March Madness – when climate doom pervades everything, everywhere, every day

It’s no secret to readers here that I consider Eric Holthaus one of the most entertaining, off-the-rails, and over-the-top climate alarmists out there today. He’s brilliant, yet so, so, Jeff Daniels in a Dumb and Dumber sort of way that all you can do is laugh when he comes up with his climate gems.

Why just today, he equated the “March Madness” basketball tournaments to climate change and the “uncontrolled collapse of civilization“:

Why? Apparently because the Earth is round and so are basketballs.

What a killjoy. Or, should I say, prophet of doom?

Get help, Eric, the world isn’t as bad as you imagine it is.

41 thoughts on “March Madness – when climate doom pervades everything, everywhere, every day

  1. There might well be an uncontrollable collapse of civilization in the future, but it will not be caused by the climate but rather by the actions of people like Eric Holthaus and fellow Alarmists

    • Western civilisation maybe. I don’ think Russia or China will care too much about this kind of psychotic,looney tune pseudo-scientist.

      US and EU seem intent on destroying their own economies. This kind of dogma die from natural selection even if it takes whole continents civilisations out with it.

      Either we take control of the crackpots or we go down with them.

  2. Do you really believe he’s sincere? I believe it’s a performance to scare us into an eco-fascist new world order that serves the privileged few. Feudalism with smart meters.

    • Feudalism with smart meters! Ha! This winter … my NEST thermostat sent me a “green leaf” message telling me “it” could help me save energy … I pressed OK, YES, show me … and it promptly reduced my min. Temp. from 65 deg.F to 62 deg.F … brilliant. Thanks talking, spying, thermostat! You moved me closer to living in a mud hut in the Bush praying to the weather gods to please not send freezing temps.

      • And later that evening it will respond with yet another message indicating how you could save even more energy…
        Send us a post when it suggest you move into a tent. 🙂

        Not much better than a message from the gas company suggesting you turn up the heat! (At least that one I understand the motives.)

      • You could save global energy by not buying a Nest. Think of all the plastic in the packaging alone.

    • No, I think Eric Hothaus [sic] really has himself convinced the “end is nigh”, he is near to clinical depression from some of his earlier statements. This is not uncommon for those who unthinking go along with what the media has been force-feeding them for decades.

      This should be recognised as a clinical disorder along with social media addiction.

      • “This should be recognised as a clinical disorder along with social media addiction.”

        I think so, too.

        These guys need some counseling. They are drifting off into “La La Land”.

      • Raise him up as the Climate Alarmist ‘Messiah’ and watch him take those of his ilk with him when he does the ‘David Buckel Diesel Dance’. That’d solve the problem without harming any sane people.

        Who was it who said, “Never interrupt your enemies when they’re in the process of making a mistake.”? Some pipsqueak who got his butt kicked by the climate.

        I go one step further… “When your enemies are in the process of making a monumental mistake, help them to hasten their demise.”

        Let’s be honest, they’ve become dangerously deluded in their religious climate zealotry, they have become an enemy to civilization… it’s either we let them destroy society, or we help them destroy themselves.

    • He’s very sincere. And very insecure. IMO the best thing in the world for him would be to get a real job where he actually has to use his mind (which I think would be pretty good if he would actually use it do something productive instead of just stringing words together), and away from a career as a yellow journalist that rewards him for non-critical thinking, conformity and alarmist hyperbole, and keeps him locked in an echo chamber of despair.

        • Greg: The masters-of-the-universe are analyzing whether your comment is appropriate (i.e., directed at right wing racist) or inappropriate (i.e. directed at sincere person who loves the planet) and in need of removal (of the comment and of you to re-education camp). It’s a very delicate algorithmic balance.

    • Yes. Unless he is acting the fool, he really might be heading down the same path as David Buckel. “How am I supposed to do my job—literally to chronicle planetary suicide—without experiencing deep existential despair myself? Impossible” (EH, 6th Jan 2017).

