“We Bought a Bunch of Tofu…” – What have YOU done about the Climate Crisis?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Psychiatric advice to engage in green activism to overcome intense feelings of eco-anxiety is producing some fascinating outcomes.

News about climate change can be distressing. Here’s how to cope with ‘ecoanxiety’

By Ange McCormack

After hearing about a damning report into climate change last week – which basically gives the world 12 years to halve our emissions or else face uncontrollable climate change – 27-year-old Caitlin Grace sent Hack an email.

In the subject line Caitlin wrote, “Ecoanxiety”.

I’ve gone full existential crisis,” Caitlin wrote while reeling from the IPCC findings.

I’ve been having several panic attacks a day, can’t concentrate and just have a constant overwhelming feeling of impending doom.

Caitlin Grace told Hack that going about her daily life in the last week has been pretty surreal.

“When I’ve been out and about I’ve been looking around at people and thinking, why are we just going about our normal lives?

The Australian Psychology Society has developed a bunch of resources to help people cope with feeling anxious about climate change. Dr Burke says one of the first things to do if you’re feeling anxious about climate change is share what you’re going through with your friends and family.

One of the more dangerous things you can do is push the feelings away and ignore the problem and then not do anything about it.”

It’s a strategy that Caitlin Grace is trying too.

“My partner and I have talked about it heaps, and just today we’ve gone and bought a bunch of tofu and we’re going to phase ourselves into veganism,” Caitlin says. “I think it is the biggest thing individuals can do to help the environment. I’m really excited about it.

Caitlin Grace is becoming a vegan after reading last week’s IPCC report

I’ve never been to a protest before but I’m now feeling the need to mobilise – I’m keen to get out on the street and be part of it.”

Read more: https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/feeling-ecoanxiety/10378470

One question not addressed in the article – do green activists receive a moral license to take a break from vegetarianism while actually participating in a climate protest?

It can get cold and wet on those mean streets, a tofu burger in such circumstances might not be enough.

Lets not forget, by actually participating in a climate protest green activists are doing a lot more virtue signalling than simply going vegan in their ordinary lives.

Update (EW): Video explaining why you should vote green. Contains rude language.

Update 2 (EW): Sadly the classic comedy video “Why I voted green” (original link here) is now displaying an error. It may have been deleted by the ABC, the people who originally published it. A rather sad piece of cultural vandalism if this removal is intentional.

Update 3 (EW): Another copy, see how long this lasts

132 thoughts on ““We Bought a Bunch of Tofu…” – What have YOU done about the Climate Crisis?

  1. I’ll purchase several containers of sequestered carbon dioxide (beer), for release at a convenient time (baseball game).

    • No, it’s the result of being constantly lied to SJWs in the liberal media.

      By Ange McCormack

      After hearing about a damning report into climate change last week – which basically gives the world 12 years to halve our emissions or else face uncontrollable climate change – 27-year-old Caitlin Grace sent Hack an email.

      That is NOT what the IPCC reprot said. Caitlyn should start by checking her facts instead of believing what she sees on telly. ( Oh, and getting proper name would help too).

      • And being naive enough to believe everything you read on the internet.

        Even trustworthy sources can be mistaken: Trust but verify.

  2. A better plan to alleviate their anxiety would be for them to stop exhaling completely.
    Do it for the planet… please.

    • Joel O’Bryan

      A prescription for a daily dose of WUWT ought to do the trick. A bit more humane as well. 🙂

    • I was considering doing that myself. But I’ve decided to give up farting and burping instead.

        • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1557602/

          From the abstract:

          We further identified 139 transcripts with a significant [CO2] by development interaction. Clustering of these transcripts showed that transcripts involved in cell growth and cell proliferation were more highly expressed in growing leaves that developed at elevated [CO2] compared to growing leaves that developed at ambient [CO2]. The 327 [CO2]-responsive genes largely suggest that elevated [CO2] stimulates the respiratory breakdown of carbohydrates, which provides increased energy and biochemical precursors for leaf expansion and growth at elevated [CO2]. While increased photosynthesis and carbohydrate production at elevated [CO2] are well documented, this research demonstrates that at the transcript and metabolite level, respiratory breakdown of starch is also increased at elevated [CO2].

