Al Gore endorses a fictional penguin for Congress (yes, really)

As if the left couldn’t possibly become anymore absurd after the Kavanaugh hearings, we have Al Gore leading the way. Video follows.

On Tuesday, Mr. Gore released a video formally endorsing a surprising candidate for Congress: a penguin.

Yes, you read that right. In a video he posted to Twitter, Gore stared awkwardly into the camera while delivering his classic robot-like monologue supporting a fictional cold-weather bird in the upcoming mid-term elections.


Here is his video, endorsing the penguin:

It’s just another climate oriented PR stunt by Gore. He apparently spent some big coin to have this video produced, which can be found at the website:

Let’s play along; here’s some fictional Penguins in their natural habitat: Photoshop:

penguins floating on ice


h/t to WUWT reader Lee Riffee

64 thoughts on “Al Gore endorses a fictional penguin for Congress (yes, really)

      • Come to think of it, the polar bears would probably have a feast “down there”. It’s more concerning how the penguins would fare in Greenland…

      • “Have Polar Bears been driven to Antarctica” Not that I’ve heard from the MSM. But one can assume that if this penguin gains office she would be living in a townhouse in DC, peddling votes for premium fish. From there, it’s really not a stretch for a polar bear to stumble by for a brew and an opportunistic meal. MAGA

        • I remember years ago the socialist government broadcaster ABC had a fake science show called “Catalyst” .
          The hard hitting piece they did on disappearing Antarctic sea ice had video of the shoreline that had polar bears .

          • and i never knew penguins had black american accents!
            amazing what wildlife knowledge the goracle shares with us

  1. Problem is polar bears never see penguins. Proposal – Canada airlift all those pesky bears to Antarctica. MRE’s!
    Somehow, since penguins are smelly, very oily, the particular bears might turn on their handlers.

    Congress full of elected (democrat) penguins would’nt be louder. Not sure but a GOP polar bear endorsement would solve the problem.

    • “Problem is polar bears never see penguins.” Well not for long anyway. Once elected that penguin would head straight to the ice free Arctic to see the for herself, and for a Goreacle photo-op?

  2. I’ve just this minute seen the final episode of season 2 of Black Mirror, where Waldo (an animated and profane bear) enters politics, and ends up pretty much taking over political systems all over the world.

    Amazing how incredibly frightening and utterly unrealistic situations are brought to life by incredibly frightening and unrealistic politicians…

  3. Well planned ploy to deflect the public’s short attention span away from their shenanigans of the last weeks.

  4. 00:28 “…the millions of jobs her plan will create…”

    All of those jobs are supported by government subsidies. In other words, a drag on the economy.

  5. You know, perhaps this isn’t such a bad idea. I can think of several positives for having penguins elected:

    1) They wouldn’t want money, saving the taxpayer.
    2) They would not be able to draft, propose, debate and rubber stamp new legislation. Of course that means all the bad law currently on the books would stay but at least we wouldn’t get more government interference. That’s assuming the penguins actually pitch for work at all.
    3) I don’t think penguins understand harassing political opponents as well as the incumbents so we’ll see improvement on that front.
    4) Bribing penguins will probably be more difficult. It would be difficult to hide the large trucks of fish delivered.
    5) I’m not sure if sudden command of military forces will make penguins more inclined to violence than at present. Even if it does, its probably only the Leopard Seals and so on that will suffer.

    And so on and so on.

    • 4a) on the other hand bribing would be cheaper. Instead of millions in campaign contributions, you only need a few fish.

  6. As far as I can tell, he’s endorsing the planet Earth. I can’t tell whether it’s a mangled metaphor, or a tortured metaphor, or what. Is it an inappropriate metaphor? Whatever. Anyway, it’s a sign of muddled thinking.

  7. I`m glad something of our sense of humour finally crosses the pond the other way . . .
    for as many years as I can remember we were always voting for The Aspidistra Plant (complete with photograph) on various college councils, its a form of a visible protest vote: as opposed to spoiling ballet papers etc
    Not to mention the Monster Raving Loony [political] Party in more sensible adult times.
    and think of the upside . . .
    lots of well meaning people vote for a stuffed animal actually keeps them from voting with the opposition

  8. To be fair, the average penguin is probably more intelligent and less corrupt that the average politician.

  9. Just like the Romans did, elected a horse to their Senate.

    Inowot, next Roman I meet, I’ll ask how it all panned out
    Watch this space, but maybe not while holding any breath. ‘kay?