      • IMO Eric and others like him are partly responsible for Buckel’s death. I think they know that subconsciously because I didn’t see one of them make a peep about it.

        • Sad that he couldn’t even get the job done without using fossil fuels; a hypocrite in life to the last.

  3. Eric tweeted,
    ”..intersectional plans to save humanity…
    And he’s imagining his and our insignificant lives in the position of the whole universe in the vast depth of time… hmmm. Maybe he should stick to whatever it was he was educated in, if anything.

    Eric Holthaus was just off his meds for a few hours and his un-medicated state of lucid insanity to broke through.

    Electroshock therapy would be my Rx for that sociopath.

  4. A shared no-flight list for green propagandists ? Politically correct solution aimed to demonstrate the industry respect of green standards and provide those who preach them with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment.

    • now THAT is a GREAT idea!
      it would help them to DO as they tell us all to do;-)
      love to be a fly on the wall at the airport

      • The captain can, at discretion, deplane (and even declare emergency if needed) any passengers he’s uncomfortable with. No questions asked at the moment.

        However later… Politically correct carpet dance might ensue. Unless of course, the entire industry agrees upon. Then it’ll be my pleasure to oblige.

  5. He has classic Climate Debbie Downer’s Syndrome, due, no doubt to over- imbibing his own potent brand of Klimate Koolade resulting in an inability to form a cogent thought, much less communicate one. A Climate Debbie Downer, just to refresh, is someone who sees everything in terms of a delusional, badly misinformed, and extremely negative view of climate, which they Believe is going to destroy the planet, and will be Man’s fault. In another time, he would be locked in a padded cell wearing a straitjacket. Now, he’s celebrated as a hero for “The Cause”. We do live in interesting times.

    • Get him a bottle of Jack Daniels and a shot glass.

      It’s not that fermented corn mash makes things better. It’s that someone who gets skunked is less likely to run his mouth about stupid things that don’t make any sense, or hit you up for money.

    • I think the psychotic have always been among us, it is through global prosperity people of all types have the luxury of time and ability to remind the world of their existence.

      Though the original tweet looks like trolling since it seems to take all of the words from the Eco-Warrior’s BS Bingo card and cram them all together in a single twitter declaration.

      One of the many reasons Twitter et al are of the Devil and reasonable people would be far better off if these “communication” forums never existed.

  6. This guy and so many alarmists have seen too many Superhero movies. The genre has convinced every impressionable mind that Earth is always doomed unless a hero arises to save it. Of course, they see themselves starring in the lead role.

  7. And I always come back to this: you can bet he uses fossil fuels every day, as we all do, he is a FLAMING HYPOCRITE.

  8. In this you tube video, B.C. students protest climate change….blah, blah, and can you see that poster held by a child, it says, “I WANT YOU TO PANIC” which is hilarious, because no sane people are concerned about CC any more, they know it is a big SCAM.

  9. A bit ironic that his name at first glance reads like Eric Hothouse. Similar to the computer models (CMIP) read as CHIMP (programmed by chimps).

  10. It’s very wonderful that Eric advises “intersectional plans.”

    Intersectionality is a central fatuous-ism of third-wave feminism. So, in one go, Eric communicated his climate piety and his feminist affinities. Double virtue signaling with one tweet. Most admirable.

  11. Has he had his vasectomy and stopped flying yet?
    The latter would be a real trial since his species loves plane trips.

  12. I wish Eric and all the alarmists would follow Eric’s advice to “… derive just as much joy from the fact that we are all alive together in a society that’s thriving…” rather than living in fear of a CO2 driven apocalypse. The world is getting greener and plant life on earth is literally getting easier every day! Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

  13. Don’t underestimate these people. They own the media and control the story. They have through simple lies convinced a vast number of people that the end is nigh. They do it for the political leverage it gives them.
    1984 could actually be 2084.

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