        • Now I have a reason to stay away from tofu.

          From the time my daughter was 2 years old I told here it was whale snot. She never believed me, but she has stayed from it as well.

    • Caitlin Grace needs to educate its self about diet and health. Friends and family — get involved.

      About 90% of vegans are deficient in Vitamin B12. There are no naturally-occurring notable vegetable dietary sources of the vitamin, so vegans are advised to take supplements or select fortified foods.
      It is particularly important in the normal functioning of the nervous system and in the maturation of developing red blood cells.

      Crazy stuff that people believe can hurt them.

  3. As a fairly new reader of this site, I am amazed at the total absurdity of these climate cultists. They are literally batsh*t crazy…

  4. I posted the following in the Billionaires Are Causing Climate Change article in reply to one of Kristi Silber’s posts which was a rant which typified the way greenies and most lefties think. I want to make sure that Kristi doesn’t miss my post.

    Kristi I will take apart your points 1 by 1.

    1) “Consumer choice – that must be a code word for multinational conglomerates. Take a stroll down the cereal isle – how much choice is there, really, among the affordable products? Kelloggs, General Mills, Post (Kraft; includes Malt-O-Meal since 2015). That’s about it. And unless you really like bland, virtually all these cereals are full of sugar.”

    When was the last time you ever were into one of those small food specialty shops? Those specialty shops that carry dozens of food brand products of every kind of food? Small brands that you cant get in major supermarkets. Also every city has farmers markets 6 months of the year. Why would you eat cereals with sugar when you can buy the basic grains in bulk? Bulk food stores are sprouting up all over the country.

    2) “In the food industry alone there were 533 mergers and acquisitions in 2017, compared to half that in 2009. Is that supposed to increase consumer choice?”

    Do you realize that there are 38,571 supermarket stores in the US? And the street vendor industry has a 3.7% average annual growth. Even more astounding is that online grocery sales are over 10% growth rate.
    Online Grocery Sales industry has a low level of concentration, with the top four players accounting for less than 15.2% of total industry revenue in 2017. Many online grocery retailers are small to medium size private establishments that operate on a state and regional level and serve niche markets. Although online grocery retailers offer similar products and services, low industry concentration stems partly from the diversity of regions covered by industry operators as well as problems related to scale. For example, the industry’s major player PeaPod, which delivers products to more than 350,000 customers in 23 markets, including the District of Columbia, captures 6.2% of the total industry’s market share.

    There are over 80 new food retailers per 1000 firm population every year. There are ~ 26000 food manufacturing companies in the US alone. I shudder to think of the total number of retailers of food. So if 533 get gobbled up in the whole country, that is a pittance of the total.

    3) “Among processed food companies, the top three made $105,886 million, combined, in food sales alone. Companies ranked 11th, 12th and 13th made $26,600 million, combined. PepsiCo, number one, made 4.36 times Cargill, #11 in food sales.”

    Do you realize how many food products these large companies sell? And how many new products they introduce every year? And we want food companies to be big and successful, because they obviously are providing products that people want to buy. Also, I eat lots of peanut butter. There is a federal law that states that peanut butter has to be teasted for aflatoxin which causes cancer of the liver. Do you trust a mom and pop peanut butter manufacturer as much as a large corporation? I don’t. There are many other health related regulations like that. Listeria and botulinim toxin (botulism) come to mind.

    4) “Sure, you could compare it to Soviet socialism, but that is not what American’s want. Even millennials don’t really want true socialism, they just reject the disparities in income, wealth and opportunity created by free market capitalism.”

    The latest polls show that 51% of millenials choose socialism over capitalism. Disparities in income and wealth are the by products of a successful capitalist system. You want fabulously wealthy people because it is a big incentive for someone to be an entrepreneur. Rich and famous people also provide the source of the huge entertainment industry. Without entrepreneurs the country would die. Even the lowliest janitor lives better today than a king did 500 years ago. Even Cadillacs have been driven by poor people when the car is old. People give billions of their older clothes and other consumer items to thrift stores where poor people pick up bargains. And of course for people that don’t want to work there is always welfare provided by taxes where the rich pay a higher proportion as a %.