    Don’t tell me, Lewandosky got there first with a polar bear – or the BBC with a 50 year old bottle of Fairy Liquid. (Faeries are easier to count when in sitting down in nice neat rows inside the House of Commons) It’ll still occasion a rise in the TV Licence Fee I don’t doubt)
    Nothing surprises any more

  10. I understand that penguins are very nasty birds. Their bad habits extend even to necrophilia. If any opposition research reveals these or other distasteful acts in the background of the candidate, it could become a real problem. Unless, of course, the bird is on the Democrat ticket.

  11. “…will not fly”

    Actually penguins do fly very well, but only in water.

    Yes, seriously, they use their wings as wings, but in water rather than air.

  12. So Big Al finds a non-citizen, non-human as the perfect “candidate” to represent the citizens of the U.S.A.!
    Interesting psychosis.

  13. Here’s to hoping a lot of Democrats take Gore seriously and write in Penguin for all races next month.

  14. I didn’t know Gore was released from the Home for Twits. I wonder if it’s permanent or on a day pass basis?

  15. One of the main problems is that some enthusiastic people have absolutely zero grasp of the reality of trying to replace the level of comfort and convenience to which they are accustomed because of fossil-fuel energy, .. replace that with an equivalent level of comfort and convenience using wind and solar energy.

    These people only see the words, “wind” and “solar”, used in association with some imagined scenario, where they ignorantly imagine that an equivalent transition is possible, when, by all accounts that I have read, such a transition is technologically IMPOSSIBLE, given the current mechanisms by which wind and solar energy could be produced.

    Seeing this reality requires a considerable intellectual investment in looking at the numbers, which most of these people seem to lack any commitment to doing. Hence, they speak from their ignorant, child-like fantasies.

    The scary thing is that these ignorant, child-like fantasies are being allowed to stand as practical, functioning alternatives. These fantasies are being allowed to stand by media writers who are equally ignorant and child-like in their reporting of information.

    Somewhere there is a vast failing of the educational system to teach children and adults what reality they are living in. This is the real crisis.

  16. “Approved by Earth”

    Yet more evidence how modern enviromentalism has morphed into a religion. “God told me to do it” has always been a favored way to justify doing bad stuff by religious fanatics. Want to kill unbelievers, or steal other people’s stuff and control their lives? Tell that god commanded you do it. Who would want to disagree with god after all? Want to win an election? Tell that the Planet supports you and if you don’t get elected the Planet dies. Who in their right mind would want to destroy their planet anyway?

    Of course the obvious problem is that you can claim pretty much anything with this logic. These kind of tactics need to be ridiculed and condemned.

  17. The recent split of Kleiner Perkins VC, one of Gore’s cash lines, may be the reason to the “Tux” candidate as a GoFundMe mascot for Gore to fraud some cash from people.

  18. A refresh on the mascot . Sorry Polar bears your growing population is too easy to count and you just don’t look good chowing down on poor little seals . Time for a new campaign mascot and maybe a movie .
    Al Gore wouldn’t last 10 minutes in Antarctica visiting his new mascot . – 43 F just isn’t fun and it’s a F of a long way from melting .

  19. I did wonder just how long it would take for Gore to make a complete =SS of himself in public.

    It’s what – 4 years now? 5 years?

    Thanks for the article, Anthony. I know people who will get a tremendous kick out of it.

  20. What the ….. ?
    Truly unbelievable, okay not really.
    Al Gore is such an incredible fraud. After his “predictions” in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ have been completely laid waste as complete “quackery”, here he is trying to con another generation of Western peoples — likely targeting 15 year-olds with this crap.
    Maybe they will grow up and vote democrat so they can help Uncle Al save the world.
    Critical thinking skills are essential to a prosperous society, but Al Gore wants people to take his word for it.
    People, people……. Al Gore is a con-man — who of course, would like you to believe that he invented the internet.
    Stop the madness — and the mad-men, and mad-women.

  21. Hey Al Gore! HANDS OFF OUR PENGUINS. You keep to your roly poly bears and Leave Our Penguins Alone.
    You can’t have any for your Congress, because they are native to my Southern Hemisphere and some are Native to MY country .

    Member of Congress is not a Good or Sufficient Reason for an application for an Export Permit to be successful. It would be adjudged Cruel and Unusual Treatment.

    Because they are not and never can be US citizens, they can’t serve in your Congress, not even the Gore OurRageous Experiment one. Try and they would be impeached and all Export Permits withdrawn. Instantly

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