Communist China caught funding US environmental groups to undermine military

Communist China-funded US enviro groups working to stop US military base on Okinawa

China is funding us green groups to harm our national security.

Environmental Group Condemns GOP Panel’s Foreign Agent Probe
By The Associated Press
Oct. 19, 2018

WASHINGTON — An environmental group has denounced a House oversight committee for suggesting the organization’s efforts to block construction of a U.S. military base on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa may require it to register as foreign agent.

In a bluntly worded letter delivered earlier this week, the Center for Biological Diversity accused the Republican chairman and another senior GOP member of the Natural Resources Committee of pursuing a “politically motivated abuse of authority” and for operating outside of their jurisdiction. The environmental group has been part of a long-running fight to protect an endangered marine mammal.

The harsh response from the Center for Biological Diversity, headquartered in Arizona, is the group’s latest salvo at the panel, which is investigating whether nonprofit groups are being manipulated by foreign governments or entities that want to undercut U.S. interests. The committee didn’t provide a comment on the letter. But a GOP congressional aide who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity called it unproductive.

At the center of the fight is the Foreign Agents Registration Act, an 80-year-old law that requires people to disclose when they lobby in the U.S. on behalf of foreign governments or political entities. For decades, the statute languished in obscurity and criminal prosecutions under the law were exceedingly rare.

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102 thoughts on “Communist China caught funding US environmental groups to undermine military

      • Makes sense for both the Russians & Saudi’s to fund anti-fracking efforts in the US. They don’t want the competition. Not saying it’s ‘okay’, just saying it makes sense from a national competitive perspective.

  1. GEE I thought it was Russia that was the Bad Guy. Now it is discovered to be the Chinese all along? I guess all that Chinese Funding will only leave the EnvironMENTAL groups hungry for more funding in a couple of hours

    • both and many more…..everyone is in it for their own benefit…and who can blame them
      ..Trump understands that very well

      • Latitude

        Not acceptable. Whilst we can all be in it for ourselves, when it comes to betraying ones own country, the very place that provides us with opportunity for success, it’s tantamount to treason in my opinion.

        No matter the circumstances, no matter the provocation or divided loyalties, family comes first!

        • Hanging, drawing and quartering was the usual punishment for treason in Britain not so long ago until the hand-wringers managed to have the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 became law. Now treason is life imprisonment in Britain which usually means out in less than 10 years. Perhaps a good compromise would be drawing and quartering, with the use of hot irons to stop the blood flow, and then life imprisonment (With hard labour).

      • True, maybe.
        But anti-frackers are also likely to be exactly the same sort of people as those who will oppose oil and gas pipelines in general. It is a double edged sword. Your enemy’s enemy is frequently not your friend.

  2. Pretty sad that an American group will take money from a foreign power to try to undermine American interests. This is pretty close to sedition. It’s certainly traitorous and should be enough to strip things like non-profit status as a minimum and as indicated, treated as criminal behavior and prosecuted.

  3. And American environmental lobby money, it is well documented, is all over the protests against Canadian pipelines and the oil sands.

    • This is TRUE, also American Democratic foundation moneys have been donating to the Canadian Liberal party and these same Democrats are appalled that there may have been social media influences on the presidential election, OMG the howling would have been defencing if Russian money had been donated to Republicans

  4. I may have missed it but I don’t recall any of the NGO’s mentioned above, protesting the paving of the reefs in the South China Sea. Happy to be corrected

  5. The article shows that this group is partial to China but nowhere does it show that they took any orders from the Middle Kingdom or received any funds.

    Perhaps a little scepticism is in order?

    • WRT the Center for Biological Diversity, “The lawmakers pointed to the group’s assistance in organizing the visit of an Okinawan delegation to the United States”. Cooperation with foreign entities in an effort to stop/subvert military program(s) seem to be an obvious tactic.

      Skepticism is always in order. As is the assumption that the NRDC (with China ties), the Center for Biological Diversity, & EarthJustice, will do anything that they think they can get away with … after all, they hold the high moral ground & their shit does not stink.

    • yeah , seeing as the japanese people themselves seem to want the base gone too.
      they were moving it a bit further out i gather some time back , but the protests were ongoing.

      • I don’t blame the locals. There have been too many incidents of American servicemen assaulting women on Okinawa. But Japan’s government knows that base protects Japan.

