Arnold Schwarzenegger: “we all have to work together to fight this problem of this unbelievable pollution”

Schwarzenegger being forced to drive a gas guzzling Hummer by “big oil”.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Global warming just isn’t scary enough.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Why Trump is ‘wrong’ on climate change

By Rob Hodgetts and Christina Macfarlane, CNN
Updated 1946 GMT (0346 HKT) January 26, 2019

Kitzbuhel, Austria (CNN)”The Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger says US President Donald Trump is making a “big mistake” on environmental policy.

Making his annual pilgrimage to the famous ski races in Kitzbuhel, the Austrian muscleman, movie star and former governor of California was in the grandstand to watch the second leg of Saturday’s slalom race.

Schwarzenegger grew up in the Tirol and is a long-time ski enthusiast.

It’s not just global climate change, it’s about the pollution that it creates that kills so many people worldwide,” he added.

“Seven million people die every year — this is inexcusable. We have to fight, we have to do something about it, and the only way we can win is by doing it together.”

Schwarzenegger said one of the major problems in the fight is that climate change and global pollution have “no borders.
“It doesn’t matter if you come from a naturally clean country like Austria or Brazil, we all have to work together to fight this problem of this unbelievable pollution that eventually going to kill everyone,” he added.

“The world leaders need to take it seriously and put a time clock on it and say, ‘OK, within the next five years we want to accomplish a certain kind of a goal,’ rather than push it off until 2035.”

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As an asthmatic I’m no fan of pollution. But I’m also not a fan of people going hungry, or kids missing out on visiting grandma in the countryside because their family can’t afford to put carbon taxed gasoline in their automobile. And frankly I’m not going to take climate austerity advice from someone who jets about the world and likes to drive a Humvee, even if he is one of my favourite action movie stars.

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  1. wait….did he just imply that climate change is pollution…and 7 million people die each year

    …and Brazil is a “naturally” clean county?

    No wonder he was boinking the maid……….

    • “Seven Million people die every year….”. And with a total world population of about 7 billion, that implies a death rate of only 0.1%, and an average age of 1000 years. And still he complains how bad things are going.

        • Good question. Reminds me of Reagan’s statement: “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Throw together a few cherry picked proxies, true or otherwise, and they are ready and willing to start legislating somebody else.

      • this unbelievable pollution that eventually going to kill everyone

        He’s right that is totally unbelievable.

        Spot on Arnie.

        • When I see a Death Certificate signed by a medical professional declaring “Cause of Death is Carbon Dioxide poisoning”, I might pause

          But that will never happen. Indoor air is typically 1000 ppm CO2, and I believe submarines routinely operate with cabin air at 2000-5000 ppm. I may be a bit off on the numbers (which are not exact anyway), but this is a simple order-of-magnitude observation.

          If Ahnohld wants to combat deadly pollution, he should fund cheap, reliable, coal-sourced electricity for the billions living in poverty in Africa, south Asia, southeast Asia, and the western hemisphere tropics who actually die from indoor air pollution due to cooking and heating with wood and dung.

          Steroids musta bent his brain

    • The report he is referencing states that burning fossil fuels releases pollution as well as CO2. There is some truth in that, but the idea that this pollution kills 7 million a year is complete fantasy.

      • oddly quite a few die ffrom having to burn organic material , such has wood or animal dung for heating and to cook , which creates Carbon monoxide which means die in their sleep. If on the other had they had access to the very types of energy sources the greens hate, this would not occur .

        • Exactly, if he is suggesting 7 million is unnecessary he has to calculate the deaths with his alternative. Energy poverty in Africa will kill more people , not less.

          The simple answer would be to clean up those badly regulated countries like China and India that are not currently burning coal in a clean, efficient way. You do not have to produce toxic air when burning fossil fuels.

          Britain could have had a super clean , modern coal burning power plant at Kingswood North in Kent. but the idiotic greens persuaded Brown to shut the project down. Now we burn US oak forests instead.

      • Today’s world is ruled by fantastic ideas of grandeur that are wrought by governments who are no longer subject to the fundamental laws of nature. If you mess with Mother Nature long enough, she’ll get you. If you mess with father time, you just may get your clock stopped. Or your brain may be made to go numb. Perhaps that’s Arnold’s biggest problem.

        • Arnolds biggest problem is that he fears there won’t be enough fuel for his gas powered toys. So he wants you to stop using yours to preserve more for him. “CO2 for me but not for thee”

    • You have to read it in the way you know he’d say it:

      “Ve all haff to vork togedder to fight dis problem of dis unbeLEEVable polLUtion. It iss certainly quite unbeLEEVable.”

      It’s better that way.

    • [Arnold Schwarzenegger] “ we all have to work together to fight this problem of this unbelievable pollution

      Arnold is absolutely, positively correct.

      The ignored and uncontrolled mass movement of hordes of illegal immigrants crossing the Border into the US of A is in fact a major problem of “unbelievable pollution” of America’s social and cultural values.

      “Societal pollution” is failure of immigrants to assimilate.

