Ice Floes on Lake Michigan

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From Two Branches (formerly Zlaxfish) Photography

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Ice flows on Lake Michigan

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  1. This is weather as usual for the Great Lakes. It was just a few short years ago that all five Great Lakes froze over completely, two years in succession. The media hype is to promote fear of the Boggy man and sell their news feeds and papers.

    • Yeah, all of it is weather as usual for the past century. Niagara falls will probably freeze up entirely again this year. Almost all of the warning the CAGW folk are going on about took place before 1940 when CO2 was ~300ppm . We then decended into a deep cooling for more than 30yrs.that had a lot of the present stuff. It has been adjusted beyond any real use making progress 8n the science impossible so it stands there on hope and a prayer.

    • I thought the left-wing media loved the Boggy man.

      Isn’t he the guy that takes all of that evil carbon pollution and ties it up in peat marshes?

    • That’s it, cheer us all up when all we want is a bit of real, as opposed to fictional, warming. It’s brass monkeys here.

  2. Cool video. Literally. Time-lapse photography reveals our intrinsic blindness to natural events, caused by our built-in clocks, which make us blind to natural event signals outside of a rather narrow temporal range, with a center frequency on the order of 1 second.

  3. in newfangled format my pc wont run;-(
    I loved the pics a few yrs ago of ice “walking” up onto shorelines like giant shards of glass with similar sound to glass breaking also
    awesome force behind it I didnt imagine.

    • “in newfangled format my pc wont run;-(”

      I’m having that trouble, too. I guess I’m going to have to upgrade to Windows 7. 🙂

      • You mean *downgrade* – every new version seems to remove something I use and to hide settings I want to change.

        • I’ve put off upgrading just for that reason. Windows won’t update Windows XP anymore. Windows 7 is the most straighforward, least intrusive of my options for upgrade and it is still being updated by Microsoft.

          I do have a Windows 10 machine, also, but my older pc has all the good programs on it I’ve collected over all these years. Most of them will probably run without a problem on Windows 7. Windows 10 operates in a much different manner.

          • I’ve just upgraded back to DOS. Everything works fine and I don’t need antivirus or a mouse.

  4. Suggestion for Anthony:

    Seems we need a new parameter to track the polar vortex phenomenon: number of severe polar vortex days affecting the populated N. American Continent (e.g., periods of > 24h showing a Temperature Anomaly > 10 deg. C below the 50th parallel, or something like that).

    Only two decades ago, we were all told that Winters would become progressively milder, that severe winter storms would become more rare, not more common; that snow would be a thing of the past, that children wouldn’t be able to go sledding …

    Over the past decade we’ve seen alternating mild and severe snowfall, sometimes warmer than usual, sometimes colder than usual, sometimes smack dab in the middle. But the tendency of seeing extreme cold snaps increase in frequency seems to have caught most experts ‘off guard’.

    Climate scientists aren’t sure whether this is just ‘weather’ or if it’s evidence of the dreaded ‘[human-caused] climate change’, although the MSM ensures us day in / day out that this proclivity to experience extreme cold weather is itself evidence of [anthropogenic global warming].

    Does anyone know whether the ‘polar vortex’ [becoming unstable] phenomenon can be parsed out of the meteo record, e.g., for N. America? It would be instructive to see what the historical record shows.

    • I think calling it “winter” would be more useful.
      The alarmists are just indulging in a little magical thinking.
      If they rename “winter” into “Polar Vortex”, then it sounds more sciencey and dangerous.

      • Today’s polar vortex is yesterday’s winter weather. After many warm spells, winter seems to be back to the coldest ones that I recall as a youth.

    • I would suggest following:
      If there is a sudden cold snap with large snow falls in mid-west USA and temperature in Anchorage, Alaska is noticeably higher than in Chicago, through January and early February then it is most likely caused by a weak/splitting polar vortex. Most likely years are during decline in solar max (strong CMS) and at the time of solar minimum (prominent coronal holes, and high GCR penetrations). These alternate on average every 5 to 6 years, recently notable ones were 2004, 2009, 2014, and 2019.
      I’m currently away from my desktop ( posting comments from my hand held phone) but when I get back home I will look at data to see if there is any correlation.

  5. @Kurt
    “Does anyone know whether the ‘polar vortex’ [becoming unstable] phenomenon can be parsed out of the meteo record, e.g., for N. America? It would be instructive to see what the historical record shows.”

    In the mid-latitutes, these frigid blasts cannot be explained merely by the Sun’s lower position in the sky during the winter. An Arctic intrusion is necessarily involved. Roy Spencer and John Christy presented some data here yesterday, which plotted these cold waves in the U.S. since the late 19th century:

    • @johanus,

      Thanks for the ref. I hadn’t looked at the Spencer/Christy post yet.