  6. Most green movements are fronts for the left.
    During the sixties the vestiges of the post war communist groupings were overwhelmed as the west outperformed the communist world economically.
    The solution was to hobble those economies.
    The reality is that high GDP cleans the environment and cheap reliable energy grows economies. The US is discovering a bit of this now.
    Funding green movements to undermine the capitalist successes is a low cost angle with little risk.
    These groups need to be exposed including the biggest propaganda organization in the world “Greenpeace”.
    If the US runs at a 4% growth rate for 5 years it will add to its GDP approximately two Russia’s worth of GDP. That indicates how difficult it is for Russia to keep pace with the US at any level.

  7. It is not news that foreign powers will fund political and activist groups in the US to advance their own interests.
    Apparently, what is news is that these groups will take the cash and oppose the US on a matter of security and defense. It looks like the Center for Biological Diversity got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

  8. Given that the primary purpose of an environmental group is to make its host country weaker, it’s hardly surprising that they receive encouragement from the host’s country’s competitors and enemies.

    • It’s much simpler than that, imo. Environmental groups are usually founded with good intentions and a clear purpose. They later become nothing but vehicles to keep (the money flowing) a few people employed and paid.

      Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

      • I await an “adequate” explanation/description of how Earthjustice, Greenpeace, NRDC, & The Center for Biologic Diversity budgets are maintained & managed by stupid people.

      • “Never attribute to malice…” that only goes so far.
        “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining” is equally applicable.

      • I do not agree, Albert, and I’ve studied this issue since 1985.

        Most Green groups are covert fronts for foreign Marxists and they are traitors to their countries.

  9. Nothing much new here about foreign countries financing hostile forces against a domestic target. American interests of all types have been infiltrating Canadian politics and environmental NGO’s with a view to keeping Canadian oil stranded with little access to pipeline capacity to move Canadian oil to various world markets at world prices. USA makes tens of billions of dollars per year engaging in this well documented nefarious activity with Canada, an ally and friend, and then it accuses other ‘hostile’ countries of doing what it does to Canada as against its interests. The American hypocrisy is a bit glaring and a plank in their own eye.

  10. What do the MSM – guys say about this? If I am not mistaken, they haven’t said anything on this matter.

  11. > He said the group would not be providing any further information unless it was at an open hearing.

    Good luck with that as the IRS rescinds your tax status.

  12. There’s an interesting link between environmental groups and the Soviet Union.

    In later years, Marzani seems to have moved away from his Old Left roots. In 1972 he authored Wounded Earth,[7] a well-respected book on environmental matters, … link

    He also supported the Club of Rome, a Malthusian group dedicated to the downfall of capitalism.

    Putin, a KGB alumnus, knows what’s going on and probably revived the old tricks to destabilize and weaken the west.