    5)” Just to be clear, I’m a capitalist. But I don’t think unregulated capitalism is good for anyone. The market doesn’t have a conscience, and it inherently tends to put most wealth in the hands of the wealthy. This in turn affects the power structure, and that’s the real problem: neither “side” is happy. The right complains about Soros, the left about the Koch brothers – two sides of the same coin.

    History has shown what lack of regulation leads to: rapidly climbing market (like we are seeing now) followed by bust. There is already nervousness among economists.”

    US federal agencies issue ~ 4000 new regulations every year with about 25000 pages of rules. There is an increase every year. Small business are saying all the regulations are killing them. $51 billion was spent by regulatory agencies in 2012 in the US in trying to administer all the regulations.

    6) “There has to be a “happy medium” that prevents these cycles without restricting the growth of the economy. There should be a way to allow small- and medium-sized business to compete with the giants, but that’s tough with wealth and power in the hands of a few.”

    Boom and bust cycles are built in to capitalistic economic systems. Besides there are always people trying to game the system ( banksters come to mind) with Ponzi schemes, insider trading, monopoly manipulation, price fixing, …. etc . It is impossible to stop boom and busts. That is like trying to hold back the tides. If you really want we can get into a detailed discussion of why that is so, but it involves a deep discussion of capitalistic economics.

    SO KRISTI ; YOU HAVE SHOWN THAT YOU DONT REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR FIELD OF GEOLOGY. But don’t be ashamed because almost all leftists think the way you do. Even some leftist economists are in denial of how human psychology and economics are linked in a way that leaves capitalism as the most successful economic system. Not perfect but the most successful.

    • Good luck, bro.
      Kristi appears woefully indoctrinated by her higher ed. and and peer influences.
      Easily alienated by views of her parents’ generation.

    • “4) “Sure, you could compare it to Soviet socialism, but that is not what American’s want. Even millennials don’t really want true socialism, they just reject the disparities in income, wealth and opportunity created by free market capitalism.”” (quoting Kristi I believe)

      Millennials don’t reject the disparities, they RESENT the fact they have a degree, a massive student loan and are being forced to work in hospitality while the ‘dumb kids’ who dropped out of school to actually work for a living have a nice house, car, second car and annual holidays.

      They were told constantly through their developing years that they were The Future(tm) and the world would thank them for their wisdom. It’s jealously of the successful, not any sense of social justice that makes them so interested in socialist ideas.

      The claim often made is that 51% of Millennials would support socialism. The other 49% more than likely have jobs.

    • Alan,

      Surely you must be joking about Kristi being a geologist. She neither writes nor thinks like any geologist I had ever met, and I’ve known hundreds. Perhaps a BA in Environmental Studies or some such.

      Her claiming to be a geologist is an insult to geologists everywhere (a la Naomi Oreskes).

  5. I’m starting to worry a bit too. I’m especially concerned about the possible impact on barley and the potential drop-off in the production of beer. Without beer, we’d have no future Kavanaughs. I like beer. Do you?

  6. This is what the media is doing to people in Australia and most, lets say maliable minds, are easily persuaded, they can’t see past the spin and lies.

    Australia is doomed.

    • It is al over the media here in Aus and it really biggles my mind so many people have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker. The beer report featured here at WUWT also appeared in the MSM here but reading past the headline it was all based on a model!!!

      • Patrick MJD

        You might take some cold comfort that the BBC is hammering the impending IPCC catastrophe on TV, radio and online.

        The rest of the MSM has largely concentrated on Prince Harry and Megan’s pregnancy announcement in Aus.

        Perhaps the royal family is useful for something after all.