    • 120,000,000 by 2050 according to WHO
      Another 1,000,000 a year from vitamin A deficiency.
      500,000 a year as a direct result of poor sanitation.

      4,250,000 a year so far and I know I have forgotten a few other equally horrendous statistics.

  2. “It’s not just global climate change, it’s about the pollution that it creates that kills so many people worldwide”

    That is a new claim!
    “Global climate change” causes deadly pollution!

    Ranks right with chicken little “sky is falling” bluster.

    “we all have to work together to fight this problem of this unbelievable pollution that eventually going to kill everyone”

    “Unbelievable”, is the right word.

    “his annual pilgrimage to the famous ski races in Kitzbuhel”

    How nice of the delusional muscleman to fly to an Austrian ski slope to speak about “global climate change”.

    A complete hypocrite.
    Lives in mansions, flies anywhere, lives a wanton lifestyle…

  3. I think all those years of Steroid abuse are catching up with him…..(or maybe a few too many knocks in the head)

  4. Let’s see if 200000 ppm of CO2 kills 100% of the people who breathe it and we assume linear no threshold then 400 ppm should kill 0.2% of people, therefore in a world of 7 billion, CO2 would kill 14000000 people. Irrefutable math and you can’t escape breathing this pollution – the horror – the horror!

    • I’ve every exhalation contain 44,000 ppm CO2 then the leading cause of CO2 related mortality must be CPR. We must stop this horrendously barbaric form of pollution based murder.

  5. Seven million people died last year from carbon dioxide pollution? Bet you can’t name even one of them, Arnie.

  6. I forfeited about two hours of my life recently watching him try to act in The Last Stand (2013).
    I reckon enough CO2 was emitted during the filming to have fuelled the entire 2014 hurricane season /sarc.

  7. He’s virtue signaling to try to still fit in, in a Hollywood world that’s past him by.
    A tough still trying to get it with the women in his liberal world. A Phony.

    • Yep, he’s a pretender.
      He pretended to be a good husband , but as Latitude pointed out, he was boinking the maid.
      He pretends to care about CO2 and air pollution, but he drives a Hummer and smokes cigars…

      We don’t need lectures from Arnold or people like him.

  8. Well, I will admit I voted for him in the recall of Grey Davis. His being around the Kennedys gave him a warped view of politics and society in general. He comes across just like some of his cousins-in-law, accepting received wisdom with no judgement.

  9. How did he make his totally unnecessary “annual pilgrimage to the famous ski races”? Did he walk, bike or take mass transit? Or did he fly in economy class on an aircraft?

    I bet dollars to doughnuts that he flew in on a private jet.

  10. The article’s picture of Arnold driving his Hummer gives one pause to consider how really clueless he is with his statements regarding “climate change” and “unbelievable pollution”. To wit:
    — does anyone think he knows that the tires on his Hummer are composed of about 60% synthetic rubber, produced from petroleum-derived hydrocarbons, with natural rubber comprising the remaining 40%. Synthetic elastomers are necessary for reasonable-life vehicle tires because of their special capability of deforming under stress and then returning to their original shape with minimum hysteresis . . . and that there is no plan for replacing synthetic rubber using chemistry not dependent on petroleum?
    — does anyone think he knows the amount of energy used in manufacturing the mass of steel in his Hummer (as well as all other vehicles), and the stress that meeting that energy demand via renewable-sourced electricity would place on the associated sources and associated delivery grid?
    — does anyone think he knows that coke (a purified form of carbon derived from non-renewable coal) is necessary for the manufacture of the steel used in his hummer and that coke cannot be generated using only renewable energy sources?

    I could go on and on, but need I?

  11. “It doesn’t matter if you come from a naturally clean country like Austria or Brazil…”

    Wonder what countries Arnold thinks are naturally dirty? Oh, and has he not noticed how muddy the Amazon river is? Perhaps he’s unaware that countries with well developed abundant and affordable fossil fuel energy tend to have the resources to clean up their environments, while countries living in energy poverty under corrupt governments tend to be the dirtiest.

  12. Oh, sorry. I forgot science isn’t established by authority. It’s established by the media.

  13. It takes a special kind of ignorance or “girlie man” to come out with the tripe Arnie has.
    Everything about Schwarzengger is black…. optimism is a clearly a criminal offence now in the Californian political mind.
    I am so grateful I was around in the sixties to see the true American can do attitude projected by Kennedy in full flow, to watch men land on the moon capture the technical and actual high ground.

  14. Arnold is quoted as saying: ““It doesn’t matter if you come from a naturally clean country like Austria . . .”

    Arnold apparently does not know the distinguished history of his country-of-birth regarding it being a source of the dirtiest form of coal, lignite (aka “brown coal”). See, for example: “The Coal Supply of Austria after the Revolution of 1918,” Rudol̇f Kloss ( )

    Wikipedia has this to say about coal production in Austria: “Lignite production has been declining since 1963. In 2003, lignite production totaled 1,152,000 metric tons. Production of bituminous coal declined steadily after World War II, and in 1968 ceased altogether.” ( )

    Naturally clean? Well, if by that phrase you mean “before humans arrived,” I guess that is true of every place on Earth, excluding the interiors of volcanoes.