  13. So many commies, so little time…
    Tuesday, August 18, 2015
    Obama Allows Chinese Communist Police To Operate In America
    What is our Govt. doing attempting to reprogram our Veterans with mind control tactics garnered in Communist China? What kind of person would want to go to Communist China to study mental/political re-education?
    Chinese delighted after Hillary Clinton avoids human rights criticism
    China has reacted with delight to Hillary Clinton’s decision on her first visit as US secretary of state that she would put economic relations before human rights.
    Soros has special admiration for Communist China, whose government he believes is somehow superior to ours: “Today China has not only a more vigorous economy, but actually a better functioning government than the United States.” Soros has publicly called for an orderly decline of the dollar.
    Bernie Sanders Praises China For Its Maternity Policy(!)
    Elizabeth Warren Praising Communist China as a Model for America
    “Our competitors are putting people to work, building a future. China invests 9% of its GDP in infrastructure. America? We’re at just 2.4%. We can do better.”
    Though a successful capitalist, [Bill] Gates has expressed admiration for Communist China…He also supports a global tax to generate revenue for the U.N.
    John Kerry: ‘Growing Eagerness of Americans and Chinese to Join Forces’
    Kerry was effusive in his praise for the Communist country throughout his statement, even favorably comparing the efforts of China and the U.S. to “contribute to the global order and structure.”
    “Trudeau under fire for expressing admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship’
    The Liberal leader said: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, ‘We need to go green … we need to start investing in solar.’”
    Feinstein’s Close China Ties Under Scrutiny After Chinese Spy Discovery
    Hollywood’s dangerous obsession with China
    CNN tells masses that Communism is ‘good for women’ despite China’s nightmare legacy
    In an astounding piece about the status of women in China, CNN commentators tell viewers that, “If the statistics are any indication, Communism has been good for women.”
    NYTimes Thomas Friedman Again Praises Communist China for Getting Things Done
    Dalai Lama Reveals Why He Admires China
    Pope Francis Has Admiration for China
    “For me, China has always been a reference point of greatness. A great country. But more than a country, a great culture, with an inexhaustible wisdom”
    Occupy Wall Street Jumps the Shark
    Marxist mobocracy turns surreal.
    “Soros deliberately collapses national economies for fun and profit, openly expresses admiration for Communist China, and has said European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” He wants the American economy to sink into the abyss. “I’m having a very good crisis,” Soros said in 2009.”
    Associated Press Praises One-Child Policy In China… ‘Boon For Girls’
    Yahoo/AP claims that China has so many women in college because of the one-child policy. AP- “With no male heir competing for resources, parents have spent more on their daughters’ education and well-being, a groundbreaking shift after centuries of discrimination.”
    United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model.
    “[T]he key appeal of the totalitarian system for liberals: It empowers an enlightened elite to impose policies on a people without contradiction, whether by voters or even by the rule of law. It’s obviously why it appeals to our current president, an unabashed China admirer. “Their ports, their train systems, their airports are all vastly superior to us now,” Obama announced during his first presidential campaign..””
    “Brutal autocracies have a peculiar fascination for certain liberals, especially if they write for the New York Times. Walter Duranty once spun paeans of praise for Stalin’s Soviet Union, even as millions were being starved to death in Ukraine, and millions more being rounded up and shot during Stalin’s serial purges — and he won a Pulitzer Prize for it. Our latter-day Duranty is Thomas Friedman, whose admiration for Communist China has pockmarked his column in the Times for more than a decade…
    Paul Krugman From TIME magazine:
    “One of the great ironies revealed by the global recession that began in 2008 is that Communist Party-ruled China may be doing a better job managing capitalism’s crisis than the democratically elected U.S. government. Beijing’s stimulus spending was larger, infinitely more effective at overcoming the slowdown, and directed at laying the infrastructural tracks for further economic expansion.”
    COMMUNIST China could teach Britain a lot about happiness because it is a more “equal” society, according to the Archbishop of York.
    [U.N. Sustainable Development Mastermind Maurice Strong] is quoted as describing Communist China as an “authoritarian democracy” and as his preference for an ideal system of Government.
    Gayle King praises communist China… [video]
    Grinnell College professor David Campbell says that China’s authoritarian government “has been very enlightened.”
    Calls Americans’ use of carbon “grotesquely immoral.”
    Chinese abort most females, so there is actually no female heir to begin with! The real reason so many Chinese girls go to college is because the government sends them to college. The government decides who gets higher education. AP falsely attributes the higher number of women in Chinese colleges to a desire amongst Chinese to educate girls rather than boys.
    Democratic Sen. Patty Murray has come out and praised Red China’s eagerness to invest in early childhood education. She made her comment at an economic summit in Washington, D.C. Wednesday. But in so doing she also oddly enough neglected to mention anything about how literally millions of children are either killed or denied an education under Red China’s “one-child policy.”
    Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin’s lifelong mentor Maurice Strong now spends half his time in communist China, where he was ostensibly UN’s mediator with North Korea. He was released from this post for hiring a family member and other misdeeds have been alleged. His influence and activity continues nonetheless, building bridges between Canada and communist China. Martin praises communist China as a rising economic power and then opens up millions of dollars of aid money through the government to help communist China.
    How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies
    The West Coast is a growing target of foreign espionage. And it’s not ready to fight back.
    State Media: ‘The Presence of China in Venezuela Is Getting Stronger Every Day’
    China and Google Urge Global Cooperation on A.I.
    Report: Google Will Link Searches to Personal Phone Numbers in China
    China Censors the Letter ‘N’ to Suppress Criticism of Xi Jinping
    China is inventing a whole new way to oppress a people

    Wiki spins death vans as a good thing…
    China’s Execution van
    “The execution van, also called a mobile execution unit, was developed by the government of the People’s Republic of China and was first used[citation needed] in 1997. Mobile gas vans were invented and used by the Soviet secret police NKVD in the late 1930s during the Great Purge….The PRC states that the vans are more humane than previous forms of execution.”

    “Whenever you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship.” — Harry S Truman

    • Quoting Truman, the efficient nuclear terrorist of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not elected, only there because FDR died. He was about to nuke Korea and McArthur outflanked him at Inchon. Dresden was also on his nuke list. Truman spawned the Cold War, and some total crazies are trying again.
      Truman had no middle name.