      • abc this am they actually had Richard Lindzen on;-)
        then as an absolute laugh they followed with whingeing will steffan
        who was almost stamping his foot n throwing the dummy in rage
        was a GREAT morning!

        as to the above ownership and capitalism how many of you are aware of the extreme limited number of “owners” of what too many think are name brands/competition?
        mars proctor n gamble and nestle own just about ALL the stupormarket brands
        I always used to have a LOT of fun when asking my mates about laundry detergent ads
        why would they think omo worked better than surf when the same factory produced BOTH and ran ads on both pretending one or the other was so great?
        none of my female friends were even aware WHO made it let alone the number made by them.
        people are, frankly, Stupid -in the majority IYI abounds in educated ones, and just plain gullible lazy and mouthbreathing for too many others

        as for the utter ditz in the actual article
        she needs a sharp slap and trip somewhere without tv or other media, like actually working picking fruit or something useful as some reality therapy.
        of course after her first meals with toxic tofu…reality might impose itself

    • Cameron

      I would phrase it differently:

      I will do something about a global warming crisis when there is one. Until then, we have many more urgent problems to face, including the one discussed above regarding the amoral extremes of wealth and poverty and the soul-killing, alcohol-soaked alternative offered by communists.

      Oh wait, they are both soul-killing alcohol-soaked social systems. Maybe, just maybe, we can investigate new ideas and economic relationships that yield a crop of far better results.

      • You do not want to taste Commie beer it is mostly bad. The Russian word for beer is pronounced peevo. Hint. Hint.

  7. Where are all of the psychologists who can write papers on how rational people can deal with looney friends and relatives who have gone off the deep end as a result of mass hysteria? /off sarc

    If someone were to ask Ms Grace “What difference would it make if the entire world became vegan?” she’d probably think for a few moments and then crawl up in a fetal position.

  8. I remember going to a Chinese buffet years ago. They had an option called “Bean Curd”. I got some. No flavor really, just volume.
    I found out latter that “bean curd” is another name for tofu.
    I’d compare it to eating a cup of flour rather than a slice of cake.

      • I had to take some stuff to my local recycling centre a few days ago. I took some “recyclable” super-market shopping bags. I asked one of the operators where I should put my “recyclable” shopping bags, he told me tostick them in the “Non-recyclable” bin, becasue they were………….non-recyclable!!!!!

      • I was at a health food store with my millennial daughter and the cashier asked me ” Paper or Plastic?” I did not instantly reply so my daughter said to me “She ask you if you want paper or plastic?” My reply was “Oh! I always pay with plastic” to which my daughter replied ” Dad she means the bag.” My reply was “Oh! I want thing in a bag too.” My daughter was irritated.

        She would have melted down if I had paid cash and squeezed one of those oval vinyl plastic pocket change carriers to get exact payment like our grand parents did.

  9. I call it “toad food” not “tofu”. It’s not meant for meat-eaters. Or omnivores, either. Although most omnivores can stomach it, many will choose to starve rather than subject themselves to it. At least, that’s what my data says…and I didn’t have to torture the data at all! Please tell me if a sample size of 1 is sufficient…in this case I say, YES.

  10. Isn’t this wonderful, it sorts out and identifies the flibberty jib reactive type from the sound, reasoned folks in our society. The sound and reasoned type are more likely to ask the question – what is this based on, fact or unjustifiable assumptions from a computer. Easy answer.

    Last evening I was sitting in the audience at a meeting prior to it starting reading Judith Curry articles on the cellphone. The lady sitting next to me (a former cabinet minister of Parliament) said I looked engrossed. I explained what I was reading and who Judith was. Her answer was “You don’t believe the IPCC summary of last week?” No I said, they are computer models, based on CO2 increases. Her reply was swift – “I suppose your a Trump supporter as well”. This was in New Zealand, whats Trump got to do with it. Instant denigration, what can you say.

    These folks don’t deserve Tofu.

    • Ozonebust

      The difference between you and your former cabinet minister is that the lady next to you has studied the information presented to her in detail and concluded the IPCC is undoubtedly correct.

      You, on the other hand, have taken the time to study the IPCC information (and everything else climate related) then been responsible enough to take the time to study alternative opinions.

      In short, you are far better informed on the subject of climate change than the former cabinet minister who hasn’t bothered her arse to inform herself fully on the subject.

      If she didn’t know who Judith Curry is she’s mis-representing her constituents and your country. The next time you see her you might want to ask her who Roy Spencer or Tim Ball are, try Richard Lindzen to see just how informed she truly is.