    • Arnold apparently does not know the distinguished history of his country-of-birth regarding it being a source of the dirtiest form of…..

      oh dear, forgot history did we…..?
      The interbred royal families started the ball rolling then…….. that little man with the moustache, what was he doing with his scientists with heavy water, going for Russian oil, and Werner and his rockets, and burning Coventry to the ground and the oil terminals in Swansea….

      And if AH had got to the atom bomb before the yankees, had he not decided to send all the best Jewish scientists packing….? What if?
      Lots of things came from Austria including some of the brightest lunatics of human history.

  15. “we all have to work together to fight this problem of this unbelievable pollution”

    I have to file this under True Lies

  16. #YouKnowItsColdWhen: The Weather Channel pulls it’s global warming stories (but say the cold snap is leading to “confusion” about global warming and climate change)…take your pick!

  17. It is becoming increasingly amusing and ludicrous to watch the brilliant light bulbs in the MSM quoting celebrities on climate change or other scientific matters when the celebrity is seriously lacking in any scientific background or credentials. Bill Nye also comes to mind here.

    When the media posts a piece like this, what % of the public do they actually believe will swallow it? I imagine the number is probably much higher than it should be.

    At any rate, this is a little like asking the cleaning staff at a hospital for their opinions on surgical procedures that the doctors perform on patients. It doesn’t matter how popular the cleaning staff is, it’s still pointless.

    • BTW Arnold, don’t feel as though you are obligated to come back to the U.S. if you don’t want to.

  18. Celebrities, sports figures, actors, and virtue signaling politicians as spokespeople for AGW and none of them live the life they are espousing and none of them know what they are talking about.

  19. Don’t forget the billionaires who claim to believe in CAGW and will fund any political group or politician out there that promotes the socialism … er … solutions that will fight it.
    (Of course the money they provide is too important to “The Cause” for them to have to surrender it.)

  20. Well Arnold is completely right about the “Unbelievable” part. AGW is most certainly an “unbelievable problem”… It’s never been credible from the start. 🙂

  21. Imagine all the actors and musicians too.
    Sticking to acting and singing.
    With no political views.
    Imagine Barbara Streisand falling down a flight of stairs.
    Oohs who ooh who.
    You may say I don’t like Barbara Streisand, but I’m not the only one.

  22. apart from his personal excesses.
    anyone realise just how wasteful and energy intensive and polluting the film industry is?
    in his case all thjose explosions fake or not pollute quite a bit
    always thought he was a dipsh*t and nothings changed my view
    remember when he started dating shriver, said to my hubby the boy had grandplans to run for president one day
    wasnt far wrong
    only country of birth saved you all from that!

    • Haven’t you seen that disclaimer they put at the end of the credits these days? Crowing about how environmentally friendly all their productions are?

      It is the land of make-believe, after all.

  23. Just another in the long and ever growing list of Hollywood/entertainment industry hypocrites. Bono is another hypocrite in the news. Those that consume and pollute far more than the average telling the average they must cut back their consumption and pollution. Just like the college professors that proclaim that there are far too many humans and then fail to show the courage of their convictions by not committing suicide. The world is full of em.

  24. Arnold is nothing but an ass-kiss trying to work his way back in the favor of his Hollywood crowd – now that he’s thumbed his nose at his actual fans, and has no future as an actor.

    • I don’t know, thumbing noses at actual fans is happening more and more in Hollywood, so he fits right in with many of his fellow Hollywood crowd

  25. Poor Arnold. He ran for governor using a broom as a prop to sweep out Sacramento. He got to Sacramento and the Democrats took the broom.

    He was a disaster as governor. Wants to be popular with all the “right” people. But, I believe he did covert his Hummer to electric.

    • But, I believe he did covert his Hummer to electric.

      Yes, Kreisel Electric converted it a little over a year ago, after decades of driving various large fossil fuel guzzling vehicles while spouting climate alarmism. It’s a “one-off” – IE Arnold is the only one who currently has an Electric Humvee (must be nice to be rich enough to afford such virtue signaling) – and isn’t available to purchase by the hoi polloi.

      • (and would likely be out of their price range even if it was available to purchase by the masses).

  26. “It takes a village” (idiot) to distort markets globally as Hillary spin consultants would say.

  27. From the faux man who proudly and enthusiastically drove a gas guzzling, CO2 spewing Hummer in California at the height of the global warming scam.

  28. Remember all these actors and celebs are adults who play dress-up and pretend all day… that’s why they are about as smart as my 5 year old… and he would tell them “don’t be silly. you don’t understand, use your brain!!”

  29. Don’t worry Arnie! When things get too hot, you can jump on your private jet and fly up to your 40,000 square foot “Tiny Home” in Sun Valley. It will be cooler there and you may only need your A/C for 1-2 months a year.
    Of course, you will need about 120 cords of fire wood to heat that place through the winter!


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