      What they presented certainly suggests that there isn’t a positive correlation between “winter cold spells” in the Central & Eastern USA and increased human CO2 emissions.

      But in the context of attempting to understand anomalous winter storm frequency, wouldn’t it be a sensible goal for those studying climate to define what constitutes ‘weather weirding’ (i.e., anomalous polar vortex wobble), so we at least have a basis for discourse?

      I see that Tony Heller recently dealt with the subject.
      This would appear to suggest that cold snaps in the Midwester USA are actually becoming MORE frequent, rather than less frequent.

      But Heller correctly points out what Climate Scientists told us loudly between a decade and two decades ago: winters were supposed to become more mild.

      • Polar Vortex seem to be the perfect warmist meme. Whether we show they are becoming more frequent, or not, then someone will say: “Yes, we warned you that CO2 would cause this”.

        I’m not sure that there is such a thing as ‘abnormal vortex wobble’. I believe it all falls under ‘natural variance’. And we have seen this before, before CO2 became a ‘menace’.

      • Toss a coin ten thousand times. You will get a few long runs of heads, a few of tails, some repeating patterns, some alternating patterns. You might get a run of three heads, one tail, four heads, one tail, five heads, and nine tails (3.14159, pi).
        Does any of it constitue ‘flipping weirdness’? If it does, does it mean anything?

        • What were the CO2 concentrations during the coin toss?… The Temperature variances and humidity? The effect by CO2 on human behavior while observing coin tossing, etc.

          Don’t forget to apply for a grant when you ask these important scientific sounding questions.

          Choo choo… Gravy train comin’ through.

  6. Nice video, but nothing remarkable about it. Lots of ice and snow up here where I live. Lake Michi Gamu freezing is a regular occurrence. I’d be more interested in videos of sieches, because some of them are absolutely spectacular.

    I have ice floe photos on Lake Michi Gamu from prior years. I keep hoping I’ll find just that perfect image of a polar bear that I can add to a couple of them, sitting on the floe, moving south toward Chicago.

  7. The climate consensus continues its retreat from reality and migration into magical thinking.
    What we are experiencing is called “winter”.
    “Polar vortex” is an emergent physical attribute of winter.
    Every dramatic cold snap ever, and they have happened since records have been kept, due to a “polar vortex”.
    Now the climate consensus hypesters want to pretend this a new phenomenon.
    The irony of this deceptive magical climate thinking is multi-faceted, but for starters have the fear mongers considered the origins of the Great Lakes?

    • @ hunter –

      Precisely. This looks a lot like ‘goal post migration’ by the alarmist, anti CO2 crowd.

      The climate concerned are so used to reading chicken little inspired headlines, they have convinced themselves that everything which seems odd [to them] must be a result of increased human GHG emissions. Throw out historical records.

      All the more reason to define a parameter which describes the phenomenon of interest.
      Battling headlines might go on unendlessly, depending on who’s doing the cherry-picking.

  8. Right on Hunter. What a bunch of goofballs are in the climate warming herd. It’s all about money and politics.

  9. Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow this morning and did not see his shadow and says we should expect an early spring this year. This is the 19th time out of 133 years of predictions that Phil has predicted an early spring, instead of his usual prediction of six more weeks of winter weather.

    I hope Phil is right. I’m tired of this cold weather, even if it’s not really that cold where I live. 🙂

    • I guess you didn’t hear the news yet. This year the ground hog was replaced by newly elected Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. If she see her shadow it six more years of Nancy Pelosi.

  10. Has anyone told these CO2 phobics that they should reduce their respiration output, because every time they breathe, every time they speak, every time they run – guess what? They produce high volumes of CO2!!!!

    Every word you speak, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you! (I forget who wrote that song. Sorry.)

    • Sara, the song is called “Every Breath You Take” performed by “The Police” and written by Sting and it appeared on their “Synchronicity” album.

      Great song and you were close to the lyrics…they actually go like this.

      Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every bond you break, Every step you take,
      I’ll be watching you.

  11. Maybe someone should remind all the hot air AGW hucksters, their shouting and pontification is a prime source of the dreaded CO2 they hate so much. If they could just learn to stop talking, and certainly stop touring round the world pointlessly telling everyone we must cut CO2 that would be progress.

  12. I seem to recall that there is (was?) a betting pool on what date the iron ore carriers could start hauling after the ice had started to diminish. Has anyone kept track of the actual dates over the years? Any indication of a trend?

      • Interesting – but just maximum ice shown and only since the 1970’s. However, being NOAA (Government) – staid, upstanding etc – their official site doesn’t seem to cover the annual breakup dates. Understandable. However, there’s a list of ‘Contacts’ = I might try an email to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Or – contact one of the shipping companies – and probably get referred to a deckhand on one of the carriers. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ – I’ve added that URL to the list to be monitored…..

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