      It’s the depth of unfathomable ignorance that’s fuelling the flames of climate catastrophe exemplified by your former cabinet minister who truly neglects her responsibilities.

  11. Climate crisis (Which we all know is about the crisis in OPM supply) is all due to Trump and/or CO2.

  12. Unfortunately, the current trend in education is no longer to teach people how to think critically for themselves. As a result, their untempered minds are easily spun out of control by fallacious, quasi-religious pseudoscientific beliefs to whose indoctrination they have fallen victim to false beliefs. To them, buying tofu looks like a reasonable response to an imaginary climatic threat. You know it makes sense.

  13. I have a great idea – I’m going to set up a company selling ’emotional insurance’. If people buy it, it will help them with their perceived problem. If they don’t, it will demonstrate that their perceived problem is fake. Do I have any backers?

  14. ““I’ve never been to a protest before but I’m now feeling the need to mobilise – I’m keen to get out on the street and be part of it.””

    The highest density energy per capita and pollution is our cities. What they really have to do is spread out evenly across the country, reactivate the outhouses, dust off the plough, plant a local garden, learn how to live off the land again. High density population centers are the enemy. Get with the program! For some data, check this out. Save the planet, evacuate one city at a time. Back to the land, Forsake all the crowdsourcing, social media and smartphones.


  15. “I’ve never been to a protest before but I’m now feeling the need to mobilise – I’m keen to get out on the street and be part of it.”

    These climate intellectuals have never gone out on the street. they left it to the climate paupers.

    Now they search the streets. To endure the climate existentialism.

  16. “One question not addressed in the article – do you accept a moral license to take a break from a vegetarianism while you are participating in a climate protest?”

    That is not the point. With going vegan they climb up to the 2 star license.

  17. My local power station in Hong Kong scrubs its flue gasses like this:
    Limestone powder is mixed with water to form slurry and fed to the scrubber to absorb SO2 from the flue gas. The by-product is withdrawn for dewatering to produce saleable gypsum.

    Now, what a lot of people probably don’t know is that the production of tofu requires the use of a coagulant. Guess what a very common coagulant is – yes, gypsum. And that’s one of the markets for HK Electric’s saleable gypsum, making tofu.

    So, the unintended consequence for herbivorous greens is that by forcing the closing of fossil fuel power stations they are endangering their supply of tofu.

  18. Question from the bean gallery: Does tofu have to be made of non-GMOs or will my bean crop possibly end up as tofu instead of diesel fuel this year❔

    • non gmo
      which means NO american product,
      and some careful company contact to find their source
      i eat no usa corn or any soy, and yes i do read labels and call companies.
      pretty much i buy fresh and whole grains for bread and aussie grown only.
      recent COOL labelling heres brilliant
      we now see that most ham bacon etc for sale in delis is as little as 10 to 20% aus ingredients
      ie the nitrates/water maybe and the plastic packing
      its sure cut consumption at our local shops;-)
      but the local butcher buying local free range pork is doing a hell of a trade now;-)

  19. At the supermarket yesterday, a young woman moving with another woman who was pushing the shopping cart in the opposite direction to me in the fruit and vegetable area, reached in front of me to pick up a plastic lime-shaped container of juice. “This is the sustainable thing to do”, she explained to her friend as she dropped the juice into the basket. Her companion must have asked why because she added, “It’ll save them picking the green limes off the trees.” I’m quite sure that she was serious.

  20. Need to start telling these people, “We can’t take you seriously unless you sell your car and completely disconnect from the electrical grid. Anything else is too little to be of help.” With any luck, some will do exactly that, and we will never hear from them again.

    • Rather than total disconnect from the grid I’d be happy if they only used electricity when either Wind or Olar output reached 50% of installed capacity. Once they got used to that then move onto when both are at 50%.

  21. Bet ya anything the tofu she bought was wrapped in plastic packaging. She drove to the store, and back home again, used a gas or electrically powered stove to cook it (If not raw) metal cutlery and ceramic plates etc. And *THEN* used her computer to send an e-mail!!

    Yes dear, at 27, you are suffering “ecoanxiety”. Now, take 2 valium, a green herbal tea and have a rest.

