tolerate weather forecasters any more. They all said 1 to 3 inches of snow. All of them. And 75% of them will knuckle under to that ’caused by global warming/climate change’ nonsense, just to keep their jobs. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  55. I thought I had heard all this before and I was right. In 2017 I downloaded and printed a paper entitled “Energy Policy in Minnesota: The High Cost of Failure” published by the Center of the American Experiment and authored by Steven F Hayward and Peter J Nelson. This excellent document presents, in fine detail and with graphs, the appalling mismanagement of that state’s energy supply and the expresses the hope that it may learn something and change its ways. Apparently not.

  56. If only we could sucker them into passing the thing. The US Federal system is designed to let states try things out before the whole nation gets involved.

    With no carbon fuels, Minnesotans would have no way to drive to work–and how would employers “keep the lights on,” anyway?

    Hordes of ravenous citizens would eat every living thing, causing so much soil damage that these young idiots would find out what “climate change” really is.

    Our younger generations are so dangerously foolish that the survival of the nation is at stake: both the political existence of “The United States of America” and the ability of 320 million people to keep body and soul together in our territory.

    That came from the destruction of the educational system that taught responsibility and rhetoric, and encouraged our best to become teachers. We restore it beginning with church and private schools. See http://www.constitution.org/col/one_room_schoolhouse.htm for an introduction.

  57. I love it when states make insane rules. Drives up my property value.

    Downside, I’ve got Yankees and southern Californians moving in around me. Guess I’ll find out what Minnesotans are like. Can’t be as bad.

    • The worst part of those Yankees and southern Californians moving in around you is that they’ll try to bring those same failed ideas to your local and state governments.

  58. “Our winters would be warmer if we weren’t getting these increased polar vortex disruptions.”
    In other words
    “Our winters would be warmer if it wasn’t so cold.”

    Brilliant, get this person a Nobel Prize.

  59. No carbon fuels, which also bans wood and biomass.
    If batteries involved any carbon chemical reactions, wouldn’t that be a “carbon” fuel?

  60. I believe that all of these local type “Zero Carbon” plans are just exporting the electrical generation outside the jurisdiction (along with the jobs). These are all just economic suicide deals. And as the economy collapses, the perpetrators will just blame the very industries that they have destroyed.

    We are seeing Atlas Shrugged come to life before our very eyes.

  61. this will make the poor and the elderly suffer big time, we must stop this bill before it destroys America forever.

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