      • bonbon
        As I recall it was MacArthur who wanted to NUKE everything west of the Yalow River where 300,000 Chinese troops were ready to enter the Korean Conflict and the ” buck stops here ” haberdasher Truman used this as excuse to fire the General.
        Had he done that it would have sent a message to Mao and Stalin—there would have been no cold war or Chinese problem today.
        With history revisionists always at work I am not surprised at your comment.

      • Dropping the bomb on Japan saved well over 100K lives. If it was terrorism than all war is terrorism.
        If Dresden was on the nuclear list, St. FDR put it there.

        Regardless, compared to the fire bombing that was done to Dresden, droping a nuke might have been more humane.

        If anyone spawned the cold war, it was Russia. But then again, you have no enemies on the left.

  14. Unlike the polar bear, the dugong is actually endangered, but not by a US base expansion on Okinawa.

    It’s just an excuse.

    • Its big brother, Steller’s sea cow, was wiped out by 18th century Russian whalers, sealers and otter hide hunters within 30 years of its discovery in the Commander Islands.

  15. This is TRUE, also American Democratic foundation moneys have been donating to the Canadian Liberal party and these same Democrats are appalled that there may have been social media influences on the presidential election, OMG the howling would have been defencing if Russian money had been donated to Republicans

    • Lots they give cash to both political and enviromental groups.
      Politician Sam Dastyari is a typical case it’s cover well enough in wikipedia where you could not really view him as anything other than a “agent of influence”.

  16. BTW there is a US citizen meddling in foreign affairs. His name is Mull Her or something.

    Please arrest him.

  17. The sooner Trump exposes the CAGW scam the better , these rent seekers will go back to chaining themselves back to trees and scientists will go back to science !

  18. The Russians, the Chinese, and the Saudi Arabians are all bad guys, each in their own distinctive ways as recent events prove. They all fund their own chosen useful idiots to advance their cause.

  19. Is anybody surprised?
    To paraphrase The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights, we only need enough Government to ensure that each individual is left alone to live and believe whatever they want, as long they don’t infringe on another individual’s rights to do the same.
    No surprise that those opposed to that ideal (foreign and domestic) that would use Government to impose their world view on others and fund groups that attempt to do the same. Those groups are just tools.

  20. Now that the Tories fell on their Skripal, and Mueller’s probe is winding down, with Trump about to declassify British interference in the election (he will play that like a stradivarius), China bashing has reached WUWT.
    Remember Bannon’s wild eyed claims of China and global warming?

  21. Which Five Companies Do The Most Overseas Manufacturing?
    “There are literally thousands of companies that opt to outsource part or all of their manufacturing to overseas companies, with China being the primary source of overseas manufacturing. Even so, there are some companies that engage in this practice more than others. Following are the five companies that, at present, engage in the most overseas manufacturing.”

    Outsourcing to China Cost U.S. 3.2 Million Jobs Since 2001
    “JOBS OUTSOURCED TO China have diminished American employment opportunities and have helped contribute to wage erosion since 2001, when China entered the World Trade Organization, new research shows.”

    • They sure look like US companies. Anyway Trump has pinpointed that practice.
      This has being going on for decades when China was a cheap labor source. With the Belt and Road Initiative, the largest development program in history, things have changed dramatically. Pence is running around lecturing countries to stay away from China. WallStreet neocons are trying a counter BRI carrot, and the EU at the same game, pityfull .
      Trump must bring the US fully on-board with the BRI – they know how to build infrastructure , which he promised but not delivered.
      This rehashed bashing is regurgitated neocon drivel.

    • If those companies hadn’t outsourced to China, those American jobs would still have been lost. To foreign companies that did take advantage of cheap Chines labor and as a result undercut American companies.
      Not just in the US, but all over the world.

  22. Enough of this bullshit.
    Declare these groups and individuals a threat to National Security and seize their assets and deport their members.

  23. It sure would be nice if some activist groups would protest the destruction of coral reefs during construction of Chinese military islands.
    Their silence is deafening.

  24. This is no surprise. As GPHaner noted above, this is an old trick of our ideological or geopolitical enemies. China know the Vietnam War was not lost on the battlefield but on America’s streets, college campuses and newsrooms.

    The leader of China declared a new cold war with the USA in 1991. No American administration (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama) paid that any heed until now (Trump).

  25. It would appear that, until China starts to have a love-in with Trump and family (and provides information about Democrat opponents, or promises not to release those damaging pictures/videos), the current president and his loyal supporters will continue to see reds under the bed. The mantra is: Commies – no; ex-commies (albeit still enemies, but who cares when they can help us) – yes, sirree!

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