    • I would recommend a large entrecote with baked potatoes and butter, and a pint of stout. She is obviously lacking B-vitamins, fatty acids and proteins…..

  22. ““My partner and I have talked about it heaps, and just today we’ve gone and bought a bunch of tofu and we’re going to phase ourselves into veganism,” Caitlin says. “I think it is the biggest thing individuals can do to help the environment. I’m really excited about it.”

    First thing she needs to do is read up the potential side-effects of a rapid dietary change. It’s not all good! And lets hope she does not do it while pregnant.

    • RE: And lets hope she does not do it while pregnant.

      Lets hope she never gets pregnant. There’s enough debris floating in the gene pool as it is.

  23. Off topic – but another absolutely wonderful instance of this kind of thing, from the Guardian

    LGBT+ Conservatives, the party’s official LGBT group, has called Davies’ comments that someone with male genitalia is “definitely not a woman” transphobic and abhorrent.

    Selous said MPs were treading very carefully. “It is stifling freedom of debate if we can’t discuss these issues,” he said. “The fact that MPs can’t come and be briefed calmly and freely and without fear is appalling.”

    Prof Stephen Whittle, the founder of trans rights group Press for Change, warned that many trans people would “become depressed and dejected” if reform was delayed. He said: “I am sure there will be a flurry of attempts and suicides. But in the end we will pull ourselves together and continue the campaigning. We know we have Labour behind this one, so will simply do our best to get them elected.”

    Another marvellous example of ‘don’t say obviously correct things because they upset me…’

    And also ‘truth is what I feel it is….’

    The inquiring reader wonders if perhaps a man of 70 could classify himself as a teenager, because to determine people’s age by the number of years since birth is clearly ageist, phobic, and abhorrent and deeply upsetting to, well, those young people who have come to realize they are teenagers trapped in aging bodies, and will undoubtedly lead to attempts and suicides.

    • michel

      Meanwhile, back in the real world, a man who identified as a woman was convicted of a crime and sent to prison, an all woman prison.

      There, he/she committed various sexual assaults on female inmates including, I believe, rape.

      He/she was eventually transferred to a male only prison.

      The moral of the story seems to be that if you fancy a bit of rumpy pumpy simply tell everyone you’re a woman.

      • Please don’t tell us what happend in the new prison.
        I wonder if Biber will open Peoplekind prisons?

        • bonbon

          Having been in a number of prisons I have a good idea what would have happened to him/her when transferred.

          I hasten to add I used to be a cop so my prison visits were fleeting.

      • A 101% predictable outcome to anyone but the doe-eyed all-tolerant champions of “social justice”.

  24. It is actually almost as bad as those temperature-phobics who openly and astonishingly go around pretending that the temperature is what is shown on thermometers and that extreme weather is what is measured by wind and pressure gauges.

    Whereas actually of course the temperature of the planet is what I feel it is, and the extreme weather events are clearly increasing by my count, and I shall get very depressed and think about suicide if anyone tells me different.

  25. “What have YOU done about the Climate Crisis?” you ask Eric.
    Well I’ve help some friends clear a couple of fallen trees in recent high winds, chainsawed and made ready for burning later in the winter.

    • tom0mason

      So it’s all your fault and nothing to do with CO2?!

      Just wait until the MSM get wind of this.

      Oh look, I found a sarcasm key on my keyboard, best switch it off.


  26. Welcome back to the ’60s. In those days the existential crisis of choice was “The Bomb”. All the usual suspect (CND, most thespians, the limp wristed left with their hand knitted underwear) campaigned, marched and generally stamped their feet. They had nervous breakdowns about imminent mega-death and the end of civilisation was widely predicted.
    That was a cause that they could possibly have some effect on because it was undeniably man-made (the evidence actually existed on the mainland of Japan), but I suspect they had little real effect. Eventually the grown-ups took charge and agreed a sensible course of action, spurred on, I am sure, more by the savings brought about by abandoning the arms race than altruism.
    Now we have a new job for all the unemployed campaigners, waving signs mostly saying hooray for our signs (I pinched that phrase, but it describes virtue signalling perfectly). They can again suspend any critical faculties that they may have, put on their blinkers (blinders) so that they are not distracted by anything that contradicts their views and create a lot of hot air about not making a lot of hot air.

    • for them, I agree, not a skerrick of sympathy.
      I am however angry that pschys are pandering and actively encouraging their aberrant behaviour and the health system is footing the outrageous consult bills for the large part
      while people with real and serious mental health issues cant even get to see a health professional

  27. “One of the more dangerous things you can do is push the feelings away and ignore the problem and then not do anything about it.” Your first problem is you have misidentified your problem entirely. Do not mobilise that.

  28. There’s FINALLY been a start to fracking in the UK. Who should turn up to help protest, and to tell the world, but Vivienne Westwood, a famous UK fashion designer. She obviously forgot to watch the recent documentary which suggested (with some pretty graphic examples) that fashion is the world’s second worst polluter after fossil fuels. Never mind.

  29. Anxiety is a big problem among populations. It happens to a person, who searches (anxiously) for a cause. If it can be some media-driven hoax like ‘climate change’ (there are others), anxiety will glom onto that.
    Anxiety, and disordered assumptions, are manifest everywhere yet barely recognized.

  30. And another example of “You Couldn’t Make It Up” – In last week’s BBC Radio’s Any Questions anniversary edition, the audience was all 25 or younger, the political panel under 30. Climate change was inevitably raised and there was unusual unanimity (guess which way). Just to test the resolve of the audience, the chair asked whether any of them used air travel for breaks, etc – virtually every hand went up. They’ve a long way to go.

  31. I don’t put ice in my Scotch.
    When flying my private jet to a global warming convention, I ensure that the limo is a hybrid or electric vehicle.

  32. My diet is 100% vegetarian, I don’t believe in the global warming scam and I’m not subject to anxiety attacks as this young lady is.

    The cattle, pigs, goats, deer, fish and chickens that are slaughtered for my gastronomic enjoyment are vegetarian so me consuming them means I’m vegetarian, or vegan (or does one claiming to be Vegan imply they are from the Planet Vega?) or just normal.

    I am proud of her for eating tofu however! Soybeans are not planted, cared for, harvested, transported and processed by hand. They require a significant amount of oil, gas and diesel along they way so her pursuit of this tasteless protein helps support our critical Oil & Gas industry.

  33. Tofu? Soy contains estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones. Cancer cells love estrogen for growth and proliferation.

    • Unless it’s produced by Monsanto, or Monsanto contributed in some way to its production, they probably don’t really care about these parasitic endoctrine signals.

      They are concerned trolls, not real risks concerned. (They probably actually couldn’t care less.) If it’s Monsanto, they will care about a nanogram of the product.

      One French green politician once said on TV (LCP-AN/Public Sénat, channel 13) that if you can’t determine a toxic dose (if the product has zero measurable toxicity), the scientific level of tolerance is zero: you have to ban it. It implies that if a product is known to cause babies to miss arms and legs, you can tolerate a small dose of it; but if not, you can’t, you have to ban it because you can’t find any poisonous effect. That was said clearly. There was no room for interpretation. It was in French and I can testify that no other possible meaning for what was said exit. The lady did not misspoke: she was very clear.

      That person was never called out on that statement. The journalist did not asked followup question, did not noticed what was said, and nobody did or everybody accepted it.

      I’m still waiting for someone to broadcast that statement in loop and ask the Greens about it.

      It was several years ago and everyone but me has forgotten about it, but I have unlimited grudge.

  34. Hello! my name is Pinky. I am a feather-brained progressive communitarian virtue-signaling social justice parrot warrior. I repeat everything the media says about President Trump, because he made a lot of money and I hate money because I don’t have any.

    And he doesn’t believe in global warming so he is obviously evil. Too much air will kill us all! It’s everywhere and he will not stop its prolifeatheration!

    And cow farts are frying the planet, so why not a diet of insects? I eat them all the time and they are crunchy delicious!

    And oil power is very bad, except for Al & Leo’s private planes, navy subs that spy on Evil Russians and my plastic squeak toys.

    We must make a sacrifice for Gaia, like the windmills that keep beheading my fine-feathered friends and bring us closer to our Muslim brothers. BWRAAAAK!

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